Like his twin brother, Yoriichi is a tall and muscular man with long and spiky hair with red tips that he kept in a ponytail. However, unlike him he was slightly more slender and had shorter bangs and wavier hair than his brother. His Demon Slayer Mark was at the same place at the top of his forehead as Tanjiro, albeit lighter in color. Yoriichi is always seen with a solemn and calm look on his face, rarely showing emotion. With Yoriichi's Sun Breathing eventually deriving onto various forms of Breathing techniques, Demon slayers finally began to produce desirable results. No Demon slayer as an individual was or possible ever will be as powerful as Yoriichi before his birth, during his life, or since his death.


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Thirteenth Form (拾参ノ型, Jū San no kata) - The user continuously performs all twelve forms of Sun Breathing in repetitive succession to increase the accuracy and agility of his movements while reducing fatigue. This form was created solely for the purpose of killing Muzan, since the repetition of all twelve forms aims to destroy Muzan's twelve vital organs (seven hearts and five brains) that move freely inside his body thanks to his shape-shifting ability. (Source: hero.fandom.com)

The relationship between Yoriichi and Michikatsu parallels the mythology of the Shintō deities Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi, respectively. Amaterasu is the most sacred of Shinto deities, the sun goddess. Tsukuyomi, the moon god, is her former husband and brother. After Tsukuyomi killed Uke Mochi, another Shintō deity, Amaterasu refused to ever look upon him again, moving to another part of the sky and beginning the cycle of day and night. Like the deities, the siblings also feud and have chosen different paths (that of the Demon Slayer and the demon), developing their respective breathings of the sun and moon. (Source: kimetsu-no-yaiba.fandom.com)


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