Tanner Buchanans

Tanner Buchanans

Tanner Buchanan

Tanner Buchanan is an entrepreneur, business strategist and author. He has founded and sold three different companies and has helped numerous startups and entrepreneurs get to the next level. Tanner is an investor in 9 different companies. He has consulted for PayPal, Microsoft, PayPal, Yahoo, Intuit, Oracle, Seagate, News Cruise, Ebay.

Get to Know Cobra Kai Actor Tanner Buchanan Here...

22-year-old actor Tanner Buchanan is stealing hearts as bad boy Robby Keene on Netflix's Cobra Kai. But before his role as the son of Johnny Lawrence, Tanner had roles in multiple TV shows and movies. Here's everything you need to know about the rising star, including his height, and whether or not he's single. (Spoiler alert... he's not, he's got a girlfriend.) [Jerod Harris/Getty Images] (Source: www.popbuzz.com)

What Other Tv Shows Has Tanner Buchanan Been In?

Prior to his role as Robby in Cobra Kai, Tanner Buchanan has starred a number of TV shows and movies. His first on-screen role was in Modern Family. He also appeared in Grey’s Anatomy, The Goldbergs, Girl Meets World and The Fosters. More recently, he’s starred in Designated Survivor, as Leo Kirkman (pictured) and in Fuller House, as Chad Brad Bradley. [Ben Mark Holzberg/Walt Disney Television]

Who Did Tanner Buchanan Play in Grey's Anatomy?

A few years after appearing in Modern Family, Tanner Buchanan scored the role of Lucas in the season 9 episode of Grey's Anatomy, titled ‘Idle Hands’. Lucas is one of the students who visits his teacher, Ms. Skurski, after she’s taken to hospital and is later discovered to have terminal cancer. [ABC] (Source: www.popbuzz.com)

11. What Movies Has Tanner Buchanan Been In?

Tanner Buchanan’s first big screen role was in a 2013 film called Jake Squared. He then appeared in The Heyday of the Insensitive Bastards, alongside Rico Rodriguez, Matthew Modine and Priscilla Garita. His most recent credits include Sinister Seduction, Painted Beauty and Chance. He's also in Netflix's He's All That as Cameron Kweller. [Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly] (Source: www.popbuzz.com)



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