Simon Parkes

Simon Parkes

Simon Parkes: Detectives to Search Gibraltar Cemetery for Missing Sailor

He said: "They deserve to know what happened to their son and we will continue our work to find those answers they so desperately want." 

Disappearance of Simon Parke


Simon Parkes (born 1968) was a British leading seaman in the Royal Navy who went missing in Gibraltar in 1986. Parkes was serving aboard HMS Illustrious when he disappeared whilst on shore leave in the dependency. In 2001, Parkes' disappearance gained renewed interest when it was noted that convicted murderer Allan Grimson also worked on Illustrious at the same time. 


The latest search of Trafalgar Cemetery for any clues as to the disappearance of sailor Simon Parkes has concluded. The Royal Gibraltar Police says material found during the two week operation will now be tested. (Source: www.gbc.gi)

Simon Parkes: Police to Search Cemetery for Navy Sailor Missing Since 1986

Simon Parkes' disappearance has previously been part of investigations by Hampshire Police into serial killer Allan Grimson. 

Labour Councillor's 'real' Mother Was a 9ft Green Alien

Other people believe equally unlikely things, says Simon Parkes. And anyway, aliens know more about Whitby's needs than Scarborough council does (Source: www.theguardian.com)

Simon Parkes: How I Bought Brixton Academy for £1

AWAL promotes Charlotte Birch and Nathan Liddle-Hulme to joint heads of marketing 

A North Yorkshire Politician Has Made the Bizarre Claim That He Fathered an Alien Child in a Channel 4 Documentary.

Simon Parkes, councillor for Stakesby in the seaside town of Whitby, also claimed that he was born to an alien mother. (Source: www.scotsman.com)

Simon Parkes Art Conservation / Wednesday, January 22 at 6:30pm

Born in England, Simon Parkes grew up in Wellington College, where his father was a teacher. At 17 he moved to London, where he apprenticed with an art restorer by appointment to Her Majesty The Queen, before moving to New York In 1978. Two years later, he opened Simon Parkes Art Conservation on the Upper East Side. Since then, his firm has conserved works ranging from the Old Masters to Contemporary art for distinguished public institutions, prominent dealers and private collectors. Discover how new technologies have changed the goals of conservation and learn how to properly maintain the works in your own collection. (Source: doyle.com)

Live at the Brixton Academ

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Who Is Simon Parkes on Youtube? Everything to Know Abou

Simon Parkes is a Former British councilor in Whitby, North Yorkshire, and a labor politician. He is a firm believer in the existence of aliens, elementals, and UFOs; he is famous for making unusual statements regarding life beyond the universe. 



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