When is Sister Wives Coming Back on 2023?

When is Sister Wives Coming Back on 2023?


when is sister wives coming back on  2023

Many TLC fans are asking the question: when is sister wives coming back on television? There is a lot of talk about how long the show will be on the air, and there are also strong opinions on whether the show should stay on the air.

Janelle Brown split from husband of almost thirty years

After nearly thirty years of marriage, Janelle Brown and Kody Brown have split. They announced the breakup in a teaser for an upcoming One-on-One special. Their children - and those of Robyn Brown and Christine Allred - are happy to celebrate the end of their parents' polygamous relationship.

Janelle and Kody have six kids together. The youngest is 21-year-old Gabriel. He refused to follow the COVID guidelines set by his dad.

Kody and Janelle also have a daughter, Madison, who is 33 weeks pregnant with a new baby girl. Her siblings are Hunter, 24, and Savanah, 18.

The couple had been living separately after Janelle moved in with her mom. But tensions between them grew when Kody imposed strict rules on the household during the coronavirus pandemic. It was not long before they started fighting.

Since then, Janelle has maintained a close friendship with Christine. She is currently in Flagstaff, Arizona. In fact, she is planning a move to the state permanently.

Aside from her involvement in the Sister Wives family, Janelle has not publicly commented on the breakup. However, she is working on her financial stability.

Janelle Brown was legally married to Kody when he was in his early twenties. They tied the knot in 1993. That's when their first child, Logan, was born.

For the past two seasons, the relationship between Janelle and Kody has deteriorated. Their feuds have also spanned over their adult sons. Kody felt that Janelle was not taking his side, and he pushed back on her.

Kody and Janelle's marriage came to an end in December. In Touch exclusively reported on the split.

The pair reportedly had a major fight on the December 4 episode of the reality show. Their issues were over a number of different topics, including how to handle the health crisis that plagued their family. They also argued about their 2020 holiday plans.

Despite her struggles, Janelle has been a strong, independent woman. After their split, she posted a sweet family photo to Instagram. Besides her daughters and her mother, she also had time to spend with her sister, Christine.

Meri filed for a legal divorce from Kody

The last few years have been difficult for Meri Brown and Kody Brown. They haven't lived together for over a decade and their relationship has been a source of frustration for the family.

Meri and Kody have been married since 1990, and they've had their ups and downs in their marriage. But they also welcomed several children into their home. In 2014, they filed for a legal divorce. This was to allow Kody to adopt Robyn's children.

It was also reported that the two would be working to restore their marriage. They even hinted that the arrangement might be permanent. However, this wasn't confirmed.

Meri and Kody's breakup came after their relationship had deteriorated. During the 17th season of TLC's "Sister Wives," they revealed that they had grown apart. Both women admitted that they had a hard time communicating.

Despite their problems, they continued to be a storyline for the show. Meri and Kody remained "spiritually" married to each other. As the show's premise suggests, they're not in a real romantic relationship.

A new wife entered the polygamous family. Robyn was the last woman to join the group. She's the youngest of the sister wives, and was also the first to marry in over 15 years.

But it was not the catfishing scandal that triggered Kody to end their marriage. He said that he felt like he wasn't really in a relationship with Meri anymore.

When Meri announced her separation, she said that she had been chatting online with a "Chicago businessman." Later, she discovered that she was talking to a woman posing as a man.

The news of Meri and Kody's breakup has sparked mixed reactions from fans. Interestingly, many wished Meri well. Others noted that she's not likely to move on from Kody.

After the catfishing scandal, Kody and Meri were in therapy. The couple had been trying to conceive a child for several years. While they were unable to get pregnant, they still enjoyed each other's company. Their relationship was never a romantic one, though.

But the catfishing scandal had a big impact on Meri. Although she was never physically involved with Kody, she had feelings for him.

Kody's apology to his son for forgetting his birthday

If you are a fan of "Sister Wives", you might be wondering when it will be coming back. The series follows polygamist Kody Brown and his four wives. They have a total of 18 children.

The show is also known for its bonus scenes. These include a three-day road trip to Nauvoo, Illinois. The ladies of the Brown family also try to pass a real estate exam. In the past, the Brown family has been in turmoil due to finances. This season, Sister Wives is expected to air more drama.

Last season, the wives of Kody Brown revealed that their polygamist patriarch is struggling. The cameras captured the first cracks in the polygamous family.

For this year's "Sister Wives," the producers have decided to focus more on the women. Season 17 will feature three "One on One" episodes. After each episode, the women will have an opportunity to talk about their issues.

Fans will also be able to learn a lot more about Janelle Brown's departure from the Brown family. During the tell-all, fans will learn about how the former wife of Kody Brown chose her children over her husband. It is believed that Janelle is pursuing a new life away from Kody.

Another important topic on the agenda is Kody's treatment of his children. He is no longer on good terms with his sons. He has said that he wants them to apologize for their behavior.

As for when it will be coming back, TLC has confirmed the premiere date for Part 2. Sister Wives season 17 will premiere on Christmas Day. You can also watch previous seasons on discovery+.

The show's most recent episode aired on Sunday. A trailer for the next episode tipped viewers off about the separation between Janelle and Kody.

On the upcoming episode, Sister Wives will reveal how their deteriorating relationship affected the wives. The show's cast will also be asked some tough questions about their marriages. Hopefully, the cast will get to the bottom of the issues.

Overall, this season will be an important one for the Brown family. They will learn a lot about each other and will be able to see how their relationships have changed.

TLC fans have strong opinions on whether or not the show should still be on the air

Sister Wives fans have been concerned about the future of the popular reality TV show. Fans have been voicing their opinions on whether or not it should continue after the current season.

Sister Wives is a reality television series about a family of fundamentalist Mormons that has multiple wives. It follows the lives of the Brown family, which includes polygamist Kody Brown and his four wives. The Brown family is often criticized for their misogyny and childish behavior.

The Browns have been on the air for over 12 years, and there has been plenty of speculation about the show's future. In recent years, the show has received mixed reviews from the larger audience. Some have praised it for being refreshingly modest. Other fans have been unhappy with the show's disrespectful attitude towards the sanctity of marriage.

Sister Wives fans have been wondering what the show will look like in its 18th season. There are no official announcements from TLC, but they've hinted that there may be another season. They haven't yet confirmed the premiere date of the next season, but it's likely to be in 2023.

In the current episode, Sukanya Krishnan asks questions about Christine's departure from the Browns. She also taps into the thoughts of the five spouses. Ultimately, she ends up answering that Christine isn't leaving, but she will have less contact with Kody and is planning to only enter into monogamous relationships in the future.

Season 17 of the show wrapped up with an explosive revelation. Kody and Christine separated after nearly 30 years of marriage, and the two admitted they were "separated for several months."

According to Us magazine, Christine and Kody both said that they would never remarry. Meri, however, is still legally married to Kody. This means that the pair are still together spiritually. However, they have been separated since at least 2016.

The sisters also revealed that they were going to divorce, but hoped that they could work on their relationship. After their mom's death, they were asked by Kody to run a bed and breakfast in Utah.

How Many Sister Wives Are There in 2023?

how many sister wives are there  2023

If you're a fan of "The Real Housewives of Orange County", then you're probably wondering how many sister wives are there in 2023. If you're like me, you've probably been watching the show for a while and it's one of your favorite shows. The main reason for this is because of the beautiful scenery and the drama that goes on throughout the show. However, as you may have noticed, there have been a few changes to the cast lately. For example, Christine, who has been married to Kody Brown for 25 years, has just announced that she's leaving the show.

Janelle and Kody are separated

Janelle Brown and Kody Brown are officially separated. The Sister Wives stars have been battling a number of relationship issues. It was announced on Sunday's episode that the two had officially split.

In the season 17 finale, viewers witnessed tension between the former couple. Janelle was upset with Kody for spending more time with Robyn Brown than she did. She felt like he was acting like a single woman. They weren't even able to sit together at her son's wedding.

In the end, the "Sister Wives" show aired its biggest surprise, which was that Janelle and Kody were actually separated. Their separation came after almost 30 years of marriage.

Janelle and Kody had six children. Both women had been butting heads about rules and guidelines involving the Coronavirus pandemic. Kody's rules caused many tensions between the two.

One of the other things that was on the up and up list was Christine Brown. Her departure from the show caused a lot of strain on the remaining spouses of Kody Brown.

Kody and Meri have also been through the ringer. Kody's Catfishing scandal in 2015 resulted in both of them going to therapy. When they returned to Flagstaff, Arizona, they were able to work on their relationship.

However, in 2021, Christine decided to call it quits. At the time, she and Kody had been married for 25 years. This was the first of three separations for Kody.

The separation from Christine Brown was not a pleasant experience for Kody. He was still reeling from his divorce from Christine.

Ultimately, Kody chose to put his family first. He decided not to travel with Christine and daughter Ysabel to the east coast in September 2020.

Christine is ending her 25-year marriage to Kody Brown

Kody Brown and Christine Brown have split after 25 years of marriage. They announced their decision on a special episode of Sister Wives. There are six children between them.

The pair have gotten along well since splitting, though there have been times when it was hard to tell if they were really happy. One of the last straws was when Kody refused to bring Christine and her daughter Ysabel to the east coast in September 2020.

The couple has been working on a visitation plan with Truely, who is Christine's 12-year-old daughter. Christine says she is finally ready to move on and begin a new chapter in her life as a single woman.

For a while, Kody hoped to maintain a sort of quasi-family relationship with his ex-wife. But he has found himself having to put his foot down and impose strict rules on who can come into the home.

Christine has said she wants to return to Utah. She also cited a recent conversation with her father as the reason for her decision to leave.

Christine is the first of the sister wives to call it quits. Hers was the shortest marriage, but that doesn't mean she and Kody didn't get along.

Christine had a number of surprises in therapy with Kody. When he told her he was not physically attracted to her, it was a big deal.

There was a similar incident involving her mother Meri and her sister Janelle. Both of them disputed the claim that the best way to clean the toilet was to put an anti-bacillus spray on it.

But, according to Kody, the best way to clean the toilet is to put the toilet in a bucket of water and dump it into the bathtub.

Robyn is currently Kody's only wife

Throughout the past decade, fans of the TLC show Sister Wives have watched the lives of Kody Brown and his plural marriages. There's been plenty of tension and jealousy between the wives, but one couple has managed to stay together. And it's Robyn and Kody.

They've been married for just over a year. They already have a son, Solomon. However, they still don't know if they'll be able to keep their relationship going. In fact, their relationship has suffered quite a bit since the catfishing scandal.

The couple began courting in 2010, and they tied the knot the following year. But now, fans wonder if they're still together.

While their relationship was rocky during the early stages of the show, Kody and Robyn seemed to be enjoying their new life. They were engaged within a year, and they welcomed their first child shortly after.

The pair were in an intimate relationship for four months. During that time, they stayed at Robyn's house and were allowed to visit her cousin.

This was a positive change from their previous arrangements. But the reality of Kody and Meri's marriage hit hard when Meri got involved with a man she believed was a woman.

The two went to the doctor to discuss the relationship. But, Kody said he had little to no contact with Meri because of their marital issues. He also said he didn't visit her house for three days after choosing the wedding dress for Robyn.

Fans of the show wondered if Christine and Meri had left Kody. After all, Christine had a 25-year-long marriage to Kody. She announced her separation from him in November 2021. Now, it looks like Robyn may be the only one left.

Meri is permanently terminating her marriage after 32 years together

Meri and Kody Brown have officially ended their marriage after 32 years together. This news was revealed on the December 18 episode of Sister Wives.

Kody and Meri were married in April 1990. Despite their long marriage, their relationship has had its ups and downs. During their eighth season on the show, they tried to repair the romantic part of their marriage. However, things began to fall apart when Meri had trouble conceiving.

A few months later, Meri was at the center of a catfishing scandal. It seemed that she had had an affair with Sam Cooper. But, it turned out to be Jackie Overton, a career criminal.

When the two women reunited in January 2022, Meri said she missed physical intimacy with Kody. She also said she didn't know if she would ever think of taking him back.

The two sisters have been in an ongoing battle over the years, and recently decided to part ways. Interestingly, Kody didn't have any objections to this decision. He said he wouldn't argue with it.

After the breakup, Christine remained on the show. Unlike Meri and Kody, however, she did not consult Kody before deciding to divorce him.

The two stayed friends for a while, but eventually strained their relationship. In addition to their relationship issues, Christine and Kody split for the same reasons: they were not legally married.

As of now, there are only three women left in the plural-marriage family: Meri, Robyn, and Christine. Each of these ladies are legally married, but their relationships with Kody have been rocky.

Meri, however, remains open to working things out. She has visited Disneyland twice in the last few months. She is planning a real-life retreat event in February next year.

Which Sister Wives Are Still With Kody 2023?

which sister wives are still with kody 2023

In the year 2023, which sister wives will be still married to Kody? The two have been married for six years and have two daughters. However, the sisters are not sure about whether they will remain together or split up. They have asked each other for their opinions on this issue.


Kody Brown has been married to three different women in the past year. His most recent marriage was to Robyn. He has been married to Meri and Christine, as well. In the future, it is possible that he will end up marrying a fourth woman. However, there are signs that his relationships with these three wives may have fallen apart.

During the last season of TLC's reality show Sister Wives, fans witnessed the former couple struggle with each other's relationships. Then, in December 2022, they announced their separation.

In November of 2021, Christine announced that she was leaving the polygamous family. She had six children with Kody. Her split with Kody was just as traumatic for the couple as Janelle's. They had been butting heads over the rules of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kody had been imposing strict guidelines for his family's visits during the pandemic. After all, he had to be careful not to expose his plural family to the virus. Therefore, he wanted to move the kids out of their parents' house. But, this was not enough to save the relationship. Eventually, the family decided to move to Flagstaff, Arizona.

While it was a tough decision, it was the right one. Christine had gotten to the point where she didn't feel comfortable with the strict rules Kody imposed. When she stepped outside of the home, she was afraid that her children would be exposed to the virus.

On the same day as Christine's announcement, Janelle also came to the same conclusion. She had been unhappy with the relationship with Kody for a long time. She felt he lacked respect for her. At first, she felt that she had been acting like a single woman. Despite this, she was still able to manage her career and raise her children. Eventually, she lost her faith in Kody and no longer considered himself to be her husband.

In the future, Christine will not appear in any new reality shows. However, she still has a virtual cooking series with TLC called Cooking with Just Christine. These episodes are posted on her Instagram account.

There are speculations that Kody will get a third wife, but it is unclear whether he will be successful. The third wife could be Meri. Considering the fact that he has been accused of mistreating her in recent years, it seems unlikely.

Even though the couple is separated, they still share a daughter. She is a transgender. Leon, who was born in June 2022, has come out as a transgender. He and his brother, Garrison, are fighting over how Kody treats their mother. Kody hasn't been much of a husband since his early days. And, in the future, he wants to add more wives to his family.

In the meantime, rumors have been circulating that Kody and Robyn are going to divorce. If that happens, they will be the latest to join the other two sisters in the sack.


After 25 years of marriage, Christine Brown finally decided to split from Kody. This has been one of the most painful moments of her life. Not only did she leave Kody, she also left their polygamous family. However, it seems like she is still thriving in her new single life.

There are many people who believe that Christine has done the right thing by stepping out on her own. In recent seasons, she has shown a more independent side, making her an obvious choice for the next cast member. She plans on only entering into monogamous relationships in the future.

In fact, she's not the only Kody Brown ex-wife who's thriving in her post-divorce life. Robyn Brown and Janelle Brown are the other two. They're both looking forward to a fresh start in 2023.

It is true that the catfishing scandal put a strain on the relationship. Meri had a fake relationship with a man online. However, she later discovered that she was speaking to a woman posing as a man. On the other hand, Kody did not find out about his wife's online flirtation until after the fact.

While the catfishing scandal may have led to a breakdown in the marriage, it's hard to say whether or not the event actually hurt their relationship. Kody's sister wives have criticized his behavior, especially his jealousy of Robyn.

Despite the fact that their relationship did suffer a major setback, Kody and Christine are doing better now. They still share a daughter, Ysabel, who had scoliosis surgery last September. They also celebrated Ysabel's graduation.

The catfishing incident is a huge part of their story, and they have been speaking about it openly. However, the real reason for their separation has been that Kody wanted to spend more time with Robyn.

Another reason for their separation was that Kody grew tired of being in a blended family. He did not want to travel with Christine and Ysabel to the east coast in September 2020. Fortunately, they were able to have a nice New Year's Eve without him. But he's not completely over the loss of his wife.

Even though the Sister Wives show is now largely devoted to Christine, fans will still get to see Kody and his family. Fans will get to see how each of the family members adapts to the changes in their lives. One of them even has a new job!

Christine hasn't spoken about leaving the show yet, but she's been very vocal about her opinions. Many of her followers have been hoping that she will eventually walk away, but she hasn't made any remarks about it.

It is safe to say that there will be a lot of new stories to tell in the coming years. Fans can look forward to an exciting season 18 of the Sister Wives.


Kody and Meri Brown have had a lot of ups and downs together over the years, and it seems like their relationship has finally taken a major hit after their legal divorce. While they still remain spiritually married, the distance between them has grown since their divorce.

Kody and Meri's marriage has been plagued with jealousy issues, fertility problems, and financial worries. In the past, they've had to go to therapy to work through their troubles. Now, their relationship is at its lowest point, and the two are ready to call it quits. They posted a joint statement on Instagram in January 2023 to announce their separation. However, they haven't revealed the specific events that led to their final breakup.

When the pair first met, they were like any other meet-cute. The couple was together for only a few months before Robyn joined their polygamous family in 2010. As the pair got closer, they started adopting the children of Robyn's previous marriage. And after the catfishing scandal, it was revealed that Meri had been having an online relationship with a woman posing as a man. She later learned that the woman was actually a woman.

According to the pair's divorce settlement, Meri is not allowed to get married to anyone else. Despite the agreement, she's not willing to give up on the idea of reconciliation. So, she's been considering whether or not to move back to Utah. If she did decide to leave the couple, she would have to "court" Kody and try to get him back.

During the latest season of Sister Wives, fans were excited to see the pair reconnect, but sadly, that didn't happen. Instead, the show focused on a number of issues that plagued the family, including Truely's kidney failure and hospitalization. Though Truely is now recovering, Kody and Meri had to deal with more difficult issues that pushed them further apart.

In the recent season 17 trailer of the show, Meri was questioned about whether or not she knew about Kody's plans to reconcile. Kody told the show's host Marge Simpson that he "wanted to make it work," but that he didn't want to start fighting with Meri. However, he also said that he didn't have any plans to leave the family. He didn't have any problems with allowing Meri to have a "sister wife" if she chooses to. But he was concerned that if she chooses to stay with Kody, she might become jealous.

Kody and Meri's relationship has been a topic of interest to viewers of the show for years. They shared one child together, 27-year-old Leon, who came out as transgender in June 2022. Aside from his two wives, Christine and Janelle, Kody has 18 other children with other women. Among them are three children adopted from Robyn.

How Many Sister Wives Have Left Kody in 2023?

how many sister wives have left kody  2023

How many sister wives have left Kody in 2023? This is a question that I have gotten many times, and one that I know people will be asking in the next few years. It is important that we have all been educated on this topic, because if we don't, we might have to deal with a lot of heartache in the future.

Kody Brown has had a troubled relationship with his wife Meri for years. They have not been together since at least a decade and their breakup was confirmed during Season 17 of Sister Wives.

In the beginning, Kody and Meri had a strong relationship. However, after a catfishing scandal, Meri was pushed away from Kody. This led to Kody making some statements that he did not consider himself married to Meri.

Despite this, the two still share one child, 27-year-old Leon. Robyn Brown was the fourth wife to Kody and they married in 2010. The couple was a "soul mate" for many viewers, although they had three children from their previous marriage.

Although Kody has made claims that he wants to reconcile with Meri, he has struggled to keep himself together. He has tried to play the victim and blame others for his broken marriages.

Many viewers have been praising Meri for breaking free from Kody. She has been on her own for several years, and has found a way to enjoy herself.

Fans have been speculating about how much of a breakup Meri and Kody have been experiencing. Meri has posted cryptic messages on her Instagram account, and has shown her support on the main feed.

While the pair have been living separate lives for a while, the couple finally confirmed their split on Tuesday during an episode of the show. It was also confirmed in a joint statement, which noted their spiritual union was over.

Both women have now moved forward with their lives and are thriving in their new single lives. Meri has also found new friends and a renewed confidence in moving forward.

When the two were first filmed for the series, it seemed like Meri and Kody's marriage had already ended. But it turned out that Christine Brown, who is Kody's first wife, had already filed for divorce. That caused a lot of angst for Kody.

Kody was in a "dark place" and was struggling with his relationship with Meri, according to Us. Nevertheless, the two were able to come to an amicable agreement that allowed Kody to adopt the two kids of Robyn.


It's been a year since Kody Brown lost his third sister wife, Christine Brown, on Season 17 of "Sister Wives." Since then, fans have seen tension between the former couple, causing many to believe that the marriage is headed for a divorce.

The latest news about Kody's marriage came out during an interview with People magazine. Kody said his relationship with his first wife was "very dark" and that he was planning to get divorced. He also admitted that he didn't consider his relationship with his second wife, Meri, to be a marriage anymore.

Meri and Kody had a strong relationship for a while. They both shared a child, 27-year-old Leon Brown, but they were separated for a long period of time. Later, they were in therapy after a catfishing scandal.

But the catfishing incident was the start of a long series of problems for the two women. After their divorce was finalized, they lived apart. Eventually, they stopped visiting each other's homes.

The coronavirus pandemic caused further separation between the two families. Christine left the show in October 2022, and a new interview with Kody revealed that the couple was not re-united.

Fans are unsure if Kody will add more wives in future seasons. He has a reputation for being a polygamist, and many have called him a bad man. However, he has been seen having dates with Robyn, his only wife. This may be a sign that he is trying to make up for losing his previous wives.

Another Sister Wives special will air this Sunday on TLC. This one will feature an exclusive interview with Christine, who remains on the show. She has kept composure throughout this entire breakup, despite being the target of Kody's vitriol.

In the meantime, fans can watch the rest of Season 17 of "Sister Wives" on TLC. Until then, check out the YouTube channel for more from Christine and the other cast members! If you're curious about how Kody's polygamist ways affect his family, watch the episodes. You'll see what Kody is doing to keep his family intact.

The first sister wife to leave Kody Brown is Christine. Aside from the fact that she is leaving her husband for good, she's also making history as the first wife to call it quits in a polygamous marriage.

When questioned about how her divorce has affected her relationship with Kody, Christine has said that she's been dealing with her emotions, but she's also enjoying the freedom she's been granted. In the past couple of months, she hasn't spent much time with her family.

However, she's been spending some quality time with her daughter Ysabel. During the holidays, she spent the first part of the year playing card games with her daughter. They also celebrated Ysabel's graduation from high school.

Christine is not looking for a new relationship at the moment. She plans to only enter into monogamous relationships from now on. After a breakup, she moved out of Flagstaff, Arizona, to Utah.

Christine's move was partially to be closer to her children. But she also wanted to take a minor child along with her. As the mother of six, she knows what it's like to be without Kody.

While she's still working through her breakup, Christine plans to spend some quality time with her kids. One day, she hopes to see Kody again.

Throughout the years, Christine and Kody were a highly popular pair on TLC's reality show Sister Wives. Many fans believed that their relationship was strained and mistreated. That's why many followers were disappointed to learn that the show was cancelled after seventeen seasons.

Christine has since relocated back to her native state of Utah. She's currently not looking for a new relationship, but she is happy to have some freedom.

Kody Brown's ex-wife, Meri, is suspected to be the next one to leave. She may have held out hope that she could get her life back together, but she recently found herself victim to catfish. Apparently, she had been communicating with a woman posing as a man in Chicago.

There are currently three other wives in Kody's polygamist family. Whether or not they're happy is another story.


If you are watching the TLC show Sister Wives, you have likely heard of Kody Brown's four wives. They are: Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown. Each wife was introduced to the show in a different season.

When the first season of the show began, Meri and Kody were still together, despite their divorce. Meri and Kody's relationship went through a rough patch when she was involved in a catfishing scandal. However, they were still "spiritually married" to each other. In 2010, Kody helped Robyn pick out a wedding dress.

Robyn was also involved in a catfishing scandal. She was actually a woman who had a long history with a man who was not her real husband. This was one of the core reasons why she filed for a legal divorce from Kody. Afterwards, she and Kody became friends and were even invited to Robyn's house.

Kody and Robyn are now in a monogamous marriage, albeit a short one. Robyn was a mother to three children from a previous marriage. Her oldest son, Leon, came out as transgender in June of 2022.

Kody and Robyn are currently the only original sisters-in-law to remain in the polygamous family. The show has not yet announced a new era of the show. It's possible that Kody will introduce more young wives to the show in future seasons.

Although there's still no official announcement from TLC, Christine and Janelle will no longer appear on the show. Their separation was confirmed in a tell-all episode of the show. Throughout the seasons, the women have battled with each other.

Both of Christine and Janelle had disagreements with Kody regarding the COVID-19 rules that Kody had set up for his family. Kody was accused of playing favorites with Robyn. He refused to go against the wishes of his wife, even though his kids were very upset with him.

All of the women who have joined the family have faced challenges. But now, the time is coming for a new era of the show. We'll probably see more drama in the future.

Where is Janelle From Sister Wives 2023?

where is janelle from sister wives 2023

In November of 2021, Christine left the Brown family, but it isn't clear where Janelle is. Her husband, Kody, is rumored to be having multiple wives, and it is a well-known fact that he has discussed his other wives behind their backs.

Christine left the family in November 2021

Christine Brown and Kody Brown were married for 25 years before they decided to call it quits. The couple had six children together and Christine was the third wife of the polygamist couple.

When the show first started, Christine and Kody had their own home in a cul-de-sac, and the other wives shared the responsibility of raising their own children. As time went on, Kody began to spend more and more time with his other wives.

In November 2021, Christine and Kody separated. While fans of the show were not surprised, some members of the Brown family were relieved and others shocked.

While the decision was a major life change, Christine is still adjusting to her new life. She and her youngest daughter, Truely, are currently on a road trip.

Christine plans to move back to Utah with Truely. She also plans to continue filming the Sister Wives series. It appears that she is still close with her sister wives.

A spinoff series, Cooking With Just Christine, features Christine's favorite recipes. Although she has dated other women, Christine says that she would never go back to polygamy. However, she is open to finding a partner who is all-in-one.

There are still many questions about Christine and Kody's breakup. What was Christine's motivation to leave Kody and the family? Are they looking for love? Will they get back together? Several fans have asked that question.

Despite their recent split, Christine and Kody are still able to co-parent their children. They are planning a road trip in January. And they may even find love again.

Although it is difficult to say what the future holds for Christine, she has already made the move to Utah.

Janelle joined the Brown family in 1993

Janelle Brown joined the Brown family in 1993, a few years after her marriage to Adam Barber ended. She had six children with Kody.

After their marriage, Janelle and Kody had a daughter and three sons together. The youngest was born in 2004.

A few years later, Janelle's oldest child gave birth to a boy, Axel James, whom Janelle is now grandmother to. Maddie, Kody's daughter, was married to Caleb Brush in June. They welcomed another child, Evangalynn "Evie" Brush, in August.

As for the family's other children, Janelle has a sister, Carrie Rodgers. Her mother, Robert Schriever, died in 1972. Before meeting Kody, Janelle was married to a brother, Adam Barber, for two years.

Both Janelle and Kody are members of the Mormon church, but they joined the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB) sect. Men in this sect are often called to have multiple wives.

While she has a great deal of family, Janelle has not always had it easy in real estate. For instance, she moved into an RV on the Brown's property. However, she did have an impressive new house. It features three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Janelle has also struggled with her relationship with Kody. In fact, it came to a head when the coronavirus pandemic hit.

As a result of the health scare, Janelle's children started to question the future of their family. At the same time, Janelle wondered if she would be able to keep the family intact without her husband.

During her time on Sister Wives, Janelle has questioned the impact of her polygamous marriage. She also expressed concerns over her children's disgruntlement with their father.

Despite the upheaval, Janelle Brown seems level-headed throughout the show. She wants to be a good role model for her children.

Janelle worked outside the home to earn a paycheck for the family

If you are a fan of the show Sister Wives, you may wonder how they make money to support the 18 children. The answer is that each of the wives of Kody Brown have their own businesses, varying in success.

Janelle was the first wife of Kody Brown and she has been starring on the show since 2010. Her family moved from Utah to Las Vegas and she became a real estate agent. Before the show started, she was working for the state of Utah.

During the run of the show, Janelle kept her side hustles a secret. She worked for the state, but she got paid a decent salary. This helped the family make ends meet before the TV show came along.

Janelle's pay also provided some extra income for her and her two children. In addition to her regular paycheck, the job offered her a paid day off.

When Kody and Christine split, Janelle supported both of them through the breakup. At the same time, she was also supporting her sons, who were upset with Kody.

The Sister Wives family has a lot of money. According to reports, the family of five earns between $125,000 and $400,000 each episode. But if you take into account the expenses of 18 children, it isn't enough.

Fortunately, Kody's second wife Meri has a lucrative business of her own. As of this writing, Meri has a successful LuLaRoe business and she runs a bed and breakfast in Parowan, Utah. She also recently offered a "Real Life Retreat" to paying customers.

The Sister Wives are a guilty pleasure of many. However, the family is not without its critics. Some have pointed out that they are headed for financial disaster without the help of the other wives.

Kody talked about his other wives behind their backs

The cast of the popular television series, Sister Wives, have been making headlines lately for their tumultuous relationship. On the upcoming season, viewers will get a look at the two of them in an all new tell-all episode.

A new tell-all episode will debut on TLC this Sunday, January 8. Fans will get a closer look at Kody and his two wives, Robyn and Meri. Both will discuss the lifestyle of polygamy and how Robyn offered to be a surrogate.

In the Season 15 finale, Christine and Kody had a rocky relationship. They had been bickering about several things, including the way they wanted to live their lives.

The cameras caught some of the first cracks in the polygamous family's armor. While Kody said that no one of his wives was loyal, he did not mention which wife was his most loyal. He also did not help the other wives pick out wedding dresses.

For her part, Christine cited the most significant and longest-lived as her and Kody's marriage. After 25 years of marriage, they split.

Christine claims she doesn't regret her decision to leave her husband. But her behavior towards former sister wives is a cause for concern.

She and Kody are not the only ones who have complained about their treatment. Many fans have taken to Twitter to voice their opinion. They're not happy with how Sukanya Krishnan treats the women on the show.

Another reason for fans to be upset was Kody's comments about his favorite wife. While Kody and Christine were technically spiritually married, it was Christine who decided to end their relationship.

As you can imagine, the rest of the Sister Wives will have their say as well. You'll be able to see the full tell-all on Discovery+ and TLC Go on Sunday, January 8.

Robyn has been accused of being the "favorite wife"

If you're a fan of the TV series Sister Wives, you know Robyn Brown is one of the many women featured on the show. She's one of the four wives of husband Kody Brown and the mother of two of Kody's youngest children.

It seems like Kody is spending more time with Robyn than with any other wife. This has led to rumors of favoritism between the wives.

Robyn and Kody have been together since 2010. They married in 2010, after meeting through a mutual cousin. Their relationship wasn't always easy. During the pandemic, other wives objected to their relationship.

In season 17 of the show, Suki Krishnan finally asked Kody if he thought Robyn was his favorite wife. But, when Kody refused to answer the question, he indirectly insulted her.

Eventually, fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment. However, Robyn has refuted the rumors. While Robyn's life isn't perfect, she does not have the same problems that the other wives have.

Although Robyn has faced several obstacles in her life, she has shown great strength. After being criticized for body shaming other partners, she opened up about her experience and the struggles she's overcome.

On Sunday, TLC aired a special episode of Sister Wives. The show's cast includes Janelle and Meri Brown, Kody, and Robyn.

The episode was titled "Sister Wives: One on One." Fans wondered if Robyn and Christine were still feuding. Both had posted photos without Kody.

On Twitter, a fan questioned if Kody was treating Robyn differently than his other wives. Others suspected that Kody is in a coronavirus quarantine with Robyn. And some doubted that Kody was genuinely interested in Robyn.

Betting on Sports - What Does Spread Mean?

when betting what does spread mean

In this article, you will learn what the spread is, as well as the various options you have when betting. Specifically, you will learn about the home field advantage, odds, push, and the advantages of betting against the spread. You'll also learn about strategies you can use when betting against the spread, and what limits exist.

Home-field advantage

Home-field advantage is a concept that affects betting odds and lines for all kinds of competition. This can range from basketball to football to baseball. There are a few different ways to calculate it.

First, the home-field advantage is calculated using the average margin of victory of a team's home stadium. This is a very important statistic for sports fans. However, it does not always translate to a winning team.

While home-field advantage does not always result in a win, it does help boost the home team's performance. For instance, in basketball, it has been found that a home-court advantage can be worth two to seven points.

Another factor that helps a home team is the crowd. Typically, fans are more accustomed to the atmosphere and surroundings of the home stadium. During crucial moments, the crowd's support will encourage the players to perform better.

As a result, a large majority of games are won by the home team. In fact, in the NFL, the home team has won more than half of the games played. Despite this, the home field advantage has been declining.

Over the past two decades, the home-field advantage has ranged between 50% and 60%. The New England Patriots have had a home-field advantage of 70%.

If you are betting on the NFL, it is important to look at the home team's win percentage. In the Wild Card Round, home teams have won three out of 10 matches. Their record in divisional round matchups is 75%.

Finally, when calculating home-field advantage, it is important to factor in weather. Stadiums with colder climates may have a larger advantage. On the other hand, stadiums in areas that do not have weather concerns may have a smaller advantage.


Odds can be confusing and are a tricky subject. It's important to remember that odds are simply an estimate of how likely something is to happen. The actual probability of something happening will vary based on a number of factors. You'll need to make sure you know what you're looking for in order to win money from betting.

There are two main types of odds to choose from. Fractional and decimal. Decimal are easier to understand than fractional. However, both have their pros and cons.

When betting on football, it's easy to get caught up in the hype. This is particularly true for the NFL, which offers a lot of options for punters. For instance, there are points spreads, props, and teasers. Regardless of the particular sport you're wagering on, you'll need to familiarize yourself with the various terms and figures in order to make your bets successful.

In the United Kingdom, bookmakers use fractional odds. This means that the most important figure is not actually a number. Instead, it is a calculation of your stake and the odds that you'll be able to win a certain amount of money.

American odds, on the other hand, are a little more complicated. These are based on how much you think a team will lose or win. A team that wins by a certain number is called an underdog. On the other hand, a team that wins by a certain amount is called a favorite.

There are also other types of odds. A parlay is a bet where you combine multiple bets into one. Each bet needs to be the correct one for the parlay to be a winner.


A push is the result of a bet where the oddsmaker has set a betting line. It is a bet that matches the outcome of the event or game.

A PUSH occurs when the point spread, total or over/under amount hits the exact number. This is similar to a tie in blackjack or a draw in poker.

The best way to avoid a push is to bet on spreads that have a half point. This is also known as a hook. Buying a half point for a small price in juice can save you money.

Pushes are generally most common in sports with point spreads or totals. However, they can happen in other bet types, including over/under bets and parlays.

Unlike a tie, a push is a favorable result. If the favored team wins, the bettor gets their stake back. Depending on the sportsbook, some will treat a push as a loss, others as a win.

To avoid a push, read the rules carefully. Almost every sport has a few bet types that can result in a push. Typically, a sportsbook will return the money stake for a push and void any other bets in the parlay.

There are some sportsbooks that will not accept a push in their house rules. This includes early week parlays and teasers. For instance, the Boston Celtics might be favored over the San Antonio Spurs, but the Spurs are not allowed to go under 17. When this happens, the entire parlay is void.

To find out more about pushes, talk to a professional. He or she can answer your questions and make sure you're prepared to place a bet.

Strategies for betting against the spread

Betting against the spread is a lot more difficult to predict than betting on the moneyline, but it can be more rewarding. Depending on your skill level, there are a few strategies that you can follow to get better odds. For example, if you know that the Patriots are the best team in the league, but they're playing the Packers, you can bet against the spread. The Packers are at +3, which means that the New England Patriots are -3. This is a great way to make a little extra money.

Another strategy for betting against the spread is to use trends. These trends are usually based on the team's main cogs on the roster staying in place. You can also use historical analysis to help you figure out how to play against the spread.

Betting against the spread can be a good strategy when the games are low scoring. The general public loves goals, but they tend to be less interested in betting on those low scoring games. It's not uncommon for injuries to occur during a game. Injuries can significantly affect the outcome of the game, and it's a good idea to bet against the spread when you think that the other team is more likely to lose.

What Bet Should I Make on Today's NFL Game?

what bet should i put on today

If you're going to a game, you want to make sure that you know what bet to make. It can be difficult to choose between the many betting options that are available. There are different types of games and teams, so you'll need to consider the specifics of each one.

Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have been in the spotlight as the NBA champions for two consecutive seasons. Unfortunately, they suffered a loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals in 2018.

The team made a major shift in their uniforms and color scheme. They also introduced a new logo to show their modernized "The City" theme. But despite all of these improvements, the team still missed the playoffs in 2016.

When the season began, the Warriors had a young and promising core of players. But they were short on bench depth. That was especially true when Andre Iguodala was out. In fact, the team posted a 5-7 record when he was out. It was a significant drop in performance.

While it was a disappointing start, the Warriors quickly recovered. Their winning streak was tied for the longest in the franchise's history. This included six straight wins on a road trip.

The Warriors' chemistry improved. The young core showed leadership and they were able to take advantage of their young opponents.

However, the Warriors were hurt by injuries to several starters. Despite their strong performance, they lost to the Milwaukee Bucks and the Los Angeles Lakers in the play-in tournaments.

After suffering an Achilles injury, Kevin Durant decided to leave the team. His departure left the Warriors without a key player to help them win the title. Nevertheless, the team was able to retain a core of players to build around.

Another key addition was Klay Thompson. He ruptured his Achilles tendon in Los Angeles, but the team was able to replace him with a healthy Thompson. During the season, the two players combined for 483 three-pointers.

The Warriors had an up-tempo style of play. Throughout the season, coach Don Nelson often changed the starting lineups. He also relied on smaller players to fill in for injured starters.

The Warriors were a regular playoff participant from the 1990s to the present. They were nicknamed Run T.M.C. (after the rap group Run D.M.C.).

The team reached the Finals in four of the last five years. However, they failed to get past the Cleveland Cavaliers in each of the past two seasons.

Minnesota Vikings

Whether you are betting for fun or on a serious financial premise, there are a number of ways to wager on the Minnesota Vikings. The moneyline, point spread, and total are the three main ways to bet on this team. Using these options, you can wager on the outcome of a game without having to place a large bet.

The moneyline is the most straightforward way to bet. It simply involves placing a bet on which team wins. For instance, if you want to bet that the Vikings win, you need to bet that they cover the -165 line.

Alternatively, the over/under is a more complex bet. Usually, you need to bet on both teams to cover the listed number. You can also bet that the combined points scored by both teams will be above or below the estimated score.

The over/under is one of the most popular options. However, it is not the most important option. In fact, if you are only looking to bet on the total, it is better to look elsewhere.

The over/under is often a better bet when the number of points is very low. When a game ends with a score of 14+, it is usually considered a close call.

The over/under is also an important option when the number of points is high. For example, in the week 15 Vikings vs. Giants matchup, the over was a close call at 27-24.

Of course, you should always shop around for the best odds. One of the most effective ways to bet on the Minnesota Vikings is to compare the different sportsbooks. Fortunately, you can do this by using the free SI Sportsbook Perfect 10 contest. During the NFL season, the site offers a free Perfect 10 contest every week.

Unlike a futures bet, the over/under is a bet on the combined points scored by two teams. Typically, it is a tad more complicated than a futures bet.

This is because the number of points is a bit more than just the total number of points that the teams are expected to score. The over is a better bet if the team that you're betting on isn't playing their best.

New York Giants

There's a lot of betting options for New York Giants fans. For instance, you can bet on a single game, or you can bet on the entire season. You can also bet on futures and props.

One of the simplest ways to bet on the New York Giants is to place a standard points spread bet. The spread is how much a favorite has to beat a projected number of points.

The most interesting bet on the New York Giants is their ability to win a game. Their 5-1 record on the road is the most impressive in the NFL. This is especially true with the addition of rookie cornerback Janoris Jenkins.

Another bet on the New York Giants is the team's playoff chances. While they currently hold the sixth spot in the NFC, it's still not a lock.

Regardless of how the team does in the playoffs, they should be able to create separation between themselves and the Wild Card candidates. They could be facing the Philadelphia Eagles in the divisional round.

It's been a good couple of months for the Giants, but they need to find some form of consistency on the field. Joe Judge will be their next head coach, and he's expected to lead the team for the foreseeable future.

If the Giants can find a way to win games, they may make a run for the playoffs. However, they'll need to improve their defense if they want to do so.

The odds for the Giants are among the longest in the NFL. With a record of seven wins and nine losses, they're a far cry from the Super Bowl champions they were a few years ago. As such, they'll need to be smart about their betting choices.

Although they're not favored to win, the Giants are on a five-game winning streak and have won four of their last six. Despite that, the Giants are 0-6 against the Browns in their last six home games.

They're averaging 21.5 points per game, but they haven't been as good at the other end of the field. That's because they've been a poor rushing defense.

NFL odds

A good way to make money betting on the NFL is to shop around for the best odds. There are many sportsbooks to choose from, and some will release lines early. You may be surprised by the amount of variance in NFL point spreads and totals.

Besides the standard moneyline, you can also place a bet on the over/under. This means you are betting on the combined total points scored by the two teams. Over/under bets usually pay out at a negative rate. However, some sites will offer alternative lines to skew the odds in a different direction.

The NFL is the most popular sport in North America. It draws the most money and has the most betting action. Having multiple accounts at several online and brick-and-mortar sportsbooks is a must if you want to make the most of the NFL.

Most NFL points spreads are in the -105 to -115 range. That indicates that the "juice" is kept by the sportsbooks. Some NFL games will also have a spread in the -500 range.

The over/under line can move up or down throughout the game. An over/under is usually 35 or 47 points. If the favorite wins by a wide margin, the line can be reset to -105. On the other hand, if the underdog wins by a narrow margin, the line can be adjusted to -110.

In the event that the line is tied, the wager is void. Player props are popular side bets. They are based on certain milestones the player must achieve. These include total passing yards, rushing yards, touchdowns, and more.

During the Super Bowl, NFL betting odds can move dramatically. You can expect the line to increase due to the amount of money that is being bet on the game. Also, the game is the most heavily bet on event of the year.

Using a site like Sports Betting Dime to research futures and compare odds helps you find the best NFL odds. You will also have access to a full matchup report on all teams. With your knowledge, you will be able to maximize your profits this NFL season.

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