Teresa fidalgo audio

Teresa fidalgo audio

Teresa fidalgo

Teresa is the founder and CEO of Fashion to Figure, an ecommerce company that highlights the latest trends in fashion and beauty to motivate women. Beyond Fashion to Figure's blog, Teresa's content marketing strategy focuses on high-level, high-impact posts designed to spur conversations and lead to engaging conversations with readers.


It seems that the internet's love of nostalgia extends beyond just pop culture, with the Slender Man and copy paste ghost stories like Teresa Fidalgo getting a second wind this year, but how did the dead girl tale start and is there a shred of truth to it?

Aping Blair Witch Project, the found footage short sees a car of friends driving in the mountains when they pick up a hitchhiker going by the name Teresa Fidalgo

If common sense doesn't prevail when it comes to the idea of there being a teenage ghost with the supernatural ability to haunt people through social media though, and the fact she is subject to auto-correct errors like the rest of us ('Teresa Dialog' as she goes by on one pic) doesn't diminish her story in any way, take solice in the fact that Rebordão has admitted that the story is fake

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