40plusstyle.com guest post

40plusstyle.com guest post

40plusstyle.com guest post



Are you one of those women who can't seem to figure out how to love yourself? The days when you threw up your hands in defeat and thought, "If only I had money. I could be a little less tired, tired, tired. . ". you may be right in thinking that the answer is money. And yet still, the money stays on the shelf, because you don't know how to get it. But then you could decide to start working to earn money.

Hi everyone! It is an honor to guest post on such a seasoned, resourceful, and impressive blog! I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by some very stylish women over the age of 40 – one of those being my lovely Aunt! Here are some of her insights into dressing with style no matter what age you are! And you can catch more of my stylish Aunt Val on my blog, G.B.O. Fashion. Take it away Aunt Val! (Source: 40plusstyle.com)

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When you're in your 40's, wearing a nice outfit is more important than ever. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are nearly 69 million Americans over 44 years of age. In order to be on top of the trends, you need to monitor what other people are wearing and being fashionable without looking outdated. The following advice will give you some fashion inspiration and information on what you should be looking out for.

If you are petite and have some tips that I did not cover here, please let me know in the comments below! (Source:40plusstyle.com)


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This is such a great way to test a product and recommend it to our readers, there are so many great brands out there. One of our favourites is a natural Greek brand called. “Euthalia Natural Cosmetics Values” whom we have featured in our blog under our guest category. This brand has a lovely story of how it was founded. And made by using elements derived from Greek nature on the beautiful famous Greek island of Skopelos in the Aegean sea. (Source: 40plusstyle.com)



Is it time for an update when it comes to the way you dress and your style today? With the persuit fashion is changing and looking, it's more important than ever to keep up with the trends in style.

Eddie Bauer: offers great outdoor wear (Source: 40plusstyle.com)


If you love fashion and style, you're probably into how clothes fit and how a person looks. Nowadays, people are discovering beauty through style and looking for aspects to make a fashionable statement. If you're an avid reader of 40plusstyle.com. Then you probably know about our essential information about the power of dressing for your number.And 40 stylish aspects to make a formal weeknight get-together more fun.

I dread thinking about coming up with a blog post when it used to fill me with excitement. Yet, still I make lists and give myself even more things to do. I have on-going work from job number one that extends over the summer months. Am taking another course at FIT starting tonight, have a mile long list of things to do. Apps to explore, Photoshop to learn for my blog and other social media platforms. Why do I do this to myself? (Source: www.accidentalicon.com)


Fashion is a way of life for women over 40. It's about making a statement and supporting the trends of today. If you're not feeling up to date with the latest fashions in fashion, the 40plusstyle.com invitee post is here to help! If you have a great idea for a post. We'll also take you on as a guest writer on our blog if your blog is related to fashion in any way.

You will look much better in a torso-skimming dress that you can belt. A wrap dress will suit many busty women. (Source: 40plusstyle.com)



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