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Manager would leave for hours and then come back and complain about everything even though they left the store with only like two teenagers, no breaks, they would short people paychecks and would not fix it if you confronted them, would pick favorites and let them get away with everything but certain people would get in trouble for everything, owner only cares about himself, manager cared about only himself as well and was very rude when asking people to do things and would act like 8.50 was a very high rate for the associates LOL (Source:

Great Company Culture and Flexible Hours.

Flexible hours. My bosses and seniors were really helpful and respectful when I didn't know how to resolve an issue or do a certain task. Training seemed intimidating at first, but you really get the hang of it with their guidance. 

Zero Degrees of Separation by Elle Flander

This feature documentary breaks with the sensationalistic media coverage of the Middle East by documenting the everyday lives of same-sex Palestinian-Israeli couples. Faced with the modern injustices of work visas, checkpoints, harassment and prejudices, these brave individuals resist oppression and take small steps each day to build a sense of peace, mutual respect and hope. Filmmaker Elle Flanders draws on her own story of growing up with Zionist grandparents who were intimately involved in the founding of the state of Israel. Their haunting archival home movies evoke an idealized Israel of the 1950s and summon larger questions about humanity, conflict and nationalist aspiration. (Source: www.nfb.ca)

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