Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Actress Erika Jayne Sues Law Firm

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Actress Erika Jayne Sues Law Firm


erika jayne lawsuit

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne is being sued for embezzling millions of dollars from her ex-husband’s law firm. The suit accuses her, EJ Global LLC and the Girardi & Keese law firm of racketeering, conspiracy to commit racketeering, aiding and abetting concealment of stolen property, money had and received, conversion and unlawful business practice.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne is being sued for embezzling millions of dollars from her ex-husband’s law firm.

A new lawsuit filed against Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne claims she embezzled millions of dollars from her ex-husband’s law firm. According to a court document obtained by E! News, law firm Edelson PC is seeking $55 million from the Real Housewives star and her company EJ Global LLC. The plaintiffs also include Tom Girardi’s now-bankrupt law firm, Girardi Keese and its lenders.

The suit alleges that Erika was the “frontwoman” for Girardi’s “schemes.” It also accuses the 50-year-old reality star of aiding and abetting concealment, racketeering, receipt of stolen property, conversion, unlawful business practices and more.

According to the complaint, which was filed on April 5 by Edelson PC, Jayne was aware of her husband’s alleged misdeeds. The lawyer claims she was also involved in a scheme to funnel money from Girardi’s firm into her own personal bank accounts, which helped fund her lavish lifestyle.

While the case is not yet in trial, it’s certainly a serious one. Attorneys are arguing that the complaint is too broad, calling it a “tabloid-driven” complaint that doesn’t mention any supporting allegations.

Specifically, the suit claims that Jayne was involved in a scheme to redirect her clients’ settlement funds to herself and her business. It’s part of a larger fraud lawsuit filed against the RHOBH star and her former husband, Tom Girardi, by class action firm Edelson PC.

It also alleges that she was the “frontwoman” for Girardi’s alleged embezzlement scheme, and that her company EJ Global LLC was used to funnel money into her personal bank accounts, which helped fund her lavish life.

A judge ruled last year that Erika and her ex-husband can be sued for $11 million in debts the couple owes to three former clients. Joseph, Jaime and Kathleen Ruigomez are owed the sum by Tom Girardi following a judgment from his bankruptcy proceedings.

However, Erika is denying the accusations and says she hasn’t been involved in any of his legal matters. She also recently told a judge she was battling cancer.

Meanwhile, a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills saw Erika talk about her ongoing legal battles with her estranged husband. She even admitted that she has a “pretty good” relationship with her son, John Michael, who she shares with Tom.

In November 2020, the pair filed for divorce. And a few months later, Tom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and placed under a conservatorship. He’s still under the care of his brother, Robert Girardi, but it seems that his situation isn’t over just yet.

The lawsuit — which is now being reviewed by a judge in California — was originally filed in Illinois. It accused the 50-year-old reality star of embezzling settlement funds meant to benefit victims of Lion Air Flight 610, which crashed into the ocean in October 2018.

According to the suit, Jayne was aware of her husband’s embezzlement scheme and knew that his firm, Girardi Keese, allegedly stole money from his clients. And that’s why she was the “frontwoman” for Girardi’s fraud scheme. She was also aware that her company, EJ Global LLC, was used to funnel money from Girardi’s now-bankrupt firm into her personal bank accounts, which helped fund his lavish lifestyle.

The lawsuit alleges that Jayne was the “frontwoman” for Girardi’s “schemes.”

A lawsuit is a legal proceeding in which one or more people (the plaintiffs) claim that they have been harmed by another person’s actions. It’s a civil action that usually involves an injury to property or person, or a breach of contract.

In some jurisdictions, a suit may be started by sending a summons and complaint to a defendant in order for a court to determine whether or not the claim is valid. A lawsuit is typically a very lengthy process, which can take months or years before it ends up being resolved by a trial.

The judge will typically schedule a hearing in which both sides will make arguments to the court. During this conference, the judge will ask both parties if there is any chance of settlement prior to a trial date.

While a lawsuit can be brought against any party, it’s usually more common to see class-action and mass-tort cases that involve large numbers of people. These types of suits usually target corporations and other large organizations that engage in systematic and fraudulent practices or business schemes that harm a broader group of people.

Class-action lawsuits can be brought against companies or organizations that have engaged in fraudulent and illegal practices, such as pharmaceutical fraud. These class-action lawsuits are a great way to hold accountable those who are responsible for the harm or losses suffered by consumers.

A class-action lawsuit is also a great way to hold a company accountable for violations of the law, such as discrimination or wage theft. In some cases, the lawsuit will be able to reach an agreement with the defendant and result in a settlement for all parties involved.

In this case, the plaintiffs are accusing Jayne and her husband of embezzling millions of dollars from their ex-husband Tom Girardi’s law firm. The law firm, Girardi and Keese, is currently in bankruptcy after being accused of withholding money owed to their clients.

The plaintiffs are also accusing the firm of violating several ethics laws, including California’s Bar Rules. The judge found Tom Girardi and his law firm in contempt of court for withholding millions of dollars from their clients.

As a result of this lawsuit, Tom Girardi was disbarred by the state of California in January and ordered to pay $2 million to orphaned victims who were victimized by his scheme. He’s also been slapped with 14 counts of violating ethics rules and California law for embezzling money from his clients.

Meanwhile, Erika Jayne’s attorney Evan Borges tells Page Six that he plans to appeal the judge’s decision in the case. He also said that he believes that the judge made a mistake in his ruling.

It’s unclear how long the erika jayne lawsuit will be on the court calendar, but it seems likely that it will end up being tried soon. The court will usually schedule a pre-trial conference in which both sides will make arguments to the judge, ensuring that the case is ready for a trial.

Jayne’s attorney Evan Borges tells Page Six that he plans to appeal the judge’s decision.

The lawsuit claiming Erika Jayne embezzled millions of dollars from her ex-husband’s law firm has a new twist. Now, Jayne’s attorney Evan Borges tells Page Six that he plans to appeal the judge’s decision to dismiss the case.

Jayne, who was married to disgraced trial lawyer Tom Girardi for 21 years, is being sued over $2 million in funds she allegedly mishandled. The funds were meant to go toward a lawsuit filed on behalf of the families of victims who died in the 1999 plane crash that killed 73 people.

A bankruptcy trustee is suing Jayne for spending the money her ex-husband owed to his former clients on her own business, EJ Global LLC. The trustee claims that Jayne spent over $101 million from her husband’s trust accounts to help pay for EJ Global’s expenses, which include a ritzy Beverly Hills mansion and a fleet of luxury vehicles.

During the show’s July 2021 episode, Jayne dismissed the allegations of her involvement in her husband’s legal woes and called the claims “insane.” But now, according to a new court filing obtained by Page Six, Jayne has hired a new attorney who will look into the case from a fresh perspective.

The lawyer who represents Jayne is Evan Borges, a partner at Greenberg Gross LLP, an elite business litigation firm that specializes in high-stakes cases involving the intersection of bankruptcy law, crisis management, consumer class actions, director and officer liability, and governmental regulatory and enforcement proceedings. He previously practiced at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher and Irell & Manella.

He’s represented public and private companies, professional athletes, individuals, and other entities in complex and high-stakes disputes across the country. A veteran of both bankruptcy and trial litigation, he is a member of the firm’s National Bankruptcy Litigation Practice Group.

His other practice areas include consumer class actions, director and officer liability, securities litigation, and governmental and regulatory investigations. He has been involved in many of the most high-profile cases involving these issues, including First Alliance Bankruptcy and several subprime lender cases.

In his first interview with Page Six, Borges said he plans to appeal the judge’s ruling to dismiss the case against Jayne. He says he believes the judge did not understand the facts of the case and will appeal it to the Ninth Circuit.

Borges has more than 28 years of experience in complex business litigation matters, including bankruptcy and trial work. He has a strong track record of winning results in the courtroom.

He has also handled numerous high-profile corporate and securities cases. His client list includes major financial institutions, public companies, private businesses, and individuals.

Another thing about Borges’s resume is that he was a litigator with Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher before he joined Greenberg Gross. Prior to that, he was an associate with Irell & Manella and an assistant state attorney with the state of California.

erika jayne husband

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Erika Jayne and Her Husband Tom Girardi

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne is a sexy singer who makes no apologies for her racy music videos. She also possesses a very cocksure and straight-forward personality.

She was born on July 10, 1971, in Atlanta, Georgia. She is the daughter of Renee Chahoy and Tom Girardi.

How old is Erika Jayne?

Despite her flamboyant personality and career, Erika Jayne has managed to stay humble. She is a singer and actress who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

Her early life was not easy, but she managed to overcome her tough times by following her dreams. She was born in Atlanta to a single mother and went on to attend a performing arts high school. She then moved to New York City to pursue her dreams in show business.

At the age of 18, she got married and soon had a son. However, her dream of being a singer and a performer never left her. After divorcing her first husband, she met and married a trial attorney named Tom Girardi.

The couple got engaged in 1999 and married two years later. The marriage was a happy one and they were blessed with a son.

Although they were not together long, they had a strong bond and remained loyal to each other. Their relationship also helped them cope with the difficulties of their professional lives.

When she first met Tom, she was 27 years old and he was 33 years her senior. The two dated for six months before getting engaged. They got married in 2000, and they have been together ever since.

Before she started dating Tom, Erika had a long-term relationship with Thomas Zizzo. The two met while he was working at a Manhattan club.

While the pair were not together for long, they managed to keep their relationship private and largely kept their romance off-screen. In fact, their relationship was only mentioned on a few occasions throughout the show.

Though she has been known for her sexy personality, she is actually very humble and loves her family. She teaches her children about the value of hard work and always puts their needs ahead of her own.

She is currently a cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and is very popular among fans. She is a talented singer and has won several awards for her music.

She has also starred in the Broadway production of Chicago. She is a proud mother and has always loved her children. She has told her fans that she is very thankful for her family and is happy to have them in her life. She has also said that her ex-husband is very supportive of her and their son.

Who is Erika Jayne’s husband?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne has been in the spotlight since she first joined the show in season 6. She has enjoyed a successful career as a musician, singer and actress. She has also written a book and made her Broadway debut as Roxie Hart in Chicago.

Erika Jayne and her husband Tom Girardi are reportedly struggling financially as their divorce battles continue. According to a new report, the couple’s Pasadena home has been offloaded as part of Girardi’s involuntary bankruptcy proceedings.

While Jayne has largely been cleared of wrongdoing, she continues to be named as a defendant in two racketeering and embezzlement lawsuits that were filed against her ex-husband. In one of the suits, she was accused of buying a pair of $750,000 diamond earrings with money that she said she stole from her former partner.

Another suit is alleging that she has illegally resold her husband’s designer clothing, a practice that could potentially expose her to personal-injury charges in the future. The filing cites her tweets that she offers tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of her clothes for sale on the secondhand market.

Earlier this year, an investigation by ABC News and the Hulu documentary The Housewife and the Hustler revealed that Jayne received a $20 million loan from her ex-husband. This money was allegedly transferred to her company EJ Global.

The reality star has a very complicated relationship with her estranged husband, which has led to numerous legal scandals in recent years. Many of his clients have accused him of running their legal cases like a Ponzi scheme.

As a result, the disgraced attorney has been dragged into multiple legal proceedings, demanding that he return the funds he secured from them. In addition to his own court battles, Girardi has been facing an ongoing investigation by the State Bar of California, which claims he misappropriated millions of dollars in client funds while practicing law.

While Erika has been able to secure some legal assistance, her finances are still extremely vulnerable. She’s currently living in a modest home in Hancock Park, L.A., while her husband is residing in a “restricted memory care unit” in Burbank as his health deteriorates. In addition, he’s reportedly in debt to the tune of more than $517 million.

What is Erika Jayne’s husband’s occupation?

Tom Girardi is an attorney and the owner of the law firm Girardi & Kees. He studied law at Loyola Marymount University, and later went on to earn a master’s degree from New York University.

He married Erika Jayne in 1999 and has been together for 21 years. They have an adult son named Tommy Zizzo from their first marriage.

Although he is not your typical Real Housewife husband, Tom has been featured in some episodes of the show. However, they did not appear to have a close relationship with the other cast members, and his role on the show was very minor.

In November 2020, Erika filed for divorce from her husband after 21 years of marriage amid rising racketeering and embezzlement allegations against both him and his company. According to the lawsuit, Tom had stolen money from various clients, including the families of victims of the 2018 Lion Air plane crash.

While many of the other cast members have reacted to the news with shock, Erika is unfazed by the legal scandal. She is a feisty, loyal woman who plays her cards very close to her chest.

Though her relationship with Tom is still complicated, she does not seem to have any regrets about it. She is a strong and independent woman, and she has no doubt she can navigate her future without him.

After their divorce, Tom filed a court doc that asked the court to terminate Erika’s right to receive spousal support and requested her to pay his legal fees. He also asked for a termination of their property rights, which will allow him to sell their assets and fund his glam squad and music career in 2021.

He is currently under a conservatorship and has been living in a nursing home since October. He has been diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Despite his rocky relationship with Erika Jayne, Tom is still worth a large amount of money. He earned a fortune from his career as a lawyer and his success on reality TV shows like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

What is Erika Jayne’s husband’s net worth?

The husband of Erika Jayne, Tom Girardi, has an estimated net worth of $30 million. He is a lawyer and the owner of a Los Angeles law firm called Girardi & Keese.

Thomas Girardi studied law at Loyola University of Los Angeles and went on to get a Master’s degree in law from New York University. He then began practicing law in 1995 and co-founded his own firm dubbed “Girardi & Keese.”

Throughout his career, Girardi has won a number of high profile cases. He has won several lawsuits involving medical malpractice and is known to have a knack for handling even the most complex cases.

As a result of his successful career, Tom Girardi has amassed a huge amount of wealth. He has a significant portion of his fortune in the form of cash, property and other assets.

He has also accumulated a large amount of debt in his lifetime. Currently, Tom Girardi is in the process of filing for bankruptcy due to his financial struggles and numerous lawsuits filed against him.

While he was still in his 20s, Tom Girardi married the popular American singer and actress Erika Jayne. They were married for 21 years before filing for a divorce in 2020.

Before their divorce, the couple had a child named Tommy. The child was born in 1991 and is now an adult.

In addition to being a singer, Erika Jayne is also a reality television star. She has appeared on several shows including The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She has a number of fans and followers on social media who follow her and her lifestyle.

Her singing career has been very successful. She has released a number of hits that have peaked at the top of US Dance Club charts.

She has a huge following on social media and her Instagram account has over two million followers. She has also appeared on various other TV shows and has endorsed many brands.

After she joined The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she has raked in money from her appearance on the show and from her endorsements. Her singing career has also helped her achieve a lot of success on the music charts and her social media presence has grown considerably.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Has a Son

erika jayne son

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne has a son. He is named Tommy Zizzo.

He was born in 1994 to his parents, Thomas Zizzo and Erika Jayne.

He is a police officer who works in the United States. He graduated from the Los Angeles Police Department Academy in 2016.

Tommy Zizzo is a police officer

A police officer, Tommy Zizzo is the only son of the American singer and actress Erika Jayne. He was born on March 20, 1994, in New York City and is 28 years old as of 2022. He was raised by his mother and stepfather, Thomas Girardi. He is a talented musician and performer, and is renowned in the music industry for his work as a songwriter.

He has a good relationship with his mother, Erika, and enjoys being a part of her life. Currently, he lives with her and her husband Tom Girardi in Pasadena, California. He has a private life and does not share his personal details with the media.

As a professional, Tommy has had a long career in the police department. He has been a member of the Los Angeles Police Department and has also served as an explorer in Jersey City. He graduated from the L.A.P.D. Academy and is a proud police officer in the eyes of his mother.

According to his mother, he has always wanted to become a police officer from his childhood. She says he has a strong passion for the profession and will always support him in his efforts to make a difference in society.

In addition to being a singer and an actor, he is also an avid fan of movies. He was inspired by the heroic characters in movies and TV shows.

Since his birth, he has been very close to his mother. She has protected him and kept his privacy, even while pursuing her singing, acting, and reality television career. She has even been trolled by her fans, but she has managed to turn off comments on social media posts about her family.

The reality star has been tight-lipped about her son, but she did share a picture of him wearing a police uniform on Instagram in May. She captioned the snap with a message: “People say we look alike.”

While he is camera shy, he loves being with his mother. She is happy to have him in her life and hopes to continue spending time with him for a long time. However, he does not want to appear on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which is why she rarely shares pictures of him on her social media accounts.

He lives a private life

Erika Jayne is a singer, performer and reality star who joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in season 6. She's been around for a while but has always kept her personal life private.

She grew up in Atlanta Georgia where she attended a performing arts high school and went on to become famous as a singer. She's also appeared on Broadway and had a successful headlining concert tour in cities like Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Her first husband was Thomas Zizzo, a professional DJ who she met when she was just 19 years old and had just moved from Georgia to New York. They married in 1991 but divorced a few years later.

Since then, she's been married to Tom Girardi, a lawyer who co-founded Girardi and Keese law firm in 1999. He also owns the Hunk Mansion strip club and the Pure CRO online company.

They have a son named Tommy Zizzo, who was born in 1996. He lives in Los Angeles and has a strong relationship with his mother.

He hasn't had much contact with his biological father, but he considers him as his father figure. He studied at Rhodes College in New York and matriculated into the Los Angeles Police Department Academy.

Despite his busy schedule, he always makes time for his friends and family. He enjoys traveling and has an excellent relationship with his mom and his grandmother.

As a mother, Erika Jayne is fiercely protective of her son and does not share too many details about him with the media. She has said that she does not want her child to be a target of harassment.

She has always been careful to protect her son from the public eye and he rarely makes an appearance on RHOBH or other shows. However, the 50-year-old does open up about her son on podcasts and shows that she hosts.

In an episode of the The Daily Dish podcast, she revealed that her son has been a huge support to her in all her legal battles with her estranged husband. She also said that he has always been a very good influence on her. In addition, she is proud of his career. He has worked hard to get where he is today, and it's clear that he's dedicated his career to the service of others.

He has a good relationship with his mother

Erika Jayne has a good relationship with her son, Tommy Zizzo. She opened up about her relationship with him during an appearance on Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast and shared that she has been very close with him during all of her legal battles with her estranged husband, Tom Girardi.

She said that he has helped her through her many struggles with her divorce. They met when she was a 19-year-old go-go dancer and he was a 26-year-old DJ working at a club in New York City. They were married in December 1991 and soon after, she became pregnant with their first child, Tommy.

The RHOBH star has been battling rumors about her relationship with Tommy since she was on the show, but she says that her son has not given her any reason to doubt his love for her. In fact, she has always been very protective of him and would never date anyone if she did not trust them with her son.

Fans were not pleased with a clip of Erika cursing at Garcelle Beauvais’ 14-year-old son Jax on camera. The incident was aired as part of an episode of RHOBH on July 6, and it quickly went viral, sparking outrage amongst fans.

On Twitter, Lisa Rinna called out her co-star for her behavior and later joined forces with Beauvais to call out online trolls who were targeting their kids. The two women also vowed to fight the trolls, stating that they “have nothing but respect” for their children and wanted them to be protected from online trolls who were using their race as a means of division.

Though Jayne was criticized by her castmates for her behavior, she later apologized to Garcelle and accepted that her actions were inappropriate. She also vowed to not drink again and said she wished her family could have been there for her.

While some fans believe that Erika was acting out of anger, others feel her behavior was completely inappropriate. They feel that the way she was treated by her castmates was uncalled for and that the show should have done more to protect her son, who is a teenager.

He is a reality star

Erika Jayne is an American singer and actress, and she is known for appearing on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia and grew up with a single mother. She moved to New York City at the age of 18 to pursue a career in singing. She met her first husband, Thomas Zizzo, at a club in Manhattan and they married in December 1991. They divorced five years later, and Erika moved to Los Angeles.

She has a son named Tommy Zizzo, and he lives a very private life. However, he is supportive of his mother and follows her dreams to be in the entertainment industry.

Although he is very young, he has already achieved much success in his life. He is a police officer and has a good relationship with his mother.

He is also very protective of his family and loves them very much. He also enjoys spending time with his dad, Tom Girardi.

His mom, Erika Jayne, is a reality star and has been in the media for a long time. She has a huge following and has starred in many reality shows. She has also been a model for a while and has appeared in movies and TV shows.

The reality star has a good relationship with her son. He has been very supportive of his mother and has been with her during all of the legal struggles that she has had to deal with. He also tries to protect his mother from the trolls and the negative comments that she gets from fans on social media.

It has been a while since Erika Jayne spoke about her son, but she recently opened up about him again. She has always been very protective of him, but now she is speaking about him a lot.

She has been sharing a lot of details about him on her social media accounts, and she even shared that he was a police officer. He is a very important part of her life, and she wants him to be happy with everything that happens in his life.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Erika Jayne News

erika jayne news

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne has been through a lot in recent months. She’s been embroiled in multiple legal battles since she filed for divorce from her estranged husband Tom Girardi.

She was recently served with a massive civil lawsuit. It alleges that she and her former husband siphoned millions of dollars from a settlement fund meant for victims of a plane crash.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne’s legal woes

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne is going through a lot right now. Her husband, Tom Girardi, is in a divorce case and his health is failing because of Alzheimer’s. He’s been placed under a guardianship and his brother Robert Girardi has been named the “effective conservator” of his person and estate.

The 49-year-old singer has also been battling several lawsuits, including one filed by the attorneys of her estranged husband. The lawyers claim that the RHOBH star helped her ex steal millions of dollars from clients who had settled with his law firm, Girardi Keese.

According to court documents obtained by Us, Erika and her company, EJ Global LLC, “aided and abetted” the former attorney’s alleged wrongdoing by receiving allegedly misappropriated funds from him. The plaintiffs allege that the flamboyant reality star was also aware of his alleged scheme.

As a result, she funneled their money through her personal effects and into her entertainment business. In addition, the legal papers say, she also acted as a “front woman” for the embezzlement scheme, which involved her shilling the success of the law firm and its clients.

It’s a serious charge that she faces, though. It’s been a long road for the reality TV star, who began her career on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2015. She quickly made a name for herself with her lavish lifestyle and excessive glam squad.

But she’s been in more trouble off the show, too. In November 2020, she and her then-husband filed for a divorce after allegations of financial misconduct emerged. The two had been married for more than 20 years and lived in a 10,200-square-foot mansion with their son.

However, she was forced to downgrade her home after her husband was accused of misappropriating at least $2 million in client funds. The couple soon split, and Jayne has since moved into a smaller apartment while she deals with her legal problems.

The RHOBH star has been open about her legal struggles on the show, but she’s still dealing with a hefty pile of lawsuits and bankruptcy proceedings. She’s facing a number of different accusations, from fraud to breach of contract.

Erika Jayne’s divorce from Tom Girardi

Erika Jayne is in a tough spot as her divorce from her husband, lawyer Tom Girardi, is still ongoing. The former couple, who have been together for 21 years, filed for divorce in November 2020 after a series of legal woes involving Girardi’s firm landed them in the headlines.

The RHOBH star and her ex are being sued in tandem by a law firm that claims they used their divorce to hide embezzled money owed to the families of victims of a plane crash. According to a lawsuit from Edelson PC, Girardi “stole” settlement funds he was supposed to give to the victims of a Boeing jet crash in 2015 and didled them out to his friends and family, including Jayne.

While their divorce is still ongoing, it’s no surprise that Erika wants to move on from her marriage, as she’s made a point of dating around and focusing her attention on her singing career in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12. She doesn’t want the case to haunt her anymore, so she’s trying to shift her focus to her new love life instead.

During Wednesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Jayne shared that her breakup from Girardi was a hard one to deal with, but she tried to put it behind her. She explained that she didn’t feel loved by her ex and that the split was the end of a major part of her life.

But the reality star revealed that she wasn’t prepared for how her divorce would affect her. She said she was so focused on settling their divorce and protecting her assets that she didn’t consider how the situation could impact her future.

Since the news of her split, Jayne has been opening up to her co-stars about the complexities of the situation and how it affected her life. She told E! News that she hasn’t been able to fully trust her husband and hasn’t felt loved by him.

However, it’s not clear what will happen next for the RHOBH star as she continues to fight her ex over their assets. The singer claims that her ex hasn’t provided any spousal support, and it’s possible that she might even have to pay for his legal fees. She also said that she isn’t sure if her ex will be able to finalize their divorce.

Erika Jayne’s bankruptcy

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne has reportedly been forced to sell off her luxury lifestyle as part of her ex-husband Tom Girardi’s massive bankruptcy. The couple recently offloaded their Pasadena, California home in a bid to pay down the debt they owe to creditors.

The former attorney was forced into bankruptcy in 2020 after several of his clients claimed he embezzled settlement money that should have gone to them. He has allegedly stolen over $100 million from his clients and his law firm, according to court documents obtained by Radar Online.

In the meantime, Jayne and her companies have launched a campaign to disqualify a law firm representing the trustee in Girardi’s bankruptcy, arguing that the firm has conflicts of interest because it represents her ex-husband and his estate. They’re also asking for sanctions against the lawyer, Abir Cohen Treyzon Salo LLP.

A bankruptcy trustee has asked Erika to turn over her $750,000 diamond earrings, which she received from her estranged husband in 2007 and paid for with money he allegedly stole from his clients. A paper trail reveals that Tom took funds from a drug settlement to purchase the jewelry, and they’re considered to be stolen property because they were paid for using Girardi-Keese funds, according to new court documents filed on Tuesday.

It’s not the first time that Erika Jayne has been forced to auction off items in her divorce proceedings - she recently faced this issue with her lingerie collection. During her season 11 reunion, she opened up about the struggle she was facing and told Andy Cohen that she was unable to pay for her lavish lifestyle because of her husband’s legal woes.

After receiving the notice of the trustee’s request, the “Pretty Mess” singer fought for her earrings and argued that the law firm had no right to take them. She ultimately lost and was ordered to surrender them to the court.

Aside from her bankruptcy, Erika’s latest drama involves her alleged ties to a scandalous hair extension business. She was spotted throwing a party for the venture, and her co-star Garcelle Beauvais, who is known for being honest with her RHOBH castmates, has reportedly failed to attend the event.

Erika Jayne’s lawsuits

The news about Erika Jayne’s legal woes keeps on coming, and it seems like every day she faces more accusations. It’s no secret that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has faced numerous lawsuits involving her estranged husband, Tom Girardi, since she filed for divorce in November 2020.

Now, the “Expensive” singer is facing yet another lawsuit over a multimillion-dollar settlement fund from a plane crash. According to Law&Crime, Erika was served with a lawsuit in July that accused her and her ex-husband of embezzling millions from a settlement fund for the victims of Lion Air Flight 610.

According to Page Six, the lawsuit claims that Jayne diverted the money to her own business, EJ Global LLC. This is not the first time Erika has been sued, and she’s already racked up a $50 million racketeering lawsuit from Chicago-based law firm Edelson PC.

However, Jayne has yet to win any of the cases she’s been named in. She’s also been dragged into a lawsuit by Nicolas Cage’s ex-girlfriend Christina Fulton, who is seeking $750,000 in damages over her allegations that Erika misappropriated her settlement funds.

Despite this, Erika has steadfastly denied any wrongdoing on or off her reality show. In fact, she has even claimed that some of the complaints she has faced might not be based on fact at all.

As it turns out, she may have won a big court victory earlier this week, but according to attorney Ronald Richards, it may just be another PR stunt. After all, he noted on Twitter that Jayne’s win may be nothing more than an attempt to bolster her credibility and that she should focus on settling the actual lawsuits she’s facing rather than letting these cases get in the way of her normal life.

On Monday, a Los Angeles County judge issued a ruling that removed Jayne as a defendant in the case brought by attorneys Philip R. Sheldon and Robert P. Finn, who are suing the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star for fraud in 2020. The judge ruled that Jayne had no "actual knowledge" of the alleged wrongdoings in the case, which is one of many legal troubles the star has been facing since she filed for divorce in late 2020.

erika jayne

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Erika Jayne

Erika Jayne is a singer and reality TV star. She has a number of hit songs and is known for her role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, she grew up with a dream of being in showbiz. She attended a performing arts high school. She moved to New York City when she was 18 years old to pursue her dreams.

She’s a diva

A diva is someone who enjoys displaying their status and personality. This can be done in a number of ways, including dressing up in designer gowns or using their money to purchase luxury items. Erika Jayne, the star of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is no exception to this rule.

She began her career as a singer in the music industry, but it didn’t take long for her to gain fame on reality television. She was cast in the sixth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, where she became a fan favorite alongside Lisa Rinna and Yolanda Hadid.

As the series rolled out, it soon became clear that Erika’s marriage to lawyer Tom Girardi was not picture-perfect. In fact, the two had a very unconventional relationship. They met in the 1990s while working at Chasen’s, a popular West Hollywood hot spot. They married in 1999 and have an adult son together, named Tommy.

After she met Tom, she started to pursue her passion for singing and dancing. She had several hits on the Billboard dance charts. She has a huge following on social media, especially on Instagram.

But the success she had enjoyed as a musician wasn’t enough to keep her financially stable. So she turned to reality television, where she landed a spot on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2015.

With this new platform, Erika was able to make her dreams come true and become a successful singer-songwriter. She has eight singles on the Billboard dance chart and has had multiple appearances on Dancing With the Stars.

She also started her own record label, Pretty Mess Records. She has a new album in the works and plans to release it this year.

While it might be surprising to see Erika Jayne get a divorce, it looks like she’s trying to protect her assets as she goes through this rough time. According to Page Six, she has filed for spousal support and wants her husband to cover her attorney fees.

This could be a sign that she’s looking to get out of the marriage and save her and Tommy’s financial future. She will likely receive alimony, but the connection between her finances and her husband’s will probably dry up sooner than she expects.

She’s sassy

A sassy, sexy and daring dance-pop singer, erika jayne has made a splash on the world stage. She’s known for her witty stage persona and has even been on the cover of several magazines, including Billboard and LGBT Weekly.

Though her stage presence is a major part of who she is, erika also enjoys the company of family and friends. She often shares a meal with her mother and brother, and has also been known to take her son out for a night on the town.

Erika Jayne has had her share of highs and lows throughout her life, but she’s also managed to withstand the test of time. She has managed to remain in show business for over two decades, and has even won a few awards along the way.

For example, she starred on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in its sixth season and has been a staple of the show since then. She’s also a talented singer and songwriter, with hits like “PAINKILLR” and “Get it Tonight” to her credit.

Despite all of her successes, Erika has still managed to find herself in hot water with the law. She was accused of aiding and abetting her estranged husband, renowned attorney Tom Girardi, who had been embezzling money from his clients during their 21-year marriage.

In the end, she was able to prove her mettle by winning a $5 million lawsuit filed against her by former colleagues of Girardi. A Los Angeles County judge ruled that there was no evidence to suggest that she was involved in the scheme.

She’s independent

Erika Jayne is a talented singer, and she was able to make a name for herself in the music industry. She had her own clothing line, designed shoes, and wrote a book. But her biggest accomplishments were with her music career. She was a popular singer and had a huge fan base.

Until she got married to lawyer Tom Girardi, she had a very independent lifestyle. She had her own glam squad, a private chef, and lived in a beautiful mansion in Los Angeles. She had a very rich lifestyle, and fans loved her for it.

But after they divorced, she and Girardi became embroiled in a lawsuit that has blown up her life. Her husband is accused of stealing tens of millions of dollars from his clients and funneling it into an account for her. The alleged crimes are so serious, that the judge froze Girardi and his law firm’s assets.

In addition, the judge found him in civil contempt for failing to turn over his financial records, according to Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute. Ultimately, the judge also found that Girardi and his firm owed tens of millions in settlement funds from clients.

This is a lot of money to lose, and if Erika doesn’t prove her innocence, she could be in a very tight spot. She’s tried to spin her story as a victim, but the fact is that it’s very hard to believe she didn’t know about her husband’s shady dealings.

As it stands, the story line has become central to this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and is driving ratings. However, a recent article from the Los Angeles Times has caused a lot of drama between Erika and her castmates.

The reality star has a lot on her plate, and she’s doing everything she can to stay on top of it. She has her team of lawyers on her side, and she’s even tried to keep her glam squad in check by cutting back on her expenses. But the more questions she has to answer, the more she risks being a liar and a shill.

She’s tough

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne has been through some tough times this season. After filing for divorce from her husband, Tom Girardi, she’s been dealing with the ramifications of his alleged criminal behavior, including the fact that he allegedly embezzled settlement funds intended for victims of a plane crash he handled.

It’s a difficult situation for any single woman to deal with, and it doesn’t get easier once you’ve been through this kind of thing. But Erika has done it with style.

As a recording artist, she’s known for her sassy voice. She’s able to use it as an outlet for her emotions and frustration. She’s also able to control her anger and manage her temper, which are two things that come in handy when dealing with drama.

After the news that her husband had allegedly embezzled funds from clients, she took it upon herself to find out more about their plight and what she could do. She enlisted the help of a therapist, which turned out to be quite effective.

Despite her strained relationship with Girardi, she still wants to be a good wife and a positive influence on her children. And that’s why she continues to give her time and money to various charities.

Another reason she’s a strong character is because she knows what it’s like to be a woman in a man’s world, especially when you’ve been through some hard times in your life. She also has an appreciation for what men are going through when they’re trying to break up with their spouses.

When she’s able to talk about these things, she’s able to share her experiences with others and provide them with a sense of comfort. This is why she’s so popular with her fans.

She’s also able to be strong in the face of adversity because she has faith in herself and her abilities. It’s the reason she’s been able to overcome her problems and remain on the show even though her marriage has ended.

In the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika reminisced about her divorce from Tom Girardi and shared how she feels. She opened up about her struggles with finding love after her split from him. And she also revealed that she’s had a hard time getting her name out there. She said that some men are intimidated by her outspoken personality and don’t want to date a woman like her.


Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 12 Episode 12

The real housewives of New Jersey are back with a new season and episode. This week, the ladies prepare for Easter and the release of their husbands from prison. Plus, the ladies start to set the stage for RHONJ: The Musical.

Teresa behaves disgustingly

If you're a fan of Real Housewives of New Jersey, you know that the season 12 finale is just around the corner. In case you've been living under a rock, the show has gone through a number of highs and lows throughout the season. Several cast members are getting a bit more than their fair share of flak this time around, and Teresa is no exception.

The cast has been dealing with a lot of drama over the past few months, so it's no surprise that everyone was on edge as they traveled to Nashville. However, this trip was also supposed to be about teamwork, and the ladies came together to tackle the issues.

While the cast was in Nashville, Teresa and Margaret Josephs had a few major spats. They went back and forth over Teresa's allegations of Marge being a liar, and whether or not she was digging up dirt on Louie.

While the rift didn't end up causing too much trouble, it did bring up a few issues. For starters, it's not the first time Teresa and Margaret have had an argument. This rift was also triggered by the release of Luis "Louie" Ruelas' newest video, which featured a shirtless man asking for forgiveness. It's possible the video was a hoax, but the fact is that it's still made its rounds on social media.

Meanwhile, Margaret is defending herself, saying that she's always stood up for Teresa. She said she's never done anything as outrageous as that. And she's certainly not going to boot her from the show.

But the real point of this episode is that the women all have their own issues. As a result, their reunion dinner in Nashville was a good place to talk about them. Some of the problems involved Teresa, Margaret, and even Dolores Catania.

Unfortunately, the Real Housewives of New Jersey has had an up and down season, and viewers have been left wondering what's next. The finale airs this week. You can catch the full episode on Tuesday night. So be sure to tune in to see what all the squabbling has led to.

Lady Drama Mamas set the stage for RHONJ: The Musical

If you're a fan of Real Housewives of New Jersey, you might have already noticed that this season of the show has been a tad bit more tumultuous than previous years. For one thing, the show's cast is more divided than ever, thanks to an ongoing spat with former bestie, Luis Guzman. In addition, there's been a bit of a backlash from one of the main cast members, Amber Marchese, who claims Santa had an affair with Teresa's husband, resulting in her departure from the show. However, the ladies aren't all frothing at the mouth. They're also a bit more amicable than they've been in the past. This is a big deal, considering the fact that they're all about to go on the road and appear on the same stage in the musical RHONJ: The Musical.

The cast has been on the outs since season 13, and a big chunk of that is attributed to Ruelas. It's also no secret that Ruelas is a man of many parts, and one who's been accused of a number of shady business practices. As a result, the show's editing team worked overtime to get a well-executed back-and-forth exchange right. And, as you might imagine, the lady-in-waiting, Margaret Josephs, isn't exactly thrilled about the new situation.

There's no doubt that the Lady Drama Mamas have set the bar for a number of other shows. But the most exciting part of this season's episodes is that they're set to return for another round in September. With that, we're likely to see some of the cast's most memorable moments up close and personal, as well as a few new faces to add to the ensemble. Also on the slate are Teresa Giudice's friend and business partner, Rachel Fuda. A wedding special will follow the finale. Whether or not this will be a return to form for the ladies is anyone's guess. So, keep an eye out for these ladies on Wednesday nights! Until then, enjoy! We'll let you know when we're back in the house, er, apartment. Until then, stay tuned for all of the latest scoops, gossip and rumors!

The Giudice Family struggles as Joe is released from prison

If you are a fan of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, then you might be familiar with Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe Ross. The couple has been together for almost 20 years, and have four children together.

In November of 2018, Joe and Teresa were accused of committing fraud. They were indicted on 39 counts of fraud. Eventually, they entered a plea of guilty and were ordered to pay $414,000 in restitution. However, the pair were allowed to raise their children during their prison sentence.

It is currently unclear if they will stay together once they are released from prison. The couple has been battling their legal issues, and Teresa's family has been supportive. But, they have been struggling as they are waiting for Joe to finish his prison sentence.

As he finishes his sentence, he will be transferred into the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He is expected to be sent to Italy, where his family is based.

While Joe and his wife are awaiting a ruling on whether or not they can remain in the United States, Teresa has been trying to get her mind off of the fact that her husband is incarcerated. She has also been meeting with her divorce lawyers, and is considering dating a new man.

The couple has four daughters together. The girls have already been dealt with the trauma of seeing both parents behind bars. That is why it is important for Teresa to keep her head strong and stay focused on her kids.

Joe Ross is nearing the end of his 41-month prison sentence. After serving about 15 months in prison, the couple decided that he was worth a chance to come home. During his time in prison, he started planning his post-prison life.

Teresa and Joe are still very much in love. However, they say they are at a crossroads in their marriage. Their daughters have been vocal about wanting to be reunited with their father.

Although he is not a US citizen, Joe is still a big part of the Giudice Family. His brother Joe Gorga has been concerned for Teresa, and hopes that she will be more serious about her wedding vows.

Jersey ladies prepare for Easter

In this season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, the women of New Jersey return to Jersey shores for the tenth time. They have a tumultuous reunion, a family feud, and a long-dreaded health diagnosis. Their lives are turned upside down, and their friendships are tested.

In this episode, Melissa tries to bring the family back together. Her plans to tell Danielle to stay away fail, and she is forced to question the health of her marriage. She's also forced to face her past.

The ladies of the RHONJ will face unexpected alliances. For example, Jennifer and Margaret are stuck in the middle of parents' marital issues, while Jackie struggles with her eating disorder. But a sudden message from another realm could lead to a renewed career for Melissa. Moreover, the ladies of the show will be reunited.

During part one of the reunion, Jennifer and Margaret clash. During the second, the women find out shocking revelations about their friendship. One of the ladies is accused of cheating, while others discuss the state of their marriage.

As the girls return to the shores of New Jersey, Caroline is faced with a long-dreaded health diagnosis. Meanwhile, Teresa hosts a "Friendsgiving" for Caroline's daughter. It quickly turns into a battle of wills. And the boys are forced to deal with their harshest critic.

Siggy hosts a Women's Empowerment Retreat. She's hoping to control her emotions through hormone therapy. Nevertheless, tensions flare when Teresa confronts Siggy about her rumor about Kim D. Also, a long-awaited message from a friend comes to light.

As for Teresa, she's dealing with a tumultuous family reunion. Her daughter has a shady past, and she faces accusations about her marriage. Luckily, she has a close confidante to turn to, and Teresa takes some steps to reconcile with Joe.

This episode is a good look at the cast's relationships, as well as their families. We'll see if they can be more than just Housewives.

With the holidays approaching, the ladies of the RHONJ are gearing up to celebrate their biggest events. Some of them will be spending time with their families, while others will be preparing to go on a trip.

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