Twitter Assembles In Defense Of Usher After User Claims He Doesn't Have The Hits To Be A Compelling Super Bowl Halftime Act

Twitter Assembles In Defense Of Usher After User Claims He Doesn't Have The Hits To Be A Compelling Super Bowl Halftime Act


Twitter often goes over the top, and this week it came together in support of Usher after someone claimed he didn't have enough hits for a Super Bowl halftime show. While some of the tweets were over the top, that's part of what makes Twitter such an entertaining place to watch.

1. Usher is a great artist

After an anonymous Twitter user made the claim that Usher didn't have enough money to support himself and his family, the singer responded on social media with a video of himself posing with a check for $1 million, prompting his followers to come to his defense.

Usher's captivating stage presence has earned him the title of one of music's sexiest artists, earning him numerous awards for his talents as an artist. Additionally, Usher is renowned for his charitable works, participating in multiple projects to support children who need assistance.

As an artist, Usher has had a storied career that spans two decades. Throughout this time he has achieved nine number-one singles and earned many accolades for his accomplishments. Additionally, Usher is renowned for his philanthropic efforts; establishing his own foundation to assist those in need.

He has collaborated with numerous artists such as Lil Jon, R. Kelly and Mary J. Blige; he even performed alongside Stevie Wonder at one point! Additionally, late soul legend James Brown honored him by labeling him the Godson of Soul at a concert in 2005.

His music has been lauded by critics as innovative and refreshing. The New York Times described his voice as a blend of Prince's falsetto voice and Marvin Gaye's ringing tone, while Time magazine recognized how his songs influence contemporary dance-pop music.

"OMG" is one of the top selling singles in United States history with over 2 million copies sold, becoming his third consecutive number-one single on Billboard Hot 100. He thus becomes only the fifth artist in history to achieve this feat - joining Stevie Wonder (1960s, 70s, 1980s), Michael Jackson (70s & 80s), Janet Jackson (1990s-2000s) and Madonna.

In addition to his musical career, Usher has also featured as a vocalist on several TV shows and movies. He's performed at various events such as the 2004 Super Bowl XLV halftime show and Shakira's performance at We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration in 2009.

In 2015, Usher joined other artists in donating over $500,000 in scholarships for 20 students at the United Nations' Unicef. He also partners with Do Something to foster civic engagement among young people and has performed at a benefit basketball game for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

2. He’s a great father

Twitter Comes To Usher's Defense After User Argues He Doesn't Have A "Great" Dad

Although Usher is a father of three, his teenybopper daughter Sovereign Bo is the star that got away. While there's nothing wrong with a little pampering from time to time, her intrigue has certainly had an impact on Usher's style choices.

In an interview with PEOPLE magazine, the multi-platinum recording executive shared details about his family and newly added addition. Not only is he a dapper dude but also an ardent philanthropist who takes great pride in giving back to the community that has given him so much.

No doubt, the man in black - Ahem, the singer himself - has developed into an genuinely nice guy with his wife Grace Miquel and their kids. Additionally, he's been a passionate supporter of his children's sports teams, ensuring they always have their favorite teammate by their side. Most importantly, though, is how much fun he has with them and he doesn't hesitate to show it off on social media pages.

We hope he's back on the road soon. And who knows - maybe even get to see that cute baby in action!

3. He’s a great husband

Twitter Comes To Usher's Defense After User Claims He Lacks Hits For an Entertaining Super Bowl Halftime Act

As Twitter rallies in support of Usher after user claims he doesn't have enough hits to be a compelling Super Bowl Halftime Act,

A user complained that Usher didn't have enough hits to be a captivating Super Bowl halftime act, and viewers' reaction was hilarious. Usher responded with a video featuring his son and wife Tameka Foster along with the caption: "You don't have to be Billboard chart-topping in order to have an amazing marriage."

Although Usher may not have the hits to be a Super Bowl halftime act, he is an amazing husband who has mastered the art of responding to critics with grace and compassion. In an interview with Blavity News, Usher said he doesn't let negativity get him down because he has learned how to stay positive through his marriage and parenting experiences.

One of the greatest lessons I've learned is that it's okay to accept criticism from others. It's an inevitable part of being human, so we should strive to make the most out of it.

Another lesson I've learned is that it's never wise to ignore negative comments because it can have an adverse effect on your relationships with others. I can't count how many times my own friends have been hurt and frustrated due to unfair treatment on social media or by bloggers with prejudice against them.

Usher has endured plenty of criticism and haters over the years, yet he remains an exemplary husband who values his family above all else. He expresses his appreciation for both his wife and kids, noting that they have given him strength in both life and his career.

He emphasizes that he hasn't let criticism or negative remarks affect his performance onstage. Instead, he enjoys his job because it allows him to give back to the community and motivate people through music.

His most recent relationship has been with Jennifer Goicoechea, who is expecting a baby girl with him. She works as the director of rhythm and soul at ASCAP - an industry nonprofit.

4. He’s a great friend

Twitter Rallyes Around Usher in Defense of Him After User Claims He Doesn't Have a "Significant" Fanbase

Microblogging on social media is often done for entertainment, with many tweeters doing it to flaunt themselves or shamelessly promote their websites. But some do have valuable content they want to share with the world - those people deserve our appreciation and attention!

One of Usher's longtime collaborators, J. Dupri, was behind the mic for "My Way," his successful album which went on to become a huge success for her. J. Dupri has an established reputation for building lasting relationships with artists and has worked closely with Usher on several songs over time; one such track being "My Way," which became an instant classic for the singer-songwriter.

He collaborated with Usher on his debut album, Usher & J. Dupri, which propelled Usher into superstardom and produced another hit single in "Nice & Slow."

Dupri not only assisted Usher with his music career, but he also ensured he had an understanding of the business side of things. He told E! News that he was always available to offer advice and ensure the singer remained successful in her endeavors.

The two also shared a mutual admiration for one another. They not only complimented each other on their talent, but also for their taste in music and sense of humor.

Usher often said that Dupri was his closest friend in the industry. They would attend concerts together, hang out at their studio and even watch a movie or two together.

These days, friendships like this one are increasingly rare - particularly within music. Michael Jackson stands as the only artist that can truly claim such a bond.

It is no shock that Usher has such a close friendship with Dupri; they share an affinity for music and often attend shows together. As a result, Dupri and Usher share an unbreakable bond.

Below you can find some notable names that have become friends of Usher; these are listed alphabetically with photos when available.

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