Who is the Most Loved Real Housewife 2023?

Who is the Most Loved Real Housewife 2023?


who is the most loved real housewife 2023

Who is the most loved real housewife in the world? This is a question that has been asked by many. There are so many popular houseswives on TV and so many of them have their fans. Here is a look at some of the most popular.


Eva Marcille is a former America's Next Top Model contestant. She got a lot of buzz for the show. She also starred in The Young and the Restless. Since then, she has made a name for herself in the film industry and on television.

She and her husband, Mike Sterling, tied the knot in October. But before the nuptials, Eva decided to join the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Eva McDaniel is a west coast transplant who found success as a contestant on season three of America's Next Top Model. Her life story resonated with viewers. She quickly became fan favorite.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is in its 10th season, and the next one is already underway. Season 13 will feature two new girls and the return of a few old faces. In addition, another spinoff is headed for the peacock.

Among the stars of the show, there are plenty of controversies. There's been a long-standing feud between NeNe Leakes and Eva Margolis, who were not on friendly terms when they filmed the Season 12 reunion. While the two have reconciled, it's not without drama.

However, one of the best things about Eva is her sense of style. She has maintained her look despite having a baby and moving across the country. Despite the fact that she is no longer on the show, she still makes appearances as she sees fit.

Porsha Williams

Porsha Williams is one of the most famous faces in reality TV. She has appeared on a number of shows on the Bravo Network. Her latest project is a spinoff show. However, the show hasn't been without controversy.

Porsha's name is derived from her grandfather, Hosea Williams, a civil rights leader. When he passed away, his granddaughter took on his legacy.

She has become an activist against systemic racism. As a child, she struggled with her own self-esteem. But as she entered adulthood, her thoughts turned to self-destruction.

Although she's not exactly a Kardashian, she has a hefty social media following. In fact, her Instagram account has over six million followers.

Porsha has a passion for music and yoga. She's also heavily involved in charity work. The actress has launched several projects, including a line of bed linen and hair care products.

She's been married to former NFL player Kordell Stewart. They tied the knot in 2011. Now, they're expecting their first child.

She's now engaged to Simon Guobadia, a businessman and film producer. Their engagement was announced in May.

She was named to the cast of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" in 2012 and has had a significant arc in the series' history. She was one of the first stars to embrace the Black Lives Matter movement, and she's been an active participant in protests.

She's also had some high-profile tumult in her personal life. She was arrested twice during uprisings in 2020.

Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burruss is a celebrity and singer, who is currently the longest-running cast member of Bravo's The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She has been with the show since season two.

She was born on May 17, 1976 in East Point, Georgia. She attended Tri-Cities High School.

In her early years, she was part of a vocal group called Xscape. Their first album reached number 3 on the Billboard 200. It was followed by another album that was platinum. They also performed on the television show RuPaul's Drag Race.

Kandi Burruss has won many awards for her songwriting. Her songs have been recorded by artists such as Mariah Carey, Usher, and Whitney Houston.

Burruss' career was taken to a whole new level when she joined "The Real Housewives of Atlanta". Not only did she win fans with her sassy personality, but she has become a very successful musician and songwriter. She has written songs for Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey, and is a well-established record producer.

As of December 2022, Kandi Burruss is worth $30 million. Most of her wealth comes from her business ventures. But she also has a beautiful mansion in Atlanta.

Despite her busy schedule, Burruss has managed to find time for family and friends. She has four children, including two who she adopted through surrogacy. She has an Instagram account filled with photos of her adorable kids.

Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna has announced her departure from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills". After eight seasons of being on the show, Rinna has decided to quit.

She joined the franchise in Season 5 with costar Eileen Davidson. In her debut season, she was involved in a fight with co-star Kim Richards.

Lisa Rinna was one of the most controversial cast members during her time on the show. Fans complained about her drama-making. They also were upset with Rinna's leverage over Kathy Hilton.

After her mother Lois passed away in 2021, Lisa Rinna went on a rage-filled tirade against her former castmates. Her behavior was reminiscent of a woman who had lost a child.

One of Rinna's costars claimed that she had thrown a book written by her friend Garcelle Beauvais in the trash. Andy Cohen challenged Rinna to "come clean" about the incident.

At the season 12 reunion, Rinna was embroiled in a battle of words. During this time, she sparked a feud with costars Garcelle Beauvais and Sutton Stracke. And, she even threw a glass of wine at Kim Richards.

Lisa Rinna has been on the show for eight seasons and garnered a large fan following. She earned four Daytime Emmy nominations. However, fans of the franchise are still a little surprised by her sudden departure.

Fans of the show will miss Rinna. She was one of their favorite cast members.

Cynthia Bailey

Aside from being an actress and a model, Cynthia Bailey is also a reality TV star. She became a household name thanks to her stint on the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Although Bailey won't be back on the show next season, she's still a favorite among fans. She is known for her sexy style and her ability to put her own spin on things.

Cynthia Bailey is an Alabama native who moved to New York City at 18. She was married to Mike Hill in October of 2020. After two years, the couple announced their divorce.

She has been living in Los Angeles full time since then. Her latest venture has been an eyewear line. Known as Cynthia Bailey Eyewear, the line offers affordable, fashionable eyewear for women of all ages.

In 2013, Bailey and her husband Peter Thomas released a book about their relationship. They also had a few other projects in the works.

When 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' aired its third season, Bailey was one of the main characters. She starred in many of the episodes and gained attention for her style.

She also appeared in several television programs and films, including Sharknado: The 4th Awakens. As with the other ladies on the show, Bailey has her own fan page on Instagram. However, she removed the title "Real Housewives of Atlanta" from her profile.

Bailey has acted in a few music videos and has been a guest judge on the Miss Universe pageant.

Meryl Streep

When it comes to her acting career, Meryl Streep is no doubt one of the greatest actresses of all time. Her roles have earned her three Oscars and countless other awards. She is no stranger to playing serious roles, and she has a knack for delivering comedic performances, as well.

While promoting her latest Netflix movie, "Don't Look Up," Meryl Streep revealed that she is actually a fan of the reality show 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'. It turns out that the actress uses the show as a distraction from the environment. But it's not all that glamorous.

Though Streep's films don't always get much love, there are some gems hidden within them. In fact, a quick survey of her filmography yields some great movies that weren't nominated for awards. These include the likes of The Devil Wears Prada, Mamma Mia!, and Postcards from the Edge.

One of the best films that Meryl Streep has ever starred in is Julie & Julia. Although the story is based on a book, it was adapted into a film by David Hare and Stephen Daldry. Also starring Toni Collette, Jeff Daniels, and Julianne Moore, the film won the Oscar for Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay.

A Cry in the Dark is a dramatic movie starring Meryl Streep. Her character Lindy Chamberlain, a widow who tries to re-establish herself after losing her husband in a tragic accident, is a thorn in the side of the film's director.

who is the most loved real housewife 2023

Who is the most loved real housewife of all time? Obviously, there are several different people who could be on the list. Here are a few of the top names: Gizelle Bryant, Eva Longoria, Lisa Barlow, Lisa Vanderpump, Porsha Williams and Caroline Manzo. Each of these ladies has their own unique styles and personalities, but they all have a love for television. They are all great at portraying their lives as they go along and are very entertaining.

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump has been a fixture in the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" franchise since the series first debuted in 2010. She has stayed on as a full-time housewife for nine seasons. In addition to her role on the show, Vanderpump has created a line of clothing, home decor, and a dog rescue center.

The Vanderpump Dog Center, a non-profit, finds homes for dogs in Los Angeles and has a foundation in China. Although she is not currently part of the current RHOBH season, she recently filmed a segment with Garcelle Beauvais.

Lisa Vanderpump also created a cocktail named LVP Sangria and a line of pet products called Vanderpump Pets. She has even designed her own tabletop collection and a line of jewelry. Her net worth is estimated to be $75 million.

Aside from her many contributions to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she also helped launch the Vanderpump dog rescue in March. The nonprofit has a mission to rescue dogs and cats from kill shelters in Los Angeles.

One of the earliest Housewives to tweet about Lisa Rinna's retirement was Lisa Vanderpump. She hasn't been on the series for a while, but she still makes an appearance on the show's spinoff, "Vanderpump Rules."

On the heels of Lisa Rinna's departure from the show, Lisa Vanderpump took to Twitter to let fans know her favorite "Wizard of Oz" quote. While she didn't mention a specific line from the film, her tweet got a lot of attention.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria is considered to be one of the most gorgeous and attractive women in the world. Her popularity increased when she starred in the series Desperate Housewives. She earned a Golden Globe nomination and Screen Actors Guild Award for her role in the show. During her career, she has also appeared in several other films such as 'Over Her Dead Body' with Paul Rudd, 'Hard Times' with Christian Bale, and 'The Heartbreak Kid' with Ben Stiller.

As of late, the actress has been busy with her acting, producing, and other projects. Her latest film project, Flamin' Hot, is based on the life of the former Frito-Lay janitor Richard Montanez. It also features Carmen Maura as Julia.

The actress has signed a deal with Unbelievable Entertainment to produce multiple projects. She is currently working on her directorial debut.

Before she became famous, Eva Longoria was just another ugly duckling. However, she has grown into a dynamic actress. She has a great presence for her size.

In fact, she is the first woman to make it to the top of the Maxim Hot 100 list twice. And she was even on the cover of the magazine. She has been a popular figure on the red carpets, receiving several awards and nominations.

With her successful career, Eva Longoria has also found time to take care of her family. She and her husband Jose Baston have a son named Santiago. They met on a blind date while in Mexico City.

The name Porsha Williams might be unfamiliar to some, but the reality TV star and media personality has certainly made a name for herself. She has a recognizable voice, is an activist, and has risen to prominence in the Black Lives Matter movement. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, yoga, and swimming.

She was born on June 22, 1981, in Atlanta, Georgia. Her parents were self-employed business people. As a child, she had suicidal thoughts.

When she was in her mid-20s, she had a relationship with R. Kelly. The two got together on the show "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," and Williams eventually decided to leave. However, years later, she was approached by the FBI about her former co-star.

After her time on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," Porsha has continued to grow her career. She has appeared on multiple other shows, such as "Porsha's Family Matters," and has developed her own line of bed linen. Also, she's begun working on a game show for NBC.

Porsha Williams's family has been a big part of her life. She has an older brother, and a younger sister. She has an uncle who is a civil rights leader and a grandfather who was a Civil Rights leader.

Although she has faced a lot of adversity, Porsha Williams has been able to overcome them. She has made it a point to speak out against systemic racism and police violence. Several charities have been launched by her.

Gizelle Bryant

The Real Housewives of Potomac is back for another season. Gizelle Bryant and Candiace Dillard Bassett are two of the main cast members. These women have been at the center of a lot of drama in the past, and they are both on the show again.

Season 7 of RHOP has been a hit. This season has been full of drama. One of the biggest stories is about Chris Bassett and his wife, Candiace. Apparently, Chris was accused of cheating on his wife with someone else. He has said he was hurt by the rumors.

In one episode, Gizelle Bryant brought up the rumors. She teased that it would continue to be an issue as the show goes on. Her comments were met with an angry response from Candiace.

It seems as if Bryant is ready to get into some drama this season. According to her recent interviews, she is dating younger men.

Her feud with her fellow housewife, Robyn Dixon, isn't over yet. In fact, her costar Ashley is currently getting late night messages from Chris. However, she said that this was a "huge turnoff."

Other cast members have been known to make some comments about Bryant. One of her co-stars, Jason Cameron, was spotted with her at a restaurant. Another cast member, Mia Thornton, threw a glass at another housewife, Wendy Osefo.

Caroline Manzo

It's no secret that Caroline Manzo is an entrepreneur and a real estate mogul. She owns a children's accessories line and a real estate firm called Opus Properties. As of right now, she has no plans to return to the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

But, according to an interview with Andy Cohen, she may be returning to the show in the near future. The two have spoken with Bravo about the possibility. However, it sounds like she won't be filming anytime soon.

According to sources, Manzo has been approached by Bravo to reprise her role in season 10 of RHONJ. However, she claims she wasn't offered the proper opportunity to reprise her full-time role.

Manzo is not keen on coming back to the show, saying she wants to focus on her life as a grandmother. "I think the burden has been too great for me," she said.

She also didn't see herself bringing her famous red hair back. Instead, she's opted to try a shorter, grayer style. Still, she didn't hold back when it comes to mentioning her feud with Teresa Giudice.

For years, fans have been hoping for a reunion with the infamous Real Housewives of New Jersey duo. While it seems unlikely that it will happen, the ladies of the series have been very active on social media. Caroline Manzo has been super active, posing for hundreds of photos on Instagram.

Lisa Barlow

Lisa Barlow is one of the main cast members of Bravo's Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. She's a Mormon, tequila connoisseur and entrepreneur who has earned $5 million.

Lisa Barlow has a tequila empire that includes a boutique tequila distillery and her own line of tequila called Vida. The tequila is made in Jalisco, Mexico.

Lisa Barlow is one of the most successful women in the world. She is also one of the richest. Her tequila company is worth over $5 million. She's married to John Barlow, a businessman who co-owns the business.

Lisa Barlow also has a marketing company. It's called LUXE Marketing. She plans to use the company to promote work that benefits Utah Foster Care.

While she doesn't always get the best treatment from her friends, there are some things she can brag about. One is her monochromatic uniform. And her jackets.

She's got a great pair of jeans. She knows what she's talking about when it comes to style. But she also has her share of hiccups.

Getting a black eye isn't one of them. Lisa has a friend who tries to convince her to give her some grace. However, she's getting ducks in a row.

There are plenty of other small details to know about Lisa Barlow, from her love for history to her obsession with tequila. If you're a fan of the show, keep an eye out for the upcoming episode of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

Why the Real Housewives of Dallas Has Been Cancelled

why real housewives of dallas has been cancelled 2023

Have you ever wondered why the Real Housewives of Dallas has been cancelled? Do you think they will return in the future? And if so, who are the other housewives you'd like to see in the new series?

Brandi Redmond

Brandi Redmond is a star of the popular reality show, The Real Housewives of Dallas, which is currently on hiatus. She has appeared on the show since its first season.

However, she has faced numerous controversies, such as her impersonation of an Asian woman. This led to accusations that she was racist.

After the video of Redmond's impersonation of an Asian woman went viral, she apologized and said she had never made these racist comments. Later, the video came back onto the internet, triggering a wave of criticism.

Brandi hasn't left the show or spoken out about the issue, but it doesn't seem to be the only reason. According to Bravo, the reality series has been on hiatus for five seasons, and there are no plans to bring it back in 2022.

In the meantime, she's continued to post on Instagram. On her last post, she shared a quote and a photo of herself. It was unclear whether she was talking about the new season or the Bravo series.

Earlier this year, a video surfaced online that showed Redmond doing a spoof of an "Asian" woman. Some accused Redmond of making fun of Asian people, but it wasn't clear why she was doing this.

After the video went viral, several cast members and Asian actors voiced their concerns. Tiffany Moon was one of the Asian actors who spoke out about Brandi's actions.

In addition to the racism allegations, Brandi Redmond's husband, Bryan, was suspected of infidelity. His family asked for privacy. Ultimately, his affair broke in March.

Meanwhile, other cast members began to make comments about the show, pointing out that Brandi's racially insensitive actions led to its cancellation. One of them, Kameron Westcott, even had his own social media attack against her.

LeeAnne Locken

It is sad news for fans of the The Real Housewives of Dallas. Bravo has announced that the series will not return for a sixth season after 2021.

Although the show is now off the air, it still remains to be seen if it will be rebooted in the future. While it hasn't been officially announced, rumors have circulated that the show may be brought back in another medium.

When LeeAnne Locken first appeared on The Real Housewives of Dallas, she was a fan favorite. Her appearance was a bit different from what we saw before, with a thicker pout and sharper cheekbones. But as the show grew, she became more of a shadow of her former self.

In addition to the changes in Locken's appearance, she also made some comments that were racially insensitive. However, Bravo and the cast of RHOD have since stepped in to diffuse the situation.

According to a recent PEOPLE interview, Locken has no regrets about leaving The Real Housewives of Dallas. She said that she was set up to fail on the show, and decided to leave.

The series' fifth season ended after several racially insensitive incidents. Fans took to social media to voice their displeasure. One fan even accused Kameron Westcott of making "racially insensitive" comments to Tiffany Hendra.

Meanwhile, LeeAnne McDaniel announced her departure from the show in February 2020. However, she hopes to return to acting in March 2021.

Although there are many problems with the show, the "charity world" of Dallas was desperate for funds. That was reflected in the many conflicts on the show. During one episode, the cast of The Real Housewives of Dallas refused to eat weird food. They also started a pink dog food brand, and threw parties.

Kameron Westcott

It was announced in August that The Real Housewives of Dallas would not return for a sixth season. There were no official reasons given. However, fans speculated about why.

During Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Dallas, Kameron Westcott was confronted with a racially insensitive comment from her co-star, Dr. Tiffany Moon. As a result, she hired a diversity coach to educate herself on the issue.

The episode garnered one-quarter of the franchise's viewership. At the same time, Tiffany Moon became the first Asian housewife in the franchise's history. But she also faced racist online attacks from Kameron's family.

After the episode aired, Bravo issued a statement in support of Tiffany. A few weeks later, she posted weekly Instagram videos, engaging with fans.

In addition, Kameron and her husband surprised her with a dream house during the season finale. And she did not like what she saw. She had to apologize to Tiffany.

LeeAnne Locken, who was known for her infamous racist comments towards Kary Brittingham in 2020, was not seen on the show again. Her departure was a big blow to fans.

The show's producers could not find the right mix of women to fill out the cast. This was made worse by some of the cast members drinking too much.

Another issue is that the show did not do well in the ratings. According to Page Six, the show's premiere drew a meager 0.6 rating. That was lower than the franchise's other installments.

Fans are disappointed that the Real Housewives of Dallas has been cancelled. They are hoping that the franchise will make a comeback in another form. For now, you can watch the older episodes.

Stephanie Hollman

If you're wondering why the Real Housewives of Dallas has been cancelled, you're not alone. Fans of the show are disappointed that they won't be seeing it return to TV screens in 2022. The show hasn't officially been canceled, but Bravo has said that there are no plans to bring it back in the future.

While the Housewives franchise isn't known for its racially-insensitive portrayal of Black women, there have been plenty of accusations of racism on the show. Some of the Housewives and their families have been accused of making racially insensitive comments. One of the more famous examples of this came from Leanne Locken.

There were also many instances where the cast members fought on the show. Many of them drank too much and threw parties. They also launched their own beauty lines and jewelry lines.

When the show's fifth season aired in 2016, the cast had more than a few issues to work out. Kameron Westcott made controversial remarks during the season finale, and the cast and family members have also been accused of racial profiling.

In addition to the racial controversy, fans weren't happy with the way that the show divided the cast. One fan of the show was disappointed that there wasn't more attention paid to the African-American community.

Another concern was that the show didn't feature any black women. However, this hasn't stopped people from speculating whether or not it will be revived.

It's possible that there will be a new series starring the cast of the Real Housewives of Dallas. The network hasn't confirmed that there is, but it does have several other shows that are in the works.

At the same time, the Dallas franchise has seen a lot of criticism for not putting Black women in prominent positions. Some have argued that this could be part of the reason why the show has been cancelled.

Tiffany Moon

If you were a fan of the Real Housewives of Dallas, you know it ended its fifth season with some drama. The season finale featured a heated argument between two cast members, Kameron Westcott and Tiffany Moon. Both parties later apologized to each other, stating they would take responsibility for any wrongdoings.

While the show's finale ended on a good note, the drama was not over. On Tuesday, Bravo announced that it would not renew "The Real Housewives of Dallas" for a sixth season in 2022. In the announcement, the network said it would not film the sixth season, nor would it bring the series back.

Tiffany Moon joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Dallas for the fifth season. She is an Asian American woman who was born in a small town in China, and moved to the United States when she was six. After graduating medical school at age 23, she became a doctor. Despite being a full-time mother, she still manages to spend time with her twins and do her job.

Tiffany Moon was one of the first Asian Housewives to be a part of the RHOD franchise. In a recent interview, she stated that she had to deal with racially insensitive remarks from fellow housewives.

After filming concluded for Season 5, Tiffany told the production team to stop. She said she did not want to be on the show any more.

Tiffany is currently a full-time mom and anesthesiologist. It is believed that she has been having an ongoing issue with her family, which is currently in legal trouble. This is one of the reasons she is leaving the show.

As far as what will happen next, nothing official is known. However, Tiffany Moon has been engaged with fans on social media, and she posted a video thanking her fans for their support.

Real Housewives of Dallas 2023 Dream Home

When did the Real Housewives of Dallas finally end? After all, the show's fifth season ended in May 2021, but it looks like the rumors of a new season aren't dead yet. In fact, D'Andra Simmons has already talked about a possible relaunch of the series.

Season five ended in May 2021

The fifth season of "Real Housewives of Dallas" concluded last May. It was a bickerfest that was as much about the big personalities as it was about issues.

Kameron Westcott, D'Andra Simmons, Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman were the main characters of the show. In addition, Tiffany Moon was a new cast member. While it was an interesting addition, the show faced strong headwinds from fellow cast members, especially Tiffany.

During the season, Tiffany Moon was subjected to racially insensitive remarks from many cast members. Tiffany's family also attacked her for her cultural background, despite her arguing with Westcott over it during the reunion.

Tiffany has been forced to defend herself and deal with hate crimes against Asian Americans. In a series of weekly Instagram videos, she engages with fans. She also runs a candle company.

After the show wrapped up, Bravo decided not to renew the show for a sixth season. However, there are plans to bring back some of the cast in another medium. One possibility is a guest from a previous season, who would come back with a larger role.

During the fifth season of the "Real Housewives of Dallas", there was a lot of controversy regarding Brandi Redmond's racially insensitive video. A few months after the show aired, a video surfaced that showed Redmond impersonating an Asian woman.

Several cast members took to social media to condemn her actions. Brandi Redmond later apologized.

Brandi Redmond will not be back

If you've been watching The Real Housewives of Dallas, then you're probably wondering about the future of Brandi Redmond. She's one of the OG cast members on the show, and she's been on the show since the beginning. But her recent video has brought to light the fact that she's been accused of being a racist.

A recent viral video involving Brandi Redmond was all over social media, and fans were quick to judge her for mocking Asians. Eventually, she apologized for the video, but it didn't go unnoticed.

She had a difficult time fitting in with the other Housewives, and her social media bios changed to reflect this. This led to a social media feud between her and Kameron Westcott.

Brandi Redmond hasn't officially announced that she's leaving The Real Housewives of Dallas, but that's not surprising. After all, her recent video sparked criticism, and she checked into a rehab facility to get some help.

However, her latest tweet wasn't about leaving the show. Instead, she asked her followers to pray for her family.

It's unclear if she'll appear on the show for the rest of season 5. Meanwhile, D'Andra Simmons has been keeping fans up to date on what's happening with the rest of the cast.

One of the OG cast members on The Real Housewives of Dallas, Brandi Redmond, has been accused of making fun of Asians. Her video from 2017 resurfaced on social media in May of this year, and she's faced some harsh backlash.

Kameron's dream house was featured on D Home Magazine's 2022 Holiday Issue

The HGTV 2022 Dream Home may not be the first place you think of when you think of the sexiest home you'll ever have. However, this modern mountain cabin located in Warren, Vermont offers a dose of the good life. Indeed, the fabled town is a quaint and picturesque haven for skiers, snowboarders and those wishing to sample the gastronomic delights of Warren's culinary offerings. Aside from its own enclave, the town is also close to the many ski resorts in nearby Stowe, VT.

There are a handful of ski resorts in the area, most notable among them being the aptly named Winterslide. Other than skiing, the area is also known for its many vineyards and wineries, with a slew of reds, whites and rosies aplenty. This is one area where Kameron's well rounded sense of style pays dividends. After all, there aren't many homes where the family dog can hang out a shingle.

In addition to the usual suspects, Kameron recently took on a new position as diversity coach. She was a natural fit for the role, having spent many of her formative years in an environment that ain't exactly conducive to gender equality. Despite her lack of a formal education, however, Kameron's passion for all things sexy is undeniable.

Kameron's husband struggles with her as an equal partner

If you are a fan of the Real Housewives of Dallas, then you probably have heard about Kameron Westcott and her husband Court Westcott. The duo, who live in Highland Park, Texas, are the newest additions to the cast and will be featured on the show's upcoming season. It was only a matter of time until Kameron and Court found their way into the spotlight.

For starters, they have been married for a whopping eight years. Interestingly, Kameron and Court have a house that costs five and a half million dollars. In fact, they opted to put it on the market in May 2020.

Kameron and Court have two children. One daughter is named MacKenzie Allen Rodgers. They also have a Russian bulldog called Chunk. On a more practical note, Kameron and Court are both tech geeks. As a matter of fact, Court is the managing partner of his own venture capital firm, Westcott LLC.

While you are at it, make sure to check out Kameron's and Court's Twitter account. The pair have over 60,000 followers each. Not bad, huh?

Probably the best part about their social media page is that they share photos of their escapades. This makes it easy to keep tabs on the duo. Their two children also have Facebook accounts, and Court's mother even shows up in the upcoming season of the show.

Although Kameron and Court may not be known for their marriage, they certainly know how to party. Check out their twitter page for pictures of their soirees.

D'Andra Simmons discusses the possibility of relaunching the Real Housewives of Dallas

During a recent interview, D'Andra Simmons discussed the possibility of relaunching the Real Housewives of Dallas. Despite the fact that Bravo announced that the franchise would not return next year, RHOD fans continue to hold out hope for a revival.

Before joining the cast of RHOD, Simmons was a successful skincare company owner. In 2011, she won the Rising Star award from Fashion Group International in the beauty category. She has been an avid philanthropist and sits on the Great Plains Regional Board of UNICEF. Her mother Dee Simmons founded Ultimate Living International, a skincare and cosmetics company.

According to D'Andra, she has a lot to learn from the other women in the series. She has seen her share of drama, including cheating allegations, and has even gotten her husband involved.

After a season of hiatus, D'Andra and Kary Brittingham have decided to change things up. The two have traveled to trunk shows in Texas, and have a newfound passion for fashion. They also have been spotted eating out and getting tattoos.

On a positive note, D'Andra says she has been seeing improvements in her skin. She has lost a significant amount of weight and is healthy again. However, she doesn't believe that Rich Emberlin wants to marry her.

D'Andra also talks about her favorite things. She cites the One Flap Chanel Jumbo Bag, which she purchased for $4,400 in the early '90s. It's a status symbol in Dallas.

The Real Housewives of Miami is making a return on Peacock

The Real Housewives of Dallas is coming back to Peacock after a two-year hiatus. This will be the first time the show has been streamed on the NBCUniversal-owned streaming service.

Several of the original cast members are coming back, including Guerdy Abraira, Adrian de Moura, and Marysol Patton. Season 5 of the series will also feature Alexia Nepoly, Lisa Hochstein, and Dr. Nicole Martin.

Real Housewives of Dallas hasn't been canceled yet, but it hasn't been renewed for a fifth season. A spokesperson from Bravo said the company was evaluating the possibility of bringing it back.

The new season of the show will premiere in December on Peacock. It will follow the lives of the characters from the first three seasons. Some of the cast members will return, but there are a few more who might make their debut.

In addition to the return of Alexia, Tiffany Moon will also make her first appearance. She is a friend of D'Andra Simmons.

Andy Cohen is the executive producer of the new series. He is married to tennis star Martina Navratilova.

The Real Housewives of Miami will also make a return to Peacock. Season 8 of the show will premiere in December. The show will follow the friendships of the original cast.

The Real Housewives of Dallas isn't returning for a fifth season this year, but fans have been asking about it. A spokesperson from Bravo says the company is still interviewing potential cast members.

Why Was Real Housewives of Dallas Cancelled?

was real housewives of dallas cancelled 2023

If you've ever wondered why the Real Housewives of Dallas were cancelled, you're not alone. The show has lost a lot of popularity in recent years. But what was it that made Bravo cancel the show? Did it have to do with the controversial comments of one of the stars, Tiffany Moon?

Tiffany Moon says RHONY had an impact on Bravo's decision to cancel

Tiffany Moon is an anesthesiologist who is a first-generation Asian American. She is also a mom to six-year-old twins. After a year of filming Real Housewives of Dallas, her time on the show was over.

During season five of "The Real Housewives of Dallas," the cast went through a bickerfest, with several cast members taking aim at one another. Brandi Redmond came under fire for mocking Asian Americans, and Kam Westcott accused Moon of "open vile racism."

Moon said she was shocked that Bravo chose to cancel The Real Housewives of Dallas after her season. But she was happy to leave the show.

She joined the cast to help viewers see what real life is like. She has six-year-old twins with her husband, Daniel Moon. And she juggled demanding work and motherhood.

In addition to The Real Housewives of Dallas, Bravo has three other "Real Housewives" franchises. These include Southern Charm, Below Deck and Vanderpump Rules. All of these shows have a self-awareness to them, even if they aren't aspirational.

On Monday, Bravo announced the cancellation of the fifth season of "The Real Housewives of Dallas." According to a statement, the network has no plans to bring the series back in 2022.

While there have been many allegations of racism against some cast members, racism has been a hot topic in reality shows that feature predominantly white casts, such as RHONY. However, it's been difficult to determine exactly what was behind the decision to end the show.

As a result, a new "Real Housewives" will be on the air. It will be called "The Real Housewives of Miami" and will be filmed on Peacock.

There aren't any official announcements yet about the cast of the new "Real Housewives" but the network has been teasing fans with rumors and leaks. Many of the cast members are also vying for a spot on the next series. Some fans are hoping that their favorite cast member will be back, but others aren't interested.

Bravo has a few more seasons of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," "The Real Housewives of New York City," and "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." They're all set to premiere in 2018. A new season of "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" is set to begin in September.

Stephanie Hollman says she's not involved in a possible comeback

Stephanie Hollman, the original star of RHOD, says she isn't involved in any plans to bring the show back. The series ended its five-season run in August of 2021. As for her involvement in any future iteration, that's entirely up to the producers.

She has never been a diva like some of the other cast members, and has always taken the high road in terms of fisticuffs. For example, when she was on The Bachelorette, she nearly gave up on her dreams of being a wife and mother for fear of the vitriol online.

A few years later, she and her husband, Travis, were living the good life on the golf course of the Four Seasons hotel in Dallas, Texas. Until recently, the couple had been dealing with a teenage daughter's battle with depression.

However, the show got a bad rap recently, with a video going viral showing Brandi Redmond, a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, making racially insensitive comments about Asians. This led to the biggest controversy of the season.

While Tiffany Moon, a Chinese-American doctor and anesthesiologist, was the first newbie to join the RHOD cast in five seasons, she has yet to decide whether or not she'll return for another. It's also not clear if her co-stars took to her right away.

On a positive note, there's no shortage of entertainment and excitement on the Real Housewives of Dallas. Watch the show Tuesdays at 9pm ET on Bravo. If you want to help out, the Hollman Foundation is currently seeking volunteers. You can learn more about it here.

Finally, the most important part of all is that there is no official word from Bravo that there will be a reboot of the RHOD. There have been rumors circulating for months, including the possibility that Hollman would be demoted to a "friend of the show" role. But as of the time of this writing, it's all rumor.

The Real Housewives of Dallas is not the only show to go down in flames over the past few years. Several shows have been canceled or at least put on pause.

Brandi Redmond says she's not involved in a possible comeback

If you're a fan of the Real Housewives of Dallas, then you probably know that Brandi Redmond has decided to take a break from the series. She starred in its first season. It was during that time that she made headlines for mocking Asian people.

The video that Redmond uploaded on Instagram in 2020 was heavily criticized. Fans felt that she was using a stereotypical Asian accent to mock Asian people.

After receiving backlash, she checked into a wellness center. Stephanie Hollman shared that she thought the drama would be the last straw for her. But after Brandi's daughter survived a car accident, she's now choosing to focus on her family and her job on the show.

Brandi has been a staple in the cast of the Real Housewives of Dallas since the beginning. Her departure from the series had been rumored for a long time, but she's never actually been confirmed.

Since the show ended in 2021, fans have wondered whether a reboot is in the works. Bravo has not yet announced whether a reboot is in the works, but it's likely that there will be one in the future.

In the meantime, the cast of RHOD has revealed some of their secrets. For example, they had a season ending ritual. This was when they shared a goodbye message.

Recently, the cast reunited. They sat in a row and revealed their best friends. During the reunion, Cary cries while Tiffany looks uncomfortable.

In the past, racism has been a hot topic in shows like RHONY. Typically, casting changes are made at the end of a season. However, it was announced that Brandi and Tiffany will be back in the series for the rest of its fifth season.

In the past, Asian Americans have been targeted by the far right media. This has led to a huge rise in anti-Asian hate crimes. And since March of 2020, the number of hate crimes against Asian Americans has increased by over 3,000.

Regardless of whether or not a reboot is in the works, it's clear that Brandi and Tiffany have dealt with a lot of racist attacks. However, it's important to remember that facing racism is about more than simply apologizing. Rather, it's about confronting your own unconscious biases.

Tiffany Moon's advocacy against racism and violence

Tiffany Moon is the first Asian American housewife to be featured on the Real Housewives of Dallas. She appeared alongside Stephanie Hollman on Season 5 of the reality series. During the show, she discussed racism against Asian Americans. But her comments were met with criticism.

Tiffany Moon has been in the spotlight for her advocacy against racism and violence. Several cast members on the Real Housewives of Dallas have spoken out against her. One of her former costars, LeeAnne Locken, left the show following backlash over her racist comments. The cast has also been under scrutiny for their treatment of other ethnic groups.

On the season finale of Real Housewives of Dallas, fans watched as Dr. Tiffany Moon argued with Kameron Westcott about racism. At one point, Westcott accused Moon of promoting the 'white face' and perpetuating Asian stereotypes. However, Moon denied that she was doing so. Ultimately, she spoke to fellow Housewives about the issue.

After fans expressed their support for Moon, Bravo stepped in to cool the fire. In a statement, Bravo said it stands by her and her work. It also publicly supported the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.

The Real Housewives of Dallas cast has faced a lot of controversy in the past few seasons. Many cast members have been upset with the way Moon treats people of different backgrounds. This issue has been a recurring theme on the show.

Earlier this year, Kameron Westcott's family slammed Moon on social media. Some of the posts made by the Westcotts compared anti-racism to Nazism and claimed that it was a form of racism. A Twitter user commented that the family acted as racists.

Tiffany Moon has since deleted her Twitter account. Despite the allegations, she is still on the Real Housewives of Dallas. Her publicist has not confirmed whether she will leave the show.

As part of her defense, Bravo issued a statement that defended Tiffany. Although she did not mention Court or Chart Westcott, it has been reported that they too have been targeted for offensive tweets. Eventually, the Westcotts' social media accounts were deleted.

Which Miami Housewife is Getting Divorced in 2023?

which miami housewife is getting divorced  2023

Amongst the list of which miami housewife is getting divorced in 2023 you will find many names such as Lisa, Marysol and Lenny. However, you might not know that the name of one of the other housewives in the show, Kiki, is already a rumour. In fact, the news of this upcoming change in her life has already made headlines, and is being analyzed by the media.

Lisa Hochstein

The Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein has been in the media for a while now after she announced that she is getting divorced from husband Lenny. They were married for over 13 years and share two children. In May, the couple filed for a divorce.

The announcement came during their trip to the Florida Keys. However, they continued to talk about their divorce for several years. As of late, it seems like the pair is still arguing over finances.

Lenny Hochstein accused Lisa of romancing two men at a Halloween party. He also alleged that she treated him as if he were a servant. And he reportedly cut off her access to money on her credit card.

When news of the divorce broke, fans of the show were shocked. Thankfully, Lisa has since moved on. She is now spotted on dates with tech entrepreneur Jody Glidden.

Since the divorce, Lenny and Lisa have been working on their co-parenting. But they are still in a public feud over finances.

According to court documents, Lisa claimed that Lenny restricted her access to funds on her credit card. And when she tried to buy diapers for the kids, the card was denied.

Lenny Hochstein

Lenny and Lisa Hochstein have split up after a 12 year marriage. According to sources, they were in an ongoing dispute over finances. The two have two children together. They are a son named Logan and a daughter named Elle.

Lenny filed for divorce in May 2022. A restraining order was filed in July by Katharina Mazepa. She claims that Lenny harassed and intimidated her, and that he threatened to "flee" their home.

As of June 2022, Lisa and Lenny are not living in the same house. In fact, Lenny has offered to pay his ex-wife's legal fees. He is also seeking a fair distribution of non-marital assets, according to court documents.

Lenny and Lisa had a very high-profile relationship on the reality show Rhom. After their divorce, Lenny went on to date Katharina Mazepa. Their son Logan was born in July 2015.

Before they were married, they had a romance. They even had a prenuptial agreement. But they broke up after a fight in a Miami nightclub.

Lenny's show may have added stress to the already tumultuous relationship. Even though he and Lisa are separated, he has continued to make his presence known on social media.

Larsa Pippen

Larsa Pippen and Scottie Pippen have been married for almost two decades. They are the parents of four children together. But the marriage ended last year. It's now unclear if the couple will ever get back together.

Despite the split, Larsa and Scottie remain close friends. In fact, they attended Kim Kardashian West's wedding in Italy in 2014. The duo also had lunch in Miami with Jordan's son, Marcus, during a visit in September.

Though Larsa and Scottie have had several disagreements over the years, they have been able to work on their relationship. Their divorce was finalized in December 2021, three years after they initially filed for separation. However, they are still committed to co-parenting their children.

During their separation, Larsa dated NBA player Malik Beasley. She claimed that Beasley was separated at the time she began seeing him. This was a claim that was disputed.

While Larsa and Scottie remain close, their relationship isn't thriving. According to reports, they have been arguing about whether they will be able to co-parent their children.

However, sources close to the family say that the pair are on the mend. Larsa has spoken up about her feelings for her ex-husband, revealing that he "controls" the narrative in the divorce.

Kiki Barth

Kiki Barth is one of the most recognizable models in the world. She has graced the cover of major magazines, and she's represented some of the biggest brands around. Now, the Haitian-American model has returned to the Real Housewives franchise, and she's already become a fan favorite.

Barth is a mom, fashion model, and philanthropist. A Haitian native, she moved to the US when she was 13. Since then, she's made her mark on the fashion industry, working as a model and actress.

As for her time on the show, she's been a housewife on "RHOM" since season two. After separating from her husband of six years, she's taken on a more active role in raising her kids.

The couple have two children, Logan and Elle. Their relationship has also been rocky. Lenny and Lisa have fought over finances. They announced their divorce in May. When asked about the split, Lenny said that he'd moved on with Katharina Mazepa, but Lisa claims that she's not interested.

But Lisa hasn't let her separation put a damper on her relationship with her friends. She even attended a fashion show with the ladies.

The cast of Season Five includes Larsa Pippen, Kiki Barth, Adrianna de Moura, and Dr. Nicole Martin. Each woman has their own story to tell. Some of them haven't been on the show since seasons one and two, but now they're ready to get back in the mix.


One of the most surprising things to happen to the cast of the Real Housewives of Miami in season five is that one of the original cast members is getting divorced. Lisa Hochstein and Lenny Hochstein announced they were divorcing in May.

Lisa is one of the most open and candid cast members of the show. She shares her divorce and infertility struggles with the rest of the cast. Despite a rough start, she's managed to find a support system of friends who love her.

Another member of the cast who has had a rough time is Larsa Pippen. Despite her goodwill towards the other women, she's been struggling with her relationship with her husband, Steve McNamara. In the Season 5 trailer, she's seen a lot of drama with her ex, and it looks like it's just beginning.

A new face will also be joining the cast, as Adriana de Moura will take over for Larsa. While De Moura and Pippen have a history, it appears they're on the same page when it comes to rekindling their romance.

Other returning cast members include Dr. Nicole Martin and Julia Lemigova. The show will also feature Guerdy Abraira.

Lenny's mother-in-law

Lisa and Lenny were married for twelve years. They have two children together, 7-year-old Logan and 3-year-old Elle. The two are in the midst of a public battle over finances that has gone awry.

As of June 2022, the couple will not live under one roof. In fact, Lenny has retaliated by preventing Lisa from acquiring access to their funds.

The couple has had their share of heated exchanges over children and property. There has been a $52 million house squabble in Miami.

While there was no formal marriage, the couple had a prenuptial agreement in place. According to court documents, Lisa had a credit card denied by Lenny when she attempted to purchase diapers for her kids. This is the first major revelation of the divorce.

A recent episode of RHOM showed that the couple still haven't reconciled. Their latest episode aired on December 22. One month later, a divorce filing was filed by Lenny.

It may be too early to tell exactly what the endgame will look like. However, the legal and financial quagmires are only beginning. Earlier this year, Lisa said she had no idea Lenny was going to file for divorce until she got a call from his mother.

Lenny's rumoured new girlfriend

If you follow Real Housewives of Miami you might have heard about Lenny and Katharina Mazepa. They are a couple who has been making headlines for years. The Austrian model, who is only about 30 years older than Lenny, has a background in modeling and is living in the United States.

After their divorce, they began dating. Lisa has alleged that Lenny was abusive toward her. However, he has since denied the claims in an email. He has also tried to portray his ex-wife as a financial drag.

Lenny and Lisa's relationship took a turn for the worse in 2022. They filed for a divorce after nearly ten years of marriage. At the time, they were also having difficulties trying to expand their family.

A source close to the reality star said that the couple's marriage was "disastrous". She complained that Lenny was financially strangling her. But, he did not give her the spending power to help pay for their children.

In October, 2022, a judge dismissed a request for a restraining order against Lisa. She cited the lack of evidence in her case. She said she was blindsided by Lenny's move.

According to a statement released by Lisa's rep, the actress was shocked by the move. She believed that the relationship was going to be improving.

Real Housewives of Miami - Where Are They Now 2023?

real housewives miami where are they now 2023

If you've been watching the Real Housewives of Miami, then you know there are a lot of changes coming up. After all, they've all been through some serious stuff. From being a cast member on a reality show to moving into a new home, these ladies are getting ready for their next stage in life.

Adriana de Moura

In season four, Adriana De Moura was one of the most outspoken women on The Real Housewives of Miami. Although she is not a headlining act on Bravo, she continues to be a pillar in the art scene in Miami. She has worked with Markowicz Fine Art in the Miami Art District and she has become a popular social media influencer.

Despite the sexiness that de Moura exudes, she is a single mother. Her son, Alex Sidi, was born sometime around 2000 or 2001. He attended Ransom Everglades School and participated in the University of Miami sailing team. When Adriana and Frederic Marq married in 2006, he was 10. Now, he is a teenager in college.

For years, the cast members were at odds with one another. During season three, the show aired a marathon of episodes. This encouraged fans to stay home and watch the series. However, it was a long wait for Season 4 to air.

The OG star of 'RHOM' was not on good terms with most of the cast members. She was also at odds with her former friend, Lisa Hochstein, throughout the entire show.

After she married Frederic Marq, she kept her marriage a secret from the public. But, once cameras stopped rolling, she and Marq split. They later listed their property in Miami Beach for sale.

Since 'RHOM' ended, De Moura has worked as a curator in the design district of Miami. She also started a skincare line. Recently, she has walked the catwalk for Victoria's Secret.

Guerdy Abraira

It's a new year and a fresh start for the Real Housewives of Miami. With the cast returning, it's time to get to know the latest member, Guerdy Abraira.

While many of the show's other cast members have moved on to greener pastures, Abraira is one of the few that will stay on for the duration. She has been married to Russell for more than 20 years and she has two children.

Guerdy is a busy woman. She owns an award-winning event planning company and is a wife and mom of two boys. But it's her work on the "The Real Housewives of Miami" that has made her a household name. In fact, she was named as one of the top international wedding planners in 2020 by Harper's Bazaar.

The cast also had a few additions to their ranks. Former Housewife Lea Black and Dr. Nicole Martin were both welcomed into the fold. Meanwhile, Joanna Krupa and Kiki Barth also took on more recurring roles. This meant there were several new faces to watch.

For a while, it seemed like Guerdy's place on the show was up for grabs. However, she quickly became the fan favorite after giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at her life and family. Ultimately, it was her personal storyline that earned her a place on the show.

Earlier this year, the cast was reunited for the fifth season of the show. A supertease was released by Bravo at their October 16 convention. This gave us a sneak peak at a few of the upcoming episodes, including one that featured Alexia Nepola.

The Real Housewives of Miami are back for a fifth season. It has been a while since viewers have seen the series, but a handful of returning housewives are reuniting with some of their original cast members. One of these is Lisa Hochstein. A former model, she has a lot to tell fans.

She's made millions from her modeling career and is now a reality star. Fans can check out her Instagram account, where she shares updates on her life and modeling career.

Lisa Hochstein is a married woman, and she and her husband Lenny have two kids. Their daughter, Elle, is three years old, and son, Logan, is seven.

Lisa and her husband were married for six years, and during that time, they lived in a mansion on Star Island. The 20,000 square foot home features everything a "Real Housewife" could ever want.

But things aren't so rosy for the couple. In May 2022, Lenny and Lisa separated. And in court documents, Lenny claimed that if he gets divorced, Lisa will have to leave the house.

During the hiatus, Lisa and Lenny welcomed a daughter, Elle, via surrogate. They also built a new home on Star Island. This was the logical step after their success on the show.

When she's not working as a model, she's running a medical spa in Miami. Her and Lenny have been heavily involved in charity work.

Julia Lemigova

The Real Housewives of Miami season 4 is back with a new cast. This time around, it will feature Alexia Echevarria-Nepola, Julia Lemigova, Larsa Pippen, and Kiki Barth.

While these Housewives will definitely bring a fresh look to the show, they also face some tough issues. For example, Lemigova will have to deal with an empty nest and the resulting stress. She will need the support of the cast to help her navigate this.

Also, Lemigova faces the challenge of balancing her life between her farm and city. In addition, she will have to deal with her recent marriage. Her husband, Martina Navratilova, is a tennis star. Despite their close bond, she finds herself unhappy in her marriage.

However, she will receive support from her friends. For instance, Adriana de Moura is her best friend. They often get together to talk about their problems. And as an older woman, Lemigova wants to get back into the modeling industry.

Another of her friends is Lisa Hochstein. Lisa used to be very close with Alexia. But now that they are married, she has become a much blonder woman.

During the fourth season, the two friends got along well. Their relationship was the hottest part of the show. But they have a hard time balancing their new marriage with their children.

As for Larsa, she has been linked to rapper Future and sports star Malik Beasley.

The Real Housewives of Miami have returned with a new season. It's the show's second season since the eight-year hiatus. This time, the cast includes Lisa Hochstein, Guerdy Abraira, and Julia Lemigova. They're joined by Lisa's new bone collector Kiki Barth. And if you weren't already aware, Larsa Pippen is back too.

Larsa was the original 'wife' of the first season. She appeared in seven episodes. After her departure from the show, she starred on season one of a Bravo spinoff. Afterwards, she spent some time in Los Angeles.

Now, she's ready to jumpstart a new chapter in her life. Larsa recently moved from California to Miami. Her penthouse, which has five pools, is located minutes away from the beach. She also has a fitness center and boxing studio.

In the last few months, Larsa has been making headlines for her love life. She's dated NBA player Malik Beasley. She's also been linked to rapper Future. However, she has denied these rumors.

Larsa was married to NBA legend Scottie Pippen. During their marriage, they had four children together. Their divorce was finalized in December 2021.

Larsa's latest rumor is that she's dating Marcus Jordan, the son of basketball superstar Michael Jordan. The two were seen packing on PDA outside the W hotel in South Beach.

The Real Housewives of Miami have been known for their drama, and season 5 is no exception. But fans have been praising the show's newest additions.

Lea Black

Lea Black was one of the original cast members of The Real Housewives of Miami. She and her husband, Roy Black, were a prominent criminal defense attorney. They have been involved in many charity events and have raised millions of dollars.

She also owns a skincare line called "Lea Black Beauty" and is a podcaster. She has also written a book called "Red Carpets & White Lies" which focuses on her charity fundraising experiences.

In the past, Lea has appeared on the show three times. She was in talks with the producers about appearing on the fourth season. But she ultimately declined the offer.

Now, she spends much of her time in Los Angeles, California. Her website features her beauty and skincare lines, as well as her jewelry line. And she's even launched a podcast called "Lunch With Lea."

While she's not on the show, she keeps in touch with her co-stars. She has kept an active Instagram account where she posts photos and updates about her life. Some of her friends include Lisa Hochstein, Karent Sierra, and Joanna Krupa.

On the Real Housewives of Miami, she was featured in a surprise dinner party hosted by Andy Cohen. She also attended a Make-A-Wish event.

In addition to her work as a television personality, Lea has founded a charity fundraiser called THE BLACKS' ANNUAL GALA. It raises money for at-risk youth.

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