Which Gabby's Dollhouse Character Are You 2023?

Which Gabby's Dollhouse Character Are You 2023?


which gabbys dollhouse character are you  2023

Which Gabby's Dollhouse Character Are You 2023?

Gabby's Dollhouse is one of the most beloved shows on Netflix for kids. It's filled with fun kitty characters, quirky crafts and colorful magic!

Each episode begins and ends in live-action, before switching to CGI. What's more, a few of the characters are mixed-and-matched. This makes them harder to find.

Pandy Paws

Gabby is an 11-year-old cat enthusiast who loves anything and everything to do with cats. She also loves her dollhouse, a place she uses to play with a variety of different cat toys.

She uses a magical cat-ears headband to shrink down to her dollhouse, where she can interact with her living dollhouse cat friends. This is the only way she can enjoy all of the fun her dollhouse has to offer!

Whenever Gabby and her dollhouse cat Pandy Paws get together, they have a lot of adventures. They may find themselves in a puzzle hunt, making paper cup animals or playing fur-tastic games that will help them learn new skills.

The show is geared for kids from preschool to age 5 and features both live-action and CGI characters. It's ideal for early learners and teaches important social concepts like taking turns, listening to peers and problem-solving.

In episode one, the dollhouse gets mixed up and all of the Gabby Cats have to work together to fix it up. They try to figure out what happened by going around the dollhouse in different rooms and solving clues to find out what went wrong.

When CatRat invades the dollhouse and kidnaps Cakey, DJ Catnip and Kitty Fairy, it's up to Gabby and Pandy Paws to rescue them!

This season, the Gabby's Dollhouse PEZ Collection includes a variety of fun new stuffed PEZ characters to collect. Each PEZ dispenser contains two candy refills and is made in the United States from non-GMO ingredients.

Each set comes in a poly pack bag. It's a great way for your little fan to start collecting all of the DreamWorks Gabby's Dollhouse PEZ Characters!

A special birthday edition for Gabby's best pal, the Pandy Paws Birthday Figure Set lets you celebrate with a whole collection of exclusive figures. It features five collectible figures, three furniture pieces, chip art decor, a sticker sheet and a surprise Dollhouse Delivery box that comes with a mystery accessory!

With a magic cat-ears headband, Gabby can shrink herself down to her dollhouse and interact with her stuffed toy, Pandy Paws. The dollhouse has a variety of room settings that the two can explore, including a play kitchen, living room and bedroom. With the Pandy Paws birthday figure set, you can recreate all of the fun that Gabby and Pandy have in the show!


Gabby is an 11-year-old girl with a passion for cats. She owns a dollhouse filled with mini-worlds, irresistible kitty characters and super fun adventures. She uses a magical cat-ears headband to shrink herself down to the size of her dollhouse, and then she can interact with her living cat dolls inside it.

The other residents of her dollhouse are Pandy Paws, Cakey Cat, Baby Box cat, MerCat, Kitty Fairy and Pillow Cat. Each has a unique character trait and plays an important role in the plot of each episode.

In addition to her love for cats, Gabby is also a big fan of spa science. She believes that a healthy lifestyle is all about feeling good, looking good and doing good, and she enjoys spending time in her bathroom doing "spa science" experiments to find a cure or solution for some problem.

Other special traits include a strong sense of community, kindness and compassion. She loves to help others and has a big heart for her cats and her dollhouse.

She is also very persistent. She likes to see things through even when she gets discouraged, and she is not afraid to admit when she has made a mistake.

Her dollhouse is also filled with many little surprises that she and her friends have invented. The dollhouse is a great place for her and her friends to hang out and have fun!

It also serves as a safe haven for them to play. In fact, Gabby says that it's her favorite place in the world.

The dollhouse is designed with a cat theme, and all the furniture is decorated with cat prints or designs. In addition, it features a kitty clock and a cat door.

Each character also has their own special catchphrases, such as Pandy Paws' "You've gotta be kitten me!" and MerCat's "Purr-ific!" These phrases are often used in the live action scenes of the episodes, although they are not always said out loud. They are also often used in the CGI versions of the show.

The other special traits of each of the dollhouse residents are a bit different, though they all share the same basic trait of being kindhearted and caring. Some of them are able to be a little snarky or lazy at times, such as CatRat, but they all make up for it by being helpful and caring for their friends. They also all have a lot of fun playing together, and they are a wonderful role model for young girls.

Baby Box

Baby Box is the smallest member of the Gabby's Dollhouse family, but she's one of the most resourceful. She loves arts and crafts, so she's always coming up with ways to help solve problems. Her mom is Mama Box, and her father is a small milk carton. She has light pink hair and a light blue cup for her clothes. She has a few sparkly stickers on her cup-dress.

She also has a sprinkling of pink blush on her cheeks and some pipe cleaner whiskers to complete her appearance. You can make her your own with this kit.

The box, which costs about a quarter of a bottle of milk, has a removable lid that older siblings can colour in with parents, making them feel involved and included as part of the experience. It's a lovely gift for any new family, and will be useful as a storage box for toys once your little one outgrows it!

You can get the box at a local grocer, nursery, or even from a charity shop. It's a great way to introduce your children to the joys of new life.

It's not uncommon for babies to die in the first year of life because of unforeseen complications, so a baby box can help reduce that risk. It's an easy way to store all your baby's essentials until you can get hold of them, and it provides a safe place for your child to sleep.

The box was designed by Monica Kelsey, a forty-eight-year-old former firefighter and medic who started the nonprofit Safe Haven Baby Boxes in Indiana. She says the boxes complement the state's Safe Haven laws by giving a safe, anonymous way for mothers-in-crisis to surrender their babies without arousing any suspicion.

Despite their good intentions, however, the boxes are not without critics. A law professor at California's Santa Clara University School of Law says they "do nothing to address the real issue that pregnant women are leaving their babies in dumpsters or trash cans because of fear and shame."

In addition, they create a method for people to illegally abandon infants in a public place without any notice, which could result in them being killed. That's a scary thought, but that's exactly what Kelsey's organization hopes to avoid.


Carlita is a purple and teal Gabby Cat who drives around the dollhouse and likes playing games. She also plays music and makes her own songs. She is an incredibly creative and smart character that kids love!

She is also a very good listener. She can pick out songs that children will enjoy listening to and is a great friend!

When she first appeared on the show, she was a bit of a mystery. She had a large purple box on her back with stamps that had a pink cat holding an orange gift.

Once she got her own car, she became a favorite of the other Gabby Cats and even had her own song, "The Power of Yet." She is also very kind and thoughtful. She always helps the other Gabby Cats out and likes to play games with them.

In 2023, she is still very much a fan of music. She is a DJ and producer who combines an ever-changing kaleidoscope of sounds and cultures into a driving electronic beat.

Her music is influenced by a range of different genres and she uses both live instruments and electronic instruments in her productions. She mixes classical music and jazz with electronic music to create unique soundscapes that will surprise her listeners!

She has a lot of friends and she is very loyal to them. She is very strong and a good leader.

When she is younger, she can be shy and doesn't want to talk about her feelings. However, when she becomes older and more confident, she can be very funny and loves to laugh.

As a baby, she was named after her mom, Carlita Kilpatrick. She has a lot of love for her mom and she also wants to be just like her.

Carlita is a very popular name for girls in the United States. She was ranked at 14,047 in 2018 and is currently ranked at 15,797 in 2018.

If you are thinking of giving your child a name that is both unique and fun, then consider Carlita. She is a very versatile name that can work well for any age.

how many marriott bonvoy points do i have  2023

How Many Marriott Bonvoy Points Do I Have 2023?

As one of the world's largest hotel chains, Marriott Bonvoy is a popular loyalty program for travelers. In 2023, however, it's making some major changes that could impact your ability to redeem points for free nights.

Thankfully, Marriott offers many ways to earn and redeem Bonvoy points. If you're a frequent traveler, it's worth taking a closer look at the program's various benefits and earning options.

Stay at Marriott Hotels

If you travel frequently, it's easy to rack up points at Marriott hotels. The hotel chain has an extensive portfolio of properties across the globe, from budget-friendly hotels to luxurious resorts.

Most Marriott hotels award 10 points per dollar spent, and if you're an elite member, you can earn up to 17.5 points per dollar. You can also use Bonvoy points to book flights, cruises and rental cars.

However, there's no guarantee you'll get the best deal on your stay. Because of the dynamic pricing model, nightly rates vary by season, demand and other factors. Even so, you can typically expect to pay 5,000 to 100,000 points per night for a standard room at a property.

In addition, Marriott offers a fifth-night free benefit that applies to stays of five or more consecutive nights. This can be especially useful if you're planning a long trip and are looking to save money on your lodging costs.

You can transfer your Marriott Bonvoy points to 38 different airline programs, which is a solid way to boost your mileage. While many airlines only offer a 1-to-1 transfer rate, others allow you to transfer your points at a 3-to-1 ratio.

Lastly, you can convert your Bonvoy points to airline miles at a rate of 3 to 1. This is another solid option, but it's worth weighing the cash or award price of your ticket when deciding whether or not to redeem your points.

The good news is that, even with the changes to the program, it's still a great option for those who travel frequently. Its large geographic reach, high point value and other benefits make it a popular choice for many travelers.

But with major changes to the program this year, it's important to consider your options before you start booking rewards. That's why we've put together a guide on how to make the most of your loyalty program in 2023.

While the hotel company's biggest change this year is the elimination of its award chart, the Bonvoy program retains strong value for those who stay at Marriott hotels. In fact, it's ranked fourth in the hotel industry by NerdWallet, placing it slightly behind Hilton and Radisson but ahead of World of Hyatt and InterContinental.

Earn Points with Credit Cards

There are several credit cards that are co-branded with Marriott, and many of them allow you to earn points on purchases. These points can be transferred to the Marriott Bonvoy program, allowing you to use them for hotel stays or flights.

The most straightforward way to earn Marriott points is by staying at hotels in the program’s network. These hotels are located at all kinds of locations around the world, ranging from luxury to budget options. These stays usually give you elite status, which can lead to additional perks like free nights, room upgrades and more.

Another easy way to earn points is through the Eat Around Town dining rewards program, which gives Marriott elites 6 points per dollar spent on meals and non-elites 4 points. The program is free to join, and it’s a great option for anyone who wants to earn points without spending too much money.

Using your points to book trips with Marriott’s Tours & Activities portal can also be an effective way to maximize your points balance, especially since these offers often include tours, culinary experiences or sailing expeditions. You’ll get 5 points per dollar when you book these travel events through the program’s website, and the bonus can add up quickly.

Finally, you can use your points to redeem for airline tickets with the vast majority of airlines, but some may require a minimum number of points. These conversions are not guaranteed to be a good deal, so do your research before using your points for flight bookings.

One of the best ways to quickly pad your Marriott Bonvoy balance is by applying for a credit card that awards you with a generous welcome bonus. This can help you pad your account with tens of thousands of points.

You can also boost your points balance by maximizing your point earnings on everyday spending and enrolling in promotions from time to time. In addition to earning points on regular purchases, you can earn extra points by reserving rooms through Marriott’s online booking portal.

You can also stretch your points further by searching for PointSavers hotels, which offer a 20% discount on points. This is especially helpful when you’re booking a hotel stay for the long haul, or for an event.

Redeem Points for Hotel Stays

If you have Marriott Bonvoy points, you can use them to book free hotel stays. These nights can be at hotels anywhere in the world, and they can be used for both business and leisure travel.

Using points to redeem for hotel stays is an excellent way to maximize the value of your points. You can usually get 0.8 cents per point from hotel awards, and you may be able to find redemptions for even more, depending on the hotel and how you use your points.

However, you should be careful when redeeming points for hotel stays. You should avoid booking stays of three nights or fewer, and you should only book stays if it would cost you more to pay cash than you'd earn from your points.

You should also be aware that many Marriott hotels charge peak and off-peak rates, and these prices can vary significantly from month to month. In these cases, you might be able to get a better deal by paying cash instead of booking with your points.

To help you find the best deals on your next stay, you can use Marriott's calendar to search award pricing for an entire month at a time. This can be especially helpful when you're trying to book a hotel stay in a certain region or for a specific date.

If you want to get the most out of your Marriott points, it's a good idea to focus on luxury properties. These properties will often require a higher number of points to redeem, but they can be incredibly rewarding.

As a bonus, many of these hotel brands offer elite night credits that can put elite status in your pocket. These credits can be earned through paid stays and rewards card spending.

You should also take advantage of the best rate guarantee offered by Marriott, which will match any lower price found on another website. This is a great way to get a discount on your room, and it can be a huge help when you're booking rooms for yourself or your family.

Transfer Points to Other Loyalty Programs

You can transfer Marriott Bonvoy points to a number of different loyalty programs, including airlines and hotel chains. The right loyalty program for you depends on your preferences and how you like to use points. Some loyalty programs are subscription-based, while others are community customer loyalty programs that allow you to participate in discussions and interact with other members.

The most valuable loyalty programs allow you to redeem points for things like free hotel stays and free airline tickets. You also get access to special rates and discounts for hotels and other services.

It’s important to note that these points don’t come cheap, though. For example, you need 30,000 Marriott Bonvoy points for a fifth-night free award at most hotels. Alternatively, you can redeem your points for a Cash + Points award that lets you redeem half the required points along with a cash co-pay.

Another way to maximize your Marriott Bonvoy points is by transferring them to United MileagePlus, which offers a 10% mileage bonus. This is a better deal than the standard 3:1 ratio, and it can add up if you transfer large amounts of points.

You can also transfer your points to Air New Zealand for a set redemption rate of 0.4 cents per point. That’s not as great a deal as some other options, but it can be worthwhile if you have a particular destination in mind and want to save money by transferring your Marriott Bonvoy points.

However, the best value is often found in the ability to use your points for things other than free hotel nights and airfare. This is especially true for travel that requires a lot of time or money, such as vacations or business trips.

You can also earn points on car rentals and rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft. This can be a great way to increase your Bonvoy points balance and take advantage of additional benefits such as complimentary Wi-Fi or special rates at hotels. It’s also worth noting that you can transfer your points to the American Express Membership Rewards and Chase Ultimate Rewards programs at a 1-to-1 ratio, both of which are transfer partners with Marriott Bonvoy.

how many marriott bonvoy points 2023

How Many Marriott Bonvoy Points 2023 Will Get You a Free Car Rental

The Marriott Bonvoy program has a strong reputation for offering great rewards. You can use your points to pay for hotel stays at hotels worldwide.

However, Marriott recently announced a major change to its award pricing that could have an impact on your redemption plans. Here’s what you need to know about the changes.

How many points do I need for a stay?

There are a number of ways to earn Marriott Bonvoy points, including by staying at hotels in the Marriott portfolio or through the hotel's credit cards. Members can also use their points to pay for upgrades or car rentals. They can also transfer them to frequent flyer airline programs or donate them to charity.

The Marriott Bonvoy program offers six membership levels and five elite status tiers, each with its own benefits and rewards. Generally speaking, the more nights you stay, the more points you'll accumulate toward your desired tier.

If you're a Platinum Elite member or higher, you'll be treated to a welcome gift on every stay. You can choose from several different options, ranging from an in-room chocolate treat to a spa treatment or a room upgrade.

You can also refer your friends to the program and earn a bonus of 2,000 points per stay for each referred friend who completes at least five stays. You can also earn a maximum of 10,000 points by referring friends who have never stayed with Marriott before.

In October of 2019, Marriott launched a new way to earn points: eating out at restaurants. The Eat Around Town dining program gives Marriott elites 6 points per dollar spent and non-elite members 4 points per dollar on eligible purchases at participating restaurants.

For more information on how to earn points with the Eat Around Town program, visit the program's website or contact a member support representative. You can also transfer your earned points to other members of the program if you have the same member number.

While it's difficult to predict how many points you'll need for a particular trip, the new dynamic award pricing system makes it easier to determine if you're getting a good value for your points. The new system focuses on seasonality and availability, which means that you can adjust your dates to see if you're getting a good deal.

Alternatively, you can check the calendar on the Marriott Bonvoy website to find when the program has the best rates for your destination. Once you've determined that you're getting a good deal on the date you want to travel, you can book your reservation and pay with points.

How many points do I need for a flight?

Depending on your travel dates and ticket class, you can use points or miles to cover the cost of your flight. Generally speaking, you will need more points or miles to fly during high seasons and holiday weekends than during off-peak times. However, if you have a flexible travel schedule and don't mind paying a little extra for an upgrade, you can save money on your flight by using fewer points.

Most frequent flyer programs have their own award charts, which determine how many points or miles you'll need for a particular flight. These charts vary by airline, so be sure to check with your specific program before booking your next flight.

You can transfer points to most major airline programs at a rate of 3 points to 1 mile. This isn't a great deal compared to buying tickets with cash, but it may be worth doing if you're flush with Bonvoy points or have a specific redemption in mind. You can also get a 5,000-mile bonus for transferring at least 60,000 Marriott Bonvoy points to an airline.

When redeeming Marriott Bonvoy points, you'll need to pay attention to the new Flexible Point Redemption Rates system, which was introduced in 2022. The new system is based on paid hotel rates and occupancy levels, rather than a fixed category system or peak/off-peak pricing for specific destinations. This means that hotels in less-traveled locations could be cheaper than those in popular destinations, even with the same number of points.

As a general rule, you should aim for 0.8 cents per point in value when redeeming points. That's a good target for most people, but the actual value depends on your personal preferences.

One easy way to maximize the value of your points is by booking free room nights at Marriott hotels. These rooms can be redeemed for as few as 4,500 points, and they're worth about 0.98 cents each on average.

Another useful tool is Marriott's calendar feature, which will show you the availability of award rates for an entire month at a time. This is especially helpful if you're planning a stay during a busy period, such as a holiday weekend.

How many points do I need for a hotel stay?

If you're a member of the Marriott Bonvoy hotel loyalty program, you can redeem your points for free nights at over 8,000 hotels and over 30 brands worldwide. You can also earn points when you stay at these properties, allowing you to save up for bigger rewards and perks.

There are a few ways to get the most out of your Marriott Bonvoy points, including booking discounted stays or using Cash + Points. However, the program is moving to dynamic award pricing soon, which means the number of points required for a free night may vary by date.

Under the old system, you could follow an award chart to find out what point level you needed for a particular stay. But this has been replaced by a more flexible approach to point redemptions that eliminates categories and peak and off-peak prices.

One of the biggest downsides to this change is that it makes booking your point stay more difficult. For example, if you're looking to book an off-peak night at an Eden Hotel in California, you'll need 15,000 points for the stay -- but by the time you earn your points, the cost of that room will have risen significantly.

To make sure that you don't end up paying more than you need to for your point stay, be sure to search carefully and use the Marriott Bonvoy website to find out the exact points needed for your specific dates and location. This will help you avoid costly mistakes and get you the most out of your points.

Another way to stretch your points is by booking discounted rates through the PointSavers program, which offers lower-priced rooms at certain times of the year. These discounts can be very helpful for getting the most out of your points and can save you a lot of money when you're planning a trip.

You can also use your points to book tours and activities at destinations, such as cooking classes, sailing trips or day excursions. You can earn 5 points per dollar spent on these bookings, which are great for maximizing your points.

How many points do I need for a car rental?

There are two major ways to get a free car rental: with Marriott Bonvoy points and through transfer partners like American Express Membership Rewards and Chase Ultimate Rewards. However, both programs are highly variable in how they value points and it is important to choose the right option for your travel goals.

The most straightforward way to earn Marriott points is through hotel stays, with many hotels offering an average of 10 base Bonvoy points per dollar spent. You can also transfer your credit card points to the program or earn bonus Marriott points for spending on certain partners, such as Hertz.

Another option is to get a credit card that has a sign-up bonus for signing up. For example, the official Marriott Bonvoy Amex card comes with 20,000 points for signing up, 2 points for every PS1 you spend and 15 elite night credits per year.

You can earn additional points through other partners, such as Hertz and SIXT. Hertz offers 500 points for a day hire and 2,000 points for rentals of two or more days.

SIXT also offers 750 points for every car hire and 1,000 points for limousine transfers. Alternatively, you can also transfer your points to a third-party such as Alamo or National for additional flexibility.

Hertz also offers an interesting deal that lets you book a week-long car rental with a single 5,000 points. This is worth taking advantage of if you’re an IHG Rewards member, as you can get a very good value for your points.

Until March 2023, Hertz is offering an extra 2,000 Marriott points on eligible rentals of two or more days. This is one of several member-exclusive benefits that Marriott and Hertz have worked out to help you save money on a rental.

In addition to a car hire, you can also redeem your points for cruises through the cruise portal or use them on air and car packages. We estimate that the average value for these awards is around 0.7 cents each, although some options are better than others depending on your preferences.

difference between marriott and marriott bonvoy  2023

The Difference Between Marriott and Hilton Bonvoy 2023

As the two biggest hotel chains in the world, Marriott and Hilton offer a wide range of hotels to suit every traveler. This is especially true if you're looking for a mix of budget, mid-range, and luxury properties.

Both programs also have their own unique partnerships with airlines and other travel companies. But which one is right for you?

Choice Benefits

Marriott offers a slew of choice benefits to its top elite members, including suite upgrades and free night awards. The sweet spot is Platinum Elite status, which includes a second annual Choice Benefit and a 48-hour room guarantee, but the options aren't created equal.

Titanium Elite has an excellent perks package, too: Get a choice of four suite upgrade awards (five) to redeem for premium rooms or suites at participating properties. You also receive an in-hotel gift (at the same rate as Gold members), and can donate to charity.

At Titanium, you can select an extra 50 nights and $23,000 in qualifying spending to earn Ambassador Elite status. That's the most expensive elite status level, but it can be worth it for those who spend more than 100 nights at Marriott properties a year and spend over $23,000 in qualifying spending.

While the Ambassador Elite perks aren't as generous as Platinum or Titanium, they're still plenty useful. For example, Ambassadors get access to Ambassador Service and Your 24 concierge services before and during stays with Marriott Rewards.

In addition, Ambassadors can save 40% on a bed from their favorite hotel brand through the Annual Choice Benefit. This is particularly helpful if you're planning on making the most of your Platinum or Titanium status with a big trip.

Similarly, Titanium Elites can also choose to gift their elite status to someone else. It's an easy way to give someone a bit of a leg up on earning elite status in 2023 and is also a nice gesture.

However, the value of these choices isn't as good as it once was because Marriott has changed how it prices award nights. Starting in March 2022, award prices will be based on hotel availability, seasonality and cash rates, but guardrails will be put in place to keep price points within current award pricing bands.

At the same time, Marriott has also paused the expiration of Bonvoy points through March 31, 2022, which means you won't have to worry about those valuable points expiring before you use them. The change is great for those who don't have plans to use their points anytime soon, but it can also make it harder to take advantage of high-value award redemptions, especially in light of the changes to award pricing.

Expiration Dates

The Marriott Rewards program has a long history of offering soft landing policies to extend members’ elite status levels. These were typically used to give travelers extra time to book a high-value award or extend a stay to avoid a point expiration.

These policies are no longer in place, however. On Tuesday, the company announced that it will be transitioning to "Flexible Point Redemption Rates." This means that hotel prices will change based on the prevailing cash rate instead of the previous award pricing structure. In addition, Marriott says it will remove all of the guardrails currently in place. This means that you will no longer be able to use fixed-point rates when booking a stay at a high-end hotel.

While this will probably help the overall value of Bonvoy points, it could also mean fewer opportunities for high-value redemptions. As a result, it's important to review your redemption plan and ensure that you have enough points available for high-value stays in 2023.

The key to getting the most out of your Marriott loyalty program is to understand what tiers are available and how many nights it takes to get to them. The good news is that most tiers offer tangible benefits such as complimentary breakfast, suite upgrades and late checkout.

In addition, if you have the right credit card, you can earn additional points for every eligible stay. There are also a lot of experiences you can book that can be added to your account, such as culinary tours, helicopter tours and even surfing lessons.

One way to save your points for later is by taking advantage of the “Top-Off” promotion. This promotion allows you to combine your free night certificate with up to 15,000 points to redeem for a Marriott property that has a higher redemption level than your free night certificate is worth.

Another benefit of the Top-Off is that it doesn't require you to make a reservation. You can simply go online to your Marriott account and check the availability of a room that matches your criteria.

You can also check out the latest offers from the Marriott Rewards website, or sign up for their email newsletter. These offers are usually sent out at least once a month and can include deals for both new and returning members.

Points Value

As one of the largest hotel programs in the world, Marriott Bonvoy offers a variety of redemption options. Its scale makes it a great choice for travelers with all travel needs, from luxury travelers to budget travelers and families. The program also allows members to pool points for easier redemptions.

With more than 8,000 hotels and 30 different brands in its portfolio, you can find a place to stay in a Marriott-owned hotel that fits your style, budget and travel purpose. Plus, the program’s flexibility means you can get the best value for your points whether you use them for a hotel stay or a flight.

According to frequent flyer website The Points Guy, points are worth about 0.84 cents apiece when redeemed for a standard room at a Marriott-owned hotel. If you’re looking for a good rate for your Marriott Bonvoy points, look for rooms priced at less than a penny per point in popular destinations like Las Vegas, San Francisco and London.

Another option is to stretch your points by staying longer than you originally planned. Marriott allows Bonvoy members to extend their stays to an additional night when they book a qualifying award stay.

In addition to being able to extend your stay, you can also enjoy other perks such as late checkout and bonus Marriott points on eligible stays. You can even transfer your Bonvoy points to airlines if you want to use them for a flight.

If you’re planning to spend a lot of time in a Marriott-owned hotel, you should consider getting a credit card that earns Bonvoy points. There are several co-branded cards available from Chase and American Express, including a no-annual-fee budget card that rewards you for your Marriott stays and a premium card that awards Gold Elite loyalty status.

You can also convert your Bonvoy points to airline miles, which will give you a 3-to-1 conversion rate. The number of points you need to transfer depends on the airline, but most offer a 35,000-point minimum. This is a pretty valuable option, especially when you consider how much it costs to transfer points from other hotel programs to airline partners.

Hotel Selection

While it may not be the world’s largest hotel chain, Marriott Bonvoy has a lot of options for your hard-earned points. From large brands like Courtyard and Fairfield Inn & Suites to niche names like Homes & Villas by Marriott International, there’s something for every traveler.

A big part of the program’s success is its massive scale, including more than 1.3 million rooms across almost 8,000 properties in 130 countries and territories. The brand also offers a wide array of perks, such as late checkout and free breakfast.

The best part is that these benefits are available to everyone - not just elite status holders. This is great news for both the casual traveler and business travelers, and it’s one of the main reasons we rank Marriott Bonvoy among the top hotel loyalty programs in 2023.

In the end, however, it’s hard to beat Hilton and Hyatt in terms of the hotel selection, perks and overall travel experience. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean you can’t earn and redeem the same points at a lower cost with other hotels and airlines.

The best way to get the most out of your stay is to plan your trip in advance and book early. This can help you avoid the snafus that plagues many travelers, and allow you to enjoy the benefits of your points without worrying about the latest rate hike.

how much is marriott bonvoy membership  2023

How Much Is Marriott Bonvoy Membership 2023?

Marriott Bonvoy is a huge loyalty program that boasts more than 7,000 hotels worldwide. It also offers a variety of credit cards that let you earn elite status without ever staying at a Marriott hotel.

If you want to get the most out of Marriott Bonvoy, you’ll need to pay close attention to your elite-level benefits. But how much does elite status really cost?

Basic membership

The basic membership is free and gives you access to lower hotel rates, complimentary internet and check-in from your phone. It also earns you 10 base points per dollar spent on Marriott hotels, which can be redeemed for free nights at participating hotels, airline miles, experiences, charitable donations and more.

The silver elite tier is the next step up in status, and it provides a 10% bonus on points earned, late checkout (subject to availability) and a dedicated reservation line. In addition, members earn 15 Elite Night Credits each year to help them accelerate their progress toward the next tier.

There are also Titanium Elite tiers that offer more benefits, including a 75% bonus on points earned, 4 p.m. late checkout, a 48-hour room guarantee and higher priority for suite upgrades.

Ambassador tiers are for road warriors, offering all the benefits of Titanium plus a dedicated Marriott ambassador. These members also receive another annual choice benefit after 75 nights stayed, and they can use a mobile app to make changes to their bookings.

The best way to find the Marriott Bonvoy card that fits your travel needs is to ask yourself a few questions before you apply. For example, what will be your average Marriott stay and how often do you plan to book a room at that property? Then, compare the welcome bonuses and other perks to find the right card.

Silver membership

The Marriott Bonvoy Silver membership is a good option for those looking to get the most out of the Marriott Bonvoy loyalty program. The card offers 15 Elite Night Credits per year, automatic Gold elite status and a 7% discount on standard room reservations. It also comes with travel and protection benefits, including travel insurance and baggage delay coverage.

This card also provides a lot of value on common spending categories, such as dining and grocery spending. It offers 6X points for every dollar spent on eligible purchases at hotels worldwide and 4X points for each dollar spent on dining, supermarkets and U.S. airports, as well as 2X points on all other purchases.

It also gives you a free night award each year after your card anniversary, as well as the option to earn another one after spending $60,000 in a calendar year. You can redeem your Free Night Award for a room with up to 35,000 points at participating Marriott properties.

However, you'll want to be careful of how many of these benefits you take advantage of. Some are only useful if you're staying at full-service Marriott brands and can get Suite Night Awards confirmed for meaningful upgrades, while others don't provide any real value for most travelers.

Thankfully, Marriott is also extending the expiration date of elite perks like Suite Night Awards and Free Night Awards through February 2023. This will save you a significant amount of time and effort on redemptions if you don't have any outstanding Free Night Awards or Suite Night Awards.

Gold membership

With more than 7,300 hotels in 131 countries and territories, Marriott Bonvoy is one of the most versatile hotel loyalty programs on the market. Members can earn points for hotel stays and use them to book airline miles, vacation packages or charitable donations, among other things.

The program also offers elite status tiers that reward frequent travelers with valuable perks and a range of benefits like room upgrades, free breakfast, and hotel executive lounge access. You can earn elite status by holding a hotel credit card or earning night credits through qualifying stays.

As of 2023, NerdWallet ranks Marriott Bonvoy fourth out of the six largest hotel loyalty programs in terms of value per point. That's not to say it doesn't have its flaws, but the value of its points is still fairly high, especially if you're using them for high-value redemptions.

On top of that, Marriott Bonvoy recently paused the expiration of its points and extended the validity of Suite Night Awards. These perks give Bonvoy elite members a chance to confirm upgrades at select hotels before arriving.

In addition, Bonvoy has announced a more generous status soft landing policy for 2023. That means members who didn't meet the criteria to maintain their status tiers in 2022 will see their status drop by one tier through March 2023.

However, this isn't a blanket policy that will affect all members who didn't requalify in 2022. That's because the program has a fine line between downgrading elite members and diluting their status.

Platinum membership

The Marriott Bonvoy program is one of the most flexible hotel rewards programs around. It’s a good fit for people who like to stay at a variety of hotels, from posh five-star retreats to budget options abroad. It’s also a great choice for those looking to earn elite status on a budget.

The best way to earn Marriott Bonvoy Platinum status is by holding a credit card that offers it, such as the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant American Express Card (review). It’s a relatively easy status to achieve, and it’s worth considering if you’re planning on staying at hotels that offer this status.

You’ll also earn extra points for your stays, as well as perks like late checkout and free breakfast. You’ll have to pay a small annual fee, but it’s worth it for the benefits you get.

As a member, you can choose from many of Marriott’s 30 brands. These include hotels such as Sheraton, Fairfield Inn and Westin. Plus, you’ll be able to redeem points for a variety of perks, including upgrades to premium rooms and suites. Some perks even come with a welcome gift.

Titanium membership

One of the most desirable Marriott Bonvoy status tiers is Titanium Elite. It comes with a number of benefits including 75% bonus points on stays, enhanced room upgrades (including suites), a welcome gift choice and a 48-hour room guarantee along with all the benefits of Platinum status.

However, achieving Titanium Elite can be a bit of a challenge. To achieve this tier, you need to stay at least 75 nights in a calendar year or 45 nights with credit card elite night credits.

But if you are willing to put in the effort, there is a way to reach Titanium Elite quicker than you might think. That is through the use of select Marriott Bonvoy credit cards that give you elite night credits each year as a perk.

You can also gain Titanium Elite status through a combination of earning and transferring hotel stays to the program. The easiest way is to earn a minimum of 75 nights at Marriott hotels.

The next tier is Ambassador Elite, which you need to achieve by staying 100 nights and spending at least $20,000 each year. You will also get dedicated Ambassador service and Your24, a special benefit that allows you to check in and out at any time of day and night.

Getting Ambassador Elite also comes with some extra perks, including complimentary United MileagePlus Silver status. While it may not be worth it for everyone, it is a nice perk that can help you earn extra award miles when redeeming United miles.

Ambassador membership

The Ambassador status is Marriott Bonvoy's most prestigious elite status, and it comes with a lot of perks. Members get access to suite upgrades (including at Ritz-Carlton properties), guaranteed 4pm late check-out, lounge access and complimentary breakfast, plus United MileagePlus Silver status, which lets you select EconomyPlus+ seats for free and space-available upgrades to business class on United flights.

In addition to these perks, members are also given access to a dedicated team of Ambassadors, who will be available to assist with any issues you might have while traveling. They can help you arrange room changes, bookings or reservations, as well as facilitate hotel requests, like requesting suite upgrades.

While these perks are nice, it's hard to justify spending $23,000 (USD) just to earn this elite status. This is especially true when there are easier ways to earn it.

One of the key perks that made Ambassador Elite so attractive is a personal Ambassador, who acts as your dedicated contact for all your Marriott hotel needs. While this service has been reintroduced in 2023, it will only be available if you meet the spend requirement and earn 100 elite nights.

This is a good change, as it brings back personalized service. It's also a big improvement over the current situation, which saw Marriott gut this important benefit during the pandemic. Hopefully, this will help members feel more valued as a top-tier member in the program.

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