Who From Sister Wives Passed Away in 2023?

Who From Sister Wives Passed Away in 2023?


who from sister wives passed away  2023

If you're like many people, you probably have a list of people who have passed away in the past. This could include a parent, a grandparent, or a sibling. Or perhaps you've got a list of famous people who have passed away. And you're wondering who among them is one of your sister wives. Here are a few names to consider.

Bernie McGee

When the popular reality show Seeking Sister Wife premiered, some fans were drawn to the storyline of Bernie and Paige McGee. These two were a married couple that was trying to find a second partner to share with. They were also dealing with financial stress. This is the reason they joined Seeking Sister Wife.

When they first appeared on the show, they were recovering from a fire in their home. The fire also damaged their possessions. During the show, they shared a lot of their story with the audience.

However, it was not long before they were in a legal battle with their family. Their extended family was upset by their actions. At one point, they were arrested for stalking. After the arrest, the two families went to court.

Paige and Bernie were able to get their case dismissed. That was only after a friend of the family started a GoFundMe account to help with their expenses. As of Monday, the page had raised $965.

Bernie and Paige were unable to find a second partner for their family. Instead, they were left with four children. Earlier this year, the McGees lost their home in a fire. In addition, they were unable to find another sister wife.

Before he died, the 41-year-old Bernie suffered a heart attack. He was riding his bike when the incident occurred. His wife called for help. She says that he was too stressed out to live. EMS arrived, but the couple was not able to revive him.

Bernie's wife, Paige, has now confirmed the news. Paige also said that she believes her brother, Patrick, contributed to the stress that caused Bernie to die.

Bernie's death comes just days before Father's Day. His family is now carrying a huge burden for their living expenses. If you would like to donate to their GoFundMe, please visit the link below. You can also join the mourning.

Fans of Seeking Sister Wife can still watch more of the show. It is expected to return later in the year. TLC is planning on focusing on other couples.

Meri Brown

The recent death of Meri Brown's mother was unexpected. She was only 76 years old at the time of her passing. Although the news has not been confirmed by her former husband Kody, it was not an accident.

The Sister Wives star shared a cryptic message on Instagram with her 806,000 followers. According to the post, the best way to honor her mother's memory is to live your life.

For fans of the TLC reality series, Meri's message was a welcome relief. During the latest season of the show, the couple dealt with relationship issues. Some fans wondered if the star would still be tied to her former husband.

While Meri and Kody remain spiritually tied to each other, their long-term romantic partnership is over. On the upcoming "Sister Wives: One on One" special on TLC, the couple revealed that they have separated.

Meri's mother, Bonnie Ahlstrom, passed away on March 26, 2021. Her daughter, Teresa Ross, also passed away, in 2006. Both mothers were on the show at the time of their deaths.

Meri's mother was known for her kindness and hospitality. In fact, Meri's mother ran Lizzie's Heritage Inn in Flagstaff, Arizona, for her. At the time, Meri had been living at the bed and breakfast with her husband Kody.

After Kody and Meri's split, Meri moved to Utah to run a bed and breakfast. However, she is likely to move to a rental property in the town of Flagstaff.

In the midst of all the change, Meri has a lot to deal with. A new catfishing scandal has made her feel emotionally distant from her ex. Several fans have pointed out that Kody has not been as supportive of her as he should have been.

Nevertheless, fans have rallied to support their favorite star. Many have shown their condolences on her main feed. They have even wished her well. With her mom's death, Meri is tying up loose ends and trying to figure out what's next in her life.

There is no doubt that her mother's passing was an extremely difficult thing to get through. However, the actress has tried to stay strong.


The Sister Wives family is going through a tough time. Janelle has been dealing with the death of her mother and has a number of mixed emotions. On December 7, she posted a photo of her daughter Savanah and her deceased mother on Instagram.

Kody Brown, the polygamist husband of Janelle, has been in a rough patch. He and the former wife are butting heads over several issues, including the strict Covid-19 protocols. They've also been arguing about the kids' relationship with each other.

Janelle and Kody tied the knot in January 1993. Since then, the couple have shared six children. However, they have had a tumultuous marriage. Earlier this year, they split after nearly 30 years of marriage.

Fans have been wondering why the two have been struggling so badly. Both Janelle and Kody have recently been battling over their sons. Kody has been accused of mistreating his ex-wife. She claims Kody has implied that he wanted an apology from his sons.

Although the two are separated, the sisters are working on a spinoff show. Christine and Kody are also friends with a diet company. This has given them the chance to travel. A virtual cooking series with TLC, called Cooking with Just Christine, airs on the website.

Janelle is planning a move to Utah in the near future. She currently lives in a 3,598-square-foot home in Flagstaff, Arizona. However, she hasn't shared any details on where she's living.

The Sister Wives couple revealed that they have separated in an interview special that will air on TLC in the fall. During the episode, Janelle and Kody had an intense exchange about their relationship. In the teaser, they both admitted that they were butting heads.

Janelle's weight loss coincided with her split with Kody. She started losing weight in the summer of 2021. Throughout the years, the pair have been fighting over several issues, including their relationship with their sons.

According to Janelle, it's no longer love between the couple. As a result, she decided to leave Kody. Despite this, she has remained in touch with fans and remains a positive person.

Kody Brown

If you follow the show Sister Wives, you know that Kody Brown has been a favorite of fans for years. But the latest season of the series ended with news that Kody had thrown his hands in the air and decided to leave his wives.

In an interview with People magazine, Christine said that the separation was one of the last straws. She also revealed that she was planning to move to Utah.

The pair had been living apart since Kody's catfishing scandal. However, Meri was trying to work on their marriage. So she started dating another woman online. This was only discovered later on.

On the December 2021 episode of "Sister Wives: One on One," Meri announced that she and Kody had ended their relationship. That was only the second time that she's confirmed a split from Kody.

After the catfishing scandal, Meri and Kody had a tough time regaining trust. As a result, they were often pushed away from love.

Kody has a bad attitude about relationships. He has been known to throw tantrums. And he even tried to pin all the women against each other. He's been accused of being a selfish husband who has a poor view of love.

Although he has three other wives, Kody still has strong feelings for his fourth. He has called his ex-wife Christine a "risky" to date.

After Christine and Kody separated, Kody has been trying to play the victim. He's blaming her for jeopardizing their reconciliation. He even claimed that he feels betrayed by Christine's desire to leave the family.

Since their split, both Kody and Christine have shown signs of improving. They haven't stopped co-parenting their six children. Their daughter, Ysabel, is even getting surgery to correct her scoliosis.

But Kody has been more aggressive towards Christine than he has ever been in the past. He's gotten even more irritated after the end of the latest season.

It's no wonder why the show's followers believe that Kody should leave his first wife. But he's also not giving up on his marriage to Janelle.

Which Sister Wives Star Passed Away 2023?

which sister wives star passed away  2023

You have probably noticed that there have been some changes in the television landscape. Some of the people who have passed away in the past year include such popular actors as Bernie McGee and Meri Brown. In fact, there are many other actors who have died in the past few years. If you want to learn more about them, you have come to the right place.

Bernie McGee, one of the stars of TLC's "Seeking Sister Wife," died of a heart attack last weekend. Bernie was only 41 years old when he passed away. He had a heart attack while riding his bicycle on a hot day in Jackson, Mississippi. The obituary he posted describes his love for his family.

On the show, Bernie and his wife, Paige, had been trying to find a second partner. They had five children together before they were on the show. But they were unsuccessful. And they never found another mate.

Paige was a high-strung, jealous woman. She had a hard time with her extended family, and she felt her brother was causing her husband's death. After his death, she made serious allegations against her brother.

In the aftermath of Bernie's death, the McGee family was in need of financial support. A friend of the family started a GoFundMe page to help with the expenses. As of late Monday, the account had raised $965.

When the news first broke about the death, some viewers seemed to root for Bernie. Others, however, didn't. One fan, Dimitri Snowden, posted a tribute to the reality star on Instagram.

Another viewer, Brandy McGee, spoke out about her brother. She said that her family needed more than money. She said that her brother was harassing her and her husband.

Paige and Bernie had been arrested in March for stalking. Their arrest led to a legal mess. Eventually, they were released from custody.

It's unclear if Paige will return to the series. TLC has yet to announce a new premiere date. This season will focus on other couples, and there's a chance the McGees won't be a part of the show.

Janelle Brown

Janelle Brown is a former sister wife on the popular TLC reality show Sister Wives. She has been open about her struggles with weight and body image. As she approaches her thirties, she has been working on transforming her appearance.

She has moved back into a rental house. In a recent Instagram post, she showed off a montage of photos and videos of herself and her family.

She has also been keeping in touch with fans. Fans have taken notice of her transformation. Many have commended her efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Janelle Brown and her husband, Kody Brown, are currently separated. The couple announced their separation on a recent episode of Sister Wives.

Janelle and Kody have had a number of issues with one another in the last few years. One of the biggest issues is that Janelle felt Kody was losing respect for her. On one episode, she said Kody felt he was being pushed out of her life.

Janelle is also worried about her kids. According to reports, they are not happy with Kody. This is despite the fact that they have six children together.

On the latest episode of Sister Wives, Janelle and Kody went at each other over Covid-19 guidelines. According to Kody, he had strict rules in place to ensure his family's safety.

The couple also discussed their daughter's catfishing scandal. Meri stated that she believed their marriage was on the rise when they moved to Arizona. However, she disagreed with Kody's view.

Janelle and Kody had a very rocky relationship in the past. In fact, a source claimed that Janelle had outgrown Kody.


Christine Brown, the former sister wife of Kody Brown, is one of the cast members of TLC's Sister Wives. She has been in the show since its debut, but her involvement has evolved over the years. Now, she is the matriarch of the family, spending time with Mykelti and daughter Avalon.

The star of the show has a long and storied history in the polygamist world. Before she started dating Kody, she was a member of the family. But Christine wasn't always happy.

Kody and his wife Meri had a lot of problems with her. She was pushed away from love several times, and she even fell victim to catfish. However, she kept hope that she could make it work, and that she might get back with her husband.

While there have been some bumps in the road, she is getting back into the swing of things. After splitting from Kody, she moved to Utah and began a new life. In the midst of her newfound independence, she started a cooking show on TLC, and her fans can't help but be impressed.

The "Sister Wives" show has recently been in turmoil. Season 17 has documented the family's struggle when Truely got sick, and it has been shown that Kody has lashed out at his family. Fans have been wondering how each family member will react to the changes in 2023.

While Christine hasn't announced whether she will leave the show, she has been vocal about the changes in her life. Some of her followers think she's trying to tell Kody that she's moving on.

There has been a lot of attention on Christine, especially in the lead up to the premiere of the next season of Sister Wives. Many fans wonder whether or not Christine's split from Kody was the right move.

Meri Brown is an owner of Lizzie's Heritage Inn in Parowan, Utah. She grew up with over 25 siblings. Her mother ran the inn for her when she lived in Flagstaff, Arizona.

In her newest Instagram post, Meri talked about her loss of her mother. She lost her mom on March 26, 2021, at age 76.

The news of her death was devastating to the family. Bonnie Ahlstrom was a strong and compassionate woman. Known to fans of Sister Wives, Bonnie appeared on several episodes. It was clear that she was a light to the whole family.

She had a life mission of serving. Her daughter, Meri, used her mother's death to encourage people to check up on their health.

She also wished her sister, Teresa, a happy birthday. Meri shared a photo of her and her mother with a heartfelt caption.

On the upcoming tell-all episode of Sister Wives, Meri and Kody will discuss their relationship. They revealed some hard truths about their marriage. Fans of the show were disappointed by the other members of the family.

Kody has come under fire from fans for not engaging in a romantic relationship with Meri. However, the two remained "spiritually" married to one another.

The latest season of Sister Wives features more drama and ups and downs than usual. Meri and Kody have a lot to resolve after the passing of their mother. Hopefully, their newfound confidence in the future will help them move forward with their lives.

For now, they are tying up loose ends. Hopefully, their story can save other fans of the Sister Wives television series. Until next time, make the most of your life.


Paedon Brown, who is one of the stars of TLC's Sister Wives, dropped some major jaws during a recent interview. He revealed how he's grown up and what his relationship is with his siblings. Although he didn't talk a lot about his father, Kody Brown, he did reveal that the family's polygamist beliefs have changed.

Paedon also opened up about Meri Brown. While he hasn't talked about her in a lot of detail, he did reveal that she was an aggressive and abusive person towards Kody Brown's kids.

On the last episode of Sister Wives, Paedon hinted that he would reveal more details about the abuse Meri has inflicted on his siblings. However, he has avoided revealing too many specifics in his interviews.

Aside from his remarks on Meri, Paedon has also discussed his childhood with her. In fact, he's been on a bootcamp to become a fireman in northern Utah.

He doesn't like Robyn Brown very much. But he says she saved him when he was a child. And he's thankful for her for that.

In addition, he recently revealed that he has no love for his father. He believes his father doesn't love him and doesn't give him the love he needs.

Paedon has also talked about his sister, Janelle Brown. She has three children with Kody. They have recently moved to Las Vegas. Her third child, Hunter, has been dating Aubrey.

All of the Browns have a complicated relationship with their mother. Meri and her sisters have been through many hardships. However, they stand to lose the most from their family's divorce and split. Hopefully, they can work their problems out.

Where to Watch Sister Wives Season 1 2023 Online

where to watch sister wives season 1  2023

When you want to watch a great drama, you can't go wrong with the hit television series Sister Wives. Whether you're watching it for the first time or you're a longtime fan, there's a lot to like about this show. The cast, including Christine, Robyn, and Janelle, are always engaging and funny, and the story line always keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Janelle's separation from Kody

After almost 30 years of marriage, Janelle and Kody have announced their separation. They will be officially calling it quits at the Sister Wives reunion in December.

While it's not exactly the same as a divorce, the separation is still a big deal for the Brown family. The couple has been on the brink of breaking up for some time, and it's just getting worse.

It's been a long year for the former couple. On the show, they've been dealing with a lot of tension, from the catfish scandal to the real estate exam. This season's finale showed a few of the more serious rifts. But on top of that, there was a major surprise.

One of the most surprising things to come out of this season was the revelation that Janelle and Kody were actually separated. In the midst of a health crisis, Kody had a few ultimatums to deal with. However, he put his children over his own wishes. He wanted to make sure that his family was safe, and he decided that it was best for him to not go to the east coast with Christine and her daughter Ysabel in September of 2020.

Another of the more notable things that happened this past season was the COVID-19 pandemic. Kody had strict rules in place to keep his family safe, and he and Janelle butted heads over a few of them.

Kody has also been accused of being a patriarchal overlord, and some of his wives have criticized him for it. However, Kody hasn't given up on his marriage to Janelle.

The most important thing to know about the show is that it doesn't just focus on Kody. In fact, there are four different wives.

Christine's temper tantrums

If you've been following the drama surrounding the Brown family in recent months, you've probably been wondering what happened to Christine McVeigh. Fans have been commenting on the health of the actress after her breakup from Kody Brown.

The newest trailer for Sister Wives season 17 is out and it looks like there's a lot of drama ahead. One of the main draws of the show is seeing the wives interact with each other. However, fans have begun to wonder if the show will continue indefinitely. Aside from the one-on-one special that will air on TLC this Christmas, the network is also planning to revisit the 17th season in a series of tell-all episodes.

On the first part of the one-on-one special, hosts Sukanya Krishnan and Robyn Brown get deep with Kody and Christine. They discuss their marriages, their friendships and how their relationships have changed over the years. But in particular, they focus on Christine's exit from the family.

Christine and Meri haven't had a great relationship for years. Christine claims they've never had a good time together, and Meri hasn't been too keen on making a reunion happen.

Christine and Kody have been married for more than 25 years. When Kody started talking about the wedding dress of his daughter, Christine walked away. In what can only be described as a 'tantrum', Christine claimed that she didn't want to stay in a marriage that she wasn't at all interested in.

As for the One-on-One special, it was a bomb. It featured one of the most heated sit-downs in the show's history. Despite its minor success, there's no word on whether it's part of a larger spin-off.

Robyn's refusal to reconnect with her after the divorce

Sister Wives is a reality television show on TLC. The show chronicles the lives of polygamists Kody Brown and his three wives. Their family is a mess as they try to come to terms with the past.

In the first season of "Sister Wives", the cameras caught the first cracks in the polygamist family. After Christine left Kody after 25 years of marriage, the couple faced a number of challenges.

Kody was accused of being a bad father. Fans also called him out for not visiting his children.

Amid the chaos, Robyn announces she's pregnant. She also gives birth to a daughter named Ariella Mae. However, the family worries about the financial burden.

Janelle and Meri have also been butting heads with Kody on a number of issues. For example, she was unhappy with the way he treated her sons, Gabriel and Garrison. And when Kody invited her to his wedding, she didn't sit with him.

Meanwhile, Kody is separated from his other wives, who are all staying in rental homes. He's on the verge of not being polygamous, and has to bring his A-game to keep them happy.

Eventually, a trip to Galveston for the anniversary of their marriage was planned. But on their drive, they had a confrontation. This led to more arguments.

On "Sister Wives," Robyn also has an affair with an internet user. She reveals this to the Brown kids. They're a little upset, but they don't understand why she's having an affair.

Kody and Meri also have a major decision to make. The decision will affect their children, as the divorce will be finalized.

After the separation, the two women struggle to put their differences aside. As their children grow older, they begin to voice discontent over their newfound friend in Las Vegas.

The Snowdens and the Alldredges celebrate a milestone anniversary

Dmitri Snowden and Ashley Snowden are celebrating a major anniversary. It's the 11th anniversary of their wedding. However, they are still not legally married. In fact, Dimitri filed for divorce in May 2021.

The couple is also looking for a third sister wife. And, in the process, they meet Melina. This is one of the highlights of the series.

According to a source, Ashley and Dimitri are not planning on returning to the show. They have a lot of other things to do, like take care of their kids, and are just enjoying a break.

As for the next season, the network has not announced a release date. But, it is expected that it will go into production soon.

There will be a few familiar faces on the show, including Andrea Burns and Carlos Valdes. A new country music star is also in the works. Meanwhile, Ashley continues to stay home and look after their kids.

While this is an impressive milestone, fans of the show are still asking if the Snowdens are going to be back for another season. Although, the answer is not very likely.

Last year, the couple celebrated their anniversary with a week-long celebration in Hawaii. And, in the process, they shared a sweet post to their friends and followers.

Despite all of the controversy surrounding their relationship, the Snowdens and the Alldredges are the most popular couple on the show. Fans have been desperate to see them.

As a matter of fact, the first sister wife is sharing her side of the story in a Facebook group. She is even putting up an etsy shop on vacation status.

Will there be a season 18?

Fans of the Sister Wives series have been begging TLC for a spinoff show. While the show currently features four plural wives, some fans have been hoping for a spinoff with just Christine Brown. This would follow the life of Christine as she leaves the plural family.

During season 16, viewers were shown just how pregnant Christine was, and that she was expecting a second child. Then, in season 17, Christine and Kody announced their divorce.

Christine is reportedly living in Utah, and has adjusted well. She has spent the last year working on projects for the show and has a relationship with former sister wife Janelle.

However, Christine and Kody have not said whether they plan to continue filming the show, or leave the series altogether. Some fans have urged Christine to take a break from the show.

However, she has promised that she will not quit. In fact, she plans to film new episodes for the show. Eventually, she will let her fans know how things are going.

Season 17 ended on December 18, and fans are eager for season 18. But, there has been no news yet on when a Sister Wives season 18 will air. There are reports that it could be announced as early as this summer, but it's unclear when it will premiere. It is expected to be a time jump, so it could be months before it airs.

The most recent Sister Wives seasons have aired in January. They have followed irregular schedules and often started in the fall. A few weeks before a season starts, TLC usually announces it.

Although it was a shock when Christine and Kody announced their divorce, fans have still enjoyed the show. Some have even called the series refreshingly modest.

What Channel Does Love and Hip Hop Miami Come on 2023?

what channel does love and hip hop miami come on 2023

If you love hip hop, but don't know much about the show Love and Hip Hop Miami, then you're in luck. This article will discuss the cast and season so far, as well as when Season 5 is expected to premiere. We'll also cover the episodes that have aired so far, as well as the crossover appearances.

Season 5 release date

Love and Hip Hop Miami is a reality television series that focuses on the life of musicians. The show explores the personal lives of music stars, and the professional lives of record producers, managers, and other members of the industry.

Love and Hip Hop Miami will premiere on January 1, 2018. It was produced by Monami Productions and is executive produced by Lashan Browning, Robyn Nish Friedman, Donna Edge-Rachell, and Stephanie R. Gayle.

The series follows a group of young and talented rappers, songwriters, and other musical artists from Miami, Florida. It's the latest addition to VH1's "Love & Hip Hop" franchise, which explores the lives and careers of popular recording artists.

"Love & Hip Hop Miami" started airing in January 2018. The show is based on the music and culture of the Miami area. The series features notable figures from the southern hip-hop community, including Trick Daddy and Trina.

The show was originally hosted by Gunplay, but has since expanded to include other artists. Season 5 will feature the return of Ace Hood and Florence El Luche.

Several other guest stars will also appear on the show. Alejandra Perez, Sade Abdul-Ahad, and Patrice Bentley are among those who have been added to the cast. In addition, Gunplay will return for a musical comeback.

As we've seen, the cast of Love and Hip Hop has been in turmoil since season four ended. However, a new season is coming, and the drama will be hotter than ever.


Love and Hip Hop: Miami has an impressive cast of rappers, socialites, and other musicians who live and breathe Miami's music scene. The series will premiere in January 2018. It is produced by Monami Productions and executive produced by Lashan Browning.

The cast includes some of the most famous faces in Miami's entertainment industry. Trick Daddy, Trina, Jeffrey White, Lil Scrappy, and Shay are just some of the leading stars of the series.

Although the series features a large ensemble of cast members, only a few of the main cast members return for season four. Other supporting cast members are featured in the end credits and in green screen confessional segments.

While the show focuses on the struggles of singers, it also features the personal lives of some of the most well-known rappers in the industry. Love and Hip Hop: Miami is an excellent introduction to the world of hip hop, highlighting the culture of Miami and its surrounding areas.

The series features several notable guests, including T.Pain, Rico Love, Fuego, and Brandon Marshall. There is also a lot of drama. Several of the series cast members have been arrested.

Bobby Lytes, Trina, and Pleasure P are some of the original cast members. Their careers have been featured in numerous television specials. They have also worked with artists like Flo Rida and Trick Daddy.

Jessica Juste, who was raised in Miami, is a media personality and red carpet host for BET. She has become a viral sensation on social media.

Episodes aired so far

"Love & Hip Hop: Miami" is a reality show that features contemporary rappers and other celebrities in South Florida. It is one of the most popular editions of the series.

Love and Hip Hop: Miami is available on the VH1 channel. This shows provides viewers with a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the lives of some of the most popular hip-hop stars in the world.

Season four of Love and Hip Hop: Miami was the most intriguing season to date, as it featured new cast members such as Ace Hood and N.O.R.E. as well as established stars like Trina, Trick Daddy, and Sukihana.

In addition to introducing new faces, Season 4 also brought back some of the biggest names in the show. The season ended with a dramatic episode that left fans with a ton of questions.

The series has been in turmoil since the fourth season wrapped. However, a return is rumored for January 2023.

Love and Hip Hop: Miami is also available online, as a streaming service. However, the website has not released a date for when it will air. You can find out more about where to watch the show and add it to your Watchlist.

Another fan favorite is Basketball Wives. A reboot of the popular original show, the series follows a Black family in the South during the same era. Currently in its 10th season, the show has aired 13 episodes so far.


Love and Hip Hop Miami will return with some newcomers. It will also have a number of staple cast members returning. The show is set to premiere in January and will air twice a week.

The show follows the ups and downs of the hip hop industry. Those who appear on the show are hoping to make it big in the music business. Some have been dropped from Def Jam Recordings while others have been successful.

The show has been in turmoil since Season 4 ended. While most fans have hoped for a fifth season, there has been little information released. However, VH1 is looking to reload the roster with some fresh talent.

The newest additions include Amara La Negra, Teairra Mari, and N.O.R.E. This trio of singers joined the cast of the fourth season. These women will be joining Trina and Trick Daddy in Miami.

Another fan favorite is Consequence, who is an American Muslim and rapper. He grew to fame through a collaboration with Kanye West. His song "Nothing" was a hit.

The show also features Joseline Hernandez, who moves to Miami from Atlanta. She has a strained relationship with her mother, Nancy. Chrissy, who becomes engaged to Jim, has her own issues with her long-term manager, Yandy. Throughout the season, she's accused the producers of manipulating storylines in order to drive dramatic effect.

Crossover appearances

Love and Hip-Hop: Miami will be back for a fifth season. Fans of the MTV reality series can look forward to watching the latest batch of celebrity rappers and socialites mingling in the Miami sunshine.

The show's cast is a who's who of the Miami hip hop scene. It is a smorgasbord of up-and-coming stars and established superstars. Those who have appeared on the show include Snoop Dogg, Lil Scrappy, Ace Hood, and Trina. But which stars will be featured in the upcoming season?

In the past, crossover appearances from the main cast of Love & Hip-Hop: Miami have been more sporadic than usual. However, the show's most recent episode featured a surprise visit from Juju C. This was followed by a snatching-body rumor that sparked a flurry of plastic surgery speculation.

In the show's earliest days, Trick Daddy was one of the main stars. He's a rapper and record producer. He rose to stardom with his hit song "I'm a Thug." His criminal background includes weapons charges, a lupus diagnosis, and drug possession.

Aside from Trick Daddy, the show also has a cast full of notable figures. Among them is Florence Brown. Described as a "model and entrepreneur," she also describes herself as the "queen of Kompa Music." She and her husband Marlon are credited with raising a good father.

The show's executive producer is Lashan Browning. Other producers include Donna Edge-Rachel, Mona Scott-Young, and Stephanie R. Gail.

Previous seasons

Love and Hip Hop Miami is an entertainment show that revolves around the lives of up-and-coming rappers and music artists in Miami, Florida. It is part of the "Love & Hip Hop" franchise that features the personal and professional lives of musicians and record producers.

The cast includes rap stars, singers, and socialites. They will be exploring the ups and downs of the music industry. Some of the main players include Trick Daddy, Amara La Negra, Trina, Nikki Natural, Joy Young, and Shay Johnson.

Love and Hip Hop Miami will also feature some scandals, cheating allegations, and weddings. While the series will cover the hip-hop scene, it will also focus on the rich Latinx culture in Miami.

Love and Hip Hop: Miami is one of VH1's breakout launches. It has a loyal fan following. And it will be returning with its fifth season in 2022.

The series is based in Miami, a city that has become the center of the world's hip-hop culture. Up-and-coming performers find success in the hot Miami sun. But the competition is fierce.

In Season 4, Love and Hip Hop Miami will explore Miami's music scene. Up-and-coming performers will be featured alongside the city's famous veterans. Fans can watch the series on the VH1 app, on the Paramount+ service, or on other streaming services.

Love and Hip Hop Miami is produced by New Group Productions, Donna Edge-Rachell, and Lashan Browning. The series will also be a part of VH1's "Level-Up Mondays." This program will feature back-to-back episodes of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta and Love and Hip Hop: Miami.

What Day Does Love and Hip Hop Miami Come on 2023?

what day does love and hip hop miami come on 2023

If you are an avid fan of Love & Hip Hop Miami, you may be wondering when the show will return. Well, you can find out when the show will return in this article. The article covers the date and cast members of Season 5 as well as the premiere of the series on fuboTV.

Season 5 premiere date

Love and Hip Hop Miami is a reality show that highlights the lives of musicians, socialites and other celebs in the South Florida music scene. It features some of the most popular up-and-comers in the genre, and also some of the biggest names in the game.

The cast of Love and Hip Hop: Miami has a wide array of talented and enigmatic stars. From Trick Daddy and Gunplay to Amara La Negra and Pleasure P, the show is chock full of star power. Moreover, its focus on Latin music made it one of the more popular editions of the series.

For the fourth season of "Love & Hip Hop: Miami," a plethora of new stars joined the show. Ace Hood, who is known as the "Bugatti" rapper, joined the main cast, and his wife Shelah Marie also joined the show.

Besides a new cast, Love and Hip Hop: Miami brought back some of its old favorites. In addition to Ace Hood, the show brought back Amara La Negra, who was an Afro-Latina singer. Another newcomer was N.O.R.E., a Cuban-Venezuelan rapper.

As usual, the show will feature plenty of scandals, cheating, and more. Love and Hip Hop: Miami is all about reinvention and ambition.

The show will showcase the personal lives of some of today's biggest artists, and the franchise promises a bunch of surprises in its two-season run. These include a few major celebrity crossovers, long-overdue family reunions, and new babies.

Love and Hip Hop: Miami will premiere Monday, August 8th at 9PM ET. After that, the show will air twice per week. On Tuesdays, it will air at 7:30 PM, and on Wednesdays it will air at 9:30 PM.

In addition to new episodes, VH1's "Love & Hip Hop" franchise is expanding rapidly. During the summer, it's been broadcasting "Level Up Mondays," which feature programming centered on celebrities and other up-and-coming stars. This month, it's going to introduce its fans to some of its most iconic industry legends, and to ambitious rising stars.

Overall, the show was a big hit, and it continues to expand as more and more people become interested in watching it. Even though the series isn't officially confirmed, it's not hard to imagine that Love and Hip Hop Miami will return for another season in 2023.

Season 4 cast members

Love and Hip Hop Miami premiered in January 2018. It is the fourth installment of the media franchise. The show is primarily filmed in Miami, Florida.

Trina was the original cast member. She has a tour with Trick Daddy. During this episode, she meets with a prophetess. Meanwhile, Raymond and Bobby try to squash their beef.

Afro-Latina singer Amara La Negra has joined the Love & Hip Hop Miami cast. Her pregnancy is a huge highlight in this episode. However, Trick Daddy does not appear.

Sukihana is also not included in this episode. Kill Bill and Shekinah also come to blows. Also, Neri is dealing with backlash from the OnlyFans page.

There are several scandals and weddings coming up in this season of Love and Hip Hop Miami. In addition, the show will feature fan favorites from Atlanta and Hollywood.

Shay Johnson has been in the Love & Hip Hop: New York and Atlanta casts. However, she was demoted to the supporting cast after an altercation.

Ray J has been in his own television specials. He is also known for releasing an adult film video with Kim Kardashian. On Season 5 of Love & Hip Hop: Miami, he revealed that he and Trina are not on the best terms.

Ace Hood and his wife Shelah Marie are also new cast members. In addition, Khaotic plays Cupid for Scrapp and Alexis Skyy.

Other cast members include Shay, Shay Johnson, Gunplay, Phresher, and Emjay Johnson. They all work as models, rappers, and reality television personalities.

Ray J is also a fitness coach. He has an openly gay son named Jeffrey White. Another Love & Hip Hop: Miami cast member is Joy Young. Although she is Trick Daddy's estranged wife, she is still involved with the show.

Love and Hip Hop Miami is produced by Monami Productions. It airs on the VH1 network. If you have cable, it can be seen on Saturdays at 9pm. Alternatively, it can be watched without cable. Those interested in watching Love and Hip Hop Miami can get a free trial from DirecTV Stream or FuboTV.

Season 5 cast members

Love and Hip Hop Miami is the fourth installment of the Love and Hip Hop franchise. This docu-soap series follows the lives of a group of socialites and rappers in Miami's music scene.

Among the main cast are Trina, Shay Johnson, and Amara La Negra. In Season 4, newcomers joined the mix, including Ace Hood, his wife Shelah Marie, and Florence El Luche, who's known as the "Queen of Kompa Music." The newest addition is Jeffrey White, who's JT Money's openly gay son.

The show's executive producer is Donna Edge-Rachell. It's also produced by Monami Productions. And though we haven't seen any details on the show's fifth season yet, it's likely to be a huge one.

Love and Hip Hop is one of the most successful docu-soap series of all time. It's available without cable and on most streaming services. If you're curious about the show, check out its official account on Twitter. Follow the hashtag #LHHMIA to keep up with the latest developments.

There are plenty of scandals, cheating allegations, and high-stakes drama to look forward to in the coming seasons. However, the cast will also be introducing new blood. Afro-Latina singer Amara La Negra, who's known as a singer, writer, and songwriter, will be joining the show.

The Love & Hip Hop franchise is a sweeping story of the ups and downs of music stardom. With a diverse cast, the show brings to light the professional and personal struggles of singers.

Some of the biggest names in the game make appearances on the show. Whether it's DJ Michelle Pooch, Shay Johnson, or Shay's cousin Amara, the cast is constantly battling to gain attention in the Miami music industry.

Other cast members include Afro-Latino singers Amara La Negra and Veronica Vega, as well as the infamous Trick Daddy, who has a long history with Trina. Although he's not on the main cast, he makes plenty of crossover appearances.

There's also the queen of the bugatti, N.O.R.E., who's joined the show in the trailer for Season 4. But what does Love and Hip Hop: Miami have in store for its fans?

Season 5 premiere on fuboTV

Love & Hip Hop Miami is a reality TV show about the lives of music elite in Miami, Florida. It follows the lives of stars such as Trina, Shay Johnson, Amara La Negra, and Trick Daddy. The show explores their professional and personal endeavors, as well as their relationship with each other.

VH1 has renewed Love & Hip Hop Miami for its fifth season. The new season will air on Monday, August 8 at 9:00 p.m. ET. Several cast members are confirmed to return to the show, including Trina, Shay Johnson, Noreaga, and Sukihana. MC Lyte and MC Salt-N-Pepa are also set to receive the I Am Hip-Hop Award.

Season 5 will follow several storylines, bringing to an end the intense drama that dominated the last season. This will include a wedding, a baby, and a cheating scandal. Also, rumors have surfaced about Ray J, who was accused of releasing an adult film video with Kim Kardashian.

Love & Hip Hop: Miami is a popular series and you can watch it on various streaming services. For example, you can watch episodes online with a subscription on FuboTV or Philo, or you can buy a download on Amazon Video. But if you want to stream it live, you can do so by visiting OWN's website or using a service such as Paramount+.

You can subscribe to fuboTV for a seven-day free trial. You'll need to sign up with an email address and debit card. Once you've established a subscription, you'll be billed for the remainder of the trial period. If you don't like the service, you can cancel your subscription.

Philo has an on-demand library of Love & Hip Hop Miami, as well as seasons one through four. After your trial period, the monthly price is $25. You can watch on Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, Roku, and YouTube TV. However, you'll have to choose a server from your home region.

Love & Hip Hop: Miami has an audience rating of 4.4 on IMDb. In addition, the show has 71 episodes across five seasons.

What Happened to Love and Hip Hop in 2023?

what happened to love and hip hop miami 2023

If you were a fan of the show Love and Hip Hop in the 2023 version of the show, then you may be wondering what happened to that character you loved so much. Here are some of the answers to your questions.


The reality star Sukihana - real name Destiny Henderson - has a lot to offer. She's an actress, singer, songwriter, and social media influencer.

At the age of 18, Sukihana became a mother. After a few years, she relocated to Miami. In this new location, she started making music again. Having already released several viral hits, she's currently a major figure in the hip-hop community.

The star's unapologetic nature and rough style has a lasting impact on her career. Some have criticized her for spending lavishly on her own needs, but she responds by saying she loves her children more than anything else.

Despite her tough personality, Sukihana's hard work has helped her achieve great success. When she appeared on the popular VH1 reality show Love & Hip Hop: Miami, she quickly jumped to the forefront. Her songs have accumulated hundreds of thousands of views on her YouTube channel.

She is also the star of her own mixtape. It's called Wolf Pussy and it's steeped in the 305 style of rap.

Sukihana has three children from previous relationships. Although she's currently partnered with Kill Bill, she has not yet publicly revealed her relationship status.


Trina is one of the most influential women in the hip hop industry. She has paved the way for female rappers and helped bring the industry into the mainstream. Throughout her career, she has released more studio albums than most women in her genre.

Earlier this year, Trina was honored by BET with the I Am Hip Hop Award. She is also the recipient of the Billboard Award for "most popular rap song of 2018."

Trina started her career 19 years ago. Before pursuing a music career, she worked as a real estate agent. In 1998, she was hired by Slip-N-Slide Records.

After signing with Slip-N-Slide, Trina started working on her first album. It was a success. Her first single "Nann" reached number three on the rap chart.

The following year, Trina released her second album Diamond Princess. This album combined her Miami street sound with a national flavor. Some of the artists on the record include Fabolous, Missy Elliott, Tweet and Kelly Roland.

A few years later, she signed with Penalty Entertainment. She has released six studio albums, including the chart-topping "The One" (2019).


Love & Hip Hop: Miami follows the lives of some of the most popular hip hop artists in the industry. The show has a recognizable cast, including Trick Daddy, Amara La Negra, Neri Santiago, Princess Love, Trina, and N.O.R.E. It also features a wide variety of rappers and singers.

After the first season, the show was retooled and new cast members were added. A Haitian artist, Florence El Luche, joined the cast as "Queen of Kompa Music". Another addition was rap star N.O.R.E.

The show's fourth season was the most dramatic and talked about season yet. A few of the cast members had to deal with their personal struggles. In addition, the season teased some upcoming drama.

When the Season 4 trailer was released, it was revealed that two new cast members would be appearing. Among them were Ace Hood and Shelah Marie.

Previously signed to DJ Khaled's We the Best Music Group, Ace Hood has a big online following. He has a podcast called Drink Champs. His wife, Shelah Marie, has appeared on the show as well.


A hip-hop star and a rap podcast star, N.O.R.E. has a lot to say about life. He has been a staple in the podcast community and his rhymes have always been about real life.

He also hosts the "Drink Champs" podcast with his wife, Neri. Their podcast is among the most popular in the music industry. However, they haven't rapped full time in a while. They still have big dreams and they're ready to start a new chapter in their lives.

The Love & Hip-Hop series has been around since 2011. This popular franchise from MTV has aired numerous television specials and spin-offs. It focuses on the personal lives of prominent hip-hop figures.

Love & Hip Hop: Miami will follow several rappers as they face their own professional struggles. It focuses on the diverse cast of the Miami music scene.

Some of the series' other notable cast members include Florence El Luche, Trina, and Ace Hood. In addition, the show will feature returning cast members Trick Daddy, Ray J. and Princess Love.

Bobby Lytes

Bobby Lytes is a Love & Hip Hop Miami star. He was one of the original eight cast members of the show. In fact, he was the first openly gay cast member.

Bobby Lytes has a unique and charming personality. He is a fan of fitness and clothing. He also has tattoos on both of his hands. When he was a child, his father was arrested in a drug case.

He has appeared in numerous television specials. As a result, he has more than 35 thousand followers on Twitter. His work has been streamed nearly 1.9 million times on Spotify in 2020.

Bobby Lytes grew up in Miami with a single mother. During the early years of his life, he fought with his sexuality and identity.

Bobby's first single, "Make Some Money," was released in September 2014. Bobby has also been featured in Complex magazine. Despite this, he was not fully comfortable with his sexuality, so he didn't disclose his sexuality until 2017.

Although he had no intentions of dating, Bobby has a devoted fan base. He has over 674 thousand Instagram followers.


Love and Hip Hop Miami follows the lives of prominent hip hop artists. It is a spin-off of the original docu-series and follows the daily lives of a number of rap superstars.

Several of the cast members have been in turmoil since the show's fourth season wrapped. The series is also home to several of the city's up-and-coming stars.

One of the franchise's newest stars is singer/songwriter Amara La Negra. She is the star of her own late night talk show, Don't Cancel Me, which debuted on December 1. Amara also authored a children's book on bullying, which was dubbed the "mimosa" of her time.

Amara La Negra and Allan Mueses had an on-again, off-again romance. They first met when Amara was just starting out in the real estate industry. Eventually, they were together, and they became a couple in November 2021. A few months later, Amara revealed they were pregnant with twin girls.

On March 23, 2022, Amara announced she was pregnant with twins. Soon after, she suffered a miscarriage.

During her time on Love & Hip Hop: Miami, Amara and Allan went through some highs and lows. They both had to overcome a lot of adversity, but ultimately, they found each other. After having twins, Amara and Allan have managed to work through their differences.

Princess Love

Love & Hip Hop: Miami is a series which documents the lives of some of the most well-known hip-hop artists. The show has several core cast members, and each season brings in new and up-and-coming stars.

The fourth season of Love & Hip Hop: Miami was the most dramatic and intense yet. This season featured a new cast member, N.O.R.E., and Florence El Luche, a Haitian "Queen of Kompa Music". It was also the first season to include Trick Daddy, a rapper who is best known for his 2002 hit, "Nothing."

The cast continued to fight for fame and fortune in the Miami scene. Several of the more established artists flourished in the Miami sun, while many up-and-coming stars found their niche.

The fifth season of Love & Hip Hop: Miami will air in August 2022. As the series continues, the characters will continue to face drama. In Season 4B, Trina will join the cast, and Princess Love will make a return.

During Season 4, Ray J and Princess Love were still married, but they were considering divorce. They have two children together. Recently, they decided to move to South Florida. And now that they are settled into their new life in South Florida, they are starting anew.

Family Reunion: Love & Hip Hop Edition

The new VH1 hit series, Family Reunion: Love & Hip Hop Edition, continues its quest to re-examine what makes Black America tick. To that end, the network is taking its cast of rap royalty on a weeklong trip to the island of Jamaica.

Aside from the usual suspects, the show also features a cast of fan favorites from each of the four Love & Hip Hop cities. While the cast of the show certainly includes some familiar faces, the real star of the show is the newfound level of drama and intrigue. For the fans of the original series, this should be a lot of fun. On the other hand, those who haven't been fortunate enough to be a part of that golden age of hip hop might have to wait for Season 3 to see what all the fuss is about.

In the spirit of good family times, the show is making its rounds on multiple streaming services. One option is Philo, a service which offers subscribers 60+ channels in one package for a small fee. Those who aren't in the market for a cable subscription can stream new episodes every Monday, if they have the patience of a gnat.

How Much Does Love and Hip Hop Miami Pay 2023?

how much does love and hip hop miami pay 2023

If you're wondering how much you should expect to earn in Miami in 2023, you've come to the right place. We've rounded up the pay rates for the most notable names in love and hip hop, from Trick Daddy to Amara La Negra. You may be surprised at the range!

Joseline Hernandez

There's no question that Joseline Hernandez is one of the most popular reality television personalities. She's had a successful career since her debut on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Since then, she's starred in several other shows and made a name for herself in the hip hop community. But despite her successes, she's been embroiled in a series of feuds.

As a result, she left the franchise. Now, she is working on her own project on the Zeus Network. The show, titled Joseline's Cabaret, follows the life of a former stripper who is trying to start a cabaret show in Miami.

After working on the show for three seasons, she's expected to earn a decent salary. According to reports, she can make as much as $400,000 per season.

While she's known for her role on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Joseline is also a talented actress and rapper. In fact, she has earned a good amount of money through endorsements and her own personal appearances.

She has a daughter, Bonnie Bella, who is now four years old. She and her daughter have been fighting over custody. Although Stevie has primary custody, Joseline has the legal right to visit her.

However, Joseline claims that Stevie never showed any interest in her daughter. In the end, Joseline was able to get temporary custody of her child.

Her fame on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta helped her gain a lot of good fortune. The show made Joseline a fan favorite and led her to become a star.

Trick Daddy

Love and Hip Hop is a television series that features the lives of hip hop stars in Miami. Some of the show's cast members earn a lot of money from the television series, while others are paid very little.

In addition to the television show, Love and Hip Hop stars also have their own businesses. A few of them earn their salaries through a combination of the television show, touring, and product sales. Depending on the cast, the average pay can be anywhere from $17,000 to $400,000 per season.

Trick Daddy is no different. He is one of the top paid rappers in the world. Not only has he earned a decent living, but he has also had his fair share of mishaps and financial woes.

He first got started in the music industry as a singer and songwriter. He has toured the United States numerous times and has even produced an online cooking show. It seems as though Trick is looking for his footing again.

The average pay for a Love and Hip Hop episode is less than $20,000. However, the pay is higher for some cast members. For instance, senior members of Love and Hip Hop New York are paid more than the average star.

Although he has had his fair share of success, Trick Daddy has had a rough year. In 2015, he filed for bankruptcy. His debts were estimated at $630,000. While he did not receive any court protection, he has 45 days to pay the debt or face default.

Yandy Smith

Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris married on May 25, 2015. They got married live on the VH1 network. The couple is parents to their daughter Infinity Gilyard.

Before being a reality star, Yandy Smith had a successful career in the entertainment industry. She worked for several major labels and celebrities. She was also a consultant for Warner Music Group and Atlantic Records.

She started her professional career as an executive assistant at Violator Management. Later, she became a talent agent for Monami Entertainment. In addition to her work as a talent agent, Yandy Smith has launched her own record label.

She is also a brand manager for Everything Girls Love. The company publishes magazines and publishes a lifestyle brand for women.

She has appeared on numerous television shows. For instance, she has been on VH1's Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

She has an estimated net worth of $15 million. She also owns her own Rolls Royce.

Yandy Smith has been spotted with several celebrities. She has even been spotted with Cardi B.

During season six, Jim and Chrissy's relationship with their longtime manager, Yandy, becomes strained. Their relationship eventually ends.

While Yandy has had some rocky relationships with the show's cast members, she has been able to make a name for herself. At one point, she was listed as one of the "Top 30 Executives Under 30" in Billboard Magazine.

Katrina Taylor

If you are wondering how much does Katrina Taylor of Love and Hip Hop Miami pay 2023, you have come to the right place. This hip hop celebrity has been earning a lot of money through her rapping career. During her career, she has released at least five albums. She has also appeared in a number of films and television shows.

She started her career in the early 1990s as a rapper. Trina has become one of the most successful female rappers of all time. Her albums are certified gold by the RIAA. Aside from her music, she has also launched a cosmetics and clothing line.

Trina's net worth is estimated at $6 million. She has been called one of the most influential women in the hip hop industry. As a singer, songwriter and rapper, she has been able to create an empire.

She has worked with Snoop Dogg, Lil Jon, and Trick Daddy. Some of her other collaborations include Rihanna and Beyonce. Trina also has a foundation, the Diamond Doll Foundation, which aims to help younger girls in poverty.

During her time on Love & Hip Hop Miami, Trina met fellow cast member Raymond Taylor. They have been dating for years. Their relationship has boosted their net worth.

Trina has also been engaged to rapper Lil Wayne. However, she broke up with him. Before the engagement, she was in a long-term relationship with French Montana.

Trina Johnson

Love & Hip Hop: Miami is a reality TV show that features various people in the South Florida music industry. The cast members earn money from the show and enjoy the luxury of life. However, some of them have profitable businesses. They also have different net worths. Here are some of the most popular Love & Hip Hop stars, whose incomes vary based on their appearances on the show.

Trina "Katrina Laverne Taylor" is a famous rapper who was one of the main cast members of Love & Hip Hop: Miami. Known as the "Baddest Bitch," she has been on the show since its premiere in 2018.

Trina's net worth is estimated to be around $6 million. Her primary source of income is from her music career. She has collaborated with artists such as Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross.

Another famous rapper on the Love & Hip Hop: Miami show is Trick Daddy. He is self-proclaimed "Mayor of the 305." His salary is not disclosed. But, according to Wealthy Genius, his net worth in 2021 is estimated to be around $100,000.

Another well-known star on the show is Shay Johnson. After appearing on the series Flavor of Love, she went on to join the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta cast. Since then, she has been featured on the Love & Hip Hop Miami show as well.

There are many more popular Love & Hip Hop stars who have varied net worths. Some of them earn a lot of money while others have very little.

Amara La Negra

Amara La Negra is an actress, singer, dancer, and reality television personality from South Florida. She has been making headlines lately. Her appearance on Love and Hip Hop Miami earned her a lot of attention. She has been criticized for her Afro-Latino identity.

However, La Negra is a proud activist. She speaks out about racism and sexism in the music industry. She also hopes to break down the stigmas associated with being an Afro-Latina.

After appearing on Love and Hip Hop: Miami, Amara signed a multi-album deal with BMG. She has worked with prolific producers including Rock City and Supa Dups. Currently, she has a clothing line that caters to women of all ages.

Amara La Negra has a net worth of $2 million. The singer makes her money through her music albums and live performances. In addition to her music, she is a philanthropist and activist. She has made a contribution to the American Cancer Society.

As of 2019, Amara has not been married. She has an on-and-off relationship with Allan Mueses. They met while building properties in the Dominican Republic. But after a few months of being together, the pair broke up.

Although she is still single, Amara hopes to find love in 2022. She is pregnant with twin girls.

Amara is also a member of the United Talent Agency. She has been featured in several Spanish-language TV shows.

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