Why Rex Orange County is Trending on Twitter

Why Rex Orange County is Trending on Twitter


why rex orange county is trending on twitter

If you have ever wondered why Rex Orange County is trending on Twitter, you're not alone. After all, he's got over 1.8 million followers on Instagram, and has a reputation for sexual assault allegations. Despite all that, Rex still hasn't been charged with any crimes. However, this doesn't mean that there isn't any cause for concern.

1.8 million followers on Instagram

Rex Orange County is a British singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He is based in London. His debut album was released in 2015. Initially, he was named Alexander O'Connor.

The young musician started making music when he was a teenager using Logic Software. Later on, he collaborated with Tyler, the Creator. When they put out Flower Boy, Rex Orange County rose to fame.

He has three singles in the Billboard Hot Rock Songs chart. Additionally, he has one on the Top Alternative Albums chart. He has also released a mixtape. Lastly, he has released a live album. In March, he became the first UK singer-songwriter to reach the top spot of the UK Albums Chart.

A few years back, Rex Orange County was in a relationship with Thea Morgan-Murrell. But they broke up in 2020. Since then, he has been single.

Though he has been accused of multiple sexual assaults in June, he has denied all charges. On Monday, he appeared in Southwark Crown Court in London. After pleading not guilty, he was released on unconditional bail. However, his fans are not happy with this news. They are expressing disappointment on social media. Moreover, Rex has been forced to cancel tour dates in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Although he hasn't announced his engagement, Rex is looking for someone to marry. He is not committed to getting married yet, but he would like to do so with the woman of his dreams.

Rex Orange County was born in Grayshott, United Kingdom. His parents are professional photographers. From a young age, he has been interested in music. As a child, he joined the school choir and studied drumming. At 16 he moved to London. During his formative years, he has been listening to Queen and Green Day.

He has also been inspired by Stevie Wonder. Through his music career, Rex has been able to earn a few million dollars. So far, he has released four studio albums.

Before he became an indie star in 2017, he was a drummer. He has played several instruments, including guitar, bass, saxophone, and drums.

Sexual assault allegations

The latest case of the day involves British musician Rex Orange County. In a nutshell, the singer was accused of assaulting a woman, albeit not in the usual manner. One of the allegations is that the musician was involved in a sexual assault at his home in London's Notting Hill neighborhood, while the other accusation involves a sexual assault in a taxi.

Despite his plight, Rex Orange County hasn't completely backed down. As of this writing, he had pulled the bulk of his tour dates for the year, including a planned trip to Australia. He has declined to comment on his recent legal setback.

While the news that he was charged may have been a little bit of a downer for a popstar with millions of fans, it certainly hasn't slowed down the artist's social media presence. Fans have taken to Twitter to express their dismay, while pointing out that the news was a complete surprise. There was even some discussion as to whether the allegations are a one-off or not.

While the jury is still out on the sexual assault charges, the singer is looking to prove his innocence. After all, the news came on the heels of a massive tour that was set to take him around the world in the near future. With the tour scheduled to start in September, the singer had no choice but to cancel. A spokesperson for the singer declined to comment on his current circumstances.

It's worth noting that although the singer has yet to be found guilty, he has been released on unconditional bail. This is the same person who has been accused of three incidents of sexual assault in the past four years. Although he has denied all allegations, he will be going to trial for the first time in January of 2023. That means that he will be facing his karma for the rest of his career. So, be on the lookout for the singer as his reputation is sure to be damaged in the years to come. All in all, the case is just the latest in a long line of debates about the state of the cancel culture.


In the midst of the UK's ongoing witch hunt against the pop industry, Rex Orange County has landed the coveted top spot in the aforementioned 'T' department. This is especially true considering the singer's performance in the aforementioned video and his other hits like "Pluto Projector" and "Outnumbered". However, he has also incurred the ire of his fans, most of whom are in the UK.

For starters, Rex Orange County has been accused of a number of sexual assaults. These alleged crimes were uncovered by the authorities during an investigation into a series of sexual harassment claims. As a result, he has been charged with six counts. The charges relate to a series of incidents in and around the Notting Hill area of London.

As the case continues to play out in the courts, Rex Orange County has been granted unconditional bail. He is expected to face the music in court later this year. Despite the fact that his rep has declined to comment on the matter, a few things are clear: the case isn't over yet, and he looks forward to clearing his name in the courts of record.

Aside from the legal proceedings, the singer has also received the ignominy of having his European, Australian, and New Zealand tour dates cancelled. It's a shame, because the singer is one of the most talented performers in the game.

Although he's not the first or the last to receive such a snub, he's certainly the most recent. And while the case isn't over yet, a number of fans are taking to social media to express their disdain. Some even went as far as to burn their favourite Rex O'Connor merchandise.

The singer has also been accused of releasing a fake album. Several of his songs are not for the uninitiated, however. With the allegations, the star may have to re-evaluate his career. While he has been awarded with the title of "most admired" in the "Fringe Music Awards" in 2017, he has not yet been crowned with the crown of the most popular artist.

Tour dates

Rex Orange County is an up and coming artist who has been making quite a splash in the music industry. With two albums under his belt in just a couple years, the young musician has found an impressive fan base.

The musician has toured around North America and Europe, and is currently playing on the Who Cares Tour. His most recent album, 'Pony,' was released in 2019, and he also contributed to Tyler, the Creator's 'Flower Boy' album.

Rex Orange County has been gaining a lot of attention from fans and critics alike. Despite being a relatively new artist, he has been able to create an enthralling live performance. As a result, he is currently touring in North America, with an additional date in Ireland announced for 2022.

Tickets for this tour are expected to be in high demand. Some tickets will start at under $30, while others can reach as high as $200. If you're looking for the best deals, be sure to check out TicketIQ. This ticketing platform offers data-driven ratings for ticket deals, and lets you filter by section, price, and aisle. In addition, TicketIQ allows you to sort tickets by deal score, obstructed view, or ADA access.

Rex Orange County has performed songs by Justin Bieber and Alicia Keys. He has played drums, piano, and guitar. While his career is still young, he has a bright future ahead of him.

Rex Orange County has also been a guest musical performer on Jimmy Fallon. His first single, "One in a Million," has heartfelt lyrics. It is a refreshing sound.

As a self-taught drummer, musician, and songwriter, Rex has a diverse background in the music industry. He has performed with Tyler, the Creator, and Randy Newman, and his career isn't even over yet. However, he has already appeared on two of his own albums, and has worked with Benny Benassi in a close partnership.

For more information on Rex Orange County, including tour dates, and to purchase tickets, visit his website. You can also sign up for Songkick, which will keep you informed about upcoming concerts, as well as alert you when Rex is playing near you.

Rex Orange County Announces Who Cares Album Release Date

who cares rex orange county release date

Who Cares is the fourth studio album by Rex Orange County. It was recorded in Amsterdam in just twelve days and was released on March 11, 2022. This album features a collaboration with Tyler, the Creator.

Single "Keep It Up"

Rex Orange County has released a new single called Keep It Up. The song is the first track from the band's forthcoming fourth studio album. With "Keep It Up," Rex Orange County has created a more upbeat, lyrically appealing tune.

This song is a clear departure from previous Rex Orange County anthems. For instance, "Loving Is Easy," which reached number 107 on the triple j Hottest 100 in 2017.

Throughout the song, Orange County says he doesn't need to make other people happy. He tells himself that he has the potential to succeed. While this song may be a positive message, it also contains a number of underlying negative thoughts.

As you listen to the song, it's easy to see how O'Connor's growth over the past two years has impacted the recording. The lyrics are raw and straightforward, and they are accompanied by an orchestral background.

Despite its simplicity, the song is an excellent introduction to Who Cares? Moreover, its upbeat nature is a welcome contrast to the rest of the album's more pessimistic songs.

Rex Orange County's use of instrumentation is quite interesting. Rather than relying on acoustic guitar and piano, the music features horns and synthetic drums. These elements deflect the angst and unapologetic spirit of the song's lyrics.

The song is also accompanied by a music video, which shows Rex Orange County singing by a canal in Amsterdam. The track has received thousands of views.

The song has been included in the album's tracklist, and is available to pre-order. Fans will have to wait until March 11, 2019, to get their hands on the full album. However, there are several other songs to look forward to.

Rex Orange County and Tyler, the Creator have previously collaborated on the 2017 album Flower Boy. They also worked together on the 2020 EP Live at Radio City Music Hall. Now, they have come back together for a new album.

If you're excited about the band's return, you should definitely pick up a copy of their new song. Also, be sure to check out their upcoming tour. They will be hitting up North America, UK, and Ireland.

Album tracklist

Alex O'Connor, better known as Rex Orange County, has just announced the release of his fourth studio album, Who Cares? It's scheduled for release on March 11th. This is the first release from Rex in two years and he's bringing along Benny Sings as his producer.

As the title suggests, the new record is a fun and witty one. It was recorded in the Netherlands and features a sprinkling of modern hip-hop influences. The album is comprised of eleven songs, with most of them being written in all caps.

"Keep it Up" is the album's lead single. It features an orchestral opening that draws a recognizable Rex Orange County style. The track is an upbeat and optimistic tune. A video was also produced for the song and it features Rex performing by a canal in Amsterdam.

One of the more sappy tracks on the record is 'Sad Song'. It's a neo-soul highlight that combines vocals from Tyler, the Creator and is the album's first big break.

Other highlights include 'Amazing' and 'Open a Window', both of which have a neo-soul feel. Both songs feature instrumentals that are reminiscent of the Fleetwood Mac album.

The album features some of the more elaborate musical arrangements that Rex Orange County has put on display. He has also eschewed the cheesy and flossy hitsmakers that have plagued his previous works.

'The Shade' is another heady love song that sounds like a Fleetwood Mac album. And then there's 'IF YOU WANT IT', a slick electro hip-hop anthem.

Ultimately, Rex Orange County's latest effort is just as enjoyable as his previous releases. But it may not be enough for the future.

On the other hand, Rex has come a long way since his debut, Flower Bow, and his new music is certainly more exciting and creative. While some of his past work was bland and predictable, he's found a way to hone his craft and has become a master of his own craft.

All in all, the album is a nice return to form. In fact, it's the perfect album for the current line-up of Rex Orange County.

Collaboration with Tyler, The Creator

Rex Orange County has released a new song called "Open A Window". This is a collaboration with American rapper Tyler, The Creator. It's the first time these two artists have collaborated since their 2017 'Flower Boy' album.

The song is featured on Rex Orange County's upcoming fourth studio album Who Cares?. The record will be out on March 11th. In the meantime, you can pre-order it via the band's website. You can also get an earful of Tyler's verse on the album's third track, 'Keep It Up'.

The song features a nice orchestral opening. But it's the bassline that really hits hard. While this song isn't groundbreaking, it does feature some of Rex Orange County's signature sounds.

The song is produced by Benny Sings, who has previously worked with the singer on platinum single 'Loving Is Easy'. As you'd expect, there are plenty of uplifting lyrics to accompany the music.

Rex Orange County has been slowly dropping music over the last few years. During his international "Pony" tour in 2019, he cut the show short due to a COVID-19 issue. Since then, he's been working on his fourth studio album and has announced a huge tour for mid-2022. However, the singer will continue to drop a few tracks.

For now, the song "Open A Window" will only be available on Rex Orange County's upcoming album, WHO CARES?. If you're into Tyler, The Creator, this is the track for you.

The album will be out on Friday, March 11. If you're a fan of the Rex Orange County style, you're in for a treat. The band has performed to sold-out crowds at iconic venues in North America. Their upcoming tour will see them visit many of these places. They'll be making a stop in Leeds, where they'll celebrate the release of the record with a show.

Meanwhile, 'Keep It Up' looks to be the next big thing for Rex Orange County. Featuring crisp vocals, twinkling fairytale beats, and a heartfelt chorus, the track draws on familiar elements to deliver a new anthem.

Rex Orange County and Tyler, The Creator will continue their collaboration on their upcoming album, Who Cares?. And if the music is anything to go by, this is sure to be a memorable one.


If you're a fan of Rex Orange County, you may have noticed a pop-up shop in New York recently. This is a sign that Rex has finished recording his fourth studio album. And if you're looking for a way to get your hands on some of the merchandise, you can visit the Mission of Rex Orange County Merch Store online. There, you'll be able to pick up a T-shirt, or other Rex Orange County merchandise, in smaller sizes. You'll also be able to get a free sticker pack when you order. So, keep reading to learn more about this exciting opportunity!

Earlier this month, Rex Orange County announced that he would be playing a special solo show in London. The singer-songwriter is known for his indie bedroom pop tunes, and will travel to the UK, Ireland, and North America next year. He'll also be touring the US and Canada in 2022, so fans can look forward to a full tour in the near future.

In the meantime, Rex has a new album coming out. It's a follow-up to his first studio album since 'Pony', which debuted on the Billboard 200 at #3. Featuring contributions from Tyler, The Creator, and Benny Sings, Who Cares? will be released on March 11, accompanied by a music video. With an upcoming appearance on the Tonight Show, the Loving Is Easy singer is getting closer to the public eye.

As a part of his new album, Rex has teamed up with a few friends to record some new songs. Benny Sings, who has previously worked with Rex, acted as the producer and recorded the album in a single week. The music video, which was shot in Amsterdam, features Sings, as well as Rex and Tyler, the Creator.

How Many Songs Does Rex Orange County Have?

If you are a fan of the band Rex Orange County, then you probably want to know how many songs they have. They are one of the most successful bands of all time, and they've released quite a few hits. But how many of them are actually good? The answer is a bit tricky.

1. bcos u will never b free (2019)

One of the best things about this particular album is that it was recorded in the heyday of Rex's tenure in his dad's band. For a few hundred bucks, you can own a piece of music history in the making. The album also boasts a slew of stellar live performances, including a sold out show in Los Angeles. A reissue is a given and one could easily make a buck off of this. On a related note, the name of this particular opus should elicit a chuckle or two. That is all the more reason to make this a priority. To do so, you'll need to plan a visit to the rightful destinations in the aforementioned order. Luckily for you, you can do the planning in the comfort of your own home. What more, you don't need a credit card or your mate's permission. Hopefully, you've had a few beers and are ready to roll!

2. rooster (2019)

Rex Orange County is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter from the United Kingdom. He is known for his mellow voice, strong lyrics and alternative style of music. He has released four studio albums and twenty singles. In addition to the albums, Rex has appeared on four music videos.

Rex has worked with Tyler, The Creator on "Flower Boy" and "Open a Window." They have not worked together since the release of Rex's third album, "Pony."

Rex has released two songs so far in anticipation of his fourth studio album, WHO CARES? (out March 11). On the heels of this, the band has teased the new album with a video for the track, "Keep It Up."

"Keep it Up" is a song about trying to find balance in life. Using an orchestral opening, the song draws you back to some of the more straightforward elements of the Rex Orange County sound. With the help of a synthesizer, the song adds drive to the airy context.

Rex's vocals are delicate and pristine, yet he is confident enough to use a more saxophone-heavy instrumental in the background. At the end, the band launches into a dramatic build to the song's conclusion.

"WHO CARES?" is a 35-minute masterpiece. A kaleidoscope of thoughts floats through the song's various instrumental sections. While the music is simple, the instrumentation is surprising.

This album is the perfect fit for the Rex Orange County lineup. As a self-proclaimed fan of "bedroom pop", I appreciate its subtlety. That said, the songs are also upbeat, with the occasional slow, emotional tune.

"WHO CARES?" has been my favorite album of the year thus far. While this album is still relatively new, it is already becoming my go-to album.

3. bcos u will never b free (2020)

It's not a new thing. For instance, in the past couple of years, Rex Orange County has released three studio albums. He's also been a regular on the live music circuit. And that's not to mention the fact that he's also a well-rounded multi-instrumentalist. Besides his day job, Rex also makes a decent number of home videos and podcasts. In addition to his voluminous output, he's got a sweet twang to boot. So, it's only natural that the man is on a quest to rekindle some of that musical magic. Fortunately, he's stumbled upon a worthy adversary in the form of fellow Londoner Chris O'Dwyer. After a brief hiatus, the pair have returned with a new project, Bcos U Will Never Be Free, which will be available on standard black vinyl, as well as digital download and streaming options. The album, which will be released on the aforementioned date, is expected to make a splash amongst connoisseurs of all types. As a bonus, they'll be playing the big apple in the near future. Hopefully, they'll entice the dilberts to come join their ranks. We'll keep you posted. Until then, take a break from the daily grind, reminisce with your favorite twang, and get a dose of the good stuff.

4. bcos u will never b free (2020)

Rex Orange County is the stage name of Alex O'Connor. Originally, the young singer was known as "Orange County" when he was in high school. He has since released two albums and one EP. His most popular track is Best Friend.

Rex Orange County is a singer and songwriter from London. In addition to his own music, he has teamed up with longtime collaborator Benny Sings to produce some songs on his upcoming album. Previously, he teamed up with Tyler, The Creator on the Flower Boy album.

During his upcoming tour, Rex Orange County will be playing in the UK and Ireland. On Friday, September 2nd, he will perform in Auckland, New Zealand. A live album of his performance will be released in 2020. It will include some of the band's most recent songs.

While the concert focused on the new album, it also included a few old tracks. One of the newer tracks, "7AM," is a fun song with an upbeat feel. Another track, "THREAT," is a more slow-paced track that features a zig-zagging melody.

Fans chanted, "Encore!" as the band finished their set. They also had an opportunity to sing a few of the band's fan favorites. As the crowd waited to be able to do so, the stage was illuminated with fans' flashlights.

Rex Orange County has a great, mellow voice. He can connect with his audience through powerful lyrics. This is evident on his songs like Pluto Projector. If you are a fan of alternative music, you will love Rex Orange County.

Whether you want to hear an upbeat, catchy song or something more melancholic, you will not be disappointed.

5. bcos u will never b free (2020)

The self-titled debut from Rex Orange County oozes emotion. The singer-songwriter's unique lo-fi sound is paired with saxophone and orchestral strings to create tracks that resonate with fans.

Despite the impressive music, there are a number of clunkers. For starters, the song "Who Cares?" isn't all that impressive. Although the album's title track is an effective ode to happiness, the lyrics themselves aren't all that memorable.

In fact, the track is not the most impressive of the album's five songs. Another standout is the song "Keep It Up," which features a signature vocal performance from Rex.

On the other hand, "If You Want It," a synth-heavy instrumental track, fails to provide much substance. Also, the "Amazing" track sounds too similar to other songs in the band's discography.

Finally, there is "The Shade" which is a retro-sounding love song that evokes a laid-back vibe. Though it might be the simplest of all of the Rex Orange County tracks, it isn't the most impressive of the five.

While the first three albums were pretty good, the fourth titled "Who Cares?" is a bit of a letdown. Though the album contains some impressive songs, the instrumentals and the melodies aren't all that impressive. There's also an outro that doesn't quite live up to the promise of the rest of the album.

Luckily, the singer-songwriter has another album on the way. He will release "Pony" in 2019. His upcoming live performances will be recorded at the Hollywood Bowl in June and Radio City Music Hall in October.

Overall, Rex Orange County is a talented musician with some solid hits. However, his unstable approach makes him a project to keep an eye on.

How to Find Rex Orange County Tickets at a Great Price

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Rex Orange County is a young singer/songwriter from the United Kingdom. His stage name is based on OC, which is his teacher's nickname. In his early years, he joined a school choir and learned to play piano, drums and various musical instruments. He also studied at the BRIT School, a prestigious performing arts and technology institution.

His music has a distinctive indie rock sound with hip hop and jazz influences. Throughout his career, he has gained a loyal fan base, with over 14 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Rex Orange County has a distinct style that makes him stand out among other artists. His new album, Pony, features a distinctive sound that will please his fans and impress those who are discovering him for the first time. The songs are also notable for their insular lyrics, which reveal the deepest emotions.

Aside from his debut album, 'Bcos u will never b free', Rex Orange County has also released two studio albums: 'Apricot Princess', and 'Pony'. 'Apricot Princess' reached number two on US Top Heatseekers chart, while 'Pony' topped the UK Independent Albums Chart.

Despite his relatively young age, Rex Orange County has a plethora of opportunities to grow his career. Currently, he has announced dates for a tour that will see him make stops in Ireland and the UK. Earlier this year, he also participated in a live concert at Radio City Music Hall.

Despite his early career labels, Rex Orange County has grown to become a well-known name in the music industry. He has released several singles and is working on his next album.

With a career that spans six years and two albums, Rex Orange County is a rising star in the indie music scene. His music has been featured in various media and he has a growing fanbase.

Self-taught drummer

Rex Orange County may be an unsigned band from Hampshire, but their self-produced debut album is well worth a listen. The band took a few steps to get there, but they've hit the ground running with their two releases so far. The most recent, PONY, arrived in October. This was followed by a stacked set of summer tour dates, including a date at Castlefield Bowl. They're also planning a UK tour in summer 2022. If you're looking for a good time and a good price, you'll want to book your Rex Orange County tickets soon.

Whether you're a die-hard fan or just a casual listener, you'll love the band's energetic show. Fans of the band can expect to see some of the most popular songs from the band's catalogue, as well as plenty of new tunes. There's also no shortage of merch to spruce up the place. You'll be able to pick up items ranging from t-shirts to posters.

On the road, the band is in fine form, and if the rumours are to be believed, there are no plans to stop. Their current lineup features vocalist and bassist Kyle Quinn, guitarist Rob Halford, and drummer Luke Fields. It's a group that's both hardworking and genuinely excited about the music they make. In fact, there's an online fan club dedicated to the group.

Despite a slew of controversies, Rex Orange County have certainly pushed the envelope of the rock and roll genre. With a knack for crafting catchy songs and a slick production scheme, it's no wonder the band has a devoted fanbase. After all, you can't deny that this is a band that truly deserves to be in the big leagues.

New album

Rex Orange County is a musician and songwriter whose style is hard to pin down. He began writing songs as a teenager, eventually adding keyboards to his repertoire.

Since then, Rex has released two albums, 'Apricot Princess' and 'Pony'. The former is a follow-up to the latter, and features songs 'Best friend' and 'UNO'. In January 2017, Rex Orange County released a cover of Justin Bieber's 'Love Yourself'. Previously, he had worked with Tyler, The Creator on his 'Flowerboy' album.

Described as personable and loose-footed, Rex has garnered a large fan base, and he's performed at venues in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. He's also had a musical appearance on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show.

He's recently announced headlining tours for North America, the UK, and Ireland. Tickets go on sale on Friday, September 27, at 10 AM local time. This tour will also feature a few shows at the Radio City Music Hall in NYC.

If you're planning on attending a show, check out this listing for the best Rex Orange County tickets in your area. To purchase, just click the button at the top of the page. You can then sort by price, seat location, or deal score. Alternatively, you can click the "Get Tickets" button to find out about other events in your area.

Check out the interactive seating maps available at SeatGeek. You can also search for concert reviews, ratings, and more. When you're done, you can buy your Rex Orange County tickets!

So what are you waiting for? Make sure to grab your Rex Orange County tickets before they're all gone. And remember, the most important thing is to have a great time.

Upcoming tour

Rex Orange County is a talented musician. He has played guitar, drums and keyboard. His music has a wide range of genres such as alternative pop, rock and jazz. He is also a self-taught percussionist.

Rex Orange County grew up in Haslemere, Surrey. As a teenager, he started writing songs. Some of them are about boredom and disillusionment. Later, he developed his own style of vocals and played more instrumentals. Eventually, he added piano to his repertoire.

The band released its debut album in September 2015. In January 2017, the band released two singles. Afterward, they released a full-length album, Apricot Princess.

In November, they will head out on tour. This tour will be titled "WHO CARES?" and it will be the band's first tour in North America. They will start in the United States and then move on to the UK and Ireland. Their dates will include Radio City Music Hall in NYC and Shrine Auditorium in LA.

Rex Orange County is a young musician with a bright future. He has made a name for himself as a songwriter. He is friendly and open to fans. He has been a musical guest on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

The band has an impressive network that includes Tyler, the Creator and Randy Newman. He also has been performing Justin Bieber's classic 'Love Yourself'. If you want to see him perform, you should buy a ticket. You can get one by clicking on the button below.

When you are looking for tickets for a Rex Orange County concert, you should be aware that these concerts usually run between 35 minutes and an hour. However, some concerts will be longer.

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How Much Is Rex Orange County Net Worth?

how much is rex orange county net worth

If you are thinking about contacting Rex Orange County to inquire about his net worth, you may be wondering what you need to do. There are a few ways that you can do this. For example, you could visit his website. That will allow you to see his current salary, and what his current lifestyle is like. Alternatively, you could use a search engine to find out how much he has made in the past. This will give you a more accurate idea of his net worth.

Alexander O'Connor

If you haven't heard of Alexander O'Connor before, you may have missed out on one of the most successful young musicians in the UK. At just 20 years old, he's already established himself as a popular YouTube Star and a talented singer. In addition to being famous for his work on YouTube, he also released three albums. His latest album, Amazing, went to number one on the UK albums chart.

Before his rise to fame, O'Connor studied drumming at a British creative arts school called BRIT Faculty. He credits school for exposing him to new music and inspiring him to begin making his own music. The BRIT school counts Adele and Amy Winehouse as alumni, as well as Leona Lewis.

At age 16, he was one of four percussionists in his year. He later started producing music using an Apple Logic software program. A few years later, he collaborated with Dutch artist Benny Sings on tracks.

His first album, Bcos U Will By no means Be Free, was self-released on SoundCloud. It featured a couple of hits. After its success, O'Connor released his second album, Apricot Princess, in 2017. This collection reached the top five on the UK albums chart.

He continued his music career with an international tour. However, he was halted at the last minute after he was charged with sexual assault. Upon his release on bail, the case was set for trial in January 2023.


Rex Orange County is an English singer and songwriter. He is a self-taught pianist and drummer. His first album was "Flower Boy" and he has collaborated with several artists.

As of December 2022, Rex Orange County has a net worth of a little over one million dollars. He is currently single and hasn't been photographed with a new girlfriend.

In addition to his music, Rex has a YouTube channel with more than a million followers. The channel also earns him money from advertising and selling merchandise.

During his early years, Rex was a member of his school choir. He was also a guitarist and drummer. At 16, he started to create his own music on Logic Software.

Before releasing his first album, Rex Orange County was dating a girlfriend named Thea Morgan-Murrell. They were in a relationship for a few years. However, they ended their relationship in November 2020.

Rex Orange County has not announced his engagement to his current girlfriend, but he plans to marry his sweetheart. While he hasn't posted pictures of himself with his current girlfriend on his social media accounts, he's made it clear that he's in a relationship.

He doesn't appear to have any other alarming health issues. Fans of Rex Orange Country are still going strong in the wake of his arrest. Many are not happy about the news and are asking for an explanation.


In the world of music, Rex Orange County is a bona fide aficionado. He is a multi-instrumentalist who has been called the post-genre teen star by his peers. Some of his best work can be found on his YouTube channel. As for his earnings, they depend on a number of factors, including language and genre of music. With the help of his management team, Two Inch Punch, Rex Orange County has produced three studio albums to date. A live album from the Radio City Music Hall was released in 2020.

As for the Rex Orange County salary, it is estimated that he has earned between one and five million dollars. According to his management team, the singer isn't exactly rich, but he makes the most of his money. His main source of income comes from the music business. However, there are additional sources of revenue that may provide additional funding for his projects. Considering that he is only twenty-four years old, he has a long way to go.

The most expensive of all Rex Orange County's projects was his live album from Radio City Music Hall. It is also the best selling album of his career, and is currently the most played album of his ilk. The title track, "Dark Age", topped the UK albums chart and was a major success at the Australian and US charts.


Rex Orange County is an English singer and multi-instrumentalist. His net worth is estimated to be a little over $1 million. He is a multi-talented musician who has released four studio albums. One of his albums reached #1 on the UK albums charts in March 2022.

When he was a kid, Rex Orange County was interested in music. He began playing the drums and learned to play piano. At sixteen, he started making his own music using Apple's Logic software.

As a young adult, Rex Orange County became an avid music fan and began producing and recording his own music. The songs he produced were praised and have received a fair amount of attention from the music community.

During his teen years, he participated in the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in London. This independent school is funded by the British government.

Rex Orange County has an official YouTube channel and is credited with 69 videos. His YouTube audience is over 1.5 million people. On his official Twitter account, Rex has over 588.8 thousand followers.

Rex is a musician and composer who has a net worth of around a million dollars. In addition to his income from music, he may have other sources of income.

One of the most notable feats of Rex Orange County's career is his song "Boredom" from Tyler, the Creator's album Flower Boy. Not only did Rex contribute vocals to the track, he also co-wrote it.


Rex Orange County is a singer-songwriter who has released three studio albums. He is known for his quirky bedroom pop. His first album, bcos u will never b free, got attention online. It was released in 2015. Since then, he has been producing music.

Rex Orange County started writing music while in school. He studied drumming at the BRIT School, an independent school in London, England. In 2015, he met his girlfriend, Thea. They became "best friends" and started dating. However, in November, they broke up.

Rex Orange County began playing guitar and piano. During that time, he was also a percussionist. Later, he switched to singing. As a recording craftsman, he is able to make a living through his music.

On his second album, titled "Apricot Princess", he expanded his sound. It included jazzy melodies and incredible hooks.

Apricot Princess reached second place on the US Heatseekers Albums (Billboard) charts. It also cracked the top ten on the Independent Albums chart.

In September, Rex Orange County released his third studio album, Pony. It includes the single 10/10. This song is the lead track on the album. Tyler, the Creator discovered Rex Orange County through his SoundCloud account. After hearing the song, he flew to L.A. to meet the artist.

Rex Orange County's net worth is estimated at about $1 million. This figure is calculated based on his music career, his social media accounts, and his relationship with his girlfriend, Thea.


If you're a fan of the genres of neo soul, alternative hip hop, and bedroom pop, you might have heard the name "Rex Orange County." His three studio albums and his collaborative work with Tyler, The Creator made him one of the most popular artists in the UK. He's currently on tour around the world and will be performing in Bangkok on May 9.

Rex Orange County is the real name of the British singer Alexander O'Connor. He has a rap career, but he's also classically trained in UK indie music. As a result, his music is a mix of neo soul and alternative hip hop. In addition to his two independent albums, he also contributed to Tyler, The Creator's Flower Boy album.

He released his third album, Pony, in October. It has a different sound than his first two releases. While his earlier releases were intimate, "Pony" has a lot of orchestra, synthesizers, and a lack of creativity.

Rex Orange County has also performed with Frank Ocean and Skepta. And in 2020, he'll be playing a concert in Jakarta. But despite the success of his latest album, his lifestyle is still a little up in the air.

At the start of 2018, Rex was allegedly accused of sexually assaulting a woman four times, in London and West London. After denying the charges, he was released on unconditional bail. A judge set a trial date for January 3, 2023.

How Much Is Rex Orange County Merch?

how much is rex orange county merch

If you are wondering how much is rex orange county merch, then you are not alone. Many people are interested in learning about it, as it is one of the most famous bands in the world. However, it is not very easy to find out. It is also very difficult to know where to buy it. This is why this article is going to help you learn about it.


Rex Orange County is a cool guy. His show was a blast and he's got some pretty sweet music. I mean, he's got an earful of indie rock and some funky tunes. The one thing that did bother me was the crowd interaction before the show. It seemed like everyone was interacting at once and that would lead to some mishaps. One of the best things about this band is that it's a cool bunch of dudes.

The most lauded song of the night was probably "So Far So Good," which was actually a pretty good song. Other notable tracks include "One in a Million," "Bcos U Will Never B Free," and "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do." Despite the high wattage of the show, I'm still a sucker for some good old fashioned R&B. This is a band that I'd love to see live again, but maybe a year or two down the road.

I've never really had much interest in the indie music scene before, but I have to say that Rex Orange County is one of the most genuine artists around. The quality of his work and his enthusiasm for the music industry makes him one of my favorite musicians to watch live. He also enlightens me to some lesser known bands and musicians that I've always wanted to listen to.

Aside from his brash personality, Rex Orange County is a musician and producer with a heart of gold. He's also a philanthropist, with his charitable efforts having earned him a spot on Forbes' list of the best people to know if you're into music. Hopefully, he'll be able to keep the good times rolling for a while longer. For more info on Rex Orange County, check out their website, or better yet, call up their hotline at (866) 523.

About rex orange county merch

There's no denying the fact that Rex Orange County has been in the news a lot lately. Not only was he recently released from his unwarranted arrest on an errant warrant, but he was also accused of a sexual assault in London. Thankfully, the good old dog is doing better these days, and the courts have yet to declare him a felon. However, fans of the rock have been more than willing to go after him, and this is one of the reasons why Rex Orange County is finally making his store front. In fact, there are now more merchandise options for Rex Orange County fans than there were when he first hit the stage. If you are one of them, you will be pleased to know that you can get your hands on these cool things, and they aren't that hard to come by. Moreover, if you want a t-shirt, hoodie, or a t-shirt with a hoodie, all you have to do is go to the source, and you'll get what you paid for.

What's more, you'll even be able to get your hands on this particular piece of jewelry with a little bit of finesse, and if you're really lucky, you might be able to score an autographed poster from Rex himself!

Accusations of sexual assault against rex orange county

As of late, there have been allegations of sexual assault against a variety of celebrities, including pop singer Rex Orange County. The 24-year-old was allegedly accused of sexually abusing a woman multiple times in the city of London, and was accused of assaulting her twice on June 1 and once on June 2. It is unclear whether the charges relate to the events of that day or to another occasion that occurred in 2021.

During his appearance at Southwark Crown Court in London on Monday, he was charged with six counts of sexual assault. He pleaded not guilty to all charges, and was released on unconditional bail. His trial is scheduled to begin on January 3 of next year. A representative for the singer said that he plans to clear his name at his trial.

According to his statement, the only evidence against him is the account of the woman, who alleged that he assaulted her at a home in West London on June 1, and at his home on June 2. There were also four other instances of alleged assaults on the following day.

The accusations of sexual assault against Rex Orange County have put his reputation in jeopardy. The singer was in the middle of a series of tours, but these were all cancelled due to personal reasons. When he re-emerged on social media, he vowed to clear his name at the trial.

Alexander O'Connor, aka Rex Orange County, appeared in court on Monday and pleaded not guilty to all six counts. He was granted a provisional trial date of January 3.

Currently, the singer's trial is expected to last three days, but it is uncertain whether or not it will take place at all. If it does, it will be the first trial for a musician in London in nearly 30 years.

Despite the charges of sexual assault against Rex Orange County, the singer has a positive image and has a popular track, "Living Is Easy," on his latest album. That album reached number one in the UK in March.

New online store

If you are a Rex Orange County fan, you'll be excited to hear that they have a new online merch store. This store has a variety of goods available, including hoodies, t-shirts, and socks. There is also merchandise for Apricot, the band's other project. For example, there are apricot t-shirts and apricot hoodies. However, it's important to note that not all countries are covered by this store. You'll need to work with a shipping forwarder if you want to purchase merch from overseas. In addition, you'll need to use a US-based shipping forwarder.

If you live in the United States, you can get a free US shipping address through MyUS. This means that you can place an order through the Rex Orange County online merch store, and then have the merchandise shipped to you. Additionally, you can receive a notification if your goods are on their way. The good thing is that this process is simple and no hassle.

While MyUS has plenty of options for international customers, you should keep in mind that there are certain factors that you'll need to consider when choosing a delivery method. One of those is whether you'll need to pay for your own shipping, or if you can simply have the package sent to a US-based shipping forwarder. Lastly, you'll want to make sure that the shipping company has insurance. These companies will offer you some type of insurance, which will protect your items during shipping.

Whether you're looking for Rex Orange County merch or other indie music-inspired items, you should consider the benefits of ordering through a shipping forwarder. You can also bypass restrictions that are sometimes involved in ordering merch from overseas stores. Plus, you'll be able to save money. To learn more about how to order merchandise from a merch store, take a look at the links below. And don't forget to tell your friends! They'll love you for it! Until next time, have a happy and fun holiday!

Rex Orange County Tickets

how much are rex orange county tickets uk

There are many ways to find the right concert tickets for a certain event, but one of the most popular is by checking out a site that provides the latest information about tour dates, ticket prices, and career highlights. When you find a site that offers this type of information, you'll know that you've made the right decision in buying your Rex Orange County tickets. The info that you'll get is guaranteed to be accurate.

Ticket prices

Rex Orange County is a singer and multi-instrumentalist from England. He is known for his unique blend of hip-hop and jazz. His music is usually bright and lively.

Rex Orange County started his music career as a member of the school choir. In later years, he played piano, drums, guitar, and bass. During his high school days, he studied at the BRIT School. Although he has a musical background, he has primarily focused on performing and recording.

Rex Orange County has gained mainstream recognition in recent years. Often playing at large music festivals, he has also performed at Radio City Music Hall, The Anthem in Washington D.C., Way Out West, and the Glastonbury Festival.

Rex has also appeared on television, including Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show. He has also contributed to Tyler, the Creator's Flower Boy album. After appearing on Tyler's albums, Rex became a fan favorite.

Rex's most recent studio release, 'Pony', was released in October. Following this, Rex embarked on a tour promoting the new album. This tour received widespread critical acclaim and charted in the top 5 in the US.

Rex has performed at large music festivals, such as Coachella. He has also made several TV appearances, including the Today Show and Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show.

Rex has a bright future ahead. Having released two studio albums, Rex Orange County is working on his fourth album, which will be released in 2022. Currently, he is also a part of the Randy Newman band.

A Rex Orange County concert is a great way to experience a fantastic musical performance. Depending on the setlist, a concert can last anywhere from one hour to three hours.

If you want to check out Rex Orange County, you'll have to buy some tickets. This British multi-instrumentalist has been gaining traction as of late.

After making a name for himself with his self-produced debut, bcos u will never b free, he continued to build his reputation with a second release. In 2017, he released Apricot Princess, which broke into the top ten of the Billboard independent albums chart. The release of this album paved the way for the release of his jazz-infused 2019 album PONY.

Rex is a talented musician and his music is certainly worth checking out. His lyrics are heartfelt and his music is quirky and a delight to listen to.

Known for his quirky bedroom pop, Rex is an artist to watch. He is accompanied by a strong musical network that includes Tyler, the Creator and Randy Newman.

The Pony Tour was a success, landing in the Top 5 of the UK's Independent Albums chart. It also earned widespread critical acclaim. However, the tour was cut short due to a Covid-19 incident in Berlin. As a result, 17 more shows have been cancelled across Europe.

Tickets for a Rex Orange County concert will likely be priced anywhere from EUR62 on the secondary market to EUR147. Depending on the location of the event, the seating plan may vary. For instance, smaller venues tend to have limited seat sizes.

Purchasing tickets for Rex Orange County is easy and a great way to enjoy a show. TicketSmarter offers a simple interface for browsing through tickets and interactive seating maps to determine your best seat. You can use the Deal Score feature to sort by price, location, and seat view.

New single

Rex Orange County, a British singer-songwriter, is coming to Manila on May 16, 2020. He will perform at Pryzm, which is a venue in SWG3.

Rex Orange County is the moniker for British singer-songwriter Alex O'Connor. His first album, bcos u will never b free, was uploaded to SoundCloud in 2015. The moniker has been used for his second, Apricot Princess, and third, Who Cares? Having established a name for himself in the bedroom pop scene, he began touring.

He is a multi-instrumentalist who plays drums, piano, guitar, and bass. His music is a fusion of jazz, hip-hop, and soul influences.

In 2017, he released an album titled Apricot Princess, which cracked the Top 10 of the Billboard Independent Albums chart. It also received widespread critical acclaim.

With a plethora of music festivals on his resume, he's toured around the world. He's performed at the Glastonbury Festival, Way Out West, and The Anthem in Washington, D.C. Aside from performing his own music, he's also covered No One by Alicia Keys.

Although he's only been in the music industry for a short time, Rex has an impressive fanbase. He recently finished a sell-out tour of the UK. However, the tour was cut short by Covid. This caused Rex to head to Amsterdam to record with Benny Sings.

In the meantime, he's been releasing a number of singles. Most notably, his song "Loving Is Easy" was a platinum seller. Similarly, his song "WHO CARES?" is a playful record that was made in collaboration with Benny Sings.

Rex Orange County has a bright future ahead. The young artist has been invited to perform at Coachella this year, and his third studio album is scheduled to be released in March.

Career highlights

Rex Orange County is a British singer-songwriter. His style blends hip hop, R&B and bedroom pop. He's also been a featured singer on Tyler, The Creator's Flower Boy album.

As a young boy, he learned to play a variety of musical instruments. Both of his parents were involved in the music industry. He attended the BRIT School in London and studied piano.

After moving to London, he began to develop his own style. A few years later, he was discovered by Ben Ash, who helped him create a management team.

After working on his own music for several years, he signed with RCA Records. Since then, he has released two albums and is on the cusp of another one. One of the singles from this new album, "New House", was certified Gold by the Australian Recording Industry Association.

Alexander James O'Connor, who is better known as Rex Orange County, was born on the 4th of May 1998. When he was 17, he self-released his first album. Several of his songs have popped up online, and his first album reached number one on the UK Albums Chart.

In the midst of his viral buzz, he released the 2017 album Apricot Princess. It landed in the top 10 of The Independent Albums chart and number two on the US Top Heatseekers list. Now, he's back with a third album, Pony.

The album's runtime is just over thirty minutes, and the songs are all about love. At times, they're playful and upbeat, but other times they're darker.

Rex Orange County's lyrics are unafraid to face the feeling of inadequacy. In the song "Stressed Out", he explains how it feels to be isolated from everyone and everything.

Collaborations with Randy Newman

If you're in the market for a good time, then you can't go wrong with a visit to a Rex Orange County concert. The band has been touring in the US and UK in support of its recently released second album, Songs. They've also been performing at big festivals such as Lollapalooza and Melt. Now they're announcing some headlining shows in major cities, including a pair in New York.

It's no secret that Rex Orange County has a penchant for low-key, '70s-style AM pop. That said, they're also capable of producing a song that's more than the usual smattering of three chords and pedal steel. A recent cover of one of Randy Newman's more famous tracks is a case in point.

While the band is no stranger to the spotlight, the band's most impressive collaboration to date is its appearance on a track by Tyler, the Creator. You might have spotted the group in the audience of the latter's "Flower Boy" video, or in the studio for a remix of a track from the band's latest effort, Pony.

There's no doubt that Rex Orange County is a bona fide musical prodigy. In fact, the band has already produced four studio albums, as well as a handful of singles. With a couple of more to follow, they're set to be a star for years to come. Currently, they're on their last few dates of a tour of North America, and they've been confirmed for some major festivals in the summer months.

For the sake of this article, we'll leave the band's recent appearances in Los Angeles and Vancouver to the history books, and focus on its current and upcoming headlining show in New York.

Charles Sobhraj - How Many Wives Did He Have?

how many wives did charles sobhraj have

Did you know that the renowned Indian actor Charles Sobhraj had many wives? There are various sources on the Internet that tell us about his wife. Some of them are quite shocking. The list includes: Marie-Andree Leclerc, Chantal Compagnon, and the Serpent.

Chantal Compagnon

Chantal Compagnon is one of the wives of Charles Sobhraj. They were married after the latter's release from prison in 1969. He had been arrested for evading the police in a stolen vehicle. The two stayed in Kabul, Afghanistan for a few years before moving to Mumbai, India.

Sobhraj was born in Saigon, Vietnam in 1944. As a child, he spent his teenage years between France and Vietnam. During his time in Vietnam, he was sent to reform schools. However, he returned to France. Eventually, Sobhraj and Chantal began a relationship.

After their marriage, they hoped to live a sober life. However, their plan fell apart once Chantal realized how reckless her husband was.

Charles and Chantal became involved in a number of criminal activities, including drugging and car theft. In 1973, Charles was arrested for jewel robbery at the Asokha Hotel in Mumbai. Eventually, he was recaptured.

After a short period of time, Sobhraj escaped from jail and then moved to Kabul, Afghanistan. While there, he and his wife, Chantal, recruited young backpackers and drugged them. The couple eventually traveled through Eastern Europe on forged documents. This is where they met their two children, Prank and Muriel.

Chantal and Charles were also accused of robbing tourists along the Hippie Trail in Thailand. Despite the fact that the couple was arrested for this crime, they were able to leave the country with fake documents.

Charles Sobhraj and Chantal Compagnon had a long-term relationship in the early 1970s. They were pregnant when they fled from France. Afterwards, they lived in Mumbai, India, where their daughter, Usha, was born.

The couple later moved to the United States. Their daughter, Usha, graduated from Boston University. She has since been a member of the LAPD Reserve Program. It is believed that their relationship ended in the early 1970s.

Both Charles and Chantal Compagnon are of French descent. They have two children, a son named Pranck and a daughter, Muriel Anouk.

As of now, both of them live in France. Chantal Compagnon has two half-sisters. One of them, Sandrine, has been posting posts dedicated to her mother in recent months.

Marie-Andree Leclerc

In a new BBC crime drama, Marie-Andree Leclerc, who was a French-Canadian medical secretary, plays a pivotal role in a tale of two men, one a serial killer, the other a bikini killer. Interestingly, the real-life character is based on a real woman from Seattle, a woman named Charmayne Carrou.

Marie-Andree Leclerc was a Quebec-born medical secretary who met Charles Sobhraj while traveling in India. After a year of travel, the pair became an abettor in Sobhraj's crimes. During the two years that they were together, they committed various crimes. They used stolen passports to travel across Southeast Asia.

Eventually, both Marie-Andree Leclerc and Charles Sobhraj were arrested. They were sentenced to a total of twelve years in prison. During their time in prison, Leclerc wrote a memoir called Je Reviens. She also included letters, pictures, and more to tell her story.

Marie-Andree Leclerc died of cancer in 1984 at the age of 38. During her time in India, she had been convicted of being an accomplice in a murder and of drugging students. However, her conviction was later overturned, and she was allowed to return to Canada for treatment.

Before going on this trip, Leclerc had a short stint as a tour guide in Thailand. It was in Bangkok that she met Charles Sobhraj. Later, they were married. Soon, they were suspected of murdering a number of people in Southeast Asia.

Marie-Andree Leclerc met Sobhraj in Thailand in July 1975. After their marriage, the couple had a child. But their relationship did not last long. Marie-Andree Leclerc went to India in 1976, where she was arrested alongside Sobhraj. At the time, Sobhraj had been evading police in a stolen vehicle. He was sentenced to eight months in prison.

When Marie-Andree Leclerc returned to Canada, she suffered from advanced ovarian cancer. She was diagnosed and treated for the disease. She was released from prison in 1983. This was a year after her daughter was born. Sadly, Leclerc died shortly after her diagnosis.

While Leclerc's crimes have been a focus of much media attention, she was not the only victim of Charles Sobhraj. Others included his former wife Chantal Compagnon, his girlfriend Mary Ellen Eather, his mistress, and his girlfriend's daughter Usha.

A woman in 2008

Charles Sobhraj is a French citizen who escaped prison, but was eventually recaptured. He was convicted of murdering a Canadian tourist. However, his sentence was later overturned due to a diagnosis of terminal ovarian cancer.

Sobhraj has been a subject of three documentaries and the BBC/Netflix drama series The Serpent 2021. His life has been the subject of a book called "The Life and Crimes of Charles Sobhraj" by Richard Neville and Julie Clarke. Currently, he is in custody in Kathmandu.

In 1975, Charles Sobhraj murdered his first victim. Teresa Knowlton was a Seattle-based woman who was killed in a tidal pool in the Gulf of Thailand. Her death was initially suspected to be accidental, but investigators eventually found that it was murder.

After escaping prison, Sobhraj traveled to Nepal. He met and was married to Nihita Biswas, who was an Indian-Nepali interpreter. They had two children. Their daughter Usha Sobhraj was born in Bombay.

Sobhraj was arrested in India in 1976. Marie-Andree Leclerc became his biggest accomplice. She helped him get away from his home country. But her involvement in his crimes ended when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Ultimately, Leclerc died in 1983.

Sobhraj then travelled to Canada. He met Marie-Andree Leclerc. According to investigators, Sobhraj recruited his victims and forced them to commit crimes. Several people worked for him, including Nadine Gires. Those who worked for him fled after they were discovered.

Sobhraj also robbed travelers in Europe and Asia. He was known for his hatred of Western culture and capitalism. During his criminal career, he killed 20 Western travellers in the 1970s. Some of his victims were bikini-clad women who were sexual visitors. A number of his victims were captured and released.

Marie-Andree Leclerc and Chantal Compagnon were his two major accomplices. Eventually, they pled guilty to their crimes. They were sentenced to life in prison. Unfortunately, Leclerc died of ovarian cancer before her trial could be held. It is unknown how her husband would have been able to continue his crimes.

Despite the gruesome nature of his crimes, Sobhraj was able to make a living. He also claimed to have been sent by the CIA.

The Serpent

Charles Sobhraj was a serial killer who murdered numerous women, mostly during the 1970s. He also preyed on tourists in Thailand, Nepal, and India. His crimes are the subject of an eight-part miniseries produced by Netflix and the BBC. In addition, a documentary, Main Aur Charles, was released in India.

As of now, it is unclear how many wives Charles Sobhraj had. But he has fathered at least three children. Usha, a daughter, is believed to be in the United States, while Nihita, a son, is believed to be in Paris.

Apparently, there were at least twelve women killed by Charles Sobhraj. However, the number may be even higher. Some say that he committed at least twenty murders. The majority of the victims spent some time with him before their deaths.

One of the wives of Sobhraj was a French woman named Chantal Compagnon. She was born in Paris and hailed from a conservative Catholic family. Her parents were pictured in the background of the wedding ceremony.

After their marriage, Sobhraj and Chantal began traveling around Asia. They traveled through Eastern Europe and South Asia. Both were able to evade the police by faking illness and using forged documents.

They also used a number of accomplices. There are reports of at least one man who was involved in gun smuggling, and at least a dozen tourists were robbed by Sobhraj and Chantal.

After leaving France, Charles and Chantal moved to Mumbai, India. Charles ran a car theft operation there. He also preyed on Western tourists.

Sobhraj and Chantal had a daughter. Their child, Usha, was likely born during the early 1970s. It took seven months to identify the body. Although she was found in a tidal pool in the Gulf of Thailand, investigators believe that the woman was killed by Charles.

Marie-Andree Leclerc was also involved in Sobhraj's criminal career. They had a long relationship. At the time, Leclerc was suffering from advanced ovarian cancer. Despite her illness, she denied knowledge of her lover's criminal activities. Eventually, she was allowed to return to her home in Quebec. Ultimately, she passed away at the age of 38.

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