Which Black Ink Crew is Sky on 2023?

Which Black Ink Crew is Sky on 2023?


which black ink crew is sky on 2023

If you're wondering what the sky will look like on the year 2023, then you've come to the right place! There is a great crew of black ink gang members that will be gracing the sky with their fame, including Sassy, Dutchess, Ceaser, Puma, and Ted. So, which one is going to be your new favorite member?


There has been a lot of controversy surrounding VH1's Black Ink Crew, especially since the series' star, Ceaser Emanuel, was fired last month. As the season drew to a close, fans were left wondering how the show could continue without him.

While the decision to fire Ceaser may have been surprising, VH1 did not remove any of his episodes from its digital platforms. It will continue to air them, but it is unclear how long this will go on.

The "Black Ink Crew" franchise is a popular one. It focuses on the lives of tattoo artists and their close-knit crew. Many of the cast members are professional athletes or celebrities. They also attract video vixens.

Since the series' premiere in 2011, "Black Ink" has expanded to eight shops nationwide. One of these is in Atlanta, Georgia. This city has become very popular with the cast.

The franchise has been a favorite among fans for years, introducing a difficult subject to the cast's life. Some of the crew members are dealing with legal problems. For instance, Tatti has been struggling to keep her relationships with her co-workers in tact.

The upcoming season of the Black Ink Crew will be focused on events leading up to the departure of Ceaser. The cast will have to come together in the face of adversity.

Although a recent scandal brought him to the forefront, Ceaser is still planning to return to reality TV. He is rumored to be filming a program with Sky.


Sky and Dutchess have a complicated history that has been played out for years on the Black Ink Crew. However, things have changed in the past few months. The two are getting back together, but there are still a lot of things they haven't discussed.

During the April 12 episode of Black Ink Crew, Dutchess made a comment about her relationship with Sky. She said that she didn't think that they were real twins, and that the kids are in juvenile detention. During her talk, she questioned Sky's parenting skills and claimed that he didn't love his kids.

After this incident, Dutchess and Ceaser were forced to take a break from the show. They had been in a heated fight and were trying to figure out what they would do next. But then, Dutchess came to New York to celebrate a magazine cover, and they had to figure out what to do with themselves.

It looks like Dutchess and Ceaser are going to be in the spotlight more this season. They are going to face old foes, but they also have to deal with new ones. One of those new faces is Puma.

Puma is a former best friend of Ceaser's. As it turns out, he wants to open up a tattoo shop in his hometown of Atlantic City. So, when Puma breaks his boundary, it causes a big rift in the group.


If you are a fan of the reality show Black Ink Crew, you may have wondered if the show's new entrant, Puma, can make a splash in the tattoo business. Well, we have the scoop!

The crew is returning for a tenth season, and while the cast has evolved over the years, the crew has also faced its fair share of challenges. As the cast prepares to face new trials and tribulations, one thing remains the same: the squad is ready to win.

During a recent interview, Puma told fans what they can expect from their new show. He talked about some of the most anticipated moments of the upcoming seasons.

One of the most notable scenes involves the cast's trip to Miami Beach. This is where the ladies travel for Sky's upcoming surgery. At the same time, Walt is on a quest to find out whether or not he can be a good friend to his daughter.

Several other notable scenes involve the 113th Street crew heading to sunny LA for a twerk fashion show. The crew also helps Sky out with a major surprise.

The crew has also been hard at work on their own personal projects. Puma is working on a new clothing line. Also, he's taking his son horseback training. And he has a big announcement to make at a local event.

Another big moment involves the cast's return to VH1 for a third season. Previously, Ceaser and Puma had a close relationship. However, things took a turn when Puma overstepped his boundaries.


Sassy is one of the cast members of the VH1 docu-drama series Black Ink Crew. She was originally the receptionist at the Black Ink tattoo shop in Atlanta, Georgia.

After years of being out of the industry, Sassy is coming back to her roots and helping build the Black Ink brand. She feels a connection with the crew and has great PR skills.

Sassy has been one of the most unproblematic cast members on the show. She has been known to develop a loyal following, which has helped her stay true to herself.

On Black Ink Crew: New York, Sassy was the publicist for the shop. In addition to that, she was also the manager for Art2Ink. When she came back to the show, she reunited with her former friend Tanyelle. As a result, she has a following of 276,000 Instagram followers.

During the first episode, Sassy introduces herself. She is 32 years old and born on October 18, 1990 in New York. She is a mother of one child.

She was a part of the original Black Ink crew. Since then, she has been promoted to manager of Art2Ink and is leading a major ad campaign.

Puma has a new tattoo shop in Harlem. He wants to make it the biggest billboard in the city. However, he's faced with a hard time. He turns to Sassy for help.


There are changes afoot in the Black Ink crew. They haven't been announced yet. Still, some fans are wondering if Sky Carson is on her way out. She's been suspended from the platform after she had a controversial moment on the show with her son Des.

Ceaser Emanuel is the founder of the Black Ink Crew franchise. He appeared on the first few seasons of the show as a receptionist. Later, he moved to New York to pursue his passion for tattooing.

Teddy Ruks is an entrepreneur who joined the Black Ink family during season four. He has since appeared in every season. During his time with the crew, he's been with several women.

As of right now, he's been dating Tati, and they've taken a big step in their relationship. However, he's a notoriously hot head. That could be a problem for their trip.

The crew heads to Puerto Rico. On their trip, they're worried about safety. But that isn't the only problem. Donna receives a threatening phone call. When she gets to the shop, she's caught in a compromising position.

Dutchess is shocked by the pre-nup request she receives. And when she finds something on the computer, she realizes something is up. Her loyalty to Ceaser is put to the test.

Puma has plans for a new tattoo shop in Harlem. His plan is to get rid of all the other crew members. This could lead to a war within the crew. So, he needs to find a way to keep things in order.


If you were a fan of "Black Ink Crew" then you are probably aware of the recent news that one of the main characters, Ceaser Emanuel, is going to leave the show after Season 9 comes to an end. This has led to plenty of talk in the social media sphere.

A lot of people were wondering what would happen to the Black Ink crew without Ceaser. The show will continue on for another season, but without him.

It's no surprise that a number of the cast members have had their own struggles along the way. Some have gotten into hot water with the police and others have a long list of unpaid bills. Others have had to endure the ups and downs of running a small business.

There's been plenty of debate over whether or not Puma and Teddy have the chops to take over. They've both invested in their own musical and acting careers, and some fans aren't sure how they'll handle running a business.

While it was not the first time that "Black Ink" showed a wedding, the series also filmed the ceremony in Jamaica. Both Puma and Quani were married seven years ago in the same country.

The "Black Ink" crew will return for Season 10 on VH1 on Monday, October 18. In the meantime, the crew will face some hard decisions and be forced to adapt to a post-Ceaser world.

Where is Sky From Black Ink Crew 2023

where is sky from black ink crew  2023

If you haven't seen Where is Sky from Black Ink Crew 2023 yet, you're missing out on one of the best shows on TV. The show has everything you want in a comedy: tons of laughs, a good storyline, and characters you can root for. Here are some things you should know about the show before you start watching it.


Black Ink Crew is a reality show that focuses on the lives of tattoo artists in Harlem. Over the course of nine seasons, the crew has faced many challenges, but they have also found success. This season, fans will get a glimpse into the lives of the crew as they try to cope with the changes that come with a new reality.

Season 10 is set to begin on October 18. The episodes of the show are scheduled to air on VH1 on October 18th at 8PM ET/PT. The premiere will feature a large surprise.

When the crew returns from vacation, they will be confronted with a lot of tough decisions. The crew will be forced to decide on their futures and their families. They will be forced to choose whether to stay in New York or move to North Carolina.

During this time, the crew is planning a charity art show for local kids. As they plan the event, they will be faced with questions about family and marriage.

A new crew member, Persuasion, joins the Black Ink Tattoo family. She arrives with a secret. Her presence will cause chaos.

Ceaser, the founder of the show, is also getting ready for a big decision. He will decide whether to return to New York or take his business to the Dirty South.

Spyder, the self-proclaimed "Black Ink" royalty, has been dealing with a serious health issue. His decision will change his life forever.

Donna and Alex are having relationship issues. Their love is starting to crumble. However, they are trying to win over Donna's father. Meanwhile, Teddy rekindles his relationship with a long-lost family member.

Ceaser's breaking point

If you're watching the VH1 reality series "Black Ink Crew" you've probably noticed that Ceaser Emanuel has been in trouble lately. He was removed from the show after a shocking video surfaced online.

The video showed him abusing dogs. Eventually, VH1 fired Ceaser.

While he's not in jail, Ceaser is in therapy and is taking steps to deal with his mental health. He's also hosting gigs and working on his relationship with his daughter, Kitty.

However, there are some surprises coming for Ceaser. His crew is returning for another season. This means you can expect to see the return of several cast members you've grown to love.

There are a few new faces. One of them is Puma. He is a successful entrepreneur who is trying to reinvent himself in his 40s. As a dad, he's not sure what his future holds.

Another new face is Donna. She's been feuding with her twin sister, Alex. But she's going to have to make a decision about her relationship with Max.

Another surprising moment involves Puma and the crew. He's got a tattoo shop. That's a pretty big deal in the Black Ink world.

So, when the crew returns for season 10 in 2023, they'll face some big decisions. For one thing, they'll have to come to terms with the fact that Ceaser is gone.

Ceaser's departure was a hot topic on social media. Many people questioned whether or not he'd be back for Season 10. It's unclear whether or not he'll ever be back on the show, though.

With that said, the cast has managed to keep the momentum going and make it through the tough times.

Sky's relationship with Jadah

Black Ink Crew is back for Season 7 with a two-hour premiere episode. As a part of this season, the crew visits Puerto Rico to celebrate the reopening of their new shop.

But before they leave, there are some other important topics to cover. The crew has a secret paternity test to perform on O'S**t's new baby. Also, Rob and Bae receive devastating news. However, they also find an unlikely bond with Rok.

While on their trip, the crew gets a call that has an unexpected result. They are visited by a guest who is on a quest for revenge.

This leads to some very surprising developments. One of the first is that the cast will be joined by Jadah Blue. She is from Rochester, New York. Although her name hasn't been revealed, she has been a part of the show for years.

Another major highlight is the arrival of a new artist. Teddy Ruks has been playing the part of the playboy on the series. He has a romantic history with both Sky Days and Jadah.

It's unclear how the rest of the crew will react to the news, but Donna and Alex have already caught each other in a compromising position. And it looks like Ceaser's daughter is stepping in.

Donna and Alex try to recapture the magic of their bedroom. Their attempts are hindered by a recent video.

However, this doesn't stop them from catching each other in a compromising position. In fact, it leads to a prank on Ceaser.

In addition to a surprise visitor, the crew has other surprises in store. One of these is a re-opening of Black Ink NOLA.

Ceaser's relationship with Dutchess

Ceaser's relationship with Dutchess on Black Ink Crew has been a long and turbulent one. From the beginning of the series to its final season, their love story has been rocky and messy.

Dutchess has been on the show for several seasons and has even been a guest star on season 9. She is a tattoo artist who opened her own shop in North Carolina. However, the show has recently brought up some issues between Ceaser and Dutchess.

The show has had a lot of romance between members of the crew, but one of the hottest love stories has been between Ceaser and Dutchess. Although the two have had a good time dating, there have been a few rocky moments along the way.

While it is not clear if their relationship is still strong, Ceaser and Dutchess seem to have moved on. They were engaged in 2015, and were expecting a child.

During the early seasons of the show, there were some rumors that Ceaser and Dutchess were having an affair. This caused a huge uproar among fans. Some felt that Ceaser had been abusive to Suzette, while others believed that Suzette was simply lying about the situation.

Since their split, Ceaser and Dutchess have moved on with other women. They have also had on-camera dalliances. But the rumors about their relationship never ended.

Fans are watching the Black Ink crew try to work out their differences. They are all trying to get back to normal after an incident that shook the franchise. When one member of the cast receives an unexpected phone call, they begin to get nervous. After a night at a club, the relationship threatens to implode.

Puma's time in Atlanta

Puma returns to Black Ink Crew after a two year hiatus. He is a longtime friend of shop owner Ceaser Emanuel. But the relationship between the two of them is a little rocky.

Puma's return comes with some big surprises. Initially, the news is a surprise to everyone. But once he tells everyone the real story, it becomes apparent that the news is bigger than the crew expected.

The biggest news is that Puma has a tattoo shop. His plans to move to Atlanta are becoming a reality, but he is a little worried about his COVID-19 infection. After learning more about O'S**t's life, he decides that he'll need to take steps to protect his family.

Puma has a tattoo shop in New York. He hopes that opening a location in Atlanta will be beneficial to his business. However, his plans are complicated by the fact that he needs to convince his mother-in-law to give him permission to open a shop in the city.

While his plans are still up in the air, he does get the chance to show off his new shop. When he isn't busy with his new venture, he reminisces about the old days.

Another big news is that the Black Ink Crew is getting ready for a big convention. As a result, the crew is traveling to Atlanta.

The crew is also planning to hold an art show for the local kids. It's a charity event, but it's also a show that features the crew.

The other big news is that Ted is considering a full-time move to Atlanta. He's investing in the craft as an actor and musician, and wants to give back to the community.

Where is Sky From Black Ink Crew 2023?

where is sky from black ink crew  2023

If you haven't yet gotten your fill of Black Ink Crew 2023, you might be curious about where the series is heading. A new season is slated for release later this year and fans will get a chance to see the cast reunited to relive the drama's first three seasons. However, if you want to catch up on the show before you watch the new season, there are plenty of ways to go about it.

Ceaser's decision to leave

Ceaser Emanuel is the founder of the Black Ink Crew. He's a tattoo artist who is known for his witty quips and a love of women. But his reputation took a hit when he was accused of animal abuse in a viral video. This caused him to be fired from the show.

Although he's no longer a part of the cast, the drama of his departure is still being talked about on social media. So how will it affect next season of "Black Ink Crew New York?"

The cast has been through many storms over the last nine seasons. But the team is now ready for another round of victories. However, they'll have to learn how to survive in the post-Ceaser world.

While the team's newfound success will be exciting, they may have to deal with some heavy blows. And one particular blow comes from Walt, who's been struggling with full-time parenthood and the responsibilities of being a member of the crew.

The situation between Ceaser and Cheyenne isn't getting any better. Both parties are still bickering on social media. That's because Ceaser isn't allowed to contact her. A CPS case is open against him, and he's no longer permitted to visit her.

On the other hand, Ceaser is working on his mental health. He's taking steps to improve his life, and he's also trying to make a name for himself.

Another notable aspect of his recent controversy is his relationship with daughter Crystal. She's not shy about dragging him on social media.

When he's not on "Black Ink Crew", Ceaser is making appearances on Love & Hip Hop and hosting other events. His value is estimated to be around $2 million.

Young Bae's struggle to maintain relationships with her co-workers

Young Bae is a tattoo artist. She joined the cast of Black Ink Crew in Season 5. The show follows a crew of tattoo artists and their daily operations at their shop located on 113th and Lennox in Harlem. During the show, the cast of the Black Ink crew gets involved in crazy antics.

Last season, the crew faced prejudices against Asian-Americans. In this episode, Young Bae aims to change this and build a better world for her son Niko. However, her efforts are put to test when she finds out that her ex-husband Rob is not present in his son's life.

On this upcoming episode, the crew returns from Atlanta, where they resided for two months. But things go haywire when an unexpected guest shows up at the shop. Moreover, Young Bae's mother puts pressure on her to get married before she leaves for Korea.

At the same time, the crew is trying to figure out if Bae's marriage will go through, especially since her mother is still staying. It is a tough situation for her and her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Tati wants to amend her relationship with Ted. But her attempt fails. This leads her to confront her twin sister about their relationship. Her relationship with her husband has also been strained. Ultimately, she ends up in an emergency room.

Afterwards, the crew heads to Miami to help Ceaser with his legal issues. As a result, they encounter his former best friend.

After a shocking event occurs, the crew is on a spiritual journey. However, it isn't enough to ease their concerns. They end up having to deal with another crisis.

Tatti's struggle to maintain relationships with her co-workers

While Tatiana "Tatti" Ritter is a star of the show, she has struggled to keep her relationships with co-workers. After being arrested, her life was public knowledge and she's had to deal with legal troubles.

Tati was one of 40 people indicted for alleged roles in narcotics trafficking. She was charged with two felonies and was released on her own recognizance. However, her case was more about a conspiracy than it was about the crime itself.

It's not hard to figure out why Tatti is having a tough time maintaining relationships with her co-workers. Even after she's been released from jail, she's been on the wrong side of some colleagues thanks to a'stank attitude'.

Tati and her girlfriend Jemz from the 125th shop are in an ongoing fight. They've been arguing about how to keep their relationship on the DL. Meanwhile, Krystal and Rok are having fun together.

On the other hand, Ted is ready to prove himself. He invested in the craft as an actor and musician, and is considering moving to Atlanta full-time. But, he's having a tough time deciding between being a loyal friend or being a boss.

Fortunately, he's got someone in the crew to back him up. Spyder, for example, has suffered a traumatic health scare last year. Now, he's looking to make his family's legacy a success.

As for the new member of the Black Ink crew, she's expected to arrive soon. However, Ceaser isn't too impressed with her loyalty. Instead, he wants to show her that his crew is strong and he's willing to put his own name behind it.

There's also a big announcement coming out of Melody. However, it may be too good to be true.

Sky's unexpected arrival throws the wedding into chaos

The Bachelorette tries to make it to the altar this season, but a surprise guest throws it all into chaos. When a former flame shows up at the wedding, the bridal party and wedding weekend are completely out of control. Luckily, Sky's new manager-in-training can help the crew get the wedding back on track.

But when the crew finds out that Bae is expecting a baby, they are shocked. And the news isn't good for the couple's relationship. It's also a blow to the mom of one of the babies. That leaves Rob and Bae both wondering how to keep the family together.

Amid the chaos, Ted and Tati take a big step in their relationship. But then a phone call sends them into a spiral. They realize that the relationship isn't as strong as it once was.

Meanwhile, Ceaser and the Dutchess face each other for the first time since they kicked each other out of their apartment. Puma's mother-in-law goes on a warpath. Quani makes a decision that shocks the crew.

As Bae struggles with pregnancy, a shocking diagnosis threatens to tear her and her husband apart. But the couple finds an unlikely bond with Rok. So they try to make peace with the Dutches.

As Sky prepares for surgery, she's caught in a compromising position. She tries to prevent Kitty from becoming Ceaser's new love.

At the same time, the crew struggles to find a way to get Donna back. However, a threatening phone call leaves her in hot water. In addition, Donna faces fallout from her run-in with Anya.

On top of all of the drama, Melody makes a devastating announcement. Her estranged family is heartbroken. Luckily, Lalo comes to the rescue with a plan to help the financial situation.

Reuniting the cast to relive three seasons of drama

The upcoming fourth season of Black Ink Crew is the show to watch and with the return of the cast we are set for another epic season. One of the best parts of the show is that it is a frankenstein's monster of a show with characters that aren't as polished as one would expect. Having a group of characters with so many quirks is a fun challenge for the cast and the show is a welcome breath of fresh air.

For those who didn't get a chance to check out the new season, the VH1 has a few upcoming viewing events. Check out the aforementioned Watch Parties, the aforementioned VHX branded viewing events and the evergreen VHX branded events. There are some great deals to be had on all of these events.

As for the actual event, the real thrill lies in the camaraderie and a chance to relive the good ole days with the cast. Not to mention the chance to catch up on all the old school shenanigans. Besides, the show is a perfect excuse to re-engage with your loved ones and the cast is a friendly lot. If you have the time, go for it. Alternatively, you could just pop in for the usual fare. Just be sure to bring your wallet as it is going to be a cash cow. You can also count on getting treated to the infamous tees.

Despite the best efforts of the cast, you can bet that there will be a few bumps along the way. It's a fact that some cast members will not make the reunion cut. However, as the cast is all but a family and their relationship is one of kinship, this is not the end of the line for everyone.

Is Black Ink Crew Coming Back on 2023?

If you love watching Black Ink Crew, then you've probably been wondering when the show will return for a season, or even if it will be renewed for a season at all. However, as with many shows, the answer may not be as simple as it seems. Below are a few things you should know before you make your final decision.

Season 10

Black Ink Crew: New York is ready to hit the airwaves for a new season. This show follows the lives of the tattoo crew that services a slew of high-profile clients. It also features the day-to-day operations of an expanding Harlem tattoo empire.

The cast includes Ceaser Emanuel, owner of the Black Ink brand. His cousin Teddy Ruks is his right-hand man. He has a new tattoo shop and wants to expand his business.

Ceaser's latest dog abuse video has put the future of his show in jeopardy. VH1 ended their relationship with him in June. However, there are still OGs in the Black Ink family.

After Ceaser's arrest, the crew is stunned. But, the show hasn't lost its spark. With an eye on the future, the crew begins to make amends. One of their first steps is to host a charity art show for local kids.

Meanwhile, Tatti has settled into her new role as leader at the shop. She has been dealing with legal issues from the past. Trying to repair her relationships with co-workers, she tries to win back an old friend.

Spyder has fought a health scare last season, and focuses on his career now. He also has a family legacy to uphold.

Donna and Alex's relationship began to fall apart after their feud with the shop. When she receives a threatening phone call from the twin sister, Donna re-considers her choice.

Season 11

Black Ink Crew is a reality television series that follows the daily operations of expanding the Harlem tattoo empire of Ceaser Emanuel and his crew. The show chronicles the relationships and drama of the Black Ink family. It was originally airing on VH1 in 2013.

Originally, the cast of "Black Ink Crew" included Ceaser Emanuel, the owner of the Black Ink Tattoo, as well as his cousin Ted and Donna. They were joined by other members of the Black Ink family.

However, it is unclear if there will be more seasons. There have been rumors that VH1 and creator Ceaser Emanuel are no longer working together.

Several social media users are speculating that 'Black Ink Crew' will end after the departure of Ceaser. Meanwhile, the show's new addition, Melody, has made a surprise announcement.

This season, fans will get to see the crew of Black Ink as they face racial unrest. They will follow them as they try to adapt to a new normal.

As the crew prepares for a trip to Puerto Rico, they are faced with a difficult decision. Puma is ready to make a huge move, but he isn't sure what his forties have to offer.

On the other hand, Donna is on a quest to find herself. She faces some struggles with her relationship with Alex and is also trying to deal with her issues with Walt. At the same time, Tatti is making a leap to become a homeowner.

Season 12

The Black Ink crew is ready to return for another season. But they're going to be doing it without Ceaser Emanuel. It appears that this time, they're refocusing on their family, friends, and professional lives.

A lot of people have speculated on the future of the reality TV show. And they're not wrong. For one thing, the crew has been rumored to be getting canceled.

On the other hand, the Black Ink franchise is still going strong. Many OGs are still working in the industry.

During the first half of the new season, the crew gets a fresh addition: Melody. She wants to come back to Black Ink. However, she faces some problems with Teddy. Also, Tatti has been dealing with some legal troubles.

At the same time, Spyder is back to refocusing on health and legacy. He's investing heavily in music, as well as his acting career.

Meanwhile, Sky has some serious personal issues to deal with. Her surgery has been scheduled at Miami Beach. There's also a possibility of a civil war.

With the news coming in, Ceaser needs to make a decision. But he's being surrounded by enemies. So, he tries to mediate the conflict between O'S**t and Kathie.

On the other hand, the Black crew decides to hold a charity art show for local kids. And in the midst of all of this, Nikki drops a bomb on O'S**t.

Season 14

If you haven't yet checked out Black Ink Crew, you should. The show follows a rambunctious staff in a prestigious tattoo shop in New York. Throughout the series, they celebrate milestones, grapple with family issues, and compete against one another.

Season nine started with Ceaser opening a shop in Brooklyn. His employees haven't stopped trying to make things work in the studio. They've also delved into other passions during the pandemic.

After a short stint in Atlanta, the crew returns to New York. Ceaser has a tough decision to make. He has to decide whether or not he's going to return to his old life or try to live a new life in the big city.

Meanwhile, Donna and Alex find themselves on opposite sides of the fence. When a client comes in to tattoo her, she's caught in a compromising position. However, she tries to make amends with her boyfriend.

Another surprising event happens. A new fling arrives at the studio with some news. She wants to work at Black Ink. But she's also hoping to get back with Ceaser.

Spyder has made a comeback and is back to his usual self-proclaimed "Black Ink royalty." He's focused on health and legacy. While he's still an underdog, he's no longer holding his life back.

O'S**t has a grim warning from the doctor. He needs to make a decision that could change the future of Black Ink.

Season 16

There's a new season of "Black Ink Crew" on the way. This season, fans will be introduced to a new character and the crew is headed to New Orleans.

The cast is set to return for the next chapter of the show, which will focus on personal relationships and national unrest. Whether it's dealing with family drama, racial tensions or the fallout of a scandal, viewers can expect plenty of surprises.

Season 16 will air on VH1. Fans will also have the opportunity to see the cast during the upcoming riots in Atlanta.

This season, "Black Ink Crew" is scheduled to air on December 6 at 10pm ET/PT. The episode will follow the crew as they adapt to their new normal. It will also include a new "Black Ink Down South" campaign and a celebration of the shop's grand reopening.

Fans will be excited to see more of Ceaser and his crew. This season will feature an appearance by the cast's mentor. As well as a new member of the Black Ink family, Jadah Blue.

Fans are sure to love this season's sex-themed twists. Donna is a match for the crew. She will get her first tattooing job at the shop. But she has some trouble at home. Her twin sister, Alex, is single and has some relationship problems with her sister.

Donna also plans a girls' night, full of surprises. She's on a quest to discover herself. However, the party goes awry when a shocking video is played.

Season 17

Black Ink Crew is a reality TV show that follows a group of tattoo artists in New York. The show chronicles their professional and personal lives. It has been running for five years, with many of the original cast still in the industry.

A new season of the reality show will air on VH1 starting in December. Fans will see the crew's professional and personal lives as they head to a tattoo convention in Philly, celebrate a magazine cover, and attend a charity art show for local kids.

This season is a prequel to the previous ones. During the previous seasons, the crew has made it through a number of upheavals, including the death of O'S**t's baby. And even after Ceaser's arrest, the crew continues to work.

Now that they are married, the crew takes the opportunity to make amends with Jess and Walt. However, things go south when they receive news about their son's custody.

On the flipside, the crew plans to celebrate the grand reopening of Black Ink. However, their festivities will take a turn when an unexpected guest shows up.

A new manager-in-training arrives at the shop. Her words incite a brawl. Sky and Tiffany come to blows, and Donna is caught in the middle. Suddenly, Puma has a decision to make.

The crew also goes on a camping trip. However, when a man from their past shows up at the shop, they find themselves in a dangerous situation.

When Does Black Ink Crew Come on 2023?

when does black ink crew come on   2023

If you have been a fan of the hit TV series Black Ink Crew, then you may be curious about when the series is coming back. This article has some answers for you regarding the premiere date and the cast of the upcoming season.

Season 10 premiere date

Black Ink Crew has been a hit on television for nearly a decade. The series follows a team of artists at a tattoo shop in New York. This season, the cast will celebrate 10 years of Black Ink while also focusing on their personal lives. Season 10 is expected to air in spring or summer of 2022.

Ceaser Emanuel is the founder of the franchise, and he has recruited a crew of his close friends as the tattooists of the "Black Ink" empire. Each of the crew has their own individual goals, but they are all dedicated to the same cause - to bring the community together.

The cast of the show includes: Ceaser Emanuel, Young Bae, Dutchess Lattimore, Ashley Nicole Bermudez, and Kevin Laroy. These are some of the most talented artists that have appeared on the show. They are all known for their unique and outrageous antics.

In this season, the crew will also face a host of challenges. In addition to dealing with a new challenge, the crew will also have to overcome family drama. A few of the OGs remain in the tattooing business, while several new bloods will join the ranks.

After a brief absence, the crew returns to the city to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Black Ink. However, a fight at a bar leads to a change in the group. It will be interesting to see how the group adjusts to their new life after the Ceaser era.

The show also explores the daily operations of the shop and the staff's various personalities. Throughout the season, the gang will go through a lot of drama and turmoil, including a visit to Philadelphia for a tattoo convention. There, the crew will have to make some hard decisions that may affect their future.

As the season progresses, the members of the crew will have to deal with personal issues, including the birth of a baby. The crew will also have to grapple with the aftermath of the recent pandemic. Several members will find themselves in stressful situations, including Puma, who is experiencing an uptick in stress due to the family issue. He and Krystal both wonder what their future holds.

Despite the recent upheaval, the "Black Ink" franchise has been able to retain its popularity. It has been broadcast on VH1 and is available on Netflix. Fans can expect to see more episodes in the upcoming season, and the team will have to work harder to get back on their feet after the Ceaser era.

In addition to the series, fans can also follow the cast on social media. Several of the stars are active on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Besides, the series is also available on the VH1 app and on Paramount+. If you are looking to try out the shows, you can take advantage of a 7-day free trial.

Season 10 cast

Black Ink Crew is a reality television series that follows the lives of an African American tattoo crew in New York. The show airs on VH1, and it features Ceaser Emanuel, who is the creator and owner of the Black Ink brand. It has captivated the television audience for five years. After a break, the show has returned for another season.

This season focuses on the cast's personal and professional lives, as well as the daily operations of their Harlem tattoo shop. As the series progresses, the show follows the crew as they adapt to a new normal. They also face national unrest and racial tension. There is a lot of drama to look forward to in the upcoming season of "Black Ink Crew."

Season 10 will follow the crew's professional and personal lives in New York as they prepare for their next big move. While there are not any official announcements, the cast is likely to be around for the premiere. The cast includes the members of the crew, as well as other artists. These artists are known for their work.

Some of the cast members who appear in the upcoming season include Ceaser Emanuel, Dutchess Lattimore, Kevin Laroy, Young Bae, and many others. They all work at the tattoo parlor owned by the show's creator, Ceaser Emanuel.

The show's creator, Ceaser, will have plenty of action to deal with in season ten. He plans to expand his Black Ink brand and open more shops. At the same time, he wants to give back to the community. That is why he has hired a team of close friends to help him out.

The cast will be joined by Jadah Blue, Phor Robinson, and Corey Brumfield. Teddy Ruks will serve as the show's right hand man. Also joining the cast is Persuasion.

Tatti will have to step down from her position as manager of the shop, as she has to deal with legal issues. She also faces challenges with her relationship with Teddy. When she finds herself single, she begins searching for herself. Fortunately, she meets Alex, a crew member. Together, the two begin to fall in love.

The crew is also joined by a young newbie, named Young Bae. Young Bae left a horrible family environment in South Korea to find a better life in New York. During the season, he was able to get to know the crew and start to gain a deeper understanding of the art of tattooing.

One of the biggest questions fans had in the last few seasons was whether or not the Black Ink crew would continue after Ceaser. There is no official confirmation as to whether or not the show will continue, but a number of social media users believe that it will.

Season 10 plot

Black Ink Crew follows the lives of a group of tattoo artists in New York. This season will be centered around the crew's lives outside of work. The team has been on vacation, but will soon be back to work.

There are many new faces in the Black Ink family. Sky has a son Genesis, while O'S**t is expecting his fourth child. Spyder has suffered an extreme health scare last year. He plans on opening a boutique in Miami.

One of the new characters is Jadah Blue. She is joining the Black Ink legacy. However, she has a rocky past with coworkers.

Another member of the Black Ink crew is Teddy, who hasn't done much in the way of playing the game. However, he is attempting to change his behavior. Also, he has a relationship with Jess. They have both been trying to get their kids back home. It is a long road, and they are in need of a little help.

Puma has also returned to the Black Ink crew, after taking a hiatus to start his own shop. He plans on expanding the business and is looking to bring more clients to the Brooklyn location. Meanwhile, he re-evaluates his life.

Ted has invested in his craft as an actor and musician. As a result, he is looking forward to a new and exciting career. Still, he doesn't want to give up on his family.

Donna's relationship with Alex has become strained. She has questions about her future at the shop, but she hasn't given up on her passion. Luckily for her, she has a new side hustle.

Ceaser has a run in with the police. After the incident, he is visited by his spiritual advisor. He is confronted with some news that is likely to be a major blow. His family is in the news too. But there's a surprise thrown in for good measure.

"Black Ink Crew: New York" will air on VH1 this October. While the show has yet to be officially renewed, it is rumored to have more episodes in its upcoming season. So, it is safe to say that fans will be excited to see what the new season holds.

Although it's been announced that the season will be split into two parts, the question still remains: what happens next? We'll find out when the premiere airs! Until then, you can watch the newest episode of "Ink Squad" on Monday, March 19!

Check out the rest of "Black Ink Crew: New York" on Netflix. You can find more information about the show here. If you are interested in checking out the series, don't forget to register and take advantage of the advanced features.

Black Ink Crew: New York has a huge lineup of talented cast members, and fans will love seeing all of them together. This show is definitely a must-see!

How to Watch Black Ink Crew 2023 Online

how to watch black ink crew  2023

If you are a fan of the Black Ink Crew, you will be thrilled to know that Season 10 of the show is coming out on VH1 and fuboTV on February 18. It's going to be a huge season, especially since the crew is now working with Ceaser and Pretty-N-Ink is in trouble in North Carolina. We can't wait to see how they handle this new set of challenges!

Art2Ink crew vs Ceaser

If you've ever seen a Black Ink episode, you've probably noticed that the cast and crew seem to be running into trouble with each other. Season four of the show is no exception.

After the shocking events of season three, Puma is now back as the main enemy of Art2Ink. He is the owner of the tattoo shop and his mother-in-law is threatening to close the business. This means that he has to make a decision.

The first season of "Black Ink Crew" featured Ashley Nicole "Sassy" Bermudez. She was the former manager of Black Ink Atlanta. As well as a guest star, she appeared in five seasons. However, she didn't appear in the last three.

Dutchess Lattimore was a member of Black Ink Crew from seasons two to six. However, she left the show after season eight.

Sky's relationship with Walt has been strained. She's been suspended from the crew. Eventually, she decides to go to Texas to get closer to the children she gave up for adoption. While she's there, she meets Rok and finds an unlikely bond with him.

Ceaser continues to be the CEO of the Black Ink Studio. However, he's also trying to expand his business. It's also his son's birthday.

Donna is in hot water after Alex posts a scandalous video online. As she's caught in the middle of the situation, she decides to seek revenge. That is, until she gets a disturbing letter from her tattoo client.

Dutchess' health scare

For those who are fans of "Black Ink Crew" and have been watching all nine seasons, you may have noticed that a lot has changed. For example, Dutchess has left the show, and it looks like she is back in Charlotte, North Carolina. But she still has second thoughts about the relationship she has with Ceaser.

Throughout the early seasons, you saw a lot of conflict between O'Shit and the Black Ink crew. The show also saw some tumultuous times between Dutchess and Ceaser.

However, things have been looking up for both. The shop is making more money than it has in ages. And there's a new face coming in to work at the studio. This means that there is a lot to look forward to for season 10.

Despite all of the changes, Sky has been on better terms with his sons. He is also making more time for his family. That includes his daughter Lulu, who has recently arrived at the shop to support his brother.

Meanwhile, Sassy has been a lot more assertive. She's also made a big decision about the future of Black Ink.

After a series of events, Puma and Ceaser decide to try to mend fences in Atlantic City. When they find out that Ted is going to be mixing with Mixxxy, they both become jealous.

But Sassy keeps it together at the shop and keeps everything under control. Eventually, she confronts Ted about the rumor.

Pretty-N-Ink's down in North Carolina

The Black Ink Crew is back in a new season. This series features a crew of African-American owned businesses. Their adventures are filled with crazy stories and hilarious moments. You will love the entrepreneurial spirit of the owners and their business sense.

Puma, the PR man for the Black Ink Crew, gets some shocking news. He's opening up a new tattoo shop uptown. As a result, he has to grapple with complex family issues.

O'S**t continues his downward spiral. His visit to court is a failure. However, it brings baby mamas together. It also brings some unexpected news to Mike.

Ceaser is in trouble. He leaves guys questioning their loyalty. Eventually, he gets arrested for assault. That's a major shock to the crew.

Dutchess's tattoo shop is still a work in progress. A lot of money has been invested in the project. But when key supplies fall through, it's time for a tough decision. She must choose between leaving the shop or staying.

Donna has her hands full. Her relationship with Alex is rocky. She also has to confront her estranged father. Plus, she has to decide if she wants Max to make her honest.

Cease has a lot of questions. He wants to know if she's still married and if she has kids. He also struggles with being a good boss. And his daughter isn't satisfied with him.

Spyder's health scare

Last year, Spyder suffered an extreme health scare. But he's back better than ever. The self-proclaimed "Black Ink" royalty is now focused on his health and wealth. He's even rekindled a long-lost family relationship.

In the Season 10 premiere of Black Ink Crew New York, the team will face some reckoning. They'll have to figure out how to operate in a world where Ceaser is no longer with them.

Spyder's wife is concerned for his well-being. She sets up an appointment with a doctor to determine what's going on. It turns out he may need brain surgery.

When the news gets worse, it affects the entire crew. Mike and Ted are both shocked. As they try to figure out what to do, Sky takes a surprising turn.

Donna gets a surprise. Her abusive behavior towards Alex caused her to be fired from the shop. However, she decides to apologize. She also plans a girls' night full of surprises.

Teddy has some serious concerns about Bae. But he's also trying to make amends. At the same time, he's figuring out how to handle his full-time father responsibilities.

Puma is getting ready to launch a new tattoo shop. Though he's not yet sure what he'll do in his 40s, he's determined to give his children the best life he can.

Tati, who has been struggling with legal issues, takes a managerial role. While she's at it, she'll get a fresh start as an apprentice.

Season 10 premiere on fuboTV

Black Ink Crew is a reality show about a group of tattoo artists. This show is very popular in the United States and has had a great impact on many of the artists that have been featured on the show.

"Black Ink Crew" follows the lives of a crew of tattoo artists that work at a black owned tattoo parlor in the Harlem area of New York City. The cast has changed over the years, but the show remains true to its mission: to document the work of the artists in this neighborhood.

One of the best aspects of this show is that it follows the lives of a variety of different characters. Some of the people that have been featured on the show include: Don Brumfield, a tattoo studio manager; Phor Robinson, also known as Corey Brumfield; Crystal Torres, who has been a guest artist on several episodes of the show; and Liz Kocan, who has been a pop culture writer.

Despite the differences in the cast, the group of tattoo artists seems to have a good time together. The crew even goes snow tubing. However, despite the fun they have, their friendships were tested by the strains of success.

The show's creator, Ceaser Emanuel, is the head of the group and he has appointed some of his friends to become tattoo artists. While the original show was a grim look at the lives of the artists, the more scripted version of the show has gotten a little old.

Season 10 premiere on VH1

In the tenth season of "Black Ink Crew," we will follow the crew as they prepare to move forward from the losses and celebrate their triumphs. During this time, we'll also get to know them as they face a turbulent world of social unrest.

After a grueling year of health problems, Spyder is ready to get back to the things that matter most. He's become active on social media and in his music career. And he's refocused on his legacy.

Tatti has been working hard to prove her artistic skills, but she isn't the only one who's changing. Her work with her coworkers has improved. She's also becoming a first-time homeowner.

Ceaser Emanuel is the creator and owner of the Black Ink brand. In addition to owning a successful tattoo empire, he also has a girlfriend in Atlanta. However, his personal life is starting to take a toll on his business.

Teddy Dawson recently spoke with Distractify about the future of "Black Ink Crew." The cast is still uncertain about what will come after the 10th season of the show. But, there are a few things we do know:

A new deal is in place with Krystal and Rok. Both have plans for the shop in the future. They'll be getting more clients.

Spyder is also making an appearance on the show. While he's always been active on social media and in his music career, he's recently focused more on his health.

Did Black Ink Crew Get Cancelled 2023?

did black ink crew get cancelled 2023

The show is set to begin a new season in 2023 but does this mean that Black Ink Crew was cancelled? The only problem is that the premiere date for Season 9 is on April 19th, and there are only two episodes. So, it's not like the show will have a lot of material to work with. However, it's not a bad start, and there are a few other things that might be coming up that could make fans excited.

Season 9 premiered on 19th April 2021

The ninth season of the hit reality series, "Black Ink Crew", premiered on 19th April 2021. It follows the lives of owner Ceaser Emanuel and his crew, which includes tattooists, rappers, and hip hop stars.

The show follows the lives of the owner, his daughter, and his crew. It chronicles the daily operations of the Black Ink shop, located on 113th Street and Lennox Avenue in Harlem. During the show's ninth season, the crew was called out to Brooklyn, where the owner opened a new Black Ink studio.

On the eve of the opening of his new shop, Ceaser receives a shock. A former employee of his has been accused of stealing money. He also faces a life sentence for a crime he isn't involved in. His crew goes to court to try to settle the matter.

Meanwhile, Sky tries to fix her broken relationship with her son she gave up for adoption. She also plans to open a boutique in Miami. However, her plans go awry.

Donna and Tatti get into a fight. Their argument spills over into their personal lives. Alex posts a scandalous video and Donna is put in hot water.

Ceaser is apprehensive about letting his daughter be with her twin sister. He also confronts employees after Kitty was jumped.

After receiving bad news from his doctor, Ceaser reaches a breaking point. His crew finds him in trouble and his daughter comes to visit. Eventually, Ceaser makes a decision.

Puma offers a new opportunity that could strain their relationship. But, they aren't sure whether to accept the offer or not.

Donna has to make a difficult choice. She wants her job back, but Max isn't interested.

Sky gets a shocking diagnosis. She needs to make a decision that will change her life. Ultimately, she chooses to go on a spiritual journey.

The season also sees the return of Mama Bae, who guest-starred on the show during the seventh season. Her storyline is one of the most dramatic in the series' history.

Other guests include Jessica Miller, Crystal Torres, and Euni Ruks. If you haven't seen the episodes yet, you can watch them online or through the VH1 app.

Ceaser Emanuel's departure from the show

Ceaser Emanuel's departure from VH1's Black Ink Crew has led to some controversy. Fans of the show have been left wondering what exactly happened to the Harlem-born tattoo artist, and why he was kicked out of the group.

The show, which airs on VH1, follows the lives of four members of a New York tattoo shop. Despite the show's popularity, it has been plagued by controversy in recent years.

A video surfaced online that allegedly showed Emanuel abusing a dog. He was accused of hitting the animal with a folding chair. It was released by his ex-girlfriend, Suzette.

After the video went viral, VH1 decided to part ways with Emanuel. His lawyer did not dispute the footage. But the network did not remove any scenes of the former cast member from the show.

However, a series of events leading up to Ceaser's exit from the show are being kept under wraps. This is because the show's producers are working on how to deal with the situation.

When it came to his mental health, Ceaser said he has been taking steps to improve himself. He also said he doesn't want his past to overshadow his future.

He plans to return to the show in the future. He has already received offers to film another show with Sky.

Before he was famous, Ceaser had a troubled history. In addition to child support issues, he had feuds with tattoo artists.

He was arrested several times and has been in the news for a number of incidents. In fact, his attorney has defended him in the past, even after allegations of child abuse.

Though he has a lot to learn about his mental health, he hopes that his next ventures don't overshadow his legacy on Black Ink Crew.

His future with the network is uncertain, though. He has already signed on to host some events. And he is reportedly working on a new tattoo shop. If all goes well, the series could be back on the air for the tenth season.

Season 9 has only 2 episodes

The cast of Black Ink: New York has had an exciting season so far. From relationship drama to a shocking diagnosis, there have been plenty of twists and turns.

Donna and Tatti's fight over space at the shop is spilling over into their personal lives. When Tatti is forced to hire a lawyer, she freaks out. She's also caught trying to steal a client from Melody. That's not the only shocking news she's gotten.

Van Johnson, who starred on Black Ink: Chicago, left the show after a tumultuous season. He's now back as part of the new Houston crew, along with Ceaser.

Ceaser is the king of tattoos. He owns the original shop in Harlem. His rambunctious crew is known for their antics. And this season, he wants to get his shop back on the right track.

After finding out that Sky was betraying him, Ceaser fires her. But not before she comes up with a plan to get revenge.

While she's out of town, the Black Ink Crew throws a Scarface-themed party to impress a girl. They also go snow tubing.

Krystal is working on a music video. This turns out to be a bit of a disaster. When she goes on a date with a coworker, she receives some unexpected news.

The Chicago crew isn't without their share of problems. Bae and Rob receive devastating news. Kathie's child support payments are a worry. Meanwhile, Quani's decision leaves Puma shocked.

The crew has a tough start in Atlanta. Kat plans to attend the tattoo convention in New York. Unfortunately, she doesn't get to enjoy the festivities with the 9Mag family. Luckily, her cousin, Naeem, introduces her to the rest of the crew.

The show has had some amazing cast members. Some of them have even made guest appearances on previous seasons. For example, Crystal Torres, Euni Ruks, and Jessica Miller all appeared on Season 9.

However, most of the cast have rotated between supporting roles. There have been a few notable exceptions. Among them are Mama Bae, who guest starred on Season 7.

As Season 9 of Black Ink: New York continues, the crew will have to deal with the fallout of Ceaser's arrest. Plus, there's the big Black Ink Prom, where the team will be competing in fierce competition.

Season 10 is coming

Black Ink Crew: New York is a reality television show that follows the professional and personal lives of a group of tattoo artists in New York City. It's been running for nine seasons, and will soon have another.

The show centers on the tattoo shop of Ceaser Emanuel, a man who is determined to bring his family's empire to a new level. In Season 10, he has a lot of action to offer fans.

One of the show's main characters is Tatti, who has struggled to maintain relationships with her co-workers. She's also recently been involved in a legal battle with a federal court case.

Another character is Puma, who is also a leader at the shop. He's been considering a full-time move to Atlanta. But he doesn't want to give up his family.

The cast will also include Young Bae, who is a single mother and activist. She's committed to creating a better world for her son, Niko. Aside from the show's focus on the tattoo shop, viewers will get a behind-the-scenes look at the crew's personal life.

Throughout the show, viewers will see the artists struggle with issues such as violence against Asian-Americans. The show is produced by MTV Entertainment Studios.

Although the show hasn't been officially renewed, the cast has already started working on new projects. They're expected to appear in the premiere of the upcoming season.

If you're eager to find out what happens in the new season, you can stream it right now. FuboTV and Philo will both have the show available for you. To try out either service, you can sign up for a free trial. There are even more channels to choose from, including a variety of live sports events.

In addition, fans can follow updates on Instagram. You can also watch the show online at VH1 or Netflix.

So, if you're looking for a show to watch next month, don't miss Black Ink Crew: New York! The series will return with Season 10 on February 21. Keep an eye out for the show and catch up on all of the episodes!

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