Tristan Baileys

Tristan Baileys

Tristan Bailey

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Witnesses Say Aiden Fucci Talked About Stabbing Someone to Death

A student who said she was close with Aiden Fucci said he talked about killing people frequently, and she said that within a month before Tristyn Bailey's killing, he said he planned to murder someone by dragging a random person into the woods and stabbing them, according to a just-released St. Johns County Sheriff's Office report. (Source: www.jacksonville.com)

How Did Tristyn Bailey Die?

According to Chief Medical Examiner Predrag Bulic, the cause of Tristyn's death is "sharp force trauma by stabbing." An autopsy revealed Tristyn had 114 "stab or cutting wounds about her head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, and back," according to an unredacted warrant affidavit released by the State Attorney on May 27. (Source: www.jacksonville.com)

What Is the Suspect Charged With?

Fucci was arrested on a second-degree murder charge. On May 27, though, the charge was upgraded to first-degree murder due to the severity of the crime — namely, the 114 stabbing wounds to the victim's body, said R.J. Larizza, state attorney for the circuit. The announcement came after a St. Johns County grand jury returned an indictment for first-degree premeditated murder on Thursday, May 27. (Source: www.jacksonville.com)

What About That Snapchat Selfie?

The sheriff's office confirmed that a Snapchat selfie depicting the suspect in the back of a law enforcement vehicle on May 9 was, in fact, posted by the teen charged in Bailey's death. In the image, the suspect appears to be holding up a peace sign, with the caption: "Hey guys, has inbody [sic] seen Tristyn lately." (Source: www.jacksonville.com)



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