Top Golf: Adventure & Leisure Activities

Top Golf: Adventure & Leisure Activities


Top Golf


Top Golf is widely regarded as the premier sports club in the heart of the Country Club Plaza, with memberships surpassing 3,000 members annually. The Clarksville location serves as the club's headquarters, where members are the premier members of the club.


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Let's make your golf adventure one for the record books! So many times, golfers spend hours practicing their game hoping to improve their golf scores, but most of the time nothing changes. This is because they're focusing on the wrong things. Once you start to focus on maximizing your hours on the golf course, then your score is just the icing on the cake.

Work on your golf swing, or get custom-fitted for clubs that can be sent directly to the guest’s home within 48 hours (Source: mgmgrand.mgmresorts.com)

Food & Play

Top Golf is an adventure that promises to revitalize your love of golf by following these three rules. Stay in shape. Have fun. Have some additional prizes. It is the only golf adventure with this unique concept. They built the business around people who want to try something new in golf. Or stay in shape without any of the pain or hassle of regular golf facilities. They also provide special events for people who don't want to go to the golf course with their friends in real life.

Your one-stop-shop for hole-in-ones and a whole lotta hole-in-nones. We’ve got a ton of bays, a few bars, and plenty of fun to be had. Let’s play. (Source: topgolf.com)


TopGolf Experience

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Top Golf is the only social golf experience offering players sports entertainment, food, music, screen, board adventure. Or free lessons and driving range all under one location.

Borne out of innovation, the first Topgolf venue opened in 2000 in the U.K. Since then. Our technology-enabled venues have grown to over 60 locations around the globe. Including owned and operated venues in the U.K. and the U.S. We serve more than 23 million Guests. Each year and welcome people from all walks of life to play. Have fun and create memorable moments. With something for everyone, we offer high-tech games, climate-controlled hitting bays, a chef-inspired menu, hand-crafted cocktails, event spaces, music, and more. (Source: topgolfentertainmentgroup.com)

TopGolf Center

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties, Small Groups, Golf Getaways, and more. (Source: mgmgrand.mgmresorts.com)


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