Seek Discomfort:

Seek Discomfort:

Seek Discomfort:

Seek Discomfort

It’s easy to stay comfortable in comparison to what people are going through. But the best way to serve people is to seek discomfort. We may have to seek it outside of our comfort zone or to recognize our own discomfort. It’s all about finding the places where we feel the most uncomfortable so we can do something about bringing people outside of their discomfort. There are many ways to seek discomfort. If you’re in a church, seek uncomfortable people, not mediocre people.

Seeking Discomfort Can Help Me Accomplish What Seems Impossible

I recently started watching a YouTube channel called Yes Theory, which inspires people to “seek discomfort.” The cast of the video blog often go on trips to remote parts of the world, perform on the street, or push their bodies to the limit, all in the spirit of being uncomfortable. (Source: musculardystrophynews.com)

Seeking Discomfort: When Comfort Becomes Dangerous

As Sydney returned to lockdown just before the mid-year school holidays, it was with a sense of deja vu. Back to working from home, limited contact with others, church services and plans derailed, postponed or destroyed. Unlike the first time, where, at least for me, there was a bit more preparedness and newness (it helped that I was on paternal leave), this lockdown feels more draining. (Source: record.adventistchurch.com)

Yes Theory on Seeking Discomfort With Jay Shetty

The creators of Yes Theory tell Jay Shetty that for them, facing their biggest fears has much deeper meaning. Conquering mountains, jumping out of helicopters, and learning to push their bodies beyond their max all have pushed them to look deep within and discover more strength than they knew they had. (Source: jayshetty.me)

Every Episode Is an Opportunity!

Life is beautiful when you find the right words and the right person who motivates you to keep growing, learning , going deep in our feelings and become a better version of ourselves ...Thank you Jay for been part of my journey and teaching me how to embrace the chaos with a better understanding. I was addicted to chocolate, now is chocolate and “On purpose” ❤️???????? Gloria - Chile. (Source: jayshetty.me)


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