What can I Sell to Make Money

What can I Sell to Make Money

Why wouldn't a person want to earn some extra amount of money? We are sure everyone gets happy when they see some extra bucks coming from their bank account. In the hustle and bustle of life and rushing to a 9-5 job you may need some extra cash right? When you need to make extra money you can always sell to make money, a great way to start earning fast is by selling things online. You can sell your old stuff online. We are sure that you don’t need this clutter but you also don't know on which platform to sell them. When people ask what can I sell to make money online from home it's a bit daunting question, it's quite difficult to answer this question because it will depend on your Self-promotion and where you will be able to sell to make money.


Do you love your old stuff? Do you have memories of it? Don't worry you can always give them to those who truly need them. Selling your goods for money it's an art as well. You are not wasting your belonging but you are allowing other people to pay you and keep your things with good care, if making things from scratch can be easy then who wouldn't want to create. Happiness comes with a passion so you need to sell to make money and learn to earn. It's a very basic step that you may also need to teach your kids. As in the learning age, kids learn faster than adults.  Selling your things for money can be your side business.

Ever since in a while, we came across different articles about "ABC is selling books/coupons" or any other stuff. We all want to be that person who is inspiring to others. Free up your little space and make room for new stuff. Spend days on managing your home and decide which product you need to sell. Make a list of the items in your house which you won't longer be needing, you can compile up a list and sell them with a marketing strategy. Set a marketing strategy for each product and determine how much you need to sell your items for.

Childhood Toys:

We understand you love your toys old stuff it could be great if you can let go of your favorite stuff then your childhood stuff is the best thing to sell. It's always worth having a good look at your old stuff you can sell them on eBayTake a look at this website you will have an idea of what they are selling. You will then know what precious toys you are keeping for so long.

Sell your old clothes:

Every one of us spends quality time deciding what to purchase and what to wear. Clothing is an essential part of everyone’s life. Your old clothes need to be adored. You must have some old clothes in your wardrobe which you no longer have an interest in wearing again. If you have got a wardrobe full of old clothes then grab them up, dig them out from the old box and try using some sites and apps for selling clothes online. Utilize your old clothes and sell them to make money. Despite keeping them in your closet you can get some profit from them.

Gift Card:

 Everyone loves gift cards. People often wonder what to gift on birthdays, it should involve love and emotion within you can make your hand made gift cards on eBay. Your best bet for this one is eBay. Where you can sell gift cards and make money.

Decorate Coat hangers:

You must have coat hangers in your closet. Make them unique. Tie some ribbons on it, or decorate them with whatever material you may have in your house. You can sell handmade decorative coat hangers that can match your outfit. You can sell 10 hangers for $50– this is the answer to your question of what can I sell to make money online. 

Sell Your hair:

Yes, we are serious; you can sell your hair to make money. Hairdressers will sell your money to the ones who make wigs from your hair. Nourish your hair and sell them. The longer your hair is the more money you will make.

Advertising space on your blog:

 Do you own a blog? You would be amazed to know how easy it will be for you to make some extra money from your blog. You can sell some space for your blog and stream advertisements on your blog to brands. Give some space to some brands and charge You'd be surprised how easy it can be to make a constant stream of income just by selling ad space on your site to brands.



Sell your Talent:

Sell your talent through your photos, or Sell your Comedy Career Aspirations. We are not talking about pictures of you but the pictures are taken by you. You can also Sell your Model Career Aspirations. If you have taken some deep meaning photos, have covered a recent concert-show then you can sell those photos online. Also, you don't need a fancy camera to sell your talent. You can get small projects from online websites that need different campaigns from a different region.


Old mobile phones:

In this digital era, you must have a smartphone right? You must have your old phone in your storage drawer. Or you are the one who hasn't yet upgraded. Rather than getting dust out of the drawer, you need to sell all the small old phones that you might have in your house. Sell your old phone for cash.


Sell your opinion:

 There's always a way out to make money sell your talent and know your expertise. If you are good at giving an opinion to different types of people you might need to do this job. Sell your time and earn some money.  take online survey sites, Sell your Fitness Career Aspirations, Sell your National Geographic Career Aspirations, you can also give a preview to videos for money and you can also give your honest opinion on new music in exchange for cash on Slicethepie.




10 things you can sell and make some extra money

Many people enjoy making something new. They don't know their talent. You need to take the extra step to make your handmade products available for sale. If you are a crafting geek and have time to align all your handmade products which you want to sell you can make extra money from home Infect you can make a little marketing strategy build an online store and much more.  By using your creative skills you will be able to sell and make some extra money.

In this fast world of technology where everyone is rushing towards shortcuts and materialistic things, there' come some people who still want to gift their loved ones handmade products. A home crafts business will not be for everyone but if you are good at it then you can generate a handsome amount of income through it. In the same vein, you can receive accolades for your adorable creations. You have to deal with some administrative tasks before you proceed with starting your own business. You have to accomplish some tasks like bookkeeping, generating customer receipts, finding suppliers, and filing business taxes. These are the basic accomplishments which you must have to meet.

While there is much useful information that is available on the internet for growing your own online business here is the list of some pros and cons of such an endeavor:


·       Sell your Hobby and make money

·       Nurture your creative Skills and make money

·       Ease of Work. Work whenever you want to

·       You can always change up your inventory if you get bored at any stage

·       Chase as many options as you can to sell your goods online or offline


·       Time taking. Making crafts products will be time-consuming.

·       Your sales might not be able to compensate for your time and effort through profit. (Materials, packaging, etc are expensive.)

·        You might need to collect sales tax from your buyers so you can file a sales tax return to your state.

·       Making one item, again and again, can be tedious and repetitive you're your customers

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If you think that making money is a good way to energize your body and take a break from your daily life routine then grab your potential we have got some amazing ideas with which you can sell to make money, you can sell your handcrafted goods online without any hustle. Things you can sell:

1. Jewelry

Do you know how to make homemade jewelry? Then you are in the right place. All you need to have is some polymer clay beads, stones, medals, crystals, beads, leather, and a hot glue gun. You can make small jewelry pack them up and sell them online. The more your products are neatly done the more clients you will earn.

2. Art/Décor

People love unique pieces of art displayed in their home. So every time you have a guest in your home they will ask you where did you get it from. It's a gesture of appreciation. Yes, Art and décor are loved by everyone. Whether you want to decorate your workplace/office or your home you need to have an inspirational painting. If you are good at painting you can make paintings, develop photographs of a beautiful scene. Art can be in anything whether it’s a Vase or a picture or a decorative bookshelf Art is everywhere. You also make wall hangings crafted by your supplies and sell them online.

3. Soap/Bath Products

Handmade soap and bath products are getting hype due to Instagram. You might have seen satisfying videos on Instagram. Not only soaps are good for your sensitive skin but also these soaps are made with organic products. You can watch tutorials on YouTube on how to make bath soaps at home and continue to sell to make money.  You can create different shapes and give them the color of your choice. You can also make customize soaps and bath gels for your clients. You might also need some dyes to give your soap some shape.  Because every one of us uses soap every day.

4. Candles

Like you make soaps you can also make candles. You can use dyes of soaps to make candles. These are similar to making soaps. You can add a variety of scents, shapes, and colors. Candles that smell good will leave a beautiful fragrance in your room. You can also make a candle in mason jars, teacups, and shells. Utilize what you have in your house and sell to make money.

5. Sew and sell

If you know how to sew then you can create purses, coin pouches, mobile covers, pillow, customize cushions iPad covers, and whatnot. The sky is the limit. You can also sew clothes and little costumes for children and sell them online.

6. Organizers 

People don't know how to organize their cabinets; they tend to fix clutter by sorting the clutter in their wardrobe. Many people like to organize their wardrobe. You can sew some organizers, or make some with cardboard and glue gun. Decorate your organizers for sorting files, photographs, makeup items, and much more.

7. Magnets/Pins

Start a trend. Make some personalized magnets, buttons, or pints to give away to your customers, you can start a new trend with customizable magnets and pins for office use.

8. Pet Goods

People love their pets and they love cute pet clothes. If you are good at sewing you can start pet clothing business. You can also make small pet beds, collars, and sell them online to make money. You can create decorative items for pets like Art locket, creative collar, and place a beautiful card that has the name of the Pet.

9. Furniture

 You have updated your bedroom but don't know where to throw your old bed. Selling old furniture can be a daunting task for you but despite keeping your old furniture in your house you can you're your old furniture online. Selling old furniture will not only give your home some extra space but also will help you in making money.

Craigslist is the place where you can sell your old furniture.  It's free to post and contact your customer.  On this website, you can find local buyers from your area so you don't have to deal with the shipping process. Some apps give you access to sell your product such as Krrb and AptDeco (if you’re in New York or Washington, D.C.).


How and where to sell to make money:

Once you have decided which item you are going to sell it's time to get all the things ready and move to the next step. Here are a few ways with which you can continue to make money:

  1. Price your items and earn a profit. While selling your products focus on the material that you have used, do not include only the cost of the material but also include the time that you have spent.
  2. Brand your items. Find a way to market your brand. Decide a name for your brand, preferably a business name, create your website and give a description of every product that you will be selling.
  3. Consider targeting your potential customers by sending PR gifts to the bloggers. Take more time and send some gifts to bloggers so they can promote your business.


Online Places to sell to make money:

Etsy is known as the most famous platform where you can sell your homemade goods however, there are many other platforms where you can sell to make money.

  1. Aftcra
  2. Art Fire
  3. Handmade at Amazon
  4. Handmade Artists
  5. Handmadeology Market
  6. indieCart
  7. iCraft Gifts
  8. Zibbet

We recommend you to start your e-commerce storefront and complete your product list. E-commerce has become the new future business platform.


We have mentioned some great platforms where you can sell any items of your choice. Sell your talent and let the world know about your talent. You will feel more inspired after selling your products. Do you know some other platforms where you can sell to make money? Let us know In the comment section below. If you have any questions feel free to write back to us.

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