When Will Below Deck Med Season 4 Be on Netflix?

When Will Below Deck Med Season 4 Be on Netflix?


when will below deck med season 4 be on netflix

If you want to know when below deck med season 4 will be on netflix, then you have come to the right place. Below you will find some of the details about the show and the cast. You will also find out what the captain of the ship is, Sandy Yawn.

Hannah Ferrier's career

A former Below Deck Med star, Hannah Ferrier, is putting her experience to good use. The 35-year-old Australian is now a captain on a Princess Cruises vessel. She has even launched her own online yachting academy, which teaches people how to get started in the industry.

Despite the drama surrounding her exit from Below Deck Med, Ferrier has kept a fit and healthy body. She has also built up a sizeable social media following of 650,000 followers.

In a recent interview, she sat down and spoke about her time on the show and how it has affected her life. She also mentioned that she was reluctant to go on the show.

Hannah is also currently the chief stew on a superyacht. According to her, she has three courses she teaches.

One of these is a podcast based on a diary she kept as a teenager. It is a great way to escape the world, and it involves listening to her tales.

The next time you hear about the Bravo franchise, look for a returning Ferrier. Her new show is called The Real Love Boat, and it will air in Australia later this year.

Hannah is also planning on getting engaged soon. A recent post on her Instagram page showed her and baby Ava at dinner.

After her departure from Below Deck Med, the crew made some major changes to their lives. The show was criticized for its use of medication as a plotline.

Aesha Scott also took a break from the industry during Season 5. However, she is back now. And her husband Travis has moved on to a superyacht, Perseus, in Italy.

If you're not into yachting, there's still a lot to see on Below Deck Mediterranean. Catch it Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

The crew's tensions rise

Below Deck Mediterranean is a reality TV series about the crew of a luxury yacht. Each season is set on a different superyacht. The shows stars six women and men who are tasked with keeping the boat running smoothly.

Each week, Below Deck Med features new guests. Usually, the show is filmed at a yacht in Mallorca, Spain, or the French Riviera.

Season 4 of the show is slated to premiere on June 3 at 9/8c. You can watch the latest episode on the Bravo app. Alternatively, you can also stream new episodes via the website.

Below Deck: Mediterranean focuses on the crew of a megayacht sailing the waters of the Mediterranean. They deal with difficult clients, challenging weather, and personal issues.

This season also includes a new, dynamic crew. In addition to new Stews Natalya Scudder and Kyle Viljoen, the boat welcomes Bosun Raygan Tyler and Deckhands Storm Smith and Jason Gaskell.

With a new crew, the deck crew is challenged to keep up with the demanding charter guests. Some members of the crew become frustrated when Chef Mila's baking skills fail to impress.

Hannah's departure left a hole in the crew. Now that she's back, she's faced with tough decisions. Her biggest challenge is whether she can make it through the season. She's also battling with new boss Captain Sandy.

The new season is also chock full of onboard drama. The crew is forced to deal with demanding charter guests, and an intense storm threatens to wreck their season before it even starts.

Another big change is the addition of a new chief stew. However, there are still plenty of growing pains as Joao struggles to find his feet in this new role.

The captain is Sandy Yawn

Sandy Yawn, the captain of Below Deck Med, is the head yachtie on the Bravo series. She has over three decades of experience in the yachting industry and has led her crew for seven seasons. In the Mediterranean, she guides charters to various locations.

The new season will feature new cast members, including chef Mathew Shea, stewardesses Lexi Wilson and Katie Flood, and Bosun Malia White. It also features returning cast members.

Below Deck Med season 4 is set in France. Yawn and her team sail to the South of France and to Malta. Fans can watch the entire season online. There are also tickets available to attend an interactive tour with Captain Sandy.

Below Deck Med has been airing for six seasons. It was the first show to feature a female captain. Since then, the show has been nominated for two 2022 Emmy awards.

The crew has faced a number of challenges throughout the seasons. For instance, the season three premiere featured a scandal involving the chief stew, Hannah Ferrier. Her relationship with ex-conrad Empson created problems on board. A neighboring boat said the anchor would drag.

Another season featured several problems involving Lamb, a crew member. Several people complained about his behavior. He had been seen cursing out other crew members, and leaving dangerous shards of glass in the trash.

Hannah Ferrier is the former chief stew on Below Deck Med. She has returned to the series with the intention of getting back on Sandy's good side. However, her departure from the show was not without controversy.

Hannah's departure was not an easy decision. After a series of charters, she had lost interest in her job.

The shortened charter puts pressure on crew to pull off the stops

The shortened charter puts pressure on the crew to pull off the stops. With the season finale on the way, the remaining crew struggles to find a resolution to their problems.

A massive thunderstorm threatens to keep the Wellington docked for the rest of the charter season. Meanwhile, the Lady Michelle crew grapples with the fallout from Lexi and Mathew's fight.

On the next charter, a group of "Daddy's Girls" arrive on board and put a strain on the relationships among the crew. They also reveal surprising information about a new crew member.

With a new deck crew in place, Malia is concerned that the workload will become too much to handle. She works hard to bring the new team up to speed. However, David's injured leg puts a strain on his ability to perform his duties.

Malia also begins to struggle with her feelings for Courtney. In addition to her ongoing issues with Joao, she is concerned that her relationship with Conrad will deteriorate.

As the shortened charter approaches, Katie is struggling to balance the demands of the charter guests. As a result, she implements a new stew rotation. But the resulting stews aren't going as well as she would have liked.

Hannah's migraine intensifies as a large group of charter guests arrive on board. She is forced to deal with grief over the loss of her grandmother. Also, she struggles to keep up with the third stew. Ultimately, she airs her grievances with Bugsy.

Meanwhile, the crew begins to prepare for their final charter. One of the charter guests asks them to participate in a trust exercise with arrows. This leaves the crew nervous about safety. Despite a difficult personal issue, Jessica and Rob begin to deepen their relationship.

Above Deck Mediterranean vs Katie Flood

Below Deck Mediterranean, a reality television series based in the Mediterranean, follows the crew of a luxury charter yacht. Every episode features a new set of elite passengers. The crew lives on the mega-yacht during the Mediterranean charter season.

Bravo premiered the show on May 2016. Seasons one to five have already been released. In addition, Below Deck Mediterranean is available on Hayu in the UK, and Netflix in the US. However, Bravo has not yet announced an air date for season six.

Below Deck Mediterranean is a reality television series starring nine members of a yacht crew. It is part of the Below Deck franchise. Each week, the crew serves a new group of high-end passengers aboard the 150-foot mega-yacht Ionian Princess.

The show has 197 episodes in total, with a better-than-average IMDb audience rating of 7.5. Fans have divided on the firing of Hannah Ferrier, who was the chief stewardess for seasons one to five.

Katie Flood is the new chief stewardess on the yacht. She has a background in private yachts. Her work experience is impressive, and she is considered a perfectionist.

Below Deck Mediterranean has always been driven by its three lead roles. However, in the last few years, there have been some notable changes in the cast. As of this year, there are only two returning cast members.

Malia White has rejoined the Below Deck crew for a third time. After the end of her relationship with Tom Checketts, she will enjoy being single.

Also, Aesha Scott will return as the chief stewardess for the upcoming season. She has worked in the industry for the last five years. When she returned to the yacht, she wanted a pay raise.

Below Deck Season 4 Location

below deck med season 4 location

If you are watching Below Deck season 4, you might want to know where the chefs are cooking. They've been spending a lot of time on the sun deck. However, we've noticed that there aren't many pictures on the Captain's Instagram feed during this time.

Captain Glenn's Instagram accounts went quiet during season 4

The Below Deck Sailing Yacht crew is getting back together for Parsifal III. Some fans have speculated that Gary King and Captain Glenn Shephard are going to be on the show again, but there have been no confirmed reports.

A fan recently spotted the Parsifal III in Portisco Marina, Sardinia, Italy. It appears that the Parsifal III has hired new crew members. While it's too early to tell if the core four will be able to get back together, it's likely that at least three of them will.

The new crew members include Hannah Ferrier, who is starting a yacht training academy with Anastasia Surmava. Hannah is also a family woman, and has a family of her own. She has also teased that a home goods store is on the way.

Malia White is also returning for Parsifal III. Malia was a bosun on Below Deck Med. Although she didn't appear on the show, she was part of a love triangle with Wes Walton and Adam Glick.

Malia also had a vape pen, which she shared with her bunkmate. As for Jack, he asked Aesha to be his girlfriend in season four. When she accepted, he asked her to marry him. However, they broke up before the end of the season.

During the season, the crew also had a racially charged incident. Tom Pearson got into a bit of trouble with the crew. In the episode, he posted a racially charged meme. This drew the attention of the captain, who allegedly found out that he had failed to keep an anchor watch. He subsequently fired him.

The sun deck is a popular spot during the series

Below Deck Mediterranean will sail into the South of France and the Cote d'Azur during its fourth season. Captain Sandy Yawn will lead his crew of dynamic yachties, including Aesha Scott, Mila Kolomeitseva, and Hannah McLaughlin.

Below Deck Med Season 4 will debut Monday, June 3, at 9/8c. The series follows a yacht crew as they sail to the South of France and the queer-friendly island of Malta.

Below Deck Med has filmed in Malta, Mallorca, Greece, Croatia, and Italy. Each season features a different yacht and crew, but all have had a great time. One of the most memorable was the charter season on VALOR, a sleek and boutique hotel-inspired luxury yacht. It featured dual jet skis and an expansive aft deck.

During filming, several of the yachties met up. Jack Stirrup, who was born in Liverpool, UK, and worked in the Merchant Navy, transferred his skills to yachting. He started working on Lady Michelle, and eventually went on to finish the charters.

Another notable character was Travis Michalzik, a joker and party boy who grew up in Australia. His career started in a number of odd jobs before he got the job as a deckhand.

Jack Stirrup has made a name for himself in the yachting industry. He is known for his quick temper. On a recent episode, he drove one of the crew members to tears.

For Season 4, the crew will visit the French Riviera, a paradise for wealth and luxury. They will take advantage of the famous St. David's hot tub and enjoy sex in the bunks after an off-duty evening.

Mila Kolomeitseva will be the first female chef in Below Deck's history

Below Deck Mediterranean season four will premiere on Bravo tonight, and the newest member of the crew is none other than Mila Kolomeitseva. The Siberian-born chef, who trained at the famous Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in Paris, is the first female chef to join the cast of the franchise.

But before Mila can become the face of the Below Deck Mediterranean galley, she has to overcome some initial challenges. For one, she was forced to miss pre-charter preparations because she was sick. She also came down with food poisoning before boarding the ship.

Once Kolomeitseva got well, she tried to rally the crew, but they began to argue with her. They accused her of not being an appropriate head chef. Eventually, she left the ship. However, she returned a few months later.

Kolomeitseva, who previously worked as a professional poker player, is the first woman to ever take the position of chef on the Below Deck Mediterranean. She is currently based in Monaco.

Before joining the Below Deck Mediterranean crew, Kolomeitseva was chosen as a contestant on the show Top Chef. When she was on the show, she shared her support for Russian president Vladimir Putin, but criticized the lifestyle of the Captain Sandy Yawn.

Kolomeitseva made a bad impression on the crew. Her cooking was often shoddy. At one point, she poured niblets of corn from a can onto nachos. And she was known for being short-tempered.

Joao Franco was a deckhand on the series

Joao Franco was a deckhand on Below Deck Mediterranean season 3. In season three, he was the lead deckhand. During season four, he was promoted to a bosun. He was also involved in a love triangle with two stews.

Joao is from Zimbabwe, and he's been in the yachting industry for quite a while. His dream is to become a captain, and he was willing to work hard to make his dreams a reality.

Before becoming a deckhand, he worked for several years in the fire department. However, he chose yachting instead. Then, he started his own business to help people in the yachting industry.

Joao is still in the yachting industry. He recently got engaged to his girlfriend Michelle Dicu. They have a dog. And, Joao plans to give up drinking.

In Season 3 of Below Deck Med, Brooke Laughton fell for Joao. She was unaware of his drinking habits. However, she did fall for Jamie Jason. At the end of the season, Joao was engaged to Michelle.

Brooke Laughton, Jamie Jason, and Aesha were the main women in Season 4. Aesha was born in New Zealand, and she has been in the yachting industry for a few years. Lexi, the daughter of a grieving father, was a difficult character to watch. But she lasted almost the entire season without getting fired.

Another cast member, Travis Michalzik, has also been in the yachting industry for a while. He's a joker and party boy.

Travis Michalzik is a deckhand on the series

Below Deck Mediterranean is a reality show about a group of people who work on a yacht serving wealthy guests. It airs on Bravo Mondays at 9PM. One of the cast members, Travis Michalzik, has taken on the role of lead deckhand in the fourth season.

Travis was born in Perth, Australia. He dropped out of high school to pursue a career on the sea. Eventually, he was hired on a sailing yacht.

Travis has worked on several different boats and was even considered to be a captain. Eventually, he got his dream job as a deckhand. But, he's had his fair share of ups and downs.

In season four of Below Deck Med, Travis Michalzik has become a fan favorite. Though he may not have found love on the show, he was still a standout for his professional performance.

While below deck is the name of the game, there's a lot of drama onboard this season. The crew's work ethic is under scrutiny. Some newbies aren't up to par. Another member of the crew reveals a weird request from a guest.

Throughout the season, Travis has maintained a strong work ethic, yet he also enjoys having fun. His active social media account demonstrates that.

Despite his party-boy reputation, Travis has never been accused of being a drug user. He has been known to post embarrassing photos of himself on Instagram.

Chef Marcos won't be returning for a second time on BDSY

Marcos Spaziani has announced that he will not be returning for another season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. He was one of the more dependable co-stars on the show. His culinary skills were praised by guests on the charter, and he wowed them with his plating.

In the meantime, he has started his own gourmet food truck with a fellow chef. They call their business Marlou with Chef Louis. Their menu includes Venezuelan, Korean, and fusion food.

He also posted about his bromance with Colin MacRae. However, it looks like Marcos will not be appearing on any future seasons of Top Chef.

The news was surprising for fans. While he has received praise from guests for his cooking, there was one thing about Marcos that left many fans wondering. That's his lack of tomatoes in his dishes.

Fans speculated that the absence of Marcos could be due to his family's move to Los Angeles. But, he's actually staying in the same city.

During his time on the Below Deck Sailing Yacht, he cooked some of the best dishes on the boat. He also wowed guests with his Instagram-worthy plating.

Before he left, he announced his next restaurant venture. Located in downtown Los Angeles, the Burrow serves fusion tapas and fusion brunch. Guests say that it's one of the five best meals they've ever had.

It seems like Chef Marcos isn't ready to let go of the Below Deck franchise just yet. After all, there's no one else to fill his shoes.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4 - How Many Episodes Are There?

how many episodes below deck mediterranean season 4

Below Deck Mediterranean season 4 is scheduled to air in the summer of 2019. However, the episode count may not be as high as we expect. Several characters will have to be re-introduced to the viewers, and there are also new fights between the crew members. Let's take a closer look at these episodes, so you know what's in store.

Bringing back Adam and Hannah

The Below Deck Mediterranean crew has changed. Some cast members have moved on, others have started new careers. But two of them, Hannah Ferrier and Adam Glick, are back.

Adam Glick and Hannah Ferrier had a rocky relationship on Below Deck Mediterranean. They broke up when their careers became more important. However, their romance survived the coronavirus pandemic and the quarantine.

Luckily, they have found a way to move on. Hannah has opened a yachting school with friend Anastasia Surmava. Meanwhile, Adam has become a full-time actor. In fact, he's appeared on Broadway in Major Barbara.

While Below Deck Mediterranean was a hit, many fans felt it had reached its limit. Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 was not a fan favorite. Instead, Bravo chose to bring in some fresh faces, including Natasha Webb, who has joined the franchise as the new chief steward.

Adam Glick was a rival of Bosun Wes Walton. They went toe to toe. Their constant PDA, which irked many cast members, was particularly irritating.

Malia White, Wes's current bosun, was also a part of the drama. She was involved in a love triangle with Adam Glick. It was not long before she was fired from the boat for drugs.

Another cast member that left the show was Kate Chastain. She was the franchise's most controversial cast member. After six years, she decided to leave the Below Deck franchise.

One of the biggest surprises of the new Below Deck Mediterranean season is the fact that Adam and Hannah are still together. Despite their breakup, the pair have moved on to other things. For instance, Adam is now dating artist Mimi-Rose.

Unlike other Below Deck Mediterranean seasons, there is more room for drama. The crew has to learn to overcome their differences. And they'll face unimaginable demands from their guests.

Before Below Deck Mediterranean, Adam Glick was a chef. He had his own set of rules and he often had issues with onions. Aside from that, he was very jealous of Wes.

Adam was also the subject of homophobic comments. His girlfriend Jenna, who was a stew, was constantly kissing him in the galley.

Setting on a superyacht

Below Deck Mediterranean season four was filmed in the south of France, close to Antibes. The crew of a charter yacht is constantly encountering charter groups demanding seven-star service.

For those unfamiliar, Below Deck is a reality show about the lives of superyacht crew members during the charter season. While they work hard to make money, they also struggle with the rigors of their jobs and sometimes have to pull off surprising hookups.

"Below Deck" is one of the highest-rated programs on Bravo. It's been running for nine years, and it's been a staple in the network's list of best shows. In fact, it's ranked in the top five of ad-supported cable shows.

In the first season, a 164-foot Benetti superyacht appeared. The Benetti was a very active charter yacht for a number of years. Now it's owned by a different owner, and has been renamed Lumiere.

Sirocco, another megayacht, made a surprise appearance in Below Deck Mediterranean season three. This 47-meter megayacht sailed the French Riviera. However, it's now for sale. At the time, it had EUR17 million on the market.

The next big project for Below Deck was in Malta. Filming began in May and will continue until October. It will feature a crew of nine and a 177-foot sailing superyacht called Parisfall III.

Below Deck Mediterranean will air on Monday, July 11, at 8 pm. Each episode will be available online a week before the television premiere.

The new season will also feature a new charter yacht. This new superyacht, Home, has a beach-chic interior. Guests can stay in a split-level master suite, and there is a spiral stairway between the main deck and the master suite.

A new cast member will join the Below Deck Mediterranean crew: Travis Michalzik will be the new deckhand. Jack Stirrup and Colin Macy-O'Toole will be making their TV debuts. Another new face is bosun Joao Franco.

Before the crew heads back home to Florida for the charter season, they'll take a trip east from the Caribbean. They'll then head into the Mediterranean for eight weeks of cruising. Their schedule will be very full. As a result, they'll be spending many late nights in the hot tub.

Fights between crew members

Below Deck Mediterranean has been a popular series on Bravo. The show follows a crew of nine people on a 150-foot yacht as they travel throughout the Mediterranean. They also deal with a variety of personal problems. In season 4, they had a number of new relationships and drama.

Aesha Scott was the chief steward on the charter. Her relationship with the ship's captain, Sandy Yawn, became complicated as she was constantly trying to fix the boat's mistakes. She also had to contend with difficult guests.

Below Deck Mediterranean was known for its many fights, but a few stood out above the rest. Kyle Viljoen made quite the impression on the show, and he even injured himself in the process. Other cast members like Natasha "Tash" Webb, Natalya Scudder, and Chef Dave were among the most likable members of the crew.

Lexi Wilson was one of the more controversial cast members. She got into a physical altercation with deckhand Mzi Dempers and called chef Mathew Shea the r-word. She was also fired by Captain Sandy Yawn.

On the other hand, there was a lot to like about Below Deck Mediterranean. It's a great look into the lives of a superyacht crew. Despite a few minor issues, Below Deck Mediterranean has been a great success for Bravo.

There are some things you should not do, and the most obvious is to not get into a fight. If you get into a fisticuffs, you could lose your job. Also, don't let your boss sabotage your chances of getting a promotion.

Another thing to remember is to never drink and drive. One of the biggest issues on Below Deck Mediterranean was the lack of safety. Many of the guests were drunk and aggressive, and the crew did not have enough on their side to keep the ship safe.

Although Below Deck Mediterranean hasn't been perfect, it's always been a hit with fans. It's one of the best series on the Bravo lineup. You can watch the show on TV providers or on Bravo's website.

Reunion vs season 6

The below deck Mediterranean season 6 reunion has a lot of drama coming. Some of the most controversial characters will be gathered together to discuss their past and current experiences, including Lexi Wilson and Courtney Veale. These two have had plenty to fight over. This is a chance for the crew to come together, discuss their feelings, and provide closure.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 has been a real drag. There have been several off-screen conflicts and drama, including Lexi's departure and Mathew Shea's departure. A few cast members are also dealing with health issues. Malia White is undergoing back surgery, while Captain Lee's health has been affected by his recent back surgery.

The below deck Mediterranean season 6 reunion will air this Monday at 10 PM EST. After it airs, fans will get a chance to catch up with the crew on a virtual chat. The show is slated to last for three episodes, so there's a lot to talk about before the new adventure begins.

The Below Deck Mediterranean season 6 reunion will focus on the Lady Michelle crew. Fans can catch up with the show on Peacock. If you haven't yet watched Below Deck Mediterranean, you can check out the season online.

Bravo has not revealed whether Lexi Wilson and Delaney Evans will be joining the crew on the reunion. However, Lexi did sign an NDA, which means that she can't talk about anything related to the below deck Mediterranean.

During the below deck Mediterranean season 6 finale, Lexi was fired from the crew and replaced with a stew. This was one of the biggest stories of the season, and a lot of viewers thought that Lexi would be invited to the reunion. Sadly, she did not attend.

The season 7 finale will also feature the Below Deck Mediterranean reunion, so be sure to watch it! It's been a long and stressful ride, and we all want to end it on a high note!

The Below Deck Mediterranean season 6 reunion is scheduled to air this Monday, October 18 at 10 PM EST on Bravo. Watch it and be ready for a crazy conclusion!

How to Watch Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4 Online

how to watch below deck med season 4 uk

If you love to watch television shows then you'll want to learn how to watch Below Deck season 4. The show is about a group of guys who take on the challenges of living on a cruise ship. It's about their lives and relationships, and how they are able to make it through all the different twists and turns.


Below Deck is a popular American reality television series. It follows the lives of crew members on a mega-yacht that cruises the Mediterranean. Each week, a different group of elite passengers is served. The crew is responsible for serving the guests and other responsibilities aboard the ship.

Several different streaming services are available to watch the show. Some of them include Hayu, which only streams in Australia, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, India, and Germany. But Hayu has a seven-day free trial, so fans don't have to worry about shelling out any cash if they don't like the service.

The Peacock network is another popular choice, if you live in the United Kingdom. They offer an ad-free subscription and give early access to new episodes. You can check out Peacock on NOWTV, YouTube TV, and Sky TV. And if you don't have a cable connection, you can always use a VPN. A good VPN can keep you safe online and prevent any shady operators from stealing your personal information.

Hulu has a live TV subscription, which includes Bravo. If you're in the United States, you can watch the show on YouTube TV or Fubo TV. If you're in Canada, you can watch it on Sling TV. For Xfinity, Spectrum, or Cox customers, you can use a Hulu+ Live TV subscription.

All three of these services are good options for streaming the latest Below Deck episodes. You can also check out the upcoming season on Amazon Prime Video. However, you will have to purchase the Amazon Prime subscription separately. Otherwise, you will not get access to the newest episodes.

The Below Deck franchise has expanded to the Mediterranean. Check out Below Deck Mediterranean on Hayu or Peacock to learn more about the lives of the crew aboard a 150-foot mega-yacht.


Below Deck is a superyacht-based reality series that follows a crew of crew members aboard a mega-yacht. Each season spans six weeks. The crew is tasked with delivering rich, high-rolling clients to their destination. They have a range of responsibilities, including entertaining and indulging in scandals and romances.

Below Deck is shown on the Bravo cable network. Fans can stream the show on services such as Hayu, Fubo TV, YouTube TV, and Apple TV. However, many streaming services are region-locked, making it difficult to watch the show abroad.

Below Deck also has a spinoff. It's called Below Deck Sailing Yacht, and it's set in Greece and Croatia. The yacht features stunning scenery and backdrops.

Another show in the franchise is Below Deck Down Under, which premiered earlier this year. It's more extreme than its predecessors, featuring off-ship activities such as helicopter rides and rock climbing.

Season 10 of Below Deck is on the way. It will feature newcomers and familiar faces. Captain Lee has referred to this season as 'the best yet.' There will be more to the show than just the usual flings, romances, and pranks.

For UK fans, Below Deck Mediterranean will air on Peacock. If you're a Sky TV subscriber, you can catch the show on the same day as it airs on Bravo. You can sign up for a free trial, and if you're not satisfied, you can cancel at any time.

There aren't any specific release dates for Below Deck Season 10 in the UK. However, it's expected that the show will make its way across the pond soon. In the meantime, you can watch it on the other streaming services that are available in the country.


If you're a fan of Below Deck, you'll be happy to know that the series has been renewed. The original season of the show was nominated for Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program in 2021. All three spinoffs are expected to air next year.

You can watch the latest episodes of Below Deck on many different platforms. For example, you can stream them on Hulu, fuboTV, Peacock, and YouTube TV.

On top of streaming services, you can also buy the entire Below Deck series from Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, and iTunes. You can also find Below Deck on television through your local antenna or cable.

The Below Deck franchise follows nine members of a crew aboard luxury yachts in the Mediterranean. Seasons of the show feature the charter guests and crew, who face challenges throughout the voyage. This year's upcoming season features Captain Sandy Yawn, who is returning to the ship. Also, there are two new crew members. One is Katie Flood, who is the Chief Stew, and the other is Lexi Wilson, who is the Second Stewardess.

Below Deck Mediterranean is an Emmy-nominated reality series. It airs on the Bravo network each Monday. Each episode follows the crew's journeys through the Mediterranean, while the charter guests enjoy a relaxing experience.

The upcoming season of "Below Deck Mediterranean" will premiere on Bravo on July 11, 2018. To watch the show, you can sign up for a free trial of fuboTV, Sling TV, or DIRECTV NOW.

You can also get an ad-free subscription to Peacock TV for just $9.99 a month. However, you'll have to pay separately for Amazon Prime. That's a deal that can't be passed up!

Sling TV

There are a number of ways to watch Below Deck Mediterranean. You can watch it on the web, through VOD services and on your TV. One of the ways is through Sling TV. This service lets you personalize your viewing experience and enjoy all of your favorite channels.

Subscribe to Sling TV and you'll get access to over twenty-five different channels. You can also choose a plan to fit your budget. For $25 a month, you can get all of your favorite channels, including Bravo. Then, you can upgrade to a plan with up to 200 hours of DVR storage. Alternatively, you can upgrade to the Sling Blue plan. With the Sling Blue package, you can stream all of the Below Deck seasons for just $35 a month.

If you want to see a Below Deck episode live, you'll need to subscribe to a live TV service. Some of these include Sling TV, DIRECTV NOW, and fuboTV. These services all stream new episodes when they air.

In addition to those three, you can also check out Peacock. This streaming service provides below deck episodes in the UK. They also offer next day streaming for premium subscribers.

Another option is Hulu with Live TV. It offers a seven-day free trial, and you can use it on your phone, tablet, or even your TV. During the trial, you can watch Below Deck Mediterranean as it airs, as well as most of the shows after they've aired. When you subscribe to the Hulu with Live TV package, you'll also receive 50 hours of Cloud DVR storage, which allows you to record episodes.

A third option is YouTube TV. The video streaming platform features live TV from over 100 popular cable channels. During the five-day trial, you can watch below deck episodes for free.


If you are in the market for an adrenaline rush, then the Caribbean may be your best bet. Below Deck is a reality television series that follows a crew of yachties on a multi-million dollar charter boat. Each season lasts for six weeks and is broadcast on UK stations such as E4. In the UK, you can download the episodes on Google Play or buy them via Amazon. Interestingly, the series is produced by NBC, a subsidiary of Universal Studios. With the right sleuthing, you may be able to score yourself an impromptu sailing trip of your own. The series is a lot of fun. During the show, the crew develops bonds and makes the acquaintances of friends and foes alike. You can also purchase the series on a pay-per-view basis. Of course, there are no guarantees.

Aside from the actual show, you can catch new episodes of the series on the go via the NBC app. This is a good way to keep your eyeballs on the screen while stowing away on your boarding pass.

Below Deck Med Season 4 on Demand

how to watch below deck med season 4

If you love Below Deck Med, then you'll be excited to learn that the season is finally back. The series is coming to Hulu and Peacock, so there's plenty of opportunities to watch Season 4 on-demand.

Joao returns to deck team

Below Deck Med Season 3 has ended, but Joao is back to do the same things on the Below Deck Med Season 4. Besides, he's been in love with Michelle Dicu for months. The two are now in a serious relationship. It's a long-distance romance but they haven't run into any hiccups yet.

As for the new season, Below Deck Med Season 4 originally aired on Bravo in 2019. But now it's available on NOWTV.

Below Deck Med is a fun show to watch. While it features a few of the usual suspects from MTV's Road Rules, it also features an interesting cast rotation that keeps the show fresh and interesting.

One of the major new additions is Travis Michalzik, who joins the cast as a deckhand. His background is in Australia, and he had to overcome some challenges, including a drinking problem. He also worked odd jobs before becoming a deckhand.

Another newbie is Mila, who is the first female chef on the show. She went to college in New York and now works in a dental group.

Aside from Franco, Below Deck Med also includes Colin Macy-O'Toole, a former deckhand from the third season. He's been doing a lot of dreaming lately, notably about meatballs, Febreeze, lasagna, and polluted ferry air.

Below Deck Med is a fun, lighthearted show, but there's always room for drama. This year, it seems like the crew has some issues involving the interior of the yacht. That's a big deal, as it's a big part of the show.

Although there were a few new faces, Joao and Brooke Laughton weren't a part of the season. However, they still made the cut for the reunion special.

Joao has also made some great social media posts about his new relationship. Check out his Instagram profile for more. And while he's not dating Brooke Laughton, he's enjoying his time with his new girlfriend, Domi.

With a show as good as Below Deck Med, it's only natural that there would be some sexy smooches. Thankfully, Joao's got some help in the form of Michelle Dicu.

Captain Sandy Yawn's Twitter announcement upset fans

Below Deck Med Season 7 is getting a lot of negative feedback from its fans. The show has been criticized for its lack of diversity, drama and treatment of female cast members. Fans have even gone as far as calling for a boycott of the show.

There is one person who has been getting a fair share of the hate this season. That is Below Deck Mediterranean's Captain Sandy Yawn. Although the captain was brought on to replace Captain Lee Rosbach, his management style is different from the longtime skipper's.

In Season 7 of Below Deck Med, Sandy has taken to social media to speak out against nasty trolls. On one Twitter post, Sandy asked viewers to please stop sending messages to bosun Raygan Tyler. He also took to Twitter to address trolls who called his crew members names.

Some fans aren't too happy with the new crew. According to one tweet, the new crew members were "suckers". Others aren't happy with the way the show treats its female cast members.

Other users on Twitter have compared Sandy's management style to that of Captain Glenn Shepherd. However, Sandy has gotten a lot of criticism because of his decision to fire Hannah Ferrier.

Earlier this month, Sandy said on Twitter that he had received more criticism than he'd like. He also tweeted a photo of himself with gospel singer Leah Shafer.

Despite the fact that it's unclear who will be in charge of the next season of Below Deck Med, it's looking like there will be a reunion. Several alums are also engaged.

A recent episode of Below Deck Med featured a crew all-hands meeting. It was announced that Captain Lee was stepping down from the yacht midway through the charter. He also promised to return when he's fully recovered from nerve issues.

It's unclear if Sandy will take over for Captain Lee. However, he has a maritime lawyer on speed dial in case anything goes wrong.

One thing is for sure: Sandy will be getting a lot of hate. Hopefully, he'll be able to handle it. Otherwise, we might have to boycott Below Deck Mediterranean!

Peacock and Hulu availability

Peacock is one of the newest streaming services to arrive. It's offering a variety of programming for both free and premium subscribers. While it competes with Hulu and Netflix, the streaming service also produces original content, such as The Calling, Brave New World, and Last Light.

Peacock has a free tier, which lets you watch a few episodes of each show. In addition, the service offers a Premium Plus tier for an additional $10. For this price, you'll get next-day access to the current seasons of NBC and Bravo shows. Unlike other streaming services, you won't have to register a device to stream.

If you prefer live programming, you'll find Peacock's sports coverage to be comprehensive. The service has a full slate of MLB, NFL, and Notre Dame football. You'll have to purchase a subscription to see the Olympics.

Other original programming on Peacock includes Vampire Academy, Last Light, Pitch Perfect: Bum in Berlin, and The Calling. It also has a curated channel of daily news. Among the other series available on the streaming service are the first two seasons of The Office, KUWTK archives, and Hispanic programming.

When it comes to live events, you can catch the NFL's Sunday Night Football. On top of that, you can also watch exclusive WWE coverage and Notre Dame football games. And don't forget the summer and winter Olympics, which will be included in Peacock's lineup.

While it's not clear when Below Deck Mediterranean will begin to stream, the first two seasons are already available on the service. You can also purchase or rent episodes on Google Play, Vudu, and iTunes.

Below Deck Mediterranean is one of several "Below Deck" franchises on Bravo. This charter yacht travels the Mediterranean. Each week, the crew serves a different group of elite passengers. As of now, there's no air date for Season 4, but you can expect it to be available on Peacock at least a week before it hits cable.

Until the service officially launches, you can try it out for free. Peacock supports Sony PlayStation 4 consoles and Android TV devices. But if you like live events, it's best to sign up for the premium subscription.

Past voyages

Below Deck Mediterranean is a show about a yachting crew that spends summers cruising the Mediterranean. The series follows the crew through Italy, Croatia and Mallorca. This season, the crew is joined by new faces and a new captain. Season 4 premieres June 3 on Bravo! It also airs in Canada on Slice.

Below Deck Med is the sequel to Below Deck Caribbean. The series explores the relationships between the crew and the interpersonal dynamics of a mega-yacht. These yachties often go through drama and hook-ups during their charters.

Below Deck Med is filmed in Greece, Italy, and Mallorca. The crew includes charismatic yachties. They also have to deal with unpleasant charter guests.

One of the major crew members is the Chief Stew, Hannah Ferrier. She's a 33-year-old Australian. Her official title is cruise director. However, she was fired from the franchise in the wake of an allegation of using illegal drugs onboard.

Another member of the crew is Storm, a South African-born deckhand. His Instagram has more than 2,000 followers. He posts photos of his travels and shares his love of photography.

Other cast members include Magda Ziomek and Tumi Mhlongo. Dave Ross is the chef and is from the UK. Aesha Scott is the chief stew. Brooke Laughton is the newcomer.

Below Deck Mediterranean will air Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo. After Season 5, the show will move to Slice.

Below Deck Mediterranean is an Emmy nominated television series. It shows viewers the behind-the-scenes of million dollar vacations on some of the world's most impressive luxury yachts.

Below Deck Mediterranean is available on Netflix. Previously, the show has been shown in France and Italy. There is a trailer for Season 4 available to watch on YouTube.

Below Deck Mediterranean will be returning for Season 4 later this year. You can catch the show at 9pm EST on Mondays. You can also watch the first three seasons on Netflix. For more information about the show, check out the website belowdeckmediterranean.com. Also, be sure to follow the belowdeckmediterranean on social media for more updates and information.

Below Deck Med Season 4 Review

below deck med season 4

If you enjoy watching sailing shows, then you're likely to like Below Deck season 4. This new series follows nine members of a crew on a 150-foot yacht in the Mediterranean. Unlike past shows, this one is helmed by a woman, Sandy Yawn. She will also be joined by a veteran captain, Mark Howard.

Hannah Ferrier's departure from the show

It's no secret that Below Deck Mediterranean has had a bit of drama over the years. A few of the cast members have been through some hard times, including season 5 star Hannah Ferrier.

The stewardess was known as the chief stew on the Below Deck Mediterranean crew, and was a fan favorite. However, she was sacked from the show after Malia White accused her of undocumented medication.

Maritime law stipulates that crew members must have a doctor's prescription for any drugs they are taking. According to the show, Ferrier had taken Valium to help with anxiety, and failed to report it. After a photo was sent to the captain, she was fired.

Despite the controversy over her termination, Hannah remains a fan favorite. She has kept in contact with fans on Instagram and through the Below Deck Med podcast.

Captain Sandy Yawn also spoke out about Hannah's firing. Although she said she had no regrets, she admitted that she wasn't sure how to take the situation.

Fans of Below Deck Mediterranean were divided over the decision to fire Hannah. While some said it was a mistake, others felt that it was a case of complacency.

One of the reasons for her firing was that she wasn't able to control her own anxiety. In a statement, she said that she took Valium to help with that, but that she made a mistake not clearing her medication with the captain.

Joao Franco's departure from the show

Franco and Brooke Laughton are not reuniting in Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4. The two went their separate ways before the reunion special. It seems that Franco has mellowed since the previous season.

The season's premiere aired on June 3 on Bravo. Andy asked the cast to tell him what they've learned about themselves this season.

Joao Franco is no longer a bosun on Below Deck Mediterranean. He's gone on to a whole host of jobs. His latest role is as a captain. In fact, he recently took an advanced firefighting course.

Joao has a great job. But he's also got a problem with his personal life. This past year, he welcomed a dog onto the ship. That's the most important thing he's learned.

Joao is an incredibly good deckhand. And he's even been hired as the new captain of the ship. Yet, he's got a lot of work to do if he wants to make things right with his new crewmates.

There's no word yet on whether Joao will be returning as a captain on the show. However, he did confirm that he's still engaged to Michelle Dicu. So, he may be returning to the show.

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9 p.m. On the Bravo app. To keep up with the show's progress, follow the cast on Instagram.

Aside from Franco's departure from the ship, there's another big surprise. Brooke Laughton will not be joining the crew in the new season.

Chef Mila Kolomeitseva's arrival on the crew

In season 4, the crew of Below Deck Med will sail to the French Riviera. Its head chef is Mila Kolomeitseva, a classically trained chef who has studied at Paris' renowned Le Cordon Bleu cooking school.

Chef Mila grew up in Siberia and worked as a private chef for a yacht. She was a fan of the sea and learned from the cultures of other countries.

However, she was fired after a series of mishaps. Her food was criticized and she received numerous complaints about her cooking.

After the first charter, the crew started arguing with her. At the end of the second charter, she was dismissed. On the following charter, she had a food poisoning incident.

The captain then fired her. Captain Sandy said that her cooking was not up to par.

Ben Savage came in to help Below Deck season 4 and replaced Mila. During his time aboard the ship, he gave the chef position some justice.

The new captain and the crew are now sailing the French Riviera. They are hoping for a smooth ride with a strong interior team. If they can't deliver, they'll take drastic measures.

Mila Kolomeitseva is the first female chef in Below Deck history. She is Cordon Bleu trained and has extensive experience as a private chef. Before joining the Sirocco, she was a part of the private yacht crew.

Lexi's lack of experience was an issue

Below Deck Mediterranean is a Bravo television series that follows a crew of superyachts during the charter season. They are on the job to deliver a top-quality yachting experience, but often face difficulties.

The show's cast features a number of problematic characters. For example, Season One's chef was known for his "can't do" attitude, and in the beginning of the charter season, guests complained that dinner selections were bland and boring. He also missed wake-up alarms and naps whenever he felt tired.

Another character with a lot of controversy is Lexi Shea. Before she came on the boat, she was a Bahamian beauty queen. Her on-board morale was low, and she was combative with chef Matt Shea. However, she is now considered to be one of the best stewardesses on the ship.

Another character with a bit of controversy was Peter Hunziker. This cast member was reportedly white, and he was visible in some scenes. But he was cut from the show during the fifth season.

Also a notable character who was axed was Delaney Evans. On the show, she was a crew member with a "can't do" attitude, and often criticized guests' food requests. And she failed to follow assignments.

Other cast members to have been fired include Liz, Hannah Ferrier, and Bugsy. During the first two seasons, these cast members were the chief stews on the yacht. Eventually, they became enemies of each other.

Aesha's performance as a chief stew

Below Deck Med season four featured a flirtation between Aesha Scott and Jack Stirrup. This is not the first time that Scott has been paired with a captain. She has also dated former deckhand Gary.

Below Deck Med has become a franchise that requires a strong personality and gift of gab. While the crew members on the show can be annoying at times, they can also be entertaining. One of the most popular chief stews on the show is Aesha.

Before joining the crew on Below Deck Med, Aesha had worked on multimillion dollar yachts throughout her young career. The New Zealand native has dealt with sexist captains, rude guests, and fights. But she has never stopped her pursuit of a job on a luxury yacht.

Aesha has made a name for herself on Below Deck Mediterranean, and now she has joined Below Deck Down Under. She is the chief stew on this new spinoff. It is set in the Great Barrier Reef, where the crew will welcome guests on seafaring charters.

In addition to being a crew member, Aesha has become a star. She first appeared on Below Deck Med season 4. Later, she landed a position on Below Deck Down Under. Her bubbly personality has made her a fan favorite.

During the season, she has found it difficult to balance work on a yacht and her role on the television show. However, she has come a long way. She has learned to accept and respect her boss.

Kat Below Deck - Ben Robinson and Kiara Cabral Are Getting Married

kat below deck

Kat Below Deck is one of the most popular shows on television today. It follows the lives of three young women aboard a luxury yacht. The show focuses on their relationships with each other, their relationships with their crew members and their relationships with other passengers on the ship.

Chef Ben's relationship with model Kiara Cabral

Ben Robinson, the Mediterranean chef of the Bravo show Below Deck, is dating model Kiara Cabral. The two have been sharing pictures on social media since March, and it's no wonder that the media has paid attention. They've been known to live an extravagant lifestyle, which includes a trip to Mexico and an overnight stay at a luxury beach resort in Naples, Florida.

But while Ben Robinson and Kiara Cabral are clearly happy together, the relationship hasn't been a smooth one. Some questioned their compatibility. A lot of fans have complained that a 13-year age difference between the two didn't make sense.

On the other hand, many people have been happy with the new relationship. For instance, Ben's former co-stars in Below Deck have given the duo their thumbs up.

During the fourth season of the show, the couple lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a year. Their relationship continued after they moved back to the U.S. Nevertheless, some fans weren't overly impressed with their romance.

In fact, some critics wondered if the relationship was worth the hype. That is, until Ben and Kiara took the relationship to the next level.

In early 2020, the pair became Instagram's first celebrity couple. They posted multiple photos of each other, including a selfie of the two in matching robes. The pair also visited Kiara's hometown of San Francisco, where she showed off her wedding ring.

Ben's relationship with Kiara has been a hit with his fans. While she hasn't revealed her height or family background, she does share the cutest pet, Moofy, with her handsome boyfriend. She's also been very adamant about not revealing her age, despite claiming to be in her mid-twenties.

Ben Robinson is a chef and health coach who is also a certified martial arts instructor. He is a former cast member of Below Deck, Celebrity Apprentice, and Valor. His career as a chef has been lucrative. According to some estimates, he has a net worth of $3 million.

Ben hasn't been actively following Kate on Instagram. Despite their age difference, however, the couple are reportedly friends.

Captain Lee's rebellious side

A fan favorite since season one of Below Deck, Lee Rosbach announced his departure from the show on December 12. In a confessional on the episode, he explained that he had been dealing with a health battle.

After undergoing back surgery, the captain announced that he would be leaving the show. He also revealed that he had been in a health battle for several months. But he told the crew that he was ready to go to extremes to get Delores off the boat.

Lee's departure from the show had been rumored for a long time. His exit from the series was confirmed by his costars before the episode aired.

In addition to his character's role on the series, Lee is featured in numerous books and films. During the Civil War, Lee was the overall commander of the Confederate States Army.

As a military leader, Lee had been awarded the rank of Major General. In his first command, he led the Army of Northern Virginia. This army was the most powerful in the Confederacy. However, it was defeated by the Union army under George Meade at the Battle of Gettysburg. The battle also produced the largest number of casualties in the American Civil War.

Despite his defeat, Lee tried to escape the Union's pursuit. Eventually, he was able to avoid a deadly pursuit and retreat to Virginia.

During his campaign, Lee won two decisive victories at Chancellorsville and Fredericksburg. Afterwards, Lee took a two-year leave from the Army to run his plantation. Despite being a major general, Lee did not wear the insignia of a Confederate general.

When the war ended in 1865, the Army of Northern Virginia surrendered and Lee retreated to Virginia. Several military historians believe that Lee should have designed better strategic plans for the Confederacy.

Lee is seen in a mural on the flood wall in Richmond, Virginia. He is also featured in the novel Grey Victory by Robert Skimin. He also appears in the film adaptation of Gods and Generals.

Another Lee appearance is in a story by Lee Allred called "East of Appomattox". There, he is portrayed as a horse and is the Confederate Minister to London.

Kat's cheeky personality

Kat Stratford is not your average high school girl. She has a flair for the dramatic and a secret son. The best part is she does it in style.

In the soap Kat has the best of both worlds. Although she can be a bit of a snob she can be a little bit cheeky too. One of the most impressive moments of her life is when she makes an unorthodox request of her father. He agrees to pay her a small fortune in insurance for her first car.

There is no doubt Kat is smart but she is also pretty snobby. This is one of the reasons she is the perfect person to play the role of the snobbier of the two sisters. A good example is when she has to explain her plans for the prom.

She also has a snobbish and overprotective father. Her BFF disagrees with her on many matters. Luckily she has a younger sister who isn't as snobbish and is a lot more socially aware.

She is a fan of the arts. While she doesn't participate in much of it she does find time to learn about them. For instance, she has an interest in architecture. At the helm of a design studio she has a pretty good eye for a new design.

She has a knack for the impressive, and is quite a show off at parties. However, she can be a bit of a sap if she's not in the mood. On the bright side she's got a cool secret.

Among her other credentials are her being a Capricorn. It's safe to say she isn't a fan of being a baby. If she wasn't pregnant with twins she probably would have moved out of the family home. As it is, she's in luck with the one thing that's got her squeamish.

Not all of Kat's baubles are of the same caliber. There are a few totems around. She could have made her mark with the most impressive of these, but it is a shame her high school days were cut short.

Her return to the yachting industry

When Kat Walsh, a Warwick, Rhode Island native, left the yachting industry at 30, she decided to try something new. She started studying to become a personal trainer. After graduation, she worked as a waitress and bartender.

Before working as a waitress, she was a cast member on the reality television series Below Deck. The show follows crew members of a luxury yacht. Guests are often demanding and the crew must deal with them. As a stewardess, Kat was one of the most memorable cast members. During her time on the show, she brought drama to the show.

Throughout her first two seasons, Kat held the position of Second Stewardess aboard the Honor. Often, she was seen with a drink in hand on charters. In season one, Adrienne, the chief stewardess, questioned Kat's sexuality and the two fell out. They were later friends.

Following her stint on the show, Kat held a job on the Ohana as a crew member. She also traveled as a stewardess for five years. She is currently living in Rhode Island. However, she does not post regularly on social media. Rather, she has an Instagram account and a Twitter account.

Kat has not posted on her social media account since October of 2020. Since then, she has only posted a handful of times.

If you want to follow her on social media, you can check her handle @katostate. You can find her in Newport Harbor, Rhode Island. Also, watch her appearances on Below Deck on Bravo.

If you are interested in becoming a stewardess on a luxury yacht, then you should definitely check out the career. Taking on a career like this is a great way to get out of the house. But if you are unhappy with your job, you may want to consider leaving the yachting industry. Luckily, there are many other jobs available. Whether it's a waitress, a personal trainer or a yacht captain, there are a lot of great opportunities out there. Just remember to stay focused and work hard. It's worth it! And if you have a family or friends, don't forget to spend time with them.

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