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What to Watch on Netflix 2021

   If you are like me, stuck in the middle of the night and hopelessly scroll on the web in search of what to watch on Netflix or what to watch on YouTube? Then you are at the right place to find the answer to your question. In this article, we will compile up a large list of what to watch” for every occasion. 

Hopefully, this list will help you decide what to watch. Netflix is known for its best recommendations and great movies or films; however, Netflix brings prominent directors and serves its audience with original content that also makes its way towards Oscar. You will find the best what to watch for your special night. Make your night special with this great movie list.

While all of us need to remain during this COvid-19, however, sometimes we can’t just sit back and on and off the television. To help you all out, you can follow some excellent stuff. Do not waste your time on deciding. Check out our "what to watch” recommendation list. You will surely love it.

Streaming online is a new trend. Everyone has a Netflix subscription these days; being one of the giant Netflix, this streaming website has transformed the way we consume media. DVDs have become outdated, and now people prefer any online streaming website subscription rather than a collection of DVDs. You can easily decide what to watch. AddisonRae, Pauly D, NickCannon, and many other actors and actresses are spending their day quarantine and getting bored.

With online streaming websites, you can access thousands of movies, T.V. shows, and documentaries right at your fingertips. Decide what to watch easily with the help of this article and pretend like you are having The life of the party. Check out our favorite list.

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Is it fair enough to declare the best movie of this year? Well, that wouldn’t be fair enough if we announce the film of the year. After all, many films on the list of what to watch right now, but many others couldn’t make it into the plan. You are here scrolling through the blog to get the entertaining stuff for your perfect night.

Many agencies and industry members start their Entertainment Careers, and they are participating in giving the world masterpieces of arts. Yet, so many of us are stuck in the question of what to watch. Initially, thriller films and seasons are in demand, but your answer is explained in this article. Let’s get into the list of what to watch on Netflix.

In this article, we will also cover what to watch on internet topic as well.


What to Watch on Netflix?

1- Crash Landing on You 

Crash Landing on You is a mixture of emotions, a Korean drama that focuses on the beautiful heiress and a leading fashion businesswoman in South Korea. This could give an answer to your question What to Watch. The woman exactly knows what she wants in her life. After being swept up by a wind storm, she accidentally crashes into North Korean territory when she was paragliding.

After she went into North Korean territory, she meets a humble North Korean military officer RiJeong-hyeok, played by Hyun Bin, and then they fall in love.  Crashlanding on you is perfect, and it has 16 episodes. You can complete the whole drama in one day.


Watch Crash Landing on You Here

2- Cobra Kai 

Cobra Kai is filled with love. Along with three seasons, Cobra Kai is making its way to you now. Cobra Kai will take you through memory lane in this Karate kid spin-off. This show naturally ends up with plenty of high school karate-themed drama fi. You will surely love this.

 Watch Kobra Kai Here


3- Self Made (Truly Inspired by the life of Madame CJ Walker)

With all the hit cast of Academy Award winners Octavia Spencer, Tiffany Haddish, and Blair Underwood, Self Made is very popular. This show is the perfect match for your search for what to watch. The story is about a haircare entrepreneur who was America’s first female self-made millionaire.

These four-part limited series bring to you the ironic cultural life of social change, post-slavery racial biases, and business rivalries.



Watch Self Made Here 

4- Star Trek: Discovery

Do you want a sci-fi show to go into the imagination of mars? This whole series s the perfect thing for you to watch. This entire story revolves around the ideal place for people who know nothing about the franchise to start.

Played by Michael Burnham, an excellent Actor, Star Fleet finds herself in a court marshaled after trying to commit mutiny. Life gives her a chance to redeem herself in prison.

Watch Star Trek Here

5- You

YOU a word which will tear up your soul after watching. Starting with a charming bookkeeper who is known to be a sociopath becomes dangerously possessive about her women. He will do anything to make her fall in love with him. We highly recommend this series. Worth watching. If you are unsure what to watch this week, we suggest you start this series; you will surely love it. Who knows, you might finish this series of 2 seasons within days rather than reading an Epic Book.

ALERT! Beware; you might get sacred with a lot of blood!!!!!!!

 Watch You Here

What to watch-List of Family Friendly Movies:

1- The BFG

If you missed it before, nows the perfect chance to catch up on the gorgeous family adventure. You are acclimating from Roald Dahl's favorite children's book, The BFG stars recent Spielberg's beloved Mark Rylance as the eponymous Big Friendly Giant, who helps a human girl (Ruby Barnhill).

Together, they set out on a mission to take down the more giant, cruel monsters from his world, who want to conquer the earth and spread it on humanity. The BFG is a top-tier family adventure, filled with the filmmaker's signature sense of curiosity and introducing fascinating motion-capture work from filmmakers. And on the matter of effects and animation, The BFG is just categorical stunning to behold.

Watch The BFG Here

2- Hook

While Hook was critically mocked when it hit theaters in 1991, with criticisms of its domestic approach leading Steven Spielberg to go all-in on horror with 1993’s Jurassic Park directly, the film was an enormous success for kids.  Spielberg knocks into something special here in his restating of the Peter Pan story.

While it’s hard to put the finger on—many people still say it’s one of Spielberg’s worst movies. However, the impact it had on an entire generation of children is unquestionable.  Robin Williams plays a grown-up Peter Pan who cannot remember his time in Nederland until Captain Hook (Dustin Hoffman) steals his family and forces Peter to go back.

It’s a fight, as Peter keeps trying to reject any semblance of magic, and honestly, at heart, this is a story about relinking with your inner child. Maybe that’s why it works so well for kids. Well, that and the excellent production brings Neverland to life in vibrant fashion. If your children plan a movie night, suggest to them Hook when they are wondering what to watch.

Watch Hook Here

3- We Can Be Heroes

If you’re looking for a silly and sweet sci-fi adventure that’s entertaining for the whole family,  We Can Be Heroes by Robert Rodriguez is a pretty attractive option. Set in the same universe as his treasured 2005 family superhero movie The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, his film brings all that bubbly and bright energy to a new generation of supermen. 

After Earth’s legion of heroes is captured by aliens, their families have to step up and protect the day, each with their own different set of powers, from traditional superhero abilities like controlling objects to controlling time by singing to an excellent classic song for leadership. 

And in case we forget the scene-stealing Guppy, Shark boy and Lava girl’s endearing young daughter who inherited Shark Power and knew how to use it. It’s a breezy fantasy/sci-fi, a light-hearted adventure for kids that should land well with fans of Shark boy and Lava girl and Rodriguez’s Spy Kids franchise. – Haleigh Foutch

 Watch We Can Be Heros Here

What to watch-List of Best Netflix TV Shows and Original Series

1- The Queen's Gambit

You don't need to be interested in chess to fall for the seven-episode limited show The Queen's Gambit because, at heart, the series isn't really about chess at all. It's a dramatic story about a young orphan girl working through her trauma to find some impression of joy anywhere she can and the people she meets along the way. 

The Witch (Anya Taylor-Joy) is revelatory in the leading role of Beth Harmon, a young chess sensation, bringing incredible confidence to the character while also nailing the shades of her emotional intricacy. Scott Frank, who directs and writes every episode, brings the 1950s and 1960s to life in intense fashion with magnificent production design and elegant costumes, but it's the way he captures the chess contests that makes this thing soar.

They're electrifying and captivating not because of the particular moves but because the series does such a great job of making you so devoted to Beth's story. And with a full-on ending and seven episodes, you don't have to panic about this show being canceled. You will find it a complete story from beginning to end. – Adam Chitwood.

Watch The Queen's Gambit Here

2- Sherlock

While Sherlock Holmes's infinite adaptations have appeared over the decades, with most system procedurals themselves owing an outstanding commitment to Arthur Conan Doyle's source material, the BBC series Sherlock provides one more fun and amusing Sherlock twists in recent memory. 

 The series puts the characters of Dr. James Watson (Martin Freeman) and Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) in a contemporary context, using the standard dynamic and detective genre as the base on which Sherlock is built. 

However, the series stands on its own with the chemistry between Freeman and Cumberbatch giving us something electric on TV and the scripts by Moffat and Gatiss surprising watchers at every turn. The film takes advantage of the fact that each episode is ninety minutes long.

Each season only comprises three episodes total, so while it's theoretically a TV show, each episode feels like a feature film. Furthermore, Moffat and Gatiss do their best to make sure that no one episode feels too similar to another, delivering a great degree of diversity throughout the series. Cool, thrilling, and enthusiastically entertaining, this is a must-watch TV series and a perfect answer to your question about what to watch.

Watch Sherlock Here

3- Glow

The GLOW (Netflix original series) has one of the more original premises in recent TV history. It records the life of a fledgling professional wrestling campaign called the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, as various ambitious actresses and generally women down on their good luck audition and agree to take an attempt at a wholly new field.

 Marc Maron acts as schlock B-movie director tasked with turning GLOW into a show. Alison Brie works as a theater nerd and ambitious actress, taking it all way too seriously. Betty Gilpin plays soap opera star and Brie's former friend, who becomes the wrestling event's focus.

Season 1 is lovely, but Season 2 is one of the best seasons of a Netflix TV show ever made. It's purely cheerful, focused, character-rich, and enthusiastically entertaining, and did I mention the bangin' 80s soundtrack?– Adam Chitwood

Watch Glow Here

4- Ozark

The Netflix renowned series Ozark is repeatedly one of the streaming service's most famous shows, and for a good reason. Precisely like a backwoods version of Breaking Bad, the show starts with Jason Bateman's life falling apart.

He is forced to move from Chicago to the Ozarks to create a money laundering business after realizing his longtime business partner has been vending with Mexican drug cartels. They owe an excessive amount of money. Bateman's life is out of danger when he promises to earn by opening a vacation destination in the Ozarks.

Still, as he and his family trap themselves deeper and deeper into the criminal world, the line between good and evil becomes further blurred. It's pretty exciting, packed with twists, and the acts are solid. It's not as emotionally satisfying or as tight as Breaking Bad, but then again, what is? As far as alternatives go, Ozark is solid.

Watch Ozark Here

5- Schitt's Creek

Imagine a less pessimistic Arrested Development crossed with a reversed Beverly Hillbillies, and you're close to one of the most joyful shows on all of television, Schitt's Creek. The Canadian sitcom states the story of a wealthy family who loses everything when their business manager cheats on them. The only thing they do possess is a small, backwoods town the patriarch (Eugene Levy) purchased for his son Daniel Levy as a pun gift back in 1991, and they all are then forced to shift there and live out of a motel. 

They gradually begin to accept their new lives and even love their new city, despite their many, many twists of fate. The comedy is enjoyable, anchored by a phenomenal performance from Catherine O'Hara as the family queen (a former soap artist in denial about her social status). It's also a pleasingly forward-thinking series, as the son's pansexuality is met not with judgment or scorn but with a full loving embrace. Funny, oh-so-sweet, and witty, Schitt's Creek is the perfect series for when you need suggestions for what to watch.

 Watch Schitt's Creek Here

What to Watch - List of Books Turn into Movies

1- The Invisible Man

H.G. Wells' 1897 sci-fi novel has become a modern horror reinvention once before with 2000's Kevin Bacon-starring Hollow Man. But assumed how that turned out, we expect that director Leigh Whannell's newest adaptation fares better. 

However, adopting the same title as the book, this picture is only loosely based on the actual book. It follows a woman played by Elisabeth Moss who determines her abusive ex may be stalking her under invisibility semblance. The show was initially meant to fragment Universal's Dark Universe with Johnny Depp in the leading role but has taken on a different life since then. 

 Watch The Invisible Man Here

2- The Witches

The Witches was an inspirational read for all young individuals. The 1990 movie version of Roald Dahl's kids' novel still gives many of us trembles thanks to Anjelica Huston's chilling act (and those creepy

prosthetics). The new film branch out the same story, moving the action to South America, where Anne Hathaway plays a witch who bullies Octavia Spencer and her loveable grandson.

 Watch The Witches Here

3- Dune

Director Denis Villeneuve has scheduled a two-part adaptation of Frank Herbert's famed 1965 novel about nomadic tribes struggling to control a desert planet called Arrakis, which is considered a powerful home substance called Melange. The first film came in December with Timothée Chalamet in the lead Paul Atreides. Others include Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson, and Oscar Isaac, also stars. 

A prelude series, Dune: The Sisterhood, is also in the works for HBO Max, while a release date has yet to be announced.

 Watch Dune Here

4- The Secret Garden

Colin Firth leads the cast of the most recent take on the 1911 youngsters' classic The Secret Garden, with this version carrying a more magical feel to the garden itself. Shot around England, the film focuses on an orphaned girl named Mary sent to live in a secretive manner on the Moors with her uncle. Where she makes some friends who help her expose her past and find a brighter future.

 Watch The Secret Garden Here

5- David Copperfield

Director Armando Iannucci has renovated Charles Dickens' classic novel into an animated, impulsive film, The Personal History of David Copperfield. Dev. Patel plays the titular's role, who finds himself living an unrestrained life after his mother's death. Hugh Laurie and Tilda Swinton costar in an adaptation that often plays for jokes despite the tale's darkness.

 Watch David Copperfield Here

6- The Call of the Wild

Jack London probably never imagined Harrison Ford stepping into John Thornton's shoes (the human protagonist of his favorite novel, The Call of the Wild). Of course, the book describes a dog named Buck, who gets stolen from his home and taken to the Yukon. The movie will also put a severely CGI-ed Buck at the front position from the trailer's first look. If you missed this book as a teenager, it's worth revisiting now.

Watch The Call of the Wild Here

What to watch-List of Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is selecting up the slack, adding new movies for its users each month.  So, we’ve plucked out the five best films included with a Prime Video subscription right now.

1- Back to the Future

An '80s young boy gets zapped back to the 1950s, where he creates some uncomfortable discoveries about his then-teenage parents (and accidentally stops them from the meeting, endangering his existence) in this drama from the director Robert Zemeckis. 

Michael J. Fox mines endless giggles from the character's misperception and fear, while Crispin Glover and Lea Thompson are amazingly eccentric as his mother and father-to-be. On the other hand, Christopher Lloyd steals the show as the mad scientist whose time machine sets the entire wobbly business into motion. ("Attack the Block" hits the same notes of far-out, sci-fi, and comedy.)

 Watch Back to the Future Here

2- Ace in the Hole

The director Billy Wilder followed up the achievement of "Sunset Boulevard" with this identical "sordid and cynical drama," starring Kirk Douglas as a brutal and amoral newspaperman. The latter turns a little story of a man trapped in a downfall into a national media circus, all to strengthen his profile.

"Ace in the Hole" was a dire and commercial failure at the time of its release. A party that now seems an indication that Wilder was ahead of his time; the picture's a persistent portrait of mass media (and humanity in general) looks much more in tune with our current mood.

Watch Ace in the Hole Here

3- Rushmore

Wes Anderson had his first big success and began his career-long partnership with Bill Murray. With this ironically funny and occasionally painful comedy-drama. Jason Schwartzman acts as Max Fisher, a student at the elite Rushmore Academy, whose educational mediocrity is frequently obscured by his enthusiasm and ambition. 

Murray is Herman Blume, a miserable millionaire whom Max first perceives as a mentor and then as competition for a teacher's fondness at the institute(Olivia Williams). This was solely Anderson's sophomore effort, but his unique aesthetic was already in place, along with his affection for an unusual person, outcasts, and weirdos. You can also watch The Royal Tenenbaums (his follow-up) on Amazon Prime.)

Watch Rushmore Here

4- Bull Durham

The writer and director Ron Shelton's story of the on-and-off-field oppositions of a small-town minor-league baseball team pushed Susan Sarandon, Kevin Costner, and Tim Robbins to the next level of fame, and it's not hard to see why.

It's a phlegmatic charmer, casually sexy, and endlessly funny, and it allows all of them to do what they do best: Sarandon smolders, Costner shoots straight, and Robbins plays an amiable goofball. 

Watch Bull Durham Here

5- Ernest and Celestine

This animated French fascinator (re-voiced for English audiences with an all-star cast) has the appearance and feel of a lovingly illustrated old kids' book and serves as a reminder, in a spit-shined computer-generated animation, the landscape of glistening, of the joys of the handmade arrangement.

The watercolor-infused style is proper to this odd little story of two outsiders who bond and help each other despite their respective species' condemnation.

Watch Ernest and Celestine Here

What to Watch- Oscar-Winning Movies on Netflix

1- There Will Be Blood 

Won: Best Actor (Daniel Day-Lewis), Best Cinematography, at the 80th Academy Awards

Featuring Daniel Day-Lewis as Daniel Plainview, this movie from 2007 follows a materialistic psychopath in the 20th century. For instance, Plainview seeks riches in the West, first in mining and then in oil drilling and distribution. He places cash and power above everything else, particularly the well-being of others.

It's a relentless, dark, and dusty commentary on capitalism, and the way the world built on competitive greed brings out the absolute nastiest in those who succeed in it. By way of Plainview's wealth piles up, so do the bodies around him, both figuratively and literally.

It would be hard to watch if it weren't for the implausible, gripping performances and the expansive, almost emotional landscapes in which the whole ordeal is set. 

Watch There Will be blood Here.

2- Inception 

Whether the ending delights or haunts you, Inception is always the best experience to watch, from Hans Zimmer's excellent score (BWAAHHHH) to the city streets and rotating hallways of the dream world. Inception keeps us guessing and gawking throughout, without the confusion of the instructor Christopher Nolan's more recent work (cough, Tenet).

It's a VFX smorgasbord, a high-stakes heist, and a thriller that always has us riveted. 

 Watch Inception Here

3- The Hateful Eight

The Hateful Eight movie stands alone among Quentin Tarantino movies. It feels more like a stage drama than a story for the silver screen. Maximum of this bloody Western unfolds in the claustrophobic confines, tight of an empty way station as a group of seeming outsiders huddles together to wait out a nasty snowstorm.



Oscar-Winning Movie

During their forced captivity, the truths that arise weave into an excellent murder mystery boosted by an Oscar-winning score from Ennio Morricone and Robert Richardson's lush cinematography.

Watch The Hateful Eight Here

4- Moonlight

The movie's memorable Academy Award win for Best Picture was an interesting coda to the film's tremendously positive reaction. The movie focuses on the modulation points of growing up, taking place over one or two days in a man named Chiron's childhood, adulthood, and adolescence.

Each period starring a different actor as Chiron, and each version of him studies a little more about the personal truths, and social that notify who he is and will become. The film is romantic, intimate, and tragic, zeroing in on the certainties of Chiron's fractured home environment and growing queer sexuality while quietly highlighting the kindness of the characters who have impacted his life for well and worse. 

 Watch Moonlight Here

5- Roma

Alfonso Cuarón's Oscar-winning drama is based on Cleo (Yalitza Aparicio), a housekeeper working for a wealthy family in Mexico City. Thanks to the film's writing, direction, and cinematography (each of which brings in its own respective Oscar), the movie is remarkably immersive, inclosing us in Cleo's world in a way most pictures strive for and can never even touch.

We feel the luxury in her mundane day-to-day, the wound of her boyfriend's betrayal, and great panic and trauma in the film's final act. It's a spectacular piece of cinema that should be talked about for decades to come. 

Watch Roma Here

What to Watch- Best Documentaries on Netflix 

1- My Octopus Teacher

If you’re looking for something uplifting, oddly beautiful, and soothing, you should check out James Reed and Pippa Ehrlich’s lovely documentary My Octopus Teacher. The movie follows director Craig Foster who goes scuba dive off South Africa and comes across an octopus. 

He decides to interact with the octopus every day and learn about the creature as much as possible. We see a remarkable and startling intelligent animal working its way to stay alive in a dangerous kelp forest through their magnificent underwater photography. 

Watch My Octopus Teacher Here

2- Miss Americana

The Taylor Swift documentary Miss Americana is far from your classic music doc. It isn’t even really all that dedicated to Swift’s music so much as it is on Swift as a person. More specifically, it’s a picture of Taylor’s long journey to figuring out how to ignore what people think about her and how that demonstrates her feminist emergence and decision to express her political opinion publicly.

The film’s authentic moments of vision are hard to ignore, and it’s interesting to watch Swift come to positions with who she is as a human being while also being one of the most famed people on the planet. 

Watch Miss Americana Here

3- Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

Infamous serial killer Ted Bundy was exceptional in that he ultimately didn’t confess to his crimes, which contain the murder of at least 30 women, until days before his execution.

So the four-part series Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes pulls from an interview series in which Bundy agreed to speak in the third person, investigating the kind of person who may have committed the crimes credited to him.

It's a mesmerizing movie that gives generous voice to Bundy’s victims while also enlightening how Bundy could elude establishments for so long. 

Watch Conversation with a killer Here.

4- American Murder: The Family Next Door

The Netflix original documentary American Murder: The Family Next Door is a traumatic, infuriating story of the 2018 Watts family murders that uses law enforcement recordings, text messages, social media posts, and home video footage to reenter the events that unfolded. 

The documentary essentially focuses on the sufferers, making it a standout amongst many true crime documentaries. Include this documentary in your what to watch list right now!

 Watch American Murder Here


What to Watch - List of Best Movies According to Critics

1- Citizen Kane

What critics said: "What's a mysterious movie, the sheer transformative thriller of the invention is there in every shot, every narrative, and in every performance.''— Entertainment Weekly

2- Rear Window

What critics said: "There is never a flash when the filmmaker is not in a minute and excellent control of his material: camera, script, cutting, props, the handsome set assembled from his ideas, the stars he has Chained to his vehicle."— Time

3- Casablanca

What critics said: "The dialogue is so cynical and spares it has not grown outdated. Much of the emotional effect of the movie is achieved by indirection; as we quit the theater, we are absolutely persuaded that the only thing grasping the world from going crazy is that the difficulties of people do after all amount to more than a mountain of beans." — Chicago Sun-Times.

4- Boyhood

What critics said: "On rare circumstances, a movie appears to channel the flow of real life. Boyhood is one of those movies. In its ambition, which is balanced by its execution, Richard Linklater's charming epic is not only rare but unprecedented." — Wall Street Journal.

5- Three Colors: Red

Critics said: "It is a movie of much kindness and very far from smart U.S pap. But the visible brilliance of its making does at times destroy its inner workings as if its production and its meaning were not quite in absolute harmony." — Guardian.


Final Words

That's it. I hope you enjoyed our extensive what to watch list of movies. And you have found your favorite one for tonight. So, whenever you are stuck in the middle of the night and scroll on the web searching for what to watch on Netflix, Bookmark our what to watch list of movies and save your time.













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