Whoa! Tik Tok banned? Try Future Starr

Whoa! Tik Tok banned? Try Future Starr


Biden is taking Trump's argument against TikTok seriously.

Tik Tok

Biden is considering if TikTok is a dangerous social-video app. The US president's executive order effectively bans TikTok and WeChat China messaging apps. This video platform has more than 100 million customers in the US hailed greatly by its Pandemic Economy. TikTok is not explicitly identified for the ordered order but there is no more popular Chinese software than famous Video apps. Biden's comments were a major part of President Obama's saga after the CIA fired its Chief Counsel Robert Mueller in the early 2000s.

The censorship of TikTok

Tik Tok logo

India has expressed concerns over ownership of ByteDoc by a Chinese company. The program is being banned in Bangladesh but in Indonesia, there have been concerns that it contains pornography. However, based on a legal dispute between President Donald Trump and TikTok this ban is no longer possible. The application has been removed from Indonesia and Bangladesh because of pornographic concerns. The U.K. government also proposed blocking the app.

Carving up the internet

The highly regulated nature of the removal of this device makes a complete ban impossible in the United States. TikTok is currently illegalized by the Governments of Pakistan and India and is being heavily scrutinized throughout the world. WeChat, another app with a smaller number of users that is seen as an important communication link to China mainland, may also fall under similar limitations as TikTok. However, if the order is removed, TikTok could still get into serious difficulty for a further US-style divestiture that is now going before it can be purchased by Western owners. The American civil liberties union said there are zero instances of imminent harm to be done on TikTaku and WeChat. Try Alternative Future Starr U.S.-based company.

Inquiring into China's motivations

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The removal of Social Media App app has devastating consequences for freedom of speech. Biden's attempt to complete an investigation was an attempt in the right direction by some free speech advocates. CFIUS would then need to take Byte Dance out of title if it wants to carry on in business in the United States. The committee has seen consumer apps like Grindr and Broadcom takeover of Qualcomm in 2018 including Grindr having to sell Gay dating application Grindr to China firm Kunlun Tech. The New York Times reported that the president’s rally in Tulsa was filled with inflated expectations because of the online organizers in K-pop fancies.

Trump tried and failed.

After Trump ended up losing the campaign, he had originally planned to halt the site in September 2017. In December 2020 US federal court in Washington halted the executive order of Trump. The latest executive order by Biden rescinds the Donald Trump orders and sets up a new review of various Chinese apps and their data security practices. The White House refused to comment and has not responded to an interview on this matter. The review process seeks to demonstrate that the government explored multiple options and sought interagency perspectives before imposing harsh regulatory remedies on TikTok or other foreign apps James Lewis of CSIS says.

Data security may not be the issue.

Tiktok  mobile phone

The App's algorithm deciding what visitors see should focus on what it does because it could force censorship by censoring what Americans view and supporting Chinese propaganda. So far there is little evidence by Byte Dance collaborating with China though potential cooperation still exists. The Guardian obtained leaked documents in 2019 indicating that TikTok instructed its moderators to erase content that might likely anger Beijing. Previously an iByT test uncovered TikTok as not posing a threat to national security.

One trillion question

Tiktok  luxury

Now two world movers and super-rich face off against India for control of an industry worth $700 billion. Jeff Bezos has invested $5 billion in the e-commerce expansion of Amazon for India. Currently, Mukesh is the scion of this Reliance Retail Group. He is the Owner of over 10,000 Brick-and-mortar stores. The retailer has fought back with legal challenges to limit his rival Bezos's growth in the country's retail 1.3trillion market. The retail segment of the Indian economy stands at 1.33 trillion and is expected to exceed 1 trillion. It comes as CNN is a new book about the Indian economy.

Person of interest

Iyin Aboyeji cofounded Andela the developers outsourcing firm with investors that have since won more than $180 million from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. He went on to set up Flutter wave - Payment Processing - which has since grown from primarily working in Nigeria to enabling payments in over 40 African Countries. Now he is his money manager providing a critical source of capital to quickly-growing early seed African entrepreneurs. At 29, he already has two of the continent's best-founded startups and is now staking out for the two African startups.

Charting Africa's digital boom

Internet usage has grown in recent years to 26 percent by 2018, reaching the highest growth percentage of all. This growth has seen tech giants Google and Facebook expand their digital services across the continent. Several African governments are trying to update their taxes as they prepare for the growing teen population on this continent and its forecast population boom. The big companies are strategically positioning themselves for the future. This is not only a case of trying to capture the right market despite the hype.

Account safety

Tiktok  screen shot

How do I contact my TikTok account? If a method is compromised, you have an alternate method. Create a unique password that is difficult to guess. Password is updated every 30 days. 2 step verification of a security password adds security in case of a password being compromised. 2 step verification adds. Pick either the SMS* alternative or email. *Normal SMS costs may apply we suggest updating your password a few times when you have access to the app. Download more tips on Tik Tok Security!


In the new frontier come the creams - ventures taking advantage of the opportunity but focusing both on sustainable growth and long-term growth (surviving droughts and pandemics. It's a Bay Area-based venture capitalist academic and author arguing the tech industry should look outside Silicon Valley. Lazaro’s says tech companies should not look like Silicon Valley unicorns; they should rather behave more like the horses of the frontier.

One big number

India holds an Internet second-largest user base after Asia. '' In fact, only half of its population has web access. Startups are racing to make the net accessible by translating websites, apps, and voice assistants into all 22 Indian official languages. But just half of the population is inaccessible on the Internet but not yet access. India has a population size of more than the total population of the U.S. and western Europe.

My account was banned by mistake.

Should your account have been banned you will receive the notification when opening this app again. If you feel your account was banned by mistake, please appeal. For appeals: Opening a notification opening the notification and tapping the Appeal button. Follow instructions for your application being banned from TikTok. If you suspect that your account was banned, please contact us.

My content was removed by mistake.

If you believe your page has been taken down by mistake, please send us an offer to appeal. Your comment can help us improve ways to keep our community safe. Find the notice of appeal in your TikTokbox. Tap notification. Or you can find a video. Then tap the Appeal button. Follow the instruction provided. If you suspect an item has been removed, please contact us at [link].

Fun fact

In a bid for Ant Financials’ biggest IPO, China regulatory authorities said the company couldn't go too far. Chinese regulators block the ambition of Alibaba majority shareholder Jack Ma. Quick-witted observers recalled a classical apology who makes the business's name Ant Financial Services Group into a quadrant Homophon with a different meaning Jack Mawr'

Commonly held question

In summer 2020 Trump gave an ultimatum to Byte Dance: Sell its US operations to a very American company. But after months of controversy and hand-wringing, President Joe Biden finally lifted that ban on WeChat and Tiktok. However, Biden ordered the Security Review of both applications by the Secretary of Commerce. The security expert performed the review.

Deleting an account

To delete the account: go to me. Tap Manage Accounts > Delete Accounts. To deactivate the account please follow the app instructions. For further details on deleting and processing your data click here: - EU - Czech Republic - Denmark, Estonia Finland - France Germany. Please send a message if you need assistance with the account on TIKK.

A brief history

Hence the word Unicorn comes from a company whose market value has over $1 billion. Worldwide around 600 unicorns have been born. China and the US dominate the space. The phrase was devised in 2013 by venture capitalist Aileen Lee. China and the USA dominate this market with close to 600 worldwide unicorns worth over $1 billion.

The digits

Size in 2019 of Brazilian Fintech Pag Seguro. 10% of all unicorns are in the non-Siberian Valley. Jobs in Data Science India represent 10 % of the world's $2 billion. $480: number of hubs worldwide and 10: Proportion of unicorns in the USA outside Silicon Valley Europe, Tik Tok Banned - Future Starr


Is TikTok still banned in the U.S.?

TikTok was banned in the United States for allegations of its ties with the Chinese government' six months ago. The ban over social networking has been blocked by some users and was almost entirely ignored. In February 2021 the administration backed off the Federal pressure on TikTok. On the case, the Justice Department indicated that it could be completely defeated. A new cybersecurity study has found TikTok does not present a security concern in the USA. It, therefore, seems that TikTok's future might not have to worry about its future at least not for long.


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