What's Hot on YouTube S? 2023

What's Hot on YouTube S? 2023


youtube s

If you're looking for a social media platform to upload videos, you may want to check out YouTube. It is owned by Google, and is one of the top online video sharing sites in the world.

Top trending videos of 2022

If you've been wondering what's hot on YouTube, look no further. Recently, the video platform released a list of the top trending videos of 2022. This year's list features a wide range of pop culture from music and movies to television shows and a variety of sports.

In addition to the top trending videos, the YouTube blog also featured a list of the top creators and artists. The platform compiled these lists to provide a snapshot of what's going on in the world of YouTube.

As part of the blog, the company highlighted what it saw as a year full of surprises. It also revealed that the YouTube Shorts format was gaining traction.

Docuseries, a series of related documentary-style videos, were a popular trend. They often feature crossovers, which keeps viewers on the lookout for the next segment.

The year saw a new wave of breakout creators. Those who have racked up huge subscriber numbers and are gaining popularity as independent creators. These videos aren't just watched online, but they're being aired on TV as well.

One video was viewed more than 87 million times. The video, titled "So Long Nerds," was the final video from the Minecraft content creator, Technoblade. He died in July after a battle with cancer.

Other videos on the list included a Super Bowl LVI halftime show that featured Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and Dr. Dre, as well as a Will Smith clip slapping Chris Rock at the Academy Awards.

YouTube's user experience on mobile

YouTube has announced a major redesign of its user experience. This includes a new color effect and a pinch-to-zoom feature. In addition, the company has announced an updated version of its app, which now allows users to leave private comments.

While this new design has a few minor issues, the company is actively working on a fix. There are also some features you'll find in the new app that were not available before. For example, there's a new "dark mode" that is available for mobile devices.

The company also introduced an "ambient mode" that is designed to make the UI more intuitive and to align the background to the content on your screen. It's not just for mobile, but it's also available on desktop.

The app's new interface is the best example of how mobile devices allow for more immersive viewing experiences. The interface incorporates a tray that is used for comments and full video descriptions.

YouTube's updated app is also launching a dark mode. As the name suggests, the new app uses a darker background, allowing for a more dramatic presentation of content.

Precise seeking is another big update. This enables the user to locate a specific section in a video. Specifically, the new feature allows for a row of thumbnails to be displayed.

YouTube's latest update also contains a few other notable features. The most important one is the watch later feature.

YouTube's policy on copyright claims

A video on YouTube can earn ad revenue if it's licensed properly. However, if a video is monetized without permission, it's likely that you'll receive a copyright claim.

YouTube uses a Content ID system to detect unauthorized use of copyrighted material. This is a sophisticated automated tool that matches videos to content that has been deemed to be infringing. The process is not always flawless, however.

YouTube has implemented a few changes to make it easier for creators to get their claims handled. Some of these changes include offering a free music platform that provides the best free songs for creators to use.

In other words, YouTube is trying to help creators get their content out there and monetize it. They're also showing their creators how metadata affects their revenues. Having a video with a well-known music song in it will help to increase views, but not necessarily revenue.

There are many ways to track and claim copyrighted content. YouTube does a great job of finding infringements. It has a number of ways to notify creators and users that there is a problem.

One of the best ways to protect yourself is to only upload content that you created. It's important to avoid the common traps of stealing others' work. You should also check the licensing of the materials you're using. If you are unsure, do some research before you publish your next video.

YouTube's algorithm to recommend your videos

A YouTube algorithm works to recommend videos to viewers. The recommendation algorithm focuses on finding the best video for each viewer. This helps keep the audience engaged with the platform and promotes certain types of videos.

There are several ways in which the YouTube algorithm works. These include video personalization, user feedback, and artificial intelligence. Some users have complained that the algorithm has been misleading. In addition, YouTube has been accused of promoting hateful content.

Users should be aware that the YouTube algorithm has changed since its inception. It has become more personalized, with more attention paid to positive content.

YouTube has tried to correct the mistakes of its past. One example was the creation of misleading thumbnails. Another was the proliferation of titles that were not relevant to the videos they contained. Still, YouTube has remained a major player in the streaming market.

In 2010, YouTube engineers published a paper describing the Recsys algorithm. It is a video recommendation system that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to make suggestions.

For instance, if you get a lot of comments on a video, the algorithm might suggest more videos. To improve the algorithm's ability to suggest more videos, you should incorporate likes into your description. Also, you should publish a video thanking your viewers.

YouTube's algorithm also powers the search function. It is a good idea to learn about the YouTube algorithm in order to find out which search algorithms work best for your business.

YouTube's policies around age-restricted content

If you use YouTube, you may have noticed that some videos have age-restricted content. These restrictions may impact the type of videos you can view, as well as the ads that you see. The restrictions are designed to protect younger viewers from inappropriate content.

Videos may be restricted if they have heavy profanity, sexually suggestive content, or violent imagery. While most videos do not violate these guidelines, it is important to check to ensure that your video is not restricted.

Age-restricted videos are not shown on the homepage of YouTube. They may not be displayed on certain sections of YouTube, such as live streams. You may also see warning screens before a video plays.

If you want to access age-restricted content, you can sign in to your YouTube account. However, you will not be able to watch it if you are under 18.

As of January 1, 2019, YouTube will begin asking users to provide age verification information. This will require you to enter your age, as well as a valid ID.

In addition, you will be asked to provide a credit card. YouTube has also begun using artificial intelligence-powered technology to automatically detect age-restricted content.

You may be surprised to learn that you can appeal a YouTube age restriction. There is a special appeals page on the YouTube Studio site. Once you have submitted an appeal, the team will review it and take appropriate action.

YouTube's terms of service

The YouTube Terms of Service is a set of rules that govern the use of the platform. They provide information about how the system works and how you should use it. There are various sections, and it can be confusing if you are not familiar with them. If you are a member of a community on YouTube, it is a good idea to learn about them.

YouTube's Terms of Service are divided into three categories. These are the governing law, the content and contributions, and the dispute resolution. Each section outlines how to handle disputes involving the service.

In general, the content and contributions clause will tell you what you can and cannot do with user-generated content on the service. It also explains how the service will handle claims arising from the service.

While the YouTube Terms of Service is not the only governing law for the site, it does provide an outline of what you can do to protect your rights. For example, you can opt not to publish certain types of videos. However, if you do, you are still subject to the YouTube Terms of Service.

Similarly, the governing law lays out the laws that apply to your use of the service. This includes the location of the court where you can file a lawsuit.

You may not exploit any copyright-infringing materials through the YouTube API services. If you are a developer, you should be careful not to breach any of these laws.

How Many Turnovers Does Russell Westbrook Have in 2023?

how many turnovers does russell westbrook have 2023

If you are a fan of Russell Westbrook, you've probably been wondering how many turnovers he'll have in 2023. The answer to this question is going to be interesting, and not just because it's pretty obvious that it's not going to be very high.

3.8 turnovers per game

When the Los Angeles Lakers traded for Russell Westbrook in August, they hoped that he would ease LeBron James' playmaking burden. But the two players did not mesh well with each other. And that's a big reason why the Lakers were just 11th in the West last season.

Last season, Russell Westbrook averaged 3.8 turnovers per game. While his rate was not the worst in his eight-year career, it still wasn't good. He had a few other problems, too, including a poor shooting and scoring average.

In the last 19 games, Westbrook averages 5.1 assists. That's just a tad lower than his career average of 7.1, but that's a big improvement. This is a huge benefit for the Lakers' pick-and-roll, which has become an important part of the team's offense under Darvin Ham.

Assuming the Lakers trade Westbrook to a team that wants him, they can get him back for a minimal amount of money. They could try to trade him for a star player, or they could buy out his $47.0 million contract, which would reduce his salary to $15.6 million in 2022-23.

If the Lakers are able to find a team that will take Westbrook in trade, it's likely that they'll have to move a first-round pick to get the Thunder to accept. Otherwise, they'll need to take back a few veterans who aren't performing at their best.

Westbrook is averaging 18.5 points and 7.4 rebounds this season, but he's also averaging a league-worst 3.8 turnovers. His turnovers are mostly in clutch situations. Fortunately, his distributing gives LeBron James a chance to finish the game. However, Westbrook isn't a reliable scorer.

Westbrook's departure from the Lakers means that the Lakers have a new focus during trade season. They can attempt to work with him for a second season, but it won't be worth the trouble. There are other teams who will take him on, but they'll need to move some players.

In addition to his poor shooting and turnover numbers, Westbrook's chemistry with LeBron James hasn't been great. This combination led to a rocky season for both of them.

7. turnovers in Lakers game against Pelicans

The Los Angeles Lakers had their fifth loss in six games on Sunday, losing 123-95 to the New Orleans Pelicans. They are now a mere one game behind the 11th-place San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference.

Although the Los Angeles Lakers are still a team that plays with effort and is not necessarily sloppy, they have a turnover problem. In Sunday's game against the Pelicans, they committed 23 turnovers.

Although Russell Westbrook led the Lakers with eight rebounds and nine assists, his turnovers were a big part of the team's defeat. Westbrook had seven turnovers in the first half and none in the second.

Even though the Lakers only allowed 22 points off of their 23 turnovers, their loss was tied for the second-largest margin of loss this season. That isn't good for a team that has two former MVPs.

After a disappointing first quarter, the Lakers opened the second quarter sluggishly. They were down by 11 points at the break. LeBron James was the most active player in the opening 19.5 minutes, scoring four baskets.

The Pelicans started the night a half-game below the Lakers in the standings, but improved to 25-36. Their first-half performance was their worst of the season.

In the fourth, they turned a nine-point lead into a 95-point blowout. The Lakers had nine three-point attempts in the period, but missed all of them.

Aside from the Lakers' turnovers, the Pelicans were also unable to get any shots off. At the start of the fourth, the Lakers' defense was on the back-foot, as the Pelicans took control.

The Lakers had seven assists in the second half, but they only made one of nine three-point attempts. Fortunately, Russell Westbrook was quiet in the second half, registering just three points.

In the final eight minutes of the game, Westbrook was relegated to the bench. He finished with 18 points, but his two turnovers were his only real contributions. However, Westbrook was responsible for the Lakers' second-closest defensive basket of the game.

As the Lakers look ahead to the play-in game next month, they need to fix their turnover issues. If they can't, they could miss the playoffs.

Lack of introspection

When the Los Angeles Lakers added Russell Westbrook to their roster, the expectation was that he would be the second or third head on a championship monster anchored by Anthony Davis. He was also expected to play well and lift the team.

While Westbrook has certainly been a force on the court, his mediocre season in LA is indicative of the downward spiral of once-elite talent in the 2021-22 NBA season. The Los Angeles Lakers need to make a decision soon about whether they will trade Russell Westbrook to a contending team. However, there is little chance that the Lakers will give Westbrook substantial draft compensation for his services.

Westbrook's shaky playoff run is not what the Lakers were hoping for. He has not been an efficient scorer and has had an awful year defending the perimeter.

However, he has done some things in his career that are worthy of praise. For example, he has been a devoted husband and father. His charitable contributions have helped improve the lives of children and families.

He has volunteered for a variety of charitable causes, and his family has been active members of the Lawndale community. He has also helped fund a YMCA renovation.

In a self-produced documentary, Westbrook revealed the truth about himself. Despite his shaky playoff run, he is still an excellent basketball player.

During his first year in LA, he was a top-shelf, multi-million dollar player. Yet he never truly embraced the role of leader.

He made many attempts to change his game, but he failed to do so. Instead, his focus was on playing the game on his terms.

Perhaps he is holding himself back from achieving everything he wants. Regardless, he has a definite point of view on the Lakers' struggles.

Several sources within the Lakers organization have told me that they wanted Westbrook to take a less active role in the offense. Rather than the best player on the floor, he has become the second unit leader.

He has also been accused of picking fights with coaches and fans. Not to mention a lack of introspection.

Foot sores

The Los Angeles Lakers are counting on Russell Westbrook to help them win games. He has proven to be a solid bench player since moving to the bench late in the season. In addition to playing well on the bench, Westbrook also shows passion for the game.

His playmaking ability and scoring potential have created passing lanes for teammates. This helps Los Angeles win games. However, he must keep his turnovers down.

Westbrook has been a big part of the Lakers' turnaround. His presence in the lineup has helped the Lakers be competitive against the Clippers and the Golden State Warriors. A trade of Westbrook to a team in need of an offensive weapon would likely involve him signing a sign-and-trade deal.

After a mediocre performance in his first game back, Russell Westbrook had a solid 19 points against the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday. His game included a one-handed bullet to Troy Brown Jr. and a pair of triples.

Although he had three turnovers, Westbrook also had nine assists. He finished the game with eight rebounds and three steals. As a result, he nearly finished with a triple-double.

Westbrook is averaging 15.6 points and 5.1 rebounds in his second year with the Lakers. Although he hasn't been the same player as he was when he was with the Oklahoma City Thunder, he has shown a renewed desire to play.

While it is too early to tell if Westbrook will be able to make a return for Monday's game against the Hornets, the Lakers are reportedly optimistic about his chances. They have him listed as probable for the game against the Hawks on Friday.

However, he did not play after the second half, leaving the game with lingering left foot soreness. Darvin Ham, the team's president of basketball operations, said Westbrook's injury was not serious.

If Westbrook does not return, the Lakers will probably need to find a replacement player. Patrick Beverley could be the answer. Other options include Kendrick Nunn and Austin Reaves.

Westbrook is owed $47 million next season, but the Lakers have the option to waive him. Another team, like the Rockets, may be willing to take him in exchange for a player like John Wall.

How Much Did Russell Westbrook Sign With the LA Lakers 2023?

If you are looking for the best way to figure out how much did Russell Westbrook sign with the LA Lakers 2023, you are in the right place! In this article, we will explore the various income sources that Russell is generating, as well as his college career and the various endorsements that he has.

Russell Westbrook's salary for 2022-23 season

If Russell Westbrook opts in to his $47.1 million player option with the Lakers for the 2022-23 season, he will make the third-most money in the NBA. Currently, Stephen Curry is the top paid athlete in the league, and Russell Westbrook is just behind him.

Westbrook earned $79.2 million this season, and has a $44.2 million salary for the upcoming season. He is on track to earn the highest income of his career for the Lakers, but there's still no guarantee.

The Lakers are hoping that Westbrook can turn things around this season, and have hired Darvin Ham as head coach. The team has also made moves to acquire Anthony Davis, who will make $44.5 million next season.

LeBron James is the Lakers' highest-paid player, but his off-court income is mostly driven by his Nike shoe line. He also earns $75 million in endorsements.

In addition, Nikola Mirotic, who signed a five-year, $264 million extension with the Wizards in the offseason, is tied with Damian Lillard for the league's highest-paid player. His contract will be worth $86.5 million in 2022, and he will have an additional $44 million in endorsements.

Russell Westbrook will earn $80.2 million in 2023, and he will be one of the highest paid players in the league. It is a strong possibility that he will break into the top five of the list.

While Westbrook may have to go through some upheaval in the summer of 2023, he should be happy with his new situation. The Lakers have made it clear that they are committed to building a championship-winning roster. They have invested in building a good team, and have done a great job.

Russell Westbrook's college career

Russell Westbrook is one of the best players in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He was drafted fourth overall in the 2008 NBA Draft. Since then, he has won nine All-Star games, two scoring titles, and league MVP.

Westbrook started out in high school at Leuzinger High School in Lawndale, California. His dad was an avid basketball player, and he helped train his son. While in high school, he also learned about football from his father.

After he finished high school, Westbrook decided to play college basketball. He chose UCLA. However, he did not receive much attention from the top basketball programs.

Initially, he played the position of a backup, but in his sophomore year, he started playing on the varsity team. He also earned a scholarship. During his time at UCLA, he helped the Bruins reach the Final Four twice.

He then joined the Los Angeles Lakers. There, he played with his former teammate Kevin Love. In addition, he helped them achieve a 35-4 record. During this time, he earned All-Pac-10 Third Team honors and Pac-10 Defensive Player of the Year.

He became a full-time starter during his second season, averaging 16.1 points per game. In his third season, he averaged more than 20 points per game.

When he was in his senior year of college, he reached the adult height of 6 feet 3 inches. At this point, he had an avowed love of fashion, and he often wore eccentric outfits.

Despite his mediocre performance in his rookie season, he received First-Team All-Rookie honors. Then, he broke Oscar Robertson's record for triple-doubles in a season. This accomplishment makes him the second player in the NBA to achieve the feat.

Russell Westbrook's low-efficiency brand of basketball

If you have ever watched Russell Westbrook play basketball, you will have seen his style of play. He is a point guard that excels on defense, but is turnover prone.

He is also a pretty good shooter. He has made a lot of 3-pointers throughout his career, but his shot selection doesn't match the offense. For example, his 46.4 percent effective field goal mark doesn't even compare to the 71.9 percent mark that James Harden has posted this season.

Aside from his scoring ability, Westbrook is also a good passer and a fairly efficient leader. His 8.1 assists this season is one of the best numbers in the league, and his 2.9 steals are second only to Chris Paul.

He is also averaging 8.2 rebounds this season, which is a solid number. However, his PER isn't what it used to be. While his WS was still in double digits, it dipped to 15.0 in the 2021-22 season.

Despite his lackluster performance this year, Westbrook was expected to make a huge impact on the Lakers' quest for a championship. This was the first of five seasons where he would have to contend with players like Durant, Beal, and James.

The Lakers may be lucky to get him back next year. In the meantime, they will need to find another scorer. And that is no small feat. Getting rid of Westbrook will not be easy.

On Tuesday, Lakers owner Magic Johnson gave a public shout-out to his former point guard. Despite the criticisms, Westbrook's blatant display of hustle is one of the reasons he is still considered to be one of the best players in the game.

Russell Westbrook's endorsements

As one of the top players in the NBA, Russell Westbrook has earned a lot of money through his endorsements. Although he has not reached the billionaire status of LeBron James, his income is still significant. In fact, he is one of the highest paid athletes in the world. Here are a few of his major endorsements.

Russell Westbrook has worked with various brands including Nike, PepsiCo, True Religion, Samsung, and Subway. He has also contributed to a number of charities. These include NBA Cares and Greater Than AIDS. The renowned athlete is a member of the 75th Anniversary Team of the National Basketball Association.

Before entering the professional basketball league, he played college basketball for the UCLA Bruins. He also represented the United States in various international events. In 2010, he won gold in the World Cup.

In his first decade of play in the NBA, Russell earned $250 million in compensation. During that time, he also made appearances on TV shows. But the earnings were cut by taxes and expenses. Today, his earnings come from his salary, endorsements, and investments.

His contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder was one of the most lucrative deals in the history of the NBA. With his five-year, $205 million contract, he was the NBA's largest player at the time.

In addition to his contracts, Russell Westbrook is also a brand ambassador for Samsung Electronics and PepsiCo. He is also the face of the MTN Dew Kickstart brand.

Russell Westbrook's net worth is $170 million as of the year 2022. Of this, $26 million is attributed to his endorsements. Another $33 million comes from his NBA salary.

Other income sources for Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook is a nine-time All-Star and NBA MVP, but he's also a businessman. He has a small fleet of cars, a number of businesses, and several endorsement deals.

The Lakers have been tinkering with his contract for the past year. They're not willing to hand out draft picks to improve right now. Instead, they're looking for value in trades.

They're holding onto two first-round picks in 2027 and 2029 for potential trade opportunities. But even with those picks, the Lakers will have to wait until the offseason to add star talent via cap space.

That's because Westbrook's five-year, $206 million contract is currently a liability. As of this season, he's owed $47 million next season, a figure that won't disappear until other players' contracts sour.

One of the ways the Lakers could try to get out of his deal is by stretching his salary. Stretching his payroll would free up a chunk of money for other players to use, and it could allow the Lakers to sign a rotation player to a non-taxpayer mid-level exception.

It's no secret that the Lakers are trying to find a way to rid themselves of Westbrook. However, there's no guarantee that they'll be able to come up with a workable solution.

While it's impossible to say if he'll stay with the Lakers, Westbrook appears happy in his new hometown. His contract is depreciating on the books, but he still seems to believe he can contribute to a team at a high level.

Bringing back the guy who played the best basketball in the league is a good start, but the Lakers may need to make a few more moves before they land the perfect guy to replace LeBron James.

How Much Is Russell Westbrook Averaging This Season 2023?

how much is russell westbrook averaging this season 2023

If you want to know how much is russell westbrook averaging this season, then you are in the right place. This article will go over a few of the most important factors when it comes to the averages of NBA players. You will also learn about averages for the NBA season, as well as the net worth of a player.

Averages for the NBA season

Russell Westbrook is one of the best players in the National Basketball Association. He has eight NBA Badges, and has been selected to nine All-Star games. However, he is also a topic of controversy. His stats are not impressive in the season's first three games, and many people are blaming him for his team's struggles.

This season, Russell Westbrook is averaging just 10.3 points, which is below his career average of 14.8 points per game. He is shooting just 28.9 percent from the field.

In the last two weeks, Westbrook has only scored in double digits in four of his seven games. He has also made only eight of his ten shots from the field, including three triples.

While the Lakers aren't the greatest team in the NBA, they are in the midst of the toughest opening schedule in the league. As of now, the team is 15-21.

Although he has been criticized for his underwhelming performances this season, Westbrook's numbers are still very good. He has been averaging a triple-double in each of the past three seasons. And he is tied for the most triple-doubles in NBA history off the bench.

When he's on the court, Westbrook is a very efficient point guard. He has a 97.8 percent free throw rate, and he has eight assists and six rebounds. His assist-to-turnover ratio is 1.7.

During his time in the NBA, he has averaged 8.6 assists and 7.4 rebounds. The former UCLA point guard has become an offensive force for the Los Angeles Lakers.

He has been a fixture in fantasy lineups. He has also led the NBA in points and assists in a couple of seasons.

Net worth

In the NBA, Russell Westbrook is one of the league's top scorers. He has earned an impressive salary over his career and is known for his charitable activities. However, he still hasn't won a championship. But he has helped raise awareness about racial injustice in America and has contributed to the Black Lives Matter movement.

One of his biggest accomplishments came in the 2016-17 season. Russell averaged a triple-double, a feat he accomplished for three straight seasons.

Russell has also contributed to the NBA Cares program, which aims to help children with cancer and other illnesses. While he is not the highest paid player in the NBA, he has a large number of endorsements, including Nike and PepsiCo. These earnings account for roughly 26% of his total net worth.

In the first decade of his professional career, Russell earned a salary of around $250 million. His contract was one of the largest in NBA history at the time.

The biggest prize of his career came in 2017 when he signed a five-year, $207 million deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder. This contract was one of the highest paying in the league at the time and will increase Russell's total earnings to $335 million.

Russell is a member of the USA national basketball team. His team won gold in the 2010 FIBA World Championship. During the 2012 summer Olympics in London, the USA national basketball team won the gold medal as well.

He is a founding member of the Why Not Foundation, which provides shoes, backpacks and other items to kids in need. Through his foundation, he has provided shoes for more than 2,500 children.

Sore foot

Russell Westbrook has missed two games so far in December due to foot soreness. In both of the games, Westbrook did not play much. But the extent of the injury is still not known.

On Monday, the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Charlotte Hornets, and Russell Westbrook played in the first half. He exited the game early with left foot soreness. However, he's expected to play in the game against the Miami Heat on Wednesday.

Westbrook's foot soreness was initially viewed as a minor issue. That said, Westbrook has been dealing with the soreness in the days leading up to the game.

Westbrook is expected to play in the game against the Heat. However, he'll be on the bench. The Lakers will also be without Anthony Davis, who is expected to miss multiple weeks with a stress fracture in his right foot.

Austin Reaves will likely get some extra work in the absence of Westbrook. He's been a fan favorite in the short amount of time he's been with the team. Whether he takes a step back off the bench or not, it's clear that Westbrook is the primary offensive option for the Lakers.

Despite his absence, the Lakers are still in good shape. They have won three of their last four games, and they're tied with the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference standings at 15-21. Their Western Conference Play-in tournament is only half a game away.

With Davis out, the Lakers are forced to rely on everyone else. There's no guarantee that they'll win against the Hornets on Wednesday, but they're in good shape for now.

Westbrook has been playing well since moving to the bench. It's difficult to predict how he'll perform against the Miami Heat. His 6.2 rebounds per game and 7.6 assists are both solid numbers.

Pick-and-roll with Anthony Davis

If you ask the average NBA fan, they would likely have no idea what pick-and-roll is. The concept involves three shooters spread across the floor. They then execute a pass or shoot. Ideally, the ball handler would find a passing window, make the pass and shoot. But that is not always possible.

A good example of this is Russell Westbrook's play with Anthony Davis. The two have had a successful run in recent weeks. While the pairing may not be the most ideal team configuration, it's a potent one. Against second units, the combination could create havoc.

One thing that hasn't changed is Davis's efficiency. This year, he's averaging 8.9 shots at the rim per game. His 2-point percentage is up a notch, and he shot 32.1 percent outside of the paint last season. That's a huge feat, especially considering that he's been playing more power forward.

It's not surprising that he would have more success this season. With the addition of Tobias Harris, the Lakers' offense is not restricted to James. He is often the screener for Davis.

Nonetheless, the Lakers' offense has not been consistent. They're averaging a league-low 77.9 points per 100 possessions in the paint this season.

In fact, their most efficient move isn't a fancy pass, but an in-game move. Instead, it's a fast-break, slashing move that takes advantage of their height and strength.

Westbrook's interior passing skills are essential for pick-and-roll success. If he can find a clear passing angle, he's more likely to put the ball in James' hands.

And as for the Lakers' offensive arsenal, the pick-and-roll 3-on-2 has been a staple under Darvin Ham. They are averaging 0.786 points per possession in the pick-and-roll this season.


Russell Westbrook is a professional basketball player who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. He has a net worth of around $210 million and is one of the most highly-paid players in the NBA.

He was born in Long Beach, California on November 12, 1988. He was the fourth overall pick of the 2008 NBA draft by the Seattle SuperSonics. In his first season in the NBA, he averaged fewer than 20 points per game. This was his lowest scoring average since his second year in the league.

He went on to average a triple-double with the Wizards. He was the only NBA player to do this in back-to-back seasons.

The Lakers are looking at potential trade options for Westbrook. Some have suggested he could be traded to the Brooklyn Nets or Charlotte Hornets. It is a move that has been floated in recent months.

The Lakers have spoken to the Utah Jazz about their interest in Malik Beasley and Buddy Hield. They also have discussed a possible trade for Jordan Clarkson.

Westbrook has a contract that is worth around $47.1 million. He has an option for a further $47 million in the 2022-23 season. His salary is the largest in the NBA at the time of signing.

He is considered to be a salary cap ballast and serves a legitimate purpose in the NBA. However, he has been subject to trade speculation and is viewed as a way to clear space in the salary cap for the 2023-2024 season.

The Lakers may decide to keep the core of Westbrook, LeBron and Anthony Davis together. That's a decision that will probably be made after a few games in the early part of the season.

How Long Is Russell Westbrook's Contract With the Lakers 2023?

how long is russell westbrooks contract with the lakers 2023

The Lakers have had an interesting start to the season. They are currently sitting at 7-11. However, I think that they will have a great season. Whether that is the case or not, I don't know.


Russell Westbrook's contract with the Los Angeles Lakers has only one season remaining. But that could change if the Lakers trade the nine-time All-Star.

The Lakers haven't made a trade for Westbrook because they are unwilling to part with a long-term salary. Instead, they want something in return.

Westbrook is averaging 20.3 points, 8.0 rebounds, 1.3 steals, and 4.6 turnovers through 24 games this season. He has shot 44.4% from the field, which is nearly double the number he shot last year.

Despite the Lakers' failure to make the play-offs last season, the team is hoping for a bounce-back season with Westbrook under new coach Darvin Ham. However, the Lakers also have injuries to star players LeBron James and Anthony Davis. This will limit their roster flexibility.

When the Lakers acquired Russell Westbrook, they hoped he would lead them to the Western Conference title. Unfortunately, they finished 11th in the conference and missed out on the play-in tournament.

Now, with only two weeks left before training camp, the Lakers are reportedly considering trade options for Westbrook. If they do, they may have to offer up draft picks in exchange for the 33-year-old.

While there have been reports of the Lakers' interest in Kyrie Irving, it is unlikely the Brooklyn Nets superstar will be traded. Instead, the Lakers will likely run the roster from last season back.

It will be up to the Lakers' ownership to restart the tax clock and keep the team out of trouble. They will try to use the looming free-agent class as a convenient cover story.

The biggest problem with trading for Westbrook is that the Lakers don't have the talent to match his salary. That leaves them with a large amount of salary left on the books.

Player option

Russell Westbrook is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent in 2023. He has an option to stay with the Los Angeles Lakers. If Westbrook opts in, he will earn an additional year on his five-year, $206 million contract. The player option means that he could be paid $47 million for the 2022-23 season.

Westbrook is a two-time scoring champ, an All-Star nine times, a two-time MVP, and the owner of a Player's Championship Ring. His averages last season were 18.5 points, 7.1 assists, and 7.4 rebounds per game. However, his team's record was 33-49. It was a disappointing season for the Lakers.

With the Lakers, Westbrook had a chance to play in the playoffs for the first time in three seasons. Instead, they missed the play-in tournament. Although Westbrook played well, he wasn't an ideal fit with the Lakers. In fact, it seems that he might have to be traded.

The Lakers have tried to trade Westbrook for months. They don't want to be a cash cow by trading him for nothing. Plus, they don't have any draft picks to trade until 2026. As a result, they can't trade him for rotational players.

Even if the Lakers were willing to trade Westbrook for a future star, they couldn't get anyone to match his salary. That's because the Lakers are $53 million over the salary cap.

But if Westbrook decides to take the option, he will be able to return to the Lakers and earn an extra year on his deal. The Lakers will also get some room to improve their roster. This is because they can't find a rotational player to match his salary.

Westbrook's contract would also make him one of the highest paid players in the NBA during the 2022-23 season. If he opts in, he will earn an estimated $47.1 million.

Performance negatively impacted his value

If you follow NBA news, you've heard a lot about Russell Westbrook's disappointing performance with the Los Angeles Lakers last season. The nine-time All-Star was in the same boat as his team last year, posting a -4.0 net rating, his worst in 14 years.

As the Lakers look to rebuild their roster, a move to acquire Westbrook for a package of expiring contracts isn't the most ideal choice. However, it isn't impossible.

While Westbrook has had a rough go in his tenure with the Lakers, he does have a few things going for him. His ability to dictate terms of the offense and create opportunities has helped to make him an asset. In addition, he has a big salary, which helps the Lakers avoid the luxury tax.

However, his inconsistent performance is the biggest reason for the Lakers' lack of success with him. He hasn't won a game yet this season.

With his lack of versatility and inability to play the same position over and over again, Westbrook has made it difficult for the Lakers to build a roster around him. Instead, they prefer to build their trade packages around other players.

It's not clear why the Lakers decided to make such a significant commitment to Westbrook, but they appear to be hedging their bets. Rather than trade him, they are looking for ways to deal with his hefty salary. This includes considering using stretch provisions to shift his salary to a different player or team, and potentially negotiating a trade.

A trade for a more productive role player might be a better fit for the Lakers. Depending on which other teams make a move for Westbrook, the Lakers might be able to find a more reasonable deal.

Los Angeles Lakers' 7-11 start hasn't been great

Russell Westbrook has been with the Los Angeles Lakers for several months. He started out the season with the Wizards before being traded to the Lakers. The team was hoping for better performance on the court from its point guard.

The Lakers have had a disappointing first year with Westbrook. The Lakers have missed the play-in tournament and finished with a 33-49 record.

They were also without Anthony Davis for much of the season. He is expected to be sidelined through mid-January. But he could return for the second half of the season.

Los Angeles was one of the worst teams in the league in offensive efficiency. It also finished in the bottom 10 in defensive rating. However, they have improved since the All-Star break.

They have also moved Dennis Schroder into the starting lineup. That has helped, as the Lakers are shooting well from the three-point line. Moreover, the team has started to play winning basketball more often than not.

In addition, the team has found some production from the bench. Lonnie Walker IV has looked good in the last week, averaging 20.3 points per game. Although he can be a bit streaky, he has shown some resiliency, especially in the fourth quarter against San Antonio.

On the other hand, Westbrook has had some disappointing performances on the defensive end of the floor. His turnover rate is one of the highest in the NBA.

Nonetheless, it looks like the Lakers are on track for a good season, and a playoff run. If the Lakers can hang on to assets and improve health, they have a chance to get to the top of the Western Conference.

If they decide to trade Westbrook, he will take up a large portion of the team's salary cap. This is something the Lakers would have to do if they want to clear room for a future star player.

Unlikely trade candidate

The Los Angeles Lakers are weighing several factors before making a decision on whether to trade Russell Westbrook. However, according to a source, it is unlikely that the trade will occur before the February trade deadline.

This is because the Lakers want to protect the salary cap. That means he would have to be on the team through the end of the season. As a sixth man, Westbrook is a big part of the Lakers' success, but his contribution is not as great as it could be.

It also means he is owed a hefty sum of money in the next year. If the Lakers decide to trade him, it's likely that Westbrook will be a part of a blockbuster deal.

A number of teams, including the Miami Heat, have mentioned that they're interested in Westbrook. But it seems that the Lakers have no desire to trade him. Instead, they'd rather wait until the offseason and then take his salary.

According to Dan Woike of Bleacher Report, Westbrook's trade interest has been low. Teams don't like to pay $47 million for a bench player's energy.

LeBron James is not a top five player in the league anymore. In addition, he is a one-year wonder. He has just one more year left on his contract. There is a possibility that he could be traded, but the Lakers have no idea what they'll get in return.

Another option would be to add a player who has the potential to be a star. For instance, the Lakers could offer Nikola Vucevic and DeMar DeRozan from the Bulls. Alternatively, they could try to upgrade the roster with Myles Turner, Buddy Hield, or Kendrick Nunn.

James Goldstein When He Was Young

james goldstein when he was young  2023

James Goldstein is a basketball player and real estate agent who is considered to be one of the best players of his generation. He is currently the star point guard of the Boston Celtics. In this article, we'll take a look at his career and his life in the Hollywood Hills. We'll also discuss some of the most interesting friends that he's made along the way.

Basketball career

When James Goldstein was young, he was a huge basketball fan. He spent most of his free time following NBA games. His love for the sport was so deep that he had season tickets to every game in Los Angeles.

Jimmy Goldstein grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and graduated from the University of Wisconsin. Later he worked for Rammco Investment Corporation. Today, he lives in a house built by architect John Lautner.

In addition to being a big basketball fan, James Goldstein has a love for fashion. Often he wears a hat that has an alligator headband, or a zebra print pants.

He also has a passion for architecture. His home has been featured in films like The Big Lebowski and French Exit. It is one of the most famous homes in LA, and has been in several magazine spreads.

He attends more than 110 NBA games a year, and he has courtside seats to the Los Angeles Lakers. A fan of fashion, he often attends fashion shows with rapper Kanye West.

While his career has been relatively short, James Goldstein has an enormous amount of talent. He has helped the Florida Gulf Coast basketball team reach many milestones, including its first NCAA Tournament since 1993.

He also has helped the Charlotte Hornets in their quest for the playoffs. As a video coordinator, Goldstein compiled video edits for potential playoff matchups.

One of the most exciting players in the NBA today, Bo Doncic, is considered to be the best player in the league for the next few years. And he isn't the only player who's known for his wild fashion sense.

There are plenty of other NBA superstars he knows personally. He has a personal relationship with C.J. McCollum, a Portland Trail Blazers player.

Despite his considerable means, he's still a bit cagey about how he makes his money. Some believe he has a lucrative trailer park business, while others think he's in love with a popular Hollywood star.

Goldstein has only been on the court for a handful of games, but he has spent countless hours watching professional basketball. He has season tickets to both the Lakers and the Clippers.

Real estate career

James Goldstein's real estate career has been nothing short of legendary. When he was young, the American entrepreneur was a proponent of innovative development techniques, and his real estate projects were a hot commodity in the city.

Although he's been in business for more than 30 years, Goldstein still manages to create new structures. He's currently working on a major project in his backyard, which will eventually house a full-functioning nightclub. Eventually, the structure will also feature a guesthouse and office space.

Goldstein's career began when he worked for a real estate company called Rammco. This was during the late 60s, when he was able to buy cheap farmland in Los Angeles and make a fortune. Later, he began developing neighborhoods in LA, which led to his biggest purchase: the Carson Harbor Village in Carson.

In 1972, he bought a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright's protege John Lautner. This home has been featured in countless magazine spreads, including The Big Lebowski. Located in Benedict Canyon, it has a spectacular view.

As a businessman, Goldstein works for the Rammco Investment Corporation. His real estate portfolio includes five mobile home parks. Some of his other investments include the El Dorado in Palm Springs, the Carson Harbor Village, the Rancho Verde in Rohnert Park, and the Indian Springs in Palm Desert.

It's hard to know for certain what motivates Goldstein. He is cagey about how he makes his money. However, he's a fan of the NBA and has season tickets for the Los Angeles Clippers. Also, he's attended more than 2,000 games of the league.

His passion for the NBA has been mentioned in USA Today, Detroit Free Press, and ESPN the Magazine. While he has no favorite team, he has become close friends with a number of players. And, he attends at least one hundred games a year, which is impressive for an 83-year-old man.

Goldstein is a slightly older gentleman, but he's always dressed in something flashy. Whether it's a zebra print or an alligator leather jacket, he's dressed to impress.

Home in the Hollywood Hills

James Goldstein is a fashion designer, real estate developer and NBA fan. He is also known for his lavish home in the Hollywood Hills. The home has been featured in numerous movies and popular culture works.

During his life, Goldstein has had multiple girlfriends and has been romantically linked with Kiri Diktir, Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot. However, he has never married.

Goldstein is an avid basketball fan and has been to over 2,000 NBA games. He has been a season ticket holder for the LA Lakers and the LA Clippers. He attends as many games as possible and spends over $500k a year on sports tickets.

As a child, Goldstein was a crazed basketball fan. He attended as many games as he could, and he even became a volunteer statistician. After a stint at Stanford University, he moved to Los Angeles. This was the beginning of his career as a real estate developer. His love for the game continued throughout his adulthood.

In 1972, Goldstein bought the house designed by John Lautner. Lautner was a protégé of Frank Lloyd Wright. While the house is a work of art, it was originally intended to be a more functional home. Sadly, the original plan did not include a living room. It was not until the house was featured in movies that it became a tourist attraction.

The house features a tennis court, a nightclub called Club James and a pool. It is a glass and concrete structure that clings to the canyon side of the property. At one point, it covered four acres of jungle.

It has been renovated over the years, and it's now more than just a home. When Goldstein dies, his house will be donated to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The museum plans to preserve the legacy of Lautner.

Throughout his life, Goldstein has been a frequent feature in fashion and architecture shows, and he has a huge collection of art. Although he has never been married, he has dated models and young celebrities, including Charlette Collard and Jayne Mansfield.

Friends with NBA players

One of the most intriguing people in sports is James Goldstein. He's a man of Midwestern roots who left his hometown to become an American billionaire. He has built an empire in the real estate industry. But he also possesses an uncanny love for basketball.

Goldstein attends at least one NBA Finals game every year. Often times, he's courtside, too. And he has spent at least half a million dollars on NBA tickets in his lifetime.

When he was a kid, Goldstein was a scorekeeper for radio broadcast crews. He even helped out with statistics for the Milwaukee Hawks. Eventually, Goldstein made the move to Los Angeles.

Earlier this summer, Goldstein opened up his home to LeBron James. It's a stunning work of art that overlooks a view of Los Angeles and is set to be featured in the 2021 film "Space Jam 2."

Goldstein lives in a mobile home park in Carson. He owns five mobile home parks in Southern California. Several of his tenants say he's squeezed them for all they have. His house, however, has been the subject of numerous media reports.

Goldstein owns a 1961 Rolls Royce, which he uses to drive to and from Staples Center in Los Angeles. At one point, he had a boarding pass for a Southwest Airlines flight.

As a basketball fan, Goldstein attends hundreds of games per season. He's also an avid collector of vintage NBA posters. If there's an NBA game in Los Angeles, you'll find Goldstein in attendance.

During the NBA playoffs, Goldstein will spend several weeks traveling to games in Memphis, San Antonio, and Oakland. The playoffs are the most expensive time of the year to watch an NBA game.

Goldstein often attends postgame press conferences as well. He is known for his attention to detail. For instance, he once removed Shaquille O'Neal's hat. He also owns a custom-made blazer.

In fact, the man is so obsessed with basketball that he's often compared to Keith Richards. He's attended more than 100 NBA games each season. He's also traveled outside the United States, including to San Antonio, Oklahoma City, and London.

How Did James Goldstein Make Money in 2023?

how did james goldstein make money  2023

If you want to know how James Goldstein made money in 2023, then you are in the right place. He is not only a great basketball player, but he is also a very successful businessman. His mobile home park company has managed to become one of the most profitable in the country.

Basketball career

James Goldstein is a real estate developer and a big fan of the NBA. He owns five mobile home parks in Southern California.

Goldstein is a fan of the Los Angeles Clippers and the Dallas Mavericks. He has season tickets to both teams. In fact, he attends a whopping 110 games per year. The NBA playoffs are his favorite time of year.

Goldstein is known for his extravagant attire. Many of his suits are made of exotic skin. His uniform includes a hat made of ostrich leather.

Goldstein has always been treated with respect. But he has been accused of taking advantage of his tenants. One tenant even claimed that Goldstein squeezed every penny from him.

Goldstein's life is filled with fashion, architecture and basketball. His house in Los Angeles, for example, is famous. It's a sprawling property that stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the Hills.

Goldstein owns a 1961 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. It's a cream color.

Goldstein's house has also been featured in The Big Lebowski, French Exit, and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. A four-foot clear glass fence offers a panoramic view of the city.

In fact, the Instagram account of Goldstein's house alternates between images of Goldstein with other celebrities and photos of basketball luminaries. His Instagram has nearly 55,000 followers.

Goldstein's love for basketball has been well-documented in the media. He has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal, the Boston Globe, ESPN Magazine and the Detroit Press.

Goldstein has attended almost all of the NBA Finals over the past 40 years. He has been named an "NBA super fan" by USA Today.

As a young boy, Goldstein loved basketball. He attended several high school games.

Mobile home park mogul

James Goldstein is a self-described NBA "super fan". His career in the real estate business mainly revolves around mobile home parks. He owns five of them, all of which are located in California.

As a matter of fact, he owns two parks near the StubHub Center in Carson. This includes the Colony Cove Mobile Estate.

He has sued the cities of Palm Springs and Carson in order to eliminate rent control laws. However, due to a court ruling, this plan is not likely to succeed.

The court ruled that the city of Carson has the authority to enforce land use rules. It also ruled that Goldstein was trying to exploit the city's rent control ordinance.

For the past 25 years, Goldstein and his tenants have had a conflict over management and maintenance. Tenants have complained that their landlord has cut services, and that he is constantly seeking rent increases.

In 2012, a judge reprimanded the city for refusing to allow Goldstein to convert the Colony Cove mobile home park to market rate housing. After the reprimand, Goldstein made a comeback.

One of the most famous of Goldstein's properties is the Sheats-Goldstein House in Los Angeles. This upscale home has been featured in a number of fashion shoots.

Another park that he owns is the El Dorado Mobile Home Park in Palm Springs. These parks are also rent controlled.

Jimmy Goldstein is a self-described basketball fan and a big fan of fashion. He has attended hundreds of games over the years, and he has even attended the NBA Finals for several times.

While Goldstein has been a successful real estate mogul, his tenants say he has taken advantage of them. Some have accused him of being a robber baron, squeezing every last cent out of them.


Jimmy Goldstein, a real estate developer from the United States, is a style icon. He owns five mobile home parks in California. The latest mega project is a structure in his backyard.

Goldstein's home is a showpiece and has been featured in various publications, including Architectural Digest and the Robb Report. Eventually, the structure will house guest rooms, an offshoot terrace, and a fully functional nightclub.

Despite his apparent wealth, Goldstein will likely never divulge his name, age, or even his city of origin. As for his other half, Betty, she is an accomplished actress who graduated from UCLA. She has since married Mickey Hargitay.

While Goldstein owns several upscale mobile home parks, his income derives from a handful of other properties. Some of the properties are rented, while others are bundled into investment vehicles. Ultimately, the amount of money that Goldstein has earned from his businesses may be less than $10 million.

Goldstein is a big fan of the NBA. He has season tickets for the Los Angeles Clippers and the Los Angeles Lakers. In addition, he has befriended several NBA players.

James Goldstein has been making money in the real estate industry for over 30 years. He has accumulated an estimated net worth of over $100 million from his mobile home parks.

James Goldstein's life is an amalgamation of fashion, architecture, and basketball. He is said to have inspired Hedi Slimane at Yves Saint-Laurent. And he wears animal-skin cowboy hats.

In 1973, he was named the 'Mobile Mogul' by Time magazine. His innovative concept was the bundling of multiple properties into investment vehicles.

The best part about Goldstein's achievements is that he has been able to unlock the value of common properties.

Home decor

James Goldstein is a real estate developer and an avid NBA fan. He lives in a famous house in Los Angeles, California. The opulent home features multiple portraits of the developer himself. It also has a bedroom that can host up to 250 guests. There is a turnstile for the wardrobe, and an automated panel for the hot tub.

The house has been featured in several media articles. It has been rented out to a number of film productions. And it has received a lot of attention from the New York Times, Architectural Digest, and The Robb Report. Despite its fame, Goldstein isn't married or has children. However, he has been spotted at LA Lakers and Saint Laurent basketball games.

Goldstein has his own fashion line. His leather outfits are usually designed by Olivier Rousteing at Balmain. One of his favorite jackets has lion stitching. Another of his hats is made from animal skin.

Goldstein's house has an infinity pool. It is also home to a tennis court and a nightclub. He has plans for a theater, too. During the shooting of the movie The Big Lebowski, Goldstein's home was featured on the set. Several celebrities attended his party, including Leonardo DiCaprio.

He has an Instagram account with about 55,000 followers. He posts photos of himself with celebrities and NBA players. Occasionally he will post shots of supermodels in his home. Some of the famous people he's been photographed with include Rihanna, Jay Z, Kanye West, and Pamela Anderson.

Goldstein is the owner of a vintage Rolls Royce. This is the only car he has owned since moving to LA in the 1960s. He drives it frequently.

Appreciation of the game

If you like basketball and you like glitz and glam, James Goldstein's Hollywood abode may be for you. The feng shui-aed man made palatial compound is a veritable playground for the fashion conscious. His horde of model types and slickly dressed companions are the best dressed bunch in town.

Hedi Slimane at Yves Saint-Laurent is said to have tapped him for inspiration in the design of the brand's signature black cocktail dress. It's no secret that Goldstein likes to sport a full face of leather on occasion. One of the more interesting tidbits is that he often brings Hakeem Olajuwon to his pad for the glitz and glam factor. Apparently, the former Chicago Cubs power forward was a fan of Goldstein's in a previous life.

For a guy who loves basketball as much as he does, it's no surprise that the man has a plethora of trinkets and mementos that would rival even the most esoteric of sultans. Aside from his trove of baubles, Goldstein also has a knack for picking out the finest of everything, be it an antique car or an art deco table lamp.

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