When Do Basketball Wives Come Back on Netflix 2023?

When Do Basketball Wives Come Back on Netflix 2023?


when do basketball wives come back on 2022 2023

If you are interested in the NBA basketball wives show then you may have wondered when do they come back on Netflix. We have all seen the first two seasons, and we know that the third season is coming soon, but what about the fourth and fifth? It is a tough question to answer. There are a lot of factors that go into making a show successful, and they include a solid cast, good writing, and a good production team.

Evelyn Lozada's departure

After nine seasons of "Basketball Wives," Evelyn Lozada has departed from the show. This has left many fans disappointed. Luckily, she has plans to do other things. She is developing a jewelry line, and is focusing on her health.

It's been 10 years since Evelyn Lozada made her debut on the hit VH1 show. She's been an integral part of the franchise for most of its run. Before joining the show, she was engaged to NBA player Antoine Walker, but broke it off before the wedding.

During her time on the show, Lozada also found love with former football player Chad Johnson. They got married briefly, but the two eventually split.

When Lozada left the show, she decided to move on to a different career. She launched a fitness apparel line called SweatGlo. Then, she turned her focus to health and CBD.

However, things got off to a rocky start when Ogom "OG" Chijindu, a cast member, accused her of defamatory comments. That led to an ongoing feud. So, when Chijindu threatened to go to court, Lozada decided to quit the show and focus on other things.

However, she later returned to Basketball Wives, although she said she would not be returning for a while. Lozada said her time away from the show has been difficult. She says she was looking for new experiences. She said she was tired of dealing with OG's "defamation" against her.

The next season of the hit show will feature several original stars, such as Brooke Bailey, Brittish Williams, DJ Duffey, and Angel Brinks. But one of the biggest fan favorites is leaving the show for good.

Jennifer Scott's promotion to main cast

Basketball Wives has been one of VH1's most successful franchises. It has featured cast members like Shaunie O'Neal, Tami Roman, and Evelyn Lozada. The show has also shed light on the life-long reality of racism, bigotry, and trauma.

In the ninth season, the show was plagued with turbulence among the cast. Several cast members were fired, including Tami Roman, Kesha Nichols, Royce Reed, and Evelyn Johnson. Some cast members, like CeCe Gutierrez, Kristen Scott, and Ogom "OG" Chijindu, left mid-season.

Season nine's finale was a bit of a shocker. After Byron and Thomas were supposed to have a dinner date, Byron accuses Thomas of lying. He says he didn't invite Kristen. But Thomas claims that he was invited.

During the ninth season of Basketball Wives, the series featured a variety of emotions, from a fight against social injustice to an emotional episode about COVID-19. Throughout the season, the cast members had conflicting views on how to deal with a number of issues.

In recent weeks, the Basketball Wives cast has been making appearances and promoting brand names. They also have been participating in several hosting gigs. Jennifer Lopez has posted promo photos and captions on her Instagram page.

NBA star Byron Scott's son, Thomas Scott, is married to Basketball Wives star Kristen Scott. However, the couple have had a strained relationship. Byron accuses Thomas of lying, and he claims that he has never invited Kristen to a dinner. Nevertheless, Byron has decided to stay away from the relationship.

Basketball Wives is said to be in the works for another season next year. It has been hinted that Kristen Scott could be a part of the show.

Tami Roman's departure

Tami Roman, a former cast member of "Basketball Wives," is reportedly leaving the series. Although she hasn't stated why she's leaving, some sources say it was due to issues with co-stars.

Tami had a difficult relationship with Shaunie O'Neal and Evelyn Lozada. OG Chijindu, a former Basketball Wives cast member, accused Lozada of defamatory comments and she was the subject of numerous battles between the two women.

Tami Roman joined the Basketball Wives franchise in 2010 for the second season. She later left mid-season after falling out with several cast members. She was replaced by Kimberli Russell, Meeka Claxton, Gloria Govan, Juli Richmond, and Ashley Walker.

The first season of the series was hosted by Evelyn Lozada. She has also been a part of numerous battles with the other cast members. This includes Shaunie O'Neal, who accused Lozada of lying about a domestic violence situation.

In season seven, Jennifer Gibson was promoted to the main cast. Evelyn admitted on the show that she slept with Tami's ex-husband, Kenny Anderson. Despite the fact that she is not a member of the original cast, she has kept in touch with some of her former co-stars.

Earlier this year, Roman announced she will not return to the Basketball Wives franchise for seasons eight and nine. She revealed that she feels betrayed by the producers of the show.

As of now, the actress is working on other projects. Her new show, "The Ms. Pat Show," airs on BET+. She is also executive producing a series on VH1, which will air in 2018.

Though she's not a cast member anymore, Tami Roman has a large television resume. She has appeared in soap operas, independent films, and a few other reality shows. She's currently developing a wine line and has several other projects in the works.

NBA basketball wives' first two seasons on Netflix

Basketball Wives is a show that follows the lives of professional basketball players' wives and girlfriends. The series has been running on VH1 for several years and has undergone several cast changes.

One of the biggest stars of the show is Shaunie O'Neal, who is the wife of NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal. She is also the executive producer of the show. Her former boyfriend, Matt Barnes, and her former cheerleader, Gloria Govan, are also among the cast.

Royce Reed, Eric Williams, and Jennifer Williams are other characters featured in the show. Season one of the show starred Royce Reed as a cheerleader for Orlando and later as a fiancee for Matt Barnes. Meanwhile, Suzie Ketcham was a former girlfriend of Michael Olowokandi.

Several of the cast members have gone through a lot. Tami Roman and CeCe Gutierrez departed mid-season. While some of the women have changed homes, their main location has stayed the same.

The latest addition to the roster is Evelyn Lozada, who has signed a six-figure book deal. She will also appear in a spinoff show, which is rumored to be called Evelyn.

Other cast members include Shamy DeVoe, Claudia Jordan, Nick Young, Styles P, Michael Blackson, Jes Hilarious, and Ronnie DeVoe. These characters will discuss various social issues, as well as their relationships with other celebrities. They will also host an uncensored conversation.

Netflix recently added the first two seasons of Basketball Wives to its platform. This is the latest in the expansion of reality television shows on the streaming service. In addition to adding new seasons to the catalog, the network has announced that it is also bringing back some of its most popular original series.

NBA basketball wives season 11 release date

Basketball Wives is an American reality TV franchise that follows the stories of NBA player wives. The show has been running since 2010, and the cast has changed several times.

NBA Wives will return for season 10 later this spring. The show will air on VH1 and Paramount Plus. Season 10 features many returning cast members. It will also include some new cast members. You can sign up for a free trial with fuboTV or Hulu+Live.

This season will feature the wives of NBA players. You will see a lot of drama and fights. These fights can take place both verbally and physically.

NBA Wives will be broadcast live on VH1. The season is scheduled to premiere on May 16 at 8 p.m. There will also be an opulent wedding to start off the season.

Shaunie O'Neal is one of the executive producers of the show. She is also the former wife of NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal. Her ex-husband will make a comeback on the show.

The show is filmed in Los Angeles. The cast will discuss relationships between NBA partners and the good and bad that comes with being involved with popular basketball players.

NBA Wives season 11 will air in August 2022 in the US. It will feature Jennifer Williams, Evelyn Lozada, and Jackie Christie. Other cast members will not be announced yet.

After the ninth season of "Basketball Wives", the show went into a downward spiral. Cast members such as Tami Roman and CeCe Gutierrez departed the show midseason. One of the women accused the cast of colorism.

Several of the cast members have been in trouble with each other in the past. The show has a reputation for its dramatic, emotional episodes.

When Does Basketball Wives Return 2022 2023?

The basketball wives season 9 premiere date is February 2021 and the basketball wives season 10 premiere date is July 18, 2022. If you are a big fan of the show and have been waiting for more episodes, you are in luck!

Season 9 premiered in February 2021

Basketball Wives is a reality show that explores the lives of professional basketball players and their wives. The show is produced by Truly Original, Shed Media, and filmed in Los Angeles. It will return to VH1 for season 9 in February 2021. With the return of the series, we expect to see a lot of new drama and fresh faces.

The ninth season of Basketball Wives will focus on unresolved relationships and social injustices. It will also feature off-court drama. This season's cast will include Evelyn Lozada, Shaunie O'Neal, and Ogom "OG" Chijindu. Each episode will run less than 50 minutes.

OG drew a lot of attention with her controversial behavior during the eighth season of the series. She clashed with her co-stars. And she was accused of colorism. Despite the controversy, OG will make a return to the show.

Season nine will also feature Malaysia Pargo and Jackie Christie. These two are returning from last season. They are trying to mend fences with their respective ladies. However, they are not sure how the repercussions of their actions will affect them. In fact, they are hoping to move on to other things in life.

Several other cast members will be back for season nine of Basketball Wives. One of them is Liza Morales, who is Lamar Odom's ex. According to reports, she may also appear on the next season of The Game.

In addition to these stars, Basketball Wives will also feature new faces. Nia Dorsey, a businesswoman, is one of them. Nia and her sister, Noria Dorsey, are entrepreneurs from Memphis. Their personalities are very spicy. Both sisters will bring a lot of Memphis energy to the show.

Another new face is Jennifer Williams. Jennifer will be back on the show after a messy breakup. Her return is expected to bring lots of drama. When she is in her current state, she is in a good place.

Other cast members who will be back include Evelyn Lozada, who has been cursed. But, she's ready to get her life back on track. Meanwhile, Shaunie will be relocating to Houston, Texas. Besides being closer to her children, she hopes to bring peace to the group.

Season nine will also feature Kristen Scott. The cast will deal with relationship drama, friendship issues, and racism. On top of this, we'll see how the women handle the pandemic that has hit the nation. Also, we'll be seeing what happens when the political situation in the United States gets worse. We'll learn what will happen with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Whether or not Basketball Wives is able to keep its beloved cast members is still up in the air. Tami Roman, for instance, left the show for personal reasons. As a result, a number of fans are urging the producers not to recast the show.

Season 10 premieres on July 18, 2022

If you are looking for some great television shows to watch this season, there are plenty to choose from. In addition to shows based on a variety of popular movies and TV series, there are also a few new shows that will be arriving on the screens. Here are some of the upcoming premiere dates for these new shows.

The Good Place: Season 4 of the Netflix series will be set in a post-apocalyptic future and features Jon Bass, Paul F. Tompkins, Karan Soni, and Lolly Adefope. It will also feature returning characters from seasons one and two, along with new ones.

The Good Place: Season 5 will focus on family. Lizzie will have to decide whether or not she should pursue a relationship with Ricky. She will also have to face the fact that Denny is sick. Lastly, she will have to deal with the threat of Leanne.

"Black Ink Crew New York": Season 10 will premiere on VH1 on October 18. The 10-year-old series will continue to follow the crew, but this time, they are ready to celebrate wins, as well as leave behind losses. This will be the first time the crew has won a trophy.

That '70s Show: Season 2 will be released on Netflix. This sequel will follow the team fifteen years later, in summer 1995. Fans can expect to see return characters Red and Kitty Forman as well as some familiar faces from the original show.

Vanities: Season 3 of the Disney+ original series will feature Don Cheadle, Megan Fox, and Rick Ross. A new cast member, Machine Gun Kelly, will join the crew. There will be more twists and turns as the story continues.

The Walking Dead: Season 11 will also be released on Netflix. After eleven seasons, the zombie apocalypse will come to an end. As fans have seen in the past, the episodes of the series will switch between different timelines. While the season is a standalone tale, it will feature some key characters from the show's past. Lastly, there is a new villain to watch out for.

Apple: This drama will be directed by Damien Chazelle. He previously helmed Charmed and Wynonna Earp, and he is currently working on a Neil Armstrong biopic. Kandyse McClure, who has appeared in Battlestar Galactica and the series, will be in the show as well.

The History of the World: Part I will be an eight-episode Hulu exclusive. Fans can get an exclusive look at the series in the Entertainment Weekly newsletter.

Also coming to the screens this year are the sequel to Knives Out: Glass Onion, the second part of the acclaimed movie. Originally, the film was to be a TV movie, but then the movie was adapted for the stage. Since then, it has been released on Netflix.

Season 11 release date

Basketball Wives is a show that is centered on the lives of the wives and girlfriends of NBA players. This reality show follows a group of ladies who are in the spotlight and often times, get into all sorts of drama.

The show is currently in its 10th season and features a few returning cast members as well as new faces. The show is a great way to see how these women navigate life after the basketball court. They deal with everything from family ties to personal issues.

There are also some very glamorous moments and exciting trips. A few of the shows best moments include the high-end hairline, the over-the-top parties and the crazy fights. However, there is also a lot of stress. Several of the cast members have been dealing with high-risk pregnancy and family ties have been tested to the limit.

Fans have been anticipating the Basketball Wives season 11 release date ever since the last episode. There are still two episodes left in the season, so fans will have to wait a little while before seeing the end result. Until then, fans can catch up on the previous seasons by watching them on VH1 or via the on demand service, Philo.

On Monday, May 16, the show will premiere on VH1 at 8:00 pm. The episode will be a two-hour double. You can watch the episode for free on DIRECTV Stream, FuboTV or through the online streaming service, Philo. The episode will be followed by another episode a week later.

In addition to the show's return, fans will also be treated to an upcoming special. This special will feature the reunion of the wives of some of the most famous teams in the game. Among the legendary teams featured will be the Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks, Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers.

The series has been renewed for a tenth season and has already gotten some big names into the cast. The cast of Basketball Wives includes Shaunie O'Neal, Brittish Williams, Jennifer Williams, Malaysia Pargo, Jackie Christie and DJ Duffey. As well as being the wife of NBA player Eric Williams, Jennifer is the owner of the Flirty Girl Fitness gym. Her family is not without problems, however, with divorced parents and two siblings.

There have been several changes in the cast and many of the characters have moved on, such as Shaunie O'Neal who relocated to Houston, Texas and is in the early stages of a music career. Several other cast members have been in the series since its debut, including Angel Brinks and Nia and Noria Dorsey.

One of the coolest things about the Basketball Wives franchise is that it focuses on the good and bad of being associated with a popular basketball player. Each of the wives and girlfriends have their own stories to tell and share. Although the show does contain a bit of drama, it's not as over the top as some other shows on the air.

When Do Basketball Wives Come on 2023?

when do basketball wives come on 2023

The season finale of Basketball Wives is not quite yet over. Fans are anxious to find out when season 11, which will feature many of the cast members from the previous season, is scheduled to premiere.

Season 10 premiere date

Basketball Wives is one of VH1's most successful franchises. It follows the lives of a group of professional basketball players' wives and girlfriends. The show is filled with glamorous adventures and ups and downs in the pro basketball scene.

Season 10 is set to premiere on May 16. For this season, the cast has a few new faces and some former cast members who have returned. One of the newcomers is Brooke Bailey. She is a model and actress. Previously, she appeared on "Basketball Wives: LA" and its spinoff. Currently, she is working on two businesses.

Other returning cast members include Shaunie O'Neal and Malaysia Pargo. They will appear in reduced capacity. Their last appearance was on the ninth season of the show. This season will feature their reunion, along with some interesting twists.

Another familiar face is Jennifer Williams. She is the founder of Lucid Cosmetics and Classy Girl Wardrobe. She also has her own line of perfumes. Her first appearance on the show was in Season 3. In addition, she is a co-host of the new show, "The Diva," on VH1's sister network, VH2.

Finally, the show's newest member is Brittish Williams. She has a history with both Jackie Christie and Evelyn Lozada. So, fans will be very interested to see how her appearance will be.

There are a few things to look forward to with the Basketball Wives season 10. One of them is that it will air on Mondays at 8:00 PM EST on VH1 and on DIRECTV Stream.

Another thing to look forward to is that the series will be on Hulu and Philo, both of which offer free trials. These platforms will make it easy for binge watchers to enjoy the series.

The Basketball Wives franchise is a long running series that follows the lives of the wives and girlfriends of professional basketball players. It has been a success on VH1 for years. Despite changes in cast and location, the show has been able to survive the test of time.

Fans are now anxiously waiting to find out when Basketball Wives season 11 will be released. They are eager to see how the drama plays out. This series is a hit with millions of viewers worldwide.

The first season of the series aired in April 2010. The first few seasons featured Royce Reed, Gloria Govan, Shaunie O'Neal, and Jennifer Williams. In the later seasons, the cast changed significantly, including Shaunie's relocation to Houston, Texas.

Season ten will feature a group of women, with new cast members, who will discuss the various personal and business issues that they are facing. Their relationships will be tested, and the ladies will be pushed to their limits.

One of the main topics will be the COVID-19 pandemic. The other will be the fight against social injustices.

Aside from the usual basketball, the newest season will feature the new wives of the former stars of the franchise, and they will also tackle the social issues of the day. Some of the topics will include unresolved relationships, family ties, and even a shady business venture.

If you're excited for the new season of the series, you'll be glad to know that it will air on Monday nights. Although no date has been revealed yet, the new episodes will be slated to air sometime in January 2023.

Basketball Wives is a reality television series that features the lives of the wives and girlfriends of NBA players. It is also a franchise that has undergone several revamps over the years.

Season 10 cast members

The Basketball Wives season 10 cast is full of a number of familiar faces. However, there are several alums who aren't returning. Tami Roman, Feby Torres, and Liza Morale are all missing from the upcoming season.

Shaunie O'Neal is set to appear in the next season in a limited capacity. Her co-stars are Malaysia Pargo, Angel Brinks, and Brooke Bailey. All three women are expected to grab the attention of fans.

There are also rumors that Brandi Maxiell may be returning to the show. She was a former cast member in the first two seasons of the show.

The 10th season will air on VH1 in May. It will feature the former wives of NBA players. In addition, there are several new cast members and the usual drama. Fans are eager to see what will happen with the cast.

Malaysia Bailey is an entrepreneur and a mom of three. She has a clothing line, House of Labels. On the other hand, Jackie Christie owns two companies. Besides being a star on the show, she also runs her own cosmetic line called Slayed by Jackie Christie.

The Basketball Wives season 10 cast includes a few new faces as well. Ogom "OG" Chijindu is a former girlfriend of basketball player Kwame Alexander. Also, Brittish Williams is engaged to NBA player Lorenzo Gordon. And Brittish and Lorenzo have a child together.

The Basketball Wives season 10 cast is set to bring a lot of drama to the TV screen. Although the series is known for its dramatic relationships, some of the cast members have revealed that they are having a hard time keeping their friendships. They don't know who to trust anymore once their personal lives are made public.

Season 10 premiere special

'Basketball Wives' returns to VH1 for the tenth season this spring. This time, the show's cast includes veteran cast members and newbies. They will be dealing with issues such as groupies, jealous people and unresolved relationships.

The series follows the lives of women who are married to professional basketball players. In addition to the drama, the shows feature glamorous adventures and parties. As of now, Basketball Wives is one of VH1's most successful franchises.

Shaunie O'Neal is one of the show's executive producers. She is also the former wife of NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal. Although she will not be a full-time cast member, she will be returning to the show in limited capacity.

The show has undergone several changes and revamps. All of the cast members returned for season eight, and they have been joined by new cast members. These include Kristen Scott, Royce Reed, Jennifer Gibson, and Tami Roman.

Season eight will also see the return of NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal. He has not yet accepted the offer for a full-time position on the show. However, he is scheduled to appear in two episodes.

"Basketball Wives" is also available on Netflix. You can get a free trial. If you would like to watch the full series, you can also try a fuboTV or Philo subscription.

Basketball Wives is a series about the lives of the wives and girlfriends of NBA athletes. Besides the drama and glamour, the show also deals with issues such as groupies, jealous people, and unresolved relationships.

As the series progresses, it also features verbal and physical fights. The ladies have to deal with their own jealous people and find a stable ground in a volatile world.

Season 10 finale

The Season 10 finale of Basketball Wives is not only the series' longest and most complex episode to date, but also the most exciting to date. Not only does it include the requisite montage of wedding scenes, the gang is in for a shock when their beloved Jackie reveals she's getting married again.

Aside from the usual suspects, the episode also includes a surprise visit from Jackie's long-lost brother. On top of that, the MVPs have their hands full juggling family and careers. While the reformed duo rekindle their romance, the rest of the gang is forced to take a closer look at their obligations.

On a more positive note, the cast has gotten together in a big way, thanks in part to the return of old favorites like Malaysia Pargo and Tami Roman. In a show that features a plethora of tycoons and troglodytes, these ladies have managed to stick together.

It's hard to say how many episodes the series will go on to air, but we do know it's scheduled to come back in the fall. And it's been announced that there's even a spinoff with the ex-husband of one of the stars, Ocho Johnson.

This year's season hasn't been a slam dunk, but it's been a good ride. After a rough start, the MVPs are on the path to redemption. They have some notable wins under their belts. From Tami and Jackie's Vegas wedding, to Angel's gender reveal party and Brittish's sporting themed birthday bash, the gang is in for an epic celebration. But the MVPs also have some growing pains.

For the basketball fans in the audience, Basketball Wives is not only a source of entertainment, but also a window into the lives of the real-life MVPs. Despite the series' low ratings, the cast has managed to maintain the semblance of a social life.

How to Apply For Love and Hip Hop Atlanta 2023

how to apply for love and hip hop atlanta 2023

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is currently airing and there are plenty of opportunities to be part of the show. You will have the chance to meet and interact with some of the best stars in the entertainment industry. These stars include Jhonni Blaze, Moniece, Erica Mena, Scrappy, and Chrissy Lampkin. If you want to get in on the action, make sure you read this guide on how to apply for Love and Hip Hop Atlanta 2023!

Chrissy Lampkin

Love and Hip Hop is a television series that follows the professional lives of hip-hop and R&B artists, managers, record producers, and other personalities involved in the industry. It has had several seasons. The original cast members include Chrissy Lampkin, Joseline Hernandes, Somaya Reece, Kimbella Vanderhee, Erica Mena, Yandy Smith-Harris, and Cyn Santana.

Although there have been some changes in the cast in recent years, the show has not been cancelled. VH1 has renewed the show for Season 11, and fans are hoping that some of their favorite stars will return. However, it has not yet been announced that Chrissy Lampkin will be returning to the series.

During the first two seasons of the show, Chrissy Lampkin served as the central cast member, but she has since appeared on other shows. She appeared on a variety of other shows such as "Jim & Chrissy: Vow or Never" and "Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars" (2018).

The Love and Hip Hop franchise has featured many heartbreaks and hook-ups, and it has also shown how some relationships ended due to the cost of fame. Some of the families have gone through new beginnings.

Fans have been waiting for the end of the Love and Hip Hop series, but it has not yet come. As of April 2017, there is still no official news regarding the show's cancellation, although there has been speculation.

Jhonni Blaze

Jhonni Blaze is a multi-talented singer, model, and reality star. She has appeared in several television shows including Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta, Love & Hip Hop: New York, and Black Ink Crew: Chicago.

Jhonni Blaze started her career as a sex worker in Houston, Texas. Her mother introduced her to music at a young age. By the time she was 15 years old, she had learned the piano. It wasn't long before she switched to other instruments.

At age 15, Jhonni experienced sex trafficking and became a victim. After the death of her boyfriend, she stopped using drugs.

Jhonni later developed a career as an R&B musician. She's had a number of successful hits. Some of her most popular songs include "Elephant Man," "Bad Woman," and "Speechless." However, she is still working on her music career and is preparing to release her first album in 2022.

Despite her impressive talent, Jhonni has had some personal struggles that have affected her career. While she has never been accused of any wrongdoing, she has faced some personal issues that have forced her to toughen up.

She has been known to clash with Diamond Strawberry on the show. She's also had a feud with Diamond's friend Precious Paris.

Jhonni Teairra

Jhonni Teairra is a former Love and Hip Hop star. She was featured in the New York and Atlanta franchises. But she never made it to season five.

Her appearance on the show was brief, but she did make a few appearances with Ray J in 2013. Teairra was also in a feud with Princess Love. In 2013, she broke up with Ray J and ended up single.

Since then, she has made many appearances in reality television. She has appeared on other Love and Hip Hop franchises, including Season 2 of New York and Dirty Little Secrets.

Her role in the new season of Love and Hip Hop: New York is to serve as a supporting cast member. She will appear in green screen segments.

This special will feature all the cast members from the franchise. It will include interviews, teases and clips from the previous seasons. The four-part special will premiere on VH1 on October 31.

Fans of the series will be able to watch the premiere online on VH1 and FuboTV. There will be a new episode on Mondays at 10 PM.

During the special, fans will find out what happened to their favorites. They will also learn about betrayals and conflicts.

Erica Mena

Erica Mena is an American actress and singer. She was born in the Bronx, New York. Earlier in her career, she was a stripper. In 2013, she was cast on Love & Hip Hop: New York. The show helped boost her career. Later, she was featured on Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami. Her appearance on the show led to her being promoted to the main cast.

Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena were married for two years, before they parted ways. They are parents of two children, a son and a daughter. Their relationship is strained, with Samuels accusing Mena of running away from responsibilities.

According to reports, Erica Mena is preparing to relaunch her music career. She also intends to build credibility as an artist. However, she will also have to face the reality of whether or not she'll be able to get a foothold in the music business.

Erica Mena was rumored to be back on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, but she has yet to make any official announcement. During the show's reunion, she went on a tirade against Safaree. But after her comments gained traction online, she decided to take the high road and make a private apology to Gabrielle Davis.


Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta has been a hit show for the last few seasons. The cast focuses on hip hop stars pursuing success in the music industry. Season eight included new relationships and new stories. Fans are excited to see how the characters continue to grow and progress. Here's a rundown of all the stars in the cast.

Mariahlynn Jacoby-Araujo is a former go-go dancer and foster child who starred on "Friends". She has relationships with Cisco Rosado, Rich Dollaz, and Rich X. She was discovered by DJ Self and began working on the show.

Jhonni Blaze is an urban model and former stripper. She has made appearances in other reality shows such as Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta. She is also a star on VH1's Black Ink Crew: Chicago.

Moniece Slaughter has been on the show since season one. She is a singer and actress. Her role on the show is not a major one, but she does appear in two episodes.

Taranasha Wallace is another Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta cast member. She was a restaurant manager in season 7. When she learned Peter Gunz was married to Amina, she was very upset.


Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is a media franchise television show that airs on VH1 and follows the lives of people in the music industry in the Atlanta area. The cast of Love and Hip Hop includes rappers, record producers, and R&B artists. This series is one of the top-rated unscripted franchises in cable television history.

For the first five seasons of the show, Scrappy was the main cast member. He was married to Bambi. They had three children together. However, they had a split last season. It seems as if the couple is back together.

Lil Scrappy has been a part of the Love and Hip Hop family for a few years now. He has a strong reputation in the Southeastern United States. His fans have heard him perform a variety of songs.

During the show's season 8, Karlie Redd is also a cast member. She is a Trinidadian R&B vocalist. Safaree Samuels is her husband.

On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season 11, Rasheeda Frost and Renni Rucci will be cast members. Erica Mena is also expected to join the show's cast.

Another cast member that was previously on the show is K.Michelle. Her relationship with Mimi Faust continues to be a hot topic.

Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion is a rising rapper from Houston, Texas. She gained her fame as a social media freestyler. Since then, she's been recognized as one of the best new rappers in the game.

Megan Thee Stallion has won five BET Hip Hop Awards, and three Grammy awards. Her music has also been recognized by the Associated Press as one of the 10 best albums of the year.

In February of 2020, Time Magazine voted Megan Thee Stallion as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. This came after she had been nominated for Best New Artist at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards.

After receiving several accolades, Megan signed with 300 Entertainment, and released her first album, Fever. It was rated the best album of 2020, and she was named a Best New Artist.

Megan Thee Stallion's net worth is estimated at $13 million. Some of her monetary wealth comes from royalties and digital sales, while others are from her merchandise.

Megan Thee Stallion started out as an independent rapper. Her career was boosted when she featured DaBaby and Juciy J on her mixtape. A standout verse on the Houston Cypher was what really got her noticed. Eventually, she was offered a contract with Netflix.

How Many Episodes of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 9 2023

how many episodes of love and hip hop atlanta season 9  2023

There's one question that people are often asking: how many episodes are there in season nine of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta? Well, the good news is that you can watch the entire series on Hulu. You'll just have to wait a while.

Yung Joc

The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta season 9 trailer is a wild one! It shows high-stakes drama between the cast members.

Season 9 is set to air on Monday, March 16, at 8/7c on VH1 and will feature new faces. Mimi Faust, Rasheeda Frost, and Stevie J are returning, while LightSkinKeisha and Lil Scrappy are newbies. They'll join the already-detailed cast, which also includes Bambi, Mendeecees Harris, Karlie Redd, and Safaree Samuels.

Joc has been a main cast member of the show since season 8, though he has appeared in several episodes over the years. He and his costar Kendra Robinson are planning to marry.

Meanwhile, Stevie J is heading to New York to take a court case against Mimi. But he's also dealing with child support issues. There are plenty of complications to work through between the two, and his behavior jeopardizes Mimi's new business venture.

Meanwhile, Kalenna is going through a tough medical situation. Her new manager may have some serious problems of their own. As she works to find a new one, she confronts a number of enemies.

Another newbie to the show is Kiyomi Leslie. She previously starred in Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta with Bow Wow and is also an actress. This means that the cast is likely to be fueled by her presence, and will be excited to see what's in store for them in the coming season.

Other cast members include Raedio vocalist Yung Baby Tate and Renni Rucci. These artists are signed to Lil Baby's record label.

Season 9 looks to be a bit more dramatic than the previous season. The trailer has hints of sex trafficking, hospital visits, and kidnapping.

Kiyomi Leslie

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta is known for its wild, high-octane drama. But season 9 has a new addition that is bound to fuel even more excitement: Kiyomi Leslie. She's a 29-year-old resident of Atlanta.

Kiyomi isn't a club girl, but she does have a music career. Her latest release, "In His Feelings," was recorded with rapper Joe Mclaren. And she's already started working on her next release.

When Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta began, Kiyomi had a tumultuous relationship with Bow Wow. They broke up after a fight. That led to Kiyomi being arrested for battery.

Kiyomi also dated Shooter Gates. She's now dating Bow Wow again. But Kiyomi is not the only one with a new love in Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Alexis Skyy has also been seen on the show.

Other members of the cast include OG cast members Rasheeda Frost, Karlie Redd, Stevie J, and Yung Joc. There are also newbies LightSkinKeisha and Spice.

Fans of Kiyomi have been calling her out for being in an open relationship. But she's already made her boss status very clear. So far, she's appeared on five episodes of the series.

Although Kiyomi has been in the spotlight for her relationship with Bow Wow, she's no longer from Raleigh. Kiyomi was raised in Johnson County, North Carolina.

Kiyomi's father has been in prison for most of her life. During the first 15 years of his sentence, she did not visit him. Now, she hopes to improve her relationship with her dad.

Kiyomi has been in the entertainment business for several years. She's also been featured on the reality show Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta. The show followed her personal and professional lives.

Deleted scenes

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta season 9 is slated to premiere on VH1 on March 16, 2019. Fans of the show will be thrilled to see the return of cast members and newcomers. The hip hop elite continue to grow and evolve.

This season will feature the reunion of Mendeecees. During the reunion, the group will discuss their most memorable trips, as well as reflect on their unresolved drama. It will also include never-before-seen casting footage.

Fans will also see Rich Dollaz and the Mendeecees in the same episode, as well as the return of Bambi. As for the rest of the cast, Kirk Frost, Yung Baby Tate, and Erica Mena are the main stars of the show.

In the first season, Joseline Hernandez appeared as Michelle. Her mother was a recovering crack cocaine addict. She was also exposed to drugs and prostitution at an early age. At one point, she got into a brawl on stage with Benzino. Tammy Rivera was also featured as a guest actor.

The "Love & Hip Hop" franchise has aired over 192 episodes so far. Each episode runs for around 41-44 minutes. They are available on demand at the official VH1 website.

The show is executive produced by Dan Cesareo, Lucill D'Agostino, and Stephanie R. Gayle.

Season ten will be a retooled version of the show. The production has been cut down significantly. The unused scenes from the season were released as bonus content on the VH1 website. A special crossover appearance by Rich Dollaz is set to air in the last episode of the season.

In the meantime, the cast of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is working hard on filming confessionals from their homes. Their innermost secrets will be revealed to viewers.

Availability on Hulu

The newest installment of the Love and Hip-Hop franchise - Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta - will be airing on VH1 on Monday, August 8, at 8pm ET/PT. As a follow-up to the last season, Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta will continue to follow a female-led ensemble of hip hop artists, managers, and record producers.

In addition to its new cast members, Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta will feature returning cast members. In season 10, the series will feature Yandy Smith-Harris, Ki'yomi Leslie, Renni Rucci, Erica Mena, and Safaree Samuels.

Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta is available on VH1 and on the official website. If you wish to stream episodes on the VH1 app, you will need to sign in with your cable provider credentials.

For other platforms, Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta will be available on Vudu, Amazon Prime, Google Play, BET+, and fuboTV. It will also be streaming on the Paramount+ Roku Premium Channel.

Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta will also be featured in the documentary series Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta. This show explores the lives of young people born into the Hip Hop royalty.

Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta season 9 will premiere on April 27, 2020. Fans can watch episode 7 online on the VH1 website or the VH1 application.

Fans who are interested in seeing more of the Love and Hip-Hop franchise should consider checking out the Love and Hip-Hop New York and Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood franchises. These shows follow the personal and professional lives of various R&B artists, and are filmed in various cities. Some of the artists that have been featured include Keyshia Cole, Remy Ma, Ray J, and Soulja Boy.

"Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta" is also available on Hulu, FuboTV, and AT&T U-verse. Hulu has a mix of licensed and original content, and offers a free trial. With a few months of subscription, you can have access to a number of movies and television shows.

'Hip Hop Evolution' return on Netflix

The Canadian documentary series Hip Hop Evolution has made its way to Netflix and is slated for a fifth season. The show will explore the origins of hip hop and its evolution from underground to mainstream culture.

The series premiered on HBO Canada in 2016. It was picked up for international distribution by Netflix. Currently, there are four seasons of the show and it has been a hit with viewers. This series looks at the rise of the music genre and features prominent figures in the industry.

In the fourth season, the show shifts focus to the South and the early days of southern hip hop. It also features a few unexpected members in the cast.

Hip-Hop Evolution is a Canadian documentary series that has been on Netflix since August 2016. The series was created by Banger Films, a Canadian film and television production company.

The show features Canadian rapper Shad Kabango as the host. Throughout the series, Kabango interviews hip-hop legends and music producers. He also interviews other people involved in the hip-hop scene, like DJ Kool Herc and Russell Simmons.

Among the many notable topics that the show covers is the East Coast vs. West Coast rivalry, the death of Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G., the emergence of twerking and the rise of mixtapes.

Hip-Hop Evolution is an engaging and zippy docu-series that sheds light on the evolution of the music genre. It is packed with archival footage. However, the show may contain crude indecent language and graphic violence.

The show was awarded the Peabody award for its coverage of the history of hip-hop. But if you're interested in knowing more about this amazing series, you should check out the official website.

Love and Hip Hop Miami New Cast 2023

love and hip hop miami new cast 2023

Love and Hip Hop Miami is the latest musical reality show to be launched. The cast includes Shay, Trina, Sukhiana, Bobby Lytes, Diana Danelys de los Santos, and Trick Daddy. You can catch this series on the MTV Network, starting January 23rd.

Bobby Lytes

Love and Hip Hop Miami is a reality show about the lives and careers of prominent hip-hop figures. The series follows the personal and professional struggles of a variety of hip-hop superstars in the Miami music scene. Bobby Lytes is one of the original cast members.

Bobby Lytes is an openly gay rapper. Born and raised in Homestead, Florida, he became the first cast member of the franchise to come out. He has a knack for a candid demeanor and has garnered both love and hate from fans.

Bobby Lytes is a social media star with nearly 641 thousand Instagram followers. In addition, he is a major anti-hero in the show. His first episode featured him enlisting the help of Rolling Ray to find love in Miami.

Bobby Lytes has been arrested several times for grand theft and probation violations. He is also a guest star on the show Gagging with Jason Lee.

Bobby Brown is another cast member who made his debut on Love and Hip-Hop: Miami. He was originally on the Flavor of Love. But he made the jump to the Love and Hip-Hop franchise in 2018.

Aside from appearing on the show, Bobby has also appeared in a variety of television specials. He was nominated for a "Breakout Star" award.

Trick Daddy

Love and Hip Hop: Miami will be back for a fourth season in 2018. The season reunites the original cast and introduces new blood. It's one of the most popular editions of the show.

In addition to Trick Daddy, the cast includes Amara La Negra, Joy Young, Neri Santiago, Bobby Lytes, Ray J, Noreaga, and Sukihana. They all come from different parts of the world and all share the common bond of being a part of Miami hip-hop culture.

Amara was born in Miami and began her music career at age eight. She joined the Love & Hip Hop: Miami cast in Season 4.

Trick Daddy was also on the original cast of Love & Hip Hop: Miami. He's a rapper and a record producer. His albums have been released under Slip-n-Slide Records. Although he's been successful, he has also faced legal issues, including drug possession. He also suffers from an autoimmune disease called Lupus.

He also has an openly gay son named Jeffrey White. As for Trick Daddy's ex-wife, Joy, they've been separated for four years.

Joy Young

Love and Hip Hop: Miami is a reality television show starring prominent hip hop figures. It's the latest spin-off from MTV. This installment is all about newness, momentum and relationships. The series is set in the bustling city of Miami.

The cast members include Joy Young and Trick Daddy. Both stars have been in a complicated relationship. Their marriage has been on the rocks for over four years. However, they have reunited for another shot at their marriage.

The cast also includes Ray J. He's a fitness coach and reality TV star who's been married to Princess Love. He's also appeared in his own TV specials. But, he's most famous for his s*x tape with Kim Kardashian.

The Love & Hip Hop Miami season also features Florence El Luche. She's a model, singer and songwriter. Her first single was released in the spring of 2018. In 2019, she landed a multi-record album deal with BMG.

The show's leading cast members are featured in the opening credits. Several secondary cast members are also featured in the end credits. They have the same screen time as the main cast. Some of them even appear in green-screen confessional segments.


If you're a fan of Love & Hip Hop Miami, then you'll be interested to learn more about Sukihana, the star of the show. Originally from Wilmington, Delaware, Sukihana has become famous for her viral songs and social media posts.

Sukhiana first appeared on Season 3 of Love & Hip Hop: Miami. As the series progressed, she got into fights with other cast members. In the end, she ended up being arrested. She later went on to appear in Cardi B's "WAP" music video. Currently, her YouTube channel has a net worth of $29,000.

Besides her work as a rapper, she is also a model and entrepreneur. Her debut mix tape, Wolf ----, was released in September 2020. It was a hit.

Love & Hip Hop Miami is primarily filmed in Miami, Florida. The cast of the show includes a core group of characters, as well as new faces. There are a few well-known faces, and many of them are familiar to fans.

The series is primarily about the life of prominent hip-hop figures. Several of them have appeared in other shows, such as LAHH and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. A few of the stars have returned for Season 4, including Amara La Negra, N.O.R.E., and Florence El Luche. Other newcomers include Jay Kelly and Marlon.


Love and Hip Hop: Miami is getting a new cast member. This time, it's Florence El Luche, a Haitian singer and entrepreneur. She has just released a new single, titled "Slow Down," which includes an accompanying visual.

Florence is a 33-year-old Haitian singer and entrepreneur. She owns La Fourchette restaurant in the Little Haiti neighborhood of Miami. Her latest single has over 1.2 million views on YouTube.

Florence and her husband, Guy Marlon Dure, are parents of three children. They have also been involved in social issues, such as a recent earthquake in Haiti. Their charity work has helped distribute kits to the victims of the disaster. In fact, a few of their posts have raised awareness of the disaster.

The "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" series first premiered in August 2018. Its fifth season will be airing in August 2022. The fifth season is set to include new cast members.

The show's core cast consists of Trina, Noreaga, and Trick Daddy. But they've been joined by many new faces in Season 4. Among them are Florence El Luche, N.O.R.E., Amara La Negra, and Bobby Lytes.


The latest edition of the hit docu-soap franchise Love & Hip Hop: Miami focuses on the life of its enigmatic musical icon Trina. In season four, the original cast has been revamped and a few new faces have joined. As the show approaches its fifth year, Trina is one of the new faces that fans are getting to know.

The series will take viewers through the life of Trina, including her family, career, and relationships. But there are also plenty of other cast members to get familiar with. This season, for instance, reveals the troubled relationship between Trina and her cousin Bobby. It's unclear how the pair's relationship will evolve, but fans can expect some serious drama.

Another cast member, Amara La Negra, is an Afro-Latina singer. She was added to the season in 2018 and released her first album in 2018.

Meanwhile, Bobby Lytes is a rapper. He is Trina's first cousin. His career has been characterized by his struggles in the homophobic hip hop industry.

Among the other cast members, Trick Daddy, N.O.R.E., and Ace Hood are also new to the series. They have all landed supporting roles. Some of the other main characters, such as Keyara Stone, Chris Brown, and Ray J, have also appeared in crossover appearances.


Love and Hip Hop Miami will return for Season 5 on August 8, 2022. The show will continue to focus on the Miami music scene and a variety of drama. Several new cast members have joined the show as well, including Florence El Luche.

Shay Johnson is a reality television star and fitness guru. She is known for her role on Flavor of Love and Charm School. Before joining Love and Hip Hop Miami, she appeared in the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and Love and Hip Hop Los Angeles shows.

Shay Johnson has been in the public eye for more than a decade. Her love life is filled with conflict and she is no stranger to the cameras. In season two, she struggles with a serious medical issue. As a result, she asks Iyanla for help. However, the help she receives may be more than she bargained for.

Shay has been in a long distance relationship with Pleasure P for about two years. Their relationship is often highlighted in the show, but they also have a tumultuous feud with Pleasure's Pretty Ricky group mate, Baby Blue Whoaaaa.

Diana Danelys De Los Santos

The Love and Hip Hop Miami new cast is a list of the upcoming cast members for Seasons 5 and 6 of the hit reality television series. This cast includes Amara La Negra, Bobby Lytes, and Florence El Luche.

Amara La Negra is an Afro-Dominican singer and actress. She was born on October 4, 1990, in Miami, Florida, and is of Cuban and Dominican descent. In March of 2018, she became pregnant with twins. Her twins were named YourMajesty and YourHighness in Spanish.

Before becoming a star, Amara La Negra was a child model. She also appeared in music videos and commercials. However, her career began to take off after appearing on the Love & Hip Hop: Miami television show.

Amara has made nine singles and collaborated with Pitbull on the song "Piensas." During her time on the show, she was also a contestant on Sabado Gigante. On her reality show, she struggled with colorism and discrimination. Veronica Vega tried to help her overcome this problem.

Meanwhile, Trina, also known as Katrina Laverne Taylor, is a rapper and record producer who joined the Love and Hip Hop: Miami cast. Trina is a cousin of rapper Bobby Lytes. Previously, Trina was engaged to rapper Lil Wayne.

Who Are the Basketball Wives and Husbands of the NBA?

who are the basketball wives husbands 2022 2023

If you love basketball, you may have wondered who are the basketball wives and husbands of the NBA. These people include Shaquille O'Neal, Shaunie O'Neal, Eric Williams, Brandi Maxiell, Tami Roman, Kenny Anderson, and Evelyn Lozada. They all have amazing relationships and are married to great athletes.

Evelyn Lozada

Basketball Wives is a reality television show that features the lives of the wives of professional basketball players. The series has aired since 2010 and has a number of different cast members. Some of the cast members have children and other relationships, while others have gone through a divorce.

Evelyn Lozada is best known for her role on the show. She has appeared on several seasons and has two children. In addition to her role on the show, she has also been active in the community.

Evelyn Lozada was born on December 10, 1975. Her height is 5 feet 7 inches and she weighs about 53 pounds. Prior to her role on Basketball Wives, she worked as a secretary in Miami. Later on, she started her own shoe store in Coral Gables, Florida.

On April 11, 2010, Basketball Wives premiered on VH1 and ran for five seasons. Evelyn Lozada's character was one of the most popular, so it is surprising that she decided to step away from the show. Since leaving, Lozada has launched her own clothing line and has a jewelry line.

As far as her net worth goes, Lozada is worth around $4 million. She has a daughter named Shaniece Hairston and she shares the baby with Jamal Hairston.

Tami Roman

Tami Roman is an actress, model, businesswoman, and mom. She is probably best known for her role on VH1's Basketball Wives. However, Roman has also appeared in other television shows, films, and music videos. Her latest project is a BET drama called Haus of Vicious.

A fan favorite, Basketball Wives is a reality television series that follows the lives of women who are married to professional basketball players. The series has been renewed for several more seasons.

Although Roman is not the main star of the show, she is certainly well-known. For example, she has an official Instagram account with the handle @officialbonnetchronicles. In addition, she created a spin-off show called Tami Ever After.

Since she left the cast of Basketball Wives, she has been pursuing her career as an actress. She is also the founder of a cosmetics line called Roman Beauty.

She has also launched a clothing line named Roman Empire. Tami has two daughters from a previous marriage to Kenny Anderson.

During the six-year run of Basketball Wives, Tami's relationship with Reggie Youngblood was at the center of the show. They got married in Las Vegas last year. Despite their hectic, crazy life, they have managed to remain together.

Brandi Maxiell

Brandi Maxiell is an American actress, social media influencer and entrepreneur. She is the wife of former NBA player Jason Maxiell. They have one son, Jason Maxiell II. Their marriage began in 2010 in Denton County, Texas.

Brandi and Jason met in high school. They dated and later married. The couple welcomed their first child, Jason Maxiell II, in November 2011.

Brandi Maxiell and her husband have never shared their plans to have children with other people. But they have expressed an interest in raising awareness about ovarian cancer. Having suffered through cancer once in her life, she wanted to do something about it.

When Brandi was young, she suffered from a rare form of cancer. Brandi went through many chemotherapy treatments. Eventually, she was declared cancer free. In 2007, she had her hair shaved off in order to raise awareness. Since then, she has been a social media star, entrepreneur and unscripted television personality.

Brandi is a very popular celebrity among young people. She gained popularity after appearing on the VH1 reality show Basketball Wives LA.

Brandi and Jason are currently living in Los Angeles, California. However, they are expecting their second child in 2022.


Basketball Wives is a reality show that follows the lives of the wives of professional basketball players. The cast has gone through several changes, but still features partners, children and romantic relationships. It is one of the most popular shows on VH1 and has aired for more than nine seasons. In fact, it will return for a 10th season in the future.

Basketball Wives premiered on VH1 in 2010. This show chronicles the ups and downs of the world of professional basketball. It follows the relationships and drama of the wives and girlfriends of players in the NBA. As the series has developed, it has also spawned many spinoffs.

Season 9 of Basketball Wives featured Malaysia Pargo, Jackie Christie and Evelyn Lozada. These women accepted the offer to become a part of the show. They are expected to return in the season 10.

Shaunie O'Neal is a former wife of NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal. She has four children with him, including a son named Myles from a previous relationship. She is also the executive producer of the show.

Jackie Christie is the wife of retired NBA player Doug Christie. She is an owner of two companies, BSM Media and Slayed by Jackie Christie. During the 9th season of the show, Jackie and her husband celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary.

Eric Williams

The Basketball Wives franchise has been running on VH1 since 2010. Each season features wives and partners of professional basketball players, along with their friends and relatives. Some of the cast have stayed on the show for years.

Jennifer Williams joined the cast in 2010 as the wife of former NBA player Eric Williams. Upon graduating from Columbia High School in Maryland, Jennifer went on to earn a degree in Political Science. She then embarked on a career in the fashion and entertainment industry, where she worked as a stylist, model, and real estate broker.

One of her most notable achievements was the invention of a new luxury handbag line, Lucid. Lucid is carried by major retailers.

Jennifer's other achievements include opening a women's fitness studio, launching a rebranding strategy, and expanding her business. As a result, she has a diversified and thriving life.

While on the basketball wives program, Eric and Jennifer experienced some of the more high profile moments of their relationship. They were married in 2007, and divorced in 2011. During their time together, they had two children.

Although Eric and Jennifer did not marry on the show, they did end up in court to settle their divorce in 2011. The duo went their separate ways after only three years of marriage.

Kenny Anderson

Basketball Wives is a reality TV series on VH1 that follows the lives of the wives, girlfriends, fiances, ex-wives and ex-girlfriends of professional basketball players. The show has featured a lot of off-court drama.

Tami Roman is a former wife of retired NBA player Kenny Anderson. They have two kids together. Tami left the show last year and has since made her name in movies and television. She has a show of her own called Haus of Vicious on BET.

She has also appeared on The Ms. Pat Show, Carl Webber's The Family Business, and Reality with the King. But there's one show on her resume that has been compared to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Her VH1 series is renewed for a second season. It will feature the life of character fashion designer Chantel Vivian.

She is also known for her fights with Evelyn Lozada on the show. Evelyn admits she had an affair with her ex-husband, Kenny Anderson, while she was still married to Tami.

Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman both took a break from Basketball Wives, but the show stayed in their life. Roman went on to have a relationship with Reggie Youngblood, who also starred on the show.

Shaquille O'Neal

Basketball Wives was an American reality show on VH1 that was created by Shaunie O'Neal. It followed the lives of women who dated professional basketball players. Some of the famous cast members included Evelyn Lozada, Jackie Christie, and Malaysia Pargo. The ninth season aired in February 2021.

Shaunie O'Neal is a former wife of NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal. She has four children, one from each of her previous relationships.

Shaq and Shaunie were married in December 2002. They had a daughter together. They later separated. After a few years, they reconciled. In 2010, emails between the two were made public. Despite the separation, the two still had a good co-parenting relationship.

Shaunie has an entrepreneur career and has a lot of money. She is worth $35 million. Her kids also play basketball like their father. This was shown on a reality show called Shaunie's Home Court.

When he was playing for the Miami Heat, Shaq and Shaunie visited friends in Miami. During the summer, they would visit the Star Island home of their mutual friends. Their kids also played basketball like their famous dad.

Shaq has been romantically involved with several other women over the years. He is currently dating Annie Ilonzeh Ngozi.

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