Top 20 richest YouTubers in 2021 by Net Worth

Top 20 richest YouTubers in 2021 by Net Worth

YouTube has gone mainstream within the last 10 years and has helped shape politics and created a replacement quite job. For other YouTube stars, posting videos has become a career in itself. YouTububers are among the richest YouTube stars within the world by net worth. Click here for more video from YouTube.com to determine the total list of the highest 10 richest YouTube personalities within the past five years by clicking through.

Top 20 richest YouTubers in 2021 by Net Worth

Here are the top 20 richest YouTubers in the world today.

The list of YouTubers who made the foremost money on YouTube is published

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Highest Paid YouTube Channels in 2021

YouTube could be a place to host freed from cost channels and make money. Some YouTububers are already millionaires et al are already rich. Watch these videos and video clips from the likes of Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Puma. the quantity of highest paid YouTube channels of the year 2021 are going to be revealed on January 31, 2019 at 10.30pm on YouTube...

17. Ali A – Net worth: $5 Million

Ali A could be a British video producer who’s real name is Alastair Aiken. His “Call of Duty” let’s play series and commentaries have earned him fame and fortune. He also produces a spread of various vlogs which appear on his channel. He also features a second channel within the same vein and he goes by the name of Matroix. The has received just wanting a billion views on his channels with a complete of over 4.6 million subscribers during a well monetized channel that has made him a multi millionaire.

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16. Ninja – Net worth: $10 Million

Ninja could be a popular YouTube personality who’s real name is Tyler Blevins. Blevins became famous through his YouTube and Twitch channels which became highly monetized. He shared that the bulk of the fortune that he’s earned has been because the results of viewers of the videos of him playing video games, and also the remainder has are available through various sponsors. He’s earned a net worth of around $10 million with overrun 32 million followers in addition as ad sales from his monetized channels.

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15. Shane Dawson – Net worth: $12 Million

Shane Dawson is another famous YouTuber who is that the 12th richest within the world. His real name is Shane Lee Yaw. He began a prosperous career along with his YouTube channel which is titled ShaneDawsonTV, established in 2010. He’s done videos with other famous YouTube personalities to achieve een more exposure. additionally to being a YouTuber with several popular videos, he's also a comedian, director, actor, singer and a songwriter. He’s a multi-talented guy with multiple streams of income but he owes much of his success to the beginning that he got on YouTube.

14. Roman Atwood – Net worth: $12 Million

Roman Atwood may be a famous YouTuber who earned a fortune with the pranks that he pulls in his videos. We all like to laugh and Roman Atwood knows the way to give his audience what they need to work out. He makes a speciality of the old hidden camera pranks and gets them on videos. The stunts that he records with the reactions of his victims are simply priceless, but there are some elements of danger in a number of his escapades. It’s made his two channels among the highest highest subscribed channels on YouTube though. His channels are highly monetized additionally to the income that he generates through the large amount of views. He participates in paid viewing so if you would like to assist him get even richer, don’t click the skip the advertising button.

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13. James Charles -Net worth: $12 Million

James Charles includes a YouTube channel that focuses on makeup and it’s a giant hit on the web. he's so popular that he has numerous viewers who have helped him to become a multimillionaire, but his site is additionally monetized. He started his YouTube channel in 2015 and it didn’t take long for the model and conjure artist to become wildly famous. He’s collaborated with a number of the larger conjure companies within the world and his frame videos have paid off by going viral and helping him in amassing a fortune that's estimated to be at $12 Million.

12. The German Garmendia – Net worth: $13 Million

The Chilean YouTuber, the German Garmendia, otherwis referred to as HolaSoyGerman is that the

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twelfth richest YouTuber within the world. His net worth is a tremendous $13 million. He became famous on his channel HolaSoyGerman together with his other channel JuegaGerman. He’s a singer, songwriter, musician and comedian who’s videos have gone viral. He started off young and formed a band together with his brother, that's called Zudex, and YouTube has certainly been good to him by giving him the exposure that he needed to urge the chance to point out the planet just how funny and the way talented he truly is.

11 Lilly Singh – Net worth: $16 Million

Famous YouTube personality Lilly Singh hails from Canada. She is additionally an actress, comedian and is additionally a motivational speaker. Her YouTube channel Superwoman was started in 2010 and it absolutely was almost instantly a sensation bringing in nearly 6 million subscribers and various views. Singh has received multiple nominations for Awards for her channel. She also rubs shoulders with a number of the foremost famous actors within the world including James Franco and Seth Rogan, additionally to her collaborations with multiple famous YouTube personalities. She’s well connected with the celebs and she or he has gained an implausible net worth of $16 million for her efforts.

10. Evan Fong – Net worth: $17 Million

Evan Fong could be a YouTuber who is among the foremost famous on the net. The Canadian celebrity began his Vanoss Gaming channel on YouTube and it absolutely was a giant success which brought him over 23 million subscribers still as n astronomical 10 billion views for the videos that he posted. Gaming channels are usually among the more successful, but Fong’s channel encompasses a special appeal to gamers that has helped him to monetize his site and earn a whopping $17 million in net worth.

9. John Green – Net worth: $19 Million

John Green could be a YouTube personality who is worth a tremendous $19 million, but it’s only partially to YouTube. He’s a prolific writer and he also produces podcasts and films. The award winning podcast called th Anthropocene Reviewed” was a giant success together with his other helpful videos that have inspired millions. He offers crash courses on a spread of subjects of the Mental Floss type since he’s the cheat for the magazine. he’s just an especially talented guy and it’s brought him during a net worth of $19 million as of 2019.

8. Pew Die Pie – Net worth: $20 Million

Pew Die Pie is additionally know by his real name Felix Kjellberg. He’s among the more popular YouTube personalities who is among the funniest commentators and comedians on the web. He gained quite seventy million subscribers who have helped him to earn millions from his monetize YouTube site. He’s considered to be one among th most beloved YouTubers and has held top positioning on YouTube due to his massive following.

7. Dude Perfect – Net worth: $20 Million

Dude Perfect consists of a bunch of men who’s names are Cory and Coby Cotton, Garrett Hilbert and Cody Jones. The group has done alright for themselves by posting sports videos on their YouTube channel. they're classified as a sports entertainment group. one among the foremost impressive aspects of this group is that the undeniable fact that just from uploading videos of basketball trick shots and associated sports videos from a site, their videos went viral and they’ve amassed quite 5 billion views which is impressive by anyone’s standards. They’ve also worked with a spread of various athletes to create the positioning even more interesting to viewers. The group has an estimated net worth as of 2019 of $20 million.

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6. Jake Paul -Net worth: $21.5 million

Jake Paul may be a young YouTuber who at the age of just 21 years old has made a fortune of $21.5 million. He has his own YouTube channel that has drawn in over three an a half million views to work out his funny pranks, his rap songs and also the daily Vlogs that he posts.

5. Ryan Toys Review – $22 Million

Ryan is such a well-liked YouTube kid that his mom was ale to quit her job and occupy home with him. He’s the web sensation who is best known for his review of toys and it’s one in every of the cutest things that you’ll ever view on the net. this is often obvious as his “hug Eggs Surprise Toys Challenge” video went viral and amassed a whopping one and a half billion views. His net worth is estimated at $22 million as of 2019.

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4. Markiplier – Net Worth: $24 Million

Markiplier may be a YouTube personality with multiple talents. He’s a voice actor, actor and comedian, also known by his real name Mark Fischbach. He hails from Honolulu, Hawaii and his YouTube channel has made him a really rich person. As of 2019, he has over 22 million subscribers with 10 billion views on his gameplay commentary videos channel. He’s one in all the funniest guys on the net, but a number of his action videos are crammed with actin and horror so it’s not all funny, but most of it's. He began his channel in 2012 and he's also a voice actor with the red giant star Entertainment company.

3. Logan Paul – Net worth: $40 Million

Paul Logan is that the third richest YouTuber with a net worth of an estimated $40 million. He’s the owner and operator of two YouTube channels, called “The Official Logan Paul” moreover as his “Logan Paul Vlogs” channel. He started off with Vine and he made good money through advertising and drawing in 3 million followers. Logan then founded his YouTube channels and he has joined forces with big companies which include Hanes, HBO and PepsiCo as sponsors. He’s also appeared in several television series as an actor including “Stitchers,” “Weird Loners” and “Law & Order.” His brother Jake Paul is additionally a famous and rich YouTuber.

2.Daniel Middleton – Net worth: $45 Million

Daniel Middleton has made a fortune through his Diamond Minecart gaming channel. He focuses upon the Minecraft game with daily posts including game play videos and reviews. the popular site has brought in countless viewers and it's become monetized through a number of sponsorship deals still as other revenue streams which are generated through the positioning. Daniel has two YouTube channels with one focused on children and gaming.

1. Jeffree Star – Net worth:$75 Million

The richest YouTuber within the world today is Jeffree Star. He’s an American model further as a dressmaker who’s conjure skills and tutorials are widely viewed on YouTube. He’s a talented compose artist who inspires all genders as he's supportive of all genders. He began his career on MySpace and have become popular on the location in his singing and DJ career promoting his album Beauty Killer which made it all the thanks to #2 on the charts. Jeffree is involved during a form of career ventures and he’s become one among the richest YouTubers within the world.

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