The Tense Relationship Between Kirk Franklin and His Son Kerrion

The Tense Relationship Between Kirk Franklin and His Son Kerrion


kirk franklin son kerrion

Kirk Franklin and his son, Kerrion, are both known to be very loving and caring individuals. However, they have a tense exchange sometimes. This article discusses what caused the tension between them, how they came to an agreement, and how Kirk Franklin helped his son out.

Kirk Franklin came to his son's rescue

Kirk Franklin has come to the rescue of his son Kerrion after the two men have had a tense relationship for a number of years. Franklin has apologized for the profanity-laden rant that he posted on social media, but the details of the interaction are still a little unclear.

The post was not the first time that Kerrion has called out his father for being abusive. In fact, he has posted several times on social media that he is scared of his father. He has also claimed that his father has tried to kill him.

Earlier this year, the pair had a heated argument over an audio recording. The recording, which went viral, included profanity and physical threats. It also included a bit about how the two men are trying to work through the problem.

The pair have also been estranged for a number of years. They have both been working on the issue for some time, but neither of them have been able to reach a resolution.

Now, the controversy has shifted to another recording. Whether it's the audio of the phone call or the video, it's clear that the two men have had a long standing problem.

Regardless, the most important thing is that both sides are willing to take steps to make the situation better. That includes the use of therapy to try and work through the issues.

While the video and text of the apology was not well-received, the aforementioned audio of the same call has received some positive attention. Many have cited it as the best explanation for what may have been a tense moment between Franklin and his son.

Kirk franklin's relationship with his son

Kirk Franklin's relationship with his son Kerrion has not been good. The two have not seen each other for nearly a decade.

Kirk Franklin has tried to get his son the help he needs through therapy. He also has tried to make the family relationship better. In fact, they have been in and out of counseling for over 20 years.

But the situation between Kerrion and his father is getting worse. They recently argued over an audio recording. After the conversation went viral, Kirk released a video apologizing for his behavior. However, he has not responded to the son's Instagram story claiming that he had been "set up" by his father.

Several months later, the father and son made headlines again when the eldest son claimed that his father was trying to kill him. As a result, a family therapist was called in to join the call.

But the alleged conversations between Kerrion and his father have raised a lot of questions. The son has said that he's been estranged from his family for 14 years. Also, Kerrion has accused his father of molestation.

Although it's unclear what exactly the audio is, it does include a lot of profanity. And, if the recording is true, it's hard to believe that the father has been keeping it secret.

Kerrion is not married, but he does have a stepmother. Tammy Collins is the second wife of Kirk Franklin. His other children are Kennedy and Shawn, who are both aspiring singers.

In the interview, Kirk revealed that he and Kerrion had had to go to therapy many times. When Kerrion became an adult, he started to become aggressive. There were also rumors that he was kicked out of the house for using drugs.

Kirk franklin's son's tense exchange with his father

There is a tense exchange that has been brewing between gospel singer Kirk Franklin and his son, Kerrion. The two had an argument recently that ignited social media buzz. It also prompted a formal apology from Kirk.

In the interview, Kirk said he has been trying to work with his son on issues for years. He also said that his relationship with Kerrion is a rocky one. They are both open about their challenges.

After the call, Kerrion posted a recording of their conversation on social media. It is an explicit recording of the heated discussion. Unfortunately, it does not show the entire conversation.

One thing that is apparent from the recording is that the father and son were not happy with the results of the conversation. However, the father still apologized for the language used in the call.

According to Kerrion's mother, they have been working with the gospel singer to resolve the issues between their son and father. She added that they have a therapist on call to help them deal with their issues.

Kerrion recently released a tense phone call between himself and his father. While he did not release the full recording, he did post a short snippet.

Although the audio was not the most exciting thing to happen in the history of celebrity families, it is a testament to how much Kirk and his son have struggled with their relationship. For example, Kirk's son is not a member of his family's Christmas photo.

Even if Kirk Franklin has had a rocky relationship with his son, it is likely that he will never give up on him. Hopefully, Kerrion will come to his senses and be able to make amends.

Kirk franklin's son's car belongs to a woman

The estranged son of gospel superstar Kirk Franklin, Kerrion, was arrested last weekend in Los Angeles. He is now held in the county jail without bond. During the arrest, he was driving a car linked to a missing female. Authorities believe the woman is deceased, but Franklin claims he is innocent.

In the days that followed his arrest, Kerrion was granted a "permanent residence" in the Los Angeles County Jail. He will have a court date later this week.

He was also given a gun for his birthday. However, according to the police, the gun does not belong to him. It was discovered in the car he was driving by Beverly Hills Police.

Aside from being charged with three felonies, Franklin was also pulled over for a broken taillight. The officer found an illegal pistol in the car.

He was also stopped for a number of other violations, including having an open container of alcohol, no seat belt, and a broken tail light. Eventually, he was booked into the county jail at 10:30 a.m.

After spending some time in the permanent housing section of the Los Angeles County Jail, he was released. In the weeks that followed his arrest, he continued to post messages on social media regarding his legal problems. As he got older, his family relationship with him became more difficult. They would not allow him to attend family holiday gatherings and refused to let him come to family dinners.

Kerrion has had to deal with numerous problems over the years. His father Kirk has had trouble with Kerrion for years. When Kerrion came out as gay, the distance between the two men increased.

Kirk franklin's relationship with his mother

Kirk Franklin's relationship with his mother, Tammy Collins, is a controversial subject. He is a public speaker, musician, author, and choir director. Kerrion Franklin, his oldest son, has accused his mother of abuse.

In the latest rift between Franklin and his son, a leaked call between Franklin and Kerrion went viral. It included profanity, threats, and other vitriol. A therapist was called in to address the issue and apologize for the way the conversation was recorded.

Franklin has said that he and Kerrion have had a "toxic" relationship for years. The two have had to go through a lot of counseling. Now, Franklin has tried to resolve the issue. They have even appeared on The Tamron Hall Show, where Franklin spoke about the issue and apologized for his words.

However, things have not improved. Last week, Kerrion released audio of a private phone call between him and Franklin, which is now being viewed online. This call includes profanity from both men. Also, Kirk threatened to kick his son.

After the video and phone call went viral, Kirk Franklin issued a formal apology to fans. He also stated that he wanted to work on their relationship. Despite his issues with his son, Franklin is willing to do what is necessary to repair their relationship.

The family is still attempting to fix the problem. According to Franklin, the two have been in counseling for twenty years. Their parents have been a part of counseling as well. Hopefully, they will be able to resolve the issue.

In addition to Kirk and Tammy, Franklin has two other children. His youngest is Caziah, who has received the most love from her siblings. She is a singer and actress.

Kirk Franklin and His Son Kerrion

kirk franklin kerrion franklin

Kirk Franklin is a very manipulative and abusive person. He has a very high-profile son, who is a very famous actor. The family has come under a lot of scrutiny because of the nature of Kirk franklin and the way he treats his son. His son has even recorded an exchange with his father to protect him.

Kirk franklin's abusive and manipulative nature

A recent interview with gospel artist Kirk Collins revealed that he had a strained relationship with his son Kerrion. The video clip went viral and has sparked a debate. Some have defended Franklin while others have called it an eye opener.

While Kirk has been known to display a tad bit of a temper, the latest rumor has him apologizing for the edginess of a recent exchange with his oldest son. As part of his apology, Collins stated that he had actually lost his temper during the exchange.

It's no secret that the Franklin family has had its share of challenges. From addictions to lust, the singer's parents never had the chance to raise him in the best of circumstances. So, it's understandable why Franklin's relationship with his son has been strained.

According to the media, a small group of naysayers claimed that Kirk's recent interactions with his son were nothing more than a publicity stunt. However, the singer himself has defended his son and claimed that he had been in and out of counseling for twenty years.

Although the video does not offer any explanations for Kerrion's snarky comments, it does offer a glancing glimpse into the inner workings of one of the world's most famous musicians. After all, the singer was only eight when he first got exposed to the world of porn, and his birth mother still holds a place in his heart.

The one-hour television special They Call Me Dad, which was a hit on the Oprah Winfrey Network, featured a number of Black men in the role of dad, all minus the nanny. In the process, it showcased the many ways in which a loving father can be a terrible boss.

One of the show's more intriguing recurring characters was Timmy Kirk, an aspiring Satanist who attempted to convert several inmates to the dark side. Eventually, his attempts to do the same for the rest of the prison population land him in the slammer. Nevertheless, his snarky demeanor and obnoxious ways of speaking are not a recipe for a happy outcome.

Kirk franklin's son recorded the tense exchange to protect his father

Kerrion Franklin's illustrious dad reportedly took his frustrations out on the family. The two have been in an ongoing dialogue with the mother of his children, Tammy Franklin. There are claims of physical abuse but Kerrion is confident that his father has not done anything to hurt him.

During a recent episode of The Breakfast Club, Kirk was asked if he has had a relationship with his son Kerrion. He was also asked about his upcoming musical projects. In short, Kirk revealed that he has been working with his mother for a few years now and has been adamant about keeping their relationship out of the limelight. Having said that, there is no denying that a strained family is a strain to bear, especially if you are the sexiest man on the block.

While the Kirk and Tammy have been able to patch things up, there have been plenty of bumps in the road along the way. Despite having the best of intentions, the star of the show has been a hot potato for most of his adult life. Whether it is a divorce, a restraining order, or a custody battle, there has been no end to the turmoil. On top of that, he has managed to keep his name in the public eye through social media and music videos. Nevertheless, there is no denying that he has had a rough time of it over the past year.

Aside from the usual suspects, there has been a notable rise in online trolling and sex-obsessed trolls on both sides of the Atlantic. One such person was Plies, who jokingly took ownership of his shady words. It seems like he may be a man of few words and not many. This could prove to be a costly and painful divorce for both parties. With all of this in mind, it will be interesting to see what the rifts of the exes end up doing now that their time together is behind them. Hopefully, they can mend their differences and come to an amicable agreement.

Kirk franklin's son came out as bisexual on the show "Bad Boys: Los Angeles"

Kerrion Franklin is a 33-year-old son of gospel singer Kirk Franklin. He has been charged with three felonies in Texas. This isn't official, but his arrest comes on the heels of his confession of being bisexual on the show Bad Boys: Los Angeles.

Kirk and his teenage partner Shawn Ewing welcomed Kerrion into the world in 1988. They faced many hardships as teen parents. However, they maintained a positive parent-son relationship for the most part.

In addition to his father, Kerrion has a stepmother, Tammy Collins, and a mother, Shawn Ewing. While he is the eldest child of Kirk and Shawn, he has also had a variety of younger siblings.

The son of Kerrion and Kirk has been on the spotlight lately due to a recently released audiotape. While the audio tape doesn't actually contain anything explicit, it does include profanity from both Kirk and Kerrion. There are also threats made by Kirk, including profanity, and the audiotape includes some very strong language.

In the audio, Kerrion is asked if he likes men or women. He deflected the question by saying that he couldn't control who was attracted to him, and that men hit on him all the time.

Kerrion has been criticized for his apparent lack of closeness with his parents. His parents have denied that they have been abandoning him. But the video and audio of the conversation has stirred up controversy, especially after Kirk Franklin posted an apology on his Instagram account.

Kerrion Franklin has had a turbulent relationship with his family. While his parents have maintained a good parent-son relationship, they haven't been on the best terms in years.

Kerrion has appeared on reality shows such as "Bad Boys: Los Angeles" with Milan Christopher and Andrew Caldwell. He is also a member of Revolt Media & TV and Evidence Productions.

Kerrion is scheduled to appear in court this week for his arraignment. If convicted, he could face up to a year in prison. Until then, he is being housed at Los Angeles County jail without bail.

Kerrion is expected to continue his career as an entertainer. He has worked for evidence productions and has a net worth estimated at $300,000.

Kirk franklin's son has praised his parents for standing by him

It's a controversial situation between the famous gospel singer Kirk Franklin and his eldest son, Kerrion Franklin. Their relationship has been troubled for years, but their latest battle has gone viral. After a heated phone conversation went viral, Kirk and Kerrion both sought help.

Although the recording has caused quite a stir, both sides have been transparent and have explained that they've been working on it for many years. In a recent interview with Tamron Hall, Kirk said that he and his family have been in counseling for more than 20 years.

The two have had several arguments, and Kirk has apologized for some of the language he used in the call. However, there are still allegations of abuse. When asked about the issues between the two, Kerrion's mother has been open about her support for Kirk.

Both men have been involved in a counseling session with their adult children. They are both willing to do more work to get their relationship back on track.

While they are both imperfect, they both acknowledge that they have been struggling for a long time. In fact, Kirk has stated that his father is toxic. He hopes that his son will be able to fix the rift with his dad.

Kerrion has also publicly exposed his father's abuse. This isn't the first time he's done this. A year ago, he released a video of his father verbally assaulting him. His parents have been supportive of Kirk in the past, and both sides have tried to resolve their differences.

After the video went viral, both sides of the family have been working on trying to repair the relationship. Kirk has spoken about his issues and what he's been through in his new series, Kingdom Business.

He and his wife Tammy have also made an appearance on the Tamron Hall Show. During the show, they talked about Kerrion's challenges and the difficulties they've had over the past two decades.

There are some questions left about the case, but they're being addressed by both Franklin and Kerrion. Both have admitted to making mistakes, but they're hoping to repair their relationship.

Soulja Boy Teeth 2022

soulja boy teeth 2022

If you've ever seen the famous Soulja Boy, you've probably heard him talk about his teeth. The thing is, they might not be your average set of teeth. They may have been reshaped to make it seem like they're even more rotten. Or they might be avoiding going to the dentist.

'They may be altered to make matters worse'

It's hard to believe that Soulja Boy is the first rapper to ever be signed to a record label, but he has done just that. His net worth is estimated at $30 million. A new mixtape series has been churning out the hits, and he just wrapped up his fifth installment. He was also cast in the hit TV show Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. But, he's been sued for alleged sex crimes. And, he's been battling a meth addiction.

What's more, the rapper has not taken good care of his teeth. So, it's no surprise that his old grill is being questioned on social media. Luckily, his dentist did his best to put a dent in his dental woes. The before and after picture of his teeth is currently making the rounds online. Apparently, his old mug isn't as sleezy as it seems. Hopefully, this new set will be a sign that he's learning from his past mistakes. Until then, I'll just have to keep an eye on this young whippersnapper's progress. Especially since he's supposedly finishing up the aforementioned Swag mixtape. If it's not too late, I'll probably be buying the mixtape.

Nevertheless, it's probably a good thing that Soulja Boy got his teeth cleaned. This is especially true if his latest incarnation is anything like his former self. However, I can't say I'm looking forward to the next round of sex allegations.

'They look like that episode of Ren & Stimpy'

One of the more popular pictures to have emerged on the internet is that of Soulja Boy's teeth. The rapper, who is best known for his work in Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, was seen sporting teeth that are no longer in good shape in a picture that was posted on Twitter. It's unclear whether or not the image is real, but it has quickly gone viral and has been shared across social media platforms.

While the photos did not come from Soulja Boy's personal dentist, it appears that his current dentist may have put the pictures online in order to make him feel better about his dental care. However, the rapper is not yet aware of the release of the pictures. So, for now, the public has to wonder how his teeth are looking in 2022.

Soulja Boy is a rapper and entrepreneur who has had several firsts in the music industry. He is the first rapper to have his teeth fixed and to be signed to a record label. As a result of his success, he has earned a fortune of $30 million. His recent projects include a mixtape series called Swag. Also, the rapper is currently working on the fifth installment of this series.

Some of Soulja Boy's fans on Twitter have taken the rapper to task for his teeth. They have accused him of having poor dental care because of his lack of a personal dental hygienist. Others have claimed that he is suffering from a meth addiction. In addition, some have claimed that the pictures of his teeth were fake. Regardless, the rapper is a huge celebrity in the music industry, and it's no surprise that he is getting a lot of attention for his teeth. Hopefully, they will be in great shape in 2022! Until then, be sure to brush your teeth! You might even get a discount! Just make sure to do it right!

No matter what you think, you should take the time to visit your dentist if you are concerned about your teeth. You might be surprised at how a simple cleaning can improve your smile.

'They may have avoided going to the dentist'

If you are a fan of the internet, you've likely seen the old photo of Soulja Boy with a missing tooth. Luckily for the rapper and his fans, it was all caught on camera and his teeth were all fixed by a California dentist. Although it might have been a little late for a 21 year old, the resulting smile has no doubt put the crotchety rap star in a more positive light.

Although no one is expecting Soulja to slink into the dentist's chair to fix his teeth, the image has been widely criticized by social media users. The question on everyone's minds is, if it is a picture of the fabled crotchety rap star, what is the story? Is it just a publicity gimmick or does the singer have any interest in seeing his teeth whitened? Perhaps he is simply not a fan of the dental drill? A visit to a reputable dentist in Los Angeles would seem to be a no brainer. And if it is indeed a true confession, he might have a good reason.

Despite the fact that a picture of Soulja's old grill was accompanied by a plethora of negative opinions, the image has gained the attention of the curious amongst a plethora of trolls. It has also spawned the "oh my gosh" moment and has inspired numerous "tween girls" to take up dental hygiene as a hobby.

'They look like rotten'

If you've been watching Hip Hop Lately lately, you've probably heard the word "meth" being thrown around a lot. And while this has been true for several hip hop artists, such as Young Thug and Glorilla, Soulja Boy has recently found himself in the middle of a dental chat. He's been seen sporting flawless teeth in recent years, but before that, he had rotten teeth. Luckily, he had some veneers put in.

The picture of Soulja Boy's teeth went viral on social media platforms. This isn't the first time that rappers have had to deal with their teeth. Moneybagg Yo and Glorilla, both of whom are renowned for their teeth, both had veneers put in. However, Soulja Boy's teeth are a little more extreme. His teeth looked rotten, with bacteria and tar in his mouth. But he got his veneers fixed at a dentist in California.

Apparently, he didn't brush his teeth when he was younger. Instead, he was probably smoking blunts, which is extremely hot and can wear down his teeth. Also, he had bad breath. That, coupled with his teeth being rotten, was likely the reason he needed to have the dental work done. As for the cost of having his teeth repaired, it was probably thousands of dollars.

It's a sad story, but one that he's had to deal with. The rumors that he's had a meth problem have also been reported, and it seems like this is just the tip of the iceberg. Hopefully, this will all be resolved in the future. Until then, he's still a talented and successful rapper. With a net worth of $30 million, he's certainly no stranger to the music industry.

Soulja Boy Teeth Photo Goes Viral

soulja boy teeth photo

Before-and-after photos of Soulja Boy's teeth have recently gone viral. These pictures appear to have been altered to make his teeth look worse.

Before-and-after photos of his teeth have gone viral

Before-and-after photos of Soulja Boy's teeth have gone viral online. It seems like he has had poor dental hygiene in the past. But now, he has his pearly whites back.

A dentist posted the picture of his work on Soulja Boy's teeth online, and it quickly went viral. The image shows his teeth in bad shape, but they are now sparkling and white. They also show the veneers that were put on them. These veneers are a way of covering up rotten teeth.

This is not the first time that rappers have had teeth problems. Rapper Moneybagg Yo had veneers inserted years ago. However, Soulja Boy has had a different kind of problem.

There were rumors of bad teeth on the internet several years ago. Some say he had a meth problem. Others allege that he had a grill on his mouth. His former dental team has been criticized on Twitter for their treatment of Soulja Boy.

While these are all possible reasons for the condition of Soulja Boy's teeth, they aren't the only reason. In addition, the tar in his blunts may have worn them down. And, blunts can also be extremely hot.

So, if these aren't enough reasons to brush your teeth regularly, what is? Well, you might want to try the "Soulja Boy Challenge". Lil Yachty, Tory Lanez, and Trippie Redd teamed up to create this challenge, in which the participants had to write a song about how they're not going to use drugs or get a new car.

Since then, Soulja Boy has become a popular figure on Twitter. He has a net worth of $30 million. That's a pretty big amount for someone who's only been in the game for about 15 years. After all, he's earned his millions by selling records and ringtones. Even more recently, he's been on a bit of a rampage. One of his latest beefs was with Tyga. Another was with Chris Brown.

Although he's had a lot of beef with several rappers, he's defended his position in the hip-hop community. Most notably, he's been known to troll Kanye West. Last year, he dragged Tyga during an interview. In 2017, he went after Chris Brown, too. Not only did he call Chris Brown a bozo, but he brought up a 2009 assault against Rihanna.

As if that wasn't enough, Soulja Boy recently tweeted that he's going to move on from his acting career. In the meantime, he's going to keep defending his position as a rapper.

If you're a fan of the rapper, you might consider checking out his latest song. You can also watch his recent interview on Instagram Live. Despite all the drama, he's still a successful artist. Perhaps he learned a lesson from his dentists. Or maybe he's just a good sport. Either way, he's definitely a superstar.

Before-and-after photos of Soulja Boy's teeth look like an episode of Ren & Stimpy

It's safe to say that rapper Soulja Boy isn't exactly the most disciplined person when it comes to brushing his teeth. In fact, he's probably not even the most diligent of his fellow rap superstars. Luckily for him, his teeth are in good hands thanks to the work of Encino Dental Smile. A few years back, however, he was faced with some bad news. Apparently, one of his dentists was having some financial trouble. However, it turns out that the financial mess was nothing more than a misunderstanding. Thankfully, it all turned around and now, Soulja Boy's teeth are in top form.

Before the aforementioned surgery, he reportedly had some shoddy dental work. He has since undergone a series of procedures at the hands of Encino Dental Smile in California. For a while, the internet was abuzz with rumors that he was a poor oral health case. According to reports, one of his former dentists has been criticized for their misdeeds by a growing number of hip hop fans. This led to the release of some revealing photos. One of these pictures is a mouthful of a mouthful to say the least.

Another image is a bit more subtle. In this image, the aforementioned trice-mold may be a wee bit overshadowed by the ol' faithful. The image has been widely shared on social media, despite its low resolution. But if it's true, this is a big deal. On the other hand, if it's a hoax, the picture could have been taken by someone much less discerning.

The most important part of the whole saga is that the picture isn't actually a figment of Soulja's imagination. That is, until a photo resurfaced from a few years back. Apparently, this is one of the first times a celebrity has publicly displayed his rotten teeth. Now, fans are calling foul on Twitter, slagging off a handful of former Soulja Boy dentists and accusing the Internet of snagging the best and brightest from the dental world. While it's hard to say for sure, one thing is for sure: the Internet has changed the game for some of its stars.

Although he was certainly not the first to come up with the aforementioned trice-mold, the internet has been more than happy to oblige him. Besides, he's done a lot for the hip hop community, from being the first rapper to get signed off the Internet to being the richest X Factor cast member. Not to mention being one of the hottest rappers on the scene. During the three year run of the show, he had an estimated $30 million in the bank. Hopefully, this money will be put to better use. And while we're at it, let's hope that Soulja's former dentists learn a thing or two about good customer service. If they don't, this could be the start of a dreaded run of bad luck.

Before-and-after photos of Soulja Boy's teeth look like they were altered to make matters look worse

There is a new viral image of rapper Soulja Boy that has hit the internet and is causing a stir. This before-and-after picture was posted by his dentist and soon picked up traction on social media. The photos show the rapper's teeth before and after dental work.

While this may seem like an unlikely scenario, it appears that Soulja Boy has been having a difficult time brushing his teeth. He is known to have a history of bad breath and his teeth have been quite terrible. Apparently, he avoided going to the dentist during the pandemic. However, after the dental procedure, his teeth have returned to normal. His net worth is estimated at $30 million.

In addition to his rap career, Soulja Boy is also a producer and entrepreneur. As a result, he has been able to rake in the cash and fame. One of his biggest achievements was being cast in the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood movie. Another is that he was the first rapper to be signed to a record label.

The dentist who worked on Soulja Boy's teeth posted the picture on his Facebook page. Upon seeing the photo, many fans and critics have criticized it. But this is not the first time that Soulja Boy has had problems with his teeth.

According to the dentist, his teeth were in horrible condition when he started his treatment. The rotten teeth were visible before the pearly whites arrived. At the time, he had not been taking care of his teeth at all. After undergoing the dental procedure, his teeth were fixed by Encino Dental Smile in California.

The dentist's post has been shared on countless other social media sites. Many people have questioned whether the image is real or not. Some have even accused the rapper of having a meth habit.

While there is no evidence that Soulja Boy has a meth habit, he is known to have not brushed his teeth regularly. It is also possible that the dentist took the pictures in the name of financial hardship.

The Internet is no stranger to overtly racist videos. A few years ago, people would lip sync to overtly racist songs. Other examples include Justin Timberlake's "Old Town Road," which went to number one on the Billboard Hot 100. During the song's video release, people created videos that showed a snippet of the song and then posted it on the Internet.

While it is not surprising that a young boy with his teeth as bad as Soulja Boy's should have a problem with meth, it is strange that the dentist would post a photo of his teeth. Especially considering that his dentist has been publicly promoting proper oral health.

The dentist also says that he has never performed the surgery on a patient before. So, if he did, it is likely that the results were better than the before-and-after pictures.

Three Reasons Why Soulja Boy's Teeth Are Rotten

soulja boys teeth

I'm sure you've seen the pictures of Soulja Boy's teeth. It's one of the most famous images of a rapper's teeth that has ever been posted online. Unfortunately, his teeth are falling out.

Glorilla's teeth went viral before she got them fixed

Before his recent dental work, Soulja Boy's teeth had the rotten teeth look. In fact, he had tar, decay, and bacteria, all on display. Apparently, he had neglected his teeth for years, and despite the veneers and fake ones he had gotten in the past, his teeth are still rotten.

He has a net worth of $30 million, and was recently cast as a rapper on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Although his teeth were bad before his dental work, it's clear that he has learned the importance of proper oral care since then. Now, he's even entered the dental chat.

When he was in his teen years, Soulja Boy was one of the first rappers to get signed to a record label. It's a good thing that he had the foresight to seek dental care early on, as he would have had to endure years of toothache and bad breath. But his teeth have since been revived by the best dentists in the business.

It was actually a dentist who put on the before and after photo for Soulja's Instagram page. The dentist was from the Encino Dental office in California. You may have heard of them before. If not, they're a group of dental practitioners who have recently teamed up to create a website where you can see their before and after pictures. And they even do a teeth whitening service. So if you're looking for a new dentist, you might want to check them out.

The dentist's photo was also a big hit on Twitter, and even garnered a bunch of comments, a few of which were questionable. Some Twitter users even pointed out that the dentist's mouth was not in its optimal position, and that it should have been, in order to achieve the best results.

Young Thug's teeth went viral before they got fixed

Before he was famous, Young Thug had some pretty bad teeth. He grew up in an impoverished neighborhood in Sylvan Hills, Atlanta, Georgia. When he was younger, he was expelled from school for physical attacks. He also broke his teacher's arm.

After becoming famous, though, Young Thug got his teeth fixed. The rapper reportedly worked with a dentist in California. His teeth have been reportedly fixed by Encino Dental Smile.

While it's not necessarily true that you have to get your teeth fixed before you become rich, it's definitely a good idea. If your teeth are rotten, they may release poisonous chemicals into your mouth, which can be detrimental to your overall health. In addition, having healthy teeth is a sign of wealth. People who are wealthy sometimes get braces and plastic surgery.

After he became famous, he created his own record label, Young Slime Life Records. He later collaborated with Calvin Harris and Drake, and released a mixtape. He subsequently won the Video of the Year award at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2018.

Now, Young Thug is in his own home in Buckhead, Atlanta. It's over 11,000 square feet, and has a full bar, theater room, and six bedrooms. There are also 11 bathrooms. As of now, the rapper has a pretty good set of teeth, and he's not afraid to show them off.

According to Young Thug, he was born on August 16, 1991. Currently, he is the tenth child in his family of 10. Besides his rap career, he's also a songwriter and record producer. His latest project, the Slime Language compilation album, was released in April of 2019. A second album, Slime Language 2, was also released in April of 2021.

Jesus' teeth are rotting away and falling out

The dream of having Jesus' teeth fall out has been around since the dawn of time. It is not surprising, after all, teeth are an integral part of the human body. However, the dream of having your teeth fall out is more than a little disconcerting. Luckily, there is a way to remedy this situation. In fact, there are a number of services on the market that will provide you with a complete set of replacement teeth. Fortunately, you will not have to go through surgery or have your teeth extracted.

To be clear, the best way to avoid this nightmare is to not have it in the first place. One of the easiest ways to avoid falling victim to this ailment is to be a believer in Jesus Christ, the savior of the world. Having a personal relationship with the Savior of the world will enable you to enjoy the benefits of heaven. Specifically, you will experience a happy life that is free of disease, poverty and suffering. You will also have the opportunity to live in a paradise where God will wipe your tears away. Lastly, you will be able to look forward to the day when you will be reunited with your loved ones, and you will finally be able to see the glory of your Savior face to face.

ARAB must've been Soulja Boy's personal teeth brusher

It's not surprising that a dentist would have a witty name to slap on his office door, but a teeth whitening procedure is not the most pleasant experience a celebrity can undergo. Despite the adage that you should never leave home without brushing your teeth, Soulja Boy has reportedly opted to slack off. The rapper is currently putting the finishing touches on the fifth installment of his Swag mixtape series. As a rap star, it's hardly surprising that the industry has a slew of clods to pick on.

A picture of Soulja Boy's teeth before and after a visit to Encino Dental Smile in California sparked a social media frenzy. Many users were baffled by the snazzy-looking smile, while others took the occasion to lob a few jabs at the guy's dental record. In the end, it seems that a few slack-offs were rewarded with a hefty bill. While the actual teeth whitening costs a pretty penny, it's easy to imagine that the superstar would be willing to pay a little bit of cash for a healthy set of chompers. Regardless, a tooth whitening is a necessary evil, and a good one at that.

Although the dentist may have been the first to ascribe the credit, it's hard to deny that the image has achieved the ultimate prize of being viral. Thanks to the internet, a photo of Soulja Boy's teeth can now be seen by anyone in the world. Even better, his fans are taking to Twitter to slam the dentists who might have been involved.


There's plenty of speculation that rapper Soulja Boy may have a meth addiction. But what about his teeth? In fact, one dentist shared photos of his work on the rapper's mouth, and his teeth look less than perfect. Here are three reasons why his teeth may be rotten.

The first reason is that he didn't brush his teeth for several years. He probably didn't floss either. Until he stopped, his teeth were filled with tar and bacteria. This can lead to dark spots, decay and tooth erosion. A dentist, in order to prevent these problems, inserted fake teeth into his mouth.

Another reason for the poor condition of Soulja Boy's teeth is that he used to smoke blunts. Tar and the fumes from blunts can seep into the teeth, wearing them down. And if he smoked them often, it could have led to bad breath as well.

Finally, the third reason for his teeth's deterioration is that he was not taking care of his oral hygiene. Even though he has veneers, he probably still didn't brush or floss regularly.

The dentist who worked on Soulja Boy's mouth posted a before-and-after photo online, which shows his rotten teeth in better shape than they were. Although he hasn't yet confirmed the picture is real, it's pretty hard to deny that it's him.

It's possible that the image has been spread online by a fake doctor, but it's unlikely. Besides, the dentist probably didn't know his work was being published. So it's likely that Soulja Boy isn't aware of it. However, it's still a shame that his mouth was so unhealthy in the first place. Hopefully, he will start to take care of his dental health soon!

Soulja Boy's Teeth Before and After


Soulja Boy has had a lot of good things happen to him over the years. From being a rapper, to being a singer, to being a model, he's had a lot of success and has had many amazing moments. However, he also has had some bad moments. He's had some teeth problems over the years, and he's even had to undergo some surgery to get them fixed.

Before he got his teeth fixed

There is no question that Soulja Boy's mouth has been under scrutiny since his emergence in the music industry, especially after a dentist spotted his rotten teeth and decided to save the rapper. After spending a ton of money to fix his teeth, Soulja has a smile on his face and the money is starting to flow in.

Before getting his teeth fixed, Soulja had some rotten teeth, but that wasn't his only problem. He had bad breath and tar on his teeth. In an effort to save his teeth, Soulja visited a dental office in California where fake teeth were implanted into his teeth.

This may not have been the best idea. The most effective way to fix a rotten tooth is to remove it, but he probably wasn't motivated enough to do this. Instead, he went to the dentist and got veneers put on the teeth, which cover up the rotten teeth and help him maintain a smile.

Getting a new tooth isn't cheap, and the cost of the veneers can vary widely depending on the doctor or dentist you choose. Usually, these teeth cost a few thousand dollars in the U.S., but there are dental options in other countries. For example, one of the cheapest dental offices in the UK is able to replace a lost or chipped tooth for less than £100.

It's unclear if Soulja was motivated to get his teeth fixed by the need to save his teeth, a desire to make a good impression on his girlfriend, or simply to keep up with the Kardashians. But the most important lesson is that the best way to keep your teeth clean is to take care of them. That means brushing at least twice a day, flossing daily, and visiting the dentist once a year. If you don't do these things, your teeth are only going to suffer in the long run.

Of course, it's possible that the best way to get your teeth fixed is to ignore them completely. While tar in a blunt isn't necessarily a health risk, it can wear down the enamel on your teeth and even stain them.

Before he underwent surgery

A photo of Soulja Boy's teeth before and after surgery has gone viral on the internet. After the image was shared, people began to make comments about the rapper's dental health. The dentist who performed the work has also shared the pictures on social media.

The rapper had a grill on his teeth before. However, the grill has been criticized by many on the internet. He also had tar in his teeth. This tar is very hot and can wear down the teeth.

When he was younger, Soulja Boy had terrible teeth. His teeth were rotten, had tar on them, and looked like he hadn't brushed them in a while. But he did get some fake teeth put in.

His teeth were fixed by the Encino Dental office in California. Usually, veneers cost thousands of dollars in the U.S., so it may have been financially difficult for him to pay for the procedure.

It was not clear why he would choose to have his teeth replaced, but he might have learned a lesson about how important it is to keep your teeth in good condition. If he didn't, he might have had a more serious problem than just a bad smile.

Some people have said that the rapper could be having a problem with drugs. That's not a good thing. Those with a habit of using blunts, for example, can have a mouthful of tar that can wear down the teeth.

Many people have also said that Soulja Boy might be having a meth addiction. He feels like he's been typecast as a street dude and hasn't been able to enter the entertainment industry. So he wants to become more of a movie or television star.

However, the rapper's dental problems haven't ended. In fact, he has added more tattoos to his face, despite his mother's disapproval. Several sessions are currently being scheduled to remove the tattoos. He will look completely different once he gets them removed.

The rapper's net worth has risen to $30 million. According to Hip Hop Lately, he was supposed to be undergoing a meth problem.

Before he got his fake teeth

The teeth of Soulja Boy were a topic of debate a few years ago. He was seen in pictures with what looked like rotten teeth, and fans argued that he wasn't taking good care of them. However, after his dental work was completed, he was able to make his teeth look perfect again.

After all of the hype, the dentist who fixed his teeth took to social media to show off the before and after pictures. The photos were posted by Encino Dental Smile in California, and received a lot of attention.

As you may know, veneers cost thousands of dollars in the U.S., so this was a major accomplishment for the rapper. Considering that he was making millions of dollars at the time, he could afford to get his teeth fixed.

But that wasn't the only feat the rapper has accomplished. The singer has also taken on the task of removing facial tattoos. His mother is unhappy about it, but he hasn't let her stop him.

Before the photos were published, the rapper was known for getting a face tattoo, and having a grill. However, his mouth has come under scrutiny more recently. Many people have pointed out that his teeth were in pretty bad shape when he started getting face tattoos.

Apparently, he didn't brush his teeth regularly. He was also avoiding the dentist during the pandemic. Although he had a veneer placed on his teeth, it's doubtful he had any idea the photo was being shared online.

There are plenty of other rappers that have experienced extreme dental problems. Diamond, for example, spoke to the Breakfast Club about his problematic relationship with Lil' Scrappy. Unlike his fellow rappers, he didn't make a fool of himself by having fake teeth put in.

And although Soulja Boy is not going to let his teeth keep him from his dreams of becoming a movie star, he has already begun a quest to remove facial tattoos. Hopefully, he will learn his lesson after his dentists have restored his smile.

Chup - A Sanskrit Word For Cup

Chup is a Sanskrit word for cup. Sanskrit (sNskRtm) is considered the mother language of the Indo-European language family. It is closely related to Pali and Prakrit and has the world's largest body of literature. It is also transliterated into Hindi as Cupa.

Chup Office Collection

Chup is an upcoming Bollywood movie which is directed by R. Balki and stars Dulquer Salmaan, Sunny Deol, Pooja Bhatt, Shreya Dhanwanthary, and Amit Trivedi. It is being produced by Hope Productions.

Chup collection worldwide

Chup is a upcoming Hindi language action thriller movie. It is directed by R. Balki and produced by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. The film stars Sunny Deol, Dulquer Salmaan, Pooja Bhatt, and Shreya Dhanwanthary. It is scheduled to hit the screens on 23 September 2022.

Dulquer Salmaan is currently basking in the success of Sita Ramam, but he's also working on his next Bollywood film, Chup: Revenge Of The Artist. This psychological thriller will release on September 23, 2022. Sunny Deol, Shrey Dhanwanthary, and Poja Bhatt are also starring in the R Balki-directed film. It also features Amit Trivedi's music.

Chup Movie Review

The psychological thriller "Chup" stars Sunny Deol, Pooja Bhatt, Dulquer Salmaan and Shreya Dhanwanthary. This film, which has been produced by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and Hope Productions, is a tribute to the legendary actor Guru Dutt, who tragically died at the age of 39 on October 10, 1964.

Director Priyadarshan has a long and varied filmography, tackling various genres. He has been associated with comedy films, and this latest film follows the same path. The first hour is a laugh riot, but the story gradually moves into a gripping drama. Ultimately, the story reveals the true meaning of love and life.

While the climax is impressive, the movie's second half is less engrossing. The comedy fades away and the film becomes a little slow, but the film makes up for it in the climax. Our hero falls in love with Girl A, who is hiding from a group of money lenders. The film also includes a couple of songs, and we get to see more of Shahid's charm and growing maturity in his second Hindi film.

Chup Song

The Chup Song Lyrics by Vikas is a recent Punjabi song. The song features Rits Badiani and Siddharth Nigam. Sunny Vik composed the music for the song. Ritika Bajaj directed the music video. Chup is published under the label of BGBNG Music.

The song is sung by Vikas and composed by Sunny Vik. Rits Baddani and Siddharth Nigam are the other stars. The song is based on a real life story, and was inspired by a real-life experience. The song has a message for the listener, and it is an important part of the film's message.

Chup Budget

Chup is a forthcoming Hindi language action thriller film directed by R. Balki and produced by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. It stars Sunny Deol, Dulquer Salmaan, Pooja Bhatt, and Shreya Dhanwanthary. It is slated to hit the screens on 23 September 2022.

Chup star cast

Sunny Deol, Dulquer Salmaan, Shreya Dhanwanthary and Pooja Bhatt form the star cast of the upcoming Bollywood movie "Chup". The film is a tribute to Guru Dutt, who died on October 10, 1964 at the age of 39. It is a romantic psychopath thriller. The film is directed by R. Balki and will be available in Hindi language. It is a psychological thriller and is based on the novel "Kaagaz Ke Phool" by Guru Dutt.

Chup is directed by R. Balki, who is credited as one of the most successful directors in Hindi cinema. His previous film Padman (2018) received positive reviews from critics and was a box office success. Chup is produced by Gauri Shinde and Pranab Kapadia. The film's music is composed by Amit Trivedi. The film was edited by Nayan HK Bhadra.

Dulquer Salmaan has recently appeared in the Malayalam crime thriller Salute, which was released directly on SonyLIV. Sunny Deol, meanwhile, recently starred in the action-thriller Blank. Pooja Bhatt, meanwhile, last starred in the 2009 romantic film Sanam Teri Kasam.

Chup Star Cast Fees

Chup, the upcoming Hindi film directed by R Balki, will feature an ensemble cast with Sunny Deol, Dulquer Salmaan, Pooja Bhatt, and Amitabh Bachchan. The movie's music will be composed by Amitabh Bachchan, who will be making his debut as a composer. The film's screenplay was written by R Balki and co-written by Raja Sen and Balki.

Chup is a psychological thriller that is set to hit the big screens on September 23. Sunny Deol and Dulquer Salmaan are the star cast. Dulquer Salmaan sings a heartbreaking song in the film, "Sar Jo Tera Chakraye." The movie also stars Pooja Bhatt as the lead role. Chup: Revenge Of The Artist is produced by Gauri Shinde. The film's trailer shows off the lead cast.

Chup Story

The Chup Story is a remake of the Stephen King novel Misery. The film is co-produced by Pranab Kapadia, Amit Trivedi, and Anirudh Sharma. The script was written by R Balki and Rishi Virmani. It stars Guru Dutt and Sunny Deol.

The Chup Story tells the story of Chup, a former satrap who was captured and taken away by Rolf. It is important to note that Chup does not play a central role in the story, but is still an important part of the plot. He protects Rolf from a deadly foe. This action is foreshadowing of the events to come.

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