Where is Lainey Wilson From?

Where is Lainey Wilson From?


Where is lainey wilson from

Lainey Wilson, a native of Baskin, Louisiana, credits her upbringing and rural hometown with helping shape the direction of her career. No wonder why she's on the rise - with six CMA nominations and an exciting new album that's revolutionizing country music.

Her music combines her Southern upbringing with big-city sophistication, never afraid to sound tough but genuine. It's an intoxicating blend of twang and grit, filled with plenty of blue-collar wisdom.

Baskin, Louisiana

Growing up in Baskin, Louisiana, country singer Lainey Wilson had big aspirations of one day making it to Nashville. While that goal would require years of hard work and commitment, she was determined to achieve it.

Her parents instilled the importance of hard work into Wilson, which she carried with her throughout her career. Her songs and lyrics draw from her southern heritage, incorporating the proverbs and lessons she was taught from them into her music.

She has a deep-seated passion for working hard and treating people fairly, which she isn't afraid to express publicly. These values and lessons have guided her journey to where she is today.

Lainey Wilson, a Nashville-based country singer, credits her hometown as an influence on her music. This sentiment is evident on her new album Sayin' What I'm Thinkin', produced by Jay Joyce and featuring Wilson's onstage confidence as well as prolific songwriting abilities.

But she's also unafraid to speak her truth, giving fans hope and inspiration through her genuine vulnerability and no-nonsense wisdom. Her lyrical themes range from overcoming obstacles, finding love and forgiveness, to having the strength to stand up for what you believe in.

Her debut on Broken Bow Records, produced by Jay Joyce, showcases those qualities to the fullest. Her first single "Heart Like a Truck" speaks to the importance of having good character and having the courage to do what is right.

After spending a decade in Music City, Wilson has finally found her groove. Now a country star, she boasts 6 CMA nominations and was recently named winner of the CMT Breakout Artist of the Year Awards. Additionally, Wilson's music has been featured three times on Paramount Network's Yellowstone.

She's a self-declared small town girl with global appeal, and her practical wisdom and irreverent sense of humour have won over fans. Already on numerous 'ones to watch' lists, she will release her new album Sayin' What I'm Thinkingin' on February 19th through This Is Hit/Broken Bow Records.


Wilson was a little girl growing up in Baskin, Louisiana when she discovered country music from Glen Campbell, Hank Williams, Buck Owens and Dolly Parton. She fell in love with it and dreamed of one day moving to Nashville so that she could pursue her passion of becoming a country singer. As Wilson pursued growing up, others around her started joining in on the fun by contributing their favorite country songs as well.

That's exactly what Wilson is doing now, and it has paid off. In just 10 years, she's become CMA 2022 Female Vocalist of the Year, CMA 2022 New Artist of the Year and CMT 2022 Breakout Artist of the Year - all thanks to her debut single "Things a Man Oughta Know," which reached number one on country charts and propelled Wilson into stardom.

She's now joined forces with America's largest rural lifestyle retailer Tractor Supply and country music lifestyle conglomerate Opry Entertainment Group to give emerging artists a platform similar to "American Idol" and Opry NextStage. Participants will have the chance to record their music in Nashville, network with industry executives, and perform at various events during CMA Fest week in June.

Wilson has already made a mark in the country music world with her debut album, Bell Bottom Country, released last month. Together with her co-writers, Wilson has managed to craft an array of songs that is both upbeat and thoughtful.

The album includes several songs inspired by her childhood, such as "Smell Like Smoke," which depicts a fiery woman who isn't afraid to confront her past and where it has led her, yet knows she has big dreams ahead. Other tracks examine themes like teen love and "Live Off," an uptempo small town identity declaration reminiscent of Eric Church's arena melodramas.

As she's aged, she has drawn upon her deep roots to craft songs that are both entertaining and thoughtful. Her latest release, Sayin' What I'm Thinkin', showcases both these influences - 70s country rock with contemporary artists added in for good measure.

Her deep, sultry voice can eloquently tell stories without sounding cliche, and her lyrics often reveal her heart's desires. Recently, she joined forces with country music legend Hardy for their collaboration "Wait in the Truck."

Although she's made some missteps with her music (her song "Things a Man Oughta"), she has the rare gift of finding the balance between thoughtful and entertaining. Her sound is an expert blend of traditional country with just enough modern edge to give it a chance in the mainstream market.


Country singer Lainey Wilson is best known for her hits "Hold My Halo" and "Watermelon Moonshine," but she's recently ventured into acting. She will be featured in the upcoming season of Yellowstone as Abby, a character on the show.

She's had an incredible year in 2022, winning two CMA Awards for Best New Artist and Female Vocalist of the Year before releasing her new album Bell Bottom Country. Additionally, she made her acting debut on television's most watched show Yellowstone during Season 5's premiere.

Wilson, 30, hails from Louisiana and has been singing professionally since she was a teenager. After performing at various venues and writing songs for radio stations, Country Music Television noticed her talent. In 2014 she released her debut studio album Lainey Wilson (2014) followed by Tougher (2016), Sayin' What I'm Thinkin' (2021) and Bell Bottom Country (2022).

On the latest season of Yellowstone, show creator Taylor Sheridan reached out to singer-songwriter Ashley Monroe after she performed two of her songs on-air. She was so taken with the performance that she asked her to join as a full-time actress on the show.

She eagerly accepted the chance, even though she'd never acted before. She says that it took some courage for her to put herself out there on camera, but so far it's been worth all the risk.

On the show, she portrays Abby, a country singer who visits the ranch and falls in love with cowboy Ryan (Ian Bohen). Their relationship has been heated throughout the season, with several passionate kisses shared between them.

On the latest episode of her show, Wilson sings a song that serves as a reminder of how hard it was for her to break into music when she first began. It's called "Smell Like Smoke," one of many tunes featured on its soundtrack.

Wilson enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter when not working on music or acting projects. They reside in Nashville, but they like to travel across America together.

Wilson manages to squeeze in time for her music despite her hectic schedule, and is proud of what she's achieved. She's released four albums, toured with Morgan Wallen, and received plenty of recognition from Country Music Television. Despite all this activity, Wilson still finds time for creative endeavors like writing or recording an album.

Redneck Hollywood

Lainey Wilson was raised on a small rural farm near Baskin, Louisiana where she learned the hard-work ethic required of farming. As part of her family's daily tasks around their property - where they raised corn, wheat, soybeans and oats - Lainey became proficient in many agricultural tasks.

Wilson began booking her own performances during high school, dressed up as Hannah Montana - the Disney character made famous by Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter Miley Cyrus, an accomplished musician and actor.

She eventually moved to Nashville and lived in a bumper-pull camper for three years until she had enough money to purchase a home. That experience taught her a great deal about herself as an individual, which led her to write the songs on her debut EP, Redneck Hollywood.

She brings a proud Southern aesthetic, but also adds an up-to-date modern country sound. The self-described "bell bottom country" singer has an intense yet tender voice; moreover, she understands the value of authenticity when crafting lyrics.

Her debut EP showcases her captivating lyricisticism and hard-working aesthetic. Co-produced by Jay Joyce - who has previously worked with artists such as Eric Church and Little Big Town - this project stands as a testament to both.

Working with Joyce helped bring the four songs on Redneck Hollywood to their full potential, crafting them into exciting sonic blends. At the same time, Joyce revealed new musical possibilities for Wilson that she hadn't considered before.

She also added her own flair to the project, including her first single "Dirty Looks." This song, which will be released by country radio on October 21, celebrates hard work and appreciation for a man who doesn't fear to put in effort.

The second track, "Things a Man Oughta Know," explores how to treat others with respect. It's an insightful song that displays Wilson's lyrical skills as she takes listeners on an intimate journey into her own mind.

Her music is an eclectic blend of traditional Country sounds with grit, soul and just a hint of funk. She says the style she chooses reflects who she wants to be as an artist and person.

Where is the next world cup

Where is the Next World Cup?

Soccer fans everywhere are eagerly awaiting the next world Cup to be held. But where exactly will it take place?

The 2026 World Cup will be hosted by three North American countries for the first time ever and feature 48 teams - an all-time high! That's an unprecedented number of players!

New York City

Football enthusiasts from around the globe are expected to descend upon New York City for the 2026 World Cup, being hosted by the United States. FIFA has selected 11 cities around America (three in Mexico and two in Canada) as host cities during this four-year event.

Soccer has long been a beloved tradition in New York, and the city will reap the benefits of hosting the tournament's final match, an economic boon that generates millions in hotel stays and tourism dollars. Furthermore, hosting such an important event provides a huge push to the city's tourism industry which has been struggling to draw international visitors recently.

For those unable to make it to the tournament, there are plenty of bars and restaurants in New York City where you can watch every match live. Many will open early for games so you can grab a bite to eat or a drink before or after the match.

Little Rebel, a Brooklyn craft cocktail bar and restaurant, features multiple TVs showing games on both floors of the bar. You can order cocktails as well as comfort foods like fried chicken sandwiches or short rib croquettes while cheering for your favorite team!

Another great spot to watch a game is this beer hall in Long Island City. They boast over 20 beers on tap and an 11-foot LED video wall. Plus they serve bar food like wings or tempura calamari.

You can even head upstairs to play skee-ball or arcade games while watching the World Cup. It's an excellent way to break up your soccer watching and it's easier when your stomach is full.

Since November, The West Village pub has been showing World Cup matches and they're going all out for the upcoming event. They'll be serving burgers with brie, fish and chips, as well as one with chimichurri sauce to represent France, England, and Brazil.

MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ will host the tournament's final. While not as visually stunning as SoFi Stadium, it is still an impressive facility of high quality.


The FIFA World Cup is one of the world's greatest sporting events, and Philadelphia has been chosen as one of 16 North American cities to host it in 2026. The event will take place at Lincoln Financial Field - home to Philadelphia Eagles football games - a venue that has hosted numerous soccer matches over the years.

The tournament, scheduled from June 21-July 13, has already begun and city coordinators are already hard at work making sure it runs smoothly. They're assessing hotel accommodations and setting exact match dates in order to guarantee a successful event.

Though the process may seem complex, it's actually quite straightforward. Just like with the Women's World Cup, organizers will set out a series of timelines and expectations that local officials must meet in order to proceed.

In addition to planning the specifics of the World Cup, organizers must also anticipate how it will influence the city long after it concludes. Particularly, they need to take into account how it will influence tourism and hospitality services in the area.

Kane emphasizes the importance of having a robust infrastructure and public transportation system for hosting the World Cup. Her remarks show Philadelphia has more of an accessible public transportation system than many of the other host cities, giving her assurance that it will be able to accommodate the influx of tourists expected during the competition.

She is also considering how to promote the event to potential residents and businesses in the region. Organizers must create a compelling narrative about their city that people can relate to, according to Her.

Another significant aspect of hosting the World Cup in Philadelphia will be its potential to foster an enthusiastic soccer-loving community. Philadelphia boasts a diverse population, making this event an ideal chance to bring people together who share this passion for the game.

Soccer fans from around the world will flock to Philadelphia during the World Cup, providing a boost in tourism that in turn helps grow soccer and increase interest in it within Philadelphia itself.


The FIFA World Cup is the premier sports event on earth, held every four years and attended by millions of fans from around the globe. Since 1930, eighteen countries have hosted this renowned tournament - including Mexico, Italy, France, Germany and Brazil.

In 2026, the World Cup will return to North America for its inaugural year: the United States, Canada and Mexico. This marks the first time three nations will host the competition simultaneously and it features an expanded format with 48 teams competing.

It's an historic step for soccer, which will boost attendance and TV revenue in its host cities. Furthermore, it could further foster soccer growth in North America with its large and enthusiastic fan base.

In 2026, the World Cup will be staged in 16 cities across America, Canada and Mexico - including its capital of Mexico City. This marks the first World Cup hosted by three nations with an expanded format featuring more matches than previous editions.

One of the most thrilling aspects of the tournament is that it will take place in a brand-new venue, making it even more unforgettable for fans. The stadium will be located in Miami, Florida - an incredibly hot and sunny city with a vibrant arts and culture scene.

Miami is known for its endless sunshine and breathtaking beaches. While here, visitors can take advantage of numerous tourist attractions and activities while learning about Miami's fascinating history. It's easy to get lost in Miami's vibrant culture when exploring its vibrant streets.

If you're planning a visit, the center of the city might be your best bet for access. Or for an even more relaxed experience, consider staying at one of many resort or beachfront hotels along the shoreline.

In addition to the stadium, fans should visit some of Miami's hottest restaurants for an authentic taste of South American cuisine. A great starting point is DiNic's Roast Pork, a longtime local favorite.


The 2026 World Cup will be hosted in sixteen cities across North America - sixteen from each nation - as part of the "United 2026" bid. This marks the first-ever tournament co-hosted by three nations.

Since 1930, the FIFA World Cup has been hosted 21 times around the globe. It is one of the most renowned sporting events in history and draws millions of devoted fans annually.

Selecting the ideal location for the World Cup is essential as it can greatly influence its atmosphere. Some locations boast a high concentration of spectators, while others provide a quieter atmosphere and provide players and fans with a more personalized experience.

For an urban atmosphere, New York City offers plenty of choice. Its many boroughs are packed with independent bars and restaurants, Broadway shows and stunning museums.

Many iconic landmarks to see, such as the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building. If you're feeling hungry, head over to one of New York City's many excellent restaurants for some classic American cuisine. A popular option is Bubba's Restaurant - a southern chain famous for serving some of the country's best fried chicken.

Chicago is an excellent destination to discover the arts and culture, featuring Picasso paintings, Rodin sculptures and Beethoven performances. Furthermore, Chicago boasts Magnificent Mile - a renowned shopping area.

Moreover, the city is situated near Lake Michigan, making it an ideal spot to watch matches from the stadium. A short drive away, residents can explore the vibrant downtown district with plenty of interesting shops and eateries to enjoy.

The 2026 World Cup will see a 48-team field, with the top two teams from each group progressing to the round of 32. While this change from 32 teams is welcomed, it also raises some controversy due to more teams meaning more money for sponsors.

Where is qatar world cup

Qatar to Host the 2022 FIFA World Cup

FIFA's decision to select Qatar as the host nation for the 2022 World Cup was an unpopular choice. A conservative autocracy with little soccer heritage and inadequate sports infrastructure faced an uphill battle.

After 12 years of construction projects costing an estimated $300 billion, Qatar has become a world-class travel destination and football-ready nation. Now the small Gulf nation is set to host the biggest tournament on earth.


Doha, Qatar's capital city, will host three stadiums where the World Cup matches will be played. These stadiums are spread out around Doha so fans can attend more than one match per day - an unusual feature for such an important international event as the World Cup which typically requires teams to travel long distances between matches.

Doha is not only home to several stadiums, but it is a major transport node in the country. It boasts several railway stations and serves as an important stop for bus transportation throughout the region.

Qatar, as the host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, is under immense pressure to ensure it runs smoothly. Estimates peg attendance at approximately one million visitors - the highest total in tournament history - and so the government is investing heavily in travel infrastructure to make sure everything runs smoothly.

The World Cup provides a global platform to promote local tourism. Organisers hope that visitors to Qatar, which boasts abundant natural resources yet remains underdeveloped, will take advantage of this event and explore more of this underdeveloped nation.

Due to their wealth, Qatar has invested in world-class facilities and an excellent transport network for the tournament. However, due to a lack of international experience and culture shock, people may take some time to adjust to the change in lifestyle.

In the lead-up to the World Cup, Qatar has faced widespread criticism for its human rights abuses and other issues. This has caused some debate regarding their suitability as host country for the competition.

Qatar's decision to host the tournament has given them a newfound international visibility. It will be interesting to watch how their football team and fans perform during the competition.

Though many look forward to the World Cup, it can also be a trying time for both players and fans due to Qatar's extreme summer heat. To help combat this issue, organizers moved the tournament to a cooler time of year and are planning to install high-tech cooling systems in all stadiums.

Al Bayt Stadium

Al Bayt Stadium is one of eight 2022 FIFA World Cup venues located in Qatar. Each venue is only a short drive or metro ride away, allowing fans to attend multiple matches on one day.

Al Bayt Stadium design pays homage to Qatar's past and present with a distinctive facade that ripples across sand dunes, representing both the desert landscape and its beauty as well as native flora and fauna. The structure was intended as an example for green development and sustainability, using environmentally friendly materials and energy-saving technology in order to keep fans comfortable while reducing their impact on the environment.

In line with the tournament's sustainability objectives, its upper tier will be removed and donated to developing countries in need of sports infrastructure. Once finished, the stadium also features a five-star hotel, shopping center, sports medicine hospital - all buildings constructed according to sustainable building standards.

Al Janoub Stadium in Al Wakrah, Saudi Arabia is another new stadium for the tournament and evokes the wind-filled sails of traditional dhow boats as a nod to its fishing and pearl diving past. After the tournament, its capacity will be reduced to 20,000 seats with half being donated to sports projects around the world.

In addition to the soccer matches being held at the stadium, there will be plenty of other activities taking place nearby. Visitors can visit Al Rayyan SC soccer team, explore museums and cultural attractions, or dine at one of many restaurants located close by.

Experience nature-filled adventures in Al Khor, known for its pearl diving and fishing. This coastal town provides visitors with plenty of beaches, parks and mangrove forests to explore.

Visitors to Kassite-controlled bin Ghannam (also known as Purple Island) should not be missed; it has been declared a conservation area and provides ample opportunity for exploration. Other attractions include the seafront corniche and Al Thakira mangroves - ideal for kayaking tours!

The United States men's national team will begin its group stage games at Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium in Doha, where they will face Wales and England. Following that, the Americans will play two more matches at Al Bayt Stadium and Al Thumama Stadium before concluding their group stage against Iran.

Al Janoub Stadium

Qatar's most recent stadium, designed by British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid and situated in Al Wakrah's southern city, pays homage to Al Wakrah's long history as a pearl diving and fishing center with its curved roof resembling traditional dhow boats.

The stadium is one of eight venues hosting World Cup matches this summer. Unlike past tournaments, all these sites are within 55 km radius of Doha, making it convenient for fans to attend multiple games without having to travel separately between cities.

World Cup Qatar 2022(tm) promises to be a much smaller tournament than previous events, meaning fans can easily attend multiple games each day without needing to fly between venues or take overnight trips. Furthermore, each host stadium is equipped with cooling systems so fans stay comfortable during long hours spent outdoors in the heat.

Al Janoub Stadium not only boasts an eye-catching aesthetic, but is also an eco-friendly and sustainable destination. Thanks to its energy efficient cooling technology, this venue ranks among the most eco-friendly venues worldwide.

This stadium was designed with a modular design that allows it to be disassembled and rebuilt into different forms after the tournament ends. This sustainable initiative will be replicated at each World Cup stadium in Qatar, creating an iconic legacy for soccer that transcends its national boundaries.

At the World Cup, Al Wakrah Stadium can accommodate 40,000 spectators. After the competition has concluded, however, its capacity will be reduced to 20,000 seats so that it can serve as home field for local club Al Wakrah SC. This transformation is common among all new stadiums built for this landmark event.

In addition to the stadium, Al Wakrah will gain a host of amenities such as schools, wedding halls, cycling, horse-riding and running tracks; restaurants; marketplaces; gyms; and parklands. With these developments comes long-term advantages for residents while strengthening bonds within their community.

Hamad International Airport

As the 2022 World Cup approaches in November, fans from around the world are expected to descend upon Qatar for an unforgettable experience. It is predicted that up to 1.2 million people could be present in Qatar at any one time during the tournament.

There are various ways to get to and from the event, but Hamad International Airport will serve as its main hub. Situated southwest of Doha, this reopened airport offers service for both Qatar Airways and its partner airlines.

The hub is also host to a range of attractions for both visitors and passengers. It boasts restaurants, shops and cafes that will be open during the World Cup.

Hamad International Airport will feature a dedicated terminal that serves as the primary point of entry for FIFA teams and delegates, complete with its own staff to support during peak traffic times.

Hamad International Airport in Doha is expected to see an influx of visitors during the World Cup. The airport is currently working on expanding its capacity so it can handle more than 58 million passengers annually.

Though the new airport can handle a large volume of passengers during the World Cup, its capacity may not allow it to remain fully operational 24/7. But with HIA's recent expansion plan in place, they have stated that they are prepared for such an influx and plan on remaining an important global travel hub long after the Games are over.

Travelers to Qatar will be delighted by this development, as it indicates the country is on track to becoming a major travel destination in its own right. According to Qatar's tourism authority, more than 40 million passengers will pass through its borders this year alone - before even the Corona pandemic hits!

When planning to travel, it is wise to book your flights ahead of time as tickets tend to sell out fast. Thankfully, most major retailers offer online ticket purchasing options as well.

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