Young and the Restless Spoilers

Young and the Restless Spoilers


Young and the Restless Spoilers

Perhaps one of the most iconic soap operas in history. The day-to-day drama and the vast number of plots. That the series spews out over the course of a year can fill a loyal fan's lifetime.

Y&R spoilers keep wanting us to believe that Ashland Locke’s days are numbered, and he couldn’t possibly be plotting anything. Except no one around Victoria Newman believes that these two crazy kids could possibly be experiencing the real thing. A true love story for the ages. (Source: soaphub.com)

Ashland Fake Army Planning to Save Themselves

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While the last few seasons of Young and the Restless left many fans heartbroken and disappointed. The fans who managed to hold on were rewarded with an even more mysterious and intriguing storyline: the fake army of Ashland. Insider sources tell us that the network's plan for the season is to have the fake army save the town of Oakdale. They are then revealed to be fakes.

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The Y&R spoilers for Wednesday, September 15, 2021, once again center on Ashland Locke’s past. After coming completely clean with Victoria Newman (he says), Ashland offers an abbreviated version to the rest of her family. Victoria pleaded with them to respect Ashland’s – and her – privacy. But Billy Abbott isn’t feeling it. And he intends to make a move that even Lily Winters can’t condone. (Source: soaphub.com)

Ashland announces threats to Billy's father, who says it will never marry Victoria if Billy goes through with the wedding.

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Ashland's players make a plan to bring on a fake army on the show. To save themselves from the vicious plans of Billy and Victoria. The fake army becomes a huge problem for the citizens of Ashland.

Look for Young and the Restless spoilers and news every day at Soap Dirt. (Source: soapdirt.com)

This Will Be Ashland Locke's Next Big Moment

As we all know, this is a pivotal moment for Ashland. And it is this key event that might finally win over the town and fans of the show. Nevertheless, this was a crucial conversation and with any luck, we will see it escalate in the upcoming episode.

Young and the Restless spoilers hint Sally Spectra designs a stunning wedding dress. That will have a big impact on one lucky lady and redeem the redhead too… (Source: soapdirt.com)

Victoria and Billy's Future This Week on Young and Restless

The Week in Young and the Restless spoilers this week include huge moments in the Ashland/Billy/Victoria triangle. Victoria let Billy know in no uncertain terms that she's no longer interested in marrying him. Billy's father, Ashland Locke, held a press conference at the Ashland compound to announce. The threats he will make if Billy goes through with the wedding. In the meantime, Ashley hired a fake army of tough guys to save themselves from being married.

Bragging About Spoilers to Friends on Facebook

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Viewers of the Young and the Restless seemed surprised to see the duo reunited on Thursday, but not everyone's disappointed. The change in dynamic can be attributed to the spoilers for this week’s episode, which will feature the introduction of Ashland Locke. After splitting up for so long, viewers will be excited to see their favorite couple together again.


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