A great example of this is the WTOP Weather app, which gave us a great canvas for exploring how consumers in D.C. view the weather.


The overhauled WTOP app seems to run much smoother as far as reading news is concerned, however listening to the audio stream doesn't work half the time, and then there are the notifications! As soon as the overhauled version released, now the app sends multiple political notifications throughout the day, every day, and there is no way to adjust or disable this outside of blocking the app from notifications in iOS! Thr only setting available in Settings is your weather location... this app seems half baked. The web News side has been fixed, but everything else is really poor.

After its signature personality Arthur Godfrey left WTOP in 1948 to concentrate on his television and midday network radio shows, the station gradually faded in popularity as it faced competition from the Washington Star's WMAL with the morning team of Harden and Weaver, and NBC-owned WRC which featured future Today Show personality Willard Scott. In the 1960s, after a series of failed music formats, WTOP phased out its music programming for a combination of newscasts and phone-in talk shows. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)



WDG’s team helped create an engaging user experience through a responsive website for both viewers and advertisers. The improved responsive design allows WTOP advertisers to target different audiences according to screen size in order to sell ads with individual optimization. To accomplish this, we built a custom plugin that provided integrations with Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers. This gave WTOP the flexibility to choose how particular slots were implemented within selected locations. On top of this flexibility, we provided pre-defined and free-form key value pairs directly from WordPress, allowing ad managers the ability to target ads based on a large number of criteria. WDG implemented custom ad slot types, including interstitial ads, automatic ad slot creation, and time-sensitive ad slots.

WTOP, Washington’s local news leader, is committed to reporting relevant news for our region, through a growing number of distribution platforms. Whether it’s severe weather information, the latest on international developments, or everyday coverage of sports and money news, we are the go-to source for Washingtonians. With some of the highest commuting times in the country, our “traffic every 10 minutes on the 8’s” is an invaluable resource to our audience. (Source: hubbardbroadcasting.com)




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