Who is Jojo Love and Hip Hop Miami 2023?

Who is Jojo Love and Hip Hop Miami 2023?


who is jojo love and hip hop miami 2023

Are you wondering who is jojo love and hip hop Miami 2023? There are lots of artists to choose from including Shay, Amara La Negra, Pleasure P and Kevin Gates. Read on to learn more about these hip hop artists.

Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates is one of the most transparent rappers in the industry. Not only does he speak his mind, but he also fulfills every promise that he makes to his fans.

One of the most talked about couples in the music industry is Dreka and Kevin Gates. The couple is known to be very open about their relationship and their struggles. They have two kids and have been married for nearly seven years.

There have been many rumors that the couple broke up recently. In fact, Kevin was spotted with Love & Hip Hop: Miami star Jojo Zarur in New York City. However, it appears that the two have been back together for quite some time.

If you're wondering why they're back together, it might have something to do with a little bit of chemistry. Recently, Kevin Gates filmed a video of Jojo and posted it on his Instagram Story.

In the past, the pair hasn't spoken too much about their marriage. Their relationship was first rumored to be over in March of 2022, but they haven't gone silent about their relationship.

While they haven't discussed their relationship publicly, Gates and Zarur have been spotted together on several occasions. They've even vacationed together in Jamaica for his 36th birthday.

Although Kevin Gates and his wife have decided to live separate lives, they haven't hidden from the public about their relationship. In fact, they don't hold back on their bedroom activities.

According to reports, Gates and Zarur had been dating for at least a month. Earlier this month, they were spotted in New York holding hands and strolling around the city. After a few weeks, they were spotted again and this time, they made an Instagram Live.

Amara La Negra

Amara La Negra is one of the main cast members of Love & Hip Hop: Miami. She has been part of the show since season one. During her time on the show, she has received significant media attention and is now known as one of the stars of the franchise.

Amara La Negra is a Dominican artist and reality television personality. She is known for her curly afro and glowing chocolate brown skin. Her mother is from the Dominican Republic and she moved to the United States to provide for her daughter. However, her upbringing was not a happy one.

During her first season on the show, Amara was new to the cast and did not have much experience with the industry. When she made her debut, she wore a natural fro and a glamorous cut-out ensemble.

While Amara has a career in the entertainment industry, she wants to make a name for herself outside of it. In order to do this, she is planning to expand her real estate investment deal in her mother's hometown of the Dominican Republic.

Amara La Negra is currently on the fourth season of Love & Hip Hop: Miami. Her storyline is focused on colorism in the Latin community. This is an important subject for La Negra, as she is very outspoken about it.

In addition to her work on the show, Amara is also a proud activist. She has spoken out against sexism in the music industry. Her children's book series promotes a healthy message of self-esteem.

One of her biggest enemies is Jojo. They've had a falling out. Last season, Amara was friends with Jojo. However, they became more distant during season two.

Pleasure P

Love & Hip Hop Miami will explore the hip hop community of Miami. It will also explore the struggles of artists who have to speak up for society. This season is set to feature rappers, singers, and producers.

The season will also have a large supporting cast. Some of the notable cast members include Bobby Lytes, Young Hollywood, Shay Johnson, and Jojo Zarur. These artists will get equal screen time with the main characters. Other guests on the show are Miami Tip and Steph Lecor.

The series will also feature Pretty Ricky. Pretty Ricky is the lead vocalist of a rap quartet based in the Broward County, Florida. He has two Gold albums and a fan base that has remained steady on social media. His next album will be released in 2009.

Pleasure P is a singer who has worked with several artists. He has been on the scene for a decade. He has a large fan base and is pursuing a solo career. His new single "You Changed" has been released after the success of the show. However, his relationship with Baby Blue remains unresolved.

In the beginning of the season, Jojo Zarur was on Pleasure P's dating list. She was spotted out on an Instagram post, but she soon turned up with a boyfriend of her own. After Shay discovered that Pleasure P had a fling with Jojo, he confronted her. They met for dinner. But despite Shay's anger, he doesn't trip over it.

Another love interest on the show is Shay Johnson. Shay has a good relationship with Pleasure P, but he's not interested in moving forward with his relationship with Jojo.

The supporting cast includes Bobby Lytes and Gunplay. Other notable names on the show include Amara La Negra, KaMillion, Spectacular, and Young Hollywood.


If you are a fan of Love and Hip Hop: Miami, you might have heard of Shay Johnson. He is a reality star who has appeared on the show in multiple seasons. But he isn't your average cast member. Despite his relatively minor role, he has a strong connection with Jojo. In fact, he has been dating her for two years.

Jojo joined the main cast in season two. She is the main antagonist of the second season. Her story line will explore her struggle with personal relationships and her business ventures. It will also explore the struggles of hip hop artists to speak out and advocate for themselves and their society.

As a supporting cast member, Jojo will be featured in promotional videos for the show. She is also featured in a few "meet the cast" videos.

Jojo and Shay were on good terms for the first season of the show. But after the finale of the first season, Jojo has begun to fall out with Amara. This may be tested throughout the rest of the season.

Meanwhile, Pleasure P will also have a confrontation with Jojo. The Pretty Ricky rapper dated Shay last season. And he's not happy that Jojo is now dating Shay's ex. They will face each other again, and Jojo will be stung by the truth.

Trick Daddy is also a cast member. Trick Daddy's wife Joy Young is also estranged from him. On the flip side, Trick Daddy and Trina are friends. So, their friendship is likely to be tested during this episode.

Another Love and Hip Hop cast member, Gunplay, will be making a guest appearance. Gunplay's girlfriend Steph Lecor is the other cast member that will be in the final Amara-Veronica battle.

Amara's afro

Amara La Negra is one of the most prominent cast members of Love and Hip Hop: Miami. She is a singer and actress. She was born and raised in Miami, the daughter of a single mother.

The show focuses on Amara La Negra's quest to make it big in the music industry. Her storyline explores colorism in the Latin community.

Amara has had a turbulent relationship with fellow castmate Bobby Lytes. Jojo isn't pursuing the same goals as her. They haven't been friends since season two, but they're still teasing each other with a single release party.

Shay Johnson has also entered into the fray. He's upset that Jojo is not her best friend. However, he's not so sure that Jojo and Amara are friends. This leads to a big talk between the two of them.

Amara's appearance in the upcoming series will show more of her career progression. As a singer, she's facing roadblocks in the American music market. But she has also gained a lot of media attention. For example, she was dubbed as a "breakout star" by Billboard.

Amara La Negra is part of the original team on Love and Hip Hop: Miami. In addition to being a singer, she's a model, podcast host and actress. Some of her biggest achievements include landing a multi-album deal with BMG hours after the show premiered.

On Love and Hip Hop: Miami, she has a difficult time being accepted in her home country, the Dominican Republic. Despite her success, she has encountered racism. A parody of her in blackface was performed on a Dominican variety show.

Amara has recently gotten into a fight with fellow Love and Hip Hop: Miami castmate Keyara. It's an awkward moment, but it's also a chance to put the genie back in the bottle.

Where Can I Watch Love and Hip Hop Miami 2023 Online?

where can i stream love and hip hop miami 2023

There are several ways to watch Love and Hip Hop Miami 2023 online. You can check out a streaming channel, like VH1 or DIRECTV, or you can watch it through the Amazon Channel or Roku Premium Channel. Regardless of which way you choose to watch, there are a few important things you should know.

Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus is a streaming service owned by Viacom and CBS. It offers thousands of hours of TV shows, movies, and live sports events. In addition to the usual TV shows, Paramount Plus has some original content.

"Love & Hip Hop" is one of the most popular franchises on TV, and its third season is available as a free download on Apple iTunes and Google Play Movies. The new season also streams on Paramount Plus.

Love & Hip Hop Miami will premiere its eighth episode tonight. As usual, the "Hip Hop" franchise is a behind-the-scenes look at the lifestyles of music industry superstars.

Love & Hip Hop Miami's third season will premiere on Paramount Plus. The show will stream on the Paramount Plus Roku Premium Channel and Amazon Video, but you can also download it on Apple iTunes and Google Play Movies.

Paramount Plus offers a free seven-day trial. You can also cancel your subscription through the Paramount Plus website or through the Apple app store or Roku.

There are a number of other channels and movies on Paramount Plus, including some from the Paramount Network. You can also check out the lineup of exclusive Showtime shows. Some of the titles include Lip Sync Battle, Real World: Homecoming, Bar Rescue, and more.

Paramount Plus is a great addition to the streaming world. It features every episode of popular series, as well as new and original productions.

Paramount+ Amazon Channel

If you're a fan of the Love and Hip Hop franchise, you'll be happy to learn that the Paramount+ Amazon Channel will be carrying all three seasons of Love and Hip Hop Miami. You can stream the show through Paramount+ or buy the seasons as a download on Apple iTunes or Google Play Movies.

The Love and Hip Hop franchise features up-close looks at the lives of industry legends and rising stars. It's also packed with jaw-dropping stories and crazy shenanigans. Several of the show's episodes have been adapted into movies, including the OG Top Gun.

Paramount+ offers several different plans. You can get the "Essential" plan, which includes tens of thousands of movies and shows. Or you can go with the "Limited Commercials" plan for $4.99 per month. In addition to movies, Paramount Plus offers access to live shows, sports events and more.

For a limited time, Paramount+ is offering a free trial, which allows users to try out the service for seven days without paying. As a part of the trial, Paramount+ will give you a 30-day money back guarantee. To use the service, you'll need a smart TV or a streaming device that supports the Paramount+ app.

Another great feature of Paramount+ is its six brand channel hubs. You'll find a selection of movies, documentaries, historical series, travel shows and wildlife content. There's also a sports hub with live events from the National Women's Soccer League and the Concacaf Nations League.

Paramount+ Roku Premium Channel

Paramount+ is a new subscription-based video on-demand service. It offers thousands of episodes from a wide variety of shows. With Paramount+, you can enjoy your favorite movies and series, live sports, breaking news and more.

Paramount+ is available for streaming through Roku players, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast. You can sign up for a free trial to see how it works. Then, you can purchase a premium plan. For just $9.99 a month, you'll get access to the full library of Paramount Plus content, including exclusive original TV shows.

Paramount Plus features a wide range of shows, from the popular to the critically acclaimed. These include movies, documentaries, kids programming, and reality television. In addition, it offers live streams of local CBS stations, which will continue to air commercials.

You can watch Paramount+ on up to three simultaneous streams. Surround sound is also available for select shows on both Chromecast and Apple TV. Additionally, you'll find a dedicated Paramount+ guide that makes it easy to browse through all of the available content.

Paramount+ provides you with the opportunity to watch local NFL games every Sunday. On top of that, you'll have access to CBS Sports HQ for all your sports news. This is the first time that live sports content has been offered for streamers.

Paramount+ has a free seven-day trial, so you can test it out for yourself. After your trial ends, you can subscribe to the commercial-free "Essential" plan for $4.99 a month or the ad-supported "Limited Commercials" plan for $4.99 a month.


If you're a fan of Love & Hip Hop, there are plenty of ways to watch it on television or online. Here are a few of the best options.

In this reality series, fans can follow the lives of up-and-coming rappers and singers in the Miami music scene. The cast is made up of established and emerging stars. They include Trick Daddy, Amara La Negra, Trina, and Joseline Hernandez.

You can stream Love & Hip Hop Miami through VH1 and through other streaming services. You can also buy the show on Amazon Video.

Currently, Love & Hip Hop: Miami has five seasons. If you want to watch more episodes, you can stream them on Paramount+. This is a streaming service that streams to Roku players, Apple TV, and Fire TV. It can also be accessed on your computer and tablet.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, you can try out Sling TV. This is a cable-alternative that offers customization and low prices. Subscribers can get access to hundreds of channels. You can choose between a basic package or a premium one, and get three months for just $29.99.

You can also use the Hulu With Live TV service. This is a streaming service available on Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, and Apple TV. Users can watch most shows after they air on the service. And it also includes 200 hours of DVR storage.


Love & Hip Hop Miami is a reality series that features the ups and downs of the hip hop scene in Miami. The show airs on VH1 on Mondays. Its executive producers include Lashan Browning, Donna Edge-Rachell, and Michael Lang.

In addition to its broadcast on VH1, Love & Hip Hop Miami is also available to watch on various streaming services, including Philo. This channel streams episodes with a subscription, and offers a one-week free trial. There are also options to stream on Fire TV, Chromecast, iOS, and Android.

Love & Hip Hop Miami is part of a larger franchise called "Love & Hip Hop." The show is based in Miami, and explores the lives of up-and-coming artists. Many of the cast members are fan favorites from the original series.

The series follows the lives of several up-and-coming rappers and singers. They are competing for a spot in the industry. These young stars thrive in the Miami sunshine. However, they are constantly battling with their more established counterparts.

The Love & Hip Hop franchise features some of the biggest names in the hip hop world. Ray J, Trick Daddy, and Sukihana are among the stars featured.

The cast also includes Afro-Latina singer Amara La Negra. Originally from Atlanta, she has relocated to Miami. She joins Trina in the city.

Another cast member is singer Bobby Lytes. He has worked with Trick Daddy and Flo Rida.


Love & Hip Hop: Miami is a reality television series that focuses on the culture and ups and downs of the Miami hip hop scene. It airs on VH1 and follows the lives of several members of the music industry, including rap icon Trick Daddy. The show has a stellar cast, including Shay Johnson, Bobby Lytes, Trina, and Amara La Negra. In fact, you can watch the show on the Paramount Plus Roku channel.

The show encapsulates the best of Miami's music scene, from the ritzy to the rough and tumble. The series traces the lives of Afro-Latina singer Amara La Negra, street legend Gunplay, and rap superstar Trick Daddy.

There are dozens of channels available for streaming on DIRECTV, including MTV, HBO, and Showtime. However, if you're looking for a more affordable subscription, there are several options available from the likes of Dish Network and fuboTV. You can choose from a variety of packages, from as little as $84 per month to as much as $140. Some of the more expensive options include access to all 78 of the DIRECTV networks, as well as Starz and fuboTV. Streaming services such as DirecTV Stream also give you access to a host of live channels, from CNN and Fox to HBO and MTV.

If you're looking to try Love & Hip Hop for free, you can sign up for a trial from Philo. This service will give you the chance to check out all 68 episodes of the show for free, as well as an exclusive look at the next season. Upon signing up, you'll get a free week of the show, plus a one-time $25 credit that you can use on a wide selection of channels.

Who Left Black Ink Crew New York 2023?

who left black ink crew new york  2023

If you've been watching the 'Black Ink Crew' then you're probably asking yourself who left the show. It's an interesting question, and one that many fans are interested in knowing the answer to. Below you can read about some of the most notable stars of the show, including Kevin Laroy, Richard 'O'S**t' Duncan, Dutchess Lattimore, and Kathie Arseno.

Ceaser Emanuel

The former star of the reality show "Black Ink Crew" Ceaser Emanuel was fired from the VH1 reality TV series, in July 2018. A video showing Emanuel abusing a dog made its way onto the Internet and he was later dubbed a 'dog abuser'.

While Emanuel claims the video is old, it has gone viral. He is facing two misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty. During the video, he is seen hitting a dog with a metal folding chair.

This scandal, which landed Emanuel in hot water, was caught on Ring camera. Although the tattoo shop owner claims he was just breaking up a fight between two dogs, his actions were seen by many as abusive.

According to TMZ, Emanuel took a "slight hiatus" after the incident. Though he is not sure if he will ever return to reality TV, he has vowed to take accountability for his actions.

Currently, he has been working on his mental health. Hopefully, this will help him return to the TV show without causing any more trouble.

As of now, the Black Ink Crew New York team is still intact, and will continue to work together. However, they will be facing an entirely new world. They will have to adapt and leave behind the losses they've encountered throughout the past nine seasons.

Dutchess Lattimore

The reality star Dutchess Lattimore has left Black Ink Crew. She has revealed that she struggled with depression and had to leave the show.

Dutchess is a tattoo artist. After leaving the show she opened her own shop in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her shop, Pretty-N-Ink, has been featured in the magazine Urban Ink.

The reality show "Black Ink Crew" followed the day-to-day life of tattoo artists and staff members. It was a profitable VH1 sequel. Fans have watched castmates develop romance and friendship.

Before being a reality star, Dutchess worked as a tattoo artist for five years. While she was on the show, she dated tattoo artist Ceaser Emanuel. But after their relationship ended, she was forced to leave. Fortunately, she had already built up a large fan base before leaving.

Upon her exit from the show, Dutchess moved on to own her own shop, Pretty-N-Ink, in Charlotte. The reality star has also stepped into the music industry, having written and performed with several notable rappers.

Dutchess has been in love with music all her life. She studied classical piano, and she also sang in church with her brother. Now, she has her own radio show on 92.7 FM.

Karis 'Miss Kitty' Phillips

There's a good chance you have heard of Miss Kitty, the lovable, reclusive socialite who once appeared on Black Ink Crew: New York. She's now in Chicago, working for Charmaine Bey's 2nd City Ink tattoo shop. Here are some facts about the entrepreneur and brand ambassador, who is also the star of her own spin-off, "Black Ink Crew Chicago".

As a young woman, she worked as a receptionist at a tattoo parlor owned by David "Ceaser" Emanuel. Her duties consisted of bringing in new business. Now she's an entrepreneur, brand ambassador and face of the 2nd City Ink franchise.

The reality television show follows the daily lives of several black-owned tattoo studios. Some of the cast members are legal names, while others have pseudonyms. One of the cast members, Paul "Puma" Robinson, is the main character of the series. His wife, Quani, is supportive of him.

Another cast member, Ryan Henry, is a tattoo artist who owns 9Mag Tattoo in Chicago. He has been a show regular since season one. He's learning how to navigate the Chicago franchise.

Another celebrity who has been a part of the "Black Ink Crew" is David "Ceaser" Emanuel. The owner of the tattoo parlor has made the series into a franchise, having opened shops in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and London.

Richard 'O'S**t' Duncan

If you're a fan of "Black Ink Crew," you've probably heard of Richard 'O'S**t' Duncan. He has been featured as a tattoo artist on the show for several seasons. After his stint on the show was over, he decided to relocate to the Atlanta area. He has since reunited with his wife and children.

During his time on the show, he was often involved in conflicts with his boss, Ceaser Emanuel. He was also accused of cocaine possession. However, he pleaded not guilty to the charges.

He has since moved to the Atlanta area and opened up a new tattoo shop called Drip Tattoo Collective. The store has become a franchise. It has opened up locations in other cities as well, including Chicago and Compton.

Richard OSh** has three children from his previous relationships. He has a step-son named Jeremiah, and a daughter named Khodi. His latest child, Nova-Rae Rose, was born in 2013.

After leaving the show, he was pulled over for speeding and DUI in Georgia. Cops noticed that his car smelled of alcohol. They gave him a field sobriety test and found cocaine in his cup holder.

Richard OSh** recently rekindled his relationship with Nikki, his former partner. They rekindled their romance after learning that they were expecting a baby girl.

Kathie Arseno

Kathie Arseno is a wellness facilitator. She also works as a yoga instructor. Her passion for health and wellness was evident when she opened her own yoga studio. Currently, she is planning to pursue a master's degree.

She is also a writer, and advocate for fitness and wellness. It is believed that she once was romantically linked to Didi. In addition, she co-parented a son with Richard Duncan.

Although she is currently engaged to Alex the vagina slayer, she hasn't settled down. She previously had a relationship with Teddy Ruks, but he abandoned her to hustle with homies.

The cast of Black Ink Crew is a successful bunch. Although their personal details are still secret, they're all raking in the cash. Some of them have net worths in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Kathie Arseno has an emotional and sensitive side. When she was married to her former husband, she left him because he cheated on her. On the other hand, her ex-husband, Richard Duncan, was also a co-parent to their son, Achilles.

Aside from her work at Black Ink, Kathie is a wellness facilitator. She has an office at the Black Ink wellness center in New York City.

Kevin Laroy

Black Ink Crew New York is a reality show on VH1 that follows tattoo artists in Harlem. Kevin Laroy is one of the new tattoo artists who joins the crew. He has worked in the industry for over a decade and has become known for his photorealistic portraits.

Until now, only two seasons of the show are available on Netflix. The show is rated TV-14. You can watch full episodes and extra clips on the VH1 app. To access these, you'll need to sign up for a subscription.

Originally filmed in 2012, Black Ink Crew: New York is a reality TV show that revolves around the lives of the black tattoo artists in Harlem. It's a show that's very popular with viewers.

In its nine seasons, the show has introduced a variety of tattoo artists. It also features receptionists and managers. Most cast members have rotated between supporting roles. But one of the biggest stars to date has been Kevin Laroy.

This celebrity tattoo artist has starred on season 5 and 6 of the show. He's also been featured on MTV's Just Tattoo Of Us. His pop-culture influenced designs have been known to garner a lot of attention.

Puma Robinson

Puma Robinson left Black Ink Crew after season four, but he has now returned to the show. A longtime friend of Ceaser, Puma is also the owner of the new tattoo shop Art2Ink. He discussed his relationship with his wife, parenting, and more with Nicki Swift in an exclusive interview.

Paul "Puma" Robinson has been in the reality TV business since the beginning. Initially, he was a graffiti artist who was drawn to making art on his body. After finding success in the field, he started working with a number of artists. Eventually, he became the Public Relations Manager of the company.

However, Puma and Emanuel had an uncomfortable relationship. So when Puma decided to leave his company, Emanuel didn't appreciate it. That led to a fight. But the two mended their relationship, and now they are partners in the business.

Puma is married to Quani and has two children with her. She has also worked as an artist. And she has even been involved in love life drama.

As the series progresses, she has had to deal with Ceaser's relationship with Dutchess, a woman he has been tattooing. This leads to some scuffles and a court case.

Where is Black Ink Crew Chicago 2023?

where is black ink crew chicago  2023

If you're a fan of the series Black Ink Crew, then you may be wondering where are they in the city of Chicago in 2023. This article will give you some answers to this question. It will also explore the events of the season as well as the relationship of Draya and Miss Kitty. The article will also discuss the departure of Ceaser from the group.

Draya's meeting with her absent father

If you are a fan of the Black Ink Crew, then you know that the series has been around for a while. Although they haven't shared a lot of details, the cast has been able to provide some of the most exciting moments from the show's past. One such moment came in Season 7 Episode 20, when the crew was thrown into a panic after an employee from the 2nd City Ink shop was robbed.

While we're not sure if they'll be back for more, there is no doubt that they're still together in 2022. The crew faces the aforementioned hiccups, as well as a new one in KP's life. However, there is one event in the future that we're certain they'll all be thankful for.

Among the many memorable moments in the series, the most impressive was Draya's meeting with her absent father. She got her wish and visited New York to see his new family. During the trip, she was treated to a little sexy, as well as a manly feat. Despite the sexy experience, however, her visit didn't come without some of the usual pitfalls. For starters, her new beau, Zach, gets jealous. This leads to a bit of an argument, as he tries to prove his manliness. Fortunately for Draya, she isn't the only one in the family who isn't a slave to her emotions.

As if the visit wasn't enough, they're also throwing a pajama party. That may or may not be a good idea, depending on who is hosting. We'll find out soon. But in the meantime, we'll be checking out some of the other noteworthy moments in the show.

Draya and Prince's trip to NYC

The duchess of Cambridge and her husband are making their way to NYC to check out the sights in the Big Apple. They will be making the trek on Monday. Although they haven't announced it yet, the couple has been spotted at the Carlyle Hotel. Aside from the obvious hotel accommodations, the two are expected to meet and greet the city's high and mighty. It's safe to say that they will make the most of their three days in New York City.

While the duchess and her mate are slated to see the sights, they aren't expected to be the primary focus of attention. There are other noteworthy visitors on the horizon. Some of the more recognizable include Barack Obama, Bill de Blasio, Chelsea Clinton and a slew of other high-ranking dignitaries. Of course, the big question is, will they be able to get out of town? This isn't the first time that a royal has made an appearance in the boroughs, but it's the first time in more than half a century.

Although the duchess may be a tad bit older than her famously naughty counterpart, this is still a tad on the fritz. But that doesn't mean the pair can't squeeze in a few funky pants moments. Prince William has been known to keep his hands in his pocket, so he should be able to find time for a few well-earned romps. If the prince can't, you might be surprised to learn that Kate Middleton isn't too far behind. And, if the future king can't go to NYC, you can bet that he'll be in a nearby city. So, no matter where he ends up, it's sure to be a memorable and memorable occasion.

Phor's role in the 9 Mag rebrand

Ryan Henry's brother Phor has returned to 9Mag after a 3-month hiatus. The tattoo artist's return marks a new era for the Chicago-based crew. This season of the series will feature an expanded cast and more personal challenges.

The show will focus on the challenges that come with co-parenting. Don's brother, Phor, will face the struggles of balancing family life with his business. As he embarks on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth, he is also exploring opportunities for love.

Meanwhile, the crew will face a number of new obstacles and egos. With new competitors, old betrayals and opposing views of the future, the team will have to overcome these challenges to achieve success as a Black-owned Tattoo shop.

In addition to the changes at 9Mag, the show will highlight personal milestones and real-life issues. During this season, the crew will host an event for violent crime victims.

Additionally, Don and Charmaine will face personal changes. Don has grown into a budding actor and entrepreneur, and he is ready to launch a new business. However, his relationship with Ashley isn't exactly smooth sailing. He is anxious about co-parenting, and he must balance his time spent with his son and his business ventures.

At the same time, the family is dealing with a health scare. After learning about Ryan's erratic behavior, Kat and Van confront him. They decide to move on, but they find themselves confronted with the consequences of their actions.

The crew will also go on a trip to New York City. While they're there, Kat gets a surprise visitor. It causes drama. But she also finds out a secret about her relationship with Don.

Draya's relationship with Miss Kitty

If you were a fan of the Black Ink Crew Chicago series, you know that Draya Penzo is now a full time cast member of the show. It's been over a year since she joined the crew, and she is a bit of a neophyte.

In her bio, she writes that she's a "foodie" and she includes a Surinamese flag. She worked as a tattoo artist at 9MAG and at 2nd City Ink. Her bio also mentions her love of family.

There are other members of the crew that have been with the group for years, but they all seem to have their own issues. This includes Prince Spencer, who is a 26-year-old visual artist and dancer. He is a new father.

Another member of the group is Phor, who is working on a new music project. He is also getting into new business ventures.

Aside from Phor, there's another name to look for on the block: Ryan Henry. While he was a cast member of the original Black Ink Crew in New York, he was also rumored to have dated Miss Kitty. But what happened?

The best way to learn more about this mystery person is to watch the next episode of Black Ink Crew: Chicago. It's on Tuesday, August 9 at 8 PM ET/PT on VH1.

The best thing about this season of Black Ink Crew: Chicago is that it looks like there will be a number of changes coming to 9 MAG. As a result, the crew is having to adapt to their surroundings. Some of the changes are more subtle than others. And that's the fun part!

Ceaser's departure from "Black Ink Crew"

Ceaser Emanuel was a Black Ink Crew star who was fired from the VH1 reality show after a video of him beating a dog went viral. The footage was allegedly leaked by his ex-girlfriend Suzette.

The footage showed Ceaser hitting the dog with a metal chair. After a few days, the clip made its way onto social media. It also caused a lot of controversy. Some fans felt that Ceaser should have been fired from the show. Others wondered how the show would continue without him.

He has made some scathing remarks about his exit. He says that it's unfair and his friends are still a part of the new show. Still, he hopes that the new show won't get bad ratings.

However, he's been working to improve his mental health. Teddy Ruks, his right hand man, told Distractify that Ceaser is in therapy.

Ceaser has built up a tattoo empire. He has also appeared in shows like Love & Hip Hop and Live PD. Recently, he has been taking on hosting gigs.

While it's unclear what the future holds for Ceaser, his departure from "Black Ink Crew" is a hot topic on social media. His former castmates have also expressed their feelings.

The show has been renewed for a 10th season. According to the network, the new episodes will begin next month.

Donna Lombardi, who has been on the show for many years, is one of the long-running cast members. She's even ventured into hip-hop music. Despite her frustrations with Ceaser, she believes that he got his deserved karma.

While some may wonder how the series can go on without Ceaser, the majority of the cast is still a part of the show. As they look forward to a new season, they will be able to see how things change when he's not in the picture.

Where is Black Ink Crew New York 2023?

where is black ink crew new york  2023

If you're a fan of the Black Ink Crew, you're probably already looking forward to the new season. But if you're not quite sure when the new episode will premiere, we've got some information for you. Read on to find out where to watch the latest episode of Season 10!

Season 10 premiere date

Black Ink Crew New York is a series that follows the lives of a crew of tattoo artists in Harlem. They create art for clients in various cities. The show follows their professional and personal lives. It has been in production for nine seasons. But there have been rumors that the show was canceled.

As we enter the tenth season, fans will be surprised by the twists and turns that will ensue. Ceaser Emanuel, creator of the show, was dropped by VH1 in June, and the show is in jeopardy.

Teddy Ruks, Ceaser's cousin, says that the future of the show is up in the air. He says that the cast and crew are going to have to adjust to life after Ceaser.

The new season will focus on the personal lives of the crew, but it will also follow the crew during times of social unrest. Some of the major events will include the return of Ceaser, the arrival of new blood and the arrival of Jadah Blue.

The cast will be in for a lot of surprises in Season 10 as they will have to adjust to a post-Ceaser world. Some of the cast members are ready to make amends while others are ready to face their demons.

Spyder, one of the more popular cast members, has recently gone through a serious health scare. Now he is back and refocused on his legacy and his family. His social media accounts are active, and he is even on TikTok.

There are a lot of OGs in the show who still work in the shop. Ted and his brother Walt have been working hard to get their kids back. During a difficult time in their family, both men attend premarital counseling.

Donna is on a quest to find herself. She plans a girls' night full of rowdy surprises. However, a surprise announcement from her twin sister puts the entire night in turmoil.

The cast will also be putting their own projects into motion. For example, Bae has to get married before her mother leaves. Also, Melody will be tasked with renovating the shop. Hopefully, the team will be able to handle the chaos.


The cast of Black Ink Crew: New York has been making waves on social media lately. Especially after Ceaser Emanuel was fired from the VH1 reality show in June. As a result, the upcoming season is in jeopardy.

With Ceaser out of the picture, the crew of Black Ink is faced with a huge question. How do they continue their journey? This season, viewers will be able to see how the cast copes with this situation.

During the nine seasons of Black Ink, the cast has changed and rotated between supporting roles and guest appearances. For example, in season two, Sky was a receptionist at the shop. However, after her contract expired, she was replaced by Sky Days.

But in the upcoming season, the cast will be back. Moreover, they will also be working on new projects. And they might even be the ones to bring back Ceaser.

Until then, we'll have to wait until the tenth season to learn how the crew works out all their troubles. The season's premiere is scheduled to air on VH1 on October 18.

At the start of the show, the cast was a ragtag group. While the crew was working hard to make their tattoo shop a success, some of the crew members were in legal trouble. However, the crew has fought to overcome these hurdles. One of them is Puma, a successful entrepreneur. He's now a father of two children and is ready to move forward in his life.

Another cast member is Donna, who has been dating a crew member named Alex. However, she has a hard time deciding whether or not she wants to stay at the shop. She's dealing with a family issue and questions whether she should continue working at the shop.

Also, there are some other new faces in the crew. After a long stint in Atlanta, they're finally back in New York. They're also working on new projects and trying to rebuild their family.

These are just a few of the stars that will be starring in the upcoming season of "Black Ink Crew: New York." It's exciting to think that the crew will be together again, especially now that Ceaser is out of the picture.

Season 9 premiere date

Black Ink Crew New York is a reality series following the lives of tattoo artists in New York. The show is produced by MTV Entertainment Studios and Paramount Media Networks. It follows the crew of a Harlem tattoo shop and the conflicts that occur within the workplace.

The show first aired on VH1 in 2012. The latest season of "Black Ink" aired in May 2022, with the tenth season scheduled to premiere on October 18 at 8 p.m. ET. This year's new season is a bit more dramatic than the previous one.

There is a lot of drama surrounding Donna's relationship with Alex. As a result of the fallout from the shop, their relationship has broken up. However, she wants to get her job back. She plans to have a girls' night that will include rowdy surprises.

Another controversy surrounds Donna and her twin sister. When they find out that Alex has a girlfriend, the sisters start feuding.

Spyder's return is even more promising. He has refocused his life on health and wealth. At the same time, he re-establishes his legacy.

Ted has also gotten a taste of real life. He reconnects with his family and rekindles a bond that has been lost for years. Despite this, he has neglected his personal life.

O'S**t is another member of the crew. From seasons one through five, he was a regular artist. Now he has a guest or supporting role on the show.

Teddy has been caught with a fellow Black Ink employee. His mistake threatens to derail the trip. And when Sky and Tiffany have a fight, it causes some trouble. But when Tiffany's daughter ends up with stitches, things get worse.

Despite the rumors, there is no word yet on whether or not the cast of "Black Ink" will be returning for a season 10. Still, fans can keep a close eye on the show. After all, the crew has proven itself to be resilient in the past nine seasons.

Several of the artists in "Black Ink" are still working on new projects. They are currently working on a charity art show for local kids.

Season 10 premiere on fuboTV

"Black Ink Crew" is an American reality television show that documents the day-to-day activities of a tattoo parlor in the Harlem district of New York City. It features a group of high-profile tattoo artists, and follows their lives and ambitions.

Black Ink has been around for nine seasons and will be returning for season ten. The upcoming TV series is set to premiere on VH1 next month. Until then, fans can watch the show online. If you want to stream the new episodes of "Black Ink Crew" without cable, try FuboTV. You can sign up for a free trial.

FuboTV will be streaming all of the episodes of "Black Ink Crew" this season. The premiere is scheduled for Monday, February 21, at 8 pm EST.

If you don't have cable, you can watch the show on the VH1 channel or on the streaming service Philo. To watch the shows on these services, you'll need to download the VH1 app. After that, you can see the full episodes. Some streaming services may not allow viewers from certain countries to view the show. However, you can bypass geo-restrictions using a VPN.

Paramount+ is another streaming service that offers older seasons of the show. For first-time users, you can get a seven-day trial. Afterward, you can choose between two subscription options: "Limited Commercials" plan for $4.99 per month, or the "Commercial Free" plan for $9.99 per month. Both plans are also available to Roku players.

If you're a cord cutter, you can also watch the show online for free. There are several streaming platforms, but you'll need to check out each one to determine which one is best for you.

Streaming providers like FuboTV, Paramount+, and DIRECTV offer several ways to watch the show. They're also offering a number of free trials. With a VPN, you can even watch the show in your own country. Once you've signed up for a VPN, you can change your IP address and change the location where the streaming services think you are.

Several major cable providers also carry VH1. These include DirecTV, FX, DIRECTV, Dish Network, and Verizon.

Where's Van From Black Ink Crew 2023?

wheres van from black ink crew  2023

The Black Ink Crew is a group of rappers that are based in Los Angeles. There are many different members of the crew, including O'Shit, Don Brumfield Jr., Karis "Miss Kitty" Phill, and Ryan Henry. All these members are involved in a number of projects, including the album, Inkslinger, and the Black Ink Crew 2023 tour.

Ceaser Emanuel is the owner of Black Ink Tattoo Studio in Harlem. He owns several tattoo studios and plans to expand into all 50 states. He is also an editor for a magazine called Black Ink.

When a video of Ceaser yelling at a dog went viral, he was fired from the show. Ceaser is now facing two misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty.

It's uncertain how the show will continue without Ceaser. The cast will likely remain intact for the upcoming season. However, there are speculations that the show will be spun off.

The "Black Ink Crew: New York" cast has faced some controversy, particularly with the relationship drama. Season 9 featured several twists and turns. Ryan and Van had an up-and-down relationship, and Ryan and Miss Kitty began dating. This led to issues between Ryan and Van.

Several of the show's stars have stepped away from the show. Most of the cast have rotated between guest and supporting roles. That said, it is unclear if Ceaser will return for season 10.

While it is unclear if Ceaser's future on the show is bright, he does have some good points. He wants to own several shops in the five boroughs, and hopes to become a billionaire within the next 10 years.

Ceaser is reportedly taking steps to manage his mental health. According to Teddy Ruks, he has been in therapy.

Ryan Henry

Ryan Henry is the owner of 9Mag, a Chicago tattoo shop that is also a popular hangout for athletes, celebrity and hip-hop stars. He has a lot on his plate, including expanding his business, attracting more tattoo artists and rebranding his shop.

The most obvious way to make this feat of engineering a success is to attract a top-notch talent. Van Johnson is one such talent who worked with Ryan. They became friends, and despite their differences, they made a commitment to each other.

Having a good tattoo is no small feat. The industry has changed in recent years. More communities are opening up to the art of tattooing. Originally, tattoos were only acceptable in the biker culture.

This week, the "Black Ink Crew" returned to VH1 after an eight-month hiatus. We got a glimpse of the ever-growing empire that these gang members have built.

Van Johnson was a permanent fixture on the show from season one to six. However, he left with a $500k lawsuit. His departure led to a rift between him and Ryan, which they subsequently put behind them.

In other news, Ryan and Van's relationship is improving. While their chemistry may not be perfect, there is hope for the two of them.

As for the show itself, there are a few newcomers that are taking center stage. Evanita is a new female apprentice, and she rubs everyone in the shop wrong. Bella is displeased about the presence of this aspiring artist.


Black Ink Crew is an acronym for a group of black owned and operated tattoo studios that cater to the hipster set. Despite being an upstart, the crew has managed to stay afloat since launching the show in 2010. They have racked up over 200 episodes so far, and are expected to continue growing for years to come. Currently, the main cast consists of a handful of aspiring tat masters with a few notable exceptions.

The most successful group is comprised of two main tat aficionados: Don Brumfield and Tatti. Their scheming ways are a little on the wild side, but the chemistry is unbreakable. These nerds of nature are known to make some pretty good business deals. One of their more noteworthy snags is a new tattoo studio in Los Angeles.

While the show hasn't exactly reinvented the wheel when it comes to reality television, the cast has been pretty diverse. This is most evident in the supporting cast. During the first five seasons of the show, Ashley Nicole was known as Sassy. She's now the manager of Art2Ink. There's also Quani, the supportive wife of Puma.

It's been a while since we've seen the old crew, but we've got a pretty good idea of where they've been, and where they're going. Aside from the aforementioned tat aficionados, we've also got our eye on the likes of tat artist extraordinaire Jeremy, and tat maven of the bunch, Rok.


If you're a fan of Black Ink Crew, you're probably wondering how the show ended up in 2023. It's a reality show about a ragtag group of tattoo artists who work in a Harlem shop. They're all a little crazy, a lot cocky, and just plain careless. And they all have different nicknames. So if you're not sure who to call O'Shit, don't worry.

O'Shit is an unprofessional and cocky tattoo artist. He's been on the show from season one through five. But he's only had guest and supporting roles from seasons six through today.

The real name for O'Shit is Richard O'Shit Duncan. He's a South Carolina native. His daughter Lulu leaves the state, and he's saddened by it. Ultimately, he becomes more serious about his job. He starts drawing faster than Ceaser.

David "Ceaser" Emanuel is the owner of the original Black Ink shop. He's also a philanthropist and entrepreneur. You may recognize his name from the movie True to the Game 2.

Dutchess Latimore is a former member of the Black Ink crew. She has a degree in Visual Art and has earned money as a tattoo artist. However, she left the show after season eight. During the show's first three seasons, she was the manager of the tattoo shop. Her cousin Teddy Ruks is the assistant manager, and her ex-fiance is Sky. Now she's in a relationship with Alex.

Karis "Miss Kitty" Phill

It's safe to say that the Black Ink grand slam is dead, but it hasn't stopped Ceaser Emanuel from making the most of his onerous duties by opening up a few new locations in the near future. He's also got plans to expand into Philadelphia and perhaps New Orleans. His most recent endeavor is a shiny new 125th Street shop that opens to the public on the second Friday of each month. The latest installment of Black Ink is on the map in the sexiest sexiest neighborhood in Harlem, where a good old fashioned fling can be had with your favourite tattoo aficionados. A slew of celebrity patrons are on hand for the glitzy unveiling. Some of the locals are astounded by the fact that the owner is still in the biz, but no one is willing to put their money where their mouth is.

Don Brumfield Jr.

Black Ink Crew is a reality TV series featuring reality stars like Ryan Henry, Charmaine Johnise and Don Brumfield. The show documents the day to day operations of a local Compton tattoo shop. And, it also highlights the staff drama that inevitably occurs.

During the course of the show, Don and Ashley have had their share of highs and lows. But the duo have managed to find their way back together in recent years.

On the show, Don and his wife have two children. Interestingly, Don has a long history of side relationships. He has even been known to cheat on his would-be bride with an exotic dancer on their honeymoon. It's also been reported that he's been seen at the gym more than he's been at home.

Of all the celebrity couples in the series, Don and Ashley have perhaps the most complicated marriage. While they have gotten along on the surface, there have been plenty of bumps in the road. They have been married since 2005 and have been divorced at least once. So, while there has been no confirmed evidence of a secret affair between the two, it's safe to say that they've had at least one. Whether or not they'll survive the test of time is anyone's guess.

Don is probably the best-dressed member of the crew and his outfit is sure to be on display during Season 7. As for his personal life, he's been on the rebound with his wife for years.

What is Black Ink Crew Net Worth 2023?

what is black ink crew net worth  2023

The Black Ink Crew is a group of people who are members of the Chicago Bears football team. They are Donald Brumfield, Donna Lombardi, Kitty Ceaser, O'Shit Duncan, and Puma Robinson. All of these people have been in the team for a while, and they are the most popular players in the team. However, how much do they earn?

Ceaser Emanuel is a reality television personality, and tattoo artist. He is the owner of the Black Ink tattoo parlour in Harlem, New York. His net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.

Before Ceaser Emanuel became a reality star, he was a tattoo artist. He opened his own tattoo shop at the age of 32. The store was named Joaquin's Ink, but it later became Black Ink.

While the show was airing, Ceaser was arrested for failing to pay child support. A warrant was issued, and he paid $2,500 to get out of jail. It was reported that his daughter, Cheyenne, accused her father of beating her. This caused a lot of tension in the family.

The show has since become popular, and many of the cast members have gained fame. But one of the most famous members is Teddy Ruks. Since season four, he has been starring in the show.

Another member of the crew is Melody. She has a net worth of around $90,000. Her net worth is mainly due to her salary from the show.

Other members of the crew include Christy Lukasiak and Walt Miller. As the series went on, the crew gained more viewers. They also got a lot of compliments from the viewers.

Dutchess Lattimore

Dutchess Lattimore is an American reality star and tattoo artist. She has earned her fame from the TV show Black Ink Crew. She is also famous for her appearance in the print and ramp modeling industry.

Dutchess is an artist with a great deal of experience and is highly literate. Her success in the industry has helped her build a good amount of money. However, she has not disclosed how much she earns per year.

Currently, Dutchess has a net worth of around $800,000. This wealth has been largely derived from her appearance on the TV show Black Ink Crew. As a matter of fact, her popularity has given her a lot of followers on social networking sites. Aside from her social media presence, she has also appeared in print publications such as Urban Ink and Tattoo Magazine.

During her high school days, Dutchess showed interest in the art of tattooing. After graduation, she pursued a career in tattooing. Eventually, she decided to open her own tattoo parlor.

She currently has a tattoo parlor in Charlotte, North Carolina. On her Instagram account, she has a massive following with more than 1.1 million followers. The tattoo artist has also appeared in the VH1 television show, Black Ink Crew.

Donna Lombardi

Donna Lombardi is an American reality television star who is primarily known for her appearance on VH1's Black Ink Crew. She is a cosmetologist and tattoo artist. Her net worth is estimated to be at least $5 million.

As a reality television star, Donna Lombardi is part of a multi-million dollar industry. She earns money from a variety of sources, including hosting and merchandise.

Before becoming a reality television star, Donna was a full-time tattoo artist. Donna moved to New York City in order to pursue her career. When she got to New York, she joined the Black Ink crew.

The Black Ink crew featured members who were African American and had tattoos. They worked in the shop owned by Ceaser Emanuel, the owner of the company. The show also featured members who had tattoos that were less than perfect.

For several seasons, Donna Dawson was a member of the Black Ink Crew. She was one of the first members to appear on the show, and she has made a name for herself in the tattoo world.

Donna and Alex had a great relationship during the show. They were engaged during season eight. However, their romance was overshadowed by a controversial video that showed them making out.

Puma Robinson is an American Reality Star who has appeared on the VH1 reality television series "Black Ink Crew." Besides being a part of the show, Puma also owns his own tattoo studio, Art 2 Ink.

Puma Robinson was born Paul Robinson on February 13, 1982, in New York City, NY. He has a daughter named Tamia.

After working as a public relations manager at a famous tattoo shop, Puma decided to open his own. As the owner of Art 2 Ink, Puma was able to earn a nice sum of money. However, before six years passed, his profits started to decline.

On top of his income from his own tattoo shop, Puma has worked with celebrities such as Usain Bolt and Rihanna. Additionally, Puma has his own luxury brand. Currently, Puma has a net worth of approximately $5 billion.

The star of the Black Ink Crew reality series, Puma has made a number of appearances on the show over the past five seasons. He has a child with girlfriend Quani.

Although he has not revealed his own personal life, Puma has a positive energy and a strong social media presence. Puma is a proud father of his son Zaiden.

Donald Brumfield

Donald Brumfield is a reality star who has appeared in a number of television shows, including Black Ink Crew: Chicago. His appearance on the show has made him famous.

The series is a reality series that chronicles the lives of tattoo artists. It premiered on VH1 on October 26, 2015. The show focuses on the daily functions of a tattoo parlor in Chicago, Illinois.

Donald Brumfield is a Reality Star who earned a lot of money through his primary career as a Reality Star. He has a number of social media profiles. One of his Twitter accounts has a lot of followers, and his Instagram account has about 89.5K followers.

Donald Brumfield's net worth is estimated at $1-5 million. However, he is not the richest member of the Black Ink Crew. Most of the members aren't millionaires, and their careers and incomes are mostly dependent on the success of the series.

Donald Brumfield has been on the show since the very beginning. He is one of the main cast members, along with Ryan Henry, Charmaine Johnise, and other members.

Donald Brumfield has been active in bodybuilding for several years. In the past, he competed in several bodybuilding contests, including the National Physique Committee National Championships.

O'Shit Duncan

The cast of the reality TV show Black Ink Crew has captivated audiences. O'Shit Duncan is one of the countless personalities of this show.

As a member of the cast, he has worked as a tattoo artist. His salary has helped him accrue a sizeable net worth. A few other members of the cast also have a hefty amount of money. These individuals have become popular and are earning huge amounts of money. However, the number of them has yet to be disclosed.

Another member of the Black Ink Crew is David "Ceaser" Emanuel. He is an entrepreneur and is the owner of the first Afro-American tattoo parlor. Besides being a businessman, he is also a philanthropist.

On the other hand, he is not married and is not listed in the list of rich people. Nevertheless, he has a net worth of $2 million. This makes him the fourth richest member of the Black Ink crew.

Other cast members who have a considerable amount of money are Puma Robinson, Dutchess Lattimore, Sassy Bermudez, and Sky de Black Ink Crew. Most of these people have not disclosed their wealth. Their earnings can be attributed to the reality television role they play.

Kitty Ceaser

If you have been watching Black Ink Crew, you have probably noticed that some of the cast members have left the show. These are members who have either left because things weren't working out, or they are simply no longer part of the series. This is the case with Miss Kitty, who joined the crew in season 5.

Miss Kitty is a socialite and business owner. She has worked with Caesar and has been a brand ambassador for Caesar. Although there is no exact information about her salary, her income is likely in the range of $1 million.

Another member of Black Ink Crew is Donna Dawson. She is a professional body piercer and is also a social media influencer. Her net worth is estimated at around $2 million.

Jo Keita Days, known as Sky, is another cast member of the series. She is a social media influencer who is close to the owner of Black Ink.

Corey Hawkins, known as O'Shit Duncan, is a South Carolina native. He has a degree in art from Chugye School for the Arts in South Korea. During his childhood, he was abandoned and grew up in foster care.

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