Where to watch Black Ink Crew Chicago 2023

Where to watch Black Ink Crew Chicago 2023


where to watch black ink crew chicago  2023

Black Ink Crew Season 7 is finally upon us and it's an exciting time to be a fan! The Art2Ink crew is under tremendous pressure and there are many issues that will be addressed over the course of the season. There are also a number of stories that will be told throughout the entire series. One of these stories is the meeting between Draya and her absent father. Another story involves Prince's tattoo shop.

Draya's meeting with her absent father

For fans of the cult show, there's no question that the season finale was a doozy. While it's still unclear if Season 7 will be returning, the big question remains: will Ryan Henry be onboard? After all, he's got an offscreen artist of his own to deal with. That means there's more to the story than meets the eye, and you know what that means!

The fabled 'Black Ink Crew' has a few controversies to deal with. As one might imagine, the aforementioned Draya, albeit in a more glamorous fashion, isn't getting the love she deserves. However, it looks like her mother-in-law isn't about to smother her, and there's a pajama party in the works.

However, it's hard to deny that the show's best days are behind it. At least, that's assuming that the network still has the budget to continue. Even so, fans are eager to see what the future holds. And, judging by the plethora of spoilers and retcons that have made their way on to social media, a new season isn't far away.

While the network has yet to offer any sort of a sneak peek, fans are hoping that it's still going to bring the glitz and the glamour to the storied city that is Chicago. With a few cast members out of the picture, a fresh jolt of blood may be the ticket. Of course, we're not expecting much, but it would be a nice change of scenery. Hopefully, we'll see more of the 'Chicago' cast as the story progresses, and hopefully we'll get to see a little bit of Prince as well. Until then, we'll just have to rely on fan favorites like Draya and Zach to fill our days. Until then, Happy Black Ink!... and don't forget to watch for Season 7 Episode 20. This will be the first time we'll be seeing the sexiest of all of them. Hopefully, we'll all enjoy a little nostalgia and a bit of drama, as well. Hopefully, we'll also get to see some of the other stars of the show, including Nina, Phor, and Donna.

Art2Ink crew's struggles

Black Ink Crew is a reality show about a group of tattoo artists and their manager. It has aired on VH1 for five seasons. After their final season, several cast members have gone on to pursue other business ventures. One of the most popular cast members was Dutchess Lattimore. She had a very public relationship with the series' boss, Ceaser Emanuel.

While some members of the show have moved on to other businesses, others are still working at Art2Ink. Puma Robinson and Naeem Sharif are two of them. Aside from the main cast, other guest stars include Jessica Miller, Crystal Torres, Euni Ruks and Mama Bae.

While there are no official cancellations yet, many fans have wondered if this show will ever end. The crew has teased the show's final season on social media. Despite this, it seems that they will continue. So, what will happen when the show ends? Here is a look at what is in store for each of the cast members.

Among the new faces on Black Ink Crew is Melody Mitchell. As a tattoo artist, she joins the crew as a talented addition. Lalo Yunda is her partner. Currently, he is also a partner at the 9Mag Tattoo Shop.

The 9Mag Tattoo Shop is the family legacy of a deceased niece. It is a renowned tattoo shop where celebrities and hip-hop elites get their work done. Charmaine Johnise, a flirtatious event planner, is also part of the team.

As the Black Ink franchise continues to expand, the show has been hit with many challenges. For example, the crew faced serious issues from their past. Some of the crew members, like Dutchess Lattimore, have dealt with mental health problems. Others, including Richard "O'S**t" Duncan, have struggled with addiction.

With all of this, it is no wonder that Black Ink Crew has always had a bit of drama. Although the show has seen its share of twists and turns, it has remained a fan favorite.

On the other hand, the rumors have started to circulate that the show is ending. Several fans have said that they hope the producers will make a decision.

Prince's tattoo shop

When VH1 aired "Black Ink Crew" in 2013, it gave viewers a chance to see what an all-African American tattoo crew was like. The show portrayed highly skilled African American artists. It was a major breakthrough, and it showed the world that African-American tattoo artists were more than just taboo.

"Black Ink Crew: Chicago" is an offshoot of the popular series. It follows the lives of a group of friends who run a tattoo shop in the Windy City. They deal with family issues, relationships, and the business side of running a successful business.

This newest installment of the franchise will feature new faces and more drama than the last seven seasons. It will also showcase the successes of 9Mag, a Black-owned tattoo shop.

One of the most interesting things about the show is that it shows how people get involved with tattoos. The show features a talented crew of artists, and it highlights how their art affects their families. For instance, Prince, a tattoo artist, is trying to find the right balance between being a father and uncle. He wants to pass on his talents to his son.

Another thing to look forward to is the relationship between Ryan Henry, the owner of 9MAG, and his former co-workers. He has been rumored to be leaving the show, but he hasn't confirmed his departure.

"Black Ink Crew: Chicago" will also feature new characters and unexpected guests. These unexpected guests will be thrown into the mix and will help viewers learn more about the Chicago crew.

Finally, we will learn about the newbies, including Draya Penzo, who is the newbie at 9MAG. She first appeared in season six. Her resume reveals that she has over 32K followers on Instagram.

"Black Ink Crew: Chicago" stars Katrina Jackson, Van Johnson, Danielle Jamison, and Phor Robinson. You can watch "Black Ink Crew: Chicago" on Tuesdays at 8pm ET on VH1. Whether you are a fan or not, you can still enjoy this season.

If you are a fan of the show, don't forget to check out the watch party. On August 2, you can watch a special edition of the show.

Season 7

Black Ink Crew Chicago is a VH1 reality television show that documents the lives of tattoo artists and their business ventures. Since its debut on the network in 2015, the series has become a hit. The seventh season of the show is set to premiere on Monday, October 4, at 8 p.m. EST on VH1 and will feature Don Brumfield and Phor Brumfield.

Black Ink Crew Chicago follows the lives of the characters who work at the 9MAG Tattoo Shop in Chicago. They deal with their relationships, family drama and the struggles of running a tattoo shop.

During the sixth season of the series, the crew became concerned with the future of their businesses. They also faced a pandemic. Some of the main cast members were on maternity leave. Several of them are now planning to start their own businesses.

One of the new artists joining the cast is Draya Penzo. She first appeared on the show in the sixth season. In her bio, she writes that she's a "foodie" and lists her Surinamese flag as one of her defining characteristics.

Another cast member that's been a longtime staple of the show is Phor Brumfield. He has over 23K followers on Instagram.

The cast of Black Ink Crew: Chicago includes Charmaine Walker, Corey 'Phor Brumfield' Robinson, Miss Kitty, Prince Spencer and Draya Penzo. Although not all of the cast members are expected to return, most of them are expected to join the seventh season of the show.

Although there hasn't been an official announcement about the series' cancellation yet, fans have already started to speculate on the future of the show. For instance, Ryan Henry has said that he may not be able to continue with the show without TV. His net worth is $1 million.

However, it seems like this will not be the case. Marc Lamont Hill recently claimed that the show will return in 2021. Until then, the show will still air. You can catch it on VH1 and Paramount+. There's also a four-dollar-a-month plan available on Paramount+ that lets you watch the entire season for free.

Where to Watch Black Ink Crew Chicago 2023

where to watch black ink crew chicago  2023

The Black Ink Crew has been an incredible success since it premiered in Season 1. If you're a fan of the show and you're looking to start watching, then you've come to the right place. Here you can find out when to watch the upcoming season, along with a few other things.

Season 7 premiere date

If you're a fan of VH1, you'll be happy to know that the "Black Ink Crew" franchise will be coming to Chicago this fall. A spinoff of the original, the show follows the lives of several tattoo artists. It has enjoyed a renaissance on the network.

The show's first season premiered in 2015, and the cast has since been pursuing their own ventures. One of them, Prince Spencer, has even started a shop of his own.

While the cast has been busy establishing themselves in the new city, the 9MAG crew has been teasing viewers with the potential of an ending. But will it happen?

Black Ink Chicago premiered in 2015, and has enjoyed success in the eyes of fans. This show has always had its share of twists and turns, as the cast has had to deal with family drama and personal struggles. Some of the more prominent characters include Charmaine Walker, Ryan Henry, and Phor Brumfield.

For those who want to watch the show for free, there is a free trial option available through Paramount+. Users can view Black Ink: Chicago up to five seasons without ads.

In addition to the main cast, the show will also feature some guest stars. Among them, Phor Brumfield and Jhonni Blaze will appear.

The Black Ink Crew: Chicago Watch Party is slated to air on August 2. It will feature the cast of the Chicago show as well as special guests. The event will air on Tuesday, August 2 at 9PM ET/PT. During the party, the gang will talk about some of the most memorable moments from the show. They will also reveal the most exciting new storyline of the season.

Season 8 premiere date

Black Ink Crew Chicago is the latest addition to the tattoo franchise. It follows the lives of a group of African-American residents who have opened up their own tattoo business. Although it's a success, there are always twists and turns.

The latest incarnation of the Black Ink Crew franchise is set to launch in the near future. Season 8 will follow Ryan Henry, owner of the new 9Mag shop in Chicago. He's trying to make his shop one of the best in the city.

This season also features the return of Phor and Miss Kitty. Both of these characters will make their way back to Chicago in the near future.

Other cast members include Prince, Draya, Donna, Tati, Alex, Don, and Ryan. They all have their own issues.

Although there have been no official announcements for the 8th season of "Black Ink Crew Chicago," fans have begun to speculate that this is the end of the road for the series. Even the show's cast members have been making teases and promises for an ending, though.

The latest installment of the Black Ink franchise will be a doozy, with the production of this episode in the works for months. The crew will soon face an array of challenges, from new neighbors to a changing environment. But it will all be worth it in the end.

The new season of "Black Ink Crew Chicago" won't be coming on HBO, Netflix, Prime Video, or Hulu. Instead, it will be broadcast on VH1 in the US and the UK.

While the show may not be officially renewed, it won't be cancelled. There is still plenty of time to watch the show on TV, online, or on the app.

Season 9 premiere date

Black Ink Crew Chicago will be back for another season on VH1. This time, it's in the city of Chicago, where they are facing new challenges and changes.

The crew has to deal with a new town, a new environment, and an expanded crew. They're also dealing with issues of family and friendships. Plus, rumors have been swirling that the series might be coming to an end. But fans aren't convinced that this will be the case.

The series has been a hit on social media. It's been in the news for a while, and has received a lot of interest. Many of the cast members have gone on other projects and been replaced by guest stars. However, the main cast remains, including the star, Ryan Henry.

This season will follow the crew as they deal with issues and celebrate wins. The season will also feature a reunion, as well as a new face. One of the cast members will even host the premiere.

This season will show the crew as they work to build a new brand, but it will also show real-life issues that the cast is facing. For example, Prince is trying to find the balance between his family and his career. He also wants to make sure his nephew and son are in the right direction.

Also, the cast will be joined by special guests. The premiere will feature the crew discussing some of their most memorable moments. And there's even a Black Ink Boss event, which brings the teams together for bonding in the woods.

Another cast member who's returning is Miss Kitty. She started out as a receptionist at Black Ink Crew's original New York franchise. Now, she's making her way back to Chicago to serve as a tattoo apprentice.

Season 10 premiere date

Ceaser Emanuel's Black Ink crew has been a mainstay in the entertainment world for nearly a decade. The popular reality show follows the lives and careers of tattoo artists in New York City. As the series moves into its tenth season, viewers can expect plenty of action.

In Season 10, the cast will need to deal with a new normal after the events of Season 9. The show will also follow the crew during racial unrest and national turmoil.

The Black Ink crew has recently experienced a resurgence of success. Spyder, who is self-proclaimed "Black Ink royalty", has been dealing with a health scare and refocusing on his family and legacy. Alex has also been feeling rejuvenated after a new relationship. However, Donna has begun to question whether she wants to continue working at Black Ink.

Earlier this year, the Black Ink crew had been temporarily relocated to Atlanta. This move was part of Ceaser's plan to expand the franchise. He hopes to prove that the entire crew is stronger together.

When the crew returns to New York in Season 10 for their first post-Ceaser trip, the team will face their share of challenges. They will need to adapt to their new environment and deal with a loss. But, the crew is prepared to face these trials.

In this season of Black Ink, fans will see the team navigate the new landscape that is a result of Ceaser's dog abuse video. While the mogul was in good spirits, the video went viral. Consequently, VH1 has cut ties with Ceaser.

Fans can catch up on Season 10 by streaming the show on FuboTV, Philo, and other cable providers. You can try a free trial to see all episodes.

Season 11 premiere date

A reality show that follows a group of tattoo artists in Chicago. Black Ink Crew Chicago will air on Tuesday, August 9 at 8PM ET/PT. It will feature special guests and a reunion with cast members.

As the crew of Black Ink prepares to launch a new chapter in their lives, they grapple with the challenges of adapting to a new city. Their journey will include social unrest and national unrest. They also will have to cope with changes in the landscape of their business and personal lives.

The show is rated TV-14. There may be sexual situations and suggestive dialogue. Parents are advised to monitor their children's viewing.

In addition to the usual cast, there are two new characters. Jadah Blue and Persuasion join the Black Ink Tattoo crew. Both are devoted to their craft. But, they also face issues with their relationships with others.

The 2nd City Ink crew has also gone through a lot in recent years. After the pandemic, they face a lot of uncertainty. They are trying to figure out what happened and how to move forward.

With the help of Prince, Spyder and Alex, the two are trying to move in the right direction. They are transferring skills from the 2nd City Ink to the 9MAG tattoo shop. However, not everyone wants to play on Charmaine's team.

The Black Ink crew has faced many ups and downs over the years. The crew has seen friendships fall apart, as well as members pursuing other interests.

This season will feature many of the same characters, but it will also focus on the family. For the first time, Draya will consider joining 9MAG under Ryan's leadership. She will also discover that she has a potential sister. Ultimately, she will have to make a life changing decision.

Where to Watch Black Ink Crew New York 2023

where to watch black ink crew new york  2023

If you are looking for a new show to watch this weekend, there is a new season of Black Ink Crew set to begin on Saturday. The new series focuses on a group of characters who live and work in New York City. You can get updates on the show, along with other information, by visiting the official website.

Ceaser's investigation into a potential thief

The latest and greatest ink slinger has a long line of predecessors, but he's not the only one in town. As a matter of fact, there are several ink slingers to choose from, including a few who were snuck onto the throne by the time the dust settled. That said, we'll take a hard look at the newest member of the swag bag. This triumphed out of towner is making the rounds on the local circuit, and is not without his share of controversy. Whether this will be a recurring theme is anyone's guess, but given his sexy ways, we'll see. Hopefully, his ink will be as slick as he is a man of the cloth.

Taking this opportunity to get the sex off of the table and get a slap on the back, he has already made a few enemies. While he might not be the top dog in the house, he's certainly no pushover.

Dutchess's past comes back to haunt her

A new season of Black Ink Crew has started! The crew returns with a few familiar faces. This season is set to be a bit of a re-boot, but the drama continues.

Dutchess and Ceaser are in trouble. They have been in a bad place since the Miami party. Now they have to face a tough decision. Does the success of Black Ink make their relationship strong enough to handle the stress? Or will they lose each other?

O'S**t's new tattoo shop is going to cause more trouble than ever. His mother-in-law resents him for taking over the business. He gets a hard time from his employees for his lack of respect. He's also facing legal issues. And it looks like his first baby mama is in for a surprise.

Sassy Berudez is facing some unexpected expenses in North Carolina. She's also got to deal with her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend. Plus, the crew has to pay for renovations to the Black Ink building before it's ready to re-open.

Puma is in for some unexpected news. After hearing a story about his daughter, he realizes his commitment is starting to waver. As a result, he tries to mend things with his family. However, he also faces a threat from someone from his past.

Ceaser's mother wants to get in the way of his marriage to Dutchess. She brings up his pre-nuptial agreement. But he's determined to win her back.

At the same time, the crew has to face the fact that Sky is sentenced to two months in jail. That's a scary situation for everyone. Especially for Dutchess, who has a secret from her past that may affect her relationship with Ceaser.

On top of that, O'S**t faces a criminal trial. He needs to break the news to his first baby mama. So he turns to the spirit guides for help.

In addition to all of these problems, the crew is also having trouble paying for child support. Ceaser struggles to find the money to cover the costs of a Vegas tattoo convention.

Young Bae struggles to maintain relationships with co-workers

It's been nine years since Black Ink New York started airing on VH1. Now, the reality show has returned for season 10. This season will focus on the personal lives of the crew members, including Young Bae, Puma, and Tati.

The cast has changed over the years. From its beginning, the cast has grown up and now includes Ted and Spyder. They've gone through a lot of hard times. But now they're trying to get back on their feet and bring peace to the 113th Street shop.

A new woman arrives on the scene. Her name is Jadah. She comes with shocking news. And if that's not enough, she's got a past that's threatening to destroy her.

Meanwhile, Donna is caught stealing a client. Her relationship with Alex is strained. When she sees Alex in a compromising position, she wants revenge. Also, her ex-roommate is pursuing her.

As the crew struggles to find Melody, she's also battling an estranged family that's breaking her heart. Plus, her mother-in-law has died in D.C. Despite her attempts to help her, she's left heartbroken.

When a man from her past shows up at the shop, she fears for her safety. Then, she receives a devastating diagnosis. Suddenly, she starts to question her life.

A surprise visitor causes chaos. So does the arrival of a baby! O'S**t arrives on the scene for the birth of his fourth child. However, he's got a major surgery scheduled. At the same time, he's attempting to bring the mothers of his children together.

Earlier, Sky asked some female co-workers for a favor. They all end up having a confrontation. During it, Sky finds out something shocking about her. She's been betraying Ceaser and now she's getting fired.

Meanwhile, Bae is worried about her mom. Rob is also in shock when he learns of her pregnancy. Luckily, Sky comes to her rescue.

On the other hand, Alex has relationship issues with Walt. He's also dealing with his back injury from the Black Ink incident.

While the cast is going through various personal challenges, the crew is determined to keep their shop running smoothly. Towards that goal, they organize a 24-hour tattoo-a-thon.

Ceaser declares war on Ryan from 9MAG

The newest installment of the Black Ink Crew: New York spinoff is all about the drama, fallout, and feuds in the 9MAG and 2nd City Ink crews. But things get complicated when an unexpected guest pops up at 113th Street.

Ceaser and Ryan Henry have been having an issue with their relationship. Ceaser feels betrayed by Ryan, who has started dating Kitty. After seeing Kitty and Ryan interact together, Ceaser decides to take action. He plans to open a tattoo shop in Chicago.

When an unknown assailant commits a shocking act of violence against the shop, the crew worries about safety. Donna, Tati, and Puma are all shocked.

Bae is also in a quandary. She finds herself in a bind with her father. Also, she's unable to deal with her mother living in the same house. Luckily, Rok offers her an unlikely bond.

The team is also shocked when a video from their past comes to light. It shows that Phor was exposed in a leaked video. This news upsets Alex. A woman from Nikki's past also appears, revealing shocking news.

Ceaser plans to strike back at Ryan. He believes that he was betrayed by Ryan, but he's also angry at being filmed with Kitty. To make matters worse, Kitty believes that the Black Ink crew are behind the situation.

While the two ladies try to get their magic back, their bedroom is thrown into chaos. To make matters worse, their roommate, who's also an ex-roommate, trashes them on the news.

However, a few days later, a surprise visitor pops up at the 113th Street. Apparently, someone from the crew's past has revealed something that could change everything.

In other shocking news, the crew learns that Sky has been sentenced to jail for a two-month period. It's a shock to everyone, but it's a chance to take some action.

With the help of the crew, Ceaser decides to take control of the situation. But when he goes to the courthouse to confront his cousin Teddy, he gets a lot more than he bargained for.

Where is Dutchess From Black Ink Crew 2023?

where is dutchess from black ink crew  2023

If you are a fan of the Black Ink Crew, you probably want to know where is the Dutchess from Black Ink Crew 2023. You can do this by looking up a few of the names listed here. You will learn some interesting facts about them and their roles.

Sky Days

Despite her name, JaKeita "Sky" Days, a former cast member of Black Ink Crew, has a lot to prove to fans. She first appeared in the series as a receptionist, and then became part of the main cast.

As the show moves into the ninth season, fans will miss Sky. But it seems like Sky may have found her next big project.

The popular reality television series Black Ink Crew follows the staff of Black Ink tattoo parlor in Harlem. Throughout the show's eight seasons, the crew has enjoyed a tremendous amount of popularity. However, the show has been hit with a few dramas.

In season eight, one of the biggest controversies was when Jakeita "Sky" Days, formerly a cast member, was removed from the show. This was after she fought with her sons and tried to start her own business.

During filming of the show, a heated moment took place between Sky and her son, Des. Some fans speculated that Sky was fired, but she later said she had decided to leave the show.

While she hasn't been a part of the show since then, fans have been vocal about her absence. In February 2020, she hinted at a future on the big screen.

Her Instagram account has pictures of her at parties and tattoo shops. She is also an OnlyFans aficionado.

According to fans, Sky has had a complicated life. She once was accused of criminal activity, and she's spent time in jail. Even so, she has had an interesting career.

For a while, she was looking to find love. Eventually, she reconnected with her sons, who she had given up for adoption when she was fourteen.

Ceaser Emanuel

Ceaser Emanuel is a reality TV star, businessman, and owner of a tattoo parlor. He has made it big on VH1's "Black Ink Crew," which has aired eight seasons. However, the show has been rife with controversy.

Despite his success, Emanuel has had to deal with a number of issues over the course of his career. He has had to face the harsh realities of being a reality star. Amid the controversy, his personal life has also been scrutinized.

The reality star has been accused of child abuse. This is a huge issue. Nevertheless, Ceaser is taking steps to handle his mental health.

Before his stint on the "Black Ink Crew," Emanuel was a graphic designer and art director. His ambitions were to become a father figure for his daughter.

As a result of the controversy, Ceaser was fired from the VH1 show. According to Teddy Ruks, Ceaser has been getting counseling.

As a result, it is unclear where Ceaser will land on the VH1 roster. Whether or not he will come back for another season is still uncertain.

After a video surfaced online showing Ceaser hitting a dog, Ceaser claimed that the footage was leaked. It wasn't until later that the videos were linked to his ex-girlfriend Suzette Samuel.

In addition to being the co-owner of the Black Ink Tattoo parlor, Ceaser has a growing empire. Currently, he owns a tattoo shop in Atlanta, Florida, Brooklyn, New York, and Orlando, as well as several other locations.

While on "Black Ink Crew," Emanuel had to deal with a number of on-camera dalliances. Tatu Baby, Crystal Torres, and Mama Bae all appeared on the show. But despite the show's popularity, Emanuel's relationship with Dutchess Lattimore was also troubled.


Black Ink Crew is a reality show that follows a group of tattoo artists. It airs on VH1 and chronicles the daily life at the tattoo shop. The staff has a history of crazy antics.

Black Ink is a shop located in Harlem. O'S**t is the owner and chief operator of the shop. He has three children from previous relationships. His wife, Nikki, is a doting mother.

As a family, Black Ink has spun off into Compton and Chicago. Sky is attempting to repair her fractured relationship with her son. She is concerned about child support payments.

Dutchess has a busy schedule. She owns a tattoo shop in North Carolina, and her practice has been featured on the radio. However, when news of her and O'S**t's alleged affair comes to light, she must make a decision that could change their relationship forever.

Puma and Ceaser have been friends for 15 years. But when Puma oversteps his boundaries, their friendship is over. Their worlds will be completely turned upside down.

Puma has an unexpected visitor. A woman claims that she got an infected tattoo from Black Ink. Despite Puma's best efforts to keep it quiet, the media spreads a vicious rumor.

O'S**t has a baby on the way. Despite having a doting wife and three kids, he is having a hard time keeping his business and his personal life in check. To fix this, he brings the moms of his children together for the first time.

When the baby arrives, O'S**t decides to bring the women of his children together. However, his decision turns the Black Ink shop upside down. And it may end up in prison.


The VH1 series "Black Ink Crew" features several notable characters. One of these is Puma, whose character is one of the main cast members. He is an artist who is a member of the crew and owns his own tattoo shop, Art 2 Ink.

Paul "Puma" Robinson is an artist who worked with the Black Ink Crew in season four. After that, he departed the show. However, he has returned in season eight.

Despite his departure from the show, Puma continues to work at his tattoo shop. He also tries to bring peace to the crew. For example, he hires another artist to work at the shop. This makes things a bit more complicated.

Puma's daughter Tamia is named after a deceased friend who was going to name the child Mia. His wife Quani also worked with him at Blank Ink in Harlem.

Sassy Puma is one of the cast members who worked at the shop during the show's run. She is also a model and has landed gigs for Ellements Magazine and Urban Ink Magazine.

Dutchess is another cast member who has been in the "Black Ink Crew" family. She has played a big role in the show's drama, but she is no longer a part of the group.

While Dutchess has moved on, she still pays for the renovations of the North Carolina shop. She and Ceaser are trying to mend their relationship. They decide to throw a party to celebrate the grand reopening of their shop.

Another member of the cast, Ted, is facing problems with his marriage. His loyalty to Sky is tested. It seems like it's getting harder for him to be a full-time father.

Other cast members

Dutchess from Black Ink Crew is an ex-reality star who has since gone on to live a more normal life. She is now a tattoo artist and radio host. Her tattoos have been featured in Urban Ink magazine. Moreover, she owns a shop in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The reality television show was created by VH1 and is set in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City. It follows the lives of the employees of a tattoo shop. Most of the cast members rotate between guest roles and supporting roles.

The show is popular with viewers. Throughout the series, viewers get to see the lives of famous clientele and staff. There is also a lot of lawsuit drama and relationship drama.

Besides the main characters, the show has also introduced various tattoo artists and receptionists. Each cast member has made their own mark in the industry.

Dutchess is the only female tattoo artist at Black Ink. She worked as an apprentice before becoming a reality star. After leaving the show, she opened her own tattoo parlor in Charlotte, North Carolina. However, the shop has already spun off into Chicago and Compton.

Another former reality star is Kevin Emanuel. He was a tattoo artist on "Black Ink" during seasons five and six. Before joining the show, he moved to New York to become a tattoo artist.

Dutchess and Ceaser have fallen in love. They get matching chess tattoos. However, they had a messy breakup. Their relationship lasted for a few months. During that time, Dutchess and Ceaser were rumored to be engaged.

The reality show is a very interesting one. However, it can be a very draining one.

Understanding How Weather Fronts Affect the Weather in 2023

how weather fronts affect the weather   2023

Having a clear understanding of how weather fronts affect the weather will give you the confidence that you need to make decisions about the weather in your area. For example, you will know if there is a threat of rain or snow. You will also be able to determine if the forecast is correct and when the storm will strike. There are various types of fronts, including cold and occluded. Each front will have different effects on the climate, depending on the conditions.

Cold fronts

When you're looking at a weather map, you might notice that there's a line of clouds along a cold front. A cold front is one of the most important and potentially dangerous types of weather fronts. These can cause dramatic weather changes, including lightning, heavy rainfall, and hailstorms.

The most obvious thing that happens when a cold front passes is a drop in temperature. In the first 12 hours after a cold front hits, Oklahoma City dropped from 83 degrees to 17 degrees.

While the most basic type of front is the cold front, there are actually a few different types of fronts that can be found in the sky. One of these is the occluded front. This type of front forms when a warm air mass and a cool air mass come together. As the two masses of air meet, the cooler air pushes the warmer air up into the atmosphere. Once this happens, the warm air is lifted up and produces cumulonimbus or cumulus clouds.

Another type of front is a stationary front. This occurs when a cold front and warm front come together. Depending on the stability of the warm air mass, the resulting weather conditions vary. Some of these fronts can create strong wind gusts, long-lasting snow, and thunderstorms.

Unlike other fronts, the cold front is the leading edge of a mass of air. It usually moves from northwest to southeast. However, they can also move in the opposite direction. Cold fronts can also overtake warm fronts. That means they can move up to twice as fast as warm fronts.

A classic cold front model describes how the temperature changes in the midst of a cold front. Generally, the cooler air on the forward side of the front is the coldest. Eventually, the colder air will be pushed to the rear, creating a low pressure area.

Cold fronts also can be the origins of tornadoes. Tornadoes can occur as a result of a very unstable front. Nimbostratus clouds, a type of cumulus cloud, are common along cold fronts.

Another type of front is the kata-cold front. Kata-cold fronts have the coldest temperatures in the world. For example, in the middle of the twentieth century, a swarm of Arctic air poured south over the United States. During this period, many record high and low temperatures were broken.

Many fronts can also create tornadoes. For instance, the "bomb cyclone" was created along a cold front. During this time, powerful winds caused whiteout conditions, hail storms, and tornadoes in parts of the Southeast and Midwest.

There are numerous fronts that can bring rain and thunderstorms. The weather can be extremely varied depending on the location and vertical motion of the front.

Occluded fronts

An occluded front is a front that forms when two or more frontal systems intersect. They are typically formed around low pressure areas. Occluded fronts can create severe weather, which can be accompanied by strong winds and thunderstorms. Depending on the strength of the system, occluded fronts can generate hail, tornadoes and other damaging winds. The formation of occluded fronts is a process known as cyclogenesis. This is an important type of front to know about because it can help you understand what is to come.

Occluded fronts are usually produced when a cold front and a warm front come together. They can also occur when a stationary front meets another stationary front. A cold occluded front is a front where the air mass behind it is colder than the air mass ahead of it. It is usually more common than a warm occluded front.

Occluded fronts can occur in any location where low pressure is prevalent. Typically, an occluded front will form around a low pressure system that is mature. Although occluded fronts are not very common, they can generate extreme weather conditions.

Occluded fronts are a complex formation. There are many mechanisms at work, ranging from the cyclone itself to the occlusion process. Usually, a cold occluded front is associated with a cold core funnel cloud and nimbostratus clouds. In the case of a warm occluded front, it can also have cumulonimbus clouds. As a result of this, occluded fronts are a mixture of different types of fronts.

Occluded fronts can be found all over the world. In fact, they are a key driving force of intense weather patterns across the globe. They are often referred to as the purple line on weather maps. During an occluded front, the temperature can be lower due to the fact that it is cut off from the ground.

When an occluded front passes, the sky begins to clear. However, heavy precipitation can still occur during this time. Depending on the strength of the system, some of this may be more than enough to cause a severe storm.

Cold occluded fronts are faster moving and more intense than warm occluded fronts. They are more likely to bring tornadoes and other damaging winds. These fronts are characterized by a steeper frontal slope and harsh winds.

Warm occluded fronts, on the other hand, are slower moving and tend to produce a lighter rain. They are more commonly found in the northern hemisphere. They are a precursor to a storm before it advances. Often, embedded thunderstorms are the most likely to occur in this type of front.

Depending on the strength of the low pressure system, occluded fronts can be either cold or warm. Cold occluded fronts are usually a result of a mature low pressure area.

Precipitation forecast

As the new year approaches, the precipitation forecast for 2023 has been released. This forecast includes the impact of La Nina in some areas. Some of the more prominent effects are expected to be in the South and Eastern U.S. The climate models show that the chances of average or above-average temperatures are about equally likely, but the odds of below-average precipitation are higher.

Precipitation will be above average across the northern half of the country, while it is expected to be below average in the South. The precipitation forecast for the second half of the winter will be somewhat variable. It will be warmer than usual in the Northeast, and much colder in the Northwest and Southeast. There is also a possibility of more rain and snow in the South.

In January, the ECMWF forecast shows that below-average snow accumulation will occur in most of the U.S. and Canada, while more snow will be found in the western United States and southwestern Canada. Snowfall will also be above average in the Ohio Valley, Tennessee Valley, and northern North Carolina.

The forecast for the winter 2022-2023 is for a cooler and wintry start, followed by a gradual warming period through February. By the end of the winter, the temperature will be a bit milder than normal across Hawaii and the East Coast, while it will be a bit cooler across the southern portions of the country.

The snowfall forecast for the winter of 2022-2023 shows that most of the country will receive below-average amounts of snow. However, heavy snowfalls will be possible as early as November. In the northeast, the chances of above-average snowfall are highest.

Across the south, the probability of above-average precipitation is best in the Southwest, while the northern Plains and Alaska Panhandle have the highest chances of below-average conditions. Moreover, the chances of below-average precipitation are increased in the Upper Mississippi River Valley, eastern Washington, and western Montana.

The ECMWF forecast also shows that the amount of snowfall will be above-average in the Lower Great Lakes and the southern Rockies. The coldest temperatures will begin in November, followed by a series of bouts of cold air outbreaks in December and January.

The overall temperature forecast is below normal in most of the United States. Temperatures will be below-average in the West, Central Great Basin, and the Gulf of Mexico. On the other hand, the southern half of the country is predicted to have warmer than-average conditions.

The precipitation forecast for January favors a wetter-than-average month in the West, while the Southern Plains and the Atlantic coast have the highest chances of above-average precipitation. Snowfall will be above-average in the northeast and lower Great Lakes, while it will be below-average in the Upper Mississippi River Valley and northern Montana.

How Many Weather Satellites Are There in 2023?

how many weather satellites are there  2023

If you are wondering how many weather satellites there are in the year 2023, you are not alone. This is a question that is on the minds of most people who care about the safety of their home and their loved ones. While it is not something that should scare you, it is a good idea to be aware of just how many are on the horizon. You can check out this article to find out.


GOES-18, the geostationary operational environmental satellite, was launched on March 1st by NASA. It will provide NOAA with high-resolution images to monitor the Western Hemisphere and other areas around the globe. This includes Alaska, Mexico, Hawaii, and the Pacific Ocean.

GOES-18 will begin working with GOES-17, currently stationed in geostationary orbit, in the summer of 2022. Eventually, GOES-18 will replace GOES-17 as GOES West, and serve as NOAA's primary geostationary weather satellite. In addition to assisting with GOES-West operations, GOES-18 will also offer early warnings of power grid disruptions, air quality, and space weather hazards.

GOES-18 has a suite of instruments, including the Advanced Baseline Imager, or ABI. This instrument can photograph in 16 different spectral bands. Each band is designed to capture information about Earth's land, atmosphere, and water vapor.

Another instrument on GOES-18 is the Geostationary Lightning Mapper. This instrument enables scientists to identify lightning during the day without a surplus of light.

GOES-U, a final satellite in the GOES-R series, is scheduled to launch in 2024. The satellite will study Earth's climate, observing the effects of storms across the Pacific Ocean.

The GOES-R Series Program includes GOES-16, which launched in 2016, and GOES-17, which launched in 2018. These satellites will remain in service for the next six years. They will be replaced by Geostationary Extended Observations (GeoXO), a new mission, in the early 2030s.

When GOES-18 enters into its final phase of post-launch testing, it will be declared Operational GOES-West. It will then be handed over to the NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations in October of 2022.

With GOES-18, NASA and NOAA have created a state-of-the-art geostationary weather satellite. Now, it's sending back eye-opening views of our planet.


It's no secret that the Earth's climate is changing. The most recent GOES satellites provide higher-resolution images of the planet. These observations are recorded and then sent to users worldwide. As a result, meteorologists can better pinpoint the locations of wildfires.

In addition to monitoring the earth's weather, the GOES-T will also monitor dust storms, volcanic eruptions, and forest fires. This will help scientists keep track of weather systems across the western hemisphere.

GOES-T is designed to help researchers study the effects of climate change. It is based on the same core instruments used by its predecessors. For instance, the satellite includes an advanced lightning mapper, which allows it to see lightning during the day without excess light.

It will also have an enhanced magnetometer to provide more accurate space weather data. It will also include a redesigned radiator system to improve thermal control. All of these improvements will increase the reliability of the propulsion system and the accuracy of the space weather data.

GOES-T is scheduled to launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on March 1st, 2018. During its first few weeks in orbit, it will be monitored and tested. Eventually, it will move into a geostationary transfer orbit. Using this orbit, GOES-T will stay in the same location, providing a constant watch over the same area.

GOES-T is the 18th GOES satellite to be launched. Currently, there are two pairs of GOES satellites that monitor the Atlantic and West Coast. However, there are still three more satellites in the works.

GOES-T will be operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). NOAA will use this data to help forecast conditions and to provide warnings for storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other severe weather events.


If you are looking for the answer to the question how many GOES-U weather satellites are there in 2023, then you have come to the right place. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has been operating GOES weather satellites since 1975. They provide continuous imagery of weather events on the Earth. These images are used by forecasters and researchers to better understand and predict weather patterns.

Currently, NOAA is operating a series of four advanced geostationary weather satellites. These include GOES-15, GOES-16, GOES-17, and GOES-18. In addition to these satellites, NOAA keeps a spare one in orbit over the central United States. This satellite is activated if the GOES in orbit is damaged. During a storm, for example, if a hurricane threatens a city, a spare GOES can be used to cover the area.

GOES-17, the first satellite in the new GOES-U constellation, launched in 2010. GOES-17 is slated to operate as the backup to GOES-16 or GOES-18. Its primary instrument, the Advanced Baseline Imager, will provide five-fold resolution and four-fold more channels.

After GOES-17 reaches its planned service period in early 2023, it will be retired and placed in storage. GOES-U will then continue to monitor space weather. By 2024, the last satellite in the GOES-R series will be launched into orbit.

In the meantime, NOAA and NASA are working on a new generation of geostationary mission called GeoXO. This mission will address environmental challenges facing the Western Hemisphere. It will provide enhanced observations of the Earth to support a more accurate space forecasting system.

GOES-R is a joint program of NOAA and NASA. GOES-R will be used to help forecast weather and environmental hazards, and to monitor solar activity.


As we get closer to the end of the decade, NOAA will start to roll out the next-generation GOES-R series of weather satellites. These satellites will help forecasters make better predictions. They'll also help airlines decide where they'll be able to go with their flights. GOES-R will also allow airlines to choose the most fuel-efficient routes.

In addition to providing more accurate weather predictions, the new GOES-R satellites will carry a new space weather instrument that can help predict the onset of a tornado outbreak. The lightning mapper will provide forecasters with a more accurate picture of what's happening in the atmosphere, and it will give forecasters the chance to take advantage of recent research on spikes in lightning activity being a precursor to tornado formation.

Another instrument on the GOES-R series will help track the health of vegetation. GOES-T will be able to detect volcanic eruptions, as well as monitor forest fires and other natural disasters. It will also allow meteorologists to determine how much water vapor and volcanic ash is in the air.

The new satellite will be four times more powerful than the current models, giving forecasters more accurate data on the weather in the skies. It will also carry a Compact Coronagraph, which will image the corona of the Sun. This will allow NOAA to continuously monitor solar wind after the retirement of NASA's ESA SOHO satellite in 2025.

In addition to GOES-R, NOAA's upcoming weather satellites will include GOES-U and GOES-T. The GOES-U will be the fourth satellite in the GOES-R Series. It will be launching in spring of 2024.

GOES-R will have a 30-second update mode, which is useful for rapid-evolving tornado outbreaks. GOES-U will be built by Lockheed Martin, which looks forward to continuing its partnership with NOAA.


There are no concrete plans as of now for how many ViaSat-3 weather satellites are in space in 2023. However, there are plans to launch several more satellites into space. And there are already several efforts underway to provide internet connections from space, such as those by SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and Facebook.

In October, Viasat announced that it had entered into a contract with SpaceX to launch the ViaSat-3 satellite constellation into space. The launch is scheduled for December. It will mark the first of three ViaSat-3 ultra-high capacity broadband satellites.

The three satellites will be placed in a near-geostationary orbit and will offer more than one terabit per second of total network capacity. They will also provide coverage throughout the Americas, Europe and the Middle East.

The new satellites will be used to deliver internet service to commercial and government customers. They will also help increase in-flight connectivity on business jets.

Viasat is a global communications company that focuses on providing satellite communications solutions. Their latest project is the ViaSat-3 satellite. This constellation will consist of three high-capacity geostationary Ka-band satellites. These will be used to deliver a global broadband network, delivering internet and data services to commercial and government consumers.

One of the benefits of Viasat-3 is that its network will be capable of providing Internet and video streaming services at a rate of over one terabit per second. This is more than double the total network capacity of the 400 commercial communications satellites that have already been launched.

The ViaSat-3 constellation will include three high-capacity Ka-band satellites. Each will be able to move capacity virtually anywhere.

Who Are the Basketball Wives Married to 2023?

If you're a basketball fan, you'll probably want to know who are the basketball wives married to 2023. They are a list of some of the best and brightest women in the game, but it's not just basketball that they're involved with.

Tami Roman

Tami Roman is a former actress and model. She is best known for her role on the television show Basketball Wives. The series follows the lives of seven women who are paired with professional basketball players.

She has appeared on many other television shows and movies. In addition, she launched her own cosmetic line.

She's also a businesswoman and has launched a clothing line, Roman Empire. After Basketball Wives, she's been working hard on her other projects.

One of her earliest roles was on the soap opera General Hospital. Another was on the reality television show Celebrity Wife Swap. Now, she's working on her own television series, which she plans to launch in 2022.

Tami is a model, actress and businesswoman. She has two daughters from her marriage to NBA player Kenny Anderson. She's also a producer and has released several music videos.

She's become one of the more popular stars of the show, but she's not without her flaws. Her relationship with Evelyn Lozada was rocky, and she's been on the receiving end of a lot of back and forth.

Jackie Christie

Jackie Christie is one of the basketball wives married to 2023 and is no stranger to the entertainment industry. She is known for her outspoken personality and her out of this world fashion sense. Her career in the fashion industry began as a model, and she even owns a clothing line.

It is no secret that Jackie Christie and Doug Christie have been a happy couple for almost twenty years. However, the pair has experienced some ups and downs along the way.

Christie and Doug are the only married cast members on the show. They share two children, Douglas Junior and Takari. Their marriage is considered to be among the longest in show business history.

Jackie Christie has been an avid philanthropist. Besides being a basketball wife, she is also a bestselling author, self help guru and the owner of an entertainment company.

Among the many things she has accomplished, she launched her own television series in 2020. She is no stranger to putting on high fashion events.

Tasha Marbury

Tasha Marbury is a cast member of VH1's Basketball Wives. She was born on January 11, 1976 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Tasha Marbury is married to former basketball player Stephon Marbury. The couple have two children.

As a reality TV star, Tasha Marbury has been able to make a lot of money. Her net worth is estimated to be about $45 million.

Tasha Marbury is from a place where women are taught to make their own choices. She has a positive attitude and is a role model for women.

Tasha is a fitness fanatic who is obsessed with maintaining her figure. She owns a luxury car and a beautiful house. She also owns a weave salon in New York City.

Tasha Marbury has been married to NBA star Stephon Marbury for 17 years. During the third season of Basketball Wives, the couple's marriage faced a serious challenge. There were allegations of infidelity and public disloyalty.

Kenya Bell

Kenya Bell is a newcomer to the cast of Basketball Wives. She's a former engineer and R&B singer who has a net worth of $1 million. Her ex-husband Charlie Bell, a Golden State Warriors player, is a retired pro.

When she joined the show, she drew a lot of attention. One of her co-stars even suggested she should shave her head, which she later denied.

The fact that she is a former model is not a secret. In fact, she appeared in a few campaigns for Bally and Ford Motor Company. But did you know that she is also an engineer?

And the best part is, she got a little something for her efforts. Not only did she win a grand financial settlement, but she also got a couple of houses. Of course, she won't be living there, but she's getting a nice condo in Las Vegas.

She's also gotten half of her ex's retirement plan and half of his NBA supplement benefit plan. She's also received a half of his savings.

Meeka Claxton

Meeka Claxton is an American reality television star, entrepreneur, and model. She is known for appearing on the VH1 series Basketball Wives. She is also the founder of PYNK Magazine. This magazine is aimed at women aged 21 to 34 in the United States. It's a fashion and beauty information source.

The mother of two is a self-made entrepreneur. Her business ventures include The Meeka Brand, Privileged clothing line, and Claxton Productions. In addition, she owns the Million Dollar Girlz mentoring foundation. Aside from these, she is also the founder of Allure Realty Group.

After a successful basketball career, Meeka transitioned into a highly profitable business venture. She was also honored with a Cambridge Who's Who Award for real estate. During her time on the show, she had to deal with the usual drama that goes along with it.

The former Basketball Wives cast member has two children. Her elder daughter is 18 years old, while her youngest is 11 years old.

Craig "Speedy" Claxton

If you are a basketball fan, then you've probably heard of Craig "Speedy" Claxton. As a professional athlete, he has played for several teams in the NBA. He has also worked as a college scout for the Golden State Warriors. However, the most popular thing about him is that he has two daughters, Meeka and London.

Speedy Claxton is an African American athlete who was born in Hempstead, New York. He started playing professionally after he was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers in the 2000 NBA draft. After his playing career, he was a college assistant coach at Hofstra University.

In 2002, he was traded to the San Antonio Spurs. The following year, he spent time with the Golden State Warriors. Afterward, he returned to play with the Spurs for 67 games.

Claxton was an All-American, a four-time All-Metropolitan New York selection, and a three-time All-District selection. His best season was in 1999-2000, when he averaged 22.8 points per game.

Byron Scott

Basketball Wives star CeCe Gutierrez got engaged to former NBA player Byron Scott. The couple was married in an intimate ceremony, which was livestreamed by the bride's Instagram account. They also wore face masks to cover up their faces.

There's no doubt that CeCe and Scott are happy together. The duo has been together for a long time. Their relationship began around 2014. In fact, it was announced that Byron was going to propose to CeCe earlier this year.

Before their wedding, the pair had decided that they wanted to tie the knot sooner than later. However, they changed their minds after hearing about the Coronavirus. This disease was a big problem for many people.

For the occasion, the duo opted to wear a custom couture bridal gown. It featured a strapless mermaid style design. Netta Benshabu designed the bridal gown.

The bride wore a diamond-encrusted bridal headpiece. The couple also had a blinged-out face mask that matched the design of their custom-made gown.

Evelyn Lozada

Evelyn Lozada is an American reality television star, actress, author and model. She is best known for her appearance on the hit series Basketball Wives. The show features the lives of the wives of professional basketball players.

Evelyn Lozada has a daughter from her previous relationship with Antoine Walker, and has another child with Chad Johnson. Her daughter, Shaniece Hairston, was born in 1993.

Lozada is also an entrepreneur. She launched a shoe boutique in Coral Gables, Florida, and has written a number of books. One of these is The Wrong Mr. Darcy, which she co-authored with Holly Lorincz.

In 2010, Evelyn Lozada appeared on the VH1 show Basketball Wives. Before appearing on the show, she had a ten-year relationship with NBA player Antoine Walker. They broke up around the time he was filing for bankruptcy.

After leaving Basketball Wives in 2013, Lozada started dating MLB player Carl Crawford. However, the couple broke up in 2017 after a brief engagement.

Brandi Maxiell

In 2010, Brandi Maxiell married NBA player Jason Maxiell. Before their marriage, the couple met in high school. They exchanged vows on August 1, 2010 in Denton County, Texas.

Brandi and Jason have one child, a son, named Jason Maxiell II. Their marriage is extending 10 years in 2022. As of this writing, they live in Los Angeles. During their time together, they have experienced ups and downs in their relationship. But they still love each other.

Brandi Maxiell was born in Dallas, Texas, on May 21, 1983. She is of African American descent. From an early age, she showed an interest in acting. It was her mother, Terri Duncan, who made sure she attended a good school. Eventually, she went on to study at the University of North Texas.

Maxiell's mother, Terri, died in 2006. The couple did not have any contact with their mother until she passed away. When they were dating, Brandi and Jason decided to keep their relationship private.

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