What Happened When The Simpsons Came Out in 2023?

What Happened When The Simpsons Came Out in 2023?


when the simpsons came out 2023

One of the most beloved animated series of all time, The Simpsons is still going strong. It's currently on its 32nd season and will likely be running for years to come.

The original 2007 feature film was a massive hit for 20th Century Fox and fans have been waiting for a sequel ever since. Now, at Comic-Con, creator Matt Groening revealed that a sequel is definitely in the works.

The Marge-ian Chronicles

When Ned Flanders has a chicken coop in his backyard, Homer and Bart decide to start stealing their eggs. This is a classic Simpsons story, one that's been around since the beginning.

This brisk neighborly spat quickly turns into a U-turn when the family discovers that Exploration Incorporated is taking in Ned's chickens as part of a company's plan to establish space flight to Mars within 10 years. The company relies on corporate sponsorship, and Fig Newton knock-offs are involved, making the plot a bit too silliness to fit with the show's usual satirical tone.

Marge is eager to volunteer for the opportunity, even though it seems to be a bad idea. Lisa, however, isn't so sure. She's concerned that Marge won't like the training for a simulated Mars habitat, and she has trouble convincing Marge to give up on her dream of being a mom.

But Marge's maternal instincts kick in and she finds herself thriving in the habitat, where she can take care of herself and her daughter. She's able to rehydrate the habitat with toilet water, and she loves to brag about her mothering skills.

The only problem with this episode is that it scuttles the potential Marge-Lisa bonding by introducing some lazy gender stereotyping, which feels unnecessary and weak. It's another example of the show attempting to use reverse psychology to make Marge and Lisa "like" each other, but it ultimately comes off as more of an antiquated concept than anything.

The story does a good job of setting the stage for a family's future adventures, and the comedy is mostly well-timed. But Homer's jerk-assery toward Ned Flanders is too often drawn out and distracts from the main storyline. It's a shame, because the rest of the episode is solid enough, and the theme of space exploration is a fascinating one for this show.

A Zombie Virus Outbreak

As fans of the long-running television show, many people are always looking forward to a new episode. One of the best known episodes of the series was "Bart to the Future," where Bart saw his and his sister's future. It is a popular episode that has been watched by millions of viewers worldwide and has made many predictions that have come true.

The Simpsons have been making predictions for years, and the audience is always eager to see what they'll come up with next. Recently, a TikTok video was shared that featured some of the most dire Simpsons predictions for 2023.

A zombie virus outbreak could be a terrifying prospect for humanity. This is because it can easily spread and cause an apocalypse. It also has a lot of similarities to other diseases, such as rabies and hepatitis C.

But a zombie virus would be much more difficult to contain. This is because it would be much easier for it to spread through airborne droplets than a disease like hepatitis C.

Researchers have found that viruses are capable of re-infecting themselves even after they've been dormant for a long time. This is a phenomenon called “re-infection capacity,” or RCP.

According to scientists, this is the first time a virus has been discovered that is capable of infecting itself after being dormant for so long. The viral infection can happen when the virus enters a person's body and then tries to replicate itself.

This happens when the virus re-programs its host cell to make certain proteins that allow it to grow and spread. It can then infect other cells in the body, which will then re-program their own cells to make those same proteins.

This is why many experts believe that a zombie outbreak is a lot more dangerous than a bacterial outbreak. A zombie outbreak is more likely to go airborne than a bacterial outbreak, which means that it is more likely to spread throughout the world and cause an apocalypse.

Nuclear War Between China and the United States

In 2023, the nuclear weaponry of two great powers is used to kill and displace millions of civilians. It is a catastrophic act of mass murder that would surpass in scale the vernichtungskrieg (war of extermination) waged by Nazi Germany in Eastern Europe over four years.

But China and the United States are not alone in their nuclear ambitions. North Korea has also increased its arsenal. Russia has accelerated its buildup. And the Pentagon has warned that Chinese hypersonic weapons, such as missiles capable of shooting down satellites, could be more dangerous than ever.

The Chinese decision to acquire nuclear weapons was meant to counter what Mao called “nuclear blackmail.” But contemporary Chinese military planners seem to have added a new purpose, one that is less aimed at countering blackmail than it is provoking the United States to halt a conventional attack.

If the United States tries to thwart Beijing’s efforts to unify with Taiwan or if Taiwan tries to invade China, a nuclear exchange may be inevitable, as is a conventional war that threatens the US homeland and its allies in the Pacific. This is because Chinese nuclear forces will be able to strike targets ranging from Taiwan to the Second Island Chain in the Indo-Pacific and deter or coerce the United States to back down.

These capabilities, which include theater-range dual-capable nuclear ballistic and cruise missiles, can also make China more confident in a conventional fight and increase its capacity to force the United States to negotiate a peace treaty or otherwise to withdraw from the conflict. Moreover, these nuclear weapons would likely be backed by a strategic force that is capable of holding the U.S. homeland at risk, a key component of U.S. success in the Asia-Pacific region.

In 2023, the worst-case scenarios of a full-scale nuclear war are becoming increasingly likely. But the real question is how the world will respond to these developments and whether major powers will go to war or break their nearly 80-year taboo on using nuclear weapons.

Space Exploration

Space exploration is the process of exploring outer space through astronomy, robotic space probes, and human spaceflight. Astronomy is the study of the universe, while space technology refers to the inventions and developments that have allowed humans to explore the solar system and beyond.

The United States government has set different goals for its space program, including returning to the Moon and a manned mission to Mars. Billionaire Jeff Bezos, who owns Amazon, has pushed for space tourism, which could generate profits and create a sustainable industry. Others have explored asteroid mining, which they think would supply the world with new metals and rare earth elements.

It was only a matter of time before The Simpsons came out with a prediction that Richard Branson, the British billionaire who owns Virgin Galactic, would make a trip into space. And it turns out that the show did predict it!

Netizens have pointed out a scene in Season 25 of The Simpsons that shows Branson reclining and looking at a painting while floating in a spacecraft. The eerie coincidence has convinced many that the cartoon actually predicted Branson’s journey to space.

In the episode titled 'The Burn and The Bees,' the Simpsons family gets to see an astronaut enjoy his time in zero gravity. And now, the same idea has been applied to the latest venture of Branson, who took off on Sunday aboard his Virgin Galactic space tourism aircraft.

It was a dream come true for the British entrepreneur, and he made it to the edge of space with three employees from his company. They took off on Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity, the 22nd test flight of the company's XS-1 spacecraft, and successfully touched the boundary between space and the Earth. This was a major milestone for Virgin Galactic and the space industry. In addition, it was the first time a spacecraft from a private company had taken a passenger on board. The crew landed safely back on Earth in New Mexico.

what the simpsons would look like  2023

What the Simpsons Would Look Like in 2023

The Simpsons is one of the longest-running primetime scripted series in TV history. Fox has handed the long-running family a two-season renewal, keeping the show on its broadcast schedule through 2024-25.

The network also renewed Bob's Burgers and Family Guy. They're the latest additions to its animated slate which includes The Great North and Dan Harmon's Krapopolis and Jon Hamm's Grimsburg.

Homer Simpson becomes a billionaire

Homer Simpson has always been a popular character on the sitcom. In fact, his popularity has helped The Simpsons stay on the air for 34 seasons, making it one of the longest-running prime-time series in history.

As The Simpsons approaches its 33rd season, showrunner Al Jean is giving some thought as to how it should end. But he says that studio bosses are happy with how it's playing out.

The Simpsons has a reputation for predicting the future, and it looks like it hasn't failed to live up to its billing. The show's creator Matt Groening has already predicted Donald Trump's presidency and the Disney-Fox merger back in 1998.

So, how has the iconic American sitcom managed to predict so much?

While the show has often predicted things like tiger attacks and the rise of President Trump, it also has made a few major errors. For example, Homer's vote in the 2008 presidential election was changed to John McCain instead of Barack Obama.

This was a result of a faulty voting machine. The show showed Homer entering a voting booth and trying to cast his vote, only to have the computerized machines count it as a vote for John McCain.

Since then, Homer has had a few high-paying gigs at the nuclear power plant. But even taking that into account, his income has never surpassed the median income in America.

If you take all the jobs that Homer has held over the years and adjust his salary for inflation, he's actually earned about the same amount as he did in 1989. That's about half of what an average American worker earns today, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In other words, Homer has been a middle-class stereotype for three decades.

For a brief period, he climbed the economic ranks to become a top executive at the power plant, but then he became an employee again in season 13. He's been stuck in a middle-class career for most of his life, and it looks as though he won't break out into the 1 percent anytime soon.

Bart Simpson becomes a politician

The Simpsons has been a satire of popular culture for over three decades, but if you look back at some of its more notable episodes you’ll find that it’s been able to predict a number of events that became true years later. Some of these predictions are more shocking than others, but all of them have been correct in some way.

In one of the most famous episodes to date, Bart to the Future (which aired in 2000), Bart is shown what his family would look like 30 years into the future. The episode focuses on Bart’s life after he decides to drop out of college and start freeloading off of his family. He’s a drunk slacker who’s trying to break into the music scene with his band, and the only gig they can get is at a beach bar owned by Nelson Muntz.

After a disastrous performance, Bart is forced to move out of his family’s house. He lives in a beach cottage with his bandmate Ralph Wiggum, and they’re all struggling to make ends meet. Eventually, they run out of money and end up having to sell their cottage.

That same year, The Simpsons starred in an episode called “Two Bad Neighbours,” which was a gentle satire of President Bush’s family. The show didn’t shirk from addressing the president and his wife’s abrasive personality, but it did so in a way that was gentle enough to keep viewers on the side of the family.

Another episode, titled “Bart’s Future,” takes Bart even further into the future by showing him becoming a politician. He’s a freeloading slacker who hasn’t done much to earn his living, but now he’s about to be made a president by Lisa.

When Lisa takes office, she tells her advisors that they’ve inherited “quite the budget crunch” from President Trump. That’s a direct reference to Trump’s run for the presidency in 2016 and his attempts to become a Reform Party candidate.

While some people believe the episode is just an homage to Trump’s campaign, others think the show is actually predicting what would happen in 2024. This is mainly because of the outfit that Lisa wears in the episode, which was a purple blazer over a purple blouse with a pearl necklace.

Lisa Simpson becomes a movie star

When Yeardley Smith, the actress who voices Lisa Simpson on The Simpsons, was growing up, she didn't think she would have the chance to voice a character on television. That was the case until she was cast in the role and her life changed forever.

Since then, she's voiced hundreds of episodes of the longest-running prime time scripted show in TV history. She's made her way into the hearts of viewers as Lisa Simpson, a plucky, idealistic second-grader who often comes up against real-life situations that kids face. She has also been a fixture of the show's most iconic moments, like in Season 27's "Halloween of Horror," when she develops a serious fear of the holiday's scary imagery.

As her popularity grew, Smith realized that she needed to make a conscious effort to stay true to herself in front of the camera. She began talking openly about her bulimia, her relationship with her parents, and how fame can lead to depression.

Eventually, Smith realized that she had to change her lifestyle in order to feel better about herself. She began to exercise more, eat better and go on longer vacations. She also started making art, which she believes helped her overcome the depression that stemmed from her childhood.

In an interview with Variety, Smith shared that she now spends a lot of time focusing on her art. She says that she's a much more confident person. She hasn't suffered from the same depression as before and she is now able to focus on her career.

She's also a much more empathetic person and is now willing to help others. She says that she's become a role model for young people in her community, especially with her work with deaf children.

She is now working with a nonprofit that helps deaf children, and she plans on helping kids with disabilities in the future. She hopes that this work will give her a sense of accomplishment and self-worth.

Marge Simpson becomes a chef

The Simpsons is the longest-running primetime television show in history, starring a family of four: Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa. The series is known for its unique humor, satire and social commentary. Its characters are instantly recognizable around the world, and the show has a Guiness World Record for most guest stars.

A few years ago, we learned that the show would be reimagined as a food-themed sitcom. We even saw celebrity chefs like Tom Colicchio and Mario Batali in the show's cast, which is a pretty awesome idea for any animated series.

In the next episode, it looks like Marge is going to take her love for cooking a step further. She's about to become a chef on a cooking show!

This isn't the first time The Simpsons has jumped on a food trend. A few weeks ago, the show's season opener featured Marge dreaming that she was a contestant on a reality cooking show and Tom Colicchio deemed her peanut butter crackers "transcendent."

When Marge enters a baking competition in an effort to earn a promotion at Ovenfresh, she accidentally taints the other contestants' dishes with Maggie's ear medicine, making them unappetizing. This angers Bart and Lisa, who call her out for cheating, but Marge defends herself.

As a result, she becomes a popular cook in the town of Springfield. Ned Flanders encourages her to enter a cooking contest, but Marge realizes that the competition is harder than she thought.

Despite the challenge, Marge wins. She's able to get her recipe into the show's official cookbook, and her dish earns rave reviews from local residents and author Thomas Pynchon.

But when a fellow Springfieldian shows up at her door, she's tempted to leave. Her husband, Bart, and her daughter, Lisa, decide to stay. But when Lisa learns that the other contestants have a rival chef, she decides to go out with her girlfriend and not compete in the competition.

The Simpsons has been making predictions about the future for years, but its latest one is especially ominous. The show's producer Al Jean reportedly tweeted that the show would be taking a shot at the 2024 presidential election, which is set to feature Donald Trump.

what the simpsons have predicted  2023

What The Simpsons Have Predicted For 2023

The Simpsons have always been known for making predictions, and they have come true a lot of the time. One example of that is when they predicted faulty voting machines.

Another is when they predicted the Ebola outbreak. These are just a few of the many predictions they have made over the years.


For over three decades, The Simpsons has been a popular cartoon show that has captivated viewers around the world. It has also gained a reputation for predicting weirdly accurate events.

One of the most interesting predictions from The Simpsons is that Mars will be colonized by humans. In the season 27 episode The Marge-ian Chronicles, Lisa dreams of going to Mars, even though her mother disapproves. She signs up for a trip that should take place in 2026.

In real life, SpaceX, helmed by billionaire Elon Musk, hopes to send people to Mars in the future. The company is currently working on cargo ships that will be ready to travel to the red planet by 2022.

Another Simpsons prediction that may come true is that Richard Branson will go to space in his Virgin Galactic spacecraft. In 2014, the show aired an episode that showed Branson floating in space in his Virgin Galactic spacecraft, and it is said that The Simpsons had correctly predicted this before the show aired.

There are other predictions that may happen in 2023 as well. For example, Jurgen Schmidhuber, the father of artificial intelligence, has stated that robots will eventually overtake humans.

While this doesn’t exactly sound like the future, it is a terrifying thought. The Simpsons has previously made a number of other scary predictions, including the Siegfried and Roy tiger attack, President Trump’s presidency, and a new global pandemic called COVID-19.

Despite the fact that The Simpsons has a pretty good track record for making crazy predictions, it is still unclear whether or not any of these predictions will actually happen. But, fans are already speculating which wild scenarios will be correct in the year 2023.

The craziest predictions that have been shared by fans so far include the following:

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump, President Donald Trump's eldest daughter, has lived a life of great success. She is a business executive, fashion designer, socialite, doting mother, and key advisor in her father's administration. But she has also had her fair share of high-profile scandals.

Ivanka was born on October 30, 1981, in Manhattan to real-estate mogul father Donald Trump and former model mother Ivana. She is the eldest of four children; she has two sisters and a half-brother. She grew up in the public eye and attended Choate Rosemary Hall, an elite boarding school in Connecticut.

After completing high school, she went to college. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School in 2004 with a degree in economics. She subsequently joined her father's real-estate firm as a consultant and worked on his business. She has also become a best-selling author and a prominent advocate for women's rights.

She is a strong supporter of both the Republican and Democratic parties. She was an active member of both her parents' campaigns, and was a close friend of Chelsea Clinton. She has also been critical of her father's policies.

However, her relationship with the president has been rocky. She left her job with the Trump Organization in 2018 amid ethics concerns.

Previously, she was an adviser to her father's presidential campaign. She also served as a director of the Office of Economic Initiatives and Entrepreneurship at the White House.

The Simpsons has often tossed shade at Ivanka, particularly in the past year. In 2017, the show marked her father's 100th day in office by showing Ivanka replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. In that episode, she wore a robe and earrings from her collection that cost 1,000 rubles.

One thing that has surprised many people is that The Simpsons has predicted Ivanka's potential to run for President. In fact, they predicted it before she ever became an official member of the White House staff.

The show's producer, Al Jean, tweeted a still from a 2015 short that featured Homer taking a "Trumptastic Voyage" and flying over a "Trump 2024" campaign sign. Fans have since weighed in on whether the gag was a joke or a prediction.


The Simpsons have a well-known knack for predicting events in the world, from presidential elections to celebrity deaths. The series has also been known to make predictions about technology. This includes a number of devices and gadgets that have become commonplace in our everyday lives.

One of the most disturbing of these predictions is about robots becoming more and more prevalent in our society. This would cause mass automation in many industries, including the fast food industry and the auto industry, which could have disastrous effects on our economy.

Another frightening prediction about 2023 is that there will be zombie outbreaks. This is a terrifying idea because it suggests that humans will not be able to protect themselves from zombies anymore. This would also affect farmers, as zombies are extremely hungry and will eat anything they come across.

In a season 27 episode of The Simpsons called “Marge-ian Chronicles,” Marge is not thrilled when Lisa volunteers to go to Mars. However, she agrees to do so with private firm Exploration Incorporated, who hope to send people to Mars by 2026.

This is a bit of a leap, considering that Elon Musk has his SpaceX company developing cargo flights to Mars for as early as 2022. The family then spends the rest of the episode in 2050 living on the Red Planet together.

It’s not the first time that The Simpsons has made these predictions, though. They also reportedly predicted the birth of 3D projection technology decades ago, which has recently started to gain widespread popularity.

The show also had several other predictions that have since come true, including the rise of zombies and a new way to interpret baby gibberish. This is a scary idea, but Chinese scientists have created an app called the Infant Cries Translator that can identify when babies are hungry, tired or need to be changed by their cries.

The show also had some other scary predictions, such as the death of President Trump in March 2023 and global inflation. This is a little too far-fetched for me, but it’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility.


For years, the Simpsons have predicted events that will happen in our future – and sometimes, these predictions are spot on. From tiger attacks to the election of Donald Trump, The Simpsons has been right on many occasions.

But what are some of their wildest predictions? Fans have shared some of them on a TikTok video, and they range from a new virus to wars.

Ebola has been around for decades, but the current outbreak in West Africa is the worst yet. It has killed more than 3,800 people, according to the World Health Organization.

Thankfully, Ebola is treatable in most cases. Diagnosis starts with blood tests and other checks. In addition to that, a doctor may test you for other illnesses that could be linked to Ebola.

You may also be given a liquid called convalescent serum. This can be injected into your body. The liquid comes from someone who has been sick with Ebola.

It is possible that this can help you recover quicker from Ebola. You can also get anti-viral drugs to prevent the virus from causing more harm.

A lot of these treatments are experimental. Some are not yet approved by the FDA, but they could be a good way to treat Ebola.

The only downside to this treatment is that it can cause side effects like dizziness or fatigue. You may need to take medication for a while after you’ve been given this treatment, so you should let your doctor know if you have any questions or concerns.

Marge in Chains is a classic episode of The Simpsons, and one of its most shocking predictions is that the town of Springfield will be plagued by the Coronavirus. The virus is caused by a factory worker from Japan contaminating a popular product.

But that was not the only time that The Simpsons made a prediction about a virus. In another episode, Marge suggested that Bart read a book about Curious George and the Ebola Virus. When Bart refused to read it, she drew him a grim picture of an apocalypse with blood and bodies all over the place and crying clouds.

how long the simpsons been on  2023

How Long Has The Simpsons Been On TV?

The Simpsons is one of the most popular animated shows in TV history. Created by Matt Groening, the show first aired as a series of shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show in 1987 and then grew into a weekly series.

The show has now been on for more than 30 years and has already aired 700 episodes. The show has been renewed for a 2-season run this year, which will push it past 800 episodes.

How Long Have The Simpsons Been on TV?

The Simpsons is one of the longest-running scripted primetime TV shows in history. It has aired over 722 episodes since its premiere on April 15, 1989, and it is the longest-running American animated show ever to have a syndicated run. Its success has led to the creation of several spin-off shows, including Family Guy and Futurama.

The series has been influential on a variety of genres, including animation, comedy, and social issues. It is especially famous for its use of catchphrases and meta-references. It also has influenced other animated series, most notably King of the Hill and South Park.

There are many different recurring characters on The Simpsons, and each of them has a distinct voice and personality. Some are only featured in a few episodes, while others appear for extended periods. These recurring characters have been a key element of the show’s humor.

These characters include the family’s neighbors, friends, and co-workers. Other characters, such as Mr. Burns, Nelson Muntz, and the police detectives, are not part of the main cast but appear in other episodes as one-off jokes or to fill a certain function.

Another common theme on The Simpsons is the idea of the family traveling together, often to different locations, such as a vacation or a trip to Springfield. This has recurred throughout the series, and it is self-parodied by Homer saying “The Simpsons are going to wherever they are going!” whenever they are on a trip.

Some of the most popular and enduring running gags on The Simpsons involve Homer and Bart. These include their annoyed grunts “ D’oh! ”, which are now accepted into the English language, and the fact that Homer never wears a shirt in his everyday life.

The show has also a large number of recurring supporting characters, some of which are only used for a few episodes, while others remain in the main cast and feature prominently as part of their own story lines. These characters include co-workers, teachers, and extended family members, as well as many local celebrities, such as Mayor Quimby and the Bart Simpson gang.

How Long Have The Simpsons Been on Streaming Services?

The Simpsons is one of the most well-loved and recognizable television shows in the world. It started airing in 1989 and has a long history of winning awards and maintaining a strong reputation for satirical wit and relatable comedy. It follows the titular family including Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, as they go through a variety of hilarious shenanigans.

Throughout its run, The Simpsons has been able to adapt to changes in popular culture and remain relevant to audiences. It also continues to earn high ratings and a steady stream of merchandising revenue. It has become a popular show and was recently even featured in a TV movie.

In addition to its ongoing broadcast, The Simpsons has been available on a variety of streaming services for decades. This has allowed fans to relive the show and watch some of their favorite episodes on-demand for free.

The cheapest way to stream The Simpsons is through Hulu, which offers new episodes of the show every day after they air on FOX. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial or pay $6.99 per month for a subscription.

Another great option is YouTube TV. This service allows you to stream live TV from a variety of channels, including FOX and FXX. The only drawback is that you'll need to live in an eligible market to access the Fox affiliates.

Aside from that, The Simpsons is available on a number of other streaming services, including Netflix and Disney+. You can also access The Simpsons on Sling TV if you live in an eligible market and are looking for a streaming service that carries the FOX network.

There are several reasons why Disney+ decided to keep the Simpsons library for its streaming service. The main reason was that they want to attract more subscribers than if they sold it to a rival platform.

It also allows them to give viewers a great value package when they sign up for the service. The Disney+ Simpsons bundle includes 31 seasons, and over 245 hours of content, making it a great deal for fans of the show.

How Long Have The Simpsons Been on DVD?

The Simpsons has been a staple of American culture for a generation and the long running sitcom is still as relevant today as it was when it first debuted in 1989. The series is currently on its 33rd season and showrunner Al Jean says he's giving thought as to how the iconic sitcom should end.

The first episode of The Simpsons aired on December 17th, 1989 and it has been airing new episodes every year since then, making it the longest-running prime time sitcom in history. The series is currently on its 33rd and executive producer Al Jean told Radio Times that he's "given a lot of thought as to how to end it," though no specific date has been set.

It's no surprise that The Simpsons has been on DVD for so long - it's one of the most popular shows in America and is widely syndicated around the world. With over 460 episodes available on DVD and Blu-ray, fans have been able to own their favorite episodes for decades now!

Despite its lengthy run on DVD, The Simpsons still has a number of Easter eggs and deleted scenes lurking in the shadows. The DVDs themselves are well made, featuring a high-quality video and audio presentation. The menus are concise but thorough, offering access to clips and bonus features.

Each episode comes with its own custom menu that shows clips from the show and also provides easy access to bonus features, including commentaries. The episodes are rated at 15 in the UK and come with English subtitles.

This is a good release for those who are already fans of The Simpsons, as it features all the episodes from this season as well as a few extras. The main bonus feature here is an interview with Matt Groening and Al Jean, which provides a glimpse at how the show was created.

In addition to this, the DVD has a few other interesting extras like sketches from the show and short commercials that were run during this season that feature characters from The Simpsons. The sketch gallery is a nice way to view the sketches in their original form and gives you an idea of how much the characters have grown over the years.

How Long Have The Simpsons Been on TikTok?

The Simpsons is a household name that has enthralled audiences of all ages with their hilarious portrayal of American culture. From theme Park additions to brain-busting video games, the show has helped better the world of comedy for generations.

TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to create short videos with music. These can be anything from hip-hop to EDM, pop to rock, and country music.

However, the app has been used by many to share sexually suggestive content and other material that is not appropriate for children. If you are worried about your child’s exposure to such content, you should monitor their activity and set a screen time limit on the platform.

Recently, the app has been flooded with viral posts about how The Simpsons have predicted future events. For example, a video was uploaded that claimed The Simpsons had predicted the 2019 fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in France and the 2020 explosion in Beirut.

It is important to note that these claims are not genuine. They have been viewed millions of times online, but there is no proof that the show had any prior knowledge of these events.

According to a recent article in the Huffington Post, the first viral TikTok video about The Simpsons’ predictions of future events was posted by user @Moviesandmemes46790 on September 14. It featured a scene from Season 15 episode three, "The Regina Monologues," where Homer crashes into Queen Elizabeth II's carriage and she is put on trial.

In the TikTok version, a label can be seen behind the Queen that says 8.9.2022 and she is shown lying in a coffin. The episode does not contain this scene, but it has been doctored to make it look like it did.

Some people have also said that The Simpsons had predicted Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris would become politicians, though the show did not mention either of them. The rumor was also linked to an image that showed Lisa in a similar outfit to that of both women, but this is not the case.

why did the ultimate warrior leave wwf   2023

Why Did The Ultimate Warrior Leave WWF 2023?

The ultimate warrior was a wrestler that is often talked about and loved by fans. He was an amazing wrestler and had some great matches and main events in his career.

Unfortunately, he left wwf on bad terms. He was a wrestler that did not like the way they were treating him and that is why he was leaving.

1. He was a steroid user

As a WWF performer, the ultimate warrior was one of the most popular stars during the 1990s. He was known for his high energy ring entrances, where he would burst into the arena at full speed and violently shake the ropes up and down. He also wore colourful face paint, which made him instantly recognisable to fans.

In his first stint with the WWE, he was very successful, winning the Intercontinental title and challenging Hulk Hogan for the World title. He also had an impressive run as the number one babyface in the company.

However, Warrior and Vince McMahon had a dispute over compensation and marketing rights. He was paid less than other wrestlers and he was not given the creative control that he wanted. In addition, he was steroid-user and had a bad reputation in the industry.

He was eventually released from the WWF in November 1992 due to a drug violation. This was a very controversial decision and occurred at the height of his ongoing marketing/financial differences with Vince McMahon.

In 2023, he returned to the WWF and was a big star once again. He even became the main event at a WWE house show, but soon after he disappeared from the company.

The reason for his departure was that he was a steroid user and had a very bad reputation. He was a liar and also had many infightings with other wrestlers, including the main eventer Hulk Hogan.

A few weeks before he was to appear at Survivor Series, Warrior and the WWF found themselves at odds again, this time over who had the creative rights to the Ultimate Warrior name and how his character should be used. This was at a time when Titan Sports (WWF’s parent company) was under heavy scrutiny over their drug policies and the use of performance-enhancing drugs, especially steroids.

This put Warrior’s future in doubt and he left the WWE. He was then rumoured to be a heavy steroid user and this caused even more tension between him and the WWE.

As he was not the most skilled in-ring worker and his personality did not fit with the wrestling culture, he was a very difficult person to work with.

2. He was a racist

When it comes to polarizing and larger-than-life figures in professional wrestling, few were more memorable than the Ultimate Warrior. He was a huge hit in the WWF and became the company's top earner, but his departure from the company left bad blood behind.

When he left, the company was on the brink of a change in era, and Warrior did not fit in. He did not have the same charisma as he once did, and his feuds with Hogan just did not work in that new environment.

In fact, his match against Hogan at Halloween Havoc in 1998 is widely regarded as one of the worst matches in history. That was largely due to the way Warrior handled his character. He played mind games with Hogan, posing "apparitions" of himself in the backstage mirror that only Hogan could see. He also used magic smoke to knock out all of the other nWo members except for Hogan, which was considered one of the worst moves in the history of the sport.

He also did a lot of backstage promos for the company that were not very good. These are not the type of promos that people want to hear when they watch a wrestling match.

As a result of his actions, he was fired from the company, and he went on to be a successful public speaker. He has a blog that discusses his politics, his views on sexuality and patriotism, and his thoughts on the Founding Fathers and other historical figures. He also writes about controversial topics, such as the shootings in Oklahoma and the Iraq War.

His blog has been read by over two million people, and it is now the most popular site on the internet. He has been criticized for his views on politics and religion, but he has also gotten praise from fans.

He also wrote books, which he hopes will be published in 2007. His first book will be an ideological work on the core conservative values that he feels are necessary for a modern society.

The reason that he left wwf is because he did not like the direction the company was heading in, and he felt that he was being treated unfairly by Vince McMahon. He also did not feel that he was being paid enough money to be a successful wrestler.

3. He was a homophobe

No one becomes a legend on their own. It takes the grit and the sweat of others to become one. The ultimate warrior was no exception to this rule.

He did a lot to change the face of wrestling. He pushed back against the sexism that was prevalent in the sport at the time. He also did his part to fight against steroid use.

However, he also made some terrible decisions and comments. He was a homophobe, and he was not afraid to use his words.

Homophobia is a form of prejudice that people have towards lesbians, gays and bisexuals. It is based on irrational fear, and it can lead to bullying, harassment and violence.

It is also rooted in conservative religious beliefs, and it can be hard to change these attitudes. It is also a problem when people are taught these beliefs by their parents and families.

In his younger years, the Ultimate Warrior was a big proponent of anti-sexism. He would often talk about how homosexuality is not natural, and that it is not a healthy or acceptable lifestyle.

He also had a lot of anti-gay messages on his website, and he made some vile comments during a speech. In one instance, he said that "queering doesn't make the world work."

While these comments were not incredibly harmful, they were definitely bad. He did not mean them in the sense of being offensive or hurtful, but he did think that they were very bad for the human race.

His views on the subject changed in his later years, but he still believed that homosexuality was a problem. He was also a conservative speaker and a commentator, and he denounced left-wing politics.

Although his views on the subject are now outdated, he is still seen as a controversial figure in the wrestling world today. In fact, he was removed from WWE's Hall of Fame in 2015.

He was not the only controversial star in wrestling history. There were many other steroid users, racists and liars in the business. Despite all of these issues, he was still an iconic wrestler and was considered by many to be the most powerful character in the industry.

4. He was a liar

The Ultimate Warrior was an excellent wrestling star, but his ego became too large for him to handle. He started to make demands, and they went too far. He demanded to be paid a higher royalty rate on merchandise, which caused rifts with Vince McMahon and Titan Sports. He was also allegedly rude to a young boy who asked for an autograph, which made him appear to be a jerk to his fans and to his competitors.

But the worst part was that he was a liar. The Ultimate Warrior is known to have lied to his fans for years, and he often told false stories about himself. One of these lies is that he had been suspended for a drug violation.

This is a common lie. He claimed to have been suspended after he was found out to be using steroids, but this is not true. He has been under investigation for this since the early 1990s and has never been arrested.

He also lied to his fans about missing house shows, even though it would have been easy to explain why he was missed and why it was a legitimate reason. In fact, he was only absent from house shows because of the death of his father.

Moreover, he lied about why he left the WWF. He claimed he was fired for being a steroid user, but the WWF has never admitted that he was suspended. He also lied about his feud with The Undertaker.

The Ultimate Warrior was a great wrestler, but he was a liar. He used false stories to get his way and made a fool of himself and his fans.

In the beginning, he was the top star in the WWF. He was the most popular pro wrestler of the 80s and was a major player in the development of the sport, especially with younger kids. He was the face of a generation and he appealed to a younger demographic that were largely influenced by 80s hair metal bands.

But his popularity began to wane as his ego got too big for him to handle. His musculature changed, he lost his ability to do moves like the top rope superplex and he was snubbed by many of his competitors.

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