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Ross Gellers

Ross Geller:

Ross flatly refused to come to work today. The show must go on. And it does. With a little help from out old friend Jerry, Chandler has a perfect replacement episode ready to go. He takes a seat on the couch and begins to watch. As he watches, he realizes that something is wrong with this picture. His world is being taken over by people who aren’t crazy just like him.ochromic display. They're not the colors he knows. They're not the colors he's used to. What's going on? What's

—Ross strongly believes that he and Rachel had broken up, thus him sleeping with Chloe the same night was justified and not cheating.

After High School, he spent some time during the summer in his grandmother's apartment (Monica's) trying to make it as a dancer, something he didn't even mention to Rachel. In college, he met Chandler, and they became best friends. Chandler met Monica and Rachel in 1987 when Ross brought him home for Thanksgiving. In 1988 Ross met and fell in love with Carol Willick and over the years they got married and remained happily married for a few years, with Ross drifting apart from Rachel over time. When Carol fell in love with another woman, it came as a mentally traumatic shock for Ross which not only resulted in the culminating his divorce with her but also birthed intense levels of paranoia, insecurity, and fear in his burdened psyche. Although Rachel visits the bar (which would become Central Perk) in 1993, Rachel and Ross don't actually meet at that time. (Source: friends.fandom.com)

He tries to convince his friends to act for the best in difficult situations even though such actions may be difficult to carry out. In season 2, he encourages Joey to audition for Another World after being fired from Days of Our Lives, despite Joey's refusal to present himself for a two-line part of a secondary character. In season 7, he buys Phoebe the bike of her dreams but threatens to take it away from her because of her reluctance to learn how to ride it. When he discovers that Joey has a crush on Rachel, he tells him to tell her about it and go for it instead of hiding it, even though he has problems with the idea of Joey and Rachel. Above all, Ross can be sweet and loving, however he definitely has a lot of flaws to his character. He is often looking out for everyone's best interests and the most mature compared to the rest of the gang, despite his ego, outbursts, and paranoia. (Source: friends.fandom.com)

Best Ross 'friends' Episodes and Moment

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But Ross is also the most amusing character on the show, the whimsical loser who never really stood a chance at being the most beloved. He spent his formative years pining for his best friend’s sister, making out with the high school librarian and his college maid — all before his wife left him for another woman. His five friends would continuously smart-shame him for having a PhD, rolling their eyes at his mere mention of a dinosaur or mocking him for being a grammar nazi. He was an intellectual with an extremely wounded soul, someone who slept with an air purifier and boasted about having traveler’s insurance. 

This list rank’s Ross’ best moments. We purposely left out his relationship milestones, focusing less on him saying the wrong name at the altar and more him on seeking revenge on a luxury hotel by stealing lightbulbs and overstocking on tampons. He’s the nutty neurotic we just can’t get enough of. 



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