Vending Machine Locations in the Stray Game

Vending Machine Locations in the Stray Game


stray game vending machine locations

If you want to progress through Stray's first major area, The Slums, you'll need to acquire some key collectibles. These include Energy Drinks - currency essential in The Slums that may be difficult to locate on your own.

One of the key objectives in The Slums requires players to collect four Energy Drinks from vending machines throughout The Slums. The first three can be easily acquired, while the fourth may prove more challenging to locate.

The First Vending Machine

Vending machines have seen great technological progress over the years, yet they remain essentially just a box with a pan and lever that dispenses goods. According to Kerry Segrave's book Vending Machines: A Social History, Heron of Alexandria invented the first vending machine: an elegant dispenser for holy water in first-century Roman Egypt.

It's truly remarkable these things have survived, and it's no wonder; they offer an unending selection of snacks. From candy to gum and ketchup, they're constantly coming up with new options.

In Stray, the first vending machine can be found down a stairwell to the left of the Guardian who stands guard at an entrance into The Slums. This red-robed robot can be easily identified from afar.

Once you've taken control of the Slums, head to the garage next to Guardian and turn left. Take the stairs down past the gardener toward where the sewers are located.

At the bottom of the stairs, you'll come upon two vending machines side by side. Interact with one of them for your first energy drink!

After that, head over to Azooz who sells B-12's memory and a piece of music sheet for Morusque the guitarist. Once those are acquired, search the slums for two final energy drink speed 2K cans by climbing onto rooftops.

From the initial vending machine, head towards a building with a graffiti sign reading "RIP HUMANS". After passing that landmark, continue straight down an alley to the left and interact with the vending machine to receive your second energy drink speed 2K can.

To reach the third one, you'll need to head over to Momo's apartment (the location the Guardian sent you in Chapter 4: The Slums). From her orange sign, ride down on a bucket until the rooftop and jump across its ledge.

The final energy drink speed 2K can is located right beneath Grandma bot's balcony, so you'll have to descend and use its air conditioning units and pipes in order to reach it. After that, interact with the vending machine before climbing back up.

The Second Vending Machine

The post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world of Stray is filled with hidden collectibles, some harder to discover than others. One such item can be acquired from various Vending Machine locations - Energy Drinks!

In Stray, players can use Energy Drinks to complete side quests and earn in-game rewards. In addition to Energy Drinks, gamers may also acquire Music Sheets and Badges for different characters within the game.

Players in The Slums can acquire a Music Sheet by visiting Morusque the Robot. When you come across him, take a left and search for a vending machine with its light on.

If the vending machine is working properly, you can tap your interact button to activate it and receive a soda. Your cat's paws will then be able to interact with the device, and as soon as your interaction is complete, your soda should come out automatically.

Another stray game vending machine can be found in The Slums. This one sits atop a balcony to the left of an enormous graffiti sign reading "R.I.P. Humans."

Players can locate this location by taking an alleyway and passing the laundromat (the entrance to Momo's apartment). As they approach the area, they'll notice some wooden beams.

After climbing onto these beams, players should be able to spot a vending machine on the balcony. If they're lucky, this machine may even have its own light display!

Once this vending machine in Stray has been completed, players can head to Azooz the merchant and purchase a B12 memory and piece of Music Sheet for Morusque. By doing this they will also gain the ability to play a new song on guitar for Morusque.

The Third Vending Machine

Stray is a cyberpunk-style game about a cat trying to survive in the futuristic slums. Along the way you'll come across several vending machines which can be used as currency to exchange for items - like Energy Drink Speed 2K and Super Spirit Detergent!

The first vending machine you'll come across is near the first merchant robot. Interact with it to obtain an Energy Drink, which is necessary for several quests in Slums area.

To access this vending machine, make your way down the stairs adjacent to the merchant and turn left - this will lead you to Morusque, a robot who'll accept Sheet Music collectibles.

From here, you'll need to descend a few more steps until you meet Grandma the poncho maker. After having cleared your path, head forward in search of the second vending machine in The Slums.

Once you've located the vending machine, it's time to interact with it again. Doing so will reward you with another energy drink as a reward for your efforts.

You can use the energy drink you get from this vending machine to purchase some items from Barterman in Slums area of the game, including Super Spirit Detergent and two other quest items.

The third vending machine in Stray's Slums area can be a little harder to locate than others. To reach it, you'll need some climbing skills. Start from Heptor's rooftop and follow the wall until you reach a staircase; once there, take a left and climb up the balcony. From there, jump over AC compressors before continuing up towards where your final vending machine lies.

The Fourth Vending Machine

One of the first tasks you'll need to complete in Stray is exploring the slums. While exploring, you may come across Azooz - a local merchant offering some unattainable items for sale. Some require Energy Drinks in order to obtain; other items require money orders or credit cards for purchase.

Once you collect all four cans, head over to Azooz and purchase two essential collectibles in the game: a B-12 memory and Sheet Music for Morusque. Furthermore, use these cans as currency with The Barterman to purchase other items from him.

To obtain your final Energy Drink, head back up the rooftop and climb until you spot a metal water container on a wooden plank. As soon as you pass that robot, look up for an orange vending machine on the rooftops above. Simply interact with this machine to receive your reward!

Next, climb back up onto the rooftops and pass by the grey barrel on top. Climb onto each piece until you reach the top where you can land on a railing that encloses a vending machine.

After that, you must sneak your way past the railing and interact with the keypad of a vending machine to receive another Energy Drink and complete your collection of four cans.

The final game vending machine can be found on a rooftop near Momo's apartment. To reach it, you'll have to jump down from the balcony. After climbing this rooftop and falling down, look up to your left for stairs leading directly to the vending machine.

Once you've done this, make your way back down the stairs and across the alley to the right. This will take you to a path leading towards a yellow light. Follow this until reaching a set of stairs on the right with a direction sign.

Lala, the Video Game Voice Actor Behind Stray

Stray is a post-apocalyptic adventure game in which you play as a cat. The story revolves around a cat who gets separated from its family and must find its way back to them.

In the game, you navigate a post-apocalyptic world filled with robots. This cyberpunk aesthetic provides an intriguing backdrop as you traverse the confined space of the gameworld.


Stray is an exciting game that puts gamers in control of a cat as they explore a dystopian city. With its atmospheric world and charming design, Stray has been one of the most anticipated titles this summer. Plus, with Lala as its voice actor, players will even more love this adorable feline character!

Lala is not only the voice of the stray protagonist in Stray, but she also provides the voice for all other cats in the game. With her meows and hisses, Lala helped make Stray one of PS Plus's most popular games in 2022.

Lala may not be featured in the game, but her contribution to its development is undeniable. She provided the main protagonist with meows as well as hisses and purrs from all other characters throughout.

The main character's look was inspired by Viv and Koola, the founders of BlueTwelve Studio. To capture all the recognizable features of cats, the developers went through multiple iterations in creating this character design.

Stray's red cat looks very much like their real-life pet Murtaugh, though it lacks his face. It has a curious expression with large eyes, making it an endearing addition to any household.

Swann Martin-Raget of BlueTwelve told Digital Trends about the cats who inspired Stray's creation, noting a black cat named Jun was often present at their offices during development. He would go from desk to desk and observe what everyone was up to.

These cats were invaluable to the development of Stray, as they provided insight into how cats would act in different settings. This provided inspiration for how the game's characters and sounds would interact with real-life cats - especially since its creators wanted the experience to feel as authentic and irritating as possible.

In Stray, Oscar the gray cat served as Lala's voice. She visited BlueTwelve studio nearly every day and helped the developers get a better idea of how a cat might respond to various elements in their cyberpunk world.

The Voice of Stray’s Cat Protagonist

Stray's voice protagonist, Stray the Stray cat, is an endearing and endearing character whose vocalization has helped make this cyberpunk adventure cat puzzle game a hit. Lala is the voice actor behind many of Stray's meows and purrs; her acting abilities are truly impressive - hopefully she will get cast as a video game voice actor in the future!

In a blog post from BlueTwelve Studio, producer Swann Martin-Raget revealed the inspiration for Stray's beloved cat protagonist. The nameless feline was inspired by real French stray Murtaugh whom the developer's cofounders adopted and named "The Boss."

According to the post, the ginger tabby was originally a stray that roamed the streets of Montpellier, France. Eventually, Koola and Viv adopted him, making him an important part of their lives and the inspiration for Stray's feline character.

Martin-Raget revealed that another cat at the studio inspired Stray's jumping animations. A hairless Sphynx cat served as visual reference, but other studio cats also contributed to making Stray's movements and appearance realistic.

As players journey through the cyberpunk world of Stray, they'll come across numerous anthropomorphic robots and other characters as they traverse from End Village to an abandoned reservoir. Each place presents its own set of challenges, so Stray encourages exploration to find a path forward.

Stray's primary challenge lies in escaping the city by overcoming obstacles in its post-apocalyptic dystopian setting. You'll need to knock over crates, ledges and even precarious objects like chairs as you attempt to flee the dangerous city and rejoin your family.

As you progress through Stray, you'll collect memories to unlock new areas and badges that grant additional features. Furthermore, your backpack can be used to carry a flashlight and other useful items while traversing its expansive environments.

Stray offers an endearing combination of cute gameplay and visuals, but it's the world that truly sets it apart. BlueTwelve Studio have done a masterful job at blending together the sweetness of a cat puzzle game with darker elements found in a dystopian society devoid of humans - creating an unforgettable experience that we look forward to exploring more as release nears.

The Voice of Stray’s Meows

Stray, an indie game, has had a remarkable effect on the gaming community. It received nearly perfect reviews from publications like EGM and GameSpot, news articles that don't usually cover video games, as well as much social media love. Fans are particularly drawn to its unlikely cat protagonist.

In the game, players control a cat who has become trapped in a dystopian cyberpunk city after falling off of a ledge. Her mission is to find her way back home so she can reunite with her family members.

She is joined by B-12, a drone friend who serves as both translator and Swiss army knife in her journey back to the surface. Additionally, Memo -a fellow cat from outside -helps her explore and escape this strange city full of robots, machines, and viruses.

If you've ever played Stray, then you know the game offers a range of cat sounds from rasps to mewls and yips to hisses. In certain cutscenes, players even have the option to press a button which will make the cat meow!

The meows in this game are truly adorable and authentic; so much so that gamers have started posting pictures of their cats playing it online. According to Twinfinite, cats become so enamored with the experience that they become glued to the screen while their humans engage in gameplay.

Surprisingly, the voice actor behind these endearing meows isn't a gamer at all - she's actually Lala, an actual cat living in London who lives as a stray.

Her Twitter handle is @JANKENPOPP, and she recently revealed that she's the voice behind all the cat's meows in Stray. Her meows have a variety of types - rasps, mewls, and hisses - making them all believable and adorable.

Stray has quickly gained a following due to its captivating visuals and thought-provoking world that invites players in. Stray truly offers something special - an immersive adventure game set in a dystopian future where players can get completely immersed.

Stray offers so many fun activities for players to do, like knocking things over, scratching carpets or trees and jumping into boxes. But one of the cutest features is that there's a button dedicated to meowing - and an achievement if you meow at least 100 times!

The Voice of Stray’s Other Cats

Stray is an endearing video game that has quickly gained a following among gamers. With its cyberpunk world, inventive take on genre, and endearing feline protagonist, it has gained quite the fanbase. Recently Cats Protection lent some extra love to Stray by finding new homes for homeless cats in the United Kingdom.

Annapurna Interactive and the charity are teaming up to give away six complimentary copies of Stray, helping raise awareness about the millions of stray and feral cats living in cities worldwide. If you're interested in adopting a kitten, visit Battersea cat adoption pages or your local rescue group for assistance.

BlueTwelve Studio, the developers of this game, employed several cats as animation reference for their characters. One such cat was Oscar - a sphinx cat used to model all running and jumping animations that are essential in the experience.

Martin-Raget told Digital Trends that Oscar's presence at the studio allowed them to observe many facets of cat behavior while working on Stray. He was one of the most energetic and outgoing cats involved with making the game, often waking up at the door or sitting on a chair to observe their work being done.

Jun, another cat from the studio office, was present nearly daily. He was the type of cat that followed everyone around, watching everything they did and providing inspiration for how the cat in the game would interact with various elements in a cyberpunk setting.

He was an ideal character to study the cat's meows. During certain cutscenes, the feline will meow and you can even press a button to hear him chirp!

Lala, another feline voice actor, was employed for voice acting in the game and she proved to be quite adept at it. Her realistic rendition of kitty in the game won over players' hearts with her captivating talent that may inspire developers to hire her for future roles in video games or movies.

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