Top 5 Best TV Shows on Netflix

Top 5 Best TV Shows on Netflix


best tv shows on netflix

Netflix offers so many great shows, it can be difficult to know which ones to watch. So we've rounded up some of our top picks so you don't have to! So now you know exactly what to binge next!

From classic crime dramas to the latest reality TV shows, these are some of the best shows on Netflix that are sure to please even diehard streaming enthusiasts.

Stranger Things

In the 1980s, a group of friends in Hawkins, Indiana begin experiencing strange occurrences. These phenomena revolve around Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), a girl with psychokinetic powers who may be able to stop creatures from the Upside Down.

The show primarily focuses on its horror elements, but it also addresses issues of trauma, grief and stress that young people face. Furthermore, it emphasizes the significance of parental involvement in a child's life.

Stranger Things is one of the most popular TV shows on Netflix, despite its dark tone. It has received critical acclaim and been nominated for numerous awards.

The Duffer brothers, creators of the series "Arrow," are no mere mimics; they understand what makes 1980s teen fiction work. They understand its underlying message: that small towns matter and people need to come together when disaster strikes.

They understand that being different is okay - whether that means being an avid Dungeons & Dragons fan or openly gay. These characters may not be perfect, but they share a code of morality and strive to protect one another.

It's an intelligently crafted series and one of the most unique TV shows available on Netflix.

First and foremost, this show is an excellent example of "nostalgia casting." That term refers to when a star who has faded but remains popular returns in a leading role. Winona Ryder stars as Will Byers (Noah Schnapp), who mysteriously vanishes while riding his bicycle during the first season.

Moreover, the cast of the show is top-notch, with Winona Ryder and Millie Bobby Brown taking center stage. Both actors bring their A-game to the series - it's no wonder why fans have been eagerly awaiting Season 4 since its premiere back in 2016.

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is a daring explorer who always seems to be on the go. With four films in the series, each featuring different adventures, Indiana Jones is sure to please any adventure movie fan! If you enjoy adventure films, Indiana Jones is definitely worth checking out!

Raiders of the Lost Ark is available on Netflix in the US and it boasts an array of bonus features that are well worth watching. There are numerous making-of documentaries as well as deleted scenes and more to enjoy.

One of the most fascinating new features is "On the Set," which documents the filming of Raiders with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. It's an hourlong collection of outtakes, deleted scenes and other production details.

Experience how the movie was made and its characters as they evolve through "Old Indy," featuring old clips of Indy with his teddy bear plus scenes from the first two films.

In the third film, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Indiana is on a quest to retrieve his father's holy grail. This time around he teams up with Dr. Elsa Schneider (Alison Doody), who also seeks out this elusive object.

In addition to these four films, there are countless other episodes and shorts about Indy available, including an early 90s television series that aired in the UK. You can watch all these films on various platforms like Amazon Prime and Vudu.

Fans of all ages love this series, and it's easy to see why. Harrison Ford is an incredible actor who has nailed the role of Indiana Jones perfectly. Plus, there's an excellent storyline arc too - so be sure to check it out!

Big Mouth

Big Mouth is one of Netflix's most beloved animated series. It takes a humorous, slapstick approach to puberty and its associated milestones; it also tackles gender and asexuality with humorous yet insightful commentary. While its humor may occasionally be coarse, it always manages to remain entertaining for viewers.

The voice cast for the show includes Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Jessi Klein, Jason Mantzoukas, Ayo Edebiri, Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolph, Jordan Peele and Andrew Rannells. They portray characters such as Nick Birch, Lola Jay Bilzerian Maury the Hormone Monster among others.

Season six of Big Mouth sees the show going through more changes than ever before. It still retains the wit that made the series so captivating, but it is taking its characters more seriously - which can be both good and disappointing.

Coach Steve and Lola have become more one-dimensional in their personalities, making it harder to relate to them. Meanwhile, some characters like Jay have returned to a comedic nature, making it harder to appreciate their emotional journeys.

Big Mouth remains one of Netflix's best shows, despite its challenges. It offers plenty of opportunity for laughter and its pop culture references are always quick-witted and enjoyable.

For those who don't want to be subjected to too much censorship, this show offers plenty of good jokes and self-aware meta gags. The Hormone Monsters continue to provide a unique point of entry for these laughs this season and they're in great form.

Furthermore, Human Resources has introduced some exciting ideas and monsters to the show, such as Lovebug Flanny O'Lympic. While this is an intelligent move, it also risks making the series appear too bloated and overly complex.


Shameless is a show that chronicles the antics of an dysfunctional family. William H. Macy stars as Frank Gallagher, an alcoholic trying to raise six kids with help from his oldest daughter Fiona (Emmy Rossum).

When it comes to alcohol and sexual activities, the Gallagher clan doesn't seem too concerned about indulging. After all, their father is an alcoholic who often struggles with his obligations as both husband and father.

Fiona is always there for her siblings, even when he doesn't behave himself. She helps them cheat on exams and works hard to save up money for college educations. Despite these shortcomings, Fiona always does her best to maintain order in the household.

The series also explores other themes like mental illness, PTSD, children with disabilities, adoption, abortion, teen pregnancy, religion, drug abuse and AA programs. These conversations are essential as they can help people gain a better understanding of each other.

One of the most captivating characters in Shameless is Carl Gallagher, who despite having faced many hardships due to his upbringing has managed to overcome them and become a good person. He's intelligent and resourceful, having managed to rise out of poverty.

Shameless stands out among other shows with its diverse cast, seven out of nine main characters being white and dealing with various issues. It truly stands out in this regard.

No matter if you are new to the show or an avid fan, streaming it on Netflix in America with a VPN is now possible. This ensures that there will be no geo-blocking issues and you can watch your favorite shows without any hassle.

Dead to Me

Dead to Me is a dark comedy series that deals with the aftermath of an attempted hit-and-run. Its main characters are Jen (Christina Applegate), an accomplished real estate broker in Orange County, and Judy Hale (Linda Cardellini), a widow who lost her fiance due to heart attack. They meet in grief counseling group, become close friends, and offer each other support throughout their grieving process.

The series takes an interesting approach to remorse and forgiveness. It's not about forgiving someone who killed someone, but rather forgiving yourself for what caused that person's death in the first place. Ben (James Marsden) exemplifies this principle as he forgives himself for his role in Steve's passing while also forgiving his wife for her own crime - which may be the only way that he can move on with his life.

There's much to admire about Dead to Me, especially its female leads. Both Applegate and Cardellini have long careers in television but Dead to Me offers them a rare chance to really showcase their abilities as actors within this genre.

Judy and Jen live in an intricate world, where it can be difficult to tell how long has passed between scenes. As such, this series deserves special recognition for its exquisite attention to detail.

Dead to Me stands out not just due to its visually striking design, but Liz Feldman's writing too. Her characters may have had complicated pasts, yet they all come off as genuine and lovable individuals.

Despite its repetitive nature, The show offers enough surprises and twists to keep viewers guessing throughout its three seasons. Plus, it's highly bingeable so there's no need to struggle with keeping track of details or obsessing over what comes next.


Who is Running For President in 2024?

In 2024, the race for president is expected to be a close one. President Joe Biden and former President Donald J. Trump, both eligible for reelection, will likely lead the field.

Although these two men appear to be the frontrunners, there are several potential challengers who could emerge in either the primary or general election. These include:

President Joe Biden

As the 47th Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden has been an ardent champion for America. His record as a public servant is truly impressive and he has dedicated his career to building strong foundations for American prosperity.

Former Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and longtime member of the Judiciary Committee, Biden has an extensive background in global affairs. He helped shape America's response to terrorism and spearheaded initiatives for creating a post-Cold War world that is "middle class, secure, and democratic from Canada to Chile and everywhere else" ("middle class secure and democratic").

He made combatting climate change a top priority, signing on to the Paris Climate Accords and promising that US emissions would be cut in half from 2005 levels by 2030.

Biden served as the driving force behind President Obama's vision for an Europe united, free, and at peace from the Western Hemisphere to Eastern Europe. In this role he visited numerous nations within that region, worked to bolster NATO, prioritized investments to support energy security, and promoted U.S.-Mexico trade and investment ties.

Over his 36 years in the Senate, Biden built an expansive network of friends and colleagues around the world. He was a champion for foreign policy and criminal justice reform, as well as an outspoken supporter of women's and minority rights.

He is an expert on health care, having drafted the Affordable Care Act and leading President Obama's campaign for its passage. Through his advocacy work, he has worked to reduce healthcare costs, expand coverage, and enhance quality for millions of Americans. Furthermore, he strives to ensure that wealthy corporations and tax cheats pay their fair share in taxes so that all families in America have access to quality medical care at a price they can afford.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

DeSantis, a rising conservative star, is seen as one of the main obstacles to President Trump winning another term. A Monmouth University survey shows DeSantis to be popular among Republicans who want to move past Trump and his populist agenda.

Last year, Governor Cuomo was re-elected with an unprecedented vote total and has spent the past few months cultivating his national profile and positioning himself for a presidential run. He's made several trips to Democratic-run cities to address law enforcement groups and is set to attend fundraisers this weekend in Texas and California - all indications that he may launch his presidential bid this year.

He's also been secretly meeting with a select group of potential campaign staff in key states, and organizing events such as the Palm Beach policy forum he will host this week. However, it remains uncertain what lies behind his moves thus far and whether he truly intends to run for the Republican nomination.

Before becoming Florida's governor, DeSantis served in the United States Navy as a SEAL. Additionally, he was an accomplished federal prosecutor who focused on child predators.

After his military service, he ran for Congress in 2012 and championed congressional term limits, a balanced budget amendment and tax cuts. For his efforts he was awarded the Bronze Star, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal and Iraq Campaign Medal.

He serves on the Board of Trustees for both Boy Scouts of America and The Family Foundation, an organization advocating for marriage equality. Married to Emmy Award-winning television host Casey, he's the proud father of three. Recently released his memoir "The Courage to Be Free," and plans a book tour which could take him through several primary states.

California Governor Gavin Newsom

Gavin Newsom easily won his fourth term as governor of California by defeating Republican challenger Gavin Newsom in a gubernatorial recall election. Now political analysts and donors are asking whether he will run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2024 - an unpredictable race that no one can predict with certainty.

Over the last year, Newsom has made waves among progressive voters and donors by signing a variety of liberal legislation, including more than a dozen laws making California an abortion haven after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade; furthermore, he plans to pass a windfall tax on oil companies to offset his success.

However, Newsom faces an untenable fiscal situation with state tax collections falling far short of expectations and budget analysts projecting a $24 billion deficit for next year. If he can't convince lawmakers to raise revenue or cut spending, Newsom may have no choice but to make tough decisions during his second term as the state's financial situation worsens.

During his first year in office, Newsom prioritized issues that were important to California's Democratic base. He provided funding for early childhood education and worked to tackle homelessness. Furthermore, he made progress on policies to combat climate change while championing a system to force those suffering from severe mental illnesses off the streets and into treatment.

But he has not always struck the right tone with his progressive colleagues in the Board of Supervisors and other city departments. His outspokenness and insistence on "big, hairy audacious goals" sometimes rubbed many progressive leaders the wrong way. Additionally, he abandoned an effort to build safe-consumption facilities in San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles which could have saved lives, according to political observers.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem

Kristi Noem, the sole South Dakotan to serve in Congress and now Governor of the state, has held office since 2019. Her campaign platform focused on protecting states from federal intrusion, growth and secrecy while she also held firm conservative views regarding Second Amendment rights, taxes and abortion.

Noem's political views were formed during her childhood on a family farm in rural Castlewood, South Dakota. After his tragic death from a grain bin accident while working on the farm, Noem gained an appreciation for hard work and self-reliance.

She enjoyed a close personal connection to then-Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, who recruited her for a seat on the Farm Service Agency committee where she helped shape policy and tax laws related to agriculture.

Her experiences have informed her political opinions regarding the extent of government control over private life and led her to run for office as a Republican and publicly endorse President Donald Trump.

Her victory was unexpected, even in a Republican-heavy state. Unlike Sutton - an established businessman and former reality TV star - Noem's campaign strategy focused largely on retail campaigning that focused on rural advocacy, Obama bashing and more family-friendly approaches to politics.

Noem's national profile rose, sparking the attention of right-wing commentators and supporters on social media who called for her to run for president in 2024. Although interviewed for this article, Noem deferred questions to her spokesman Ian Fury;

She has vigorously defended the state's abortion laws, which are among the most stringent in the nation; with no exceptions for rape or incest. Furthermore, she opposes Critical Race Theory-inspired curricula and transgender sports in schools.

Texas Governor Rick Perry

Rick Perry, the former Texas governor and one of President Donald Trump's first picks for secretary of energy, is running for president. On Thursday he declared his candidacy at an airfield near Dallas in a plane similar to what he flew while serving in the Air Force.

Perry has long been a conservative political figure and his presidential campaigns in 2012 and 2016 were unsuccessful. He has consistently supported the oil and natural gas industries, particularly the controversial XL Keystone pipeline that traverses the Dakotas.

As governor, Perry prioritized stimulating the economy through job creation and border security. He also supported a smaller federal government and flat tax as solutions.

After his 2012 campaign was unsuccessful, Perry focused on foreign policy and other pressing issues by hiring outside advisers. He promised to "end an era of failed leadership" in hopes that this second campaign would go better than his first.

Before becoming governor, Perry had an illustrious career in the Texas state legislature and held several executive posts within the state. Under his watch, significant economic reforms were implemented such as cutting taxes and raising the state's minimum wage.

He has also advocated for policies that safeguard the country against cybersecurity attacks and spearheaded initiatives to safeguard the country's electricity grid.

He is a computer engineer by profession and currently resides in Springtown, northwest of Fort Worth. In August 2014, the former governor was indicted on two felony charges of abuse of official capacity and coercion of a public servant.

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