So I'm a Spider so Whator

So I'm a Spider so Whator

So I'm a Spider so What

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? (So I'm a Spider, So What? ) is a Japanese light novel series written by Okina Baba and illustrated by Tsukasa Kiryu. The story is about a high school girl who is reincarnated in another world with the body of a dungeon spider and her struggle for survival.


One of the classmates and a member of Shun's party, nicknamed "Fei". She reincarnated as Shun's pet earth dragon and later evolved into a light dragon after he became the new hero, gaining a human form in the process. A bully in her previous life, she sees her current predicament as karmic punishment and vows to better herself. Because of this, she was distraught upon learning one of her former victims, Wakaba, had supposedly died after reincarnating. This also leads her to be shocked upon crossing paths with Shiraori, mistaking her for Wakaba.

Nameless comes across a carriage being attacked by bandits and comes to their aid. However, after defeating the attackers, she notices one of the occupants, a vampire baby named Sophia, is a fellow reincarnation. Jealous of how easy she has it, Nameless departs but then notices a group of elves planning to kidnap the baby. So she disposes of them as well. In the present, Sue suddenly kills her father, the king, and frames Shun. Cylis and Hugo then arrest him and explain that the king was going to make Shun his successor to keep him off the battlefield, so they cooperated to launch this coup d'etat. However, Shun manages to escape with help from Ms. Oka and Hyrince, his maid Anna, and brother Leston. While recuperating, however, they are attacked by a group led by Hugo's reincarnation ally, who's revealed to be Sophia, and Katia, who has been brainwashed. While they are able to free Katia, Sophia and her assailants overwhelm them until Fei, who has evolved into a huge light dragon, arrives and they all escape on her back. Afterward, Sophia telepathically informs the Demon Lord that she completed her mission. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


But that's not all. Kumoko isn't the only character that reincarnated. In fact, a whole group of students got reincarnated and has their new roles set. These include Sophia, Katia, Filimos, Shun, among others. It seems when the author made these characters, they wanted to dress them into RPG skins. Let's face it, we got vampires, elves, princess, heroes, and just about any light novel trope you can imagine. Of course, it's not an original idea although Kumoko remains one of the more unique characters. In fact, why don't we talk about a bit Kumoko and know who she really is?

Kumoko's character and personality is protrayed as a happy-go spider with a hopeful vision of survival. Yes, she feels terrified and overwhelmed at first but is also prone to make sarcasm at any chance she gets. It's to prevent her psyche from being harmed and honestly one of the more unique dynamics about her character. What I mean is that despite being a spider, she thinks like a human and even retains useful knowledge. Kumoko's main goal is to survive and escape the dungeon that she's trapped in. Think of her situation as a video game protagonist trying to beat a level or even the game. The world she is in is one huge game playground and that dungeon is only a part of it. Kumoko's progression also translates into a RPG-like system with skills, development, and learning to level up. It's funny to see just how far she make use of her system and it isn't an easy task to adapt. That's because the monsters in that dungeon are easily some of the most dangerous in the world. Like with its core characters, the author threw in dragons, giant arachnoids, wyrms, and the typical type of creatures you'd find in a light novel. There's even a danger level scale that determines how deadly these monsters are. Kumoko's personal challenge is to survive against these monsters because she's only got herself to rely on. And trust me, it's no simple task. There's no reset button or an "easy mode" like in video games. She has to rely on the skills she learns and her human knowledge. Watching Kumoko overcome such obstacles shows that no matter how small she is, there's always a beacon of hope. (Source: myanimelist.net)


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