Why does Entertainment Yahoo News stop allowing comments?

Why does Entertainment Yahoo News stop allowing comments?

  A place where you once were able to comment but now, Yahoo won’t allow you to comment on articles. Why? Yahoo News is a left-leaning news organization as it reprints articles from various left-leaning sources which includes, Huff Post, AOL, NY Times, and other left-leaning news agencies.

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Some of their articles are published by their own staff. Previously Yahoo News ranked comments by their popularity, by using a thumbs-up icon, voting algorithm. The article’s comment section gives direct criticism to Yahoo News itself. This may be one reason why Yahoo News no longer allows comments or the root cause of this issue. Some people only visit the articles to have debated over the comments section. Now we can see a large survey button on Yahoo news comments which takes the reader to a Survey Monkey. However, there is an option for Yahoo readers to answer questions related to your preferences about Yahoo Comments. But I’m sure the audience prefers to leave comments based on their own perception. 

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