Sanpaku Eyes:

Sanpaku Eyes:

Sanpaku Eyes:

Sanpaku Eyes

A 10billion-yen boy band that never gives interviews, or has any photos taken of them, since they’re not allowed to smile. Sounds like a risky business model? To me, it's about knowing your target audience better than anyone else. I truly think that in this industry, it's not enough to have exclusive content, you have to have something exclusive that creates value in the content.

Sanpaku's Eyes: the Superstition Behind the Gaze

Have you ever heard of Sanpaku's eyes? Sanpaku (三白) or Sanpaku gan (三白眼) are Japanese terms meaning “three whites”. This expression applies to those people where the white of the eye can be seen at the top or bottom of the iris even if the person is staring straight ahead. (Source: skdesu.com)

Here's How to Tell If You Have Sanpaku Eyes

Our physical traits can warrant a few eyebrow-raising expressions — everything from hip dips to widow's peaks to "baby got back." There are so many to keep track of we barely noticed a new one on the list. Well, not exactly new. But most definitely not as mainstream as those others. If anyone has ever told you have sanpaku eyes and you don't have a clue what that means, let us share. (Source: www.thelist.com)

Sanpaku Eyes' Meaning Explored As Tiktok 'curse' Theory Goes Viral

The term ‘sanpaku eyes’ is currently trending on TikTok alongside a wild Japanese superstition about this eye shape. We take a closer look at this theory and the TikTok trend, as well as answering the questions: What is the meaning behind sanpaku eyes, and why do people think there is a curse?

Girl With Sanpaku Eyes Vol 0

(W) Shunsuke Sorato (A/CA) Shunsuke Sorato Amane's school life was improving... until the annual school cultural festival came along. If Amane was shy towards her classmates, imagine her in front of the entire student body as she stars in a live performance of the classic Japanese fairy tale Momotaro! A special event like this requires special practice sessions. Karaoke and arcades are in store! She is going to have to perform (ie., have fun), even if it kills her. (Source: goshlondon.com)

What Are "sanpaku Eyes"

I only recently found out about an insane Japanese superstition called Sanpaku Eyes. Apparently the Japanese have a great way of figuring out a hell of a lot about you based on your eyes alone. Also known as "the three whites", Sanpaku eyes occur when the white of the eyes is naturally visible either above or below the iris (coloured part) as well as the sides. This is where it gets interesting...


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