Who is Danielle Staub?

Who is Danielle Staub?



You may have seen Danielle Staub on the popular reality television series, The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Originally, she was cast as the main cast member for two seasons. She then went on to become a friend for three more seasons.

Jennifer Aydin

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is returning in February. This season, viewers will be introduced to two new cast members: Danielle Cabral and Jennifer Aydin. Both of these women have strong personalities that will cause problems for the rest of the cast.

As a matter of fact, Danielle is the "Friend of the Housewives" this season. She is married to Nate and is the mother of daughter Valentina. Not only that, but she also has a clothing line called Boujie Kidz.

Interestingly, both of these cast members have an off-camera moment that they want to share with the world. Let's hope these stories make it into the season's episode.

First, let's start with Danielle. The RHONJ trailer for season 13 gives fans a glimpse of what the group will be dealing with. Specifically, Cabral and Goldschneider are in a heated dispute. On the other hand, Aydin is on the other side of the argument.

In addition to a new cast member, the show will also feature an all-new tagline. However, it's more akin to a gimmick than actual news. It's actually a simple statement that's more about promoting the show than giving viewers a heads up.

Also, don't expect to see the real Danielle Staub in Season 13. She's already resigned from the series, so it's unlikely she will show up in the episode.

Finally, don't expect to see Jennifer Aydin and Danielle Staub together. They have a history of being on the opposite sides of each other's arguments.

Business owner

If you've seen an episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, you may be familiar with Danielle Staub. However, you're probably not aware of her background. Originally from Staten Island, Danielle has lived in New Jersey for several years. She's married to Nate and has two kids with him.

Danielle was the main cast member for the first two seasons of the show, but is now a supporting cast member. Fans are eager to find out more about this new member.

In recent months, fans have been seeing Teresa Meyers in Danielle's Instagram grid. She has also been spotted at Danielle's birthday party, which was hosted by Dina Manzo.

As a business owner, she started her own clothing line. Her company is called Boujie Kidz and offers unique apparel for young children. You can check out her clothing line on her website.

Danielle and her husband Nate have been married for ten years. Their two children are Albie, a college student, and Valentina, who is even more outgoing than her mother.

While Danielle is known for her role on the show, she's not actually Italian-American. She's not related to her cast members.

After Danielle filed for bankruptcy in Newark, N.J., she was forced to vacate her home. Her landlord claims she owes thousands of dollars in rent. She hasn't paid for rental fees for two months.

On her podcast, she explained her living arrangements. She said that she will be moving out of her current home in 2020.


The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub is not your average housewife. She's had her ups and downs, but her two daughters are the sweetest people on the show.

Danielle is an Italian American who is raised in the state. Her family moved to Pennsylvania when she was young. As a child, she was adopted by a Pennsylvania couple.

Danielle was a star in the early 2000s. She was close friends with Kelly Ripa and Andy Cohen.

Danielle has been married three times, engaged 20 times, and has two children. She has appeared on TV shows, including All My Children, and her most memorable moment is when she flipped a table in the finale of Season 1.

Aside from her television appearances, Staub has been involved in a number of other projects. One is a book called A Cop Without A Badge, which is about her life. Another is a website she runs with her son Albie.

While she has not publicly confirmed her departure from the show, it's a safe bet that it's true. It's been reported that Danielle had a lot of drama behind the scenes. This has hampered her relationship with Dina and Caroline.

Although she has been known to be a little bit feisty on the show, she is also charitable when it comes to animals. On National Daughters Day, she posted photos of both of her daughters.


If you've watched The Real Housewives of New Jersey, you may have noticed that Danielle Staub's name is often mentioned. She has been a main cast member for two seasons and then became a friend for three more.

Before she appeared on "RHONJ," Danielle was married to multi-millionaire businessman Thomas Staub. They had two children together. However, in 2007 they divorced. During the divorce, Staub was reportedly squatting in her ex-husband's home and blocking potential buyers from a showing. In 2011, she agreed to appear as a fully nude stripper.

Danielle is not a native of New Jersey. She grew up in Westerleigh, N.J. and attended Wagner High School. Today, she lives in New Jersey and runs a clothing boutique. Her business Boujie Kidz has been featured in Adult films.

Danielle Staub is one of the most talked about New Jersey housewives, and her past has definitely been a source of interest. She was reportedly forcibly evicted from her former home in Englewood, N.J., and incurred $1 million in debt. As a result, she changed her name to Beverly Ann Merrill.

Although she's been divorced once, Staub had a fallout with Teresa Giudice. They finally broke up in Season 10 of RHONJ. But, she plans to return to the show as a full-time cast member in Season 13.

On the upcoming reunion, fans will see Staub's wedding to Marty Caffrey. Fans will also see an intimate scene where she flips a table.

Lawyers fees

If you have seen the "Real Housewives of New Jersey," you probably know that Danielle Staub has been on the hot seat lately. She's accused of kidnapping, being an ex-stripper, and being involved in the Colombian cartel. In fact, she was even fired from the show! But how has the situation turned out?

According to court documents, Danielle Staub is currently being sued for a total of $6,400. The money is owed to her landlord, who says she has been delinquent on rent for the past two months. It's unclear how much money she owes, but she's allegedly transferring her jewelry and home furnishings to friends and family.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to try to collect the money. But the owner of the property declined to comment.

Meanwhile, the cast of "Real Housewives of New Jersey" is having its own financial woes. Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice are both under investigation by the state for financial chicanery. However, a new book by Dave Quinn reveals stories from all the Housewives. And, judging by what we've learned, there's more to the story than what fans got to see on the show.

Fans of the show have been curious about how much Danielle Staub owes to her creditors. She listed between $500k and $1m in debt.

Her attorney, Elliot Gourvitz, filed a motion to block the settlement. He argues that Staub has hidden assets, and that her payments were a fraction of the money she owes.


The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub has been in some pretty interesting relationships. She has dated a duke, a Wall Street guy, and even a woman from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

However, it was her first engagement that garnered her the most attention. Danielle and Marty Caffrey announced their engagement on Thursday. They shopped for rings at Van Cleef & Arpels.

In the months that followed, it seemed as though they were going to be married. However, they eventually ended up divorcing after nine months. Despite this, they have been seen on the show together in the past.

Danielle and Teresa Giudice had a rough go of things during the show's first season. As such, the two reconnected after the show's second season. This time, it was Teresa who was featured while Staub was out of the picture.

Before their split, Teresa and Staub were friends. Both women were involved in the famous table flip in the Season 1 premiere. But, things didn't work out between the pair for the rest of the season.

Staub left the show before the third season. During that time, she was living with her ex-husband Marty Caffrey.

After that, she was seen on the show with Oliver Maier. While she wasn't actively dating him, she had a very public fling with him. It was also said that she was sleeping with her best friend's boyfriend.

Gary King - What's His Age?

Gary King has been a top sailing yachtsman since the early 1990s. With over 100 victories and a reputation as one of the best sailors in the world, he has become an icon. But what's his age? How old is the legendary yachtsman really?

Gary King's age

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is an American reality television series on BravoTV. The show's main character is Gary King.

The 31-year-old South African captain is also the first mate on the superyacht Parsifal III. He lives in Palma De Mallorca, Spain.

When he was 18 years old, Gary started his yachting career. His work has taken him to different countries, including New Zealand. This experience made him realize that he enjoyed working on yachts.

However, it hasn't been easy for him. There have been some difficulties that have come up with his crew. They've had problems in terms of friendships. As a result, he's been struggling to separate his personal and professional life.

Before joining the cast of Below Deck, Gary wasn't a fan of the show. However, he decided to give it a chance.

Gary was originally born in South Africa and moved to New Zealand. After a few years, he returned to South Africa.

When he was 18, he had a job offer to work on a yacht. At that time, he wasn't sure if he wanted to do it as a career. He eventually agreed to keep it professional, and eventually enjoyed his job.

Although he has been in the industry for twelve years, he still considers his family the most important aspect of his life. He doesn't have children, but he's proud to be a uncle.

Gary's birthday is July 13th. As of February 2022, he has over 23k followers on Instagram.

He doesn't have a Facebook or Twitter account. On the other hand, he has recently been seen making out with Daisy Kelliher in a trailer.

When he is not on the boat, Gary can be found partying with his shipmates. He is also responsible for the safety of all the yacht members. In addition, he is the ship's second in command.

With the popularity of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Gary has become a famous personality. His struggles on the show make him fun to watch. While he hasn't revealed his college or university, he has a net worth of around $500k to $1 million.

His relationship with Daisy Kelliher

When Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans heard the buzz about Gary King and Daisy Kelliher, they questioned if the two were in a real relationship or just boat-mates. The pair have been seen together a lot on the show. They have even got physical during one Season 3 episode.

Although they haven't publicly confirmed that they are in a relationship, they haven't denied the existence of a romance. In fact, Daisy has stated that they are just friends. However, that doesn't mean that they aren't flirting.

As a matter of fact, it's Daisy's claim that they've been seen together more than just on the show. They have also shared cute photos on social media. For example, they have been seen riding a gondola in Venice, having a hot tub makeout session on Parsifal III, and taking a stroll around the London Eye.

While below deck might not be the ideal place for a romantic relationship, Daisy and Gary have made the effort to make sure that they don't piss each other off. It seems that they are looking to have a long-lasting land-based relationship.

In the season finale, Daisy and Gary had another romantic encounter. This time, they took it to the next level. After a drunken crew night, they both got in a hot tub and kissed. Not only did the two get kissy, they also showed off the best way to wrap an arm around another's neck.

During the show, fans were also introduced to new stews, including Gabriela Barragan. Ashley Marti is a relative newcomer to the crew and was also involved in a love triangle with Alli Dore and Sydney Zaruba last season. Her work on the boat was praised by the captain. She was also promoted to lead stew.

In the end, fans were left wondering if they would be able to find out what really happened between Daisy and Gary. Thankfully, they had an answer. Earlier this year, Daisy addressed the rumors of their relationship in a May 25 episode. At the time, she did not address the rumor that she had slept with Gary, but she did say that she enjoys teasing fans.

His relationship with Colin McRae

In season 3 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, viewers get to know Chief Engineer Colin MacRae. Colin was previously in a relationship with Martina Alvarez. However, they broke up in April 2021.

The show follows the crew of a luxury sailing yacht, led by Captain Glenn Shephard. There are also several other characters including chief stew Daisy Kelliher and player first officer Gary King.

Colin and Martina were dating during the beginning of the pandemic. The couple met when they were traveling around the world together. They also started an underwater documentary called Missing Sharks. Sadly, they both died.

In Season 3, the two were seen locking lips. Alli Dore and Gary King are also involved in a love triangle. But they have reconciled on the Bravo show. Besides being involved in a romance, they have also been friends for years.

Another fan favorite from the show is Chief Engineer Colin MacRae. His relationship with Martina has been kept under wraps. Some say the two were lovers while others have a more romantic view of the situation. Still, Colin has been keeping his fans entertained with his personal adventures on his YouTube channel.

Colin MacRae has a family in New Zealand. He has a newborn nephew. Despite his busy schedule, he has been taking time to visit family. And he has been spending time with Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 pal Marcos Spaziani.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht returned for Season 3 in February of 2022. It will air on Monday, March 1, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo. Fans are expecting more drama and excitement this season. The trailer promises an exciting season.

Colin and Daisy were close during the filming of season 2. They went to Newport, Rhode Island, for a chef event hosted by Marcos Spaziani. Their reunion was captured in a video that they posted on their YouTube channel.

Other crew members also revealed they have feelings for Colin and Daisy. Deckies Gabriela Barragan, Ashley Marti and Scarlett Bentley were all in contention. Sydney Zaruba, another crew member, was a fan of Gary King.

His relationship with Marcos Spaziani

Marcos Spaziani is one of the new faces on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. He has replaced Natasha De Bourg as the chef for season three.

Marcos has been in the culinary industry for over a decade. He has worked with top chefs and traveled the world to learn more about food. Before joining Below Deck, he worked as corporate chef at Taste. Now, he has a food truck and a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Marcos is known for his cooking skills and his love of gourmet street food. His social media accounts include a variety of photos of his cooking. He also posts about his travels, skateboarding, surfing, and working out.

Below Deck viewers were excited to see Marcos Spaziani on the show. However, many fans wondered if he has a romantic relationship. In fact, there have been rumors of a romance between Marcos and fellow cast member Kelsie Goglia. Although there hasn't been any official confirmation, it's safe to assume that the relationship between Marcos and Kelsie isn't as serious as many other romances.

Marcos Spaziani is not as public about his dating life as other Below Deck Sailing Yacht cast members are. As a result, he is likely single. But, fans have spotted Chef Marcos with Deckhand Kelsie Goglia in the hot tub, and he has also shown affection to other co-stars. This is why Below Deck fans are wondering if there is a romantic relationship between Marcos and Kelsie.

Fans of Below Deck Sailing Yacht have been speculating that Marcos and Kelsie have had a fling, or boatmance, during Season 3. But, it's more likely that their relationship is a showmance. A couple of weeks ago, they were spotted together outside of Marcos' restaurant. They have also been seen in the galley.

Marcos Spaziani is not a stranger to sexual shenanigans. In the past, he has slept with crew members on a different yacht. Currently, he is busy juggling his career and his friendships with fellow cast members.

During his time on Below Deck, Marcos has had to deal with Erica Rose, Charles Rose, and Erica Rose. He has also dealt with the loss of his grandmother Sally.


Chuck Below Deck and Sailing Yacht - Erica Rose's Lawyer

If you have been following the news, then you have probably heard about Chuck Below Deck and Sailing Yacht. It was a very controversial episode, and if you are an avid watcher of the show, then you probably have also heard that the cast and crew of the show has been accused of numerous crimes. These charges include, but are not limited to, the theft of a brand new car, a gun, and a boat.

Erica Rose's second time on a yacht

Erica Rose is back for another charter on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. She was joined by her husband Charles Sanders and mother Cindi. They are both high maintenance, so expect a lot of drama.

The crew on Parsifal III braced for a hard charter. Their hopes are to receive big tip money at the end of the trip. However, this charter is a little different than the first one.

The crew was surprised to see Erica Rose back on board. This time, she was less patient and less polite.

One of the highlights of the charter was a women's empowerment night. The crew had to deal with several bust-ups. There was also a dispute over an omelet. Some of the guests didn't want to be associated with Erica Rose.

On the second charter, there were more bust-ups. Erica and her friends were in the middle of a heated discussion. The crew didn't like it. A couple of the other guests even quit the charter.

There was also a messy sofa situation. Cindi denied it was her fault. Her guests were leaving tornadoes all over the place. It was all the more ironic that this was a women's empowerment night.

Erica and her crew didn't give a good tip. She demanded that everyone unpack her suitcases. But she didn't do it properly. As a result, her party was booted off the plane.

When she was asked about her experience, Erica hoped that she had a more positive experience this time around. However, she believes that yachties are looking for drama.

Erica Rose's Instagram posts have been filled with negative comments. She has 41K followers.

Charles Sanders' behavior on the yacht

If you have watched Below Deck Sailing Yacht, you know the show has been filled with plenty of drama. One of the biggest controversies of the season involved Erica Rose and Charles Sanders. These two chartered Parsifal III and became the subject of numerous negative comments on social media.

In the March 14 episode, Rose and Sanders had some pretty egregious behavior. They complained about the food, called the crew a bunch of b****s, and almost came to blows with another guest.

During the trip, the chief stew, Daisy Kelliher, took issue with the pair's actions. On the same episode, Gabriela Barragan was also defended by Kelliher.

Charles Sanders has also received harsh criticism for his behavior. After appearing on the show, the personal injury attorney took to social media to talk about his behavior. He has posted photos of his family and luxuries.

Although his actions on the Below Deck Sailing Yacht may have been "disgusting," Charles Sanders hasn't been shy about apologizing. He told the press that he didn't mean to be mean. He said he was just acting for the cameras.

As a matter of fact, the chef Marcos Spaziani was injured while cooking on the trip. But this didn't stop Charles from criticizing the food and complaining about his tip.

Throughout his time on the yacht, Charles has rubbed many of the crew members the wrong way. The crew was annoyed when the couple returned for a second charter. However, the two still left the lowest tip of the entire show.

Charles Sanders has a net worth of around $2 million. He has an office in Houston and a law firm in McAllen.

Erica Rose's hairdresser says she'll never do Erica's hair again

Erica Rose and Charles Sanders have been in some hot water for their behavior on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. While fans have called out both of them for their acts, Charles has reportedly apologized. He admitted to being "despicable" and partially blamed his actions on acting. However, Rose says she suspects Kelliher had more of a reason for trying to get King.

Erica and Chuck are attorneys who practice injury and defamation law in Houston. They are married and operate a legal firm called Rose and Sanders Law. Their law firm practices media, injury, and family law.

According to Daisy, the below deck charter was very draining. She said they started fighting with one another during the trip. Some of the crew even accused Erica and her husband of shortchanging them. One guest even decided to leave the charter due to bad behavior.

After Erica's return to Below Deck, Daisy revealed some of Cindi's messages to the crew. She called out the two for their "lies" and "two-faced" behavior. Cindi was also accused of having a tanning lotion stain on a white sofa.

Daisy also took to Instagram to re-share some of the negative comments made by fans about other guests on the charter. Several fans pointed out footage of Charles holding a wad of $100 bills and claimed he was purposely making himself look guilty.

During the episode, Erica also complained about the food. Her husband allegedly told her that he did not like Chef Marcos Spaziani's food. Eventually, the charter fought over food.

Erica's hairdresser, Janelle Flatt, has also said that she would not do Erica's hair again.

Erica Rose's lawyers are getting lots of searches online

A lot of searches have been made online for Erica Rose's lawyers. Whether it's due to her involvement on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, or her role on Bachelor Nation, there's a good chance you're not the only one looking to get information on the lawyer.

Although Erica is now an attorney in Houston, Texas, she's also a former prosecutor. After working as an assistant district attorney, she specialized in felony crimes involving sexual crimes, and was a member of the 16th Judicial District's Public Defenders office. She was later convicted of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, and served two years of court supervision after her release.

In addition to her professional work, Rose is a certified life coach. She maintains active affiliations with the American Association for Justice, the American Board of Trial Advocates, and the Houston Bar Association.

As an attorney, Erica specializes in personal injury and defamation law. She also has a background in family law.

Though she's been on the show for years, she's been less overt this year. That doesn't mean she hasn't had her fair share of negative comments on social media. But she's been able to keep her head up and focus on her career. Fortunately, she's found her niche.

When it comes to her work, she knows it's important to keep her clients informed and communicate well. Using her experience as a journalist, she's able to keep high-profile clients' privacy while keeping their best interests in mind.

When it comes to her work, Erica is passionate about protecting families' rights and advocating for their needs. Her clients have included a woman who was sexually abused, a man who was convicted of fraud, and a father who was convicted of theft.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 Reunion


Ashley Marti didn't show

Ashley Marti did not attend the Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 reunion. After a series of events, she decided to avoid the event. This has not gone unnoticed by fans and Bravo. However, she has managed to get some support from her former co-stars.

Andy Cohen hosted the reunion. It was an hour-long episode and included several cast members. They talked about their experiences on the ship. One of the topics of the show was Ashley Marti's time on the yacht. Despite her absence, she was praised for her honesty and willingness to share her side of the story.

In fact, she was so devoted to her fans that she even offered to answer their questions via a story. She said she wanted to show her personality and not just be a "bravo" for the reunion.

She also revealed that she didn't want to be a part of a reality show again. She also didn't want to be part of a show where she could be used to promote a product or company. Moreover, she didn't want to get into a fight with crew members.

Several other cast members appeared on the reunion, including Gary King, Scarlett Bentley, and Daisy Kelliher. Marcos Spaziani also appeared for a few minutes. He addressed Marti's claims that she had sex with him, claiming that he did not remember having such an incident.

Another big talking point during the Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 reunion was her fling with Tom Pearson. It had been rumored that she slept with him after he had been drinking heavily. Some fans claimed that she sexually assaulted him. Then, she got on with Gary King, who passed out from alcohol.

She said that she was embarrassed by some of her actions during the show. She told fans that she didn't want to be shady or sneaky. But she also knew that people didn't like her. Her best friend Barnaby Birkbeck and sister Samantha have both supported her.

Although she didn't attend the reunion, she did post pictures of herself on her Instagram account. According to her account, she has more than 35k followers. Additionally, she has an OnlyFans page. That account contains explicit material for subscribers for $12 per month.

She also posted an apology message to her fans. Despite her absence, she didn't want to let the controversy die down.

She also announced that she would be doing an Instagram Live on June 26. Her live will start at 9 p.m. EST and she plans to answer follower questions on her own terms.

Fans are calling for her to be fired. Ashley is not happy with the way she was portrayed on the show, and she wants to do something about it. Ultimately, she's trying to silence the critics.

She's even trying to stop the online trolls. A screenshot of her Instagram story is circulating the internet.

Gary reemerges on Daisy's camera

If you're a fan of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, you'll be excited to know that the series will return for another season next month. As with the previous two, the new season kicks off with an episode Monday, February 21 at 8pm on Bravo. There's also a reunion to look forward to on June 27. The official press release promises that the show's stars will leave the contentious dynamics of their first charter behind.

One of the highlights of Below Deck Sailing Yacht's three-part reunion is the reemergence of one of the franchise's most beloved characters. Gary King has had a turbulent introduction to the series. He's dated multiple women during his time onboard, including Dani Cerza-Lanaux and Alli Dore. This has left many fans wondering about his personal life, particularly his relationship with Daisy. Although Gary and Daisy are considered to be just friends, some believe they may be more than that.

In addition to returning to the small screen, Below Deck Sailing Yacht is also making some changes to its schedule. During its current charter season, the crew pairs off for a number of short charters. On the other hand, the big news is that Marcos Spaziani, the ship's chef, is getting ready to open a restaurant in Los Angeles. Though he suffered a serious head injury onboard, he's survived the ordeal, and he's now back on the job.

One of the most anticipated Below Deck reunion moments comes during the show's season three finale. After a six-week charter, Daisy needed a break. She took the opportunity to visit her friend Marlou, who lived in Los Angeles. However, she was surprised when Erica Rose returned for yet another charter. A crewmate onboard, Erica Rose was a difficult charter guest who engaged in a number of heated discussions among the girls she brought aboard. Even the crew was caught up in the fray.

The other highlight of the show's three-part reunion is the moment Gary makes an obscene display. He reemerges on the show's cameras, revealing a steamy makeout session with Daisy. While it's a minor moment on the show's grand scale, it was a fun and unique twist on an old favorite.

Besides the reemergence of a familiar face, there will also be a number of other surprises. First mate Gary King is expected to be put to the test. He's asked to answer some interesting questions, such as which of his crewmates is the better kisser. Perhaps the most important question, though, is whether or not he'll sleep with Daisy. Barnaby isn't as receptive, however.

Other than the return of one of the most iconic members of the Below Deck cast, fans are also eager to learn more about the newbies. We already know that Dani Cerza-Lanaux will make her Below Deck debut in season four, but there are also many other surprises in store.

Crew members wore something more presentable

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season three has been full of drama and love triangles. The crew of Parsifal III has enjoyed some shancy seaside dinners and has had some epic spats. A few months after the charter season ended, the crew of Below Deck Sailing Yacht was ready to reunite for an exclusive reunion. For the reunion, they wore more presentable attire than their usual swimwear and shorts. They were also given a chance to show off their fashions.

The reunion trailer gave a taste of what the crew of Below Deck Sailing Yacht looked like. It featured colorful minidresses with statement sleeves and eye-catching jewelry. Some of the cast wore more modest outfits, such as Scarlett Bentley's white blazer dress. But they also wore more casual t-shirts and jeans.

On the reunion, the crew also had to deal with the fact that some members of the crew had recently been terminated. This included Peter Hunziker, who was fired on June 17. He's white and a former "Vanderpump Rules" cast member. And he shared a sexualized image of a black woman in chains. During the season, Bravo also fired four other cast members for racist behavior.

As for the fashion, there were several notable looks that were worn during the Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 reunion. One of these looks was worn by Captain Glenn Shephard. He wore a light tan blazer with brown dress shoes. Another was worn by Deckhand Barnaby Birkbeck, who wore a white button-down shirt and gray pants. Finishing up his look was dark dress shoes.

On the other hand, Dani Soares and Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux, two of the more notable characters on the show, both had a romance during the charter season. The romance started as flirtation, but eventually turned into a full-on relationship. Both of them had an eight-year age difference. Despite the fact that their age gap was larger than most of their fellow crew members, they wanted to start a different future.

While the crew of Below Deck Sailing Yacht have always been known for their fashion prowess when they are off of the boat, the reunion gave them a chance to showcase their more presentable looks. Some of the more conservative crew members wore polo shirts and shorts, but others opted to wear more fashionable clothing.

Some of the crew also sported eye-catching jewelry, such as Daisy Cooper's statement necklace and Kelsie Goglia's black tank top. Other more subdued looks included the tan t-shirt and faded jeans worn by Colin MacRae.

There were a few more cast members who did not feature during the reunion. Two of them were Ashley Marti and Gary King. The former was not seen in the reunion teaser. Malia Baker and Jake Baker were not included in the reunion teaser, but the pair appeared together in the Florida Keys. Their Instagram account was scuffed up and they shared a photo of themselves.

The Real Housewives of Orange County Cast


The Real Housewives of Orange County is a show that is known for its reality television and drama. If you're interested in watching the shows, you can do so by visiting various websites. Here, you'll find a variety of information related to the show, including its cast members.

Date My Ex: Jo & Slade

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Jo De La Rosa is back in the dating game and she is tasked with finding love. She is joined by her ex-fiance, Slade Smiley, as she looks for love in Los Angeles.

In the first episode, four guys have a chance at wooing Jo. Each week, one of the finalists will go out with her.

Jo De La Rosa has had a pretty good life since her engagement to Slade, but she is looking for something new. Her friends think she needs a second chance. After all, she recently celebrated her 40th birthday.

Jo and Slade decided to participate in an unusual dating show. After all, they are still friends. They have decided to go on a series of dates, each of which will be set up by friends. But how will the dates actually work?

The most important thing is that Jo has a choice in men. One of the finalists is a model. Another is a sweet Midwesterner. Both are vying for Jo's attention. This will not be easy, as Jo is extremely picky.

Jo and Slade get a chance to shine on the dating scene as they try to find a match. Jo's Ex-Boyfriend has a lot of say in what happens in the romantic department.

It all started with a rumor that Jo had a crush on her best friend. Jo's friends set her up with several men, but all of them must live with her Ex-Boyfriend.

Gretchen Rossi's relationship with Slade Smiley

Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley have been together for over a decade. They have both been featured on the Real Housewives of Orange County television series and have hit major life milestones together. In late 2018, they announced that they are expecting a baby.

The former RHOC star said that she fell in love with Slade after spending time with him. She explained that they were both big believers in God. However, she admitted that she had some doubts about whether the couple would make it through marriage.

Before dating Slade, Gretchen was married to Chris Rossi. She divorced him in 2007. After their divorce, she was engaged to Jeff Beitzel. He died from leukemia. His death was a tragic event.

Slade was also involved with other women, such as Jo de la Rosa. But he ended his relationships with these women after some time. When he met Gretchen, he decided to take a different route.

After years of trying to have a child naturally, the couple had IVF treatments. Although it wasn't successful, they decided to pursue a family. As a result, they welcomed a daughter in July.

It wasn't until several months later, when Slade reverted his vasectomy, that the couple decided to start a family. While their wedding was canceled due to work commitments, they continued to be romantically involved.

Since then, they've been together on and off the show, but have yet to tie the knot. Their relationship has come under scrutiny, with some slamming the two for being "older" and for being in debt.

Gretchen Rossi's relationship with Michelle Arroyo

Slade Smiley and Gretchen Rossi are a couple who are going through a tough time with their relationship. Their son Grayson is battling cancer.

Slade is a reality TV star and a former cast member of The Real Housewives of Orange County. He has two children from his first marriage. But he has also been accused of being a deadbeat dad.

Slade and Gretchen are engaged, but they have yet to marry. They've been together for ten years.

Slade has a sick son and is facing a lot of legal issues. Michelle Arroyo, his mother, is accusing him of being over $95,000 behind on child support. However, Slade insists that he is not a bad father.

Slade is a reality TV actor who worked on the show The Real Housewives of Orange County and a commercial for Milk. His mother Michelle has been a single mom who has raised two children. She also works on her own radio show.

Gretchen Rossi was married to another man before dating Slade. When the couple first got together, they didn't share a lot of vows.

During their relationship, Gretchen and Slade struggled with infertility. In 2015, they were in a near-death situation. This happened a year before Grayson was born.

Slade has two sons from previous relationships. He had an engagement to Jo De La Rosa, but it broke down in 2007. Afterwards, he started dating Gretchen Rossi.

Gretchen Rossi's return demands to 'The Real Housewives of Orange County'

Gretchen Rossi is looking to make a return to 'The Real Housewives of Orange County'. The reality television star left the show after Season 8, when she was proposed to by Slade Smiley.

Although Tamra Judge and Gretchen Rossi have remained at odds for years, the two are still close friends. In fact, they recently feuded over Tamra's estrangement from her daughter Sidney.

As far as Gretchen's return goes, she has not been asked to join the upcoming season of the show. However, she's hoping to bring some drama to the show. She's also trying to entice producers with a baby storyline.

The drama will definitely cost Bravo a lot of money. After all, Gretchen is still struggling with postpartum depression. Her attorney did not return calls for comment.

While Gretchen did not appear in full-time role on the show for several seasons, she did participate in a few episodes. On Season 12, she appeared alongside Vicki Gunvalson.

In addition to her time on the show, she also launched her own clothing line and home decor line. In December 2018, she and Slade Smiley announced that they are expecting their first child.

She is also an avid outdoorswoman, and loves writing about the things she enjoys most. When she's not working, she enjoys writing for All About the Tea, a magazine about the world of reality TV.

If Gretchen returns to RHOC, she will bring plenty of drama. That's because the actress is not completely over with her ex-wife Tamra Judge.

Gretchen Rossi's relationship with a persecuted community

For years, Gretchen Rossi was the queen bee of "The Real Housewives of Orange County". However, her reign was short-lived. In Season 8, she decided to leave the show. Her ex, Jeff Beitzel, died of cancer in 2008.

Before she could start a family, however, she dated Slade Smiley, a flamboyant actor who appeared on the reality show's premiere season. But their romance hasn't always been smooth sailing. During their years together, they have had to endure a whirlwind of drama.

One of the more exciting developments for the couple occurred recently. They announced that they were expecting a child, although the gender of the baby is still up in the air. This isn't the first time the two have been spotted wearing a wedding ring.

As with most relationships, the journey to becoming parents hasn't been easy. When they started their IVF journey, they had to endure 14 failed embryos. However, their second attempt was a success. While it hasn't been easy, their current relationship is strong and happy.

Although the "housewife" title has been relegated to celebrities, the name can never be sanitized. A "Housewife" is a special honorary degree bestowed upon a celebrity, and can never be taken away from the person who holds it.

The Real Housewives of Orange County's latest star is a member of the persecuted community. Until recently, members of this ill-named subculture were not allowed to legally marry.

Gretchen Rossi's relationship with Jeff Beitzel

Gretchen Rossi is a well-known American actress, fashion designer, model and entrepreneur. She has starred in several TV series and movies. Her career began at a young age. She joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County in Season 4 in 2008.

During her time on the show, Gretchen had a brief engagement with Jeff Beitzel. Despite being a successful entrepreneur, he was already fighting leukemia. However, he was still happy and wanted to spend his life with Gretchen.

They were together for three years. After his death from leukemia in 2008, Jeff left a massive sum of money to Gretchen. He reportedly left $2.5 million in his estate.

Though Gretchen didn't get an official response from the producers, her ex-boyfriend Jay Photoglou accused her of cheating. In 2010, she filed a defamation suit against him.

The producers portrayed Gretchen as being self-rewarding and immature. They didn't mention the heartache she had to endure or how she was grieving over the loss of her love.

Then there is her daughter. Gretchen has a daughter, Skylar Gray, with her partner Slade Smiley. This is the first child the couple has ever welcomed into their family.

Since the breakup with Beitzel, Gretchen has moved on with her new man. Although she has remained quiet about her relationship with Slade, it appears they have started a new life away from the spotlight.

Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson Real Housewives of Orange County Relationship


Victoria Gunvalson is a businesswoman and reality television personality. She has starred in fourteen seasons of the Bravo reality series The Real Housewives of Orange County.

'Ladies' of RHOC

The Real Housewives of Orange County is the first series in Bravo's long-running reality show franchise. This series focuses on the professional and personal lives of women in Orange County, California. It is considered one of the most successful and popular franchises on TV. However, there have been several cast members who have left the show.

Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra McLaughlin, and Kelly Dodd were among the ladies who have left the RHOC franchise. Although Tamra, Kelly, and Vicki are still on the show, the others have not been asked to return.

In season 11, Heather Fancy Pants joined the franchise. At the time, she was in her mid-40s. Since then, she has aged nine years. She will celebrate her birthday in January 2022.

As of late, there have been rumors that Jennifer Pedranti is set to join the "RHOC" franchise. However, the Instagram page of Nicole James, who is not listed on the Bravo Cast & Info page, has been silent about her involvement with the show.

Meanwhile, Tamra Judge has been photographed with Vicki Gunvalson and Shannon Beador. They were photographed in Tulum, Mexico.

Another rumor has been that Noella Bergener will be introduced to the cast. She will have an emotional breakdown in the series. The reason behind her sadness will be a recent death in her family. When she meets the other cast members, she will find comfort in their friendship.

Gina Kirschenheiter has also been spotted on the "Real Housewives of Orange County" cast. She is a former flight attendant and now a stay-at-home mom. She also has a master's degree in health administration. Earlier, she had been married to financial planner Matthew Kirschenheiter.

Other cast members who have been released from the franchise include Elizabeth Lyn Vargas and Braunwyn Windham-Burke. These ladies were expected to have cameos in the catch-up scene.

With the departure of three of the "Ladies" of RHOC, it seems that this show may be heading for an early exit. While the cast has not been given contracts for the next season, the rumors are rife. Fortunately, Bravo has been willing to try a cast shakeup for the next season.

'Friend' of RHOC

It's no secret that Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge have had a rocky relationship for a while. After spending eleven seasons on the Real Housewives of Orange County, they split in season 14 and were fired by Bravo. However, they seem to be friends again.

The ladies have been a fixture on the show for years. And even though their friendship seems to be back on track, the two are no strangers to drama. Their relationship with Tamra has been a point of contention in the press, especially since Tamra and Vicki haven't always gotten along with each other.

Earlier this year, the two of them spoke to Bravo TV about their friendship. In the interview, they talked about a variety of topics including the rumored reconnection, their newest "friend," and what makes them "scary."

While both ladies defended their relationship, it was a difficult time for them. Both women were recently divorced, and Shannon also recently gained weight.

Tamra and Shannon have had their fair share of drama in recent years, but it appears they're back on good terms. The two of them have been on friendly terms again, and even had a vacation together in Jamaica.

On the flip side, it isn't clear how Tamra and Shannon's friendship will evolve. There have been plenty of rumors circulating, including reports that the two are dating.

Lastly, the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County will include Gina Kirschenheiter, Heather Dubrow, Shannon Beador, and Tamra Judge. They will also appear on the Peacock spinoff, The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.

One of the most notable aspects of the show is the drama, both on and off camera. Some of the women have lost jobs or faced mortgage defaults, and there have been several marital stressors as well. This season will include a new member, Dr. Jennifer Armstrong. If you're curious about the ladies' personal lives, you can catch "RHOC" on Wednesdays at 9PM EST on Bravo. You can also watch it on the Bravo app.

As fans of the show know, there's always a little bit of drama, but there's also a lot of fun. If you're interested in learning more about the cast and the gossip, check out Bravo's website or download the Bravo app.

Kelly Dodd's relationship with Vicki

The Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson Real Housewives of Orange County relationship has been a contentious one. They have been friends for years, but they've had their share of trouble.

Vicki Gunvalson has a lot going on in her life, and this season has been no different. She's been engaged to Steve Lodge, and she and Michael are dating. And she's reportedly filing for full custody of her 16-year-old daughter, Jolie.

Vicki's boyfriend Steve Lodge told Tamra Judge that he was going to propose to her. But it was a big surprise when she found out that he wasn't ready to do so yet. After that, Vicki was devastated.

She dug around Steve's golf cart for her engagement ring. But she doesn't know why she was able to get engaged so quickly.

Vicki Gunvalson also showed off a massive diamond ring on her Instagram. She claims it's the biggest ring she's ever owned. However, she hasn't been in the same room with Kelly Dodd in a very long time.

When Kelly first came onto the show, she and Vicki were best friends. However, they soon became enemies. During last season, they had a feud. Despite their good feelings, Kelly screamed at Vicki for being the "50 shades of ugly" and for being "the worst friend I ever had."

Eventually, Vicki was demoted to the "friend of" category. She was also accused of creating fake story lines. In addition, she also allegedly used a cocaine habit to make herself seem like the sexiest star on the block.

However, it's not just Vicki and Kelly that are fighting on RHOC. Several of their castmates have also been accused of making up stories.

The Real Housewives of Orange County have some of the most iconic fights in the show's history. Some of the most memorable fights have been on the show's latest season, including a cat and mouse game during Tamra's housewarming party and a sushi dinner.

There's no telling what will happen next in the Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd relationship. Their friendships are notoriously contentious. One moment, they're close, and the next, they're enemies.

Tamra Judge's thoughts on Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson

Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson are no strangers to drama on "Real Housewives of Orange County." As they prepare to enter their fourth season together, they've been in a heated feud over the past few weeks. It all began when Tamra Judge took to Instagram to say that she and Dodd didn't have a close relationship.

On the same day, Vicki announced that she was leaving the franchise. The two have been best friends for several years, but haven't always had eye-to-eye relations. That changed after Dodd separated from his doctor, Brian Reagan. During the break up, Dodd offered to play matchmaker for Vicki.

In the meantime, Gunvalson and Lodge set up Dodd's former husband with a new lover. When Dodd's divorce was finalized, she offered to make up with her ex. But when she did, Vicki didn't make up with her.

Vicki's departure means that Dodd and Gunvalson are no longer on a powerful team. Instead, the pair are focusing on their businesses. However, that doesn't mean that they're out of the loop.

Tamra has been having a field day on social media. She's had some nasty comments on her account about Dodd. At one point, she mentioned that men were running a sex train on her. Her followers flooded the comment with anti-Kelly statements.

One comment even claimed that Kelly needed medication. And Tamra replied to it with a flushed face emoji.

Tamra Judge also criticized Kelly for her engagement. Although it wasn't true, Dodd still took the bait and clapped her back. Clearly, Tamra and Vicki have a difference of opinion, but this doesn't make it any less hurtful.

While it may be tempting to believe that this will all be over soon, it's clear that a lot of drama is still to come. After all, RHOC Season 15 is coming, and a lot of the cast will be back. Including Gina Kirschenheiter, Braunwyn Windham-Burke, and Emily Simpson.

If Kelly and Vicki aren't going to be in the cast, they'll have to work out their differences with Shannon Beador. She's the last of the Tres Amigas.

paris hilton slams kyle richards

Paris Hilton Slams Kyle Richards on Twitter

Paris Hilton recently slammed Kyle Richards on Twitter. She blasted him for using her name and her money on the show. She also claimed that he stole her jewelry. Is this the end of the relationship between the two?

Kathy Hilton's career as a child star

When Kathy Hilton was a child, she acted in various movies. She appeared in Bewitched and The World According to Paris, and she has also starred in several other television shows.

She met her first husband, Richard Hilton, when she was just 15 years old. They married at the age of 23. As a result, she has four children.

She and her husband own a huge mansion in Bel-Air, California. They rent out the property in the summer. In addition, she has a real estate portfolio. Her clothing line, Kathy Hilton Collection, has been a successful business. It is sold in 400 stores around the world.

Hilton has been a philanthropist. She has helped raise funds for a number of charitable causes, such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which gives children with life-threatening illnesses a wish.

Hilton was once best friends with Michael Jackson. However, she and the singer parted ways in 2009. After the King of Pop's death, Hilton stayed close with her family.

Hilton has been featured on several TV shows, including Happy Days, The Rockford Files, and The Love Boat. She has also been a guest star on The Young and the Restless.

Hilton was the host of the reality competition show I Want to Be a Hilton. It featured 14 would-be socialites who fought for the title of Hilton.

A few years later, she launched her own clothing company. Now, Kathy Hilton dresses are sold in 400 stores worldwide. She has also hosted QVC and sold skincare products on HSN.

Despite being a celebrity, Hilton never lost her sense of humor. Fans of RHOBH love her antics. Recently, she had been thinking about launching her own prank show.

Kathy and Rick Hilton have owned an antique store in Los Angeles and a novelty gift store in Bel-Air. They also have a property in the Hamptons. Their daughters, Paris and Nicky, have been prominent in Hollywood.

In 2011, she was awarded the Starlight Children's Foundation award. She has a real estate portfolio, and she is a philanthropist. Also, she has been a member of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since 2010. Despite her wealth, she still donates a large amount of money to a variety of charities.

Paris Hilton's protection from Kyle Richards on the show

A recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills showed Paris Hilton's protection from her aunt Kyle Richards. Not only did she slam her aunt, but she also made an effort to defend her mom.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has always had a tendency to have a few cliques. This is especially true when it comes to the Richards family. As a result, fans have been clamoring for the show to be cancelled.

It's no secret that Paris and Kathy have had a tumultuous relationship. However, they have managed to put their differences to rest in the past couple of seasons.

For the most part, Paris has been able to control her mother's sometimes cold and demanding personality. She has also managed to build up a business empire. In the past, she has also been rumored to have been a drug addict.

One of the things that Paris has done in her life is to get Congress to pass a law that protects teenagers from abuse. While her methods of doing this were lauded, she wasn't the first person to do it.

There was one thing that she didn't mention in this particular episode: she was trying to sell her Casa Del Sol tequila business. At one point in her life, she attempted to sell her company to businessman Carter Reum.

On the other hand, she didn't mention anything about her mother's falling out with her sister. Neither did she mention the hashtag she was referencing when she said the fabled'moment of the year.'

Another thing that she hasn't talked about is her engagement ring. She lost a 20-carat ring in Miami last week. Thankfully, she found another one. But that doesn't mean she's not worried about her fortune when she becomes a mother.

Of course, her opinion does matter to her fans. Her decision to support her mother should be commended.

Paris Hilton's protection from her aunt Kyle is a savvy move. And she's been doing it for a while. After all, she has an unmatched legacy in the world of reality tv.

Kathy Hilton's re-union with Lisa and Kyle

There was quite a bit of drama during Kathy Hilton's reunion trip to Aspen last month. Kyle and her sister had barely been on speaking terms since taping the last reunion episode a few weeks ago.

However, there was one notable incident involving the two that may have had the most impact on the show. Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne, along with their cohorts, got the opportunity to hammer away at the "relationship" between the Hilton sisters.

While Kyle and Kathy did make amends, they're not back to where they were before the whole affair. In fact, it seems as if the relationship between the two is in shambles. The rumor mill has it that there was a lot of tension during the season 12 production.

According to production insiders, the only communication between the two occurred after the show wrapped. At one point during the reunion, Kyle and her sister were in tears.

During the episode, Kyle and her sister had an argument that led to a meltdown. In one scene, Kyle claimed that she was always the victim of everything she did. She said that she was inconsolable and that she wanted to have accountability for her actions.

Kyle and her sister did get back together after the drama. It was after the reunion that Kyle decided to take the high road.

After the reunion, both women had some time to rehash their past. For instance, Kyle admitted that she had been a little bit sarcastic about Kathy. She also revealed that she had a few things to say about her sister.

Of course, neither Kathy nor Kyle can speak about the actual incident without mentioning a lot of other drama. Whether it was a fake feud or something else entirely, there are plenty of mysteries surrounding the episode.

It's hard to say for sure whether or not this will actually be the end of the line for the Hilton family, but it's certainly clear that the relationship between the two was strained during the reunion. Regardless, the show is going to be interesting to watch.

Kathy Hilton's feud with other housewives

During filming for the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards were allegedly at odds. This isn't the first time that these two women have had issues with each other. They've had a rocky relationship for a long time.

In the beginning of RHOBH's first season, the two sisters had a falling out. Apparently, it stemmed from childhood. However, it seems like their problems have continued.

Recently, it appeared that their relationship has gotten a lot worse. Earlier this year, they got into an argument on the set of the show. Despite their best efforts to avoid each other, they found themselves in the middle of a confrontation.

Another person who's been getting into the midst of the feud is Kim Richards. She's a younger half-sister of Kathy's and she's had a tumultuous relationship with Kyle. As fans of the show know, these two are related to each other by their mother, Kathleen Richards.

When Kyle Mauricio pitched a television show about her childhood, the sister's feud took off. According to reports, they wrote legal notices to each other.

The two sisters also got into an argument during an Aspen trip earlier this year. While they were in the midst of their fight, Lisa Rinna tried to mediate. That's when she made a few bad meltdown claims.

The drama between the two sisters has remained a constant source of contention, and it's been a big part of the first few seasons of RHOBH. After they reunited with their husbands in Season 12, the two have been at loggerheads.

Kyle has disputed reports that she used racist and homophobic slurs on the set. On the other hand, Kathy has denied any such comments. At least, she's been more forthcoming about the rumors than her co-stars have.

Despite their feud, it's hard to know whether Kyle and Kathy will be on the show again. Both half-sisters have been dealing with their own issues, and there are rumors that they may get together again.

Although the two aren't on the same page anymore, the two have kept in touch. Hopefully they can work their differences out for good.

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