The Last of Us Episode 5 Recap

The Last of Us Episode 5 Recap


The Last of Us Episode 5 recap Two heartbreaking deaths as we learn more

This episode delves deeper into Kathleen's past and her relationship with Henry. It's a poignant moment that showcases Kathleen's tender side while simultaneously exposing Henry's darker deeds.

Though it's good that we're learning more about Kathleen, this moment also brings to light how Henry betrayed his mentor and friend. This moment in particular serves to illustrate how the series often blurs moral lines and leaves everyone feeling either heroic or villainous depending on their perspective.

The Sniper Showdown

The sniper showdown is one of The Last of Us' most thrilling sequences. Its intense intensity is perfectly complemented by Kathleen's relentless pursuit of Henry and Sam.

This episode deepens Henry and Sam's story while adding new layers of complexity. Additionally, it brings them closer to Kathleen who is on the hunt for the foursome.

Despite this, The Last of Us manages to capture the poignant deaths of its characters with grace. This is due to its willingness to explore their motivations.

In this scene, Joel must defend himself against a sniper shooting down his path. It's an exciting video game-like challenge where Joel must sneak up on the sniper, kill him, and then carefully pick off targets stalking Ellie, Henry, and Sam.

There are a few ways to make the challenge easier. First, ensure all weapons are fully reloaded before starting the fight; otherwise, you could run out of ammo quickly.

Another way to gain control in this battle is by employing your sniper skills. Try taking out any Hunters that come at you with your rifle before they have a chance to fire back at you, as this is an effective way of taking down enemies in open areas that don't offer much cover.

Finally, make sure you're equipped with some Molotovs and Bombs if possible. These can be used for blocking enemies' paths and helping you burn them alive if you hit them.

You can get creative and craft a sniper rifle for your character. While this is not necessary, it does give you an improved chance of taking down the sniper during this fight.

Mustafa, the sniper in this movie, is depicted as an Olympic Games medalist. Additionally, there is mention that his head has a bounty of $180,000 - the highest in Iraq.

This sniper is an interesting addition to the game's cast, so it's definitely worth playing through to see if you can beat him. Provided you have enough time, it can be a fun challenge perfect for a solo playthrough.

Kathleen’s Killings

The murder case of Kathleen Peterson, wife of bestselling novelist Michael Peterson, remains one of the greatest murder mysteries ever. It has been featured in countless documentaries, podcasts and radio shows as well as several miniseries such as The Staircase (HBO Max), The Last of Us (French TV) and The Pursuit of Innocence (HBO Max).

Peterson was initially convicted in 2003 of killing his wife and sentenced to life in prison. Despite spending nearly a decade behind bars, Peterson eventually entered an Alford plea in 2017 on a reduced charge of manslaughter - allowing him to claim innocence while acknowledging there was enough evidence against him to convict.

It was an unusual trial, made even more complex by Peterson's bisexuality. According to the prosecution, Kathleen had no tolerance for Peterson's infidelity and would have been horrified if she found out about it. She would likely have experienced feelings of resentment and anger towards Peterson and may have responded physically in response.

Months before Kathleen Peterson's trial, T. Lawrence Pollard, a neighbor of the Petersons, noticed a feather referenced in some court papers. Although no mention was made during the prosecution's case, he did reexamine it afterward in 2009.

He discovered a feather and piece of wood from a tree in Kathleen's hair, both tangled up. He speculated that these could have come out from her roots.

Pollard suggested that Kathleen had been attacked by an owl before she fell to her death and suffered a head injury. He told Vulture he believed this to be evidence of Michael's innocence, though no witness testified to this claim.

Deborah Radisch, the medical examiner, determined that Kathleen had been brutally murdered. She discovered seven lacerations on her scalp and an extensive amount of blood throughout her body.

The theory that Kathleen had been mauled to death by an owl remains popular among true-crime investigators, though not everyone agrees on its validity. Some experts have testified that while it's possible she was hit in the head by a bird before falling down the stairs, this did not cause her death.

Henry’s Death

In one of the most poignant scenes in 'The Last of Us,' Henry shoots his own brother. This moment represents both Henry's pain and that of his family - Lamar Johnson's performance was outstanding in this scene.

Sam and Henry's relationship is a central feature of the show, with Sam especially dependent on his brother because he is deaf. Therefore, they must create an on-screen dynamic that viewers will recognize right away and connect to.

Johnson and Keivonn Woodard clicked immediately, so it was inevitable their relationship would play a pivotal role in 'The Last of Us' as an entire series. Additionally, the two have an infectious chemistry onscreen which is essential in such an atmosphere.

Through the season, Sam and Henry have grown close, sharing many memories. When Sam first developed cordyceps brain infection, both boys were just children - their memories are filled with childhood fun and adventures that remain to this day.

Once the outbreak began, they knew it would only be a matter of time before they both got bitten. That meant taking action - and making an unpopular decision: becoming FEDRA collaborators to secure medicine that could save Sam from leukemia.

Sam made a risky and potentially deadly choice, but it was necessary for their family's survival. Thankfully, it proved successful and Sam lived to see another day.

After some time has passed, they manage to escape the city and find a way of surviving in the wilderness. Traveling through tunnels in an effort to stay out of sight, they manage to avoid detection until being discovered by Kathleen's army.

Meanwhile, Joel attempts to protect them with his sniper rifle. He also takes out some of the infected who are coming for them and will ultimately kill them.

He also attempts to save Ellie from the infected. But when he realizes her life is in jeopardy, he goes into self-preservation mode and shoots the infected dead.

Ellie’s Death

In the midst of all that has been happening this season, two tragic deaths have occurred: one woman who perished in quarantine zone and the other man killed by smugglers.

At the conclusion of Episode 2, Ellie Green (Nico Parker) tragically passes away at the end. Her father Geoff (Michelle Morgan) and mother Angela are on their way to Topeka, Kansas to obtain a copy of Angela's death certificate; it's a quiet, chilly day in February 2020.

Geoff had seen Ellie around their home in Prairie Village, but couldn't recall where or when. After she left, however, Geoff reached out to the office of vital statistics in Lawrence to see if her death had been recorded.

After waiting a few weeks and still not receiving an answer, he called her again and informed her that her mother had been found deceased in the city - this being Ellie's first indication that something was amiss.

Ellie and Carl met when he was nine years old, and their friendship blossomed. They shared their hopes of traveling the world together, with Carl promising to help make those dreams a reality.

Ellie and Carl had a happy life together, full of excitement and exploration. When they married and started a family, Ellie began to forget Carl's promise to her - until his passing away when it suddenly hit her like a ton of bricks. It wasn't until then that Ellie realized its profound effect on her.

Ellie suffered from acute lead exposure when she was younger, an issue which would ultimately cause her to become infertile and ultimately result in her passing at 78 years of age. A strong-willed, independent woman, Ellie didn't want to be kept inside a house for any length of time.

Ellie began working for the Fireflies when she was in her late twenties. A smuggler, Robert, had given her a car battery but then double-crossed her by selling it to Marlene.

Ellie and Sam eventually share a room in an abandoned motel. While talking, Sam uses his magnetic sketchpad to write a message on the eraser board: "I'm sorry." At first it may seem like just an innocent joke between two best friends, but Ellie takes this seriously when she asks Sam - who is deaf - a question: "If you turn into a monster is that still you inside?"

The Last Of Us Star Lamar Johnson Breaks Down Episode 5s Devastating

Lamar Johnson Breaks Down 'The Last Of Us' Episode 5's Devastating Finale

HBO's critically-acclaimed adaptation of Naughty Dog's beloved video game series premiered last week, and today, actor Lamar Johnson joined us to talk about his experience on the show. He revealed how familiar he is with both the video game and his character as well as why adding disability inclusion into his role is such an important milestone for him.

Ellie's Immunity

After the devastating effects of a pandemic that devastated much of civilization, Joel (Pedro Pascal) is charged with smuggling Ellie (Bella Ramsey) out of an oppressive quarantine zone. Together they embark on an incredible journey across America as they rely on each other for survival.

When the Fireflies discover Ellie is immune to the deadly fungus, they set out to use her biology in order to create a cure. Unfortunately, an unexpected twist appears during this episode which raises some doubts about Ellie's immunity and how it functions.

It could be that Ellie already possesses an immunity to Cordyceps infection which is impossible to replicate or detect. If so, Marlene must have felt compelled to keep her safe and Ellie was able to recognize her immunity within minutes. This would explain why Marlene was so eager to protect her and why Marlene felt the need to keep Ellie healthy.

If Ellie was bitten before birth, this might have made her immune from the start. Alternatively, her mother could have become infected with the fungus while pregnant and passed it along to Ellie; this would explain her immunity too - though we must assume Marlene is aware of Ellie's condition since she was close friends with Ellie's mother and would want to protect her from harm.

Another intriguing theory is that she could have inherited immunity from her father. This theory has been floated online and makes sense, considering he may have been bitten before birth as well as having had sexual encounters or been raped before she was even born.

No matter how she acquired it, she's the only person in the world who can resist the effects of HIV/AIDS infection. If she shares this news, it is likely she will be ridiculed and worshiped - an event which would profoundly alter her life.

It's an unexpected twist, but we won't know the full impact until Episode 6. Ellie must decide whether she wants to continue sharing her immunity with others or if it's time for her to find another way of making a difference in this new world.

Kathleen's Vengeance

One of the underlying themes in 'The Last Of Us' is that something worse may lie ahead. Episode 5's devastating finale to Sam and Ellie's romance serves as a stark reminder that nothing in this dystopian world ever truly stays under control. It's an unsettling scene that puts characters through immense hardship, underscoring how fragile life truly is.

As the group flees Kathleen's forces, they're stopped by a sniper - who is actually an elderly man under her command who says "Please don't do it" before firing his gun at Joel, Ellie, Henry and Sam. It's an intense situation as Joel attempts to distract the man but ultimately uncovers that Kathleen knows their sniper's whereabouts.

Kathleen then threatens to murder all of her fellow FEDRA collaborators, including those who helped Joel and Ellie locate Henry. Although these former informers weren't necessarily bad people, Kathleen's anger at their help gets the better of her. She's willing to sacrifice everything - her people, herself, and Michael's "great name" - in order to achieve revenge for what is coming her way.

Meanwhile, the group hears a crackling sound in the ground that sounds like an entire army of infected is rising up from beneath Kansas City. This frightening moment conveys the overwhelming threat the infected have posed to Kansas City and suggests they won't be going away any time soon.

In the midst of all this chaos, a massive group of infected (known as Bloaters in the games) emerges from underground and decimates Kathleen's forces. It is an imposing sight but they are far too weak to stand against such an army.

A shocking conclusion to the episode leaves our characters feeling lost, angry and depressed. Yet it also provides us with a glimpse of what comes next - proof that this series still has plenty more to offer us.

In the end, Ellie and Joel seek shelter with a friend who speaks sign language. Keivonn Woodard's deaf role as a young boy struggling to interact with others is an inspiring addition to the show, reflecting its focus on diversity that it managed to cast a deaf actor in such an important role.

Joel's Grief

Episode 4, "Long, Long Time," was an artistic high point for the series; however, Episode 5 doesn't disappoint either. While it primarily centers on Ellie, it also delivers a stunning and heartbreaking queer love story that will keep audiences hooked long after they've finished watching.

After a series of flashbacks that begin with Joel and Ellie walking along a desolate road, we learn that FEDRA only overthrew the city 10 days before they arrived. This makes the situation far more hazardous than they originally believed as they are now surrounded by Infected who had been driven underground by FEDRA.

Vengeance can be a self-destructive path and lead to total destruction, making it all the more unsettling when Kathleen's character demonstrates this same lack of regret. Her self-destructive rage serves as fuel for her revenge against those closest to her - something which unfortunately she uses against them all too often.

At this scene, Kathleen murders several fellow FEDRA whistleblowers and even after one confesses to her whereabouts, she persists in her pursuit of Henry. It proves a tragic end for her life, leaving her sister no choice but to live in fear.

Another crucial moment in this scene occurs when Henry and Sam enter the room with Ellie and Joel. At first glance, it appears Sam will attack Ellie; instead he turns against her and attacks Henry - forcing Henry to shoot him to save his sister.

One of The Last Of Us' most striking scenes, it breaks your heart to witness it unfold. This scene serves as a testament to how the series uses its craft to craft moments that not only excite, but also authentically raise stakes in this world.

In the meantime, three survivors flee Kansas City and make it to a motel away from the chaos Kathleen unleashed. Unfortunately, they're not alone as an army of Infected storms the area, killing everyone in its path.

Sam's Hope

In Episode 5's Devastating Finale, Ellie, Joel and Sam's friendship is explored further. The three friends remain close over their shared passion for Savage Starlight - the comic book series providing the episode's titular slogan - but their lives take an unexpected turn when Sam gets bit by a clicker and becomes violent.

Sam's physical disability and deafness bring about an emotional depth and connection that would not have been possible with an otherwise physically intact character. With Sam, viewers get to witness Sam grapple with both devastating and heartwarming emotions at once.

It's an intriguing way to incorporate disability into a story that already deals with trauma and survival, and the show does an amazing job at it. Furthermore, it brings the two characters together without feeling manipulative.

Aside from that, it's also a stunning depiction of family. It's an inspiring moment to watch the characters interact with one another both naturally and tensely. Creators Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann have truly elevated their characters in this episode.

Sam serves as a prime example of how the characters in this season are not mere props to be used in any narrative device. Rather, they're real people experiencing hardship not just due to circumstances outside their control but also within themselves.

The chemistry between Henry and Sam is truly remarkable, particularly in their interactions. This relationship differs from previous ones we've seen between Ellie and Joel because, while Henry and Sam share an intense bond (as do all the main characters in the series), their approaches to it are vastly different - Henry leans more toward uncertainty and moral ambiguity than Joel does.

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