Real Housewives of New Jersey Trailer

Real Housewives of New Jersey Trailer



The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion is just around the corner. Those who haven't seen the show before will get to catch up on some of the biggest revelations of the season. Among the cast, Dolores Del Rio talks about the latest vagina surgery she's undergone, Jennifer Beals fights to protect her family from being exposed to a new secret, and Joe Gorga storms off the set.

Dolores discusses her new vagina surgery

Dolores McDorman is a loyal friend, but she's also got a few tricks up her sleeve. The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion will feature a couple of new faces, including Jackie Goldschneider, a housewife from Tenafly, New Jersey. And, in the upcoming season, she's got her eye on the big prize: Margaret Josephs. But, it looks like her luck may run out sooner than she'd like.

Among her many talents, Dolores has a knack for making the right dress choices. She wore a gold gown with a touch of Old Hollywood glam. Plus, she paired it with a pair of Christian Louboutin heels.

But, it wasn't the most expensive item in her bag. Dolores actually went to Laura's Boutique in Carmel Hamlet, New York to get a dress. In the end, she found one for $195.

On the show, she said she had a "super crash diet" before the taping. For the most part, she is still living with Frank, her ex-husband, and they are co-parenting.

On the show, she also revealed she had a thigh lift. Apparently, that's something you don't do every day. It took nine hours of surgery.

In fact, she isn't the only one to have a new vagina. Wendy Williams also had one. So, which was the fanciest one?

Dolores and Frank have been co-parenting for years, and the couple have lost faith in their financial future. Now they're going to try to flip some houses. They've both lost confidence in themselves, so it's no surprise that the reunion consists of a lot of petty bickering.

One of the more impressive things about the reunion is that it's not all about Melissa and Teresa. Several of the new cast members have shown up, and Dolores has been in town since February.

Dolores spills on what it was like for ex-husband to take care of David during quarantine after his surgery

Dolores Catania is a housewife in Port Charles, New Jersey. She lives with her son Frank, Jr. in his home and is also a member of the Dawn of Day cult. In addition, she is also a blogger and has recently been posting updates on her Instagram Stories.

Dolores Catania is a former girlfriend of Lila Quartermaine. Initially, she was engaged to Rico Chacone. However, Rico was killed by Edna Quartermaine in 1990. Afterwards, she married Tony Jones. And a few years later, she returned to Port Charles with her son, Luke Spencer.

Before returning to Port Charles, she had a relationship with Laura Spencer. Later, she became a socialite and was engaged to Dr. Steve Hardy. Her daughter, Liz, was a friend of Lila Quartermaine.

The Cassadine family is one of the most important families in Port Charles. Helena Cassadine was the rich widow of Mikkos Cassadine. And, she was the grandmother of Nikolas, Stavros, and Irina. Also, her sister is Adara, and her brother is Anthony.

The McCall family is a group of mobster and criminals. Sam McCall was a con artist and mobster who was adopted by Dr. John McCall. He was the chief of neurosurgery at General Hospital.

David Henry "Hank" Archer was a psychiatrist at General Hospital and the leader of the Dawn of Day cult. His sons Jeff Webber and Joe Kelly were members of the cult as well.

Peter Harrell was a detective at the Port Charles Police Department. Previously, he was a guest on Sam McCall's television show Everyday Heroes. But, he was later found to have escaped from Steinmauer prison.

There are other prominent characters in Port Charles. The infamous Anthony Zacchara is a gangster who is responsible for the Metro Court Hotel hostage crisis in 2007. Another mercenary is a convicted murderer, who has two sisters. Moreover, the son of the mob boss Victor Jerome, Evan Jerome, is a child.

Joe Gorga storms off the set

If you're a fan of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, you're probably well aware of the feud between Teresa Giudice and her ex-husband Joe Gorga. For years, they have had a beef, and it didn't look like it was going to end any time soon. But Teresa's new fiance Luis Ruelas finally broke the ice, and it seems the two are headed in the right direction.

A preview of the upcoming three-part reunion has arrived, and based on the trailer, it's pretty clear that the show is going to be a blast. The cast is set to have a big reunion, and several of the big hitters are coming back to their former stomping grounds.

There's plenty of drama, and a lot of smacktalk to go around, and the three-part reunion isn't the only thing to come out of the show. Teresa and her sister-in-law Melissa are at odds over their relationship, and Teresa refused to be a bridesmaid in Luis' wedding.

Andy Cohen hosts the reunion, and he does a good job of steering the show in the right direction. The three-part reunion will air May 3, 10, and 17. Bravo has released a teaser of the three-part reunion, and fans can expect to see all the action.

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" will also be available on the Bravo app and Peacock, so fans will have no trouble watching the show. It airs Tuesdays at 8/7c. You can also watch all the latest episodes at bravo.com/rhonj. And, if you're really excited about the show, you can even buy season tickets!

Although there's no official word on who's going to be featured in the three-part reunion, we're expecting to see some familiar faces, including Joe Benigno, Luis Ruelas, and his sister-in-law Teresa Giudice.

Marge's oversharing nature causes shifts within the group

The aforementioned "Real Housewives of New Jersey" reunion is upon us. For those of you who haven't seen the show, it focuses on a group of women who live together in Jersey City. Among the stars of the show are Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, Jackie Goldschneider, and Dolores Catania.

As the name suggests, the show has been largely centered around Teresa. However, when Teresa was released from prison, the series was re-tooled to focus on the other cast members. It seems like each member is making their mark, from the brash to the docile. And that's okay. In fact, the group is quite likable, even though they don't always agree on the same things.

The "Real Housewives of New Jersey" has had its ups and downs, from the scandals and drama of Season 3 to the narcissism of Season 4. But, despite the bumps and bruises, it still remains a show that combines the best of TV with the good old fashioned fun.

While it's not a secret that Teresa is the show's central character, the cast does have their fair share of mishaps. Last season, Jackie threw something at another cast member. On top of that, Antonia is recovering from an ACL injury. Sadly, it looks like the real story is behind the curtain, with only a handful of cast members on the reunion couch.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey has a knack for teasing the viewers with the most entertaining and ridiculously un-scripted drama. That's not to say the cast is all good friends, as it was revealed in the trailer that the group had a few issues with chemistry.

Jennifer fights to protect her family after family secrets are revealed

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 12 reunion begins tonight at 8pm EST on Bravo. There's plenty of drama to be expected and the season is expected to be very intense. However, there are some lighter moments as well.

In this episode, Joe Gorga and Teresa Giudice are caught in a feud over Teresa's fiance. Jennifer Aydin is also involved in a major storyline on the new season. She comes under fire with the ladies for helping her brother Michael arrange his marriage in Turkey.

Meanwhile, Traci Barber has her own issues with her marriage. She's forced to revisit past accusations regarding her marriage. Jackie Goldschneider and Melissa Gorga are also in the mix.

Andy Cohen will be hosting the reunion. He is a former football player, so he's expected to be hot-tempered. But he also grunts in frustration when women aren't willing to stop talking over one another.

While most of the cast members are expected to be arguing, it's likely that Teresa will be at the center of the most heated moments. Teresa will have to choose between her family and her friendships.

Other potential fights include Jackie's daughter Dolores and Bill Aydin. And while Joe is a house husband, he's also a potential target.

Another woman on the show, Danielle Staub, will be in the mix. After her divorce from Marty Caffrey, she decided to return for a season. However, Us magazine has reported that her wedding to Marty was taped for the reality show.

This season of the show is produced by Sirens Media. Executive producers are Jordana Hochman, Eric Fuller and Lauren Volonakis.

Teresa and Margaret Josephs will be on the reunion, along with Jackie Goldschneider and Melissa Gorga. Margaret's oversharing nature is a factor in shifting the group.


The Real Housewives of New Jersey - The Lady Drama Mamas

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is a show that has been a favorite for fans. There are a lot of different characters, and they all have their own unique storylines. They are also great to watch as they interact with each other, and the cameras will show you the details of their lives. Some of the most popular characters on the show are Marge Josephs, Teresa Giudice, and Jackie Goldschneider. All of them are interesting and fun to watch, and their friendships and drama will make you want to see more of them.

Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice has been on the Real Housewives of New Jersey since season one. She has been a staple of the show and a fan favorite for years. Her life has had its ups and downs and she's had a lot of drama.

In December, Teresa announced that she and her husband Joe are divorced. They have four daughters. The two have not been seen together for more than a year. This comes after they had a heated argument during their season 12 reunion.

On last week's episode, Teresa and Melissa Gorga argued over an upcoming wedding. When Melissa tried to defend her, she was caught between Teresa and her family. It didn't take long for the conflict to escalate and almost everyone had to leave.

After a heated exchange, Teresa had to clear the table. But she didn't make the best apology.

Teresa and Joe have been at odds for years. They have legal issues, and their brother Joe was deported to Italy. That's a storyline that's still ongoing.

Teresa's husband Joe was also convicted of fraud in October of 2014. His conviction was based on false income statements that he submitted to obtain a mortgage. He served 41 months in prison for the crime.

Since then, Teresa and her family have had a difficult time. As a result, she has become a popular gossip topic. Fans often approach her for comments. One of these days, she might have to change her lifestyle.

For now, she is the star of the show. However, her relationship with her daughter and sister-in-law isn't so great. Some fans aren't happy with her behavior.

She has apologized to both Margaret and Jennifer. And she's also considering moving to California. She's even a yogi. Not only that, she has friends in Malibu.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is returning for a new season in February. There's been a lot of drama between the ladies this season, and the fallout will likely last for the entire season.

Marge Josephs

If you're a fan of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, you've probably heard about Margaret Josephs. She's a character on the show who has been making waves for months. Recently, Margaret revealed her relationship with other members of her inner circle. This includes her mother, Marge Sr., who has been causing trouble for her daughter.

Before Margaret joined the cast of "RHONJ," she was a fashion designer in the Garment District. After getting married in 2013, she moved to Tenafly, New Jersey, with her husband, Super Joe. In 1996, she gave birth to their son.

Margaret joined the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey during Season 8 and was a big star. She is known for her pigtails and her sharp tongue. Despite her wacky personality, she never loses her sense of style.

The show has continued to attract viewers due to its colorful personalities and off-screen scandals. This season, Margaret has been at odds with fellow Housewives, including Teresa Giudice.

She's also been at war with Danielle Staub. As of early July, Margaret has been on an escalating feud with the "Mean Girls" of the Bravo series.

Aside from her ongoing feud with Teresa, Margaret has also been a hot topic of conversation. According to E! News, Margaret has been making some choice words to Teresa. They have both been involved in a heated exchange over a line-dancing party. However, it seems that there's more to the story.

For a while now, it looks like Teresa and Margaret are setting up a major fallout. It's unclear if this is just a one-off episode or if it'll last all season. What is clear is that they're setting the stage for the biggest showdown of the season.

Although it's been a year since Margaret has been on the show, she's still one of the "Mean Girls" of the season. She's also a big believer in girl power.

As you can see, Margaret has had to work hard to get where she is. She's been given an opportunity by the ladies of "RHONJ" to come out of her shell.

Jennifer Aydin

The Real Housewives of New Jersey have been getting into a tizzy lately. Fans have been wondering what the ladies are up to, and they aren't all what they seem. This season, the cast has made some definite changes. For example, Jennifer Aydin is no longer the wild card that she was in season 11.

She's been dealing with a lot. In addition to her personal life, she has a full time job and children. However, she's recently revealed she's been dealing with some family issues. Her brother has been visiting her and they've been talking about their relationship.

It seems like Jennifer is feeling a bit out of place in her group. On the March 15 episode of RHONJ, she threw a drink at Joe Gorga, and she hasn't apologised for her behavior.

While she has been working on her relationship with her mother, she's been a bit of an outlier. That's why she's the target of backlash. And with the latest episode of RHONJ, the cast is acknowledging that drama has been going on for months.

There's a new person on the team, and it's a big one. Jennifer Guterman-Fessler, who goes by "Jenn", is the CEO of a high-end fashion brand called F.Major. Not only does Jenn wear a high-end fashion line, but she also has a history with some of the cast members.

One of the first people Jen met was her husband, Bill. They had a long first date, but they've been trying to work through some issues since then. Now, the couple has a child together, and Jennifer wants to help her husband find a new career.

But if Jenn does indeed end up finding someone new, she may face some challenges. After all, Jackie Goldschneider's husband Evan isn't a fan of her behavior. He's also a little bit suspicious of her.

If you're interested in watching the latest episodes of RHONJ, you can watch them on Peacock or Peacock Plus. You can also use the Bravo app to catch up on the show.

Jackie Goldschneider

When the new season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey premieres next week, Jackie Goldschneider will be back as a cast member, but not a full-time Housewife. She will instead play the role of a friend to the main cast. In an interview with PEOPLE, she explained how her role will play out in upcoming episodes.

The series, which airs Tuesday nights on Bravo, follows the lives of women in New Jersey. It focuses on the professional and personal lives of the cast, including Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, Amber Marchese, and Rachel Fuda.

As a writer, Goldschneider has published articles on parenting. Prior to joining RHONJ, she was an attorney. And, of course, she has two sets of twins to take care of, one of whom is Adin and another of whom is Hudson.

Currently, she works as a freelance writer and a mother of twins. But she still spends time with her family. She worries about the current social conditions and trends. She hopes to raise her children to be strong and self-sufficient.

This year's Real Housewives of New Jersey season has already had an epic brawl between Dolores Catania and Jackie Goldschneider, and it looks like this confrontation could be the nastiest of all. With so much drama, this is expected to last for the entire season.

Last week's episode was filled with a lot of fallout. After Teresa Giudice accused Jackie of cheating, the cast members got into a heated argument. During the conflict, the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star used Teresa's daughter, Gia, as a pawn.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently filming its thirteenth season. A brand-new cast member will also join the show, as Jennifer Fessler will appear as a friend to Josephs.

There will be a lot of drama this season, with a lot of tense moments between Margaret Josephs and Danielle Staub. And, of course, Teresa Giudice is in the middle of it all. That means the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 13 is destined to be a blast.

Addiction in the Family

Addiction in the family is a complex issue with unique challenges. Children of addicts may have no one to turn to for help, and parents may worry about the child's safety and well-being. They may feel responsible for the child's behavior, or wonder what went wrong. As a result, some parents take on a too-direct role, creating an unhealthy and overly-dependent relationship. They may also support their child financially in the hopes that the child will turn out okay.

An intervention may be performed by a spouse, a trusted friend, or a small group of people. It can also be done by a professional interventionist. The purpose of an intervention is to get the addicted person to accept that he or she has a problem and enter treatment. It is not a quick fix.

Siblings of addicts experience many of the same challenges. Their parents are consumed with the addiction issue, and attention from other children is often drawn to the addict. While some siblings choose not to follow in the addiction path, many use drugs or alcohol to escape their pain and draw attention to themselves. In addition, the family may also be financially impacted, because the addict is unable to work, which can make the family unstable.

Family counseling can be beneficial for the addict and the family. The process of therapy helps the addict and family members explore the effects of addiction, as well as to recognize the roles they took on to cope with the situation. It also helps the addict recognize that there are many areas in which they have control over their lives.

Where to Get Jazzy Pass in New Orleans

where to get jazzy pass

Jazzy passes are good for unlimited trips on RTA buses & streetcars, starting with the first use. They are non-transferrable.

You can buy them online, at the RTA office on Canal Street or at ticket vending machines. They also work with the Le Pass app.


There are several ways to get around New Orleans, but one of the most fun and affordable is riding our public transit system. The quickest and most convenient way to pay is with a Jazzy Pass, which can be purchased online at the RTA Store or at select retail locations. You can also buy one at the RTA Office on Canal Street or from streetcar drivers, ticket machines and Walgreens drugstores.

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The RTA is also a leader in the smart phone technology field with its mobile transit app, GoMobile. The mobile app is available for Android and iPhone, and offers a variety of features to make transit a breeze. It includes a map of the city, real-time bus and streetcar schedules, bus arrival times, a trip planner and a calendar of events.

The RTA has other smart-phone compatible features including a digital clock, an online trip planner, mobile tickets and a slew of apps and games. The most notable of these is a real-time map of all our routes and schedules, which helps you find the best time to catch a bus or streetcar.


A streetcar is a romantic way to get around New Orleans, and you can find them on four distinct lines that run throughout the city. They're a great way to see many of the city's sights, including Cafe du Monde and Frenchmen Street.

One-way fares on a streetcar are $1.25 with exact change, and Jazzy Passes are available for a single, three, or 31-day unlimited ride. These passes are also good on buses, and you can buy them at Walgreens drugstores, streetcar conductors, bus drivers, and ticket vending machines along Canal Street.

There are four streetcar lines that travel across the city: downtown to the Marigny/Bywater; to St. Charles Avenue through the Garden District; and to the riverfront.

The most well-known of the four is the St. Charles Streetcar, which rumbles its way through a tunnel of live oaks, passing antebellum mansions and sweeping by Tulane and Loyola Universities, as well as the famous Audubon Park and Zoo. The line also snakes through the fabled Garden District, with a few stops at Lafayette Cemetery #1 and Magazine Street.

Another popular streetcar route is the Rampart/St. Claude line, which rattles its way through the culturally rich Marigny/Bywater neighborhood. This is where you'll find a wide variety of restaurants, clubs, and galleries.

If you want to see a lot of the city in a short amount of time, consider taking the Riverfront Streetcar. This is a great way to visit the Mississippi River, as well as the French Quarter, Frenchmen Street, and Café du Monde.

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If you’re staying in the French Quarter or Algiers Point area, a ferry is a great way to get across the Mississippi River to Chalmette or Algiers without having to drive. You can board the boat right at the foot of Canal Street, next to the Aquarium of the Americas. It costs $2 cash (have your payment ready when boarding), or you can use the free RTA Le Pass app to pay for your ride instantly on your phone.

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Jazzy passes are the easiest and most economical way to travel throughout New Orleans. A one-way Jazzy pass costs $3 and a 31-day Jazzy pass is $55.

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who is zaytoven signed to

Who is Zaytoven Signed to?

Atlanta-based music producer Xavier Lamar Dotson, who goes by the name Zaytoven, has signed to Motown Records. The label will release new music by the super producer in partnership with his own label Familiar Territory Records.

The 43-year-old has worked with Gucci Mane, Future and Migos among others, while also releasing solo recordings such as 2023’s Only One. He’s also teamed up with Christian rappers Lecrae and Deitrick Haddon.

Motown Records

The legendary record label Motown Records has signed up producer Zaytoven, making him the latest in a long line of artists who have gotten their start on this iconic label. The Atlanta native will work with the company under Familiar Territory Records, his own label.

The label began with Berry Gordy, a former boxer and automobile worker who had a penchant for jazz music. He paired with Smokey Robinson, a young songwriter ten years his senior, and together they established a musical empire that produced some of the greatest R&B/soul songs ever recorded.

In 1960, Motown launched with Barrett Strong's "Money (That's What I Want)" and "Shop Around" by The Miracles, which was the first Motown record to hit the top of the charts. Over the next two years, Gordy built a roster of top-notch acts and developed newcomers such as Mary Wells.

Several of these groups would go on to score hits for Motown, including Martha and the Vandellas, the Marvelettes, and The Temptations. In addition to its primary label, Motown, the company also operated subsidiary labels such as Tamla and V.I.P.

While many of these labels featured different writers and producers, the vast majority of Motown's artists remained on the main label during their careers with the label. Those who went to another label were often shuffled between them for internal marketing reasons.

As the years passed, the quality of Motown's output deteriorated and it lost much of its popularity. Holland-Dozier-Holland left the company over royalty payment disputes in 1967, and Norman Whitfield took over as Motown's chief producer. He turned out some of the label's best hits, including "I Want You Back" and "Gotta Have You Everywhere," for The Temptations.

Although the label's music production declined, its recording studios still made a huge impact on the industry. The label's success was due to Gordy's stringent quality control measures, and the number of hit singles that he released exceeded any other company in history.

By the 1980s, Motown had become a part of Universal Music Group. The label relocated its headquarters to New York City and then to Los Angeles. Its most popular artists in the 1980s included Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson and Lionel Ritchie. In 2014, UMG announced that it was dissolving its Island Def Jam Music Group, which incorporated Motown.


Hailing from Broward County, Florida, GhostLuvMe is one of the most promising upcoming rappers in the “soundcloud era” and he has already amassed over 15 million streams on Spotify alone as an independent artist. He has worked with some of the biggest producers in the industry including Zaytoven (Travis Scott, Lil Wayne) and Scott Storch (Jack Harlow, Megan Thee Stallion, Trippie Redd).

Born in Philadelphia and raised in Broward County, GhostLuvMe’s music is a cathartic vessel for healing and reflection. In addition to fusing a genre-bending sound of hip hop, rap and pop, he also takes a more melodic approach to his songwriting.

His lyrical skills are impressive, with poignant wordplay and unpredictable timbres being hallmarks of his musical style. He has released projects that defy the norms of traditional rap and hip-hop music, delivering songs that are completely unique to his genre.

He has a knack for combining trap and metal, and his recent album N/O/I/S/E was highly anticipated due to its heavy influence from industrial metal. The album features production from Scott Storch, Ronny J, Paqboygrazi, Statik Selekta and many more.

The release of the new album has been well received by fans. He has also released a music video for the track “Vampira”, which was shot by LOUIEKNOWS.

Having worked with a number of different producers over the past two years, GhostLuvMe is now ready to step out onto the big stage and show everyone what he can do. He has teamed up with some of the biggest names in the industry to ensure that his debut album will have a huge impact on the scene and the acclaim will only grow as he releases more of his music.

As he is constantly evolving his musical style, he has a lot to look forward to over the next year. Currently in the studio working on new music with several US hip-hop A-listers yet to be revealed, as well as readying the much-anticipated official release of a collab with Lil Uzi Vert, GhostLuvMe is sure to make a significant impact on the music scene in the near future.

Ultra International Music Publishing

Ultra International Music Publishing, the publishing house founded by Patrick Moxey, has announced that they have signed Atlanta-based songwriter & producer Zaytoven. The deal will see UIMP fully acquire Zaytoven’s remaining co-published interest in his existing catalog, alongside the writer’s share of the 560 songs he has written from 2005 through 2022, including Migos’ “Versace,” Travis Scott’s “3500,” DJ Esco ft Future & Lil Uzi Vert’s “Too Much Sauce,” Future ft. Drake’s “Used To This,” 21 Savage’s “Famous,” Lil Wayne’s “Problems” and many more, according to Record Of The Day.

In addition to writing and producing songs, Zaytoven has also collaborated with artists such as Gucci Mane, Usher, Young Dolph, Lil Yachty, Jack Harlow, and others. His collaboration with Usher earned him a Grammy Award in 2011 for his work on the singer’s album Raymond v. Raymond, and he has also collaborated with Future and Gucci Mane over the years.

Since launching his own label with music executive Big Trill, Zaytoven has been looking for new talent to add to their roster and he’s found it with TuneCore. He’s been tasked with heading up their artist ambassador program for hip-hop and rap, scouting rising talents in the genre on behalf of the distribution service.

The agreement comes just weeks after Zaytoven launched his own record label called ZTP. He’s already recruited Migos’ Quavo, Travis Scott’s Big Boi, and more.

As part of the deal, Zaytoven will work with UIMP in LA, Atlanta, and London. He will also be able to use the company’s international wingspan to develop new music in different territories.

UIMP is the largest independent publishing house in the world, representing artists, songwriters and producers from all over the globe. Its editorial staff includes some of the industry’s best writers and producers and it has a global network of studios in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

In a statement on the signing, UIMP CEO and co-founder Patrick Moxey said: ‘We are thrilled to welcome Zaytoven into our family of authors. We look forward to continuing their collaborations with our team in Los Angeles, Atlanta and London. The two companies will work together to advance their mutual creative visions and build their long-term relationship in music.


A major player in the world of digital music distribution, TuneCore has been around for fifteen years and caters to independent musicians who want to reach audiences through streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer.

The company is known for its incredibly fast turnaround time, which has enabled it to become one of the most popular music distributors in the industry. Despite its impressive speed, it is important to note that each of the platforms it works with has its own deadlines.

As a result, it can take a few days to get your music published on each platform. This is not a bad thing in and of itself, but it may be time-consuming for artists who are looking for speedy service.

Unlike other major distribution services, TuneCore offers analytics to help artists understand how their music is being received by audiences. Their daily, weekly, and monthly trend reports provide a great deal of information, and they are helpful in determining how to best target your audience.

Another great feature of their platform is the ability to send a link to fans that allows them to download your music before it is officially released. However, unless you have a huge fanbase or have been in the music industry for some time, this feature isn't necessary for most artists.

In addition to the analytics that are available through their platform, TuneCore also has a music marketing team that will work with you to promote your music. From website creation to social media promotion, the team can help you achieve your goals.

The TuneCore team has over 25 years of experience in the industry, and they know the ins and outs of music distribution from top to bottom. This means that they can help you navigate the many pitfalls of the business and make the most of your efforts to break through.

As an artist, it is very important to choose a music distributor that understands your needs and can deliver results for your career. With so many options out there, it can be confusing to decide which company is best for your needs.

Zaytoven Signed to Motown Records

Xavier Lamar Dotson aka Zaytoven is a German-born, Atlanta-based rap producer who has become a staple in the music scene. The super-producer has collaborated with some of the biggest names in rap, including Gucci Mane, Jack Harlow, Usher and more.

The Grammy-winning artist has signed a deal with Motown Records. The label will release new music from him soon.


The Atlanta-based super producer Zaytoven is signed to Motown Records. This is a huge deal for Motown as the label has already collaborated with some of the biggest names in hip-hop, including Gucci Mane, Future and Migos.

The Grammy-winning beatmaker recently signed a partnership deal with the label, in partnership with his own Familiar Territory Records. "We're extremely excited to have signed such a talented, innovative artist," Ethiopia Habtemariam, President of Motown Records, said in a statement.

Known as the master of his craft, Zaytoven is a veteran music producer who has worked with an array of artists from all over the globe. He's produced a number of hits, including a song for Drake and a collaboration with Lil Uzi Vert called "Strong."

After being primarily known as a church musician, the artist has found his niche in trap music. His production style is informed by his experience with pianos and organs. This is reflected in his work with artists such as Lil Uzi Vert on their song "Strong."

He has also helped to shape the careers of artists such as OJ Da Juiceman, Yung LA, Lil Scrappy and Jagged Edge, among others. He has released several collaborative projects, including Gucci Mane's Beast Mode and BEASTMODE 2.

While he's best known for producing hits with Migos and Future, Zaytoven has also crafted songs with artists such as B.o.B and Jack Harlow. He's also collaborated with Christian rapper Lecrae on his album Let the Trap Say Amen and with gospel singer Deitrick Haddon on a Christmas EP, Greatest Gift.

Since his early years, he's been a strong and passionate believer in God's plan for him. He was raised in a military family and started his musical journey by learning the piano at his father's church. After moving to the city, he eventually discovered his passion for rap music and began producing for other artists, eventually working with Migos and Gucci Mane.

His signature style has seen him produce several projects, including the acclaimed Beast Mode series with Future, and his first solo album. His 2018 debut album, Trapholizay, was well received and entered the Billboard Top 100.

The 12-track album was released on May 25, 2018. It features contributions from Quavo, Future, Pusha T, T.I., Gucci Mane, Lil Uzi Vert, Offset, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Ty Dolla $ign, Young Scooter and Kodak Black.

Despite the fact that Trapholizay is a bit heavier than some of his previous projects, Zaytoven still manages to stay on point with his usual style. His beats are a fusion of hard-hitting, aggressive, and ominous.

He's a master at mixing ominous percussion with melodic chords and heavy bass. On this track, he adds a subtle touch of synth-piano to give Lil Uzi Vert's vocals an added dimension.

In addition to his own albums, Zaytoven has also released a variety of mixtapes, including Streetz Got No Heart and Loverz n Friendz. He's also collaborated with Bun B, Peewee Longway and Trouble on a number of projects.


where is zaytoven originally from

Xavier Lamar Dotson, better known by his stage name Zaytoven, is a record producer and DJ from Atlanta. He is a Grammy Award-winning artist and has worked with rappers such as Usher, Future, Gucci Mane and Lil Uzi Vert.

As a young kid, he was introduced to rap music by a friend. He started producing beats for local rappers while he was in high school.

Xavier Lamar Dotson

Zaytoven is a popular American record producer and DJ. He is known for his work on songs with artists such as Usher, Gucci Mane, and Future. He is also a rapper and has released numerous songs in his career.

Zaytoven was born in Frankfurt, Germany and moved to the United States when he was young. He is currently living in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife Stephanie Dotson and two children.

When he was young, he was interested in music and started learning to play different instruments. He began playing the piano and organ in church, but he eventually switched to producing music. He grew up to be one of the most well-known producers in the world.

Xavier Lamar Dotson, or better known by his stage name Zaytoven was born on January 12, 1980, in Frankfurt, Germany. He is a renowned record producer who has worked with many famous rappers such as Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, and Lecrae.

He started out by making beats at JT the Bigga Figga’s studio in Atlanta, Georgia before he got his first break. He also produced music for a number of local rappers, including Messy Marv and E-40.

After high school, he decided to pursue his music career. He took courses in music production, and also played the keyboard during halftime at his high school football games.

In 2005, he collaborated with Gucci Mane and their single “Icy” went viral. The song became a hit and gave him the exposure he needed to become a prominent producer.

His success gave him the opportunity to sign with 1017 Brick Squad, where he became their in-house producer. He soon began working with several artists, including Usher, Gucci Mane, and Lil Uzi Vert.

He also won a Grammy Award in 2011 for his contribution to the hit song “Papers” on Usher’s Raymond v. Raymond album.

When he isn’t creating music, Zaytoven enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He and his wife have been married for over a decade and they are still going strong.

As a husband and father, he is very dedicated to his family and their happiness. He is a big inspiration to his wife and children, and they are always ready to support him no matter what he does.

San Francisco

Xavier Lamar Dotson, better known as Zaytoven, is an American rapper, producer and keyboardist who is best known for his work in the hip-hop genre. He has collaborated with several prominent artists such as Gucci Mane and Future. He is also a talented actor and has appeared in several independent films such as All Mine, Weed Man, Confessions of a Thug, Birds of a Feather, and Finesse the Movie.

During his childhood, he lived in Germany and grew up with a love for music. He started playing drums when he was eight years old, and eventually began to learn the piano. He also played in a church band.

The family relocated to San Francisco, California, when he was young and he began to focus on his musical career. He became interested in hip-hop after hearing the songs of rap stars like Kanye West and Jay-Z.

His father was a preacher and his mother a choir director, so it is no surprise that the church played an important role in his life. He learned to play the drums and the piano while accompanying his mother in the church.

In addition to a music career, he is also an actor and has starred in several films such as All Mine, Weed Men, Confessions of a Thug, and Birds of a Feather. He has also produced many successful mixtapes and has been featured in several songs.

While he was young, he met a rapper called Gucci Mane, who took him under his wing and taught him the ins and outs of producing. He also helped him to understand the importance of consistency.

Since then, he has made it big with trap music and has helped many rap stars. He has even won a Grammy for his collaboration with Usher on the album Raymond vs. He has worked with other renowned artists such as OJ Da Juiceman and Migos.

His beats are characterized by his unique style of mixing vintage keyboards with modern production software. These beats are known for their unique melodies and layered vocals.

Despite his success, he is still very humble and does not brag about himself. He keeps all his awards and memorabilia in a small basement studio, which he plans to revamp into a music studio for aspiring musicians.


Born in Frankfurt, Germany, to an Army father and a mother who was a former dance teacher, Zaytoven spent most of his youth moving around, visiting Columbus, Georgia; Grenada, Mississippi; Jackson, Mississippi; and San Diego, California. Though he lost some friends along the way, his parents' move and change of scenery helped build his resilience.

Throughout his childhood, he attended church and began learning to play the piano. He also started playing drums. Eventually, he began producing music for local rappers. This earned him a reputation as a talented and hard-working artist.

One of his neighboring producers, JT the Bigga Figga, liked what he heard and invited him to his studio. There, Zaytoven learned to use his skills as a producer while creating beats. After a while, Zaytoven began selling his solo created beats to rap artists like Messy Marv and E-40.

After graduating from Galileo Academy, Zaytoven continued to produce for rappers in Atlanta. He worked in other people's studios, but he always dreamed of having his own place to create his music.

For Zaytoven, that dream became a reality when he moved back to Atlanta with his family. He now lives in a house with his mother and father, his siblings, and their kids.

The house is a little less than a mile from the Life Abundantly Church, where Zaytoven has been serving as a pastor since 2008. Every Sunday, the 38-year-old, non-smoking, teetotal church goer walks through the door wearing his favorite sneakers and blue jeans.

In the basement of the house, a room he's made into his own, he works on a few beats. He'll do this every day, even if he's going to choir practice or to watch an episode of Wild 'N Out at the local cinema.

He'll also go to church on Sundays, where he plays in the band. During the worship services, he'll sing a couple of songs and a few sermons, and when he gets bored, he'll play some guitar or bass.

But most of the time, he's in the studio. He's the guy who produced Gucci Mane's 2009 trap anthem Bricks, a punchy collision of Roland TR-808 drums, canned organs and Gucci's vision of his supply dancing in his head. He's the guy who has collaborated with Migos, Future, Waka Flocka Flame and Lil Uzi Vert.

Gucci Mane

Zaytoven grew up in a military family, living all over the world before settling in San Francisco. He mastered the piano and organ at a young age, eventually moving to Atlanta where he started his career in the music industry.

He has collaborated with many famous rappers including OJ Da Juiceman, Yung LA, OG Mack Drama and Jagged Edge. He has a flair for cultivating raw talent and is able to identify and develop new artists.

Born Radric Davis on February 12, 1980, Gucci Mane moved to Atlanta with his mother and older brother at the age of 4. He began rapping in his early teens and soon gained recognition in the local scene. He signed with Big Cat Records in 2005 and released his first studio album Trap House that same year.

It was during this time that he started working with Zaytoven. The two quickly became friends and forged a productive relationship. Their first single, "Icy," was a major international hit.

They soon teamed up for multiple albums. During the course of their collaboration, they earned a huge following. However, in 2005, Gucci Mane got into a fight with his then-collaborator, Young Jeezy, which led to him being arrested for attempted murder.

In 2006, the lyricist was sentenced to one year in prison. The incident was a turning point in his career and helped to steer him in a more positive direction. During this period, he released several mixtapes and worked on his latest album, Woptober II.

The music produced by Zaytoven has become a staple in the modern genre of trap. The beats are layered with ominous organ chords and synth melodies. The resulting sound is a dark, cinematic type of beat that is still highly popular today.

When he isn't busy making beats for his most famous rap artists, he teaches others how to craft their own music. He has penned a book titled A to Zay which is designed to guide aspiring producers on how to make it in the rap industry.

He is also a film maker and has directed a number of movies. He has won a number of awards for his works.

where is zaytoven the producer from

Zaytoven the Producer

Xavier Lamar Dotson, better known as Zaytoven, is one of the prime beat-makers in hip-hop today. He has worked with Migos, Gucci Mane, OJ da Juiceman, and Usher on a plethora of hit tracks.

He is also a rapper who has starred in and scored his own films. We sat down with him to talk about his journey.

Born Xavier Lamar Dotson

Born Xavier Lamar Dotson on January 12, 1980 in Frankfurt, Germany, Zaytoven grew up in a Christian family. His father was a pastor and his mother was a choir director. He was exposed to music from a young age, as his parents wanted him to learn the piano.

Zaytoven moved to Atlanta in the late 1990s, where he began producing beats and instrumentals for local hip hop and rap artists. He made his first record with Gucci Mane, and later worked with Migos and Future.

In 2011, he won his first Grammy for his work on Usher's Raymond v. Raymond, and he continued to release collaborations and mixtapes at a steady rate.

The rappers he produced for, such as Gucci Mane, Migos, and Future, helped popularize trap music, which was becoming increasingly popular at the time. He also collaborated with a number of Christian artists, including Lecrae and Deitrick Haddon.

Despite his frequent relocations, Zaytoven managed to stay rooted and grounded in his faith. He prayed every night before going to bed and read his Bible everyday.

He had a strong desire to become a musician. He grew up in a church, where he had a chance to play the organ, drums and the piano. He also started playing guitar and singing.

His passion for music grew throughout his childhood, and by high school, he was already producing tracks. He was very close to his high school friend JT, who was a very talented songwriter and producer.

He eventually opened his own studio, and he soon became very well-known in the Atlanta music scene. His work with Gucci Mane and Migos earned him a huge reputation in the rap world. He now produces songs for many artists and he has a good net worth.

Raised in San Francisco

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Zaytoven the producer is a San Francisco native and grew up in the city. His parents were both immigrants from Germany, and he attended school in the city. He has a strong connection to the Bay Area and has made a name for himself by producing trap music. He has worked with artists such as Gucci Mane, Lecrae, and Future.

Moved to Atlanta

It is not easy for a rap producer to find his way to the highest echelons of the music industry. But Zaytoven the producer has figured out how to do just that. After a long and successful career as a beat-maker, Zaytoven has made a name for himself in the Atlanta hip-hop scene by producing a wide array of rappers’ tracks.

He grew up in San Francisco and was introduced to music from an early age. His father was a pastor and his mother was a choir director, both of whom were instrumental in shaping his musical career.

When he was young, Zaytoven would often be found in the church, where he would learn to play the drums and piano. These early experiences helped shape his approach to music and also gave him a deeper understanding of the spiritual aspect of rap.

Later on, he enrolled at a music school where he learned how to produce and write songs. While attending, he began working with local rappers and developed his style.

Eventually, he decided to move to Atlanta. He soon began working with a number of notable Southern rappers, including Gucci Mane.

With his West coast-influenced sound and melodic keyboard parts, Zaytoven helped form the foundation of trap music in Atlanta. As a result, he is one of the most influential producers in the city’s music history.

Today, he continues to produce and collaborate with a plethora of rap artists, most notably with Gucci Mane and Migos. As a result, his signature sound has become more popular than ever before.

In addition to his work as a producer, Zaytoven is also a writer and actor. He has starred in several films, including Birds of a Feather and Finesse. He has also released a number of singles and a solo album under his own name.

Became a Barber

Zaytoven the producer has been a fixture in Atlanta’s trap music scene for over two decades. He’s a key figure behind some of the South’s most iconic rappers, from Gucci Mane and Migos to Plies and Young Jeezy.

He started producing at an early age, creating tracks for friends and family in his parents’ basement while working as a barber. It was only after saving up enough money to buy musical equipment that he set up his own studio.

When he moved to Atlanta after high school, he was quickly able to attract rappers to his studio for collaborations, resulting in the emergence of some of the biggest names in rap today. His work ethic has never wavered. He still holds down a day job as a barber even after his success, and has managed to make time for everything he wants to do.

His connection to the church, meanwhile, allows him to seamlessly blend his street and religious personalities into a style that has shaped rap as we know it. He even plans to release a collaborative gospel album soon.

As a result, his style has become a hallmark of the Atlanta hip-hop community and earned him a Grammy for his work on Usher’s Raymond v. Raymond in 2011.

Despite all of his accomplishments, Zaytoven still manages to find time for his other passions: working out and spending time with his family. In addition to producing, he also stars in a 2012 film and is planning to drop his first solo album this year.

With the South on his side, Zaytoven is ready to continue his reign as one of the best producers in rap history. He’s already produced hits for some of the biggest artists in the game, including Gucci Mane and Migos. But he has ambitions that go beyond just production, and that’s why he’s working hard to diversify his career.

Became a Producer

When Xavier Lamar Dotson was growing up in San Francisco, he had no idea that his love of music would eventually lead him to become one of the most influential producers of modern trap. He'd been playing the piano his whole life, but it wasn't until he moved to Atlanta and started producing that he realized the true potential of his skills.

Initially, he began recording beats with his friends on a karaoke machine, but soon he was making more complex music than that. He was hooked by how the producers of Trap music mixed their beats with the lyrics, resulting in a unique yet synchronized sound that appealed to him.

As he developed his production skills, Zaytoven began to work with more and more artists. He helped shape the careers of a variety of rappers including Gucci Mane, OJ da Juiceman, Yung LA and Migos.

He even had the opportunity to work with some of the most famous names in rap history, including Usher and Ludacris. He landed his first Grammy award in 2011 for his work on Usher's Raymond v. Raymond album, and has continued to work with a long list of Southern rappers.

Today, he's regarded as one of the most important pioneers of the trap style of hip-hop and is still putting out mixtapes with his biggest stars. He's releasing new tracks on his Familiar Territory label and performing live with the musicians he produces for.

He's also a filmmaker, with his third film, Birds Of A Feather, available to stream on Netflix. It's an autobiographical story about his rise to fame and he's scored several other films.

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