Tv Television and Film

Tv Television and Film

‘tv Television & Film’ Google Search Gives Bizarre Results

“TV television and film” Google Image searches were resulting in images of minors in bathing suits on Tuesday. The problem has since been resolved, according to Google. 

A Google Spokesperson Said 4plebs Has Been Deleting the Images in Question & That the Search Results Are ‘deeply Concerning’

A complaint about the post was lodged by a person using the handle “TRUMP 2020 8957” in the early hours of April 21. The complaint read, “W T F ? search “tv television and film” and then hit “images” – HOW IS THIS CP POSSIBLE????” “CP” is common internet slang for “child pornography.” (Source: heavy.com)

Television Fil

"Telefilm" redirects here. For the Canadian government's film and television funding agency, see Telefilm Canada. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

Google Image Search of Phrase “tv Television & Film” Gives Shocking Photos As Results That Is Not Pleasing for Everyone

Google Image searches have often come into scanner for producing some bizarre results and Google ultimately removing those results from search engine. This time the Google Image search of “TV Television & Film” phrase has given some shocking photos of minors in bathing suits as result. The results are from a website called 4plebs and it’s believed that 4plebs is a sister website of 4chan and Rollingstone has confirmed this news. Also image search of 4plebs shows questionable images as results and we have to wait for Google authorities and 4Plebs admins to act on these and remove them from search results. (Source: thenewscrunch.com)

How Did 4plebs Get Images?

According to the FAQs section of 4Plebs website, the site archives 4Chan posts because “Threads on 4chan.org are alive for a relatively short time and get removed after a while. This site archives all threads on certain boards to preserve them for later viewing.” That section says that one of the legitimate reasons to get a post removed completely is for a violation of child pornography laws. The other reasons are if a post contains “Personally identifiable information” or posting “Copyrighted material not permitted under fair use doctrine.” (Source: thenewscrunch.com)

Tv, Video & Film

Video streaming is a large part of the film industry’s present and future. By and by, new platforms will be launching, and people can watch content on every device they want, even on mobile devices. This is a development that has been anticipated for a long time and which will be even more prominent as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic. Compared to that, the cinema industry looks to an uncertain future due to closures and delays in movie releases and production, which leads to a lower box office estimate of 34.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2021 than originally expected. Additionally, studios such as Universal and Disney, are bypassing the traditional process stages and directly releasing films on the formerly frowned upon streaming platforms, giving them an even bigger role within this industry. (Source: www.statista.com)

Corpus-Assisted Multimodal Discourse Analysis of Television and Film Narratives

Films and TV series are popular cultural products with massive global audiences. They construct and reflect social realities, invite audience engagement and create other discourses such as fan reactions, critics’ comments or ‘water cooler conversations’. They are also increasingly sophisticated narratives, with complex characters and plots. The language used in TV/film texts is consumed by billions of viewers world-wide. These are only some of the reasons why such texts are worthy of discourse analysis. At the same time, such narratives integrate multiple meaning-making resources, not just language, and therefore invite a multimodal approach. This chapter considers issues arising in corpus linguistic studies of televisual and filmic texts. Because of their global reach the focus is on English-language products. I will start by addressing general issues before discussing a small case study. 



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