Real Housewives of Orange County Season 17

Real Housewives of Orange County Season 17



The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 17 is a great series to watch for anyone that enjoys reality television. It's one of the few shows that actually follow the lives of ordinary people. Whether they are working a job, raising their kids, or just trying to make ends meet, the cast of the show do it all with grace and ease.

Emily Simpson

The Real Housewives of Orange County is a television show that follows the lives of five women in the Orange County, California area. Tamra Judge is the main character. Other housewives include Heather Dubrow, Shannon Storms Beador, and Gina Kirschenheiter.

Real Housewives of Orange County has had many cast changes in the years since its premiere. Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge left the show at the end of season 14. After season thirteen, the show introduced new cast members: Alexis Bellino, Gina Kirschenheiter, Kelly Dodd, Jeana Keough, Meghan King, Gretchen Rossi, and Kimberly Bryant.

Real Housewives of Orange County filmed season seventeen in 2022. The upcoming season is expected to air on Bravo in the early 2023. It is expected that Emily Simpson will join the cast.

During a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Tamra Judge opened up about filming. She said that she and Emily Simpson had a good connection. However, she did not reveal how they got to know each other.

The upcoming season will feature several new cast members. Gina Kirschenheiter and Heather Dubrow will also be joining the cast. There will also be a guest appearance by Vicki Gunvalson.

The Real Housewives of Orange County has been a hit for fans. The show has followed the lives of the housewives as they navigated their way through the lavish lifestyles they lead.

Tamra Judge

Tamra Judge, one of the most popular stars on "The Real Housewives of Orange County" has returned. She was cast as an iconic character on the series for several seasons.

During her 12 seasons on the show, Tamra was a fixture and the outspoken opinionated star. Her comeback to RHOC for season 17 will be a moment to remember.

Tamra has said that this season is her "favorite season ever". The Orange County housewife has been a mainstay of the show for years. But now, she is back in a smaller capacity.

Tamra Judge confirmed her return to RHOC on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. The orange county housewife talked about her plans to reunite with her old friends.

She also shared a photo of her BravoCon 2022 attendees. Although there has been some speculation about how the reunion will play out, she seems to be taking things one day at a time.

The other star who will be returning to RHOC for season 17 is Emily Simpson. The Orange County housewife joined the series in the middle of its third season.

Fans have been asking for Tamra's return to the series. While she may be a bit of a mystery as to who she will be joining, she has teased that she will be back in a big way.

The RHOC season 17 cast will be made up of new faces and old favorites. It is also expected that two of the original cast members will return.

Shannon Beador

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 17 is just about done filming. However, there is some controversy about the cast. A couple of the cast members have been spotted with Vicki Gunvalson in Mexico. This is not the first time she has been seen with her old crew, and it certainly won't be the last.

Shannon Beador is a long-time fan favorite of the franchise. She has been on the show for nine seasons. Her most notable storyline is her relationship with ex-husband David Beador. They were married for 17 years, and she welcomed twins with him in 2004. Since then, she has been looking for her real-life soulmate.

John Janssen was also a member of the cast, and had a pretty big role to play. He appeared on the show regularly. And he and Shannon had a lengthy dating relationship, spanning almost four years. But things went sour when they decided to end their relationship.

For the most part, Shannon's love life has been a roller coaster. She has dated a lot of people, including a guy named John. She is currently single, and has plans to travel to a health and wellness retreat called the Golden Door in Escondido, California.

She was also a part of the Tres Amigas franchise. This was a multi-season series in which the cast party hard, and have numerous conflicts with each other.

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave

Tamra Judge and Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave are back on The Real Housewives of Orange County for Season 17. These two former housewives have had their own podcasts since the end of Season 14, and these episodes have become the most popular podcasts in the Bravo universe. During the show's ninth season, the two pushed each other and made comments about each other's personal lives. They were eventually fired from the show.

After a season of hiatus, the Real Housewives of Orange County returned on May 19. The cast included Gina Kirschenheiter, Kim Richards, Shannon Storms, Heather Dubrow, Emily Simpson, and Gina Barney.

After the ninth season, Lisa Vanderpump was forced to quit the show after her involvement in the "puppy-gate" scandal. She was accused of leaking stories to tabloids. This led to a series of controversies.

Despite the scandal, the cast continued to make guest appearances. Garcelle Beauvais, Sutton Stracke, and Kelsey Grammer joined. Several other former cast members returned as well.

Tamra Judge and her husband Eddie Judge are selling fitness equipment on their website. They also host a podcast called Two Ts in a Pod. A couple of years ago, they were named Teddi Tea Pod. However, they rebranded the name to Two Ts when it started becoming more popular.

The cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County is going to be very diverse. They will be focusing on the professional and personal lives of women living in Orange County, California.

Gina Kirschenheiter

In the upcoming season of Real Housewives of Orange County, we'll be seeing the return of several beloved cast members including Heather Dubrow, Shannon Beador, and Gina Kirschenheiter. Also, we'll be getting a glimpse of Vicki Gunvalson. These ladies have all been a part of the franchise since its inception.

Season seventeen is set to air on Bravo in the early 2023. We're hoping for an early premiere because of the fact that the show is filmed primarily in Orange County, California. Until now, however, we haven't been able to find out the full cast or when they'll be kicking off filming.

Tamra Judge, for example, isn't returning. She announced on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen that she's leaving the series. However, we'll still be seeing her on RHOC season 17.

Gina Kirschenheiter and Matt Kirschenheiter share three kids. They tied the knot in May 2010. But after eight years of marriage, their relationship came to an end. Their divorce was finalized in December. Luckily, Gina continues to co-parent her children with Matt.

The upcoming season of Real Housewives of OCC will also feature Tamra and Shannon. Both ladies are struggling with their friendship. This is reflected in their conflicts during a Turkish coffee cup reader gathering. While Tamra's conflict with her girlfriends is put to rest, Shannon finds herself in the middle of an argument with her former co-star.

Noella Bergener

Noella Bergener is the latest addition to the Real Housewives of Orange County cast. She was cast as the first openly bisexual Housewife.

In the Season 16 reunion, Noella revealed that she had a breakup with her husband, Bobby. However, she has not officially confirmed whether she has filed for divorce.

According to reports, she is on good terms with Shannon Beador. They recently spoke about mending their friendship.

In June 2009, Bravo renewed The Real Housewives of Orange County for a fifth season. It is the longest running show in the Real Housewives franchise.

Since season 15, the show has fallen flat. Some job losses were reported, as well as mortgage defaults. The show has also recorded marital stress.

The Orange County franchise was launched by Vicki Gunvalson. After a 12-year run, she left the show in January 2020.

Real Housewives of Orange County is currently on hiatus on Bravo. A new season will air in December 2021. Meanwhile, rumors suggest two former cast members might be back on the show.

Tamra Judge has been rumored to make a return to the series. According to a report, she was approached to join the show. Previously, she appeared on the Ultimate Girls Trip.

Another cast member to return to the show is Heather Dubrow. While she was absent from the show for a year, she returned in Season 16.

Dr. Jennifer Armstrong has also been a part of the show. However, she announced that she would not be returning to the show in Season 17.

Heather Dubrow will be returning to the cast of RHOC in Season 16. Alexis Bellino will replace Keough mid-season.

The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap


The Real Housewives of Orange County returns this season with more drama than ever. There are new twists and turns, a surprising return, and some interesting rumors. It's all set to premiere on Thursday, June 6th.

Heather Dubrow's return

Having been fired from The Real Housewives of Orange County after Season 15, fans were elated to hear that Heather Dubrow would be making a comeback. After a five-year hiatus, the actress returns with her daughter, Gina Kirschenheiter, and Dr. Jen Armstrong.

In the premiere, viewers will meet the entire cast, including newcomer Noella Bergener. Also in attendance are new castmember Emily Simpson, as well as returning favorites Shannon Storms Beador and Gina Kirschenheiter.

While the new season promises to be a dramatic one in the tradition of the vintage RHOC, it's likely that viewers will be disappointed by how Heather Dubrow is playing the part. She's been a bit of a diva.

Despite being a fan favorite, Heather has struggled to make her return to the show a success. Her fans are disappointed in her attitude. However, the former musical theater major is still able to get her song written, and she's able to perform it live on her podcast.

On a recent episode, Heather and her husband Mike were tasked with helping a couple on the brink of divorce. In the upcoming episode, they'll be guiding a new couple to a happy ending.

In the Season 16 premiere, Heather's return is going to make her old best friend, Shannon, feel a little odd. They're already at odds over loyalty, and there's more to come.

Heather also visits her old sorority house, which was decorated by current students. When she leaves, she gets a call. It's Shannon.

While Gina is not pleased with how much time Heather spends with her, she's trying to be her best friend. But, Heather's big home isn't exactly a home.

Heather Dickhout has been busy since the holidays, and she's back with new episodes. This time, she'll discuss supplements prescribed by her functional medicine doctor. She may have also bid on houses, but she's feeling her best.

Vicki accuses Tamra of being a deadbeat dad

During the seventh season of the Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki Gunvalson is having a great time. She's making moves, rebuilding her business and strengthening her relationship with her ex-husband Donn. But, her personal life is not as perfect as her professional one.

In this episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki goes on a boating trip. Meanwhile, Tamra and Gretchen square off over Gretchen's treatment of an ailing fiance. And Gretchen tries to get her own back by accusing Tamra of being a hypocrite.

One of the best parts of the seventh season of the RHOC is the reunion. Many of the housewives catch up and discuss the past year. This is also the show's biggest reunion yet, with a star-studded cast.

There are several standout moments in this episode, including a surprise party for the ladies, which leads to an ambush by Slade and an awkward encounter between Gina and Lauri. Additionally, the reunion got a little messy. Despite the awkward encounter, Vicki makes the most out of the night.

While she's at the party, Vicki also hosts a slumber party for the girls. But, when she comes clean about her relationship with her son Eddie, things get sour.

On a different note, Alexis gets a job as a morning news reporter. Andy takes a moment to revert to his softball ways. However, his bumbling attempt to defend Vicki makes his attempt to sway her off the scent.

The other major highlight of this episode was the 'Winter Wonderland' themed party that Vicki hosted. In the process, she invited Tamra and Heather Dubrow to her swanky new home in Laguna Beach.

The other big surprise is that Tamra and Gretchen will not be appearing in the season's final episode. Although, that won't stop the ladies from meeting up at Jeana's backyard barbecue.

Tamra wants to give Eddie a baby

The drama in Tamra Judge's life continues to boil over in episode seven of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Tamra's relationship with new husband Eddie Judge isn't going as well as she would like, and she's getting frustrated. But she doesn't want to lose her friend Heather.

The two ladies had a few drinks together while at the Bali dinner party, and Vicki asked Tamra to help her out with a couple of body shots. While Tamra agreed to help, she got jealous when Vicki touched Eddie.

Tamra decides to go to Vicki's house to see her off. She tells her she doesn't want to talk about it again, but she's worried about her daughter.

When she leaves, Vicki and David try to fix their marriage. They also confront Brooks about his behavior. He apologizes for the incident.

Tamra and Vicki's friendship is about to go down the drain over stupid reasons. Their relationship once depended on each other, but it's about to be put to the test.

Tamra tries to figure out how to keep Eddie from going out with Shannon and David. It's not an easy task.

In the end, Tamra and Eddie end up getting a robot baby. But it doesn't mean they won't have to deal with other issues in their life.

While the robot baby wasn't the best thing, it did distract from their ongoing argument. And in the end, it did teach Tamra and Eddie some important fatherhood lessons.

Tamra is also dealing with her son Ryan moving away from OC. She doesn't know if she should accept his decision. She doesn't want to be out of control, but she also doesn't want to fight with her friend.

Emily leaves the bar to relieve her husband of basically being a father and parenting

The Real Housewives of Orange County has a lot of cast changes this season. Emily Simpson is the third member of the cast. She was married to David Beador before their divorce. Now she's dating Gina Kirschenheiter.

Emily hopes her husband will become a better father. During their marriage, Shane has shown his less-than-stellar character. He's not always on his best behavior and isn't the most socially adept. So when she discovers that he's not interested in learning a sexy dance, she's frustrated.

Meanwhile, Shannon is trying to break the tension. She's still not sure if she wants to pursue her relationship with David. However, she's not hesitant to put her feelings into words. Ultimately, she's determined to make the right choice.

Meanwhile, Noella is distraught. Her husband filed for divorce, and she's worried that he'll end up in Puerto Rico. To make matters worse, her credit cards have been shut down. She yelled at everyone in town, but then she apologized.

There was also an interesting scene where Vicki Gunvalson and Heather Dubrow accompanied Emily and Terry to her Mormon baptism party. They were there to celebrate her daughter's baptism. It seems like the party might be a bit too much for the 'Wives.

In other news, Emily and Shannon will be throwing a celebration for Shane after his second bar exam. The two of them have been arguing about bar prep. Plus, Emily says she's not ready to take her husband's word that he's a good dad.

Finally, there's the issue of Lizzie Rovsek. She's at the party, but she's eating chicken kebabs. Whether she's there to enjoy her food or to berate the other wives is still up in the air.

Tamra thinks she owes Lizzie an apology

Tamra Gunvalson is not afraid to get angry. She yells at Jeana for meddling and yells at Gretchen for alleged infidelity. And now she's upset over the game questions at her bridal shower.

It's Lizzie's 34th birthday. She's having a party at the St. Regis. Danielle shows up late. Brooks also shows up late. But what happens?

Heather is annoyed. She is not happy that she's having conflict with her friends. David and Shannon are sleeping in the same bed, so they are going to bed at the same time. Also, Lizzie is having her party on Valentine's Day. So why not throw a beach party?

But she's afraid that Heather will see her as a threat. So she tells her to apologize for her rude conversation. Then she starts to feel like she needs a more heartfelt apology.

Vicki says that she was a bit too tough on Heather. After all, she didn't want to be the one to throw her daughter a birthday party. She was also nervous about wooing new friends.

Heather is not happy with the way Tamra is handling things. She's irritated by all of the nonsense.

Tamra is a hypocrite. She's claiming that she doesn't need an apology for the party, but she's bringing up the same embarrassing comment again and again. She's wasting her time. Besides, she doesn't want Lizzie to be on another season.

Eventually, Lizzie decides to stand up for herself. She doesn't understand why Tamra doesn't want to take her to Bali. When she tries to explain it to her, she gets defensive.

On a more positive note, Lizzie is still trying to find a way to make up for her actions. However, she still doesn't trust Tamra.

Real Housewives of Orange County's Jen Armstrong Files For Divorce


The Real Housewives of Orange County was created by a woman who isn't one of the housewives. Jennifer Mary Armstrong is a children's writer. She lives in Saratoga Springs, New York. Her books include fiction and non-fiction.

Dr. Jen's relationship with Ryne Holliday

Jen Armstrong and Ryne Holliday have had their share of troubles in the past year. In season sixteen of the Real Housewives of Orange County, the duo went through a rough patch. It seemed like the future of their marriage was in jeopardy, especially after Kelly Dodd threw a little mud at them on her podcast.

As the season came to an end, fans began to wonder whether Jen and Ryne would be able to work things out or if they'd be destined for divorce. They had previously been together for almost eight years, but it looked like the couple was going to have to break up.

On the episode that aired April 13, viewers were able to see the majority of Ryne's actions. He was pictured wearing a white T-shirt, teal shorts, and trainers.

Ryne had recently been spotted leaving his home with his dog in tow. The two were not seen smiling or looking relaxed.

According to Dr. Jen, Ryne was receptive to talking to her, but he wasn't ready to talk to her about everything. She tried to get him to take a walk or communicate with her about his feelings. Eventually, she gave up and left.

However, she did say that she and Ryne had found some common ground. They agreed to put their current home on the market. And they even treated their kids to a trip to Disneyland before she filed for legal separation.

Ryne and Jen have three children, including twins, Robert and Elizabeth. Their home is in Newport Beach, California, and they've been together since 2013.

They have been trying to improve their relationship, and Ryne was reportedly trying to get his wife to change her attitude. When she was away in Mexico, Ryne was criticized by fans for not being more supportive.

Ryne is an expert in the travel industry, and he owns a luxury travel company, Hawaii Hideaways. After a stint in the poker world, he made the switch to the travel business. He was named the best travel specialist by Conde Nast Traveler in 2018.

Although Jen and Ryne may not be working out their differences right now, the pair will most likely remain together.

Dr. Jen's divorce from Ryne Holliday

Jen Armstrong has filed for divorce from Ryne Holliday. They married in 2013 and shared three children together. During their year on RHOC, the couple had a rocky marriage.

According to a source close to the pair, their divorce is for family reasons. While the situation is complicated, the two are able to get along well. However, the couple hasn't responded to Jen's divorce filing.

In court documents, Armstrong stated that the date of separation is April 6. She and Ryne share twins, Vera and Vince.

Jen and Ryne are focused on their children and a strong family foundation. Ryne is a stay-at-home dad and a business owner. He is also a professional poker player and is known for his sporty side.

Ryne and Jen also have a nine-year-old son, Robert. Although Jen hasn't spoken publicly about her divorce, a rep for the couple said they were getting along well.

Ryne and Jen decided to start fresh in a new home. During their time on the show, the couple often discussed their relationship. At one point, the two went on a family beach trip to Laguna Beach, California. As they walked the beach, their arms were wrapped around each other.

After the couple separated for a month, they put their home on the market. The pair had a rocky relationship on RHOC season 16.

Before the separation, Jen and Ryne took the kids on a vacation to Disneyland. A week before their legal separation, Jen told E! News that she had been feeling unappreciated as a sole breadwinner.

On the eve of their separation, the couple's rep said they are looking forward to starting anew. They have agreed to take responsibility for the mortgages on their three homes.

Jen has a long list of assets she wants to keep. The list includes her med-spa business, bank accounts, and properties.

It's early in the divorce proceedings, but Jen's request for a division of assets is going well. All of the items she wants are acquired before the couple was married.

For her part, Jen isn't looking for spousal support from Ryne. She wants a fair divorce outcome.

Dr. Jen's children with Ryne Holliday

Jen Armstrong, who joined the cast of the Real Housewives of Orange County last season, has filed for a legal separation from her husband, Ryne Holliday. The couple has been married for eight years, and have three kids.

Armstrong, a former dermatologist, has cited irreconcilable differences as the main reason for the breakup. She wants to have custody of the children, and also wants all of the couple's assets in her name.

Ryne Holliday has made a strong impression on the show and on social media. He is a business owner and a stay-at-home dad. His company, Hawaii Hideaways, specializes in luxury property rentals.

They have a 9-year-old son, Robert, and 10-year-old twins, Ella and Eli. As a former professional basketball player, he has a strong connection to the sport. In fact, he played for the University of California at Los Angeles and has a long history of playing.

Jen and Ryne separated for more than a month after filming ended for Season 16. After they got back together, they decided to move into a new home.

They put the old home on the market and purchased a new house for $3 million. However, they have not found a buyer. This has led to speculation that one of them might move back in to the old house.

They have also put the current house up for sale. Both are asking for 90 percent of the homes' value. But it is too early to tell how the case will play out.

While Jen and Ryne are getting along well, they have still had some trouble. Their relationship hit a rough patch in Season 16. Some of the cast members discussed their relationship.

During a family beach trip to Laguna Beach, California, Jen and Ryne shared arms with each other. That was their first step into a new family.

On the show, Jen and Ryne had many issues, including communication, money, and how to support each other when one of them needed something. During their time on the show, viewers have questioned if the Real Housewives of Orange County influenced their split.

Dr. Jen's book

When Dr Jen and Ryne Holliday met for the first time, they instantly fell in love. But they didn't get the chance to spend a lot of time together. So they decided to work on their relationship.

The couple tried to go through a month-long separation. After a few months, they decided to get back together.

However, tensions still linger between the two. They are at a fork in their road. As of February, they are working on getting back to their roots and improving their marriage.

Despite the challenges, Dr Jen's marriage is still in progress. Her husband has been open about how he loves her, but she's been unable to find the same feeling. She tries to make amends with her co-star Noella Bergener, but she's still not sure if the marriage will survive.

In an episode airing in February, Dr Jen revealed that she wants to get a divorce. While fans were pleased to see the OG franchise returning, many were a little disappointed to see her departure.

Fans have been watching this relationship play out on the show since season 16. Several red flags began to surface. At one point, they listed their house for sale for $6 million.

As of now, there are several lawsuits against Dr. Jen, but she hasn't revealed her salary.

Despite her struggles, she's a hard-working doctor who puts her family first. Jen has worked on a number of original research projects. She's received a number of grants.

Jen has a passion for the arts, and enjoys helping patients achieve aesthetic goals. She has a keen eye for reading people and can determine whether she's the best person to help them.

A number of fans speculate that Dr. Jen and Ryne might have broken up before. There's no concrete proof that they did so, but there are a number of red flags that have led viewers to believe that the marriage is doomed.

On the December 29th episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Dr. Jen invites Heather Dubrow to her mansion. This is a rare opportunity for them to bond.

Nicole James of the Real Housewives of Orange County

Nicole James of the Real Housewives of Orange County has made some mistakes during the filming of the show. She has been criticized for her behavior, and it is even rumored that she will leave the show. However, is there a possibility that she will come back?

'Friend of' Nicole James

One of the big stories of Season 16 of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" was that of Dr. Terry Dubrow and his wife Heather. Their feud made its appearance on the show during the girls' trip to Cabo.

The two women have been friends for eight years, according to Heather. She was also introduced to the Bravo group by Heather.

According to Noella, Nicole was a well-intentioned friend. But the woman is known to have a colourful private life. In fact, she once dated Kid Rock. She also claimed that her botched boob job was courtesy of Terry. However, the lawsuit against Terry was dropped long ago.

There is no reason to believe that Heather is responsible for Nicole's sudden exit from the show. Instead, it could be production issues.

The cast and crew haven't addressed the sudden departure, but rumors say the actress left on her own. For example, the show's creators have reportedly been fighting over COVID protocols.

Another possible explanation is that the actress was fired for refusing to get vaccinated for Mexico. This isn't a very credible explanation, though.

On the flip side, it's possible that the actress was simply out of work. Nicole Meyer has a son named Blake, and she's a fan of getting glammed up. It would make sense for her to take pictures of herself.

Nicole is a stay-at-home mom, and she's also a huge Instagram fan. She often shares pictures of her family, including her daughter Presley. Despite this, she didn't attend the cast trip to Cabo.

During the filming of her debut episode, she made a couple of interesting claims. One was that she knew Heather's husband for eight years. And another was that she was "the best friend" of a former housewife.

She also offered words of encouragement to her fellow cast members. Unfortunately, viewers weren't impressed.

Whether or not Nicole James will be back is a mystery. But fans are curious. Perhaps she'll be seen again in Season 17 of RHOC. Until then, watch the series on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Relationship with Noella Bergener

The relationship between Nicole Real Housewives of Orange County and Noella Bergener is getting rocky. Fans are not pleased with Nicole's attitude and lack of compassion towards Noella.

When Noella joined the Real Housewives of Orange County, she was already a happily married woman. Her marriage to James was documented on the show. After a few seasons, however, the pair decided to split. Now, he hasn't returned home since filing for divorce. Despite the news, Noella is still demanding custody of their 2-year-old son, James. She is also asking for attorney fees and spousal support.

Since her divorce from James, Noella has been dealing with a lot of drama on the show. She has been accused of being naive, and a few fans have accused her of not sharing her feelings. However, she says she wishes she had more answers about her ex.

Nicole and Noella were friends before they started dating. They met online. In fact, they wore friendship bracelets before they even knew each other. Their friendship ended up causing them some issues when Noella began filming for RHOC.

On August 2 of this year, Noella's ex-husband filed for a divorce. He claimed the couple dated for five years. However, the pair was only married for two years.

During the RHOC reunion, Noella opened up about her relationship with her ex-husband. It appears that their marriage had a shaky start, but eventually, it became a successful one.

Meanwhile, James and Nicole are rekindling their relationship. Noella has found new love. Although she's disappointed, she believes her ex has a mid-life crisis. She also claims that the couple had a wedding ceremony in 2017.

Nicole has been in the spotlight as of late, but she's actually a nice person. In an interview with Margaret Josephs for Bravo Insider's Housewife to Housewife, she shared her thoughts on the season's drama. For those who haven't seen the show, watch it on Wednesdays at 9 pm EST on Bravo.

If you're a fan of the Real Housewives of Orange County, then you'll probably want to check out Nicole James. You can watch all the episodes on Bravo's Peacock app.

Mistakes she made during filming

There have been a number of mistakes Nicole Real Housewives of Orange County made during filming. Some were silly, some were serious. She has survived, though. The last time she was on RHOC, she was pushed by attorneys and ended up suing her husband.

In the Season 16 premiere, it was revealed that she had sued her husband. The lawsuit wasn't settled yet, but it was already a rumor. It's a storyline that will continue to be part of the show.

Heather Dubrow has returned to the RHOC cast after a five-year break. She and Terry have four kids. They have been married since 1999. After a few months on the show, they decided to divorce. However, Heather wanted to remain with the cast to continue filming.

Nicole James was brought on to the show as a friend of Heather. But a few weeks into the season, she quit filming. Her reason was that she had an ongoing feud with Terry. This was also related to her anti-vaccine beliefs.

She was demoted from her role as a full-time housewife. Nicole has long been a friend of Heather's. Before filming began on Season 16, she was seen on several occasions. She had been spotted with Gina Kirschenheiter, Emily Simpson, and others.

As a longtime friend of Heather's, Nicole was rumored to be a new housewife for season 16. She was introduced to the RHOC cast, as a longtime friend of Heather's.

Shannon Storms Beador was also brought on to the cast. The trio was seen talking about the legal issue. Emily and Gina were asked to keep the secret. Later, Shannon told them that she knew about the lawsuit. She said she didn't want to harm Terry's plastic surgery practice.

In addition to the lawsuit, there have been other mishaps. For example, she has a history with her cell phone. When she received a call from Heather, she placed it on the table. Several Reddit users mocked her for making a mistake. She spelled her last name incorrectly on her contact list.

She has also been accused of having an influence on production. During filming, producers lied to restaurant owners.

Return to the show

The reality star Nicole James has abruptly disappeared from the show, and fans are wondering if she'll return. According to sources, Nicole quit filming on RHOC in the middle of season 16.

Apparently, it's not because she was demoted or forced out of the cast. Instead, she allegedly stopped working on the show due to production issues. In fact, the show's producers never gave an official reason for her departure.

The actress made a guest appearance in Season 6 and 7, but was no longer a full-time cast member. She was originally rumored to be a new housewife, but ended up leaving after a few seasons.

In addition to Nicole, the Real Housewives of Orange County also starred Heather Dubrow. The two had a rocky relationship in Season 16, but it appears they're on better terms now.

Nicole and Heather had a lawsuit involving their former husbands. According to the suit, Terry and Dr. Dubrow provided the former with a botched boob job. However, she withdrew the suit after discovering complications from the breast augmentation.

There have been rumors that Nicole may be a "friend" on the show. These types of roles usually have more flexibility and are not a permanent position.

But, there is a possibility that Nicole will be attending the reunion for Season 16. Noella Bergener is expected to join the cast this year, so they could be reuniting.

Heather Dubrow has not confirmed whether she'll be coming back to the show for a second season. And although Tamra Judge hasn't officially announced her return, she is expected to make a comeback.

Several members of the cast have left the series in recent years, including Kelly Dodd, Gina Kirschenheiter, Braunwyn Windham-Burke, and Brauwyn Windham-Burke. Other returning cast members include Shannon Beador, Noella Bergener, and Heather Dubrow.

It's not clear if Nicole will be joining the cast, or if she'll attend the reunion, but fans will be hoping for the best. A reunion is scheduled for next week, and it's definitely worth tuning in. For now, you can watch The Real Housewives of Orange County Wednesdays at 9pm ET on Bravo.

Massai Zhivago Dorsey Net Worth

There are many things to learn about the life of Dorsey. Her career as a baseball player and her personal life. She is also known to be in a relationship with Nia Long.

Personal life

If you have seen the TV show Third Watch, then you probably know about actor and businessman Massai Zhivago Dorsey Jr. But do you know much about his personal life? The actor has kept his private life out of the public eye and has focused on his work since he and his girlfriend broke up a couple of years ago.

Initially, Dorsey was committed to Eastern Kentucky University. However, after a disastrous breakup with his girlfriend, he changed his mind and decided to pursue a career in baseball. His parents are also very supportive of his decision, and attend all of his games. They even went to see him play when he made his debut with the Boston Celtics.

Before he met his current girlfriend, Long, Dorsey was dating another woman named Chiara Hardaway. She is an American costume designer. He started to date her in the early 2000s. Although they were engaged for ten months, they ended their relationship in 2001 due to personal problems.

In addition to his acting career, Dorsey has been active on social media. His Instagram account has over 34 thousand followers. He has also got over 700 Twitter followers.

In addition to being an actor, Dorsey is also a baseball player. He was a member of the varsity squad at his high school. When he graduated from the school, he enrolled at Eastern Kentucky University. He is currently a part of the college baseball team.

Before he dated Chiara, he was in a relationship with actress Nia Long. In fact, they appeared together on the NBC TV series Third Watch. Their characters, Rick and Kez, starred in 35 episodes. A NAACP Image Award was given to them for their outstanding performance in the drama series.

Both Dorsey and Long have one son. The two are co-parenting the boy, who was born in 2000. They call the child Massai Zhivago Dorsey II. As for the rest of their family, they are unmarried.

Dorsey has black hair and eyes, and he is 5 feet 9 inches tall. He weighs about 170 pounds. Moreover, he is a member of the Sagittarius star sign. Despite being very attractive, Dorsey is a man of modesty. While he has not revealed his physical stats, he is said to be in good shape.

Massai Zhivago Dorsey is an American citizen. He was born under the Sagittarius star sign. His father is not as famous as his mother. Nevertheless, his father raised his son well.

Massai Zhivago, his mother is a well-known actress in the United States. Her IMDb profile provides information about her biography and filmography. Interestingly, she has a self-titled page on Facebook. Currently, she has over 1 million followers on her social media accounts.

Apart from his acting career, Dorsey has worked in Hollywood as an executive producer for a feature film called The Single Moms Club. In the movie, he plays the role of Rick. The film was directed by Tyler Perry.

Career as a baseball player

Massai Zhivago Dorsey II is an African-American athlete, who has been pursuing a career as a baseball player. He plays for the Eastern Kentucky University baseball team. However, the 21-year-old is concentrating on his personal life. His parents are supportive of his endeavors.

Dorsey was born on November 26, 2000 in Los Angeles, California, USA. The actor has been single for some time. Nevertheless, he is active on social media sites, where he has more than 34 thousand followers. This includes six hundred followers on Twitter. In addition, he has more than seven hundred followers on Instagram.

Aside from playing baseball, Massai Zhivago Dorsey jr also likes to spend time with his mother. They often visit each other, and they share photos of family time. Their relationship is good and the two have a great rapport.

Massai is a talented athlete. Although he may not be as famous as his mother, he has gained fame by starring in films like "The Best Man Holiday", "The Single Moms Club", and "47 Meters Down Uncaged". Additionally, he has won three NAACP Image Awards.

Massai Zhivago Dorsey was born under the sign of Sagittarius. In fact, he is one of the most beautiful people in the world. According to People Magazine, he was ranked among the 50 most beautiful people in the world in 2000. He has black locks and warm bruised eyes.

The young man was born under the influence of his parents' love for sports. As a matter of fact, they have been encouraging him to pursue his baseball career. While Massai was growing up, he played baseball and basketball. During his high school years, he was part of the varsity squad of his school. Eventually, he graduated with honors in 2019. Currently, he is a student at the Birmingham Community High School.

Massai has been romantically involved with high-profile women in the past. He has dated American costume designer Chiara Hardaway and actress Nia Long. But they broke up after dating for a few months. Despite that, Dorsey maintains a very modest profile. Regardless, he is a good-looking guy who is popular on the Internet.

Interestingly, Massai was born to a teacher/poet. She is of mixed ethnicity, with Trinidadian, Nigerian, and African descent. Her estimated net worth is $6 million.

Dorsey is not a big fan of social media, as he prefers to live a quiet and peaceful life. When he is not playing baseball, he can be found on the internet, where he has over three thousand followers on Facebook. On Instagram, he goes by the username @massaidorsey.

As for his personal life, Dorsey has always been shady. While he is very handsome, he has not revealed his physical stats, including his weight and height. It is expected that he is around 60 kilograms.

Relationship status with Nia Long

Nia Long has starred in plenty of television shows and films throughout her career. Her most recent relationship, with Boston Celtics coach Ime Udoka, ended in December. A little over 13 years after the two began dating, their relationship has come to a close. They are now separated but co-parenting a 10 year old son.

Although their relationship was far from perfect, Udoka and Long were always a tight pair. Their bond was strengthened by their friendship with each other, and the fact that they also shared an appreciation for each other's religion. When news of their affair first broke, neither Udoka nor Long commented on it.

In the weeks that followed, however, Udoka's behavior became more public. As the story unfolded, he was suspended from the Celtics' head coaching position for the entire 2022-23 NBA season. The suspension came after allegations of improper conduct against him. Despite being accused of breaking rules, Udoka apologized for his behavior and promised not to make any further remarks. However, it was not until a week before the league suspended him that Long learned of the scandal.

Not long after the news of the scandal broke, Long took the time to clear up any rumors about their relationship. She did this with the help of her former B2K band mate Omarion. During a red carpet appearance, she was spotted holding hands with the singer. Eventually, the duo was spotted hugging at a film premiere.

Having been in the limelight for several different relationships, Nia Long is no stranger to controversy. But while she has dealt with several different scandals, she never has been involved in a scandal in the same way as her previous boyfriend, Udoka.

There were a few other notables in her life, such as the announcement she made when she was 40 that she was expecting a child. Having been denied the opportunity to have children in the past, Long had no reason to believe she would be unable to have a family again. That's why she was happy when the day of her first son's birth arrived.

The big question is whether or not Long will have another son. After all, she already has a 22 year old son from a prior relationship.

If she does have another child, however, the next one will be her daughter. At this point, however, she has no concrete plans to tie the knot. It's a great feeling to be home again.

In the meantime, Long is continuing her acting career. In the last few years, she has starred in the hit television series Empire and the film Big Momma's House. In the upcoming movie, You People, she plays a conservative Muslim character. Other than that, she has starred in movies such as The Best Man and Third Watch.

Below Deck Cast - Who Are They and Where Are They From?

where is below deck cast from

When it comes to the cast of below deck, there are some names that you are sure to recognize. These names are: Gabriela, Wesley, Fraser Olender, Tumi Mhlongo, and Rachel Hargrove. They have been in the show since it's start. And you can definitely tell that each one of them has been doing a lot to keep the show afloat.

Chef Rachel Hargrove

Below Deck is a television show that takes viewers on a superyacht. It is produced by the Bravo channel. The series is hosted by Lee Rosbach and features a crew of seven captains and stews.

One of the most memorable cast members on the show is chef Rachel Hargrove. She has a long history in the restaurant business, as she has worked in Italy, Japan, India, and Thailand. During season 8, she became a fixture aboard My Seanna. After a brief break, she rejoined the crew for a short charter season.

Another notable below deck star is Kelley Johnson. The former military member has a YouTube channel and spent two seasons on the show. In addition to her below deck experience, she has worked as a photographer for her sister Amy's wedding.

On the flip side, below deck cast member Kyle Dickard has been accused of making aggressive comments and having racist views. That being said, the word "cowboy" is tattooed on his inner bicep.

The below deck show has produced a number of spinoffs. Mzi "Zee" Dempers was another familiar face on Below Deck Med.

Fraser Olender

A new star has risen on the Below Deck. Bravo's reality series has introduced fans to a whole new crew and a new boat. And there's a lot to like about Fraser Olender. His posh background, jet-setting lifestyle, and love for yachting make him a must-follow on social media.

Fraser has been promoting the LGBT community to reach their yachting dreams. He recently announced his engagement to Michael Groves. The two will tie the knot in February of 2022.

Fraser was named as the Chief Stew of the Below Deck franchise in Season 9. After years of working as a junior booker, he was rewarded with a promotion. Despite his success, he still faces some major challenges.

In Below Deck season 10, the cast has made a number of changes. There are more charter guests, and a new captain to boot. As a result, the crew is under a lot of pressure. They have to provide a five-star experience for their guests.

Some of the more controversial changes have come in the form of the captain. Captain Lee Rosbach was forced to leave the boat after health issues surfaced. But it appears he'll be back.

Rhylee Gerber

Below Deck is a reality TV show on Bravo that follows the lives of a group of young crew members. The main character is the boss of the boat, who is responsible for making sure the vessel is running properly. She also manages hiring staff and fuel costs.

Aside from being the captain of the boat, Rhylee is also a fisherwoman. Her job is to reel in big sea creatures and bring them to shore. However, she is often accused of being a hothead.

When she first joined the Below Deck cast, Gerber said she was not tipped for her first charter. This was a claim she has been trying to deny. In fact, it has been alleged that she was not tipped for several hours.

The show's cast had a hard time getting along with each other. They were frequently fighting and had arguments. It was difficult for them to stay on good terms with each other, which drew the attention of the production team.

As season six ended, the production team took steps to improve the storyline. One of those changes was to introduce a new member of the crew, Rhylee Gerber.

Jessica Albert

Below Deck is a reality television series based on the lives of crew members on a superyacht. It airs on BravoTV. The show follows cabin crews and how they manage to balance work and family life.

Jessica Albert is one of the new cast members of season 9. She's an aspiring actress, a stewardess and a hairstylist. Before she was a below deck aficionado, she worked in different fields, such as arranging flowers for charter guests on the Connecticut waters.

When she was first introduced to the yachting scene in 2017, she decided to follow her passion and give it a go. To that end, she attended a Maritime Professional Training school in Florida.

Jessica started out as a solo stew on a small private yacht. But when she got the opportunity to join a superyacht crew, she didn't know what to expect. As such, she was a bit overwhelmed by the speed at which she had to move and the demands of the job.

She also didn't like the pressure of being in front of cameras. Although her social media accounts are flooded with pictures of her travels, she hasn't posted a lot of information about herself.

Tumi Mhlongo

Tumi Mhlongo is the second stew on Below Deck Down Under. She is a South African born and raised stewardess. Previously, she worked at a photographic agency.

The Below Deck crew is known for their drama. However, they don't get too chummy with guests. Instead, they prefer to avoid any rogue activities on smaller boats. They also try to keep the ship's interior in order.

In addition to serving as a member of the deck team, Tumi is also a talented tablescape artist. She displays her creativity on Instagram. Her flair for design has earned her accolades.

Tumi Mhlongo was born on December 23, 1994. She is 29 years old and weighs 56 kilograms. A native of South Africa, she attended Dainfern College from 2000 to 2012. After graduating, she was a makeup artist freelance in Johannesburg.

Prior to her role as a stewardess on Below Deck, she also worked at 95 Keerom in Cape Town. As a social media marketing executive, she worked for Carne SA from November 2017 to March 2018.

Tumi has a Bachelor's degree in visual communications. While she enjoys yachting, she would like to pursue a career in real estate.

Captain Lee

Below Deck, a reality show on the Bravo network, follows a crew of people who work on luxury yachts. Among the newcomers are deckhands Jake Foulger, Rayna Lindsay and Wes O'Dell, and chief stewardess Heather Chase.

There have been rumors that Below Deck will be canceled after this season due to Captain Lee Rosbach's health issues. However, he has not officially announced his departure, and in fact, he posed with a carousel of photos on Instagram.

One of the most interesting things about Below Deck is that it shows you a side of the boat that you don't see often. For example, it follows the crew on a 197-foot motor yacht named St. David. The aptly named vessel will be used for the Season 10 premiere, which airs Monday, October 25 at 8PM on Bravo.

The show also features the requisite charter guests. In fact, this season is the most demanding to date. Some of the highlights include the aforementioned Great Gatsby dinner, a late night swim, and a cliffhanger.


If you're a fan of Bravo's Below Deck Sailing Yacht, then you probably know the name Gabriela Barra Barra Barra Barragan. She's a yachtie from San Diego, California, who joined the cast of the show. However, she's already left the show after a relatively short stint. Her departure was not because she didn't like her job, but rather because she felt her crew acted inappropriately.

On the flip side, her experience on the show helped her launch a career in the Maritime industry. For this reason, she hopes to inspire other people of color to consider entering the industry.

She's currently dating Wes O'Dell, a Below Deck season nine alum. The two started dating after working together. In fact, Wes is responsible for helping Gabriela get back into yachting. He owns and operates a sailboat named Nightwind II.

Gabriela also took the time to get herself better. At the start of season nine, she was dealing with issues related to her mental health. She felt pressured to do a good job and felt withdrawn from her crewmates. This caused her to make some mistakes.


Below Deck is set to return in season nine. This season will feature new faces and a new captain. The show has been in the news for the controversial N-word usage in season eight.

Below Deck will air on Bravo Mondays at 9 pm ET/PT. The season will start October 25th. Hopefully the crew will be able to make it through without being fired.

Below Deck has been a hit for Bravo. Fans can learn more about the crew and their daily lives from the series. It's a great way to see how life aboard a sailboat is like. And, of course, there will be plenty of drama.

One of the most popular cast members is Wes O'Dell. He was the lead deckhand on the show. But, he is also one of the most private people on the crew.

Wes was originally from Jacksonville, Florida, and lived on the Virgin Islands. In 2020, he opened his own sailboat excursion business. On the social media side of things, he posts photos of his family, friends, and boats.

Below Deck Cast - What Are They Up To?

where are below deck cast now

If you are a fan of the TV show, Below Deck, you might be curious about what the cast of the show is up to these days. Here are a few things you might not know about the cast of the show.

Kelley Johnson

Kelley Johnson is one of the most iconic stars of the Below Deck franchise. Born in Wichita Falls, Texas, he is a former marine who has since left the military and the shipyard industry to pursue a career in photography. He currently captains his own yacht in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Kelley began his love of the sea at a young age. He eventually joined the Marines, where he was an officer for four years. As a Marine, he was involved in high-stakes operations to save Captain Phillips from the Somali pirates.

While serving, he also participated in a small group to escort the pirates to Djibouti. Later, he worked on the same yacht as his sister Amy. After service, he took his love of the sea to the next level.

Kelley starred on Below Deck season 2. But his relationship with Emily Warburton-Adams did not last. They have since split. However, they still keep up with each other on social media.

On below deck, he was also a part of the crew that escorted a pirate to the shores of Djibouti. In addition, he has his own YouTube channel. And while he hasn't had a lot of love in his life, he seems to have found his place in the world.

Brooke Laughton

In season three of Below Deck Mediterranean, Brooke Laughton was second stewardess on the Talisman Maiton superyacht. She worked with chief stew Hannah Ferrier and third stew Kassy Cohen. Although Brooke and Joao Franco had a relationship on the ship, the two broke up before filming of the reunion special.

Since then, Brooke has been engaged to Dutch native Ingmar. They announced their engagement in July 2021 in Italy. Their ring was a beautiful piece that featured an Italian Riviera backdrop.

Before joining Below Deck Med, Brooke spent seven years working as a stewardess on yachts. In addition, she has her own training company. She also runs a yachting website.

Below Deck is a Bravo show that follows the crew of the luxury liner Talisman Maiton as they navigate through the waters of the Mediterranean. It features a lot of young people. This season, the crew will be sailing from Naples to Capri. The ship will encounter hurricane winds and lightning storms.

Brooke Laughton has a net worth of $5 million. Brooke was born in Manchester, England, on July 14, 1991.


Below Deck is a television series on Bravo. This show follows crew members on a sailing yacht. The crew's relationships are complicated, with the chief stew being a primary character. Adam and Jenna MacGillivray were one of the couples that appeared in season two. However, their relationship didn't last.

They both went through a series of romances that ultimately ended. After leaving the ship, Adam and Jenna traveled around the United States. In addition, they also visited Adam's parents in Canada.

During their time on the boat, Adam and Jenna became very close. During their time together, they often kissed in the galley.

However, despite their onscreen romance, Adam and Jenna are not officially dating. Instead, they are still friends. And they are open to the possibility of a future relationship.

Since returning to the series, Adam Glick has changed his look. His new look is a bit spooky, according to fans. He has tattoos and a tattoo-covered face. While he has moved on from his previous relationship, he is still looking for a special someone.

Eddie Lucas

Below Deck star Eddie Lucas has been in the tugboat business for more than ten years. After his stint on Below Deck, he became captain of the Lynne Moran. He also works in the port of Baltimore.

Below Deck fans will remember that he had a close relationship with Captain Lee Rosbach. However, he was not invited to return for season 10.

Then, after a five-year break from the show, he was spotted in Thailand, where he bought a house. Now, he's back in Maryland, where he's still working as a tugboat captain.

While he's not returning to the reality TV series, he's promoting a boating app called Dockwa. He recently shared updates on his life, career and lessons he's learned from Below Deck.

Since then, he's been living with his girlfriend, Natalie. They recently welcomed a puppy, Bert. And they've been doing live Instagram Q&As with the cast.

In October, he announced that he'd become a captain. That's great news for fans! As of January 2022, he officially got his 1600-ton license.


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Below Deck Mediterranean follows a crew of superyacht crew through an eight-week charter season. The show airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. on Bravo and Peacock in the UK.

Before becoming the Chief Stewardess of a superyacht, Natasha Webb was a stewardess on a private charter. She also works for a yacht recruitment agency, Indie-Pearl. However, her work on Below Deck has landed her a spot as one of the season's stars.

Chef Dave White is another cast member on Below Deck Mediterranean. He is a British chef who climbed Mount Everest. In addition to a large tattoo on his chest, he has a sailboat tattoo on his left arm.

Another Below Deck Mediterranean cast member, Courtney Veale, reunited with David Pascoe on a recent episode. They became fast friends on the show. It seems that they are both trying to get out of the spotlight.

Ben Savage is another Below Deck cast member who is back on social media. He has a new Instagram account. He and Kiara Cabral are happy together and he has a dog. Aside from being an actor and a dog owner, he is a fan of motorbikes.


Below Deck Med season seven was a bit of a let down for viewers. While the crew did a good job, the show's cast didn't exactly win over all viewers.

This year's season featured a new captain and a new deck team. However, it still managed to bring the drama. One of the more memorable moments was when a toxic gas mixture spread to several areas of the boat. Fortunately, it was not the end of the world.

Malia White was introduced to fans of the Bravo show Below Deck Mediterranean in season two. Her first role on the show was as a green deckhand. She eventually rose to the rank of Bosun. In season six, she revealed a growing romance with Jake Baker.

The show filmed her on a charter in the Bahamas. When the season ended, Malia took a break from yachting to spend time with her boyfriend, Jake Baker.

Malia has been on several boats, including a yacht in Hawaii and a dive boat in Toulon, France. She also has a 200-ton captain's license.


Paget Berry is a reality television star. He is best known for his role as First Mate on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Before being cast on the show, he had spent three years exploring the Mediterranean.

Berry was born in England. He has been sailing since age 13, and he has worked on a variety of boats. In addition to his work on the Below Deck Sailing Yacht, he has been on a 27-meter sailboat in Spain and a yacht in the Mediterranean.

He has also been a cast member on two seasons of Below Deck Mediterranean. One of the shows featured a love triangle between Adam Glick and Malia White. The third cast member, Georgia Grobler, flirted with Paget Berry.

Ciara Duggan and Paget Berry were a couple on the show. They had been dating for four years before appearing on the show. After the season, they got engaged. It was announced on Instagram.

Paget Berry has been a crew member on numerous boats, including a 27-meter sailboat in Spain, a yacht in the Mediterranean, and a boat in France. He has been in several relationships and has been engaged to Johana Mills.

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