Sunflower Quotes

Sunflower Quotes

Sunflower Quotes


“Be strong on the inside”.

During difficult days, sometimes we just need to stand tall and press our face to the sun – like the stately sunflower. Seeing a field of giant yellow flowers can’t help but make us smile. Poets and writers have penned odes to this grand flower for decades. English poet, William Blake, wrote about them in “Ah! Sun-flower” in 1794! Sunflowers are at their peak July, August, and September and are perfect for summer and fall flower arrangements. For a big (no pun intended) impact in your garden, plant sunflowers for some happy inspiration every day. They come in other colors, too, and according to our own Grumpy Gardener, they are the easiest flower to plant. Maybe I’ll even grow one to rival the 30 ft. Guinness World Record holder grown by Hans-PeterSchiffer in 2014! While we’re spending more time with family right now, maybe grow your own sunflowers or even take a drive to a sunflower field near you. In the meantime, here are some inspirational and cute sunflower quotes to enjoy. (Source: www.southernliving.com)


Sunflower Bean

Sometimes a flower is just a flower and is not a sign. But sometimes the flower is a sign and not just a flower because the flower is a sign that people use to show life and give meaning to their existence.

Every flower is beautiful in its own way — big or small, richly perfumed or with no particular smell, flowers are one of Nature’s many marvels that bring joy to our souls. Many of you might have a favorite flower, however, we are dedicating this article to sunflower quotes. (Source: www.goalcast.com)


Here at bbqspark.com we love to cook, so naturally, we love to cook with flowers and vegetables. For a light and refreshing side dish, we love this tasty sunshine-flower quinoa dish. Quinoa, which comes in both millet and rice forms, is a nut, or seed, and a gluten-free, protein-rich whole grain, with a mild and fruity flavor that offers a nice change from starchy white rice.

The blooms themselves look like big yellow suns with rays of sunshine! This beautiful bright flower brings joy and inspiration to people all over the world. What better way to share the beauty of a Sunflower than by snapping some adorable photos. (Source: askforadventure.com)


More people were killed by two words that were given to them than by any other two-word work in history: "Drop Dead". So, learn a few words of wisdom from these sunflowers.

I love making graphics of beautiful flower images with quotes and sayings embedded in them. I find them to be very popular on social media and people also love to print them out and use them as greeting cards. (Source: thegardeningcook.com)

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