Where to Watch Love After Lockup Season 1 2023 Online

Where to Watch Love After Lockup Season 1 2023 Online


where to watch love after lockup season 1  2023

Love After Lockup season 1 is one of the best television shows out there. If you want to watch the series online, here are a few options that you can check out. Some of the places you can go include Netflix, Felons 4 Life, and WE tv.

Life After Lockup

Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup will feature nine former inmates and their significant others. This season will explore the trials and tribulations that these couples will face once they are released from prison.

This show offers a unique perspective on relationships and dating. As these couples transition into life outside of prison, they will face the many challenges of moving in together.

The show will air on Friday nights at 9pm ET/8pm CT on WE tv. In addition, a free trial can be watched on fuboTV. You can also stream Life After Lockup on DirecTV Stream.

The show is produced by Sharp Entertainment. They also produce the hit show, The Walking Dead. Executive Producers include Alan Madison, Matt Sharp, and Dan Adler.

The show is based on the true story of two couples who met in prison. They were married at the end of season one. Their love grew after their release from prison, even though they had to break the rules.

It was through this relationship that Sarah stood by her husband while he was behind bars. She hoped for a happy family life once he was released.

As the seasons progress, the featured couples face new challenges. These include trust issues, jealousy, and the pressures of living together in the real world.

"Love After Lockup" has earned high ratings. It is the highest rated cable program among women 25-54 in 2018. Additionally, it is the fastest growing new cable reality show last year.

Despite its shaky beginning, the show has become a cult hit. Fans have praised its unique perspective on relationships.

If you enjoy drama, Life After Lockup is for you. It's packed with action and drama, and it's worth checking out.

WE tv

The explosive docuseries Love After Lockup returns with a new season. It follows six couples as they navigate the real world outside of prison. They face challenges like trust issues, jealousy, and other emotional hurdles.

"Love After Lockup" airs on WE tv on Friday nights at 9 pm ET. The show is an in-depth look into the lives of lovebirds who are still trying to figure out how to live together in the real world. There are four new couples joining the cast, as well as the return of two franchise favorites.

Several of the couples have been criticized for their romances, but Love After Lockup has a fresh take on the usual dating show format. For the first time, it will focus on real people going through genuine problems.

Among the eight episodes, viewers will also see Chance find out about Tayler's baby, which may spell trouble for his relationship with Britney. Also, Mikey reveals that he's lying about his past.

One of the new couples, Skylar and Nathan, begin dating while both in police custody. However, their relationship was interrupted by a dramatic breakup. Since then, they've been living at their grandmother's house.

Other couples include Justine and Michael, who are married in prison. They have three children, but are unhappy with their music manager. Meanwhile, Travis is concerned about Ashley's neighbor flirting with her.

Finally, there's the mysterious wedding, which will put everyone's lives in jeopardy. The four returning couples will also be featured, as will five new ones.

Despite its many challenges, Love After Lockup has earned praise for its edgy premise and unique take on romantic relationships. If you haven't seen the series yet, you should definitely check it out.


The show features a number of couples who are on the verge of marriage or have just been released from prison. While the show's focus is on the romance, it also covers other important topics like social adjustment and trust.

Love After Lockup is a show that has a lot of buzz around it. It's a mashup of a documentary series and a reality television show. And while it's not a documentary per se, it does give viewers a behind the scenes glimpse at the lives of nine former inmates and their significant others.

In its first season, it focuses on the romances of six couples who met while they were locked up. Each of the couple has their own unique challenges to deal with as they navigate the transition to life on the outside. Some of the biggest challenges include getting a job, making friends, and figuring out if they want to stay together.

There are a number of ways to watch Love After Lockup. You can sign up for the free trials available on streaming services such as fuboTV and Philo. However, if you're not in the US, you'll probably need to get a VPN to stream the content of your choice. But don't worry - you'll still be able to enjoy the show in its entirety.

If you're in the mood for a bit of quality cinema, you can head to Crackle, which has an impressive library of popular movies and TV shows. Alternatively, you can try watching the show on Dish, AppleTV, or one of the other satellite service providers. All of them have a variety of packages, which vary in price.


Love After Lockup is a television show that follows six couples as they make the transition from love behind bars to the altar. Among the most popular are Scott and Lizzie, who have a burgeoning Instagram following of over eight thousand.

The reality show is set in Australia. Fans of the series will be pleased to know that season 5 has already been greenlit. Season 5 will feature at least 22 episodes, and possibly more.

Love After Lockup has garnered favorable reviews from viewers. Some are hopeful that season five will give them even more reason to watch the series.

Love After Lockup is available on Netflix, Dish, and fuboTV, and it can be found on Apple's iTunes store. It's also geo-blocked in some countries, so be sure to check your local listings.

Love After Lockup is a very popular TV show, and it was ranked #1 among cable programs in prime time on Friday nights among women 18-49. In fact, the series has a 4.6 rating on Facebook, and it has a 6.4 IMDb rating.

The original version of the show debuted in January 2018. Although Love After Lockup has enjoyed a successful run, it has recently been renewed for a fifth season. While it may not be the best television program of all time, fans of the show are glad that it is still on air. Many viewers are rooting for the couple despite their trials and tribulations.

The show's main spinoff, Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup, premieres in January 2018. The new show follows the five couples from the original series and includes two new couples. One of the first things these newly married couples will have to face are the challenges of a life outside of prison.

Felons 4 Life

Love After Lockup is a television show on WE tv that follows a number of couples that have been recently released from prison. Each couple has to deal with the temptations of drugs, alcohol, and life outside of the prison.

The show is produced by Sharp Entertainment, a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Television. It is one of several WE tv shows. Other shows include Third Time's the Charm and What's Love Got to Do with it.

The series focuses on couples who have been released from prison and are trying to get back together. The episodes of Love After Lockup are usually 90 minutes in length. They are available on a variety of different platforms. Some are on demand and others are available through Google Play Movies and Apple iTunes.

The cast of the series includes Angela Gail, Lamar Jackson, Garrett Tanner, Johna DiGrigoli, Scott Davey, Lizzie Kommes, Mary and Dominic Dalla Nora, and Andrea Edwards. If you are looking for a good reality show to watch, this is definitely a good one.

The new season of Love After Lockup starts on January 7th, 2019. You can catch it on the WE tv channel. In addition to that, the series can be streamed live on FuboTV and Philo.

In this new season of Love After Lockup, you can expect to see a number of new couples. One couple is a bank robber, the other is a jeweler. Both couples are hoping for a happy family life.

Another couple is a family of reformed felons. Both men and women in these relationships are in love with the other. Whether the love will survive is up to the individual partners.

Where to Watch Love After Lockup 2023

where to watch love after lockup 2023

If you're in love and want to find out where to watch love after lockup 2023 then you're in the right place. Here you'll learn everything you need to know, from where to go to what to do.

Life After Lockup: Lame Sex or Psycho?

Life After Lockup 2023 is a new series which tells the story of a group of prisoners who live together in a maximum security prison. It is a story of relationships, family and friends and the secrets that each holds. While in the prison, they experience everything from a surprise wedding to a dangerous temptation. But the trouble doesn't end there. A mysterious call from the prison asks for money and the girls must decide if they can trust a man they've never met.

As they try to make it through the day, they come face to face with some of their worst enemies. They are shocked by the confessions that Dustin makes. Chelsea fears that Mikey is lying about his fiancee. Meanwhile, John flirts with a very dangerous temptation. There are also some other surprises in store for the crew.

In the midst of this chaos, Shavel receives a phone call from a man named Quaylon, who tells him that he can help him win back his love. However, Shavel's family isn't too happy with the news and they pressure him to cut off his contact with the man.

Life After Lockup: Felons 4 Life

The latest episode of WE Tv's Felons 4 Life is all new. It features a number of engaged couples as they deal with family drama and surprise firsts during their engagement. There is also a mystery car chase that threatens the safety of Monique and Derek. Also, Cameron hatches a crazy plan at the re-release. These stories are sure to be thrilling!

The cast of "Love After Lockup" includes Andrea Edwards, Tony Wood, Lamar Jackson, Angela Gail, Scott Davey, Lizzie Kommes, James Cristin, Mary and Dominic Dalla Nora, Garrett Tanner, Johna DiGrigoli, and more. All of them have worked on the popular television series. For example, the late Alla Subbotina worked with the cast in the early episodes. She died after a long battle with addiction. Several of them were arrested and were convicted for crimes. Some of them are currently serving time for these charges. But they still have each other.

Love After Lockup, a spinoff of WE Tv's "Life After Lockup," follows the lives of recently released felons who have begun to meet and form romantic relationships.

Love After Lockup 2023 - Is Nicolle Still Single?

where is nicole from love after lockup 2023

If you've been following Nicolle Bradley's career, you've probably heard about her recent arrest. But now that she's out of prison, is she still single? Read on to find out if Nicolle has moved on from her boyfriend and her love life.

Nicolle Bradley's relationship status

The Love After Lockup television series is a reality show that documents the lives of inmates and their partners. It is a spin off of the famous reality show "Life After Prison." While many fans are rooting for Tia Mowry, the show has also showcased other inmates like Nicolle Bradley, Daonte Sierra, and Lindsey Downs. Some of the more intriguing relationships have been the ones with Nicolle and her boyfriend Daonte.

According to fans of the show, Nicolle Bradley's relationship with Daonte hasn't been as promising as it seems. Though the two were together, they never seem to be in a serious relationship. Many fans believe that Nicolle may have fallen in love with Daonte while she was still in jail. Other fans are a bit more cynical. They feel that Nicolle might have pushed Nicolle away.

Another relationship that fans aren't too sure about is Nicolle's upcoming engagement with Tia. Both women have avoided talking about the marriage. However, the two have been seen together a number of times on social media. One of the more interesting photos of the two of them was a picture of them dancing at an adult club. This could be an indication that Nicolle may be getting back into the stripper game.

A third relationship that is causing fans to wonder is the marriage between Nicolle Bradley and Tia Simmons. Tia and Nicolle got married in April of 2021. Since then, Nicolle has not posted on social media. However, she was seen at an adult club in Virginia Beach a few weeks ago. On Instagram, she posted a video of herself twerking. There are some concerns about Nicolle's health. Fans hope that she does not suffer from any health issues.

If you are a fan of the Love After Lockup television series, you might have noticed a lot of changes. Nicolle hasn't been in any legal trouble since her release. But a recent post on Instagram showed that she was working as an exotic dancer. She also posted a picture of herself on stage wearing a pair of high heels. Her latest post was also a clip of her twerking adjacent to a stripper pole.

Nicolle Bradley has been twerking at a Virginia Beach club called Mermaids. Although it hasn't been announced, the series is coming back to WE TV for a fifth season. WeTV says the first episode will air on January 7th, 2022 at 9/8c. In addition to Nicolle Bradley and Tia Simmons, viewers can also expect to see Lacey Whitlow, Lindsey Downs, and Daonte Sierra.

Nicolle Bradley is definitely back in the adult entertainment business. As fans know, she has appeared in several adult videos with Lacey. Now, she is getting back into the stripper scene.

Nicolle Bradley is currently not talking about her marriage, but the fact that she's dancing at an adult club is a good sign. If she doesn't get married soon, a new stripper job may be in her future.

Nicolle's relationship with her boyfriend

It seems that Nicolle Bradley from Love After Lockup is in a sad place. Fans of the reality show are worried that her health might not be as good as it was. There are also reports that she is dating someone else. This can be a sign of a possible breakup.

Daonte and Nicolle are still working on their relationship. However, he is already getting the hint that Nicolle is no longer interested in him. He has even been contacting his mother. If he wants to get back together with her, he will have to put up with some difficult situations. In the meantime, Daonte is looking for a way to end their relationship.

During Season 4, Nicolle and Daonte met for the first time. Neither was really interested in each other. However, the two eventually fell in love. They even filmed their wedding ceremony for the show. The couple attempted to have a baby several times.

Unfortunately, Tia was not happy about the relationship. She claimed that she had been "messed around" by the pair. Tia has a problem with her voice and was seen having a hard time speaking on the show.

When Daonte saw Nicolle's posts on social media, he was upset. But he was not concerned with her sexuality. Apparently, he did not like the idea of Nicole hooking up with a woman in jail. And, he wanted her to delete all her contacts with her ex.

Although Daonte was not able to convince Nicolle to leave her boyfriend, he did try to convince her to move on. Nicolle, on the other hand, was not willing to give up her relationship with her boyfriend. On the show, he even gave her money. At one point, he even gave her an iPhone!

Nevertheless, Nicolle and her new boyfriend had some issues before they actually spoke. One of them was Nicolle's lack of communication. According to her, she was only ready to be intimate with her boyfriend after he had breast augmentation. Moreover, she said that she had not yet decided whether she wants to share her life with him or not. Fortunately, her boyfriend did not take her words seriously.

Eventually, Nicolle got back in touch with her old girlfriend, Tia. After a few weeks, Tia showed up unexpectedly at Nicolle's house. While there, she and Nicolle discussed webcam stuff. Afterward, Tia told Nicolle to choose who she wants to be with.

Before Nicolle can decide on whom she wants to be with, however, her former boyfriend tells her to stop spending time with him. Meanwhile, Nicolle's new man shows up with a blurry picture of himself. Whether he is a new boyfriend or a longtime friend is not clear.

Despite the problems, Nicolle wants to keep her relationships going. As a result, she has spent some time with her ex-boyfriend and her mom. Aside from that, she hopes that her nephew will have a better example when he grows up.

Nicolle's relationship with her wife

If you are a fan of Love After Lockup, you probably wonder where Nicolle is right now. She hasn't been on social media for quite some time, and she hasn't been seen with her husband in a while either. But now, Nicolle has resurfaced and she's taking her relationship to the next level. In an Instagram story, Nicolle announced that she was going to become a stripper!

Fans aren't sure what exactly that means. Apparently, she's done with her job as an exotic dancer at Mermaids. However, it's possible that she's just doing what's best for her family. Nicolle is also an aunt. She hopes to set a good example for her nephew in the future. It's also possible that Nicolle and her husband have separated.

Until recently, it was thought that Nicolle and Daonte were still together. They've been working on their relationship, but they've had some hiccups along the way. On the July 9 episode, Daonte rolled up at Nicolle's mother's house unannounced. This may have been a sign that they are no longer together, but there was also a mention of their relationship status on Nicolle's Instagram.

When Nicolle and Daonte were first introduced on Love After Lockup, they were in the midst of a romantic relationship. Although the couple had some issues, they were committed to building a future for themselves and their children. Since then, they've been working to rebuild their relationship, and Nicolle seems to be more interested in her work than her marriage.

However, Nicolle has been known to be secretive. As a matter of fact, Nicolle and Tia broke up in October. And even though Daonte was seeing Nicolle, he didn't tell her that he was moving in with her. Even when Nicolle was getting ready to get married, she didn't tell Tia that she was engaged to Daonte.

The Love After Lockup star also dated another inmate, Lindsey Downs. During this time, the two made a deal to exchange gifts. That gift didn't come to fruition, however. Instead, Nicolle ran into some of the money she'd been given by Daonte.

According to a source, Nicolle is now living with a friend. Nicolle's ex, Tia, hasn't spoken to Nicolle since November, and it's unclear if she has moved on. Despite this, Nicolle has been spending time with her mother. Some fans are concerned about her health. While her health appears to be okay, fans hope that it doesn't decline.

Daonte and Nicolle have always had a confusing relationship. Earlier in their relationship, Nicolle claimed that she wanted intimacy with him only after breast augmentation. However, she didn't like how Daonte was overpowering. There's no word on whether Nicolle still has an interest in him.

Daonte hasn't revealed his relationship status to the public, but he's been active on Instagram. He's also written letters to inmates. These things aren't necessarily signs of a relationship, but it's a good start.

Where is Lindsey From Love After Lockup 2023?

where is lindsey from love after lockup 2023

If you're like most people, you've probably been wondering what happens to the characters from the television series Love After Lockup after their lockup in 2023. Will they find love and happiness again, or will they remain a fugitive?

Daonte Sierra

If you have watched Life After Lockup, you may have noticed that Daonte Sierra has been seeing Lindsey Downs. The two of them have been advertising their relationship as if they were back together.

Since the release of Lindsey, the couple has been dealing with a number of issues. For example, Lindsey is having difficulty dealing with her ex-boyfriend Blaine, and they have been spotted kissing in public.

In addition, Lindsey has been dealing with issues involving her daughter. While she has a job to help with her daughter's college fund, she is also being pulled in a number of directions. She's dealing with legal issues and family issues, and she needs to step back and focus on herself.

Meanwhile, Nicolle has been in prison for four years. When she was released, she met Daonte, and they quickly developed a romantic relationship. However, Nicolle didn't want a future with Daonte. Instead, she wanted to use him for financial gain.

Eventually, Daonte realized that Nicolle wasn't interested in him. So, he decided to break up with her. But, he didn't give up. He spent a few thousand dollars on her. He even bought her an iPhone.

Now that Lindsey has been released, she's trying to reconnect with her daughter. Unfortunately, she's been dealing with a constant clinginess from her boyfriend, and she's having a hard time focusing on her own future.

Despite all of the difficulties, Lindsey is still working towards a better future. Her mother, who has been taking care of her daughter, is concerned about her.

Blaine Bailey

Blaine Bailey is one of the most popular stars on Life After Lockup. He's a former inmate who was in possession of meth. His current status is probation/parole.

One of the things that fans wanted to see most was the relationship between Lindsey Downs and Blaine. They've been dating for a while, and they've become quite the social media star. The pair have shared plenty of family updates on their social media accounts.

Blaine's biggest flaw was his need for attention. Fans were not enamored with his need for praise. However, he's made some significant improvements.

Blaine has made a lot of changes in his life. He's been helping Lindsey find work. He has even provided her with a place to live once she's released.

The "Life After Lockup" series follows nine former inmates and their significant others. It's a good look at how these former felons and their partners navigate relationships and life after prison. There's a lot of train wrecks, but occasionally there's also some good stuff.

The Love After Lockup series features a lot of breakups and betrayals. But it also features one of the best couples to ever grace a reality show.

While Blaine and Lindsey aren't dating anymore, they're still very close. Their relationship is evident on social media, and they even had an Instagram Live session in which they answered fans' questions about their love lives.

Scott Bradshaw

Scott Bradshaw and Lindsey Downs were the most controversial couple on Love After Lockup. Their relationship seemed toxic and they were unable to make it work. But now they've moved on. And they're in a new relationship. This spinoff of Love After Lockup will continue the drama.

When they were on the show, Lindsey Downs was looking for a rich man. She was convinced that Bradshaw was only in the relationship for his money. Instead of finding him, she found messages from another woman, and found Scott's cellphone with naked pictures of other women.

As a result, Scott Bradshaw decided to move to Mississippi so he could be with Lindsey. He bought a house for Lindsey and their daughter. However, they discovered the home was a rental. It was also a mess.

In the spinoff, Lindsey trashed Scott's office. She carved "F-k you" in his desk, and wrote on his executive desktop with a permanent marker. They had a confrontation.

Scott didn't like the way Lindsey had ruined his plans. He thought it was over. But he still hopes for the best for her.

Now, Scott is trying to contact his ex-girlfriend in prison. He hopes she can come out of her jail time and function in society. Meanwhile, she's trying to get her boyfriend Tia to stop contacting her.

But Nicolle is still in love with Tia. She is pregnant with Daonte.


Nicolle McDaniel has gotten back into the swing of things. She has been seen posting pictures on Instagram and TikTok, showing her love for dogs. It appears she has taken her career to a new level.

While Nicolle and Tia were seen together at the beginning of season four, it looks like Tia has stepped away from the relationship for a while. Her last post on social media was in August.

Nicolle has been in contact with her ex-boyfriend while she was in jail, but they have never been intimate. This may be because Nicolle hasn't been ready to talk about her marriage.

Nicolle also has been spending time with her mom. She has said that she wants to be a good example for her nephew. However, she has been struggling with health issues for a long time.

Hopefully, she won't end up using drugs to cope. The Love After Lockup fanbase worries that Nicolle is not in a good place.

During the first two seasons of Love After Lockup, fans wondered if Tia and Nicolle had split. Tia and Nicolle were a very fun couple to watch. They had tried to have a baby several times. Their wedding was filmed for the show.

In the past, Nicolle and Daonte have been confused about their status. Nicolle said that she didn't want to be intimate with Daonte until after she had breast augmentation.

Downs' relationship with a seductress

Lindsey Downs isn't just an actress, she's also a former inmate. And the show that focuses on her life in prison has been a hot topic lately. So much so that her ex-fiancé, Blaine Downs, has gone as far as to write a book about her. But despite the attention, Downs hasn't gotten her act together. She has a young daughter to tend to, and it's not too hard to see why she's still feeling the sting of her fall from grace.

One of the more interesting aspects of her time in jail is the close relationship she developed with her children. They even get to spend time together a few times a week, as long as they don't stray too far from each other. The duo have also bonded over their social media usage, and the Instagram page of their respective ilks is a treat to behold.

On the flip side, they've also had to contend with the wrath of their former spouses, and have been subjected to the usual barrage of accusations, as well as a number of high-profile arrests. This makes it that much more important for both of them that they heed the call. After all, they're both responsible for some pretty big messes.

Downs' sobriety has been tested as well, and the show's producers have made it clear that her time in jail is not a thing of the past. It may not be long before she's out, and if she's lucky she might actually get a second chance at love.

Blaine's relationship with a seductress

A love affair with a seductress after a lockup may sound like a good idea, but Blaine Bailey isn't too enthralled with the thought. After college, Blaine moved to Maine, where he served as a press editor. He was unsuccessful in his bid for the presidential nomination. However, he did serve two terms as Secretary of State.

The relationship between Lindsey Downs and Blaine Bailey is one that will last for a long time to come. In fact, the couple was actually released from prison recently and are now living together. Their relationship isn't as formal as it could be, but it's still a close one.

Although Blaine and Lindsey have made an effort to keep their relationship professional, they haven't stopped being friends. For example, they've kept the rule that they can't date each other's employees. This means that they spend a lot of time together with their children.

"Love After Lockup" is set to return to WE tv on December 16. It's a spinoff of the hit series "Life After Lockup" that will focus on 10 new 90-minute episodes. Like its predecessor, the show will follow nine former inmates and significant others as they attempt to navigate the transition from incarceration to freedom.

Not only are the characters exciting, but viewers can expect the show to bring the drama. Besides Lindsey and Blaine, fans will also get to see four new couples.

Love After Lockup on Directv 2023

what channel is love after lockup on directv  2023

If you're looking for a new show, you might have noticed that there are currently a number of new shows on directv. One of them is called Love After Lockup, which is the story of an ex-couple who reunite after being locked up for a few months. They're hoping to get back together as soon as possible, but it might take a while before they find a way.


Love After Lockup is a show that follows couples that meet while incarcerated and then get released. The show has a unique premise and it has consistently high ratings. Season one averaged about 663,000 viewers per episode.

Season two averaged a little over a million viewers per episode. Some critics say that it does not do enough to expose the true lives of the couples. While there is some truth in that, the reality show also features a lot of infidelity and drama.

Season four will feature a new set of jailbirds and lovebirds. They will have their own arcs. There are five new couples and four will be returning from previous seasons.

"Love After Lockup" will be on WE Tv every Friday at 9 p.m. ET. It will air 10 new 90-minute episodes.

Ashley Dawson and Travis Dawson have been together for four years. However, they have been hiding secrets from each other. Ashley is nervous about Travis' criminal past. She is worried that Travis is relying on her for employment. She wants to hire Travis to work at her jewelry store. But she is uneasy about her neighbor flirting with Travis.

"Love After Lockup" was ranked number one on television for three straight years for women 25 to 54. In addition to its unique premise and high ratings, the show also features a realistic portrayal of real problems.

Fans of the show appreciate that it does not objectify the inmates and it offers a new perspective on romantic relationships. One of the most common criticisms is the hiring of actors.

There are no confirmed cast members for season 5. The show is open for applications, but if you want to appear on the show, you have to fill out an online application.


Love After Lockup is a docu-series based on a premise: six couples will meet after their partners are released from prison. The series will cover the trials and tribulations of the featured couples and how they navigate the transition to the real world.

In the first episode of the new season, Michael and Justine will have to find out if their marriage will survive in the outside world. Their children will be thrown into the mix as well. They will also have to adjust to their new home in Pennsylvania, and deal with the ramifications of fame and bad habits.

The show also highlights a few brand new couples. One of them, Gabby, has undergone plastic surgery and purchased an engagement ring. She has also taken the time to upgrade her apartment.

Another new couple is Derek and Monique. They met through a Facebook pen pal group. They've been together for two years, but haven't seen each other face-to-face yet. As for Monique's concerns, she's worried about Derek's safety. And while they're getting to know each other, the two are able to check off the biggest box in the Love After Lockup book: a ring.

While Love After Lockup will feature six brand new couples, four of the previous occupants of the ring will return. They include Gabrielle, who's back with Chris; Justine and Michael; and Skylar and Nathan.

The show has received positive reviews. Fans are pleased with the realistic portrayal of the trials and tribulations of couples living in the outside world. Its educational capabilities are also a plus.

The show also has a spinoff, Love During Lockup. This show features a different couple each week.


Love After Lockup is a reality television series that follows inmates in their quest to figure out how to live together outside of prison. The series covers various themes such as family, trust, and infidelity. It also features a variety of couples, including new ones.

The show has been a hit for WE tv from the very beginning. It averaged a high 663,000 viewers per episode during its first season, and its second season garnered over a million viewers per episode.

Season four will feature five brand-new couples and ten new episodes. Each episode will cover a different aspect of the featured couple's relationship. There will be a number of exciting firsts, bigger doubts, and more mystery.

Some of the new episodes will focus on two newly released couples. One is a reformed ex-con who has had a tough time adjusting to life outside of jail. His girlfriend has a major fear that her boyfriend is not in the best shape. During the course of the show, she will receive some devastating news.

Another newbie is Michael, who has not been out of jail very long. He had a rap career and went by the name Montana Millz. But he has been arrested for drug related charges. Now he wants to re-enter the music scene, and he seems to be considering a move to Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, Justine and Michael are married, and Justine worries about how her husband's new fame will affect her. They have three children and are moving into a bigger house in Pennsylvania. However, Justine is worried about her bad habits. She is irritated by her music manager.


If you're looking for a show that is filled with drama and lots of emotion, look no further than Love after Lockup. This reality television series follows inmates who meet each other in prison.

The series is based on real events, but it also features insecurities, infidelity, and relationships that have bumps along the way. It also details the process of developing relationships with significant others after prison.

On the fourth season of Love After Lockup, viewers will get to see more of the jailbirds. Season four will follow the lives of five new couples.

One of these couples is Daonte and Nicolle. They were both inmates from different states, and they're known for loving hard.

Another couple is James and Alla. They met while Alla was in prison. She started an on-and-off relationship with him. Their love story has been controversial.

Another couple is Justine and Michael. They got married while Michael was in prison. But the couple is having a difficult time adjusting to their new family.

There is a lot of catching up to do. Michael wants to spend more time with his family. He's especially excited to see his brother Lincoln. He's also concerned about Cameron's rap career.

There are also five couples from the original Love after Lockup. Gabrielle and Chris, Scott Davey and Lindsey Downs, and Bradley and Sierra are all featured.

Love after Lockup is a popular show that has been broadcast on WE TV. Fans like the realistic portrayal of real problems and the show's educational aspect. However, there are some fans who aren't convinced that the couple's marriage is real.

Watch Love After Lockup on Fridays at 9 p.m. EST on WE Tv.


If you haven't heard of Love After Lockup, you're not alone. It's a reality show starring two people who met while they were in prison. They're trying to figure out how to live their lives after getting out of the big house. Their marriage has its challenges, and they need to test their mettle in the real world.

The show has received positive reviews. The first season starred Chris and Gabrielle. Now that they're out of the jail, they're figuring out how to survive in the real world.

While the show does a fair job of covering the basics, it has a more interesting spin on the subject. For instance, the show demonstrates how a convicted felon can be reformed to become a law abiding citizen. Meanwhile, Gabby has to contend with her family, her new husband, and a husband who's still in jail. Aside from the obvious stuff, the show also takes an unorthodox approach to the love story.

The show has a whopping 34 episodes for fans to enjoy. You can stream it on your TV, smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Streaming services such as Amazon Fire TV, Google Play, and Samsung TV can be used to watch the show. Alternatively, you can go with a subscription service such as fuboTV, DirecTV, or philo. To find out what's available, you can do a quick search online. However, don't expect new episodes to arrive on your cable bill any time soon. Luckily, you can catch up on the show's many seasons on iTunes. Just be sure to subscribe to the right service.

The show isn't for the faint of heart. In fact, you may have to be in the mood for a little lighthearted fun.

What Channel Does Love After Lockup Come On 2023?

what channel does love after lockup come on 2023

There are some who think that Love after Lockup will not come back. They say that it is too much of a cliche and that it is too overdone. However, there are still those who would like to see it return. These people are willing to wait until 2023 so that they can watch Daonte and Lindsey again. The next season of Love after Lockup will air on the Fox channel.

Justine and Michael

Love After Lockup is one of those shows that has been around for a while. This particular show is a fictional series that follows couples as they adjust to life after prison. It is produced by Sharp Entertainment, a Manhattan-based television production house. The company has worked with some of the most imaginative writers to produce hundreds of hours of entertainment.

Although the show is about two former inmates, it also explores how other couples adapt to life outside of jail. These individuals face the challenges of dealing with drugs, alcohol, and family issues. Despite the obstacles, some couples find a way out. In the latest installment, there are four new couples to watch as they navigate their post-prison lives.

If you're a fan of the show, you'll want to check out the new season. It includes two familiar faces: Justine and Michael. Both have been married in prison, and are now on their way home.

The new season will include ten new 90-minute episodes. Fans who want to watch the show for free can check out YouTube TV. However, if you're looking to catch up on everything, you'll have to pay for an account.

One of the most impressive parts of the show is its ability to deliver educational content. Each episode is full of lessons about life and romance. Whether you're a fan of the show or not, you can learn a lot by watching the episodes.

In the second season, viewers got to see a couple get ready for a romantic date in prison. They also had some trouble with a fake marriage proposal. There were a few more notable moments, such as a suspicious phone call that asked for money.

Of course, there's always a lot of hype surrounding the show. Its popularity has caused the network to extend its second season by 10 episodes. As for the upcoming season, the network hasn't made an official announcement. But, fans are hoping for the show's fifth season.

Overall, Love After Lockup was a big hit, earning a 1.6 million viewership in Nielsen live+3 ratings. If you're a fan of the series, it's definitely worth the money to watch the latest episodes.

Daonte and Lindsey

Daonte and Lindsey have confirmed their relationship last night. This comes after a few recent developments.

Daonte and Lindsey have been working together to promote the show. They are both working towards an independent future. Their mother is not happy with the relationship, but Daonte is refusing to give up. He plans to move to Mississippi after Lindsey's release.

The two have been exchanging cute comments on Instagram. It appears as though Lindsey is keeping secrets from Daonte. But is she telling the whole truth?

There are rumors that Lindsey was involved with Scott Bradshaw while she was in prison. She was also a drug dealer, and she was arrested for possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute. As a result, she was sent back to prison.

When Lindsey was released, she was living with a man named Blaine. However, she had no idea that she was living with him. In fact, she was hesitant to talk to him about her situation.

Meanwhile, Lindsey is trying to reconnect with her daughter. But she is also attempting to rebuild her life and move on.

Eventually, the two former "Love After Lockup" cast members begin dating each other. While their relationship was not official, it was a strong connection. Both former inmates were in love with each other.

The two met through a dating website, and they quickly took a liking to each other. They started referring to each other as Bm and Bd.

Upon their return from their trip, they were reunited. Unfortunately, Lindsey was living with a friend. One day, Daonte found Lindsey locking lips with Blaine. Since then, they have not been seen on social media.

Despite the fact that they have not been spotted together, it looks like Daonte and Lindsey are officially a couple. Fans can expect to see them on the Love After Lockup spinoff, Life After Lockup. You can watch it Friday, October 14 on WE tv.

If you're a fan of 'Love After Lockup', you don't want to miss its premiere next week. Make sure to tune in for the rest of Season 3.

Season 4 air dates

"Love After Lockup" is a reality dating show. It follows six couples who met in prison and their journey to marriage. During this season, the couples will face challenges such as trust problems, jealousy and moving in together. The show has been very popular and was the top cable program in prime time on Friday nights for women 25-54.

Love After Lockup is produced by Sharp Entertainment, a Manhattan-based television production company. It has produced hundreds of hours of television and has an established reputation for innovative, fresh pop culture television.

Love After Lockup season 5 will feature the return of two fan favorites from the first season. Gabby and Chris will be returning to the series along with four new couples. They are Ashley, Travis, Monique and Derek.

These new cast members will join the four couples from Season 4 to form the core of the new season. As the season progresses, former inmates will go through many new challenges in their lives after prison.

Each couple will also deal with the pressures of living in the real world. They will also experience the temptations of drugs and alcohol. Their families will face challenges as well. All of these trials will be showcased in the show.

One of the things that has made the show popular is its realistic portrayal of the issues facing couples. Critics have praised the show's fresh perspective on romance. In addition to focusing on real couples, the show also features a mystery.

Fans can watch Love After Lockup on We TV at 9 pm ET. This is the number one unscripted docu-series on television. It also airs on fuboTV and AppleTV. The show's original premise has generated excellent ratings growth and viral buzz.

It is possible that the show will continue in its current format. Although it is unclear what the future holds for the show, fans can look forward to a new season in 2022. Meanwhile, they can catch up on the past seasons by logging onto AppleTV, DirecTV or Philo.

Season 5

Love After Lockup is a reality series that follows the lives of several couples after their prison release. It is set to air on Friday nights at 9pm ET on WeTV. The show features a number of complicated relationships between former inmates.

The fifth season of Love After Lockup will be released in 2023. While the cast is not yet announced, we know that some familiar faces will be back. In addition to the returning couples, there are six new couples to look forward to.

Four couples will be back from previous seasons. These are Aris and Cameron, Shawn Osborne and Sara Isaac, Boston and Julian "Hottie" Beavers, and Tayler George and Chance Pitt. They will all face new challenges in their post-prison lives.

Another couple that has come out of the slammer is Derek and Monique. Two years ago, they started a relationship. However, despite their mutual love for each other, they have never actually met in person. Instead, they met through a pen pal Facebook group.

The show's upcoming fifth season will be packed with drama. There will be betrayals, sexual situations, family drama, and much more.

Love After Lockup Season 5 will air on Fridays at 9pm ET. If you are a fan, make sure to watch the show. You will learn the stories behind the various couples and their complicated relationships.

In addition to the new couples, there will be two returning couples that have not been seen on the show since the first season. This includes Justine and Michael, and Cameron and Aris.

In the fifth season, viewers will also get to see how the cast members navigate their post-prison lives. Watch the premiere to find out more. All the episodes of the show are released in sequential order.

Fans have been waiting for the fifth season of Love After Lockup. The premiere is slated for December 16, 2022. Let's hope that the show is renewed for another season! With a 4.6/5 rating on Facebook and a 6.4/10 rating on IMDb, it's likely that we will have more than one season to watch.

How to Watch Love After Lockup Season 1 2023 Online

how to watch love after lockup season 1 2023

Watching Love After Lockup season 1 2023 is easy to do, just follow the links below to find the best sites to watch the show online! You don't need to pay for cable to enjoy this show, all you have to do is get a free subscription to a website that will let you watch the new season.

Gabby and Chris are back

If you are still following Love After Lockup season one 2023, then you're probably aware that Gabby and Chris are back. Their relationship has gone through ups and downs. Fortunately, they are back together for the better. However, their love is still tested.

Gabby has taken to social media to make a number of claims about her husband and his family. She even shared screenshots of the documents that she had uncovered. For instance, she claimed that Chris was actually arrested in a recent incident. Moreover, she also said that Chris is facing a variety of charges in a number of states.

It's no secret that Gabby is upset with her current situation. She thinks that Chris is in an unfaithful relationship and fears that he may even physically cheat on her. So, she has gone to great lengths to protect her relationship.

She has spent a ton of money on luxury items and cosmetic procedures, and she has recently upgraded her apartment. In fact, she just purchased an engagement ring.

One of the things that she's most concerned about is her husband's new family. Chris has a mom and a sister. Sadly, they aren't very receptive to her needs. Moreover, Gabby has been sending money to them.

Aside from her family, Gabby is also worried that Chris will discover something she's kept hidden from him. And so, she calls Chris' lawyers. That's when she finds out he's been doing sketchy things behind her back.

There are a few big revelations that will come to light as Love After Lockup season two unfolds. These revelations will include the fact that Gabrielle is dating a convicted felon.

Additionally, the show will also feature a slew of other firsts. From first kiss to moving in with each other to meeting family members, the series will cover these and more.

The "Love After Lockup" series is produced by Sharp Entertainment. Executive producers are Dan Adler, Alan Madison, and Sara Hayworth. They are joined by co-producers Sophie Mallam and Matt Sharp.

Meanwhile, Wetv has announced the return of the hit reality series. The network will air 10 new 90-minute episodes beginning December 16.

Justine and Michael will see if their prison marriage can survive in the real world

Love After Lockup season 1 is coming back to WE tv on December 16. The series features four new couples and two fan favorites from the previous seasons. It will air at 9 p.m. EST on Friday, December 16, 2018.

Love After Lockup season 1 will follow Michael Persaud and his wife Justine as they make their way through a life together as a married couple. They are excited to get out of jail and start their music career.

While in the prison system, they were able to share their love story and wedding plans with family and friends. But what happens when the cameras are off? Can their marriage survive in the real world? And can they balance their careers with their personal lives?

Michael and Justine are eager to get out of the prison system. But they have a lot of responsibilities that come along with the transition. For instance, their son won't call his dad by his name.

On the other hand, Gabby and Chris are engaged. They've been in a relationship for nearly two years. However, things are complicated when Gabby undergoes plastic surgery and reveals that she's engaged to Chris. She also must deal with her family's reaction.

Despite all of these pitfalls, they haven't stopped kissing. In fact, they have a diamond engagement ring.

There are other surprises in store for this couple. One of them is a surprise visitor during Monique's romantic dinner.

Another is a phone call. The couple celebrates their wedding. They have been a social media couple for the past six years. They even have an Instagram account. Some fans are skeptical about their marriage and the ability to maintain their relationship while incarcerated.

While it's unclear exactly how many episodes Love After Lockup will have, WE tv has announced that it will feature at least ten new 90-minute episodes. This is an increase from the previous seasons.

We tv has been known for its success in producing popular shows, such as "Love After Lockup." Executive producers include Dan Adler, Kate Farrell, Sophie Mallam and Alan Madison.

Life After Lockup is a spin-off series

Love After Lockup is a show that follows a variety of relationships between incarcerated people and those who have been released. The series highlights the difficulties of adjusting to life outside of prison and the insecurities of new relationships. It also shows the process of developing a relationship with a significant other.

"Love After Lockup" was created by Sharp Entertainment, a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Television. This unscripted series follows the lives of several couples, with a focus on those who have been incarcerated.

The current season of Love After Lockup is packed with drama, scandals, and fights. Many fans are wondering which couples will stay together, which will fall apart, and who will be a part of the new season.

Fans of the original show will be happy to know that some of the most popular cast members will be featured. Chance Pitt and Tayler George are set to return, along with Branwin and Amber. However, two former Prison Break cast members have died of drug overdoses.

Life After Lockup will feature four new couples as well as the two fan favorites. Eric and Heather are still married, but Amber has dreams of getting married and starting a family. Meanwhile, Kevin and Tiffany have fallen on hard times.

"Love After Lockup" features the first kiss, moving in together, insecurities, and other aspects of starting a relationship. There are also plenty of drama and family issues to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Earlier this year, WE tv announced that it would be greenlighting a spinoff of the popular series. The show will follow some of the most popular couples from the original show after one of them leaves prison. In January of 2022, the spinoff will debut.

Fans can catch "Love After Lockup" every Friday at 9pm ET. You can also stream the series for free on YouTube TV.

If you haven't seen Love After Lockup, you'll definitely want to. Watch the episodes, and see for yourself why the show has been a success. Also, make sure you subscribe to YouTube TV so you don't miss any of the action.

Can you watch Love After Lockup online without cable

If you're interested in watching Love After Lockup season 1 online, but don't want to pay for cable, there are ways to get it for free. For instance, you can download the series on Apple iTunes and Google Play Movies, or you can subscribe to the WE TV channel to stream the show live. However, some online services are geo-restricted, so you may need a VPN to watch the show.

Love After Lockup is a reality television show that follows couples who are released from prison. The show begins with the first few months after their release, and follows their relationships with each other and their families.

The show is produced by Sharp Entertainment, which is also responsible for TLC's 90 Day Fiance. The producers have vouched that the cast members are real. However, they have been accused of hiring actors.

Love After Lockup is available to watch for free on Philo. You can sign up for a free trial and create your own profile. Once you're a subscriber, you'll be able to view over 60 channels, including a variety of lifestyle, entertainment, and comedy shows. Stream the show on your computer or smartphone.

Another option is to use a free trial with fuboTV. With fuboTV, you can enjoy live sporting events and other TV shows. They also offer a free trial for a few weeks.

You can also watch Love After Lockup online with DirecTV Stream. Their app is available on Android TV, Samsung TV, and Apple TV. Stream the show with 20 hours of Cloud DVR storage. Additionally, you can set up up to 10 profiles. You can save your favorite episodes for up to a year.

Finally, if you're still wondering how to watch Love After Lockup season 1 online without cable, you can use a service called ExpressVPN. This service offers three months of free service, which you can then extend by another 49%.

It's important to note that most streaming services are geo-restricted, meaning you can't watch the show unless you're in your area. But if you're traveling outside your country, you can use a VPN to change your IP address and access the program.

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