Top Chef VIP Cast Members

Top Chef VIP Cast Members


top chef vip cast

Top Chef VIP is a cooking reality show that will be broadcasted from Telemundo channel on August 9. It will involve 16 celebrities who will face 70 challenges and will receive lessons in cooking to prove their culinary skills until they will get the title of the “top chef vip” and $100,000 cash.

Graciela Beltran

Graciela Beltran, 47 anos de edad, es un actriz y cantante mexicana que tiene valido reconocimiento internacionales para su nivel de interpretacion de la musica regional mexicana. Ha publicado tres albums originales en 2014: Homenaje a la Voz Ranchera y Another Album with Banda Sinaloense, entre otros.

During the competition, Top Chef VIP provides chefs with a pantry that contains all of the ingredients they need for their dish, including more than 160 varieties of fruits and vegetables; 45 types of spices; 300 tipos de harinas, salsas y productos de pasteleria; 300 unidades de proteinas animales; 125 tipos de lacteos y derivados.

Each week, 16 celebrities compete in a series of challenges to see who will earn the title "Top Chef VIP" and win US$100,000. One celebrity is eliminated every week.

Chiky Bombom

Chiky Bombom, a Dominican influencer and digital content creator who began creating content on Instagram and TikTok in the mid-2010s, has amassed a massive following. Her content includes dance, lifestyle, and comedy videos that have racked up millions of views.

Lissette Eduardo Cleto, better known as Chiky Bombom, is a Dominican digital content creator and internet personality best known for her dance, lifestyle, and comedy videos. She is also a musical artist. She is a part of the Top Chef Vip cast, which airs on Bravo Tv.

Luis Coronel

Luis Coronel is a regional Mexican singer, who is known for his smooth voice and modern urban presentation. He has garnered a huge following on social media, where his videos have been viewed millions of times.

He has a background in boxing, but decided to pursue a singing career instead. He started out in a choir and soon began posting videos of him singing on YouTube and Facebook.

His talent caught the attention of Del Records, who signed him at the age of 16. He released his debut album Con la frente en alto in 2013, which quickly climbed the charts to top the Regional Mexican Albums chart within three weeks of release.

His sophomore album, Quiero ser tu dueno, also hit the top spot on the charts in September 2014. He has since gone on to become one of the most successful young artists in the Latin music genre.

Aida Cuevas

Aida Cuevas es una cantante mexicana de 58 anos que en ciertas ocasiones se distingue por sus hits de la gran genre ranchera, musica atrapada con emotivos y patriotas. She has a wide-ranging career that includes 39 albums, including several Grammy and Latin Grammy awards.

As a singer, she has specialized in traditional Mexican music, specifically Mariachi, which blends elements of indigenous culture with European musical forms and instruments. Her performances are often backed by a mariachi band.

She appeared as a guest in the Performing Arts Series at Sauder Concert Hall Saturday (September 22). Cuevas, who is also known as “La Voz de Mexico” – the voice of Mexico – is a national icon and has cultivated a global following.

Cristina Eustace

Known as the queen of the small screen, Mexican singer and actress Cristina Eustace is a top-notch entertainer. She has performed on a number of stages and is no stranger to the cameras. Her most recent performance as the host of the NBC show La casa de los famosos has garnered her an impressive number of fans. In addition to her singing career, she is also a published author. Her latest book, The Last Word, is a New York Times best seller. The book is a non-fictional account of her life from childhood to adulthood, as well as a collection of her favorite recipes and tips. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking up a storm in her own kitchen.

She is married to Scott Eustace and is the proud mom of son Andres Esteban Loaiza.

Marlene Favela

Marlene Favela, born in Santiago Papasquiaro, Durango, Mexico, is a Mexican actress and model who is very famous. She has appeared in a number of TV shows, like Maria Jose, Mujeres enganadas, Por tu amor, and Infierno en el paraiso.

She has also been a part of many movies such as Zorro, la Espada y la Rosa, Los herederos del Monte and others. She is a very talented actor and has won awards for her acting.

Top Chef VIP is a reality show on Telemundo that puts various Latin celebrities to demonstrate their cooking skills. The program features 70 challenges, including skill checks, fire tests, save tests and elimination tests. The participant who passes all the tests will be crowned the "VIP top chef".

Lambda Garcia

Despite being a top chef vip cast member, Lambda Garcia has not been married or has children. He is a gay actor and is known for his roles in the telenovelas Pasion moren and Cielo rojo.

He has starred in several plays and he also participated in a reality show called Mexico baila. He was born on February 7, 1987 in Mexico City, Mexico.

Lambda studied acting at TV Azteca’s Center for Actoral Studies and Training for Television (CEFAT) with teachers Dora Cordero and Raul Quintanilla, and attended Broadway Dance Academy to study musical theater.

He has appeared in a number of telenovelas including Se busca un hombre and Cielo rojo, as well as on the teen-oriented series The Box. He was also a finalist on the dance reality show Mexico baila and his most recent appearance was in the telenovela La reina soy yo.

Hector Suarez Gomis

Hector Suarez Gomis is a Mexican actor and television host who grew up in a family of entertainers. He is 52 years old and was born on December 6, 1968.

Hector grew up with his dad Hector Suarez, who is a famous comic in Mexico. He has appeared in several films and is a dynamic personality on Instagram with the username pelongomis.

Hector is currently a part of the cast of Top Chef VIP, based on the Bravo Tv channel. The show is a reality competition that pits 16 celebrities against each other in culinary challenges, with one eliminated each week.

Scarlet Ortiz

Scarlet Ortiz is a Venezuelan actress and model. She started her career as a child actress on the Nubeluz TV show and later competed in the Miss Venezuela pageant.

She also became known for her roles in telenovelas including Dulce Amargo and Lo Que La Vida Me Robo. Her most recent role was in Telemundo’s La Fan.

In addition to her acting work, she has also become a successful businesswoman. She owns several restaurants, a football team and a perfume line.

In March, she revealed that she was taking a break from showbiz. She said that she was forced to do so after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the entertainment industry.

Horacio Pancheri

Horacio Pancheri is an Argentine actor and model who began his career by posing for magazines. In September 2012 he moved to Mexico where he began studying acting at the CEA Televisa thanks to an invitation by Eugenio Cobo.

In March 2014 he made his debut in the Mexican telenovela “El color de la pasion” where he played Alonso Gaxiola. He also participated in the telenovela “La sombra del pasado” where he played Renato Ballesteros.

Telemundo will present Top Chef VIP, a new cooking reality show that puts 16 celebrities in the world’s most demanding kitchen to compete for the title and $100,000 in cash prizes. Featuring moments of high tension, big surprises and even a dash of drama, the series will put these celebrities’ culinary skills to the test and see who is willing to give everything in the kitchen.

top chef contestants

What's Going On Behind the Scenes on Top Chef?

The best of the best chefs compete for a spot on top of the culinary world in Top Chef. They're judged by a panel of experts and put to the test in two challenges each week.

This year's edition will take place in a UNESCO city of gastronomy (Tucson, Arizona) and feature 15 "cheftestants." Each will be challenged to cook a dish that incorporates regional dishes and cultural favorites.

The show

Top Chef is a cooking competition show that features some of the best chefs in the world. It is a show that is very popular and has been on the air for over 15 years now.

The show features a variety of different cooking styles and has several unique challenges throughout the season. These challenges are designed to help the contestants showcase their skills and try to win the title of "Top Chef" as well as the money they can earn from it.

In addition to the contestants, the show has judges who are also very knowledgeable about food and the cooking process. These judges include renowned chefs and restaurant owners who can provide the cheftestants with helpful tips.

These judges often give the chefs feedback about their work and how they should improve their skills. These judges are known for being very smart and they do not yell at the contestants but rather discuss their thoughts with them.

They are also very kind to the contestants and treat them with respect. This is something that is very important for these judges as they are often asked to judge many people in one day.

During the cooking challenge, the chefs have to work together with a team of other chefs to create a dish that will win them a prize. This may involve a variety of different ingredients, such as vegetables, meat and fish.

As a reward for their hard work, they receive a cash prize. This can range from $15,000 to $25,000 depending on the challenge and how the chefs perform in it.

Another reward that the chefs receive is a prize package. This can include a kitchen set, appliances and other items that are very useful to the chef.

There are some perks to being a top chef, such as getting to travel around the world and having a great job that pays well. These perks make the show very appealing to watch.

Some of the challenges that the cheftestants face on the show are very exciting and interesting to watch. These challenges are designed to make the chefs think outside of the box and create a new dish from a traditional recipe.

The contestants

Whether you're new to the show or an old-school fan, it's easy to get caught up in the drama. But there's also a lot more going on behind the scenes that many viewers might not know about.

The show's judging panel is made up of head chef Tom Colicchio, former model and Indian-born cookbook author Padma Lakshmi, and Canadian food writer Gail Simmons. They're a formidable team with an innate understanding of cooking.

They also have the perfect balance of passion for food and the desire to keep things entertaining. They have a natural empathy for their contestants and seem to understand that it's not their job to pander to the studio audience or try to sell them on the idea of a cooking competition.

As a result, they don't make the kind of cynical decisions that other shows would. They take their responsibilities seriously, and they do it with heart. They aren't afraid to send home the chefs that are clearly not working their best.

This is one of the best parts about Top Chef. The judges don't just give out praise for a dish -- they take it apart to find the flaws that might warrant elimination. That's what makes it so interesting to watch, and that's what keeps the show going year after year.

Each season brings a fresh set of challenges. There are always new locations, and sometimes the competition is tougher than last year.

A challenge can be anything from making a dish that's entirely based on a certain ingredient (like a crab) to putting together a dessert. These types of challenges are a great way for the chefs to bond with each other and work together as a team.

In some of the challenges, they're put in real-life situations that require them to think on their feet and solve problems quickly. The chefs may have to work in a small kitchen or cook in a limited amount of time.

Another challenge involves serving a dinner to a charitable organization. This can be a stressful situation for any group, but it's especially tricky for the chefs on Top Chef because the entire meal has to be ready at the same time.

The judges

During each episode, the judges make decisions on whether to vote for a contestant. In the season finale, they decide which chef will win the top prize and become a finalist.

In addition to head judge Tom Colicchio and host Padma Lakshmi, guest judges also take the helm each week. These include a former top chef, a local culinary icon and a culinary star from another country.

Many of the challenges on Top Chef are extremely difficult. For instance, last year's season was filming during the Spanish flu pandemic and the show used a lot of different protocols to protect the health of the production crew.

For example, the chefs were not allowed to share their plates of food; they had to discard their tasting spoons after each taste; and they had to use their own spice containers. They also had to be quarantined together for the duration of the filming process.

Other challenges required the chefs to use their imaginations. For instance, they had to conceptualize a dish that would be served at a Halloween party hosted by Lea Michele.

They also had to create a comfort food dish that reflected their hometowns. New Orleans native Anthony Mackie, a judge on the show, asked each chef to make dishes that reminded them of foods they eat at home.

It was a fun challenge, but it also required the chefs to think outside of their kitchens. For instance, Sarah tried to make a "weird" pasta dish using carne seca gravy over polenta with soft egg, morels and blackberry salsa.

But she still managed to impress the judges with her creativity. Her dish was not only delicious, but it also sparked some controversy.

One of the judges called it "amazing" and said it blew their minds. Others called it a "revolutionary idea."

For the most part, these challenges are exciting and fun to watch. But the chefs also face serious challenges that can have an impact on their fates. In some cases, the chef may be eliminated from the competition. In other cases, they will be given a second chance at winning the challenge and advancing to the next round of competitions.

The challenges

Many of the challenges on Top Chef are difficult and can send some of the contestants home. For example, one of the most popular challenges is Restaurant Wars, where the contestants are tasked with creating their own restaurant concepts, which is judged on how good it looks and how well it serves its customers.

Another challenge is a Quickfire Challenge, in which the chefs have to create a dish within a specific time frame and budget. This is the perfect way for the show to get the contestants cooking again before they go on the next elimination round.

Some of the challenges are based on local ingredients or require the chefs to use unfamiliar techniques. For instance, in the Season 10 Elimination Challenge, the contestants were sent to Alaska and had to cook with local salmon for the challenge.

While some of the challenges are challenging, they also offer a lot of rewards for the winners. For instance, the winner of a Quickfire Challenge can receive up to $5,000 in prize money.

Other rewards include immunity in the elimination round and an opportunity to return to the competition later on in the season. This is known as Last Chance Kitchen, and it has been used to give previous contestants a second chance at winning the title.

In addition to giving chefs a second chance at the title, these challenges can help them build their brand and reputation in the culinary world. As such, many of the winners have gone on to run award-winning restaurants and act as judges in other competition series.

The show has also produced several successful celebrity chefs, which is why many of the shows are watched by millions of people worldwide. These chefs often become popular personalities in the culinary world, and they can be a good source of inspiration for others who want to start their own businesses.

There are a number of strange and hilarious coincidences that happen when the chefs are eliminated from the show. For example, some chefs' birthdays coincide with when they are eliminated. And there are a few seasons in which chefs who were close friends with the competition's judges have been eliminated soon after.

Gabe Erales Is A Mexican-American Celebrity Chef Who Won Season 18 of Top Chef

gabe top chef

Top Chef is one of the most popular shows on the Bravo Tv channel. It is a reality cooking show that lets talented chefs compete for a cash prize.

Gabe Erales won season 18 of the Top Chef show in July and took home $250,000. But after it was reported that he was fired from his restaurant for sexual harassment, fans of the show are demanding answers.

Who is Gabe Erales’ wife?

Gabe Erales’ wife is Linda Young, a New Mexico native who graduated from the University of Eastern New Mexico with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish education. She works as a technical sourcer according to her Facebook page and previously managed an Abercrombie & Fitch store as well as Charming Charlie.

She has four children with her husband, and they live in Austin. Her Instagram posts are a mixture of food, family and travel photos.

Her father is a former executive chef at the Texas Department of Agriculture and she has a passion for gardening, cooking and traveling. She also teaches Spanish to students at the University of Eastern New Mexico and is involved in several local organizations.

When she isn’t at work, she enjoys spending time with her children and a good book. She also loves Clue, case-of-the-week mysteries and watching the NBA on TV.

Before she was married, she worked as a part-time teacher in the ESL department of an elementary school in New Mexico. She also served as a volunteer in a homeless shelter.

The couple met in college and soon got married. They live in Austin and have four kids, according to their bio on Bravo’s website. Her husband has been a Top Chef contestant for several seasons and won the title in 2021, making him the first Mexican American winner of the show.

He was the executive chef of Comedor in Austin, which is known for its high-end Mexican cuisine and was a popular destination in the city. It was a hit with critics and was awarded Best New Restaurant by Esquire Magazine and Austin Monthly in 2019.

After he won Top Chef, rumors started to circulate about Erales’ sexual misconduct in the kitchen. It came to light that he had an affair with an employee, and later reduced her hours, while still working at Comedor.

As a result, he was fired and he had to apologize to the woman. He also said that he was sorry for the impact his poor decisions had on his family.

As for the controversy surrounding his firing and sexual misconduct, it isn’t the first time that a contestant has been accused of sex misconduct on Top Chef. Seasons 5 and 6 both featured contestants with serious allegations of sexual harassment.

Where is Gabe Erales from?

Gabe Erales was born and raised in the culturally rich border town of El Paso, Texas. He began working in kitchens at the age of 15 and eventually pursued culinary school. He also has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in mechanical engineering, and he has a vast amount of experience cooking.

He currently works as the executive chef at Comedor, a modern regional Mexican restaurant in downtown Austin. The restaurant has been a staple of the city’s food scene and has won several awards including the Best New Restaurant in America, Esquire magazine and Texas Monthly Magazine.

His food style reflects his heritage and passion for Mexico’s cuisine. His menu at Comedor is a mix of both traditional and modern dishes.

Erales’ food philosophy centers around his use of corn as a vehicle for incorporating Mexican flavor. He incorporates the Mesoamerican technique of nixtamalization to make the traditional grain into masa, which is used to bind his recipes.

In addition to his cooking career, Erales has also started an organization to promote culinary education and empowerment for Hispanics in the kitchen. He established Ninos de Maiz in order to help Hispanics obtain elite culinary degrees and achieve their dreams.

Gabe’s vision for the project is to give young Hispanics the opportunity to achieve their culinary dreams while at the same time ensuring that their families are financially secure. The company will provide scholarships for his students as well as mentoring.

The chef has also partnered with Austin real estate firm Urbanspace to open a Mexican restaurant in the Rainey Street district called Bacalar. The eatery will feature regional dishes from the Yucatan region of Mexico, where he has family roots.

Erales was recently crowned the Prince of Pork two years in a row after winning the 2018 and 2019 Cochon555 Culinary Competition.

He is currently the executive chef at Comedor, showcasing a mix of modern and traditional Mexican cuisine. He has won numerous awards for the restaurant including the Best New Restaurant in Austin, as well as the Best Restaurant in Texas from Texas Monthly magazine.

What is Gabe Erales’ cooking style?

During his time on the reality show Top Chef Season 18, Gabe Erales cultivated a cooking style that elevated reimaginings of traditional Mexican food, winning him the title and $250,000 prize. He’s the first Mexican winner in the show’s history and a proud ambassador of his country. In addition to his culinary accomplishments, Erales is a passionate advocate for preserving and promoting heirloom Mexican corn and chiles.

His cooking style focuses on locality through strong relationships with farmers, sourcing unique varieties of landrace corn and chiles from different regions in Mexico. He also seeks honesty in his roots by incorporating his family’s heritage into his dishes.

In his kitchen at Comedor, Erales aims to create a modern take on the timeless and traditional methods of Mexican cuisine, with a focus on preserving and promoting the preservation of heirloom Mexican corn. He has partnered with a seed-saving organization called Tamoa, and has traveled to Tulum and Mexico City to visit farmers who cultivate heirloom corn and chiles.

He’s created a personal brand called “ERA,” which is aimed at promoting the preservation of landrace Mexican corn and chiles. He’s also committed to creating a scholarship program, Ninos de Maiz, with the Culinary Institute of America.

After the finalists’ final elimination challenge, which required them to create a four-course progressive meal for this season’s judges and guests at Willamette Valley Vineyards, Erales was announced as the winner of the show’s Portland season. Fans on Twitter were divided about his win, with some praising him for his elevated take on traditional Mexican food and others questioning why he was fired from his job at Comedor after filming for the season had ended.

According to a story in the Austin American-Statesman, Erales was fired from Comedor for engaging in an alleged consensual sexual relationship with a staff member and then cutting her hours based on her performance. He said the incident prompted him to stop working with the woman and her manager, but Speer told the Statesman that Erales’ reason was insufficient.

While the controversy hasn’t gone away, Erales has issued an apology to his past and current employees. He said he would work to make amends for his actions and hopes that Bravo will use its platform to raise awareness about sexual harassment in the hospitality industry.

What is Gabe Erales’ background?

Gabe Erales is a talented Mexican-American chef who won the Season 18 of Bravo’s popular cooking competition show “Top Chef.” The winner of this season received $250,000. But his win is under scrutiny following revelations about his past sexual harassment allegations.

Before he became a top chef, Gabe was an engineer who also worked in the automotive and semiconductor industry. But he soon switched his focus to cooking and started working in restaurants. He honed his skills while attending college at the University of Texas at Austin and earned both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

His cooking style focuses on the fresh and seasonal ingredients that come from local and international farmers and ranchers. He has a knack for using these ingredients to create exceptional dishes that are unique to the area where they were grown.

He combines his strong relationships with suppliers with a desire to source the best local and global produce to craft menus that are as unique as they are tasty. He has been awarded several honors, including the title of Best New Restaurant by Esquire Magazine and Texas Monthly in 2019 and 2020.

After graduating, Erales worked at a few restaurants in Austin before becoming the executive chef at Comedor, a modern Mexican eatery. He was fired in December 2020 for repeatedly violating the restaurant’s policies on harassment and discrimination, according to an article published by The Austin American-Statesman.

In his recent Instagram post, Erales apologized to the restaurant’s management and staff for the way he treated them, adding that he had been in the wrong. ‘The last three weeks have been a trying time of reflection and personal growth,’ he wrote.

The issue has raised concerns for fans of the show, which usually features a new, fresh face each year. In the wake of the controversy, Bravo has scrubbed mentions of Erales from its social media accounts and he hasn’t done any interviews following his victory.

After winning the latest season of Top Chef, Erales was awarded a $250,000 prize and a future Austin restaurant. However, his reputation and livelihood are at stake following the revelations about his previous employment.

The Cast of Top Chef VIP

cast of top chef vip

Thrilling reality series top chef vip come to your screens with 16 celebrities who put their cooking skills to the test. The winner will win a $100,000 prize.

The show is hosted by The scent of passion star Carmen Villalobos and judges include three renowned Latin American chefs. Each celebrity will compete in a unique set of challenges to determine who advances and goes home.

Graciela Beltran

Graciela Beltran, one of the most popular singers in regional Mexican music, has released many albums and appeared on many important Latin American television programs like Sabado Gigante and Siempre en Domingo. She has been credited with helping to shape the genre of Tejano and solidifying women's place in it.

Currently, she is part of the cast of Top Chef VIP based on Telemundo. This reality show consists of 16 celebrity contestants who compete to earn $100,000.

They compete against each other in different cooking challenges and elimination challenges where they must use their cooking skills to prove they have what it takes. The kitchen of Top Chef VIP contains 16 fully stocked cooking stations with all the necessary equipment for each celebrity to prepare their dish.

Chiky Bombom

Chiky Bombom is a Dominican influencer who is best known for her dance, lifestyle, comedy and music content. She has a large following on both Instagram and TikTok.

She also hosts the Hoy Dia show on Telemundo. However, she is getting a lot of criticism from her fans because of her lack of experience.

Her personality is very positive and she loves to make people laugh. In addition, she has a mischievous and sexy style.

She has a large following on both Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. She began to upload videos in 2015 based on her experiences as a single mother. She has been dedicated to uploading content on these platforms to help other women overcome the challenges they face in their daily lives. She has also helped others become confident, strong and independent. She has also encouraged them to pursue their dreams.

Luis Coronel

Born on February 3, 1996 in Tucson, Arizona, Luis Coronel is an American singer of Regional Mexican music. He was signed by Del Records at the age of 16 and released his debut album Con la frente en alto in September 2013.

He also released numerous singles which quickly caught the attention of fans around the world. He was nominated for the 'New Artist of the Year' award at the Latin Billboard Music Awards in 2014.

Based on the Bravo Tv channel, Top Chef VIP presents a group of 16 celebrities who enter the most demanding kitchen to test their cooking skills and battle their way to the coveted Top Chef VIP title and $100,000 cash prize. They each bring a mix of creativity, excitement and drama to the table in this family-friendly reality show.

Aida Cuevas

Cuevas, affectionately known as "La Reina de Mariachi," has created one of the most important careers in traditional Mexican music. She is beloved for her unflinching devotion to mariachi music and her mastery of its demanding vocal forms.

She is a popular singer and actress who has toured the world since 1976. She is a Latin Grammy award winner and nominated for numerous other awards.

She is also a television personality and was on the reality show Top Chef VIP and Masterchef Celebrity, both based on the Bravo Tv channel. She has also been featured in 4 movies and a few animated films.

Cristina Eustace

Top Chef VIP is a spinoff of the popular reality cooking show. This version features 16 celebrities putting their culinary skills to the test and being judged by a panel of professional chefs.

The winning celebrity will win $100,000 in prize money. The show is produced by RCN Televisión for Telemundo and premiered on August 9, 2022.

Cristina Eustace was born on May 25, 1979 in Chihuahua, Mexico and is a singer best known for her appearance on the Puerto Rican reality show Objetivo Fama in 2008. She also performs in musicals in both her native country and the United States.

She is married to Scott Eustace and has a son named Andres Esteban Loaiza. She is a proud University of Texas at El Paso graduate and has appeared as an opening act for many artists including Aida Cuevas, Kumbia Kings and Los Huracanes de Norte.

Marlene Favela

Marlene Favela is a famous Mexican actress who rose to fame as Esmeralda in Zorro, la Espada y la Rosa in 2013. She is also known for her acting skills on social media platforms like Instagram.

She was born on August 5, 1976, in Papasquiaro, Durango, Mexico. She is the daughter of Felipe Favela and Silvia Meraz de Favela.

Her parents brought her up with 5 siblings named Carmen, Mabel, Alan, Deborah, and Alejandro.

She was a contestant on the Bravo Tv show Top Chef VIP. She was eliminated from the competition after she failed to win a challenge. Then, she returned to acting in 2018. She is now known as a renowned actress and model. She has received many awards for her career. She has earned over 4 million followers on her Instagram account. She is also a singer.

Lambda Garcia

Lambda Garcia is one of the 16 contestants on Telemundo's new reality show Top Chef VIP. In this cooking competition, aspiring chefs put their culinary skills to the test in front of a panel of judges and a $100,000 cash prize.

After a long journey, Lambda Garcia emerged as the winner of this first season of this popular series. The 35-year-old actor and now-chef, says he feels proud to have participated in this project from the beginning, and feels very happy that the fans appreciated his talent throughout the process.

He started his career in TV Azteca, where he appeared in telenovelas such as La reina soy yo, with Michelle Renaud, and Charly Flow. In these roles, he gained popularity among the viewers and opened the doors of more important projects. Today, he is one of the most successful actors of the channel.

Hector Suarez Gomis

Hector Suarez Gomis es un actor mexicano. He is a former singer and TV host. He is known for his portrayal of proud but poor men.

He is a renowned singer, television host, actor and comedian who has worked for over six decades. He has appeared in over 100 telenovelas and movies.

Telemundo has launched a new reality show, Top Chef VIP where celebrities spruce up their cooking skills. A cast of 16 famosos have joined the show.

These include Graciela Beltran, Aida Cuevas, Luis Coronel, Scarlet Ortiz, Marlene Favela, Cristina Eustace, Hector Suarez Gomis, Lambda Garcia, Mauricio Islas, Horacio Pancheri, Jennifer Pena, Gregorio Pernia, Zuleyka Rivera, Ferdinando Valencia and Rodrigo Vidal. These stars will compete for the title of top chef vip.

Mauricio Islas

Mauricio Islas is an actor from Mexico. He was born on August 16, 1973 in Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico.

His father was Juan Islas and his mother Rosalinda IIescas. He was raised alongside his brother.

He has appeared in various television shows, including Pecados Ajenos.

Top chef vip is a Spanish-language spinoff of the popular reality cooking competition series Top Chef. This new show will see 16 celebrities putting their cooking skills to the test to compete for a US$100,000 prize.

Three renowned chefs will run the kitchen and judge each contestant's efforts until they find the winner. It's a recipe for drama, suspense and big surprises. The premiere airs Tuesday, August 9 at 7pm/6c. Watch it to find out who will win! Then, be sure to subscribe to Telemundo for more great shows like this.

Scarlet Ortiz

Venezuelan telenovela star Scarlet Ortiz was born on March 12, 1974 in Caracas, Venezuela. She is a Actress and has a net worth of $2 million.

She has starred in the telenovela Dulce Amargo and Lo Que La Vida Me Robo.

In her free time, she enjoys reading books and travelling.

She is a contestant on the upcoming cooking competition Top Chef VIP which premieres August 9 on Telemundo. She is one of 16 celebrities who will cook their way to a $100,000 cash prize and the title of VIP top chef.


Below Deck Down Under Episode 15

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Below Deck Mediterranean airs new episodes on Mondays at 8 pm ET. The show is anchored by Captain Sandy Yawn, along with stews Kyle Viljoen and Natalya Scudder, and Bosun Storm Smith.

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Aside from a good time, it’s important to remember that a holiday party isn’t just for your staff to celebrate the new year with you. It’s also a great opportunity to break down any barriers between your different departments and let them know how much you value them.

It’s a big job to throw a successful party, but if you follow these tips, you’ll be on your way to a successful event in no time!

While there are a few rules that you should follow, you can also think outside the box and create your own unique celebration. For example, you could ask your employees to wear their favorite color or dress up in a theme that suits their personalities.

If you’re looking to add a little extra spice to your party, try using a gold pick. It’s a festive way to clink your glasses, and it will be a great conversation piece!

Another way to keep the holiday spirit going is by throwing a party at a local bar. The drinks are usually cheaper than at a restaurant, and you can add in some games for entertainment.

This is a great way to give your employees a reason to celebrate with you, and it will be a memorable experience for them. But remember to keep it professional and don’t go overboard.

It’s a Divorce

The show revolves around Abby McCarthy (Lisa Edelstein) who finds solace in new friends and adventures as she navigates her impending divorce. The series is based on the Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce book series by Vicki Iovine and was created by Marti Noxon.

Season 1 of Below Deck Mediterranean saw Abby and her divorced friends Lyla Garofalo and Phoebe Beau Garrett take to the sea to learn about a new life without their husbands. The pair bonded over their shared experiences and their tumultuous relationships with their ex-husbands.

In the second season of Below Deck Down Under, Abby’s ex-friend Ryan McCarthy and his wife Magda Ziomek are still struggling with their relationship. While Magda and Ryan have a mutual respect for each other, they are not on the same page when it comes to their divorce.

Vikki Ziegler is a lawyer and mediator who works with divorced couples on how to divide their assets. She has a cheery, Jersey-honk sexy presence and calmly lectures her clients on their possessions as she helps them settle their differences in the best way possible.

Despite her sensitive approach, Ziegler doesn’t let her clients off easy, and sometimes her mediations are so intense that she gets a little overzealous. She is a certified family law attorney and author of the bestselling books, Untying the Knot and Untying the Heart.

She is an expert in divorce mediation, and her clients often bring their own unique sensitivities to the table, ranging from the need for prenuptial/cohabitation agreements to legal procedures for freezing one’s eggs and keeping them under sole control.

Some of her clients are even more difficult to work with than others. For example, her client Benny Crawley is a mouthy deckhand who doesn’t pull his weight on board. His constant complaints about his food and lack of communication with his chief stew Aesha Scott have riled up viewers and Jamie Sayed, the bosun on the yacht.

Another of Ryan’s castmates, Magda Ziomek, is a notorious texter who has been neglecting her duties on the yacht. As a result, she has been on the verge of losing her job.

It’s a Fight

It’s been a wild ride on the superyacht Thalassa since Below Deck Down Under debuted last spring. The reality series follows the crew as they cruise the waters of Queensland, Australia. The show is a spin-off of the popular Below Deck franchise, with 51 Minds producing it, along with Mark Cronin, Courtland Cox, Nadine Rajabi, Jill Goslicky, Cristina Lopez, Tania Hamidi, Christian Sarabia and Zachary Klein as executive producers.

Its first season was full of drama, including a Mardi Gras-themed party and a lesbian vow renewal. But it was also a time for some serious conflict, as two stews got fired and the crew had to figure out how to keep guests happy and entertained on the high seas.

One of the most memorable moments in Below Deck Down Under’s history occurred when a fire broke out on the boat, forcing Benny to jump into her water-jet skis and dodge the flames while capturing photos of her party. It was a dangerous and hilarious scene, and many Below Deck fans were quick to comment on it, saying they would have done the same thing in this exact situation.

The first season of Below Deck Down Under was a huge hit with viewers, and the second season isn’t much different. This season, the crew of the Thalassa is dealing with another major mechanical issue, and they have to keep their guests entertained despite it.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, the season is also bringing in a new captain for the show. The young and attractive Jason Chambers, who is the son of former Below Deck star Steve Chambers, has quickly made an impression on fans.

Meanwhile, chief stewardess Aesha Scott is feeling the heat from new chef Ryan McKeown, who is labeled a villain on the show for his bad attitude and disapproval of her service-first approach. It’s clear that the tension between the two has only gotten worse as the season goes on, but it seems like there might be an even bigger battle brewing.

Regardless of which Below Deck spin-off you watch, the drama is always a big part of the show. And this season, we’ll see more of it with the addition of the new captain and a host of new stews aboard the Thalassa. So be sure to tune in for all the behind-the-scenes action!

It’s a Reunion

Below Deck Down Under is a spin-off of the popular Bravo show Below Deck that airs in Australia. It features a new cast including Captain Jason Chambers, bosun Jamie Sayed, chef Ryan McKeown, Brittini Burton, Culver Bradbury, Ben Crawley, Tumi Mhlongo, Magda Ziomek and more.

The series has become a favorite among Bravo viewers, who love to see these crew members interact with each other and cause drama on board their super yacht. Despite the fact that this show is filmed in Australia, it’s still a Below Deck spin-off and has a similar format to the original.

In this episode of Below Deck Down Under, the crew is left to their own devices for a few days. This causes them to have some fun and mischief, but it also puts them on edge with a man down on board.

As if that wasn’t enough, Laura feels mistreated by Kate and starts to fall out of line. She even throws a fit over a crew night out, but this isn’t the first time she’s had a fit on the boat.

When a charter guest brings her gang of friends onboard, they all bring their own personalities to the ship and make it hard for Matt to keep everyone happy. As a result, the charter guests start to feel unappreciated by the crew.

But things get worse when Ben’s latest galley masterpiece is brought to a boil, causing some trouble in the crew. As a result, Sierra loses her cool.

While the crew tries to find a way to handle the situation, they realize that they’re in over their heads. As a result, the group decides to hire a new deckhand.

However, the new hire isn’t exactly what Rocky and Emile are looking for in a deckhand. The newbie has no experience in the yachting world, and Rocky isn’t sure she can work with him.

Meanwhile, Ashton is on a mission to plant some seeds with Courtney, but she’s not so sure about their relationship. She also gets tangled up in a messy fight with Tanner.


How Many Episodes of Below Deck Down Under Are Available on Peacock?

If you're a fan of Below Deck, you've probably wondered how many episodes they've got so far. The reality show is filmed on a superyacht and follows the crew as they work on a project. They deal with tension and politics as they head to the Whitsunday Islands in Australia. There, they enjoy the glamour of yachting, but also face long hours and high stress.

Jason Chambers

Below Deck Down Under follows a crew of charter guests aboard the M/Y Thalassa, a luxury mega-yacht in the Whitsunday Islands of Australia. As the crew navigates the Great Barrier Reef, they face a variety of challenges.

Jason Chambers, the captain of the vessel, is a hard-working crew member and an expert in managing a boat. He is also known for his easy-going banter with his crew.

The crew has a lot of challenges to deal with, especially with the high stress of working on a superyacht. They face politics and tension among the crew, and even long hours on the deck. There is no shortage of drama, but the destination is worth it.

Aesha Scott, the chief stewardess, also returns to the series. She is a talented and confident woman who has great leadership skills. But she has her own conflicts and issues with Ryan McKeown, the chef.

The Below Deck Down Under cast is comprised of Captain Jason Chambers, Aesha Scott, Brittini Burton, Culver Bradbury, and Ryan McKeown. In addition to the above-mentioned crew members, there are several other guests on the boat.

Guests of the Below Deck Down Under will travel to Australia, the home of the Great Barrier Reef, and the quaint, coastal towns of the Whitsunday Islands. Their voyage will include close encounters with marine life and a vow renewal ceremony.

During the course of the show, many surprises and head-turning events will occur. The season premieres on Peacock on March 17. For more information on the show, visit the below link. If you don't have a subscription to the show, you can purchase it through Amazon Prime Channels.

Ryan McKeown

Below Deck Down Under is a reality television series that follows the crew of the M/Y Thalassa. It is filmed in Australia, where the crew spends time in the Whitsunday Islands.

The show will focus on nine crew members aboard the Thalassa. Among them, there are several familiar faces. One of them is Aesha Scott, a former stewardess from Below Deck Mediterranean. She is slated to return to the yacht to serve as the chief stewardess.

Another familiar face is Captain Jason Chambers. He is the young captain on the boat. However, he has trouble getting along with his crew. Some of the crew have complained about his lack of communication skills. Others have criticized his arrogance and unwillingness to work.

Ryan McKeown, the chef, also received plenty of negative feedback from the crew. He was accused of making lousy food and being lazy. His co-workers have even suggested that he be fired.

There are many questions on how many episodes of Below Deck Down Under will air. For example, will the season be longer or shorter? Will the cast be different? And what will the finale be like?

The midseason trailer for Below Deck Down Under was released last month. At first, the trailer teased a possible firing of Ryan. But then, the camera showed that Jason had a conversation with him.

Although there are only three episodes left, fans have been waiting to see how the rest of the season will go. A reunion special may be in the works. If so, we will know more soon. Until then, we will have to make do with watching the shows that have already been aired.

Aesha Scott

Below Deck Down Under has been an instant hit with viewers. It is the first spinoff of the hit Bravo series, and now it is streaming on Peacock. Those who have subscribed to the channel can watch the entire season.

The new Below Deck Down Under will take viewers to the Great Barrier Reef. This season will feature close encounters with marine life and a charter group that travels across the Whitsunday Islands.

The cast of the first season is familiar to fans of the franchise. They include Aesha Scott, Brittini Burton, and Chef Ryan McKeown. But who will be joining them for Season 2?

Before we get to the answer to that question, however, we have to discuss the new crew. Captain Jason Chambers is the youngest franchise captain. He said that Below Deck Down Under will be a "kicked up" version of the Australian iteration. In the meantime, he is adjusting to the new team and trying to figure out how to deal with the charter guest's needs.

Aesha Scott is one of the most popular cast members. She has appeared on several seasons of Below Deck Mediterranean, including the last two. Her last appearance was as a back-up stewardess. As she prepared for Below Deck Down Under, she was worried about returning to the show. However, she has now confirmed that she will be coming back for Season 2.

Hopefully, Below Deck will bring a change of scenery to the charters. Previously, the team was stuck in Melbourne and Sydney. For a change, they will be sailing the Whitsunday Islands.

If you're a fan of Below Deck, you'll want to catch the season finale. It's likely to follow the same format as other Below Deck shows, so keep your eyes peeled.


Below Deck Down Under is a popular reality TV show. It follows crew members aboard the M/Y Thalassa, a charter yacht sailing in Australia's Coral Sea. Throughout the season, the crew faces various challenges. This includes dealing with family fights, flirting with the captains, and dealing with a drunk charter guest. The show has become a favorite among viewers, and it has reaffirmed home truths about life on a superyacht.

Below Deck Down Under has 18 episodes over one season. The show airs on Bravo in the US and on Sky TV in the UK. It is available to watch online. You can access it through the streaming website Peacock.

The cast of Below Deck includes Aesha Scott, Ryan McKeown, Magda Ziomek, Ben Crawley, and Tumi Mhlongo. They are joined by new crew members Chef Rachel Hargrove, Captain Lee Rosbach, and Chief Steward Fraser Olender.

The series began filming in the Whitsunday Islands in January. Below Deck Down Under will air on Bravo and Peacock, and fans can keep up with what's happening with the crew by watching the show online.

If you're interested in watching below deck down under, you can get started by signing up. Once you're logged in, you can check out all the episodes of the show and see what's in store. As of now, there's no information on a reunion special, but it's possible it's going to happen.

Below Deck Down Under is a spinoff of the Bravo reality series, Below Deck. In this reality show, the crew of a charter yacht are exploring the complicated dynamics of working together. There are many questions left unanswered, and fans are hoping the next episode will reveal a resolution.


Below Deck Down Under is a reality TV show about life aboard a charter yacht. This is a spin-off from the original Below Deck. The first season of Below Deck Down Under premiered on Peacock. After a season, Bravo renewed Below Deck Down Under for a second season.

Below Deck Down Under focuses on the complex dynamics of the crew of a charter yacht. It is filmed on the Whitsunday Islands of Australia.

The cast of Below Deck Down Under includes: Bosun Jamie Sayed, chef Ryan McKeown, stewardess Aesha Scott, and Captain Jason Chambers. They will be joined by a number of familiar faces.

Bravo is airing Below Deck Down Under every Tuesday night. Guests will go on close encounters with marine life in the Great Barrier Reef. Their trip will also include flying inflatables. Those who have watched Below Deck Down Under on Bravo know that it is a drama-filled series.

During the taping of Below Deck Down Under, the show received an excellent reception. However, the show has also garnered criticism. Fans are demanding that Below Deck take accountability for its behavior. In fact, below deck crew member Magda Ziomek was given a pink slip.

Below Deck Down Under is scheduled to return in March. Seasons will be released on a weekly basis. Some of the episodes are already available for streaming. Subscribers to Peacock will be able to watch the entire season. For a $9.99 monthly subscription, viewers will get access to the show's entire library.

Below Deck is one of the most popular franchises on television. With a variety of shows, including Below Deck Mediterranean, Below Deck Sailing Yacht, and Below Deck Adventure, fans have gotten to know the lives of charter guests and the crew of the various yachts.

skateboard wallpaper

Free Skateboard Wallpaper

If you are looking for a cool wallpaper for your computer, iPhone, or tablet, you have come to the right place. Here, you'll find a list of free and high quality skateboard wallpapers that are available for download. You can choose from hundreds of different options to fit your style.

Backgrounds for iPhone

If you're into skateboarding, there are many different ways you can use your iPhone for this activity. Fortunately, you can easily download and install skateboard wallpapers for your device. Some of these options are available free, and others require a fee. However, you can also download and use a wide variety of other wallpapers that are free. Whether you're looking for a unique photo to add to your Home screen or lock screen, or a cool pattern to spice up your background, you can find what you're looking for.

The first step is to access the Photos app on your iPhone. Unless you have a new model, your iPhone will come with a pre-set image. You can choose to use your default photo, or upload a custom image. In either case, you'll need to save the image so that you can set it as your wallpaper.

Next, you'll want to click the Photos icon at the bottom left of your screen. From there, you'll be able to browse through your Camera Roll folder and select your favorite photo. Once you've selected your favorite, you'll need to tap the "set" or "use as a wallpaper" button. This will allow you to crop and arrange the downloaded image to your liking.

After you've finished, you'll need to set the new wallpaper as your iPhone's background. You can change your wallpaper's color, size, and even choose whether it should be for the Lock screen or Home screen. For more information, visit the Skateboard iPhone wallpapers page on this site. To share your favorite photo, you can tap the share button at the bottom left of your screen.

If you're still not sure what you want to do with your iPhone's wallpaper, try using a website like tTbyq. There are plenty of options for tTbyq, including a free version that's compatible with Android 4.0. While this option isn't available for all mobile devices, you can get a variety of fun and unique images to set as your background. It's a great option for those looking to customize their iPhone's background, or those who don't want to spend money.

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