The best movies to stream

The best movies to stream

Amazon Prime Video: 22 of the best movies to stream this week

The 2019 version of Pinocchio hits Amazon Prime Video on Friday. Revolutionary Road and Chicken Run also arrive this week. Check below for the best original Amazon flicks you might have missed. Some films might not feature on Amazon in your country, so here's a handy VPN guide for the rest of this month's offerings. You can also watch 50/50, Dodgeball and Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story on Amazon Prime at 10 a.m. ET on June 15.

The Best movies to stream

‘The Big Lebowski’ (1998)

The Coen Coen comedy is a cult favorite. Jeff Bridges is perfect as Jeff Lebowski, an easy-breezy, good-time guy. John Goodman and Steve Buscemi are uproarious as his bowling buddies, a yin-yang combination of blowhard and wallflower. Watch it on Netflix on Thursday at 10 a.m. ET. The film is about a shambling stoner, a botched kidnapping and a case of mistaken identity in Los Angeles.

‘Million Dollar Baby’ (2004)

Clint Eastwood directed and stars in this modest Best Picture winner. It has the feel, texture and tone of a 1940s boxing movie, but with the modern twist of a crusty old-timer taking a “girl fighter” under his wing. It's about the comfortable, lived-in, longtime friendship between Frankie (Eastwood) and Scrap (Morgan Freeman) It’s about the subtle respect Scrap pays to Maggie (Hilary Swank) and her tenacity. A.O. Scott called it a work of utter mastery that at the same time has nothing in particular to prove.

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Sound of Metal (2019)

Sound of Metal nominated for best picture and actor. The film's stunning sound design is also nominated for an Oscar. Riz Ahmed plays Ruben, a punk-metal drummer who loses his hearing. He is also struggling with a drug addiction and struggles with new life in deaf community. The stunning cinematography immerses you in the story of Ruben's struggle to cope with his new life with life in the deaf community as well as his addiction and his ability to learn American Sign Language.

‘Bonnie and Clyde’ (1967)

Warren Beatty helped kick off a new movement of subversive, challenging, youth-oriented moviemaking. The film initially received a mixed reaction from critics. The New York Times dismissed it as “a cheap piece of baldfaced slapstick” The film, which was released in 1996, has since become a cult hit. It is one of the few films produced by the Beatty and Dunaway duo that has received a cult following of late-'90s film, "This here's Miss Bonnie Parker," and "I'm Clyde Barrow. We rob banks"...

Suspiria (2018)

Tilda Swinton is the majestic lead teacher, who mentors young actress Dakota Johnson. It's a long movie, at over two and a half hours, but there are some jaw-dropping scenes. If you're into disturbing visuals and a touch of witchcraft, you'll want to stick around for a couple of jabs around the end of the movie. There are plenty of reasons to be drawn to the dark and twisted film, but be prepared for the grisly and disturbing scenes.

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‘Da 5 Bloods’ (2020)

Spike Lee’s latest is a genre-hopping combination of war, protest film, political thriller, character drama. Four African-American Vietnam vets go back to the jungle to dig up the remains of a fallen compatriot. Lee goes deeper, packing the film with historical references and subtext, explicitly drawing lines from the civil rights struggle of the period to the protests of the moment. A.O. Scott called it a ‘long, anguished, funny, violent excursion into a hidden chamber of the nation’s heart of darkness”...

‘High Flying Bird’ (2019)

Steven Soderbergh reunites with Andre Holland for "The Knick" A.O. Scott called it "an exhilarating and argumentative caper" The film is set during an NBA lockout in which a high-powered agent uses the shutdown to turn the league upside down. The film stars Holland and McCraney, who have worked together in the past for "Knick," "Knuts" The movie is about the business of professional athletics in an attempt to change the hierarchy of organized sports.

‘Mystic River’ (2003)

Sean Penn and Tim Robbins play childhood friends whose paths diverge after a horrifying trauma. Eastwood's modest directorial style is ideal for this adaptation of the Dennis Lehane novel. "A Single Man" is "a film that consists almost entirely entirely of haunting scenes," our critic called it a "haunting film" and "one of the most chilling" films in the world. The film is now available on Netflix in the US only on Blu-Ray and New York on Friday at 9 a.m. ET.

Pinnochio (2020)

The classic Italian folktale involves life with a touch more of a sinister tone during this PG-13 live-action story. The Italian film stars Roberto Benigni as Geppetto, father of the magical puppet Pinocchio, who involves life with dreams of becoming a true boy. An easily manipulated, docile puppet, Pinnochio soon finds himself tricked, kidnapped, and chased by bandits through a world of imaginative creatures, all while Geppetto fights valiantly to recover the puppet before it’s lost forever.


Dodgeball: a real Underdog Story (2004)

Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller are at the highest of their games during this raunchy competition comedy. Average Joe’s Gym isn’t doing so well. Neither is its owner, Peter La Fleur (Vaughn). The gym across the road, Globo-Gym, go past maniacal fitness freak White Goodman (Stiller) is on the brink of run Average Joe’s out of business, and Goodman is psychotically dedicated to bringing La Fleur down. Unless Peter can raise $50,000 to stay his mortgage, he’ll lose the gym. to induce that money, he resorts to a last-ditch effort: Entering a dodgeball contest with a giant cash prize with a ragtag group of Average Joe’s members. But when Goodman hears about the common Joe’s plan, he enters the competition together with his own superteam.


Shiva Baby (2020)

Emma Seligman’s directorial debut seems like a sitcom but digs far deeper than many of its thematic inspirations. While at a Jewish funeral along with her parents, a school student (Rachel Sennott) awkwardly runs into her steady. Unfortunately, her ex-girlfriend also happens to be at the funeral.


No Sudden Move (2021)

In 1954 Detroit, a bunch of small-time criminals is hired to steal what they think may be a basic document. But when their plan goes horribly wrong, their look for who hired them and why weaves them through a rapidly changing city torn apart by racial strife, social advancement, and economic stagnation. Don Cheadle, Brendan Fraser, Jon Hamm, and Benicio Del Toro star during this new Warner Bros. film from Steven Soderbergh.


The Little Things (2021)

Released earlier this year on HBO Max, the insufficient Things is now available for normal HBO subscribers in addition. This slow-burn detective tale follows Kern County deputy Joe Deacon (Denzel Washington) as he travels to l. a. for what should be a fast evidence-gathering assignment. But Deacon features a history within the LAPD, and he soon finds himself roped into an investigation of a manslayer who is terrorizing the town.


The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005)

Steve Carell stars during this ridiculous rom-com as a mild-mannered, action-figure-collecting, 40-year-old man who has just style of casually proceeded through his life without ever having sex. Discovering this, his co-workers launch him on a misguided odyssey to lose his virginity. But while his coworkers’ advice keeps resulting in disaster, the solution to his woes might just be across the road within the type of an area entrepreneur.

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