Top 30 michael jackson songs

Top 30 michael jackson songs

Best michael jackson songs

30 of his greatest ever songs, from Off the Wall to Invincible, released during his lifetime. We've selected 30 of the best songs we have ever played of his life, including Invincible and Off The Wall. Tom Eames' favourite song by choice: Invincible. We rate them as the greatest ever song,

top 30 michael jackson songs


Michael's 2001 album Invincible may are overlooked over the years, but there have been some genuinely great moments.

The final single taken from his final album was co-written by British musician Marsha Ambrosius, one 1/2 London soul act Floetry. She revealed how she had to require a long time to cool down when first meeting Jackson. “I had the tears in my eyes and got kinda nervous. But as I got into it, i noticed it had been work, it absolutely was employment. I had to vocally conduct a legend.”

'Gone Too Soon'

Dionne Warwick actually first performed, but never recorded, this song in 1983 on a TV special as a tribute to several performers who had died, including Elvis Aron Presley, John Lennon, Sam Cooke, songster, Otis Redding and Karen Carpenter. Later the identical day, Jackson called writer co-writer Buz Kohan explaining he had wept while watching the performance.

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Jackson's version of 'Gone Too Soon' was dedicated to the memory of his friend Ryan White, a youngster from Indiana who had been expelled from his school for having HIV/AIDS. White died in April 1990, shortly before he would have completed highschool.

'Heal the World'

This politically-tinged song was the fifth single taken from Michael's

Dangerous album, and reached number two within the UK.

In a 2001 Internet chat with fans, Michael said that this can be the song he was most proud to own created. He also created the Heal the planet Foundation, designed to enhance the lives of kids round the globe.

'Just Good Friends' (with Stevie Wonder)

This song is one among two duets on Bad, and features Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson quarrelling over a woman in a very light, cheerful manner. it's also one amongst only two songs on Bad which weren't written by Jackson himself, the opposite being ‘Man within the Mirror’.

Surprisingly, Jackson and Wonder performed it live together one time, during the Australian leg of Jackson’s Bad tour.

'The Girl is Mine' (with Paul McCartney)

Continuing the theme of fellows fighting over a lady, perhaps surprisingly this pop ballad was the primary single to be taken from Jackson’s Thriller. The year before, Jackson and McCartney had duetted on the latter’s ‘Say Say Say’.

Jackson said it had been “one of my favourite songs to record” as there was “lots of playing, and throwing stuff at one another, and making jokes.” Many members from Toto took part within the recording. Jackson and McCartney fell out some years later after Jackson bought the rights to most Beatles songs.

'Blood on the Dance Floor'

Michael Jackson and Teddy Riley created this track for the 1991 album Dangerous. However, it failed to appear thereon record and was minimally altered before commercial release six years later.

It is a few predatory woman by the name of Susie, who seduces Jackson before plotting to stab him with a knife. Yeesh. it had been Jackson’s final favorite single within the UK.

'Scream' (with Janet Jackson)

This track was an aggressive attack directed at the tabloid media and their treatment of Michael throughout his career.

Its music video cost $7 million, which was out and away the foremost expensive ever made at the time.

'Off the Wall'

The title track from Jackson's

Off the Wall album, it absolutely was written by Heatwave's Rod Temperton (who also wrote 'Thriller' and other classics).

The song was first offered to Karen Carpenter, while she was acting on her first solo album, but she turned it down.

'Dirty Diana'

The fifth single from Bad, this was the second hard rock song of Jackson's solo career, and is a couple of persistent groupie that adheres to him. He hired Billy Idol's guitarist Steve Stevens to back him on the song.

top 30 michael jackson songs

Reports at the time claimed that it absolutely was in relevancy his close friend Diana Ross, but this was later denied. He also later confirmed that it had been not about Diana, Princess of Wales, though he was told personally by the Princess that it had been her favourite song of his.

'Remember the Time'

This was the second single from Dangerous, co-written by Teddy Riley. Riley said that he was inspired to put in writing the song after hearing Jackson describe how he had fallen crazy together with his then-wife, Debbie Rowe.

The song also had a nine-minute music video directed by John Singleton, set in Ancient Egypt. It features appearances of Jackson, Eddie Murphy, Iman, Tommy 'Tiny' Lister and Magic Johnson.

'Leave Me Alone'

This was variety two hit for Jackson within the UK, and was taken from his hugely successful Bad album.

The song was a response to negative rumours about Jackson that began appearing within the media and tabloids within the mid-1980s, like claiming that he slept during a hyperbaric oxygen chamber to slow the ageing process, his pet chimpanzee Bubbles and claims that he offered to shop for the bones of the Elephant Man.

'You aren't Alone'

Written by R Kelly, this was variety one hit for Michael Jackson in 1995, and therefore the second single from HIStory.

The video featured Jackson together with his then-wife Lisa Marie Presley.

'They Don't Care About Us'

The fifth single from HIStory, this pop-rock track was one among the foremost controversial pieces Jackson ever composed.

In the US, he faced allegations of antisemitic lyrics, which led to him issuing apologies and re-recording the song with altered lyrics. The singer argued that reviews had misinterpreted the context of the song, either unintentionally or deliberately.


This was the title track of Michael Jackson's seminal Bad album, and was said to be influenced by a real-life story he had examine, of a young man who tried to flee poverty by attending school, but ended up being killed when he returned home.

Its music video was directed by Martin Scorsese and co-starred Wesley Snipes in one amongst his first ever screen appearances. it absolutely was inspired by the film side Story, showing Jackson and a bunch of gangsters dancing during a terminal.

'Earth Song'

This is Michael Jackson’s best-selling single within the UK was also the Christmas favorite in 1995. Jackson had a long-standing history of releasing socially conscious material, but this was the primary that proscribed the environment and animal welfare. it absolutely was originally made for Dangerous, but it didn't make the ultimate cut.

It was also the ultimate song ever performed by Jackson, as he was rehearsing it the night before his death in 2009. it's famous for his 1996 Brit Awards performance, when Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker invaded the stage in protest.

'Stranger in Moscow'

This track was written by singer in September 1993, at the peak of highly publicised maltreatment accusations against him, while travelling in Moscow. it absolutely was originally written as a poem, then adapted into a song.

The instrumental portion relies on the top credits theme of Sonic the Hedgehog 3, a computer game which Jackson were originally scheduled to compose music for. It concludes with a KGB interrogator saying in Russian: “Why have you ever come from the west? Confess!”

'PYT (Pretty Young Thing)'

The sixth single from Thriller, the first demo version of this song was written by Jackson and Greg Phillinganes. Quincy Jones passed on the song, but liked the title and created a completely new song with James Ingram.

Two of Jackson's sisters, Janet and La Toya, provided backing vocals because the 'P.Y.T.s'. They sang "na na na" back at their brother towards the top of the song.

'You Rock My World'

This was the lead single from Jackson's Invincible album in 2001, and it reached number two within the UK.

It came with a 13-minute video that also starred hour actor Chris Tucker and Hollywood icon Marlon Brando.

'Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

This is the opening track to Thriller, and also the fourth single from the album. Its lyrics are about strangers spreading rumours to begin up arguments for no good reason.

It was originally written for his sister La Toya Jackson about her troubled relationship together with her sisters-in-law, but Michael recorded the song himself, with La Toya sometimes performing it at her concerts. Despite being released as one, a music video was never made for the song.

'Human Nature'

This ballad was originally written by keyboardist Steve Porcaro, supported a conversation he had along with his young daughter Heather after a tricky day in school. He, together with his bandmates from the band Toto, were helping with the assembly of Thriller, but he had not intended for the song to be employed by Jackson.

However, producer Quincy Jones heard a demo version and thought it'd be a good fit. Jones brought in songwriter John Bettis to rewrite the verses, whose lyrics were a couple of passerby in ny City. it had been produced by Jones and performed by members of Toto alongside Jackson.

'Smooth Criminal'

One of Michael's signature songs, an early version was written in 1985, titled 'Al Capone' and later released on Bad 25.

The lyrics "Annie, are you OK?" is employed in CPR training courses, and Michael is thought to possess taken a CPR course. Resusci Anne, otherwise called 'Annie' in English-speaking countries, is that the name of a mannequin commonly employed in CPR training. Trainees are taught to mention "Annie, are you OK?" to the dummy so as to test if the patient is conscious.

Its iconic gangster-inspired video featured Michael and his dancers perform a seemingly impossible forward lean, created using strings and wires. For live shows, a hitching mechanism co-patented by Michael was built into the ground of the stage and therefore the performers' shoes.

'Black or White'

This pop-rock anthem for racial equality was the lead single for Dangerous in 1991, and topped charts round the world including the united kingdom.

Its music video featured various stars of the time, including Macaulay Culkin, Cheers actor George Wendt and even Bart and Homer Simpson. The song's main riff is usually incorrectly credited to Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash. His guitar is really heard within the skit that precedes the album version of the song.

'I Just Can't Stop Loving You' (with Siedah Garrett)

The first single taken from Bad, it absolutely was also the primary of 5 number ones from the LP within the US. The presence of Siedah Garrett on the track was a last-minute decision by Jackson and Quincy Jones, after the primary two choices for the duet, vocalist and Whitney Houston, both declined.

Garrett was a protégé of Jones who also co-wrote ‘Man within the Mirror’, and didn't know that she would be singing the song until the day of the recording session. the first version contained a spoken intro by Jackson, recorded while he was in bed.

'Rock With You'

Written by Heatwave’s Rod Temperton, this song was originally titled ‘I Want To Eat You Up’, but it absolutely was quickly changed to suit Jackson’s image as a wholesome heartthrob. it's also considered one among the last hits of the disco era.

Like the album's title track 'Off the Wall', this song was originally offered to Karen Carpenter, but she turned it down.

'Man within the Mirror'

Despite being one among Jackson's signature songs, this was actually written by Siedah Garrett and Glen Ballard.

After Jackson's death in 2009, this song received more downloads than the other of his tracks. and reached number two within the UK, having been darling earlier within the week.

'The Way you create Me Feel'

The third single taken from


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