When Does Love and Hip Hop Family Reunion Come on 2023?

When Does Love and Hip Hop Family Reunion Come on 2023?


When Does Love and Hip Hop Family Reunion Come on 2023?

when does love and hip hop family reunion come on 2023

If you're a fan of Love and Hip Hop, then you're likely wondering when the fourth season of the show is going to air. And you might even be wondering who's going to be featured on the show in Season 4, too. Luckily, you can find all this information right here.

Season 3 cast

Love and Hip Hop Family Reunion is a six-week spin-off of VH1's multiple "Love & Hip Hop" series. It brings the longtime "Love & Hip Hop" cast together in Jamaica to celebrate Black excellence.

During the reunion, the cast will face some troubling past events and confront some important conversations. They will also share unique perspectives on social issues affecting the Black community.

The show will feature some of the franchise's most popular stars. In addition to those who have been in the show for years, fans can expect to see some new faces in the upcoming season. These stars include Teairra Mari, Trick Daddy, and more.

Aside from the funky dance moves, the Love and Hip Hop cast will gather for a series of important conversations. In one instance, Phresher and Jen will have an uncomfortable disagreement over the wedding plans.

Another important conversation occurs during Shay's women's empowerment event. Her invitation to all family members to contribute personal testimonies is a good start. During the evening, a surprise musical guest adds to the festivities.

As the reunion winds down, the cast is faced with several arguments. Some are pushed out of the resort while others are forced to relive past events. Several of the ladies have some heated exchanges.

The Love and Hip Hop cast will continue to highlight Black excellence during its third season. The cast will be challenged with new challenges and a fresh perspective on family. Despite the difficulties, the family will bond and celebrate Black excellence.

There will be a lot to see and behold in the upcoming season of the "Love and Hip Hop Family Reunion". With plenty of familiar faces, it is no wonder the show has received a number of accolades. For more information on the show, be sure to check out the premiere episode on November 28 at 8 p.m. ET on VH1! You can also watch the latest episodes on Philo, an entertainment-only streaming service. Subscribers can stream the show for just $25 per month. And if you're not ready to commit to an entire month, you can get a seven-day trial for free!

Season 4 release date

Love and Hip Hop is a series about the lives of R&B and Hip-Hop artists and managers. The cast is diverse, but it's all tied together by a common love for Black excellence. They reunite in Jamaica. This is a special edition of the series, which will be on VH1 on Monday nights at 8/7c.

In this new season, longtime "Love & Hip Hop" stars will meet in Jamaica and share their perspectives on social issues facing the Black community. The show will be hosted by a social justice leader and youth advocate.

There will be plenty of drama and important conversations. New cast members will be added. Some of the familiar faces who are set to appear are Tamika D. Mallory, who is co-founder of a social justice organization called Until Freedom, and Gunplay, who is the manager of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta's Shay Johnson.

The third season of Love and Hip Hop will feature the cast from all four cities. Judd Santana, Daniel "Booby Gibson", Yo-Yo, and Rich Dollaz will be among those making an appearance.

Jim Jones, the star of Love & Hip Hop: New York, and his former manager, Yandy Smith-Harris, will also be featured. Several of the women on the show have been victims of trafficking. One of them is Mariahlynn, who is upset by comments made by Gunplay.

The cast of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta includes Brooke Valentine, Sierra Gates, Mimi Faust, Eric Mena, and Safaree Samuels. Shekinah Jo Anderson is also a cast member. Other Love and Hip Hop: Miami cast members include Emjay Johnson, Gunplay, and Tokyo Vanity.

In season one, Trick Daddy's son appears. In addition to the regular cast, Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood features Mysonne, who is an up-and-coming hip-hop artist. It also features stylist Zellswag, who helps the ladies get ready for the upcoming charity event.

Season two continues the celebration of Black excellence. This time, the gang gets a little crazy as they take a trip to Jamaica. And Karlie Redd, the daughter of Yung Joc, makes an appearance.

Season 4 cast members

Love and Hip Hop will be returning to VH1 in 2023, with a brand new season and new cast members. As part of the new show, the stars of the original franchise will reunite in Jamaica to celebrate Black excellence. The cast will be tasked with the daunting task of putting their differences aside for one of the most important days in Spice's life - her birthday.

For a number of years, the "Love & Hip Hop" franchise has been a cult favorite among hip-hop fans. During the course of the series, the cast members have come together to celebrate the best and worst of the industry, as well as to promote various social causes. While the "Love & Hip Hop" franchise is known for its raunchy escapades, the show has also shown its fair share of serious mental health issues. With the "Family Reunion: Love & Hip Hop Edition," the stars will get a chance to discuss these matters, as well as the more mundane ones.

Aside from the obvious reunion, the cast will travel to Jamaica to see first-hand some of the best things to do in that country. They'll have the opportunity to witness the famous black man's dance, as well as a bonfire party.

In addition to the trip, the "Love & Hip Hop" cast will take a look at the most important social and cultural issues impacting the Black community. One of the more important aspects of this trip will be the creation of new traditions and celebrations. Throughout the series, the stars of the series will discuss a number of topics, including mental health, as well as the role of women in the rap game.

The 'Family Reunion: Love & hip-hop' series is the brainchild of Antoinette Media, a company which specializes in buzzy, mass-appeal content. The company is headed by Lashan Browning, an entertainment and media veteran. In addition to the franchise, Antoinette Media has a number of other projects under its belt, including Couples Retreat and Shay & Keion's Destiny I Do.

There's a lot of drama to be found in the upcoming "Family Reunion: Love 'n hip-hop" series, and the show's producers have promised that it's the best thing to happen to the franchise in years.

Season 3 premiere date

VH1 is gearing up for the third season of "Family Reunion: Love & Hip Hop Edition," a reality show featuring former cast members of Love & Hip Hop, a series that aired on the channel from February 2021 until November 2021. Fans can expect a fresh level of drama from the series, which will include several familiar faces.

In season three, the cast will head to Jamaica, where they will gather together to discuss social issues. The new episodes will also feature fans' favorites from New York and Miami. During the trip, the original cast members will mend their fences and celebrate Black excellence.

VH1 Family Reunion: Love & Hip Hop Edition will air 17 episodes. Throughout the season, the cast will discuss topics that impact the Black community. Some of the topics discussed will include mental health, racial identity, and forgiveness.

The cast includes Nikki Morgan, who hasn't been a part of the Love & Hip Hop franchise for a while. She was asked why she wanted to come back. Her response was, "It is time."

Aside from the cast, the show will also feature other actors. Jim Jones' former manager Mendeecees Harris will appear on the series. Yung Joc's former manager Yandy Smith-Harris will also be featured.

Other familiar faces on the series include Gunplay, Trick Daddy, and Sukihana. Many of the women on the show were victims of trafficking.

There are plenty of newcomers to the cast as well. Among the names to look out for are Teairra Mari, Mariahlynn, Nancy "Mama" Jones, and more.

The cast is set to make its return on Monday, November 28, at 8 pm ET. Several of the original cast members will make their way to Jamaica for the reunion.

Season 3 will air on VH1 in winter 2023. If you want to catch the new season, you can live stream it on Philo. You can get a free 7-day trial. After your trial period, it will cost you a monthly subscription of $25. This streaming service will allow you to watch original series and hit movies.

What Day Does the Love and Hip Hop Family Reunion Come on 2023?

what day does love and hip hop family reunion come on 2023

If you're wondering when the next season of Love and Hip-Hop will premiere, you're not alone. The show is a huge hit with viewers. But what day does the season premiere, and who are the cast members?

Season 3 premiere date

VH1 is preparing to re-unite a select group of fan favorites from its four "Love & Hip Hop" franchises. The reunion will focus on forgiveness and celebrate the Black community. A new season is set to air in winter 2023. All of the cast members from each series will come together in Jamaica for a reunion.

Several familiar faces from past Love & Hip Hop seasons will appear, along with many newcomers. Some of the biggest names include Gunplay, Teairra Mari, and Mariahlynn. Other cast members will face challenges and have to face off with their former enemies.

In the upcoming Season 3, the Family Reunion will go to Jamaica for an international trip. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Spice will host the reunion show. While there, the cast will be faced with a series of complex confrontations.

The new episodes will also feature a series of confessional segments. Trick Daddy's son will be featured in the episodes. He will be asked about his time in prison.

The Family Reunion will also discuss social issues facing the Black community. The cast will have a conversation about mental health. They will also discuss the issues affecting the women of the group.

Family Reunion will take place in Jamaica and will be hosted by Grammy-nominated Jamaican dancehall singer Spice. Amara La Negra will also be on the trip. She will also host a rowdy Carnival day.

The Love & Hip Hop family will face some difficult events from the past. However, the cast will also find a lot to celebrate. Many of the women on the show have been victims of trafficking and are now living in poverty.

Those who are looking to see the Love and Hip Hop Family Reunion season 3 premiere will be able to do so on Monday, November 28 at 8 pm on VH1. Streaming will be available via the Paramount Plus streaming platform. Users will be able to get the show for only $5 for the first month. You can also get a 7-day trial subscription to Paramount Plus for free. To use this offer, just download the app, sign up, and enter your payment details.

Season 4 premiere date

The "Love and Hip Hop" franchise has gathered in Jamaica for a reunion. The cast of the franchises get together to discuss issues that affect the Black community. Among the cast members are Yung Joc, whose son is 20 years old, and Karlie Redd, who is a member of the Atlanta cast.

In addition to the original "Love & Hip Hop" cast, this season of the show will feature fan favorites from the four cities. These include Mimi Faust, Eric Mena, Safaree Samuels, Brooke Valentine, and Judd Santana.

The new season will also feature the addition of the sexy Citizen Detective, played by Elijah Wood. He'll work with Christina Ricci's Misty.

The Love & Hip Hop franchises have a lot of unfinished business to discuss. This year's family reunion is packed with important conversations. Among them are the cast's unresolved issues with each other.

As usual, the cast will discuss social issues facing the Black community. This time around, the cast will gather in Jamaica for a women's empowerment event hosted by Shay. While there, the longtime cast will talk about their thoughts on the Black excellence that the community has achieved.

During the reunion, a charity event will be held in Kingston. In this episode, Spice will be introduced to the rest of the family. She'll also apologize to Karlie for her behavior. But she's not pleased when she finds out she's being filmed.

In the end, the charity event will end in an unexpected fashion. There will also be plenty of heated confrontations.

VH1 is bringing back the "Love & Hip Hop" cast for a special reunion. Several fans will be able to watch it on Monday nights at 8 pm. If you're not a cable subscriber, you can stream the show on Philo. It offers over 60 channels.

The Family Reunion: Love & Hip Hop Edition will premiere on Monday, November 28 at 8 pm. After that, the series will go international. For the first episode, viewers can expect to see the original cast of "Love & Hip Hop" as well as fan favorites from the four cities.

Season 3 cast members

It's time for VH1's Family Reunion: Love & Hip Hop Edition to return. Fans can look forward to reunions from Atlanta, Hollywood, New York, and Miami. This season is full of drama, rambunctiousness, and a lot of unfinished business.

Love & Hip Hop's third season is set to debut on November 28th at 8PM ET on VH1. The all-star cast of former cast members will gather to celebrate Black excellence. Throughout the season, social issues and culture will be the focus.

Several cast members from Love & Hip Hop's Atlanta season will make their return. Fans will also be able to see new faces such as Shay Johnson, Tokyo Vanity, and Daniel "Booby Gibson." Season one's Yung Joc will appear, as will Trick Daddy's son, Amoni Robinson.

Love & Hip Hop's Hollywood season will feature Ray J, a former baby mama to Omarion. Fans will also be able to catch a glimpse of Tamika D. Mallory, co-founder of social justice organization Until Freedom.

Love & Hip Hop's Miami franchise will feature Emjay Johnson. Fans will get to see new episodes of the series every Monday. They will also be able to watch the original series. In addition, viewers can stream other popular movies and shows. For just $6 per month, customers can add Epix channels to their subscription.

Fans can watch Love & Hip Hop's new season on Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, and Google Play. Subscribers can sign up for a 7-day free trial. Once subscribers start their membership, they can view new episodes of the season as soon as they air.

VH1's Family Reunion: LOVE & HIP HOP will also be available on Philo. Philo is an entertainment-only streaming service that costs $25 a month. Subscribers can watch new episodes of season three.

If you want to keep up with the latest news and rumors from Love & Hip Hop, you can follow the show on Twitter and Instagram. You can also purchase the show on iTunes and Vudu. Several longtime "Love & Hip Hop" stars will also share their perspectives on social issues impacting the Black community.

Season 4 cast members

VH1 has been bringing back the 'Love & Hip Hop' cast for a Family Reunion. This year, the longtime stars will meet up in Jamaica, to celebrate Black excellence. In addition to reunion, the show will also tackle social issues affecting the Black community.

Love & Hip Hop cast members include Jim Jones, Joe Budden, Gunplay, Shay Johnson, Tokyo Vanity, and others. They are joined by guest appearances by Yung Joc, Amoni Robinson, and Trick Daddy's son.

On the upcoming season of the show, the cast will get candid about mental health. Many women on the cast have been victims of trafficking. The women and men on the show will also discuss social issues and how they affect the Black community.

This is the first season that the 'Love & Hip Hop' franchise has been filmed abroad. While the show's cast has been visiting different cities, it hasn't been filmed in Jamaica.

On the upcoming Season 3 episode, "Jamaican Me Crazy," the cast will go to Jamaica. The show will feature cast members from Atlanta, New York, Miami, and Hollywood. It will also feature a mix of new faces.

This season of Love & Hip Hop will see the cast partying and discussing social issues. The show will focus on how the Black community can celebrate and advocate for themselves.

This third season will also bring the franchise to Jamaica. As Love & Hip Hop fans know, the trip is a huge highlight of the show. However, there is some tension and heated confrontations.

In addition to the reunion, the cast will also attend a lingerie fashion show hosted by Nikki. After the show, the cast will get together and create new traditions. One of these traditions will be an epic bonfire.

All cast members are also planning to take part in the Love & Hip Hop Charity Gala. The event will be held in Kingston. During the event, crowd safety becomes a concern.

If you want to watch the show, you'll need to register. You'll also need a Philo subscription. You can subscribe for $6 per month or you can watch the show for free with a 7-day trial.

Love and Hip Hop Family Reunion 2023

who died on love and hip hop family reunion 2023

The Love & Hip Hop family reunion 2023 was a huge event for fans. They got to see some of their favorite rappers and singers. There was Ray J, Erica Dixon, Yung Joc, Bambi, Momma Dee, and more. These were some of the greats.

Apryl Jones

Apryl Jones, a star of VH1's Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood, is a songwriter, actress and singer. She's been spotted dating rapper Dr. Dre. Her debut movie is a 2019 comedy titled 'I Got The Hook Up 2'. Aside from her starring role in 'Love and Hip Hop', she was a member of the girl group Cellareign and auditioned for American Idol.

In the 'Love & Hip Hop' franchise, there are several different franchises that revolve around the same theme. These include Love & Hip Hop, Love & Hip Hop: New York, Love & Hip Hop: Miami, and Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Each of these spinoffs was a success, and has led to more spinoffs.

The original show premiered in 2011 and featured stars such as Omarion, Mashonda Tifrere, Olivia Longott, and Rich Dollaz. It was followed by spinoffs in Atlanta and New York. There were rumours of a fourth one, but those have yet to materialize.


The Love and Hip Hop Family Reunion 2023 has been set to begin with the return of the cast from the previous season. Among the stars on the reunion are fan favorites from New York and Atlanta.

Erica and Bambi continue to have conflict and are not on good terms. Bambi continues to deride Betty Idol. She also accuses Lil Scrappy of abrasive behavior towards Emani.

Stevie J admits that the marriage rumor started in the magazine. Joseline claims that he lied about their relationship. Tammy was attacked by Joseline during the taping.

There's no word on whether Gunplay and Mariahlynn will appear on the reunion. But the show does feature several guest roles. Some of the actors who will be starring are Trick Daddy, Lamar Odom, Shaggy, Guapdad 4000, Cyn Santana, Jonathan Fernandez, Brittany B. and Sierra Gates.

The show will air on Mondays at 8 pm ET. Besides the main cast, there will be various other celebrity personalities featured in the episode.

Erica Dixon

Erica Dixon was one of the original cast members of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. She was the main protagonist during the first four seasons of the show. Her storyline revolved around her relationship with ex-boyfriend Lil Scrappy. They shared a daughter, Emani. But they broke up and went their separate ways in early season two.

After the break up, Erica began dating model O'Shea Russell. However, she eventually left him and moved on to Safaree Samuels.

Erica also had a complicated relationship with her mother, Mingnon. She had custody of Erica and her two young children, but lost it after a crack cocaine addiction. She also accused her mother of verbally abusing her daughter, Emani.

Erica's mother had a long standing feud with Erica on the show. After season four, Momma Dee decided to apologize to Erica for her behavior. In the end, Erica negotiated with Scrappy and was able to make amends with her.

Momma Dee

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta fans have become familiar with the character of Momma Dee, who has appeared in several episodes of the series. She is a former brothel owner who is now the mother of rapper Lil Scrappy and his children.

In the second season of the series, Dee was a major antagonist. She was seen meddling in Erica Pinkett's relationship with Scrappy, a fact which contributed to their clash. As a result, she was removed from the main cast.

It was also revealed that Momma Dee was bipolar. Her relationship with Ernest Bryant had made her condition worse. The actress was not invited to the season reunion.

Dee's personal life is not explored in the show as much as her relationship with Scrappy and Bambi. They are a couple who have had trouble keeping their marriage intact. Moreover, the mother-son relationship of the couple is often at odds.

Although Scrappy and Bambi have been attempting to put their relationship behind them, they have yet to come to an agreement. However, Dee is urging Erica to do so.


You're probably aware that Love & Hip Hop is a popular TV show on the airwaves. There are numerous cast members, both regular and guest, who appear on the series and fans of the show can't get enough of it. The franchise is so popular that it has been spun off into several spinoffs: Miami, Atlanta, and New York.

The series is also known for its infamously controversial characters. One of these is Mendeecees Harris. In February of 2008, he was sentenced to eight years in prison for his role in a drug trafficking ring. His release date is January 29, 2021.

Another celebrity whose name and job title are a bit muddier is Moniece Slaughter. She is a famous singer, songwriter, and actress. Her estimated net worth is a modest $5 million as of 2021. However, her salary on the show has been secretive.

While there is no real evidence that Yandy Smith-Harris sprang from the brain of a Love & Hip Hop actor, it's safe to assume that he was the first of the bunch to be given the big gun.

Ray J

Ray J is a famous American singer, rapper, and television personality. He is the younger brother of famous recording artist Brandy Norwood. His cousin is rapper Snoop Dogg.

Ray J started his career in the entertainment industry at the early age of eight. After his first TV appearance in 1989, his success started to rise. From there, his family moved to Los Angeles.

During his time on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, Ray J and Princess Love dated, had a romance, and went through some marital problems. The couple eventually ended their marriage in 2021.

On February 12, 2008, VH1 aired "Love & Hip Hop: The Love Edition" which features interviews with cast members from the four franchises, and clips from the show. However, the series' ratings declined for the first time in four years, falling below two million viewers.

This was followed by "Love & Hip Hop: New York," which premiered on March 6, 2011. In 2011, the series spawned a spinoff in Atlanta.


Love and hip hop is about a group of young artists who are from the South. They come from different walks of life. Some are victims of trafficking and others have poor backgrounds. Throughout the series, the characters are brought together to discuss topics of interest.

The Love and Hip Hop cast includes: Tamika D. Mallory, Joseline Hernandez, Lil Scrappy, Erica Dixon, Trina, Mysonne, Apryl Jones, K. Michelle, and Karlie Redd.

The Love and Hip Hop spinoff series, Family Reunion: Love and Hip Hop Edition, returns with a bang this week. It's an episode that fans have been waiting for since it aired.

For fans who have been watching Love & Hip Hop for years, it will be a pleasant surprise to see some of the same cast members on this show. And, for those who haven't been watching, it's also an opportunity to see the stars of the series in one place.

Yandy Smith-Harris

Love and Hip Hop star Yandy Smith-Harris is a Native American reality television personality. She has been a member of the Love & Hip Hop franchise for several seasons.

Yandy Smith-Harris is the richest cast member on Love & Hip Hop. Her net worth is estimated at $15 million.

Yandy was a former manager of rapper Jim Jones. She also managed Brandy and Snoop Dogg. After becoming a show star, she expanded her role to become the executive director of several companies.

Mendeecees Harris and Yandy Smith-Harris are now back together as a couple. They reunited after Mendeecees spent a few months in prison. The two talk about their lives and how they shared them with the world.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta was a reality television series that follows the lives of some of the most popular hip hop musicians in the Southern United States. Each episode is approximately 41-44 minutes long and is broadcast in high definition. Episodes can be watched on demand through the official VH1 website.

Yung Joc

The news of Yung Joc's death on Love and Hip Hop: Family Reunion 2023 has created quite a stir amongst fans. Though the report was a fake, it was still quite distressing to hear that a major figure in the world of hip hop had passed away. Some fans believed the post, while others weren't so sure.

During the production of the season, Yung Joc and his cousin Scrappy had to deal with various issues concerning their marriage. They also had to deal with a variety of mental health problems.

The cast of the show also features Mendeecees and Yandy. However, the pair doesn't appear in the Spice season. Also missing are Safaree and Omeretta. Their replacement is Yung Baby Tate.

Other members of the cast include: Mysonne, Tamika D. Mallory, Erica Dixon, Karlie Redd, Sierra Gates, Apryl Jones, Bambi, Ray J, Scrappy, and Stevie J.

In addition to the main cast, several other characters have also appeared in guest roles. These include Jonathan Fernandez, Trick Daddy, Guapdad 4000, Brittany B., Lamar Odom, and Queen Naija.

Who Died on Love and Hip Hop Family Reunion 2021 2023?

who died on love and hip hop family reunion 2021 2023

When the Love and Hip Hop Family Reunion hits television, who will be invited to attend? How will the family react? Will it be the same group of people we know and love? The answer to these questions are important as we plan for the reunion in the year 2021-2023.

Biz Markie

Hip-Hop legend Biz Markie passed away today, July 16th, after a battle with diabetes. TMZ reported the news. Although the cause of death is still unknown, reports have suggested that diabetes may be the culprit.

The hip-hop world is mourning the loss of one of its most iconic figures. As news spread of the rapper's passing, tributes and comments from friends and peers emerged. In addition to his music, Markie was a talented performer, producer, and DJ.

A Harlem native, Markie's early career took him to the nightclubs of New York City, where he met local legends and early rap icons. He also appeared in movies, TV shows, and festivals.

When he was first making waves, Markie was still in his twenties. By the time he starred in his most famous role, in 2002's Men in Black II, he had already toured as a performer and a DJ. His raunchy persona was multiplied on the college tour circuit.

Despite his early success, Markie's musical career never reached its early heights again. But his impact is indelible. Whether through his music, his work as a producer, or his acting, he will be remembered.

Fans of the rapper shared their thoughts on social media. Many, like Ice Cube, LL Cool J, Missy Elliott, and Q-Tip, paid tribute to Biz.

Rich Dollaz

Rich Dollaz is a popular American reality television star who has appeared on numerous shows, such as Love and Hip Hop and Dirty Little Secrets. He is known for his involvement in the creation of several musical legends.

Aside from being a reality television star, Dollaz is also an entrepreneur. As an owner of the company Dollaz Unlimited, he has signed a number of notable celebrities. He is also an ambassador for Ciroc. During his career, he has been arrested twice on unpaid child support charges.

He is the father of Caiden. He is a rapper and record producer, and has collaborated with many other renowned artists.

After dating for a year, Rich Dollaz ended his relationship with Moniece Slaughter. Erica Mena was his girlfriend at the time. They were later reunited. However, their relationship was more for the cameras than for real life.

After his first appearance in season two, Dollaz became a supporting cast member. His role expanded in seasons three and four. In seasons five and six, he took over the management of Jhonni Blaze, Anais, and Jade Wifey.

For his next appearance, he was part of season nine. At the end of the season, he became the main cast member.

Stephen Gaines

Steve Gaines, better known as Zumbi, died in California in August of last year. He was an Oakland native and a rapper. His career spanned 20 years and was a popular artist in the Bay Area. In addition to being an entertainer, Gaines was also a father.

Gaines was in the midst of planning a Zion I reunion tour when he passed away. The group was scheduled to perform for seven weeks. It was to have been the group's first reunion tour in years.

As a rap artist, Gaines often tackled social injustices. Many of his songs deal with themes such as gentrification, entrepreneurship, and displacement of people of color. Some of his lyrics also deal with spirituality and relationships.

Gaines released hundreds of songs throughout his career. He toured with Amp Live and Mac Mall, and performed at shows with Equipto and Blackalicious.

Gaines' family was concerned that his death was suspicious. They hired attorneys to investigate the cause of his death. However, Gaines' family has requested that their privacy be respected.

Stephen "Zumbi" Gaines was a rapper, lyricist, and father. He founded the hip-hop group Zion I with Amp Live. Their first album, Mind Over Matter, was released in 2000.


The Love & Hip Hop crew returns to town in a big way in the third season of the family reunion. As you might expect, the family is split up and has to rely on a lot of kookie aunt and uncle.

To get them all together, the crew heads to Jamaica for the aforementioned family reunion. What's more, the show has a new director to boot. On the grandest scale, the cast is reunited for the first time in over two years. However, it's not without its bumps.

On the flip side, the show also finds out that the aforementioned reunion isn't what they hoped it would be. In fact, it's a lot worse. For starters, Scrappy isn't exactly happy to have to tell Gunplay about his three years in prison.

On the other hand, the crew finds out that their momma and daddy aren't exactly who they used to be. And a quick tour of the family's house will show you that it wasn't all smooth sailing.

On the topical topic, the family decides to spend the holidays with their biological family. Of course, the family has its problems, as many of the women on the show were victims of trafficking.


The Love and Hip Hop franchise is a series that chronicles the lives of various hip hop artists. In the first season of the show, we witnessed some outrageous fights and over the top drama. This has resulted in Benzino being the target of a lot of criticism.

Benzino was the co-owner of a hip hop magazine, The Source. He also co-founded a rap group, Made Men. Benzino started releasing his own music in 2001. He released four studio albums. Benzino has also been involved in a long-running feud with Eminem. Benzino has also been linked to Foxy Brown and Lorena Cartagena.

Benzino became a cast member on the reality television show Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. During the show, he had a romantic relationship with Karlie Redd. However, Benzino was rumored to be dating Misa Hylton-Brim.

Benzino was a member of the Boston rap group, Almighty RSO, and later the rap group, Made Men. His first album, The Benzino Project, was released in 2001.

After a split with Made Men, Benzino left the group and started his solo career. Benzino has a daughter named Coi Leray. While Benzino has had a number of personal issues, he has also made a great deal of money through his acting and music production careers.


Althea Heart was a cast member on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta during the season where Benzino proposed. She was later fired from the show without explanation.

Joseline Hernandez, a former cast member, made headlines when she allegedly beat up Althea during the taping of the season three reunion. She was escorted from the building and her alleged actions could be used against her in court.

Benzino and Althea are also suing one another. Benzino claims that Althea was stalking and threatened to kill him if he left the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta show. As a result, Benzino is filing a paternity suit against Althea. A restraining order was issued against Althea.

The 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' crew also got into a brawl during the season three reunion. It was the first time this cast was together since Benzino and Althea were kicked off the show. This brawl left several members of the cast injured.

In the midst of all the drama, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta has been renewed for a second season. It is rumored that Althea and Benzino will be leaving the show. Although producers have not stated this publicly, there are reports that Benzino has already been fired.


Gunplay is a member of Love & Hip Hop: Miami and is slated to appear on Family Reunion: Love & Hip Hop Edition. The show airs on VH1 Mondays at 8pm. This limited series is about a family reunion between the long-time Love & Hip Hop cast members.

The reunion will be hosted by Spice, a Jamaican dancehall star who was featured on the show during its original run. During the event, the Love & Hip Hop cast will celebrate Black excellence, and discuss social issues. In addition to the longtime stars, guests will include Sukihana and Amara La Negra.

During this limited series, the cast will also celebrate Black joy. Several betrayals will occur, and old scores will be settled. A surprise guest will bring tensions between the cast members.

During the reunion, fans will be surprised with the revelations that Gunplay made. His comments were considered extremely inappropriate, and some fans took to social media to call him out. But Gunplay has a history with Love & Hip Hop, and he is ready to make a comeback.

The reunion will be held on an island in Jamaica. In addition to the cast members, fans will also hear from a social justice activist, Tamika D. Mallory. She is the co-founder of the social justice organization, Until Freedom.

Love and Hip Hop Family Reunion Season 2 Episode 1 2023

love and hip hop family reunion season 2 episode 1 2023

Love and Hip Hop is back with a season two premiere, and it's a family reunion! On the first episode, we meet Momma Dee, Mimi Faust, and Ray J, and we get to see how they have become such close friends. And of course, there's the gunplay!


VH1's Family Reunion: Love & Hip Hop is bringing together long-time cast members from the Love & Hip Hop franchise. This season will feature new episodes, drama, and more. The Family Reunion will premiere on Monday, November 28, at 8 p.m. EDT, and you can watch it live on VH1's online platform. It will also be available on Showtime bundles.

During the reunion, the series will focus on social issues that affect the Black community. Several longtime cast members will speak out about their views. Among them are Tamika D. Mallory, a social justice leader and co-founder of Until Freedom; Erica Mena, a hip-hop artist; and Nikki Natural, who teamed up with Jullian.

A few of the cast members will go abroad, as well. Spice, a Grammy-nominated Jamaican dancehall star, will host the reunion. In addition, Gunplay, Sukihana, Amara La Negra, and Chrissy Lampkin will be traveling to Jamaica to celebrate Black excellence.

In addition to these superstars, there are many new additions to the Family Reunion. In addition to Trick Daddy, Jim Jones, and Mariahlynn, the lineup includes Phresher, Shay Johnson, Emjay Johnson, and Gunplay.

Meanwhile, Safaree and Erica have had some tension with Zell Swag over how they are presented. And Erica has been trying to get to know her mother, Cyn, better. But when Safaree freestyles with Peter, she is dissed.

Several fans expressed their disappointment with the Family Reunion season's first episode, which featured Gunplay saying inappropriate things. However, he is back and seems to be working to correct the situation.

As the cast of the Love & Hip Hop franchise continues to gather in Miami, Atlanta, and New York, they will encounter new challenges and tough events from the past. They will also have to deal with a number of personal struggles.

Mimi Faust

Mimi Faust is one of the stars of the VH1 Family Reunion: Love & Hip Hop Edition. She's been involved in some wacky episodes, but she seems to be putting it all behind her. Her love life has been on the upswing, and she's back in the small screen.

In season two of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Mimi and her co-parent Stevie J had a few big moments, namely an apology and a marriage proposal. Although they've made progress, there are still some issues.

The Love & Hip Hop franchise returns for a second season, and the cast includes new faces and old favorites alike. New episodes will air on Mondays starting in December. You can follow the show's official Twitter and YouTube accounts.

Love & Hip Hop's Family Reunion is a two-week event that brings together the best of the best from the four franchises: Hollywood, New York, Atlanta and Miami. As a result, you'll see many flings, friendships and betrayals. And, of course, the best part of the reunion is that it's all unscripted.

It's also the first time the series has been held in a foreign country. This year, the party will travel to Jamaica, where Spice will host the first ever international Family Reunion. Also, Amara La Negra will serve as the host, along with Trick Daddy.

Mimi Faust is a polarizing figure in the OG of 'Love & Hip Hop'. While she and her co-stars have had their ups and downs, she's made some important steps to move away from the drama and stress.

There's no word yet on whether Mimi will return to the Love & Hip Hop franchise. But, she did make a snazzy new appearance in the VH1 Family Reunion: Love and Hip Hop Edition trailer, displaying her kissing Erica Mena.

Shekinah Jo

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta's Shekinah Jo is making headlines. The star has been a controversial figure on the show and has been known to be loud.

During the reunion, Shekinah has been clashing with other Love & Hip Hop cast members. It seems as if Shekinah has been known to talk a lot and that has been upsetting her coworkers.

Shekinah has been in a few fights, including one with Chrissy Lampkin. Chrissy was not pleased with Shekinah's behavior and called her out on the show.

Shekinah also had some trouble with Lyrica Anderson. They had some tense moments while in Jamaica. In fact, they nearly went to blows!

Shekinah is an entrepreneur who is close with Rasheeda and Karlie Redd. However, she also has a feud with Akbar V. When they were introduced, Shekinah refused to shake Lyrica's hand.

Shekinah was upset because Lyrica unfollowed her. However, she explained that her team made the first post. Apparently, she didn't want to be associated with someone who didn't want to be associated with her.

Shekinah is the best friend of Tiny, and has been seen on several episodes of The Family Hustle. During the first season, she was seen hosting a talk show with Tiny.

Shekinah is now working with Joc on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. She is also a close friend of Che Mack.

The Love & Hip Hop cast will meet in Jamaica during the "Family Reunion: Love & Hip Hop Edition." Several longtime "Love & Hip Hop" stars will gather to discuss important social issues that affect the Black community. Some of the topics include abortion, mental health and the influence of media.

Ray J

Ray J has been spotted at VH1's Love and Hip Hop Family Reunion: Love & Hip Hop Edition. He was reportedly with Princess Love. However, his relationship status is unclear.

On the reunion special, he will be joined by Teairra Mari, who is the main cast member of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. The R&B/pop singer acted as a confidante for Emily Bustamante during her time on the show.

Another fan favorite, Bambi, also made an appearance. Along with Ray J, Bambi was a part of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. His appearance was followed by a confessional green screen segment.

Despite his new status, he doesn't confirm his relationship with Princess Love is back on. However, he's happy to say that the two have a much better relationship than before.

In addition to Ray J and Teairra, the reunion special will feature several other Love & Hip Hop stars. They include Emjay Johnson, Gunplay, Karen "KK" King, and Karlie Redd. There will also be appearances from Chrissy Lampkin, Mariahlynn, and N.O.R.E.

The cast will also discuss social issues, including Black joy, motherhood, and the importance of family. Additionally, the reunion will feature a touching heirloom event.

Also appearing on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta are Shekinah Jo Anderson, Brooke Valentine, Mimi Faust, and Eric Mena. The season will include surprising alliances, shocking betrayals, and unexpected grief. This season also includes a number of up and coming stars.

Ray Charles is a fan of the show and has no complaints about its Miami vibe. He recently told TMZ that he plans to relocate to the city with his family. Moreover, he is excited about the upcoming L&HH family reunion mini-series.

Momma Dee

When it was announced that VH1 was going to film the Love and Hip Hop Family Reunion, fans weren't sure what to expect. Some of the cast members were on the show, while others weren't. They included Trick Daddy, Erica Dixon, Yandy Smith-Harris, Mendeecees Harris, Yung Joc, Lil Scrappy, Karlie Redd, and Joy Young.

The reunion was filmed at El Conquistador in Tucson, Ariz., and included people wearing long sleeves, pants, and jackets. It also featured a surprise guest who made waves in Scrappy and Bambi's relationship.

Bambi and Scrappy are married with two children. But, they aren't in the best place. Their relationship has taken a major hit because of Momma Dee. She's not in the best place with her daughter, and she's also accused of gossiping.

Bambi believes that Momma Dee is the biggest problem in their marriage. She doesn't like it when she hears Scrappy say that he and Bambi should get a divorce.

But, she doesn't want to snub her. So, she calls for a family meeting. In the end, her son gets in the middle.

Bambi has a tough time getting rid of the mother of her child, but she eventually reaches her goal. In fact, she gets help from her grandmother.

Throughout the reunion, the cast members discuss social issues like mental health and how they were raised. But, they also celebrate Black excellence.

Love and Hip Hop Family Reunion will air Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET. And don't miss the midseason finale on May 11, 2020. This will give viewers a preview of what will happen in future episodes.

As for the reunion itself, the stars were given a week to hang out and have fun. Mimi throws a barbecue for the extended LHH family.

Who Won the Celebrity Golf Tournament Today and Who Will Win the Celebrity Golf Tournament Tomorrow?

who won the celebrity golf tournament today  2023

Getting the answers to the questions who won the celebrity golf tournament today and who will win the celebrity golf tournament tomorrow aren't easy, especially if you don't have access to all the players. But if you can make it to the tournament you'll get to meet and talk to the players. You'll get a chance to see how they play, and maybe even hit a few shots of your own. Plus, you'll have a great time.

Tony Romo

Tony Romo is the winner of the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship. He beat out teammates Joe Pavelski and Mark Mulder in a three-man playoff. The former NFL quarterback and current CBS sports analyst will donate his prize money to a local charity.

The event features nearly 100 athletes from all walks of life. In addition to the three Dallas-area athletes, there are eight players from the NHL, a tennis player, and four NFL stars.

On the final day of the tournament, Romo had a solid round to pull ahead of the competition. In the first round, he posted 18 points. However, he bogeyed the 18th hole. In the second round, he improved his score by six points. This allowed Romo to gain the lead in the third round.

In the all-or-nothing playoff, Romo birdied the second hole. After two tense playoff holes, Tony Romo won with a 5-foot putt.

Mardy Fish, an ex-tennis player, finished just one point behind Tony Romo. She was one of five players to make the cut in the top ten. Annika Sorenstam tied for fourth place with Adam Thielen. Mike Modano finished in ninth.

Romo, who has a 2.8 handicap, also won his third consecutive American Century tournament in 2018. His win will be donated to a local charity.

The American Century has a $600,000 purse. Players are awarded one point for a par and one for a birdie. Additionally, a modified Stableford scoring format is used. A player can receive a total of three points for a birdie, a hole-in-one, or an albatross.

Despite not winning the Super Bowl, Tony Romo is a great NFL broadcaster. He currently serves as the lead NFL analyst on CBS.

Sir Charles Barkley

When it comes to celebrity golf tournaments in Lake Tahoe, Sir Charles Barkley is the one that fans flock to. The former NBA player and host of TNT's "Inside the NBA" has played in the annual American Century Classic for over three decades.

In the latest edition, Barkley finished 76th. His performance improved on the second-to-last finish in the competition last year.

He was in the Top 70 when the field was 87 players. Nevertheless, his sloppy performance will haunt him.

While not necessarily a golf pro, Barkley has made a career out of comedic relief on and off the course. The man has appeared in many films and television shows, including the 1996 film Space Jam.

At the recent event in Lake Tahoe, Barkley talked with fans and took pictures. He even had a young boy in the ropes on hole 12 to get an autograph.

A number of sportsbooks have taken bets on the tournament. Defending champion Vinny Del Negro is a 7-1 favorite. Among the others are Rick Rhoden, Anthony Anderson, Annika Sorenstam and Justin Timberlake.

One thing that has been going on is the 'biggest bet' on the tournament. Charles Barkley had a wager of $2,000 on himself to win. William Hill gave him a 5 to 1 chance.

Another 'big' is his invitational, which includes Jerry Rice, Rick Rhoden and defending champion Mark Rypien. There are several other first time entries such as Hines Ward, Bryant Gumbel and Blake Bortles.

Despite his poor performance on the greens, Barkley still had a good round. He finished with a T-76 and a minus-28 point total.

Other celebrities playing in the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship include Bryant Gumbel, Engelbert Humperdinck, Chris Webber and NBC's Lou Holtz.

Patrick Warburton

Patrick Warburton is a well-known actor. He has starred in many movies and television shows. His onscreen projects include Rules of Engagement, Ted, The Tick, Space Force and Family Guy.

Patrick and his wife Cathy are the parents of four children. They have been married since 1991. As a family, they live in Oregon.

Patrick Warburton enjoys playing tennis and golf. On a recent weekend, he was in Palm Desert, California, where he participated in the celebrity golf tournament. This event raised money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Approximately 75 celebrities were present at the event. They included Richard Karn, Bruce Thomas, William Devane, and Oliver Hudson. Others who were in attendance included Richard Kind, Joe Romano, Rick Dees, Grant Fuhr, Rick Pictor, Bill Smitrovich, and Galen Gering.

Patrick Warburton's wife, Cathy, also attended the event. She was the PR director for the tournament. It was held at the Classic Club on March 1-3.

Patrick Warburton was also one of the co-stars at the Schultz Celebrity Golf Classic in 2010. In 2010, he and his wife toured the main St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis.

Patrick Warburton and his wife Cathy have been married for 26 years. Their children are their ultimate joy. Aside from spending time with them, he enjoys participating in activities with them.

Patrick Warburton recently became a spokesperson for LuvSeats. LuvSeats is a next generation event ticketing company. Founded by Les Silver and Darcy Silver, LuvSeats is a multi-functional consumer centric solution. Its mission is to cultivate loyal fan experiences that will be cherished for future generations.

Patrick Warburton has appeared in Netflix's A Series of Unfortunt Events, as well as the films Ted, The Emperor's New Groove and Ted 2. The Patrick Warburton Celebrity Golf Tournament will take place in Palm Desert, California, on February 24-27, 2022.

George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic

The George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic is a two-day event that benefits the George Lopez Foundation. This golf charity raises awareness and money for children who are battling kidney disease and organ donation. In addition to a round of golf and dinner, the event includes live entertainment and cocktails. Guests include celebrities and philanthropists.

The George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic was held at the Toluca Lake Golf Club in California on May 5 and 6, 2018. Some of the guests included Samuel L. Jackson, Don Cheadle, Samuel L., Caroline Rhea, Andy Garcia, and many more. Throughout the weekend, the celebrities received a number of wonderful gifts. They also enjoyed catered lunch and cocktails.

Doris Bergman hosted the fifth annual 'Gratitude Lounge' at the George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic. She collaborated with Twisted Silver and Sway (r) Premium Audio. The lounge was a fantastic showcase of luxury products and jewelry.

Other celebrities who participated in the event included Mark Rolston, Norman Nixon, and Dr. Jason Diamond. They all took home luxury items including Chokolatta chocolates and Beauty Kitchen skincare.

The George Lopez Foundation has raised over $2 million for its charity in the last seven years. Its goal is to increase community awareness and create positive change. During the event, up to 10 children can be sponsored to attend a camp that is specifically designed for kids with kidney diseases. Those who sponsor the event will receive a variety of amazing benefits. These include social media recognition, a press release, and two golf dinner invitations.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic, you can visit its website. You can also learn more about the foundation's mission.

Drive Fore Kids

The golf industry is adapting to a new normal. It is no longer just a bumbling bunch of guys slinging clubs at each other. Instead, a new breed of sycophants is taking the game by storm. One of these groups is the Celebrity Golf Association. They combine sports and entertainment to create an exciting experience for everyone. With an exclusive VIP package and the ability to rub shoulders with celebrities, you are sure to have a great time.

The Celebrity Golf Association has been putting on high-quality, star-studded events for nearly two decades. They also hosted the PGA Korn Ferry Tour for two years. Eventually, the PGA Tour pulled out of Falmouth. Fortunately, Shamrock Sports and Entertainment was on hand to help bring pro golf back to the city. In an effort to do their part, they announced a lineup of celebrity golfers. Some of the names include Mardy Fish, Blair O'Neal, and Tim Wakefield.

Drive Fore Kids will be held in 2023 at the Falmouth Country Club. During the event, you'll be able to see the golfing pro's in action while helping the community. Aside from the celebrity golf tournament, attendees can enjoy the many other perks the event has to offer. These include a light breakfast and lunch, prizes, and a silent auction. All of this is part of a charitable foundation to benefit Barbara Bush Children's Hospital. So, if you aren't already signed up, consider attending the inaugural Drive Fore Kids. Whether you are a diehard fan or a rookie, you're bound to have an unforgettable time.

What Time Does Love and Marriage Huntsville Come on 2023?

what time does love and marriage huntsville come on  2023

If you are a fan of Love and Marriage, then you probably want to know when the show comes back on the air. If you are not, then you can read this article to learn about the Season 5 premiere date and the Episode 18 release date.

Episode 18 release date

Love and Marriage Huntsville has returned for a fifth season. In this show, a group of three high powered African American couples re-vitalize the city of Huntsville, Alabama. They do so with a splash of dazzle in the form of a real estate venture. The show has garnered a lot of praise and buzz and will be bringing back a plethora of memorable characters.

The show debuted in January and has been a hit ever since. Its ratings have skyrocketed, with some analysts even saying it could become a major network franchise. Fans can expect to see a lot more of Marsau, Tisha and DJ Quicksilva in the future.

This series will also be available to binge watch on several popular online platforms, including Netflix, Hulu and YouTube TV. For a nominal fee of 6.99 a month, fans will get to see the next big thing. To take advantage of the streaming services, a user will need to log in using their cable provider credentials.

The new show's best episode is set to air on Saturday, September 10. Fans of the show will be treated to a whole host of eye-catching new episodes. Among them are a few that are a tad more dramatic and less mundane. From there, the series will transition into a steady stream of new and exciting episodes. There's plenty to look forward to in the coming months, including a new host, Rebecca Lynn Pope.

A new Love and Marriage Huntsville episode is also in the works. Fans can expect to see the series resume its high energy form for another round of high octane fun. Whether it's the newest fad or something more substantial, the reality TV show will remain on top of its game for years to come. Until then, enjoy the series for what it is, and be sure to check out the official website for the latest updates. Streaming is a good way to re-engage with friends and family, especially during the long cold months of winter. With the right content, you can keep warm in more ways than one.

Season 5 premiere date

Love and Marriage Huntsville is an unscripted series that follows three successful African-American couples. The three couples work together to revitalize their hometown of Huntsville, Alabama through a real estate venture. They also tackle the challenges of marriage and love.

Love & Marriage Huntsville is not rated. It is produced by Kingdom Reign Entertainment and ITV America in partnership with OWN. However, it has not yet officially been renewed for season 5.

Earlier this year, Joi Carter and Clifton Pettie became engaged. The duo had met on OWN's "Ready to Love" series in 2021. Now, they are attempting to make their big plans come to life.

In the premiere, three of the couples take a trip to Destin, Florida, where they meet with their respective families. While there, they discuss the future of their relationship. But things aren't going as smoothly as they'd like.

On the next episode, Martell and Melody get into a fight. After all, they're not on the same page about expectations. At the same time, Tisha, Marsau, and LaTisha attempt to work through some of the questions surrounding their marriage.

Meanwhile, Kimmi shares her prognosis with her family. Her doctors have told her that she'll lose her hair during treatment. She's devastated by the news, but clings to hope that she can beat cancer.

Season five of Love and Marriage Huntsville will continue to follow the lives of the three couples. Fans will also learn more about Kimmi's health.

The premiere will also feature Carlos King. King will host a three-part reunion of LAMH. Part two of the reunion will air on January 7 at 8PM ET/PT. This will be followed by part three on January 14 at 8PM ET/PT.

Love & Marriage Huntsville will be back in 2019. OWN has not announced a release date for Season 5, but the show hasn't been cancelled. So, it's likely that we'll get another chance to see the drama unfold.

All of the episodes from season 5 will be available on the OWN website. Subscribers can watch the whole season on demand.

Season 5 episodes available to stream

Love and Marriage Huntsville is a popular reality television series that follows the lives of three successful African-American couples. These couples have long-standing friendships and face the trials and tribulations of love and marriage.

The show is executive produced by Carlos King, ITV America, and Kingdom Reign Entertainment. It is a high-stakes social experiment, hosted by Tracy McMillan.

Fans of the show can watch Love and Marriage Huntsville season 5 episodes online. You can find the series on YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, Vidgo, DirecTV Stream, and fuboTV. Some of these online platforms are offering free trials.

Love and Marriage Huntsville season 5 episodes are also available on OWN. This is a great way to get caught up on the newest show. While the network does not air the show this week due to the holidays, it will be back with a special reunion episode on Saturday, September 10. During this episode, fans can expect to see Martell and Melody reunited.

Love and Marriage Huntsville Season 5 Episode 18 is set to release on January 14, 2023. In the episode, Melody and Martell take a family trip to Destin, Florida. During the trip, Melody confronts her mom about some of her past remarks. Melody's mother also reveals that her daughter had an affair, but that was the least of her problems.

There are also some controversies regarding the rumored affair. Melody confronts her mom about her flings with Martell, but the affair is not officially confirmed. However, rumors still continue to swirl about Melody's upcoming wedding to Arionne.

Aside from the gimmick, the Love and Marriage Huntsville show has a lot to offer. For starters, there is plenty to learn about the relationships between the three main characters, including how they all got to where they are today.

There are also a number of other interesting stories. For example, there is a story about how Marsau surprises Tisha with a romantic gesture. Another story involves Tiffany, who is seen talking about her upcoming wedding and the challenges that come with a full-time marriage.

Season 6 release date

"Love & Marriage: Huntsville" is one of the most popular shows on OWN. This reality series follows the lives of three successful couples. Currently, it's #1 in both cable and broadcast among African American households.

The show has a lot to offer viewers. Besides the fact that it features three African-American couples, it also highlights the struggle to balance personal relationships and professional aspirations.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville follows the lives of three African-American couples in Huntsville, Alabama. Melody and Martell Holt, Kim and Maurice Scott, and LaTisha and Marsau Scott are the main characters of the series. Each of these couples have been longtime friends and avid socialites.

As the season progresses, each couple is working to overcome challenges and achieve success. But things get a little complicated for Melody and Martell. They both have four kids and are trying to keep their marriage on track. In the meantime, Melody finds herself betrayed by close friends.

Fans of Love & Marriage: Huntsville can look forward to a reunion special this coming week. Part 1 of the three-part reunion will air on Saturday, December 31 at 8pm ET. On January 7, part 2 will air at 8pm ET, and part 3 will air on January 14 at 8pm ET.

Fans can find out more about the upcoming episodes through Love & Marriage Huntsville's official website. A 10-minute registration is required. After that, you can sign up for notifications about when to watch new episodes. You'll be able to see future episodes by clicking on the Watchlist tab.

Season 6 of Love & Marriage: Huntsville will air on the third quarter of 2023. The new season promises to bring a new twist to the show, as well as a new set of characters. It will focus on revitalizing Huntsville, Alabama.

If you want to be in the know on when the new season of Love & Marriage: Huntsville will premiere, you'll need to sign up for a Watchlist subscription. Once you subscribe, you'll be able to stream all of the episodes from the season.

Fans can follow Love & Marriage: Huntsville on Twitter and Instagram. They can also sign up for updates by signing up for a newsletter.

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