Why is dan bilzerian famous

Why is dan bilzerian famous

Dan Bilzerian is probably the richest and most star related to poker – but not for his poker.

Often stated as ‘The King of Instagram’, Bilzerian is most famous for flaunting his luxurious playboy lifestyle of ladies, guns and money.

His life exists somewhere between ‘well documented’ and ‘infamous secrecy’ – and what you’re near to read may be a summary of the various versions out there. this can be the crazy story of poker’s biggest playboy.

We’ve also made this blog post as a video, if you’d rather watch than read.

Dan Bilzerian EARLY LIFE

Daniel Brandon Bilzerian was born on December 7 of 1980 in Tampa, Florida.

He is the son of Paul Bilzerian, an Armenian American businessman who amassed an immense fortune as a company takeover specialist. Dan and his brother Adam was born into wealth but didn’t see their father much, as he was often on business trips or stuck working late at the office.

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Their life drastically changed however, when Paul was convicted of security and tax fraud. On top of serving 13 months in prison, Paul was ordered to disgorge his earnings and later declared bankruptcy. What exactly happened to Pauls Bilzerian’s enormous wealth remains unclear, but both Dan and Adam had trust funds, and plenty of believe this to be the source of Dan Bilzerian’s fortune.


This all looked as if it would spill into Dan Bilzerian’s life, as he became somewhat of a controversy child, often going in fist fights and later being expelled from his school. He had a brand new start at a unique school but was ordered to end his senior year reception for bringing a machine gun to highschool.

Dan Bilzerian Poker Player Story

After finishing highschool, Dan joined the navy in pursuit of becoming a sailor boy.

He performed very well but was all over again stopped right before the goal as he was discharged for fighting with one amongst his officers and had to go away the program.

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Dan Bilzerian then enrolled at the University of Florida where he spent 4 years studying Business and Criminology. Whether he graduated or not remains center of speculation, but it seems this can be where Dan first picked up an interest in poker. He now not had access to his monetary fund, and after selling his collection of guns he turned to poker so as to finance his time at college.



Although Dan Bilzerian may be a famous poker player, he hasn’t appeared during a lot of public tournaments.

His first major appearance was back in 2009 where he took part within the playoff of Poker Main Event, playing against professional poker players like Phil Ivey. Bilzerian finished 180th and picked up a prize of $36,000.

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His performance at the 2009 WSOP led to him signing a sponsorship with Victory Poker. an internet card room that's not operational. Dan Bilzerian allegedly received $1,000,000 from the corporate for wearing their name on a t-shirt for all the tournaments he competed in this year. He was also featured within the company’s numerous online videos

But Dan Bilzerian reportedly dedicates most of his time and focus to personal, high stakes, cash games with billionaires and is speculated to have turned a $750 investment into quite $187,000 during a single game. Not a nasty turnaround. He has also once claimed to own put all of his net worth into one game – and won big.

Back in 2013 he yet again got people’s attention when posting a tweet saying he had just won 10.8 million in a very private cash game.

This win still has not been verified and continues to be debated by many online.

In the year 2015, Dan hosted a poker tournament to lift money for brain research. The tournament passed off in his metropolis home and had a buy-in of $1000. The tournament drew in an exceedingly lot of famous people like Vin Diesel and raised over $100,000 for brain research.

According to Dan himself, the foremost he has ever lost during a single game of poker is 3,6 million dollars. There’s also stories about Bilzerian betting 2,3 million dollars worth of chips on one coin toss – and losing.

Dan Bilzerian’s total net worth is reported to be a staggering 200 million dollars and per himself, 50 million of that's from playing poker.



Although Dan claims to be killing it at the private cash games, he's most known for everything outside the sport of poker. Cars, guns, girls and parties – the crazy stories just keep coming. the person continues to be in his 30’s but has already had 3 heart attacks. this could be a sign of the crazy lifestyle of the multi millionaire poker playboy.

Bilzerian owns multiple assets, but his price jewel is his 65 million dollar target Bel Air, l. a. .

This 31,000 square feet party pad is not any doubt the party pad of the 21st century (Sorry Playboy Mansion). The house was named ‘The most costly House within the US’ back in 2017. For more details on Dan Bilzerian’s home, take a glance at this video.

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No doubt Bilzerian owns some impressive realty, but he also needs plenty of space to store his massive collection of cars and guns.

And then there’s the women. Dan Bilzerian’s life seems to be an endless sea of lovely, half naked, women – dusins at the time. His instagram has more models than Playboy and Victoria’s Secret put together and this seems to be the largest factor of his fame.

There’s little question this aspect of the fashionable day Hugh Hefner raises controversy, and Dan has addressed it openly numerous times – like during this interview from 2019.



With a bloke as controversial and famous as Dan Bilzerian, you'd expect some controversy additionally. And Dan’s life definitely isn’t lacking during this department either.

It’s just about an endless string of controversy, but let’s target just three of them.

Most people with a web connection have probably heard the story (and seen the video) of Dan Bilzerian throwing a young porn actress off the roof of his house.

Back in 2014 Dan was a component of a photoshoot for the Hustler Magazine which also included the then 18 year old porn actress Janice Griffith. As a part of the photoshoot, Dan picked up Janice Griffth and threw her off the roof, aiming for the pool beneath. But Dan’s throw was just a touch too short, therefore the young porn actress hit the sting of the pool before falling within the water. Griffith broke her foot and therefore the unit led to a lawsuit.

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Dan Bilzerian was also involved in quite an massive story back in 2011 alongside other celebrities like Toby Maguire, Ben Aflleck and Matt Damon. A series of personal, high stakes poker games between the celebrities led to wins and loses of uncountable dollars. the matter is that one in every of the losers of the games, Bradley Ruderman paid his loses with stolen money and was later convicted. This led to a pile of lawsuits as everyone attending these games tried to urge their money.

In October of 2017, Dan was present at the horrific city shooting. In true fashion, he posted numerous videos to his instagram account – just like the video where he’s seen searching a auto and asking the officers for a gun. Dan Bilzerian was widely criticised for his actions and therefore the way he handled himself during this terrifying night.



Dan Bilzian moved far from poker and into business by creating ‘Ignite’ – a corporation which sells electronic cigarettes, CBD related products, water bottles and vodka, among other things. It began trading back in January of 2019 and has it’s official headquarters in Toronto, Canada. the corporate is perhaps best known for it’s over the highest launch parties that obviously seek to allow the attendees a glimpse into the approach to life they see on Dan’s instagram. DJs, models, celebrities and enough alcohol to intoxicate alittle country.

Perhaps for this reason, the corporate reportedly lost $50 million in 2019, totally on marketing and office rental.

But by the start of 2020 Ignite had a 52M dollar valuation.

This was because CBD products were on the increase, and investors thought this pandemic would cause a considerable increase in sales. And it did – but not for Ignite.

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And to form matters worse, mid 2020 saw the discharge of a corporation report showing numbers from Ignite, that some claim proves that the corporate paid 67M dollars to ‘fund Dan Bilzerian’s lifestyle. Expenses like $200.000 a month for his house, $15.000 on a ping pong table, $26.000k worth of Instagram promotions and a whopping $130.000 for a Bahamas photoshoot. Ignite’s money seems to come back from issuing/selling stocks and from raising debt which had lots of individuals saying it’s internal finances made little sense. The company’s promotion budget alone was $22M, while revenue was but 1/2 that.

Dan Bilzerian himself has famously downplayed this by comparing Ignite to the ride sharing service, Uber, which has operated under financial losses since day one.

But in October of 2020 CannMart, one in all Ignite’s main partners and leading distributor in Canada, ended their partnership. This led to Ignite’s stock falling from $1.44 to $0.36 in no time and plenty of analysts believe it’s just a matter of months before the corporate will go bankrupt – unless they find the simplest way to show things around.


Although Dan Bilzerian claims to own won his massive fortune in camera poker games against billionaires, many believe the money is from his fathers business.

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Paul Bilzerian was ordered to pay over 30 million dollars of his illegal profits to the SEC back within the 90s, but some say he never did. He did, however, founded a fund for both his sons. Many speculate that this to be the source of Dan’s fortune which constant investigation is being conducted by the SEC and FBI.



Back in 2015 Dan Bilzerian announced his intention to run President within the 2016 election. In classic Bilzerian fashion his “presidential campaign” featured five appearances at nightclubs. In december of 2015 Dan officially canceled his candidacy and instead endorsed Donal Trump who, as we all know, went on to become president.

However, the ‘King of Instagram’ has already said he’s considering running again for the 2024 election and hopes to utilize his massive following. From the looks of it though, the White House seems like a large step down from his current housing situation.

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