www.sportskeeda.com)What Did Shadman Do? All About Youtuber Arrested for AssauShaddai "Shadman" Prejean was recently arrested for assaulting someone with a 'deadly weapon'. According to some tweets put out on November 12, the Swiss YouTuber (also known as Shadbase) was arrested near Glendale, Los Angeles. (Source:lt With Deadly Weapon

What Does Shadman Mean?

The term Shadman refers to the pornographic and explicit webcomics of Swedish artist Shaddai Prejean, who goes by the online handle Shadbase. (Source: www.dictionary.com)

Who Uses Shadman?

On 4chan, the meme >Shadman (the “greater-than” symbol a forum convention used to imply derision) is used to express humorous revulsion toward Shadbase’s artwork. The meme is usually accompanied by an image or animated GIF from the 1990s Nickelodeon cartoon CatDog. The most popular example features the character Winslow T. Oddfellow entering and then immediately exiting a room after becoming disgusted. It’s the equivalent to the internet slang Nope or Do Not Want. The meme serves as an acknowledgement of Shadman’s infamous artwork, which can be difficult to stomach. (Source: www.dictionary.com)

Controversial Youtuber Shadman Reportedly Arrested for Assault in L

Controversial YouTuber and NSFW comic artist Shaddai "Shadman" Prejean was reportedly arrested in October in California on charges of Assault with a Deadly Weapon, according to court documents filed on Oct. 28th. The documents were first reported on by Twitter user Kiwi Farms. (Source: www.invenglobal.com)

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